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      In 2016, the people elected a misogynistic sex abuser as President. For many reasons, too numerous to detail, a more unfit candidate may never have been considered in the history of the United States. It almost seemed that his history of misogynistic sex abuse was the least of it.

      Now in Alabama, many voters have pledged to vote for Roy Moore, ALSO unfit for many reasons, even though he has been a judge that was removed from his position twice, waves guns around when making speeches, has the character of a criminal, is a racist and a bigot, and has a history of being a sexual predator of young girls.

      This article seeks to understand why voters don't seem to care if their elected officials are sexual predators; but to be clear, it is not about non repetitive, often one time poor behavior that can be described as simple sexual harassment, but about sex abusers, assaulters - predators: Those who abuse their positions of power to continue sexual harassment, abuse and assault.

      Politics is only part of the story.

      Voters are not going to the ballot thinking that the problem of sexual predatory behavior is one that should influence their vote, and that’s where our real work lies.”Noreen Farrell, executive director of Equal Rights Advocates

      People are also more likely to dismiss sexual assault survivors if they see their accusations as partisan, said Caroline Heldman, professor of politics at Occidental College.

      If the powers that be within Hollywood see these dynamics hurting their investments and/or causing them some very serious liability issues, then people will get fired.Vanessa Tyson, assistant professor of politics at Scripps College

      "society tends to be forgiving of men’s transgressions."

      A common theme in sexual harassment stories across industries is women being forced out of their jobs and denied opportunities for advancement, which Tyson said is “part of the economic oppression of women.”

      “That is such a massive amount of human capital that is essentially leaving these industries where they could make a profound difference, but they are being driven out in various ways, either by misogynists or by people who are unwilling to stand up to [the misogynists],” she said.

      Farrell described the fact that politicians face relatively few consequences for sexual misconduct as “a really good barometer on how far we have to go” in raising awareness of the broader issue.

      “We’ve seen really good progress, really great outrage, in response to complaints, but the fact that politicians march on is an indication of how far we have to go in this country to really have the cultural shift we need to oust predators,” she said. “Voters are not going to the ballot thinking that the problem of sexual predatory behavior is one that should influence their vote, and that’s where our real work lies.”

      Image result for picture of roy moore

      Roy Moore

      Over the last month, Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K., Kevin Spacey and other influential men in the entertainment industry have seen their careers all but destroyed because of reports detailing serial sexual predation.

      While it took years to corroborate what had been open secrets, once the stories of those men went public, the consequences were swift: movies and television shows canceled, awards and honors rescinded.

      The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the voting body for the Oscars, held an emergency meeting to expel Weinstein — striking action from an institution that usually moves at a glacial pace.

      Yet as politicians (of both political parties) face accusations of sexual misconduct, it has been much rarer for them to face such dramatic consequences, if any at all.

      Perhaps the starkest example of this discrepancy came after the release of the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape last October: Host Billy Bush was fired from his job at NBC’s “Today” show, while reality TV star-turned-GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump — who boasted on the tape that “when you are a star, they let you do it. You can do anything” — was elected president of the United States.

      So why has the political realm proved less willing to hand out moral payback? In part because political and ideological stakes are involved.

      Voters who choose to overlook moral transgressions do so out of “political calculus” and “expediency,” according to Ellen Bravo, a longtime activist for policies helping women in the workplace.

      “Even it it’s true, we have too much to gain by having that person in, and so we’ll put up with it,” she said of voters weighing sexual harassment allegations against their favored candidates.

      Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) recently admitted that politics was the key factor in her decision on how handle the scandal that’s erupted in her state’s U.S. Senate election. Even though candidate Roy Moore has faced accusations of sexual misconduct from nearly 10 women, Ivey said she still backs him because ultimately, it’s important that he is a member of the Republican Party.


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      Is Trump A Legitimate President?


          Donald Trump promoted the notion that President Obama was not a legitimate president because he was not born in the USA. Trump also said during the general election campaign that if he lost, he would not accept the legitimacy of the election.

          Hillary Clinton now says there are questions about the legitimacy of the 2016 presidential election. I was disappointed that Chris Matthews questioned, in an interview last night with Donna Brazil, how Clinton could take that position. If Trump conspired with Russia to influence the election, that is treason and the election is indeed not legitimate. If, and I believe this also happened, ballots were changed, the election is not legitimate.

