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Trump Warns Mueller Against Investigating His Family's Finances Beyond Russia Probe


      Where does Trump get off telling someone how to do their job when Trump can't even do his own job. Oh big deal, Trump warns Mueller, like that is going to have any effect upon Mueller's investigation. Apparently Trump is worried that should anyone actually investigate his business dealings they just might find something Trump doesn't want known.

      Just yesterday a new investigation broke into Trump's business practices.

      "Deutsche Bank has been in contact with federal investigators about the Trump accounts, according to two people briefed on the matter. And the bank is expecting to eventually have to provide information to Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel overseeing the federal investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia."


      Could this be the reason for Trump's latest threats? Is Mueller getting close to something Trump really doesn't want anyone to know about concerning his business dealings? Stay tuned, this is really getting interesting now.


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      Police Brutality The Oxymoron Of American Jurispr


          We are in uncharted waters and no one including the media knows how to handle this situation. For over 400 years America has found a way to paint those with a high concentration of melanin in their skins to be bad and the enemy of the American way of life. The "American Dream", if you believe in that sort of a thing.

          The country has now come to a crossroads of how do we proceed forward with this case since the norm as been bucked. A white woman is dead! There is no footage from the body cameras despite that has never saved the lives of Black people or convicted a white cop. Will the media ask the questions about the officers fear and the victims background? Maybe the media doesn't know who the victim may be in this situation, since fear now has risen to victim status.

          This situation is similar to the Otto Warmbier coverage where so many spoke about this as an atrocity. However, we haven't heard much about the murder of Bakari Henderson the Black kid that was murdered in Greece. Not a word to my knowledge from 45, who used the Warmbier death as a statement peace.

          America is simply identifying with its history of violence, but only supportive of those that look like the dominant culture. America speaks about equality and unity, but those are simply euphemism because they're attached to so much hate and disparity. Which America will show up now that a white woman has died at the gun of a Black cop? My guess is the America that started the concept of race over 400 years ago.

          There's a predictable pattern to a fatal police shooting. But not in the case of Justine Ruszczyk - CNN

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          Nothing But The Truth


              One of the more important developments of recent days of 'Project Black Knight' (https://www.yabberz.com/post/project-black-knight/...) has been the defence of the now infamous meeting in Trump Tower where four, maybe five or six or even eight people were in attendance. Again the stories from the protagonists didn't go according to plan and as such what was pitched as a nothing meeting is turning out to be a smoking gun all on its own.

              The big development is the increasing likelihood that Donald Trump Jr will testify in congress. Think about that......A Trump in the spotlight in front of a committee under oath trying to stick to his story.....you'd almost swear that Mueller's blessing to have Junior and Manafort testify isn't as much a case of all is known of Junior's part in this sorry affair for America.

              Having a Trump tell the truth under oath under the peril of perjuring himself was clearly a tantalising prospect for the investigation team. Think about how this latest strand of news came about and more importantly how the explanations for the context and content of the meeting at Trump Tower changed and evolved as the stories were challenged when emails and who was there and who those people represented when the facts said something completely different.

              Now the Trump Cartel and their propaganda wing at Fox News are already doing what they do.........

              A once default setting readily used by the Foxbots...

              Obama should relax as there is absolutely no way that the Trump's or their propaganda machine could blame Obama for any of this Russian Trump............

              However, the people most invested in the ongoing debacle that is the US Presidency will not admit to what they are now a part of implicit in and just as dangerous as the man and his administration. They too have committed themselves to defending the crimes of this Presidency past, present and a future fraught with that pesky thing called the truth.

              Mueller's blessing on this open testimony is more a legal venus flytrap and the Trump's are the flies. Remember Junior has already shown his frailties when it comes to telling the truth. In fact he like pretty much everyone tied to this administration has a problem with the truth let alone the multitude of versions of the truth that are thrown out.

              Under oath it is inevitable that Donald Trump Jr will have difficulty in simply explaining his meeting...(or meetings) with representatives of the Kremlin (direct and indirect connections) and explaining the changed narratives.

