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CA Firefighters Slam Trump's "Ignorant" Statements


      CA Firefighters Union Head Slam

      Trump's "Ignorant" statements

      Brian Rice, president of the California Professional Firefighters, appearing on MSNBC Monday continued to challenge President Trump for his tweets about the fires ravaging that state, after calling the president’s comments “demeaning”.

      “I definitely would stay right with my comments that I wrote,” Rice said. “The anger has subsided.”

      “The statement that the president made, it was, it was ill timed. Forest management is a very complicated issue. It affects watershed, it affects water storage. And you can’t just make a blanket statement.”

      “They could have had 200 fire engines on the front line facing off that fire on Thursday, they would not have stopped it. Right now, what is needed is support.”



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      As California Burns, Trump Threatens To Cut Federal Funding


          Taking a moment from the fires burning in his own backyard, President Donald Trump went on Twitter this morning to opine on the devastating fires currently burning in California—and to threaten to cut off federal funding if his wishes aren’t followed:

          "There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor. Billions of dollars are given each year, with so many lives lost, all because of gross mismanagement of the forests. Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!"

          . . . He is referring to the three major fires in Northern and Southern California. The Camp Fire, in Butte County, has killed nine people and has been the most destructive in state history. More than 200,000 people have been evacuated due to the Woolsey Fire burning in Malibu and the San Fernando Valley; the nearby Hill Fire has burned more than 6,000 acres.

          Trump has long been a critic of California. His administration has already proposed cutting Federal funding for studies on how to prevent wildfires in California. The fact that climate change has affected California as it has other states that have suffered disasters is not on his radar.

          Now, when massive wild fires have devastated parts of California, and the current fires have leveled thousands of homes, Trump has decided that he gets to threaten California and blame the Forest Service.

          California is fighting nature, but the Federal government manages more than 40 percent of California’s total acreage. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, by comparison, manages a little more than 30 percent. It would only make sense for the Federal and California State government to work together to do what they can to fend off these horrific wild fires. Instead, Trump is busily tweeting nonsense again.



          . . .these fires have been massive, deadly, and costly. Otherwise Trump’s blowing smoke. His claim that poor forest management is responsible for killer wildfires is a favorite talking point among anti-environmentalists such as Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. It’s an argument for more logging, which isn’t the same thing as smart forest management, as climate scientist Peter Gleick explained to Mother Jones when Trump fired off similar tweets in August: “We do know we need to do a better job at managing forests. But I don’t think that is what he’s commenting on.”

          In the midst of another spate of fires this summer, Trump tweeted that they’d been made worse by all the water “foolishly being diverted into the Pacific Ocean.” As Gleick noted at the time, “That’s completely absurd!…There’s no shortage of water to fight these fires.”

          So far, the president has not mentioned another major factor behind California’s wildfires: climate change. Climate change is making fires worse, and it is expected to make them more more frequent. Even Trump’s own Forest Service acknowledges this (without using the dread phrase “climate change”). And like several earlier California fires, the Camp Fire may have been sparked by a power line.

          And as for Trump’s vague threat to cut “Fed payments,” his administration is already ahead of him. Earlier this year, it proposed slashing federal fundingfor studying and preventing wildfires.

          https://www.motherjones.com/environment/2018/11/tr... (light editing)

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          This 2014 Interview Of Trump’s Acting Attorney General Is Beyond Belief


              I read this a little while ago and I believe it is fair to say whitaker is a GD lunatic. Since most legal scholars I've seen on the tv so far have said him being acting AG is illegal since he wasn't appointed. So what needs to be done IMO is for everyone to ignore anything he says or tries to do to impede Mueller or anything else. Laugh in his face then take him to court. In the meantime keep doing your job like he doesn't exist at all.

              This is a good article showing what this fellow has between his ears which is mostly empty space IMO.

              Calling him a F***ing idiot would be a compliment.


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              War Without End


                  One more mass killing, one more batch of soon to be forgotten victims, soon to be forgotten heroes. The contemporary shock and sorrow fleeting before the next breaking news.

                  A single solitary man changes the narrative from Elections, Presidential dramatics all of a sudden to the visuals scores of heavily armed police officers and a colourful strobe light effect from emergency response vehicles.

                  The media for their part will make not naming the perpetrator a thing as to not give the type of notoriety that may inspire others to carry out similar crimes. His name was Ian David Long, a former Marine who served in Afghanistan.