          Yes, I am aware that the "authorities" are saying there is no evidence that ballots were changed, but my question to them is how do they know that, if there has not been a full audit of at least MI, WI and PA. The so-called experts are so consumed we analyzing WHY Hillary lost the election, when the real question they should be asking is DID she actually lose the election, and what is the remedy for an illegal election.

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          Taj Mahal Casino & Resort......Coming To An America Near You


              (There will be strong language)

              As Trump and his minions in the GOP continue to clear out the country's coffers and truly destroy the poor and fellate their donors who want this thing done or the contributions stop.....not my theory but an admission from Lindsey Graham who wants to keep his paymasters in the black.

              No doubt that the desperation of Trump to have anything that looks like a win and the need to get this thing done before the FBI kick his door in and drag his tweeting ass to the nearest interrogation centre to answer for his treasonous ties to his own Russian paymasters.

              That desperation only multiplied by GOP members in both houses as they too try and push through their 'Fuck The Poorest' agenda (please note anyone claiming that the GOP or Trump truly care about the poorest are fucking morons who are lost to reality and come from a time when higher taxes on the wealthiest were the reason for a thriving economy and high paying jobs that could pay for a home and a future and built communities).

              That fact aside it was always going to take the culmination of the insidious nature of the GOP and their unrepentant and unrelenting boot on the throats of those who aren't poor by choice but by circumstance and the fact that life has a terrible habit of biting one on the arse when least expected.

              They needed the epitome of distraction and a destructive entity that could capture all the attention while those greedy old pariahs of the houses try a fatal blow on any chances of equality economically or socially for all Americans.....with no one left behind.

              Only one man could pull something like this off, one man who could cause such distraction and so much chaos in between that would allow the GOP to pull their very own version of Oceans 11 or 12 or wherever that franchise ended up......The Don was not the surprise winner......he was the inevitable and the unavoidable.

              What has come in the wake of Trump is an assault on reality with a focus on those who would even dare question the motivations of and the dark secrets lurking in the basement of Trump's long and chequered career. The smart savvy young businessman given his 'small' loan making his way in the big bad world (Never forget, If Trump had simply put that 'small' loan in a bank he'd actually be worth more now than he pretends to).

              Watching the Trump of old and in particular his 'love to hate and hate to love' relationship with the media who essentially gave him the oxygen that has sustained him throughout. You see Trump has always used the media to push whatever project he had and the media came.

              But of course anyone who uses the news media must always remember those engagements with the press will always have the more intelligent more aware journalists looking behind the expensive velvet curtains to see what lurks beyond.

              Anyone who looks at Trump's previous life can see that whilst Trump hated to love the media he had always been wary enough of the media to know that prying eyes beyond the lights and facades of glittering buildings could show that this phenomenon was fallible and the only reason for what he could produce truly independently without borrowing really big whilst taking little or no risk.

              Trump when cornered by his debts and the public finding out about the precarious financial situation Trump had created his defence has always been to call those who expose his flat out lies and the fact that he's nothing but an empty promise made to the easily led, the fake, lying, nasty media.

              The problem for Trump is that when he was called out on his lies about the massive debts accrued by turning Atlantic City into the Vegas of the east coast. His Taj Mahal casino a classic example of Trump going big, falling flat and blaming the media for pointing out that he did it to himself because of his own stupidity and arrogance.

              Take for example this interview with CNN's Larry King in 1990.

              Trump being Trump and not enjoying or liking the attention of a media who saw the gold plated New York wonderboy do his best Icarus impression. Of course this is the man who is currently trying to make a tax system that will suit the richest and the wealthiest.

              But the media weren't lying about him then. Nor were they simply being moths to the light emanating from the light of Trump promises but trying to understand why anyone would think that a casino in an area saturated with casinos costing up to One Billion Dollars and needing to win big every day just to make the payments of loans thanks to creditors......I mean what could possibly go wrong???

              Sure he has been bankrupted four times and every time he has he attacked the media who called him out on it. His ability to avoid consequence and retribution has always been narrated by a media who as is their charge questioned that which had to be questioned.

              The media were correct in their investigative work on Trump's facades and they called him on it. He in turn called them liars when in fact he was the liar throughout. He was then and he is now.

              The claim of an opposition media born of the lips of Trump's dark soul in the form of Steve Bannon is the only defense that Trump and those who play along with his vile assaults have on the media who so far have been all over Trump's Russia problem, his Kompromat.

