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Jeff Daniels Says If Trump Is Re-elected It Will Be The 'end Of Democracy'

Jeff Daniels says if Trump is re-elected it will be the 'end of democracy'

Jeff Daniels predicts that if “toddler-in-chief” Donald Trump is re-elected in 2020, it will be the “end of democracy."

While on MSNBC to discuss playing literary hero Atticus Finch on Broadway in To Kill a Mockingbird, the topics of politics and race were quickly brought up due to the nature of the play, which Aaron Sorkin adapted from Harper Lee’s famous book. Daniels ripped Trump, his supporters and members of the GOP.

"I live in Michigan,” Daniels said. “After the [2016] election, I was surprised at some of the people. I said, 'Could you believe this election?' And they go, 'Yeah, isn't it great?'... You didn't see it coming."

The Dumb and Dumber and The Newsroom star called on people in the Midwest “who don’t know anything about this, who don’t care about this, who don’t have time for this” to vote out Trump.

“Make a decision now. You have to decide if, like Atticus, you believe that there is still compassion, decency, civility, respect for others. ‘Do unto others,’ remember that? All that stuff you guys believe in and you still voted ... for Trump. Where are you now? Your kids are looking up at you — and he lies,” Daniels said of the president. “I think there are a lot of people in the Midwest ... that it might be enough for them [to vote him out]. We’re going to find out. If the big gamble is to go all the way to November 2020 ... and lose, it's the end of democracy."

Daniels pointed to a line in the play — “A mob’s a place where people go to take a break from their conscience” — and drew a parallel to Trump supporters.

“That’s what I see when I look at Trump’s rallies,” he said, “the lies spewing at these people, and people going: ‘I gotta believe in something and he said he’d bring my manufacturing job back and she didn’t and I’m all in.’ But at the end of the day, aside from, ‘Yeah, I don’t wanna pay taxes,’ it’s race. It’s race.’”

He continued, “The Republican Party, or a wing of it, is going,“‘This is our last chance to save the party — and if we don’t, it’s the end of the Republican Party.’ And the only way they can do that was to tap the race button and say, ‘Go ahead, it’s OK.’ And [Trump] did. And they did. That was the only card they had left to play, and they played it. And they aren’t going to go quietly.”

Daniels also slammed Trump enablers in the GOP — the “cowardice of the 15 or so Republicans in the Senate who are still quiet.” Noting he wasn’t talking about Bob Corker, Jeff Flake and the ones who “went out the back door. That’s not courage — that’s making sure you have a job somewhere after politics.”

Daniels said, “Courage is standing up and being a true patriot like we used to have in way back in 1776. Who are the heroes going to be? ... To look at Congress with all their politics ... You’re all worthless to me right now. I need people to stand up and be heroic. Who are you? Because democracy is at stake.”

So of the Democratic candidates, who does Daniels think have the best chance at beating Trump?

“I’m watching intelligence,” he replied. “Politics are a 180 degree swing. That’s part of the eight years of Obama — ‘Let’s go for the whitest guy we can.’” So “to go away from the toddler-in-chief, let’s go to Kamala Harris, let's go to somebody with a brain in their head, let's go with someone with some intelligence who doesn’t tweet all day, Mayor Pete [Buttigieg]. I’m looking at intelligence. I love Joe Biden. Is he the guy that can stand up and punch him in the face and win? That’s for you guys to decide.”


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OpEd--War Is The New Normal In Washington


      Crazy is the new normal just as war is the new normal, and when it comes to war, it has been normal for some time! David Davenport gives us his opinion on this in the San Francisco Examiner, and I agree with him.

      The way I see it, the Trump Administration is just a way the Right Wing has worked (for more years than most of us have been alive) to achieve their goal of not just backward legislation, but Right Wing Rule of Might Makes Right! The result: Divisiveness, backwardness, and WAR.



      Excerpts from the article follow:


      I have some bad news for Joe Biden: Donald Trump is not, as Biden said recently, an “aberration” from the bipartisan policymaking he remembers nostalgically in Washington. Biden’s “Republican friends,” and even many of his fellow Democrats, are not waiting eagerly for the kind of collegial dealmaking he says he will bring to Washington. Rather both politics and policy have shifted dramatically from a model of deliberation to one in which war is the new normal.

      In this past week alone, Washington is talking about a trade war, a war with Congress, an abortion war and even a military war with Iran.

      The shift didn’t happen overnight.

      Following the Depression and World War II, there was no return to normal, and the modern, powerful, action-oriented presidency became a permanent fixture in Washington.

      After studying these domestic policy wars carefully, one can draw five conclusions:

      (1) They do not solve the problem at hand.

      (2) They create roadblocks to better policy solutions.

      (3) They increase executive power at the expense of Congress.

      (4) They are negative and destructive.

      (5) They never end. All these domestic policy wars are still active.

      Wars and their close cousin the national emergency — we currently live under 31 of those — have revolutionized how policy is made and carried out, and not for the better.

      Biden is under attack for contributing to two other policy wars, those on drugs and crime.

      Trade wars, wars on the Constitution, culture wars and more. Enough already.

      Read the entire article: https://www.sfchronicle.com/opinion/article/War-is-the-new-normal-in-Washington-13854660.php

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      What Do The Polls REALLY Say About Impeaching Trump?