                  The failure comes in the form of a system that does not see or hear or listen to the warning signs. No safety net for those whose world spins so fast that it throws reality into a maelstrom that engulfs innocent victims who through no fault of their own are decimated. No one wins, everyone fails and families grieve as those failures are forgotten.

                  A conversation will be had about Mental Health, the scapegoat of most mass shootings in America. A conversation that when held anywhere else outside America does not have the stark reality of a culture of rights vs wrongs in the name of those rights. The great American failure is having that difficult conversation of mental health after a shooting incident and seemingly at no other time.

                  The failure comes in the form of Veterans being ignored by those who send them to war and ignore their service on return. Sure, the Government can spend millions of dollars a year of Stadium fly pasts with screaming jets, a massive flag on the field and a collective 'we're awesome' ringing around packed arenas.

                  America has never shied from showing great veneration of those who serve in the military and all the pomp and ceremony and a patriotism tethered to loving those who serve.

                  If only the ceremony could carry on after the game is over and those who serve where others shy away and cower. The parasitic patriots will stand proudly when with a service member and say how proud they are of the brave. Leaders who talk big and let the grunts do the heavy lifting in war.

                  The great failure of America is prioritising the care for its service members long after the last note of the Last Post dies away. For too many who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that last note goes on and on. Many will read this and not know the true nature of war.

                  I don't.

                  We who have not served in the military cannot comprehend the damage war does to a body or the mind. We have no concept of the fear, the sounds of splintering bones, burning flesh and the all too forgotten broken minds that absorb those smells and sounds.

                  A broken mind back from war in the real world left behind is a shame on the houses of those who ignore the suicides, the self harming, the screaming in the night, the cold sweats. Some service members on their return simply can't adjust as the scars of the war they fought aren't on display physically but in the darkest recesses of the mind where the suffering is private and brutal. Sounds you and I take for granted as the hustle and bustle of every day are sounds that can spark a memory that brings all those horrors of a conflict flooding an already hurting mind.

                  Ian David Long, the former Marine that carried out the massacre at Thousand Oaks, California was one such broken mind. A marine that fought in Afghanistan and a man broken by that fight. His act of brutal murder of young students at the beginning of adulthood born of the beginnings of his own first steps into adulthood where Duty, Service and Sacrifice would include Suicide Bombers, Taliban brutality and the loss of friends in the fight.

                  He was failed by his country, by the military and by Republican and Democratic leaders who can only muster up a conversation of mental health after a mass killing incident. Soldiers are broken down and built into functioning effective battlefield operators. Equally, soldiers need to be weened off and gradually reintegrated back to civilian life, they serve you and it is only right that they are thanked in return by making damn sure that a broken mind from war is giving the same rehabilitation given to those whose physical scars are on display.

                  Here is a section of a letter sent from Daniel Somers to his wife and family about his struggles with PTSD. He was a Machine Gunner during the 2003 Iraq war.

                  What is really stopping me, though, is that I simply am too sick to be effective in the field anymore. That, too, has been taken from me.

                  Thus, I am left with basically nothing. Too trapped in a war to be at peace, too damaged to be at war. Abandoned by those who would take the easy route, and a liability to those who stick it out—and thus deserve better. So you see, not only am I better off dead, but the world is better without me in it

                  This is what brought me to my actual final mission. Not suicide, but a mercy killing. I know how to kill, and I know how to do it so that there is no pain whatsoever. It was quick, and I did not suffer. And above all, now I am free. I feel no more pain. I have no more nightmares or flashbacks or hallucinations. I am no longer constantly depressed or afraid or worried

                  I am free.

                  Daniel Somers.

                  Daniel Somers took his own life and I encourage all to read the letter in its entirety and understand the broken mind of a soldier.


                  A former service member should never have to struggle when the war ends. He or she should never want as the country they serve should be eternally grateful for their service rather than take it for granted.

                  That arrogance particularly for those who use the Military as tools for self purpose and need, the politicians who hide behind those who serve and hide from those who serve when they ask rightly ''What will my country do for me in my hour of need?'' These are the same politicians whose failures lead to war and conflict and the very same people who ignore the return of broken service men and women.

                  Their war is a war without end and one ignored by those who worship at the foot of the soldier. Worshippers who ignore the unending pain and unending visions of what a soldier sees and hears and smells. They fight so you don't have to and the very least that could be done in return is making sure they never want or lack the help they need.