              Back in those days before bankruptcies and begging lenders Trump was always quick to claim only others lie and that he was telling the truth........yet history proves that Trump was and still is the liar.

              He knows that the beginning of the end of his presidency has begun and that the press aren't telling lies about him but exposing him. They don't want to be the investors who bet big on casinos and hotels and airlines and a host of other huge failures. They don't want to see the US left boarded up like the Taj Mahal......a one billion dollar white elephant using voodoo economics.

              His tell is his defense and his lashing out.

              The media and those who resist don't want to see the US become the Taj Mahal, Atlantic City.

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              Pundit Post

              300 + Christian Theologians Challenge The Corruption Of U.S. Christianity


                  Mind you people, we are talking about Theologians here. Actual people who study Christianity not those who claim to be Christian leaders who use that as a ruse to fleece money from their flocks or spread lies and hatred from the pulpit. Or as we see today, use their flock as a group to support political candidates whose deeds and words do not reflect the teachings of Christ. The time has come where true Christian leadership and scholars are taking on something that really no longer reflects that of being christian and that is EVANGELICALISM.

                  Finally real Christians who are speaking out against these charlatans and are actually acknowledging that the Evangelicals have corrupted Christianity. Let me repeat that, Evangelicals have corrupted Christianity. It's about time these pseudo-Christians get called out for what they are and by people who actually know and study Christianity.

                  "We are here because Jesus taught us to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” We are here because we take the parable of the Good Samaritan to heart. We are here because we refuse to allow Christianity to be co-opted by the likes of people who support abuse of women, the closing of our nation to the immigrant in need and the normalizing of lie after lie after lie."

                  Ray Cunneff posted an excellent piece yesterday, https://www.yabberz.com/post/more-on-moore-the-ris... which discusses how religion is being bastardized by the far right and is being used to create this new Nationalism based around this misinterpreted christian ideology. Check it out.

                  For so long we have seen these Evangelicals use their collective power to push political candidates and it is time to start taking away tax exemptions. This is NOT A WAR ON CHRISTIANITY but rather exposing frauds who use Christianity as a pretext to scam money from people and a conduit to bring non-Christian malarky to the pulpit and pass it off as god's word. The time is long overdue to take on these scam artists and expose them for what they really are and that has to start with those who understand the true meaning of Christianity.


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                      Trump's charity, the Donald Trump Foundation, has provided scant charitable works, but was used to enrich him, his family and his various businesses.

                      During his campaign, Trump promised to close it down to avoid any conflict of interest, but until now, since it has been exposed as not being what it purported to be, it will finally be shutting down.

                      Until now, Trump has been using his sham charity for his own personal use.

                      For example 'He spent $20,000 from the foundation on a portrait of himself, and $12,000 on buying himself an autographed Tim Tebow helmet. When Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club racked up $120,000 in fines from the town of Palm Beach, Florida, for violating a local ordinance regarding the height of flagpoles, Trump eventually settled the dispute by agreeing to a $100,000 donation to a veterans’ charity — and then had his foundation rather than the club pay the tab.'

                      According to the Washington Post, Trump also used $258.000 to settle legal problems.

                      After admitting last year that some of the funds from the Donald J. Trump Foundation went to Trump himself, or other non-charitable causes, the organization is finally shutting down.

                      As NBC News reported, “The move fulfills a promise Trump made last December, when he said he would wind down the Donald J. Trump Foundation to avoid conflicts of interest.”

                      In a statement, a spokesperson for the foundation confirmed that it is being shuttered. “The Foundation continues to cooperate with the New York Attorney General’s Charities Division, and as previously announced by the President, his advisers are working with the Charities Division to wind up the affairs of the Foundation. The Foundation looks forward to distributing its remaining assets at the earliest possible time to aid numerous worthy charitable organizations.”

                      In its previous tax filing in 2015, the foundation acknowledged violating a legal prohibition against a “self-dealing” that bars nonprofit leaders from funneling their charity’s money to themselves, their businesses or their families.

                      In one section of the 2015 form, as The Washington Post first reported, the IRS asked whether the Trump Foundation had transferred “income or assets to a disqualified person.” A disqualified person could be Trump — the foundation’s president — or a member of his family or a Trump-owned business, The Post reported.

