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We Have Accepted A Fake Universe!


      I just witnessed an interview on The Morning Joe Show of Anthony Scaramucci, who is trying to sell a book about Trump being The Blue Collar President. What Scaramucci is really selling is BS.

      You have to see this interview in order to believe it. At some point I suspect it will be on YouTube. Mika and Mike Barnicle asked Scaramucci if he thought Trump is a good president and if he approves of his constant lying. Scaramucci said he does not like the lying, but that it is ok with him and the supposed 62 million of Americans who voted for Trump in 2016 BECAUSE these people are tired of establishment republicans lying to them.

      So one might ask, if Trump supporters think establishment republicans lied to them and they know Trump is lying to them, why do they like Trump's lies more? To save you the trouble of reading Scaramucci's new book, I will explain to you why they like Trump's lies more.

      The reason racists, bigots and misogynists like Trump is because he doesn't STAY ON SCRIPT. Trump openly displays his racism, bigotry and misogyny. Trump's supporters have not benefited economically from anything he has done, and he and republicans have told them that they are about to take away Social Security and Medicare, and although they are saying they support banning pre-existing conditions, they are suing to get rid of a ban on pre-existing conditions.

      The ONLY things Trump has kept his word on are policies and programs that are racist, bigoted and misogynist, from his anti-justice justice policies to his anti-immigration immigration policies.

      Scaramucci says you can't beat Trump by pointing out his lies. He says you have to change the things Trump's racist base wants you to change. What exactly do you think Trump's racist base wants changed? YOU GOT IT! They want to make America White Again!

      So WHY is Trump winning, or more specifically IS Trump winning? My answer is that Trump is winning as long as he can convince you that he is winning. THAT is part of the con. It doesn't matter if he is actually winning. EXAMPLE. Trump did not win the electoral vote in the 2016 presidential election, but EVERYONE has accepted that he did, so he did.

      Additionally, IF something is not changed in the 2018 election, Trump will be able to win without actually winning again. There is ONE WAY and ONE WAY ONLY that Trump won the 2016 presidential election. Trump, Russians and republican operatives changed votes to make it appear that he won in EXACTLY the places he needed to win in order to win. THAT'S ALL!!! The professional pundits can analyze why and how Hillary lost and why and how Trump won, until the cows come home. They will never come up with a good explanation, because Trump did not win.

      So what do we do to fix the fake universe we find ourselves in. Although this will never happen, the first thing that needs to be done is that we have to STOP accepting the lie that Trump won the 2016 presidential election, no matter how much you hate Hillary Clinton. She actually won the election. More people voted for her, both popular vote wise and electoral vote wise, although yes, the Electoral College voted for Trump. The REASON they voted for Trump is because they were told that Trump won the states electoral votes. HE DID NOT!

      Second, we need to get everyone in the USA who is not a racist, bigot and misogynist to the polls NOW and vote AGAINST REPUBLICANS. Forget about messaging! The message is VOTE AGAINST REPUBLICANS!!!

      In conjunction with VOTING AGAINST REPUBLICANS, make damn sure your vote counts. How do you do that? You INSIST that the voting systems in every state is accurate. DO NOT assume that your vote is counted the way you voted. Since there are no audits of voting systems, how do you prove how you voted? You take your cell phone into the voting booth. Vote a straight Democratic ballot. Take a picture of the ballot that shows you voted a straight Democratic ballot. If the Democratic candidate in your district does not win, organize the counting of everyone who voted and took a picture of their vote, to be able to present it in a lawsuit challenging the outcome. I am afraid that is the only way to ensure your vote is counted the way you voted.

      Republicans are not playing fairly. As long as you play fairly and allow them to cheat, they will win.

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      Opinion | What If The Republicans Win Everything Again?


          If your hair, no matter your age, is not grey or gone (maybe even pulled out by your own hand), this essay--and the prospect David Leonhardt lays out in it--should do the trick:


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          House Intel Dem Claims Jared May Have Given Saudis An Assassination List


              Video of this guy saying this. If it is true then Jared should be arrested for treason.

              Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) on Friday shocked CNN’s Poppy Harlow when he said that Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner may have slipped U.S. intelligence to Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman that led to the alleged killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

              “Let me get to the point that is most disturbing right now,” Castro said. “The reporting that Jared Kushner may have, with U.S. intelligence, delivered a hit list, an enemies list, to the crown prince, to MBS, in Saudi Arabia and that the prince may have acted on that, and one of the people he took action against is Mr. Khashoggi.”