              Trump Jr's testimony could well be the beginning of the impeachment his father.


              Mueller says Trump Jr, Manafort can testify publicly in Senate: Feinstein

              WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump's eldest son and former campaign chairman can testify publicly before U.S. Senate committees, Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein told CNN on Tuesday.

              Feinstein said Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and possible collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign, has said Donald Trump Jr. and Paul Manafort were free to testify.

              Feinstein is the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is among the congressional panels pursuing Russia investigations.

              When a Trump has faced nothing but the truth in the past they settled out of court, paid off the victims and had non disclosure contracts signed.

              Not this time.

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              Trump Vows Revenge After Push To Repeal Affordable Care Act Fails


                  Oh, you own it, Mr. Trump.Take deliberate steps to interfere with people's existing premium structures and take the steps you've threatened to take which will destabilize the insurance market and see just how vocal, how active, the American people will become.

                  Americans have the right to stand up and say, "NO Thank you" when a President and/or Congress try passing legislation that will not only negatively impact American lives, but could actually result in the deaths of Americans.

                  When we speak up against such policies, we expect the people elected to listen and avoid passing such legislation.

                  Elected officials answer to US, not the other way around.

                  So far, we have three brave Republican Senators - all women - who have our and the country's best interests in mind, Senators Collins (ME), Murkowski (AL), and Capito (WV). They have the stones to do what's right. Let's see if the Republican men have the courage to do the right thing by the American People.

                  This is NOT about party, Republicans. This is about Americans, this country, and the American way of life.

                  One more thing.

                  Anyone who continues to support a man who would take revenge on 325 million people simply because he didn't get his way, simply because his ego is bruised, simply because he can, are entirely complicit in such revenge and deserve our contempt.

                  Now, more than ever, we must all RESIST. Now, more than ever, we are embroiled in an ideological and political battle for our literal lives. We will not be silent. We will not go away.

                  This threat, above any of the other problems and misdeeds surrounding this President, is our call to action to ensure our and our children's safety going forward.

                  Mr. Trump declared that his plan was now to “let Obamacare fail,” and suggested that Democrats would then seek out Republicans to work together on a bill to bury the Affordable Care Act. If he is determined to make good on that pledge, he has plenty of levers to pull, from declining to reimburse insurance companies for reducing low-income customers’ out-of-pocket costs to failing to enforce the mandate that most Americans have health coverage.

                  “It’ll be a lot easier,” Mr. Trump said at the White House, adding: “We’re not going to own it. I’m not going to own it. I can tell you the Republicans are not going to own it. We’ll let Obamacare fail, and then the Democrats are going to come to us.”

                  It's time the American people make clear to this version of the Republican Party that it does not hold our very lives in its hands going forward.


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                      After the votes were not there for the latest fiasco of a "health care" bill, Trump tells the Senate "repeal only" and some of his unthinking supporters go "yes!"

                      McConnell says he will now push for a "clean" repeal bill. What that means, is that no one but Medicare and Medicaid recipients will have ANY form of health care.

                      One wonders how Republicans would appreciate their families and themselves having nothing but Emergency Room visits to provide for their health care.

                      But wait! Trouble in Trumpfascimo town? Three female Senators say they will block repeal only, (at least until McCain returns.) Seems Trump's plan to "let Obamacare fail" may have a few road blocks.

                      Getty Images

                      GOP LEADERS EYE ‘REPEAL ONLY’ VOTE — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced late Monday night he will push the chamber to vote to repeal Obamacare without an immediate replacement after the GOP’s health care plan imploded earlier in the evening. Sens. Mike Lee and Jerry Moran surprised everyone – including President Donald Trump – by jointly announcing their opposition to even beginning debate on the GOP plan. With Sens. Rand Paul and Susan Collins already on the record against taking up the bill, the opposition from Lee and Moran tanked the GOP’s replacement proposal.