                      At the end of the day, the Donald J. Trump Foundation may have technically been a charity group, but the cause, Donald Trump, was hardly a worthy one.

                      By on Mon, Nov 20th, 2017 at 7:35 pm



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                      More On Moore The Rise Of Christian Nationalism


                          In August of 1998, Mike Huckabee was one of 131 signatories to a full page USA Today Ad which declared: "I affirm the statement on the family issued by the 1998 Southern Baptist Convention." What was in the family statement from the SBC?

                          "A wife is to submit herself graciously to the servant leadership of her

                          husband even as the church willingly submits to the headship of Christ".

                          There's an interesting article in HuffPost today about the rise of White Nationalism and it merging with the most extreme elements of the Christian Right. And it's clear that the stars of last month's Values Voters Summit were Steve Bannon and Roy Moore.

                          Excerpt from the article by Michelangelo Signorile:

                          Roy Moore And The Dangerous

                          Rise Of Christian Nationalism

                          Don't be shocked by the allegations against Roy Moore.
                          Subjugation of women and girls is actually his movement's plan.

                          DREW ANGERER VIA GETTY IMAGES

                          "Many have believed the accusations against Roy Moore of sexual assault and harassment against teen girls to be massively hypocritical since for years he’s presented himself as a hardcore evangelical man of faith, and he has a loyal white Christian evangelical following.

                          But what if Moore’s alleged actions actually meld with a religious belief among some evangelicals, even if the adherents won’t outright admit it?

                          Moore in fact represents an extremist wing of an already theocratic-leaning base of the GOP that believes all women must be subservient and submit ― as Mike Huckabee, who hasn’t pulled his full-throated endorsement of Moore, infamously once said of women with regard to their husbands, expressing his own “Handmaid’s Tale” dream come true ― and that would no doubt include young women such as teen girls."

                          There is a great deal of (mostly) quiet discussion in fundamentalist evangelical circles of restoring "patriarchal society", the argument that male domination in families, as well as in bureaucracies and economies, is part of the natural order or more simply "God's plan". And this line of reasoning dovetails neatly with the ultra-nationalism and isolationism of the far right.

                          There is undoubtedly a correlation between the social structure of patriarchy and aggressiveness or even violence against women, but indirectly, as the biblical domination of men over women can in extremis be enforced by force.

                          Patriarchy reinforces gender inequality because, the argument goes, historically male violence towards women was widely accepted in societies of the past, and that unequal status, authority, and the control over subordinate women was part of the essential glue that held society together.

                          So in a very real sense the evangelical proponents of patriarchy reflect a broader longing for the past, of simpler times and clearer roles, a rejection of modernism, globalism, reason and enlightenment.

                          Article by Adele Stan from Bill Moyers.com last month:

                          "Trump, after all, represents the ultimate smack-down of the cultural changes wrought by civil rights and feminism, the forces the Christian right organized to oppose over 40 years ago. The applause lines in his speech told the tale of a people motivated not by such traditionally Christian values as charity and acceptance, but by talismans of identity laced with tacit prejudices, such as the implicit anti-Semitism of the so-called “war on Christmas” theme revived by Trump."


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                          Pundit Post

                          Me Too


                              Eventually I knew I would have to put some words down about this;... Correction, some emotions down on this. This is as personal as it gets, and it is raw and unfiltered as anything can be because there is no guide or plan to deal with this condition. The internet is abuzz with real allegations, real stories and in the mix of it all a lot of these efforts to tell a story get's lost. The damn emotion of it is stolen away to the sheer apathy of hearing so much if it. It is still there, it is still raw and it is still causing damage. Getting it out helps, it doesn't fix things though, it doesn't give your your life back or your childhood, it doesn't relieve the fear.

                              As a child growing up, I was as much wonder as I was filled with surprising talents. The youngest out of nine left me with a sense of security that many would never know. I would always have someone in my corner, I would always have someone to run to to help me, or so I thought. Life was pretty much idyllic and special for me, and I was living the golden dream of white privilege, upper-lower middle class, a mom and dad still together. In the first six or seven years everything was just as it should be I thought, nevermind the part of us that was dysfunctional. The beer and pot parties in the basement by my siblings, and all of the signs that we were not all as it should be.