              The reporting that Castro is referring to is an article from the British tabloid The Daily Mail published this past April that claimed the crown prince had boasted about some key intelligence he had received from Kushner about enemies within his kingdom who were plotting against him.

              “Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman bragged of receiving classified US intelligence from Jared Kushner and using it as part of a purge of ‘corrupt’ princes and businessmen,” the tabloid claimed.

              Yes this is from a tabloid but even tabloids get the news right occasionally and I find it hard to believe that even a tabloid would print a hit list accusation like this that could have dire consequences for the US and for Jared Kushner and Saudi Arabia.

              What do you think?



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                  I wish I could say I'm surprised by reactions in this article, but I'm not. A lot of women still do not like confrontation, still are eager to be 'good girls' that protect men no matter what wrong they do.

                  Women across the political divide tell us what they hope the next generation will learn from Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh’s confirmation battle.

                • After the Senate’s confirmation of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Saturday, we asked women across the country to tell us how they were reacting.

                  We heard from 40,000 people.

                  Many of the women — lawyers, teachers, home-schoolers, military spouses — expressed anger and bitterness over the nomination fight and those on the other side of the political divide. They also told us what lessons from this confirmation they will pass down to the next generation.

                  Here is a selection of their responses, edited and condensed for clarity. Please use the comments to tell us how you viewed this moment.

                  On Speaking Up

                  Lisa Baracker is a doctor, mother, wife and former Catholic turned agnostic Jew who lives in California.CreditLuigi Pasquini

                  We must break the patriarchy now!

                  We asked readers: If you were to pass down one lesson to your son or daughter from the Kavanaugh nomination and hearings, what would it be?

                  I will tell her AND my sons to look closely at Dr. Ford and how strong she was under fire. We must emulate her strength in our daily lives. Every. Single. Day. I want my children to know that they never have to wait 30 years to tell me if something bad happens to them, because I will believe them the minute they tell me — and I will fight for justice for them.

                  I want my children to know that if they ever act the way Kavanaugh did, either in high school or for a job interview, that I will not be on their side. I will discipline them for vile behavior with everything in my power.

                  Dr. Lisa Baracker, California

                  Nicole MacKinnon is a Catholic stay-at-home mother of two young daughters. She lives in Columbus, Ohio.

                  Watching the childish reactions of liberals — pounding and scratching at the Supreme Court doors, blocking roads, attacking people on the right, chasing politicians or pundits through subways, out of restaurants, etc. — has only firmed my stance on my beliefs.

                  Her lesson:

                  If you are ever a victim of sexual harassment or assault, speak up when it happens.

                  — Nicole MacKinnon, Columbus, Ohio

                  Maureen Blackwood is a mother of three who says she is concerned about health care. She lives in Richmond, Va.

                  I'm devastated. MAGA means going back to the 50s when women and minorities are sidelined and punished and minimized at every turn.

                  Her lesson:

                  To my husband and son, I have said that I'm insulted and angry that so many believe that all men commit sexual assault and it's just a part of growing up. To my daughters I say that the world is not fair. Women are not believed when reporting sexual assault.

                  Maureen Blackwood, Richmond, Va.

                  On Fairness

                  Margaret Johnson, a business owner, lives in Texas.

                  I am pleased that basic human rights such as “innocent until proven guilty,” “burden of proof is on the accuser,” the need for “evidence,” etc., have not been removed from our society.

                  Her lesson:

                  If I were advising a son, I would tell him to avoid like the plague any woman who identifies with people who will do literally anything for power, because she cannot be trusted to treat you with fairness and honesty.

                  If I were advising a daughter, I would tell her not to be like them. Don’t play the victim. Don’t lie for attention and money and power. Be fair-minded and honest and decent.

                  Margaret Johnson, Texas

                  Victoria Church lives in Connecticut and works as a lawyer.

                  Kavanaugh’s hearings were not a criminal trial. There was no requirement that the allegations be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. The hearings were a job interview for one of the most respected positions in the United States.

                  There is clearly doubt and disagreement about what happened all those years ago. For me, that should have been enough for more senators to vote no. Christine Blasey Ford was believable. She had nothing to gain and everything to lose.