                    • Two GOP senators already say they will not support an Obamacare repeal without an immediate replacement.
                    • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell aimed to pass a repeal-only bill after the latest replacement plan failed on Monday night.
                    • Two GOP senators opposing the plan will block it until Sen. John McCain returns from surgery recovery
                    • http://www.cnbc.com/2017/07/18/
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                      Republicans Aren't Turning On Trump—They're Turning On Each Other


                          Trump/Republican healthcare plan defeated, again. How can this be? The Republicans have the presidency and control both the House and the Senate so why hasn't the Republican Party passed one single piece of Legislation since they now control all of Congress? Perhaps it's because there is some dissention among the ranks of the Republican Party itself? We see within Republican controlled Congress fights among Republicans but it extends beyond Congress and goes right to the States. Even Republican Governors are fighting against such things as the Trump/GOP healthcare plan and are making their voices heard.

                          For eight long years during the Obama administration the Republicans adopted a new strategy. That new strategy was to obstruct, filibuster and repeal. That was it. Nothing else. In order to do that the Republican Party transformed into something new, a Party void of moderates and to a certain extent, even the lack of Centrists. Now that the Republican Party was successful in getting rid of all moderates and centrists what they have left is, well, I guess you could say that they still are a Party without moderates and continue to obstruct, and worse of all a Party removing regulations put in place to insure the safety and a progress made for the greater majority of our Country. Is it no wonder they haven't passed a single piece of Legislation? They no longer have the capacity to legislate. They don't know how. All they can do with what they have left is continue to obstruct anything that helps our Nation move forward and continue to push for more tax breaks for the wealthy on the backs of those who cannot afford to make more sacrifices.

                          This defeat of the Trump/GOP healthcare plan has shown that there are cracks within the Party. Cracks which no longer allow universal Party unity but have started because a few within the Republican Party have decided, enough is enough and it's time the Party started to do their job and start to represent the people who voted them into office. Are we seeing the emergence of moderates once again trying to become part of the Republican Party? On a very small scale perhaps, but more importantly we are seeing some Republicans moving away from strict Party loyalty and are now realizing that the Party agenda is not good for America and these people know only too well that come the mid-terms they may be out of a job unless they change their ways. Susan Collins who once was a Republican moderate alongside her cohort Olympia Snowe was threatened to change their stance or face a backlash from the Party and would be challenged during their primaries and not be supported by the Party or RNC any longer. Snowe, who could have easily won her seat in re-election got so fed up with her Party she flat out quit politics. Collins chose to fall lock and step with the Party. Now, Collins has grown a pair and she is the one challenging the Party and even voting against their healthcare plan which helped to defeat it. The question remains, will some in the Republican Party start moving towards a more moderate stance or will the Party force these people out of office by running hard core Conservatives against them in the mid-terms? Stay tuned, it's just beginning.


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                          Good News For Russia


                              Do you want to REALLY Resist??? INSIST that the integrity of voting equipment is secure AND audited. Otherwise, it doesn't matter what policies you propose or who your candidate is in an election, the outcome of any election can be and no doubt will be, manipulated.

                              It is a forgone conclusion, at least by me, that Trump did not legally win the 2016 presidential election. Russians and probably republicans changed and/or created ballots in places that were needed for Trump to win. In point of fact, there is no certainty the ANY election in the last ten years or more has represented the actual will of voters.

                              Although authorities will quickly say there is no evidence that votes were changed in the 2016 election, they never support that claim with any evidence that votes were not changed or created. According to this article, that likelihood is not only possible, but probable. No, this article does not use those specific words, but it clearly insinuates that.

                              The question now becomes, what do we do to ensure the integrity of elections? The fact is we can't know for sure whether Trump legally won the 2016 election, because there was no audit of that election. IF Russia did at least the things seventeen U.S. intelligence agencies said they are confident that they did, AND it was/is possible for them to change or create ballots to accomplish their desired outcome, there is almost a 100% chance that is what happened, AND is likely to happen in future elections.