                  As the world commemorates the end of the First World, the war that led to so many other wars it is only fitting that the last words of this post go to one who knew that war. Someone who never talked about the war until a few years before his death. He never let go of what he saw because his mind would never let him.

                  He saw hell..........

                  Man made hell.

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                  After The Election Will Trump Become More Dangerous?


                      In a word yes. Just in the day after the election we have seen Trump fire his Attorney General and attack and ban a segment of the Press from WH press conferences. Trump's rhetoric has become even more inflammatory where he even attacked those within his very own Party who lost their elections. Speculation has it that with Sessions now gone and a Trump loyalist put in his place Trump is going to try and overcome these election defeats by trying to wield his power even more so than ever before and go after other perceived obstacles/threats such as Rosenstein and ultimately fire Mueller before his investigation ends.

                      If the Mueller investigation wasn't a big enough problem Trump now is up against a Democrat ruled House which has a lot of investigative powers. Even though the Democrats are going to control themselves and pick and choose their fights so as not to be accused of abusing their power, Trump doesn't know what he will be hit with next or from what direction it will come. To combat this Trump will continue to worsen and his rhetoric will be directed at anyone who he feels is a threat whether it be real or not. Trump will continue to campaign, which seems like that is his only job these days, and incite his followers with more lies, he will stoke the fires of hatred to continue this divisiveness and will continue to engage his fear mongering speeches to divert attention away from himself .

                      Trump is now on the defensive, a position which makes Trump very uncomfortable because he has lost a measure of control over people. What we probably can expect next from Trump is even more condemnation of our Press and of the Democrats. Trump will begin to limit his exposure to just events like rallies in Trump friendly areas where he has complete control. Trump's vulgar ignorant tweets will likely increase as well. He will most likely target any Democrat that heads a House committee which can subpoena Trump for whatever reason.

                      What we have seen in the past two days is a Trump who is beginning to unravel and abusing his position to create a defense before he has a need to even have a defense. Trump is becoming more and more irrational and delusional and for a person who wields so much power that is more than a perceived danger. What will happen in the near future will be anyone's guess but one thing we can be certain of, Trump will start to circle the wagons and put more people in place who are more loyal to himself than they are to our Country. What will be Trump's biggest targets will be the Press, our legal system and as usual the Democrats. Could we be witnessing the fall of Donald Trump?

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                      What Democrats Will Controll In The House.


                          Since the Democrats won the house I hope Mueller will wait to release his findings after they take control. It's one of the ways his report could be made public and regardless everything that is in it should be made public anyway IMO.

                          One thing that I have noticed so far about this election states that generally had more voter suppression, voters removed from the voting rolls, more problems voting republicans squeaked by in. The Democrats the next 2 years should get everyone they can registered to vote in these states and every other state in this country.

                          Some of the news I saw last night and this morning coming out of Georgia about how voters were treated in heavily leaning democratic areas is proof that voter suppression or as I call it election fraud was being used by the republican party to win. In the next few weeks I'm sure there will be more stories come out about election fraud tactics that were used around the country to help republicans win.

                          Winning the house is a damn good start on reigning this POS in the white house in along with those corrupt members of his administration which seem to be every where you look any more. Forget about impeaching the SOB, just investigate him and control the news cycle everyday about his corruption especially right before the next election.

                          If it was me in charge of one of those committees, I would release every g*ddamn piece of damning evidence against this trash in the white house I came across or could find. Let that idiot try and explain his corruption away.

                          Next election republicans will have to defend more senate seats plus the actions against that POS in the white house. The next few years will be interesting for sure and IMO Nancy Pelosi is the right choice for house speaker to lead the way forward. She knows how to deal with white trash right wingers.

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                          Kim Davis (Yes, That Kim Davis) Just Lost Her Re-election Bid To A Democrat


                              Here is a little story I found buried that is of some interest. Remember the county clerk from KY who refused to register and provide marriage licenses to gay couples? She lost her job to a Democrat. Karma sure has a way of coming back an biting one in the bippy huh?


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                              The Election


                                  So I am watching TV this morning and as always it's on the election and it's men and women across the US that are Republicans voting for Democrats. Okay so I took the bait and watched this because these Republican voters were different from the Trump crowd. Men and women that looked, and acted educated, well dressed, and made sense.

                                  In my own words I digested what they were saying...