                  Her lesson:

                  Everyone should learn a lot more about the structure of the government, what standards of proof are and when they apply.

                  Victoria Church, Connecticut

                  Meredith Fiori is a psychotherapist who studied at Palo Alto University. She lives in Palo Alto, Calif.

                  I will be voting Republican now. I don’t want this crap [disruptive anti-Kavanugh protests] happening in this country ever again.

                  Her lesson:

                  Due process has protected all Americans for decades — the days of being publicly lynched for unsubstantiated claims or assaults are over! Thank God.

                  Meredith Fiori, Palo Alto, Calif.

                  Yvette Varela is a single mother of two boys who lives in Arizona.

                  This isn’t about men versus women. It’s about right and wrong. If women truly want equal rights, stop making everything about gender. What happened to not judging someone by their race, creed, gender, etc.? I’m a Latina and that has never kept me from achieving anything.

                  Her lesson:

                  To my sons: Always do what is good, right and be kind. Oh, and start a calendar journal. You never know when that will come in handy.

                  Yvette Varela, Arizona

                  Tanya Couer is a mother of three who lives in Waterford, Mich.

                  I honestly feel as though the left has used this woman as a political pawn. If any of them truly cared, Juanita Broaddrick [a woman who accused President Bill Clinton of sexual assaulting her in 1978] would have her day in court, too.

                  Her lesson:

                  Justice, apparently, only happens for some people based on their political affiliation.

                  I have begged my son to take necessary precautions in the future as a result of this case. While I wish I were joking, I've implored my son to “get it in writing” before entering into any kind of relationship.

                  Tanya Coeur, Waterford, Mich.

                  On Personal Accountability

                  Sheila Coleman Castells, a nonprofit consultant with a son in college, lives in Eglon, W.Va.


                  I think if more women were senators and would have been able to vote, it would have been clear that this has happened to so many women, and that Dr. Ford would never have outed herself were this not true.

                  Her lesson:

                  I have a 20-year-old junior in college. I have taught him to never conduct yourself in ways that would come back to haunt you because of your despicable behavior. Do not overdrink or smoke. Treat women honorably, be kind and follow the law.

                  But my son is African-American, and he is even more susceptible to judgments on his behavior and unfair consequences that young white men like Kavanaugh would never have suffered.

                  If a young black man had been the type of young man that Kavanaugh was, never once could he ever dream of being sworn onto the Supreme Court. Never.

                  Sheila Coleman Castells, Eglon, W.Va.

                  Jamie Ballenger, 69, is a preschool teacher and devout Catholic who raised four sons as a single mother.

                  It is not so much that I leaned toward her, as I leaned away from him. He seemed to me very much as one who is inclined toward a binge, a binger.

                  Her lesson:

                  I have four sons, and they are all grown. I was very outraged (to their embarrassment) whenever I found out they were at parties where drinking and drugs were in abundance.

                  No one is able to be responsible for their safety or that of others when one is stupid drunk. And you are still responsible for your actions afterward, even if you can’t remember what happened.

                  Jamie Ballenger, Charlottesville, Va.

                  On Telling the Truth

                  Renee Tate is a special education teacher who lives in Arkansas.

                  Senator Collins is a woman, and she looked at the facts and voted her conscience and didn’t let her emotions or party dictate her vote. THAT is the kind of PERSON we need in Congress. I don’t care what their gender is.

                  Women who make up false allegations against good men will ruin the credibility of women who actually are assaulted.

                  Her lesson:

                  Tell the truth. Always. And don’t party until you’re an adult.

                  Renee Tate, Arkansas

                  Julia Specht is a writer who lives in Brooklyn, N.Y.

                  I do think that it's vitally important to have more women in public office, because our government should be representative of the people in this country. That means fewer 50+-year-old white men and more young people, people of color and women. We deserve a government that looks like we do.

                  But I don't think that women are inherently less likely to make selfish choices, so I don't know that more Republican female senators would have made any difference at all.


                  Her lesson:

                  Just because people don't believe Dr. Ford doesn't mean she's wrong. She was incredibly brave, and history will ultimately see her as a hero.

                  Julia Specht, Brooklyn, N.Y.

                  Monique Dorsey is a high school social studies teacher and a libertarian who lives in Connecticut.