                              A review of the actual chance of Trump winning the 2016 election, by all accounts, was that there was no path to victory for him. I might be the only person in the world who finds it too coincidental that Trump won in the exact places he needed to win in, in order to win the election, but that is what I believe. And NO ONE can say with any degree of certainty that I am wrong.


                              WASHINGTON ― In 2006, Princeton computer science professor Edward Felten received an anonymous message offering him a Diebold AccuVote TS, one of the most widely used touch-screen voting machines at the time.

                              Manufacturers like Diebold touted the touch-screens, known as direct-recording electronic (DRE) machines, as secure and more convenient than their paper-based predecessors. Computer experts were skeptical, since any computer can be vulnerable to viruses and malware, but it was hard to get ahold of a touch-screen voting machine to test it. The manufacturers were so secretive about how the technology worked that they often required election officials to sign non-disclosure agreements preventing them from bringing in outside experts who could assess the machines.

                              Felten was intrigued enough that he sent 25-year-old computer science graduate student Alex Halderman on a mission to retrieve the AccuVote TS from a trenchcoat-clad man in an alleyway near New York’s Times Square. Felten’s team then spent the summer working in secrecy in an unmarked room in the basement of a building to reverse-engineer the machine. In September 2006, they published a research paper and an accompanying video detailing how they could spread malicious code to the AccuVote TS to change the record of the votes to produce whatever outcome the code writers desired. And the code could spread from one machine to another like a virus.

                              That was more than a decade ago, but Georgia still uses the AccuVote TS. The state is one of five ― the others are Delaware, Louisiana, New Jersey and South Carolina ― that rely entirely on DREs for voting. Ten other states use a combination of paper ballots and DRE machines that leave no paper trail. Many use a newer version of the AccuVote known as the TSX ― even though computer scientists have demonstrated that machine, too, is vulnerable to hacking. Others use the Sequoia AVC Advantage, which Princeton professor Andrew Appel demonstrated could be similarly manipulated in a 2007 legal filing. Appel bought a Sequoia machine online for $82 and demonstrated that he could remove 10 screws and easily replace the Sequoia’s memory card with a modified version that would alter the outcome of an election.

                              Election security, typically a niche topic, emerged as a mainstream concern last summer after the Democratic National Committee announced that Russian hackers had penetrated its computer systems. The DNC hack was an early indication that Moscow had decided to interfere with the U.S. presidential election, raising alarms that Russian efforts could extend to the vulnerable touch-screen machines that record millions of votes around the country. By the time the cyberattack became public, it was too late to replace them, but in the year since the DNC hack revelations, there has been little tangible progress in securing America’s voting machines.

                              “Basically nothing has changed, except that we are now at least more aware of the threat,” said Halderman, who is now a computer science professor at the University of Michigan. “Ten years ago, had you said a foreign government is going to try to hack U.S. election equipment, I’d say it’s technically possible but so unlikely. But what we saw in 2016 was a concerted attempt by a foreign power to attack election infrastructure.”

                              Computer scientists like Halderman, Appel and Felten have been warning states about the risks of DRE machines for over a decade, urging them to replace touch-screen machines with paper ballots that can be read with an optical scanner and easily audited after an election. Paper ballots create a physical copy of the voter’s choice that can be checked against the results; with DRE machines, it’s impossible to verify whether the choice the person intended to select is, in fact, what the machine recorded.

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                              Trump Hypocrisy: "Made In America" Week


                                  TRUMP CELEBRATES ‘MADE IN AMERICA’ WEEK

                                  BY MAKING THE MOST HYPOCRITICAL MOVE YET

                                  By Zahra Shati

                                  If You Only NEWS

                                  July 17, 2017

                                  Today marks ‘Made In America’ week at the White House–A celebration of United States-based manufacturing and domestic economic consumption. And we all know Donald Trump is the biggest advocate of that. After all, he’s planning to sign a declaration highlighting the importance of manufacturing goods right here in the United States–which is all fine and dandy–except that the president doesn’t practice what he preaches.