                                  First up they said this is not the GOP they remember in decades past and up to the 2016 election. Trump should of been reined in long ago by Congress. Trumps values are not their values. Republicans should be helping the people and America to thrive, and prosper not trashing everything that helps Americans. They do believe in healthcare for all mainly because the system we have now and in the past is not working it just made healthcare more expensive, it priced many out of healthcare, and bankrupted others. Finally they want their Representatives to listen to them because many don't.

                                  If you noticed as I did they have the same needs and wants that many Democrats have.

                                  I did get the impression that they did want to replace their Representatives they have now but it won't be a Republican because they would be voting for what they already have for which is a do nothing for the people Representative. and give it all to the top mentality. Republican voters are not all about hate, and the immigrant stuff going on is heart wrenching to them.

                                  Those interviewed believe in the people and they want a Republican base that cares about them and the United States. We should be seeing forward and doing forward not backwards.


                                  Another thing is a few States that had a lot of red on the map were going to turn blue. They are not sure how blue it will be but in one poll they said that Democrats had a 7% lead over the Republicans and yes the poll was in areas of larger than usual turnout for early voting, and many new voters. (So I am just curious here...um how many States (and which?) didn't have a large turnout during the early voting?) But this is a poll. So as always take that with a grain of salt. Polls didn't help the last election cycle so we shouldn't expect too much this time.

                                  Recently just like the above the chatter has been on the GOP suppression of Americans. Suppress healthcare, suppress votes, suppress education, suppress women's rights, suppress morals, suppress wages, suppress infrastructure, finally suppress anything that enhances the life of Americans. Way to go America! /s

                                  But it looks to me that this is not what all Republicans want and we may just be fixing to find out how Republicans feel about Congress and the White House with tomorrows vote. Because recently CNN CBS ABC and MSNBC have had voters on their shows and ALL of them are fed up with Republicans. Yes they did have voters from both sides on these shows. Yes some did side with Trump, only a few.

                                  But I just want to say that from my experience asking people who they are voting for they claim they are voting Democrat. The only place in masses they are not is on Political online forums, and social media sites that tend to have both GOP and DNC members. So maybe, just maybe many of these places have been taking over by trolls some paid some not?

                                  Perhaps we should also consider since Trump brought it up himself that he himself has quite a few paid actors at his rally's.

                                  Last is tomorrow looks as though it may be the beginning of a new life for many Americans that just want things fixed. Forget the promises elected officials spewed to Americans their actions speak louder than words. It may even be the end of long term Reps that do nothing for the people as well. You do nothing first term it will be your last term. Incumbents will become a rare breed.

                                  Sure most of us here voted Democrat already or will be tomorrow. But I really believe we have a new America coming and we owe that to the GOP. They showed us what life is like when the Hill doesn't give a damn about the people. They showed us what the hate of racism looks like on the Hill too. They gave us a front seat to radicalism. They showed us what lack of morals can do to a Nation. Now it's time for us to lick our wounds and fix the mess created. Then hope we never repeat this again. Hopefully history books will print this history. We should demand they do so.

                                  If you haven't voted yet then please vote tomorrow!

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                                  Can We Trust The Polls?


                                      Can we rely on polls after the 2016 elections. In the 21st century optimism in some cases have been replaced with pessimism especially in politics. The level of anxiety and fear created by the results or lack thereof 2016 elections keeps the American people wonder how falsehood replaced truth.

                                      The 2018 midterms are considered the most important elections of our life time. We all are somewhat aware that elections determine what type of country we would like to live in going forward. However, some Americans that vote are still living in a country that they did not vote for in order to obtain that "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" that The Declaration of Independence describes.

                                      Fortunately, there are some level of do overs when it comes to elections because they occur every two years. Unfortunately, we have to brave the chaos that we are currently experiencing under the current administration that is be aided and abetted by the Republican Party and certain Democrats that vote with the former. Hopefully, Wednesday morning will create a positive change from what we have and the light will begin to shine.

                                      "WASHINGTON (CNN)On the eve of the midterm elections, Democrats continue to hold a double-digit lead over Republicans in a generic congressional ballot among likely voters, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS. The party's 55% to 42% advantage in the new poll mirrors their lead in early October and is about the same as the 10-point edge they held just after Labor Day.

                                      "That's a slimmer edge than the party held in CNN's final poll before the 2006 midterm elections and similar to the Republicans' 10-point advantage just before the 2010 midterms."


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