                  I will need to guard and protect the males in my family from false attacks.

                  Her lesson:

                  My daughter will learn to have respect for the rule of law and to not falsely accuse someone of deeds. My son will learn to respect women but to also watch his back because it could bite him in the end.

                  Monique Dorsey, Connecticut

                  On Good Citizenship

                  Melissa Spencer is a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles with three sons.

                  If Kavanaugh had just admitted he drank too much and that he doesn’t remember, but if he did something, he is sorry, I would feel so differently about the whole thing.

                  Her lesson:

                  The first is to vote and that every vote counts. The second is that everyone makes mistakes in their youth, and it is important to be honest about your mistakes and own them. If you wrong someone, apologize — it will help you AND them. If you behave badly, own it and vow never to do it again.

                  Melissa Spencer, Los Angeles

                  Jennifer Turpin is a hospice nurse, a rape survivor and a single mother of two who lives in South Carolina.

                  Roe v. Wade will not be overturned. It is the law of the land. Too many liberals are thinking with their emotions and not the rational parts of their brains, and this is causing them to act as if they are irrational teenagers.

                  Trump, Kavanaugh — these men are not going to take away women’s rights. In fact, if people would take a minute to look at the evidence, they would find much to the contrary.

                  Her lesson:

                  It’s important to stand your ground and fight for everything on which this country was founded.

                  Jennifer Turpin, South Carolina

                  Sadaf Jaffer is a scholar of South Asian studies who does research at Princeton University. She serves on the Montgomery Township Committee in New Jersey.

                  I was elected to local office last year. I always tell friends who are passionate about politics that they should consider running themselves. It is extremely important to have more women in office, especially Democratic women. We also need more women to believe they are worthy of running for office.

                  Her lesson:

                  Downtrodden people have overcome far worse adversity than we are facing now. Never lose hope and always believe in the power of collective action to make a difference in the world. The human spirit is indomitable.

                  Sadaf Jaffer, Montgomery Township, N.J.

                  Lisa Sharon Harper is a faith leader, a writer and an organizer. She lives in Washington, D.C.

                  A woman doesn't forget the face of the man who attempts to pull her clothes off.

                  She also had a previous relationship to him. This wasn't a stranger. She knew him. She had context for him. She would have known him at the party. With him on top of her, all the context that came before would have been racing through her mind to try to understand how this happened. When she said she was 100 percent certain, I believed her.

                  Her lesson:

                  Vote. Our current president is in office because he won about 70,000 more votes in three key swing states. Many of the senators who voted “Yes” on Kavanaugh won their seats in midterm elections. The lesson is this: Vote!

                  Lisa Sharon Harper, Washington, D.C.

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                  Midterms 2018: Act So That Ignorance Does Not Triumph


                      17 days from the Midterm Elections that will define whether the United States will continue to be subjected to a thoroughly unAmerican Executive Branch that controls the Legislative Branch and is in the Process of Subverting the Judicial Branch. I, and many others, are devoting every minute that we can spare to the elections of anti-Republicans, i.e. Democrats, at every level of government: local, regional, statewide, and national. I find myself recalling these words from John Adams, written in the last months of his life, arising from correspondence with Thomas Jefferson.

                      I run into so many uninformed, misinformed and malinformed citizens every day that those words haunt me. The uninformed who simply do not know and do not care to know; the misinformed who think they know but who do not; and the malinformed who have been deliberately misled hold the cards in this card game where the stakes are enormously high.

                      So, before I head out for yet another Get Out the Vote Meeting and Canvassing Effort, I recall that despair is not an option. These slightly tongue in cheek words are a comfort and spur to action.


                      “We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, for so long, with so little, we are now qualified to do almost anything with nothing.”

                      Konstantin Josef Jireček

                      Austro-Hungarian Czech historian, politician, diplomat, and cultural slavist. He was the founder of the field ofBalkan Studies) and an internationally recognized expert in Byzantine Studes. He held positions in the governments of several principalities and was a founder of the Czech democratic movement.

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                      Pundit Post

                      Why Be A Proud Boy? Real Men Evolve.


                          (Strong Language and Images that may offend)

                          When any sane person looks at the whole 'Proud Boys' movement it is nigh on impossible to not want to laugh your ass off watching grown adult males doing their best to look and sound as though their ideals are 'macho' or they are 'fighting for men's rights' when in fact they are a bunch of sad bastards lost in a world that rightly looks upon them as a bunch of hysterical hipsters.