                                  Here’s where the irony sets in: the hypocrite-in-chief’s own clothing line, the Donald J. Trump Collection, is made everywhere except in the U.S. Wonder where his His shirts are from? They’re made in Bangladesh. His fancy ties he goes on and on about? They were made in China. And his suits? Made in Mexico. Yes, that’s right Mexico.

                                  If that’s not enough proof, go ahead and visit Trump’s D.C. hotel where everything and anything is made overseas. You’ll find an infant onesie on sale for $30 that is made in Peru; A Trump golf hat for $32 that is made in Bangladesh; another type of golf hate for $32 that is made in China; or a Greg Norman golf pullover that goes for $80 that is made in Vietnam; or $15 worth of body butter that is made in Canada, which you could couple with the $15 Trump hair conditioner that is also made in Canada.

                                  If you look up the saying, “do as I say, not as I do,” you will find a pretty little picture of our president next to it. He is the definition of hypocrite. Hell, even his own daughter’s clothing line is made by low-wage workers in countries such as Bangladesh, and China.

                                  The Trump administration will always promote products that are made in America. But businessman Trump has always promoted products that are outside of the country. “Made in America” may be Trump’s signature slogan but to the Trump family, all it results in is a terrible profit propaganda technique.


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                                  Yes - Trump Is Dangerous, But So Are Trump’s Pious And Dangerous Enablers


                                      Donald Trump has often been called the most dangerous man in the world. Some have even said that due to the Trump Administration's Russian investigation, he has become a "cornered animal," and that fear and vigilance are appropriate responses to his behaviors now and in the past.

                                      Getty Images

                                      But what of Trump's 'enablers.' Those in his administration that not only encourage his behaviors but enable them?

                                      Is religion meant to be used in government? Are we to feel threatened via Religion to support Trump?

                                      Must we support the same religion as our leaders? Are we 'unpatriotic' if we don't?

                                      The following piece - that I have edited for length - tells us that a repressive religion has not only entered our government, but is being used to back up the erratic, autocratic policies and behaviors of the Trump regime by quite a few powerful enablers.

                                      Mike Pence President Donald Trump Makes Statement on Paris Climate AgreementSource: Getty Images
                                      Patriotism is supposed to be the last refuge of scoundrels, but religion surely is a close second. So there was President Trump this week with evangelical leaders laying hands on him, and granting a rare non-Fox interview to the doddering founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network.

                                      That interview was with the televangelist Pat Robertson, who is to news professionalism what Chris Christie is to constituent diplomacy. Robertson, you may recall, felt that feminists and gays were among the guilty parties in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. These days, he says that Trump’s critics are going against “God’s plan” and may be influenced by — who else — Satan.

                                      Robertson is not the most despicable of Trump’s enablers. For that, you’re probably thinking of Sean Hannity. No, it goes beyond the safe spaces in broadcasting. The most odious of those who are letting Trump drag America into the gutter include Vice President Mike Pence, the leaders in Congress and the pious shepherds of a white evangelical community that continues to give an awful man a pass for every awful thing he does.

                                      Pence is the choirboy who leaves the room when the nasty boys take over, and then helps clean up later.

                                      Another boy scout in hiding is House Speaker Paul Ryan. Golly gee, he just wants to cut taxes on the rich, destroy the health care system, and work on his abs and guns. The man who loves to lecture the poor on their “lives of dependency and complacency” through a safety net that can become a hammock has not a word about an unprecedented attempt to sell out his country to a hostile nation.

                                      Getty Image

                                      Asked this week if he would ever have a meeting with a foreign power offering dirt on a political opponent, he said, “I’m not going to go into hypotheticals.” But his hammock metaphor was precisely that.

                                      “President Trump is the greatest thing that’s happened to this country,” said Luther Strange, who was appointed to the Alabama Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. “I consider it a biblical miracle that he’s here.”

                                      A true miracle would be for one of the enablers among the 81 percent of white evangelicals who gave their vote to Trump to follow their conscience, or at least the Scriptures they profess guide them.

                                      The unedited version: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/14/opinion/trumps-...