                              In the mid 70's my brother knocked up his HS girlfriend. It was one of those cases where she just wanted a baby more than anything else and my brother was the guy. Yes, there are plenty of women out there who look for just this out of a guy. It was a weird time anyways as the war had just ended, the country was rolling along, and it was still a place where you just get a good job and hunker down and you would make it. It was even weirder for me, because my brother got married to this girl, my sister the next year. The family group that I had growing up all but disappeared in the blink of an eye to a kid. The dynamics changed and what was left was the two youngest, and the two oldest. One of the oldest rarely there, always working, the other always there and alway lurking.

                              You see my oldest brother had/has mental health issues, and they were much much worse back then as opposed to later. So when the family started moving out, he got either bored or nuttier and decided touching his brother and sister would be ok now?....

                              Well my older brothers weren't there to stop him, he may of been the oldest and the fattest but he was no fighter unless you were really small. It went on for a number of years until the truth came out. My parents had to go to court to get to keep us in our home while my brother had to find somewhere else to live. That didn't last long, but it was enough for the courts I guess. When it all happened though, they were not all that concerned with me and my well being as much as my sister's. I was a mess and they thought that sending me to counselling would help somehow. Why was I being punished again? Why did I have to keep telling my hurtful story again and again? I was told to squash it all away, I was a man and I had to just act like it never happened, I wasn't supposed to have emotions on it, turn them off because they are wrong. That entire emotional garbage and baggage was left as a steaming pile of dog shit on my front porch for just me to deal with, because I was a guy. There was no pity for me, there was no acceptance or apologies, just get over it, get over it.

                              When the hashtag came out, I thought I would have a chance finally to be accepted a survivor finally, I would tell my story and it would be ok. I was a guy though, and my heterosexual life wasn't in step with what people wanted to see. They didn't want to hear the backstory of yesterdays, I was a guy, I didn't count, I just had to get over it. My whole life has been focused on getting over it, on getting by, because the me too in this case is real as anyone else's. I was resentful for many years, my family turned their back on me and my sister who never really got over it, never was acceptable to the rest of the family after that in her mind. We were the victims almost made out to be the guilty, that we had somehow done something wrong. We had to go through more than anyone else in it all and at the end of the day nobody asked us if we were going to be ok, because they couldn't see the pain, or the hurt anymore or the open wounds.

                              The pain of a life put under these conditions, as well as all the others, is full. The suffering complete to the last cell. I have learned to deal with it, to get over it, and let it go after all of these years. The part that hurts the most is having all of my experiences and emotions taken away from me because of an myopic view that men don't feel this deeply, men don't have the same hangups. We do, and me too.

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                              Could Roy Moore Be The First Senator To Be Expelled In 155 Years?


                                  It's been 155 years since the Senate expelled a member. If voters in Alabama vote him in, could Roy Moore be the next to be expelled?

                                  Many across the nation are appalled that a man who was twice a judge, then twice removed from that position, is even being considered for a seat in the Senate.

                                  Now there are accusations that seem to be backed up by many, that he has assaulted teen girls, yet even the governor of ALA says she plans to vote for him.

                                  But many also wonder if the Senate would actually expel him. They have not made any expressions of disapproval toward Donald Trump's misconduct or assault accusations, so why would they be adverse to Moore?

                                  (CNN)On Monday afternoon, Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner said the Senate should vote to expel Roy Moore in the increasingly-unlikely event the Alabama Republican nominee wins a special election on December 12.

                                  "If (Moore) refuses to withdraw and wins, the Senate should vote to expel him, because he does not meet the ethical and moral requirements of the United States Senate," Gardner, who runs the GOP Senate campaign arm, said in a statement.

                                  That process could begin the moment Moore was officially seated in the Senate following his victory. (The Senate has no ability to block a senator being seated.) Moore would be expelled if two-thirds of the senators present voted for him to be removed.
                                  If that came to pass, Moore would become just the 16th senator ever expelled from the chamber, according to the Senate's historical records. Fourteen of the 16 were expelled for supporting the Confederate cause during the Civil War. Tennessee Republican Sen. William Blount was expelled in 1797 after he was outed as the ringleader of a plot to attack Spanish-controlled Florida and Louisiana. The last Senator to be formally expelled from the Senate was Indiana Democratic Sen. Jesse Bright in 1862.

                                    Another 15 Senators have been considered for expulsion but either resigned, saw their Senate terms expire before any action was taken or survived the two-thirds majority requirement vote.


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