                          Now their inability to be taken seriously has led them to start attacking those who call out their deep seeded mothering issues and the truly sad indictment these Alt-Right/Misogynist/Racist/Incel types represent.

                          They are only emboldened as their dear leader in the lesser White House who along with these 21st Century Brown Shirts share all of those truly sad traits displayed among those who have removed themselves from the safe glow of their computer screens, those who stepped away from their well stocked 4Chan and Reddit accounts venturing into the light of day and making themselves known.

                          Every movement needs a figurehead or someone who will lead them into the battle of ideas and ideals that they wish to push and defend. In this instance we see someone who has been around the scene for a while with appearances on the usual media outlets that appease the type of utter drivel spat beyond the well cultivated and well oiled beard of Gavin McInnes. London born to Scottish parents who emigrated to Canada.

                          British born McInnes founded Vice Media and after being thrown out the door of Vice he went off on an adventure of self discovery and found out he was a weak minded hate merchant who's helping fuel the movement known as Proud Boys.

                          Now the Proud Boys which McInnes himself describes as a club with one Caveat and that is your are a male chauvinist. He explains that the 'Chauvinist' term he uses is not just the male definition (of being a complete wanker) but claims it as a form of 'Patriotism' and 'Nationalism' that states the west is the best. In other words it's total fucking drivel and nothing more than another strand of whinging white men who are so delicate in their need to feel and be treated as men has seen a Canadian Hipster who more than likely spends more time making sure his Hipster look is perfect.

                          I mean that is a man who knows his way around the men's moisturiser aisle and no doubt has those delicate little hands of his soft and gentle. I do love that he even has 'Proud Boys' embroidered on his polo shirt so everyone knows just how proud a boy he is. The pathetic within McInnes is fucking astounding.

                          He does not hide the fact that in order for him to have any type of voice he needs to use language that all too often sends those who find his whole routine disgusting and react.

                          That's the trolling he and his band of boys who are patriotic about their tiny penises have done for years on the above mentioned sites where these sad pathetic little boys have thrived on a diet of pure hatred.

                          The festering hole from which they believe has given them a reason to show themselves and McInnes, who like Richard Spencer before him and a host of other white supremacists is playing the pied piper for another wave of angry white boys whose developmental issues have seen them isolate themselves from a cruel and cold world where they fail to adapt and hide behind the nonsense of Gender Patriotism and Nationalism.

                          (Note the well groomed moustache)

                          You see, the Proud Boys movement have shown the same violent intent that saw White Nationalist Terrorism on the streets of Charlottesville. McInnes and his sorry bunch of under developed scared little boys won't act alone and as such need to act like a pack of wild dogs or in this instance a bunch of over-groomed pampered poodles deciding to physically assault those who know exactly what a Proud Boy is.........


                          “I cannot recommend violence enough, McInnes has said in the past. “It’s a really effective way to solve problems.”

                          Proud Boys are weak of mind and of body. They aren't something to be feared but something to be flat out ridiculed and mocked. McInnes himself is the embodiment of tough talking misogyny in which the messenger won't get into too many altercations himself.....I mean that well combed hair of his and that product in it takes time.....right?

                          Here's the contradiction of McInnes....

                          A quote from the man himself.

                          "I've made mixed-race babies," he noted. "I'm not against it, clearly! But it just gets annoying when it gets shoved down your face!"

                          Try not to be offended by the statement above as he was talking about his own children. McInnes is married to a woman who is indeed part Native American and something McInnes sees himself as his get out of jail card.

                          McInnes himself has taken issue with the actions of those in Charlottesville and tries to walk the tightrope of alliances that as a father of three children who are part native American sees him align at times with Jason Kessler the organiser of Nazis parading on America's streets and failing to control the terrorists on the streets that day. McInnes disavowing Kessler after those events.

                          But the contradictions don't stop there as he also contributes to 'Rebel Media' an extreme right wing media outlet who peddle the types of Antisemitism rife within the right and of course something coursing through the veins of this sad little club of weak little boys.