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                                      Why The Democrats Lose Elections



                                          In one of the most brazen and effective attacks on our Democracy, 22 million eligible voters — the overwhelming majority of which came from Democratic voting blocs — were eliminated from registration rolls nationwide just prior to the 2016 elections. There is a clear paper trail leading to the individuals and organizations responsible for this criminal interference in our elections, but the role that Russia played in executing this strategy is still in question. Evidence does suggest, though, that there was collaboration between the Republican Party and their Russian accomplices.

                                          As Reuters reported in April:

                                          A Russian government think tank controlled by Vladimir Putin developed a plan to swing the 2016 U.S. presidential election to Donald Trump and undermine voters’ faith in the American electoral system, three current and four former U.S. officials told Reuters.

                                          They described two confidential documents from the think tank as providing the framework and rationale for what U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded was an intensive effort by Russia to interfere with the Nov. 8 election. U.S. intelligence officials acquired the documents, which were prepared by the Moscow-based Russian Institute for Strategic Studies [en.riss.ru/], after the election….

                                          ….[The} second institute document, drafted in October…warned that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was likely to win the election. For that reason, it argued, it was better for Russia to end its pro-Trump propaganda and instead intensify its messaging about voter fraud to undermine the U.S. electoral system’s legitimacy and damage Clinton’s reputation in an effort to undermine her presidency, the seven officials said.”

                                          The key phrase here is “voter fraud.”

                                          Voter fraud is a deceptive narrative that was designed to be used as a cover to pass and implement policies that remove black, brown and poor voters from registration rolls. The specific policies that hide behind the myth of voter fraud are Voter ID requirements and purging through the Interstate Crosscheck System.

                                          In other words, when it became clear that a media propaganda campaign was not enough for Trump to defeat Clinton, they chose to undermine the election by supporting the efforts of key Republican players working to eliminate Democratic voters — specifically people of color and poor Democrats — from registration rolls in time for the 2016 election.

                                          And they were successful.

                                          While only 4 cases of voter fraud were found during the 2016 election, and approximately 40 cases have been identified since 2000 — the deceptive propaganda of widespread voter fraud exploded into a fake national crisis of election security that could only be stopped by the Republican Party.

                                          In the name of voter fraud, 1.1 million voters were removed from the registration lists through voter purging in the months before the 2016 election, and 21 million eligible voters were removed from the polls through voter ID restrictions.

                                          22 million eligible voters from Democratic voting blocs were removed from the registration lists and polling booths in the name of voter fraud.

                                          22 million.

                                          There is no possible way the Republicans could have defeated the Democrats in the 2016 election without preventing 21 million voters from reaching the polls. Putin could not have executed his plan to influence the election without coordinating with the Trump Administration and the Republican party. A core strategy for Conservatives, since they were the Confederates, has been to implement state and local policies that prevent people of color from voting. And there is clear evidence that Russia was aware of these tactics and willing to support the Republican party in their efforts to defeat the Democrats.

                                          While there is no “smoking gun” connecting Putin and Russia to illegal voter suppression efforts, there is nothing but overwhelming direct evidence that those that key members of the Republican party — whether aided by Russia or not — illegally suppressed 22 million voters through purging and ID laws.

                                          And those were not the GOP’s only tactics.

                                          20–30 million Democratic voters were illegally deprived the right to vote through polling place closures, ADA violations and felony disenfranchisement. This brings the total to an upwards of 50 million black, brown, poor and disabled voters (all Democratic leaning voting blocs) that were criminally deprived their right to vote and prevented form casting a ballot prior to the 2016 election.

                                          50 million.

                                          Just under 63 million people voted for Trump.

                                          Just under 66 million voted for Clinton.

                                          50 million left leaning voters were prevented from voting because GOP policies.

                                          The Democrats have not responded to calls for support in re-enfranchisement efforts.

                                          2018 is around the corner.

                                          So where does the left stand?

                                          Well, the bad news is the GOP was successful in using deprivation of voting rights to take Congress and the White House in 2016. With Donald Trump as their candidate. The good news is the people that were responsible have violated federal laws that come with criminal penalties. Further, these laws and penalties can be enforced through the lower federal courts. Congressional approval is not necessary. (Read: It doesn’t matter that the Democrats are outnumbered in Congress. They can take successful action anyways.)


                                          By enforcing the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

                                          But I thought that was gutted by the Republicans a few years ago, you say? That is another myth that has polluted the national conversation surrounding voting rights.

                                          There is a falsehood going around that because the GOP successfully gutted part of the VRA when the GOP won the case of Shelby County v Holder, there is no way it can be enforced. This is not true. At all. As SIIP reports:

                                          “…while it is true that the GOP dealt a huge blow to the Act when the successfully neutralized Section 5 through the Supreme Court, this section is in no way responsible for the prosecution of those engaging in deprivation of rights. The sections that were designed to stop voter suppression are Sections 2 and 11. These sections remain perfectly intact.

                                          Section 11 of the Voting Rights Act reads:

                                          ‘No person acting under color of law shall fail or refuse Prohibitions to permit any person to vote who is entitled to vote under any provision of this Act or is otherwise qualified to vote, or willfully fail or refuse to tabulate, count, and report such person’s vote’

                                          Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act also specifies:

                                          ‘No voting qualification or prerequisite to voting, or standard, practice, or procedure shall be imposed or applied by any State or political subdivision to deny or abridge the right of any citizen of the United States to vote on account of race or color.’”

                                          So, for once, the solution to a core part of Trump and the GOP’s assault on our rights is refreshingly straight forward. Voter fraud was used as a front for voter suppression. Voter suppression is illegal. If we enforce the law that makes it illegal, the Voting Rights Act, voter suppression policies such as purging and voter ID requirements will be repealed. 21–50 million voters will be re-enfranchised. And the people responsible would be eligible for incarceration.

                                          Additionally, through federal court proceedings, if there is information that links the 2016 voter suppression efforts to Russia — it would likely be revealed and documented in court.

                                          There are clear targets such as Kris Kobach, the Secretaries of State that pass and implement Crosscheck and voter ID restrictions, Bert Rein (the lawyer responsible for gutting a portion of the Voting Rights Act), and a number of other key players.

                                          There are clear violations of Sections 2 and 11 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

                                          These violations are not subject to the barriers presented by committee investigations, public opinion or Congressional approval.

                                          All that is needed is for the Democrats, community legal organizations and the left to start flooding the courts with VRA cases and uniting behind these efforts in one united voice.

                                          Currently, there are efforts by the Democratic party to counter participationwith Kris Kobach’s Commission on Voter Integrity, gerrymandering, and low voter turnout, but there are no efforts to enforce the Voting Rights Act or re-enfranchise voters nationwide.

                                          The current strategies supported and promoted by the Democratic Party and the mainstream organizations and media outlets that support them will not result in the re-enfranchisement of 1 voter, let alone 50 million. Their efforts will not result in the re-enfranchisement of voters in time for the 2018 midterm elections, the 2020 presidential elections or any elections in the foreseeable future. Their tactics won’t reveal the names and identities of the networks involved in criminal voter suppression in the United States, and they won’t reveal if or to what extent these GOP networks were supported in any way by the Russian government.

                                          But there is one strategy that can achieve all of these goals: flooding the lower federal courts with cases asserting criminal violation of the Voting Rights Act.

                                          As a community, we need to be united to 1) demand that the Democrats make VRA enforcement a key part of their strategic agenda; 2) Direct funding and support to community legal organizations that are qualified to but unable to fiscally advance VRA cases in the district and circuit courts, and 3) mobilize long-term, consistent direct action and media attention directly connected to the call for VRA enforcement.

                                          As a community, we have 50 million voters to re-enfranchise. We have a way to do it. And we need to get to work.

                                          To learn more about voter suppression, the Voting Rights Act and Strategies for Resistance, go to: http://strategycampsite.org/articles1.html

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