                          He wants to flirt with the evils of the worst of the right and its hatred for anything other than white but tries to again walk a tightrope where the fall sees him mired with those who deny the Holocaust and outwardly display the worst of racism. He believes that revisiting those truly dark episodes in history and claims that........................ ''dwelling in the past and having a victim mentality is very unhealthy".

                          This from a man who thinks male Western European Values allow his version of Patriotic Nationalistic Chauvinism are under threat. What is unhealthy is believing that any of what McInnes stands for is real. He and his group of under developed white males are nothing more than another conduit for those whose are either unable and or unwilling to not only address their own issues amassed in their warped little minds thanks to a lack of nurture.

                          The whole character that McInnes plays is one that will spiral out of his control. Like all other sad little groups based upon their own shortcomings in life, Unite The Right, Patriot Prayer, III%'er, White Nationalist, Neo Nazi, Proud Boys will always be just that.....

                          An amalgamation of sad little boys lost in a world where their need to feel a part of something, anything that will make them feel bigger than what they feel inside.

                          A sad little club for sad little boys who are terrified of a world where their need to belong will see them do what those on the right and the extremes of the right have always done.

                          Blame others for their own miserable lives........

                          Why be a proud boy?

                          Real men evolve.

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                          Pundit Post

                          NY Prosecutor Investigated For Taking Bribes



                              An answer to the question of how the Trumps and other nabobs get away with their crimes.


                              Cy Vance Jr. overruled his own prosecutors to clear the Trump children.
                              October 17, 2018, 6:31 AM GMT

                              The Manhattan district attorney’s office is being investigated for closing cases against the wealthy and powerful after getting big campaign donations, the New York Daily News reports.

                              According to the report, the FBI is looking at whether Cy Vance Jr. and his staff dropped high-profile cases after “lawyers for the well-connected subjects made donations.”

                              Vance, a Democrat, once refused to bring criminal charges against Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. in an alleged real estate scam. The Trump children were facing charges of fraud for allegedly lying about the number of condos that had been sold in one of their properties.

                              At the time, Trump lawyer Marc Kasowitz was once of Vance’s largest donors. The lawyer went directly to Vance to have the investigation dropped, and the DA complied with the request. Kasowitz had given Vance $25,000 before dropping the charges and another $32,000 after.

                              According to reporting by The New Yorker, Vance overruled his own prosecutors to clear the Trump children.

                              The investigation is looking at the office’s “decision-making” and “considering whether undue influence was at play.”

                              The issue got some publicity last year after it was revealed that Vance made the decision not to pursue charges against Harvey Weinstein in 2015 when model Ambra Battilana accused him of groping her.

                              Weinstein’s lawyer had given Vance $24,000 for his campaign and another attorney sent him an additional $10,000 after the decision.

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                              Secret GOP Meetings Create Final Solution For Medicare - Kill The Old #2


                                  With the 2018 Midterms looming large, those citizens troubled by the potential elimination of their healthcare and the lives of those suffering from ill health and threatening life conditions have the opportunity to defend their ground with their vote. If you need to be reminded where the GOP leadership stands, a review of this updated piece from June of 2017 should help - BTJ, 16 Oct 2018

                                  Ever since Mitch "Eichmann" McConnell required the GOP to channel their inner Khymer Rouge last month (May 2017 - BTJ), the Republican Senate's plans have been left up to the imagination.

                                  With an effort to reduce American Life expectancy by decades, Senator McConnell has taken Trump's copy of Mein Kampf, added a final solution or two and mixed in the support of the subhuman Deplorables. Extracting the DNA of a snapping turtle to genetically alter his appearance, Mitch may soon be donning a Nazi WWII helmet to complete the new look for the leading haters of Americans - the United States Senate's Republicans.

                                  Reducing the American population by 20 million or so will impact the healthcare system certainly, bankrupting patients and former caregivers alike. The economic travesty of eliminating Medicare, the Veterans Administration hospitals, Social Security and all other forms of federal subsidies to the Healthcare system - except for those owned by say, Tim Price, who has repeatedly proven in the past that he is a very good friend to the companies he holds shares of - is nearly beyond stupefying. Keep in mind that the Kentucky Senator has already been experimenting on his constituents in his home state for over a decade.

                                  One of the conclusions that can be drawn is that the systemic elimination of the old, the infirm and the injured is a necessity for GOP success. Though the Party of Ignorance fails to recognize that their razor thin majority is the most likely to succumb first.

                                  So perhaps that is a good thing.

                                  In conjunction with eliminating the immigration of tens of thousands of future Healthcare workers, the GOP should be able to passively execute millions of their followers over the next four years.

                                  No one ever accused the GOP Conservative element of being good long term planners. Proudly failing at predicting the future for decades, they continue to successfully disappoint the nation.

                                  Now for those of you interested in the 2018 elections, there are more than a few organizations who are also key players beyond the party affiliation. Perhaps familiesusa.org is worth a look, and this question in particular:

                                  "Part 1: Does your candidate support or
                                  oppose repeal of the Affordable Care Act?
                                  Last year, Congress came within just a couple of votes
                                  of repealing the federal health care law. The 2017
                                  repeal bill would not have preserved all of the federal
                                  protections for people with preexisting conditions
                                  and would have taken health care coverage away
                                  from millions of people with preexisting conditions.
                                  Candidates who support protections for people with
                                  preexisting conditions will oppose repeal of the
                                  Affordable Care Act.
                                  If your congressional representative is running for re-
                                  election this year, see how he or she voted on health
                                  care repeal in 2017: See how members of the House
                                  of Representatives voted. See how Senators voted.
                                  If your candidate was not in Congress last year, or is
                                  running for state office, ask the candidate directly,
                                  “Would you support or oppose repeal of the Affordable
                                  Care Act?”" - from the familiesusa.org website.

                                  The SANE60 recommends taking the time to evaluate your candidate's stand on Healthcare. Are they out to diminish or destroy your healthcare options? - BTJ


                                  GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

                                  #resist #indivisible

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                                  Pundit Post

                                  Stop Being Surprised At The Evil Of The Saudi Regime


                                      This picture below is all you need to study in order to understand the US and its relationship with the murderous Saudi regime past and present.

                                      The picture was taken at Bitter Lake.

                                      From this moment the Saudis and their brutal treatment of their people was set in stone. As long as the US didn't interfere with their ways and cultures, including their Wahhabi doctrine.......

                                      The same doctrine that saw planes fly into buildings, Daesh behead and Al Qaeda with Al Shabab murdering at will those who fall outside the evil doctrine born of Saudi savagery.

                                      Why are people surprised?

                                      I don't know how the media can seem so utterly shocked that the Saudis executed a Saudi man, cut up his remains and those remains removed using boxes....




                                      One of the key demands from the Saudi King was one that would come back to terrify the world in the 21st century in the Form of ISIS. This demand from the Saudi King was there should be no restrictions on the practice of Wahhabism which was founded in Saudi Arabia during the 18th century.

                                      Thus allowing Saudi Arabia to slowly but surely use its massive wealth courtesy of the US to spread this most strict of Islamic practices, often Brutal and little in the way of anything resembling mercy. Today's ISIS is widely believed to have Wahhabism at it's very core. Not only that but millions of dollars pumped into Madrasa's in Pakistan teaching the very same Wahhabism that has spawned some truly nasty people. The same Wahhabism that inspired the Hijackers of 9/11 whose numbers were in large part of Saudi origin.

                                      All those weapons sold to the Saudi Military the same weapons used to target a bus full of kids being taken from a hell hole created in large part thanks to US ordinance and technology. They're great paying customers and with their evil doctrine infecting the minds of those who would do harm on others who do not follow Wahhabi teachings are Kafir.....lesser.....subhuman and more than likely dead.

                                      This creates the perfect plus side for arms dealers in the US in the form of political minds and representatives.

                                      The plus side for the US it not only allows those within to show a world where a doctrine of unadulterated evil can cause so much terror and evil and that an unprepared US Military and its allies is a death on the end of a Sword....it never mentions where this evil originated.

                                      It's a sales pitch.

                                      A pitch not only to America and to the psyche that unless the US is armed to the teeth and its allies are armed to the teeth everyone dies. Those allies include one Saudi regime (both Republican and Democratic parties own this).

                                      The same regime that attacked the US on 9/11..

                                      The same regime that is benefiting from US Protection, Dollars and Military Hardware currently being used to starve the poorest country in that region. Hiding behind the notion they are fighting a war with Iran when they are not.

                                      There are no hiding places for those who support the Saudi regime and their evil.

                                      There should be no surprise they murdered a Journalist.

                                      There should be no surprises.

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