          Is the press accurately reporting on what Americans think about impeaching Trump? I tried to find these polls they are talking about that show Americans don't favor impeaching Trump.

          I found a poll that says 91% of republicans oppose impeachment (surprise, surprise, surprise),

          51% of Independents oppose impeachment and 71% of Democrats support impeachment. So basically the republican base who would continue to support Trump if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue, opposes impeachment and that is what Pelosi and the press is pushing as support for delaying impeachment by the House . On the other hand, an overwhelming percentage of Democrats support impeachment.


          Would impeachment hurt congressional Democrats in the near term?

          Since the release of the (redacted) Mueller report, some news and polling organizations have asked the public questions about impeachment.2 There is a clear pattern in the results:

          • Republicans overwhelmingly oppose impeachment (91 percent to 5 percent in a recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll that asked whether impeachment hearings should be started in response to the Mueller report).
          • Independents oppose impeachment but by a narrower margin than Republicans do (51-40, according to the Marist poll).
          • Democrats largely support impeachment (70 percent, in the Marist survey), but there is still a sizable anti-impeachment bloc among Democrats (23 percent opposed).

          The striking thing about the "polls" is they are not current. The most recent poll I found on the google machine was taken between April 24-29, right after Barr's misrepresentation of the Mueller Report.


          Do you think special counsel Robert Mueller’s report should or should not lead to hearings in Congress to impeach President Trump?

          • Should
          • Unsure
          • Should not
          • Overall
          • Democrats
          • Republicans
          • Independents

          Since congressional Democrats are putting so much weight on the polls to begin impeachment or not, MAYBE they should commission someone to track the polls more currently? MAYBE???

          Pelosi commented yesterday that since only one republican in the House and NONE in the Senate is one record of supporting impeachment, republicans are shirking their constitutional responsibility. HELLO??? If REPUBLICANS are shirking their constitutional responsibility, what are Democrats doing?

          Trump has dealt Democrats a royal flush, and they are playing it like a pair of deuces.

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          No, Israel Isn’t A Country Of Privileged And Powerful White Europeans


              "Along with resurgent identity politics in the United States and Europe, there is a growing inclination to frame the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in terms of race. According to this narrative, Israel was established as a refuge for oppressed white European Jews who in turn became oppressors of people of color, the Palestinians.

              As an Israeli, and the son of an Iraqi Jewish mother and North African Jewish father, it’s gut-wrenching to witness this shift.

              I am Mizrahi, as are the majority of Jews in Israel today. We are of Middle Eastern and North African descent. Only about 30% of Israeli Jews are Ashkenazi, or the descendants of European Jews. I am baffled as to why mainstream media and politicians around the world ignore or misrepresent these facts and the Mizrahi story. Perhaps it’s because our history shatters a stereotype about the identity of my country and my people."


              Ed BucknerJake321Jerry Tanenbaum

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              3 Subtle Ways China Is Beating Trump At His Own Trade War



                  Erik Sherman May 17, 2019

                  The most classic political blunder, as sages would tell, is never get involved in a land war in Asia. But only slightly less well known is to never wage a trade war there, either.

                  There are supposed to be no winners in a trade war in Asia or anywhere else, for that matter, on pure economics. And yet, Donald Trump has continued to try buck a long-held consensus by ratcheting up tariffs and filing criminal charges against networking equipment vendor Huawei in the U.S.’s ongoing trade dispute with China.

                  Perhaps permanently higher tariffs are part of Trump’s near-term economic and political goals. He left higher rates in place with Mexico and Canada, even after the two countries agreed to a new version of the old NAFTA. But there’s little winning in evidence.

                  China, however, plays by different rules—a long game with a focus on more than money. “It has no incentive to play a short game,” said Linda Lim, professor emerita of corporate strategy and international business at the University of Michigan. “They can afford to lose [economically] in the short run.”

                  China’s planning, options, and long-term goals have led some observers to a striking conculsion: that the U.S. has already lost this trade war. The administration just doesn’t know it yet.

                  Playing the long game

                  China would like to see the emergence of a multi-polar word in which multiple great powers balance one another, rather than in an age of U.S. hegemony, says William Hurt, a professor of political science at Northwestern.

                  “China hopes to paint Trump and the U.S. not so much as adversaries, but increasingly as outliers and antagonists in the international economic and security order,” he writes. “If the United States becomes more isolated and less trusted, this weakens any claim to American hegemony.”

                  On one hand, China has pursued its desire for greater prominence and influence on the international front. Officials appear at international conferences; invest in the Belt and Road initiative by building large infrastructure projects in Asia, Europe, and East Africa; and reduce dependence on technology and trade with the U.S.

                  Trump has played right into China’s goal of a shift in power and international trust; through this trade war he is turning the U.S. into a foil.

                  “The U.S. is making it easy to make more friends internationally,” said Linda Lim, professor emerita of corporate strategy and international business at the University of Michigan. “China is making friends and influencing people at the [same] time as the U.S. is making enemies and withdrawing from people.”

                  Nobody likes a bully

                  Which Countries Hate The United States?

                  On the immediate economic face of things, both sides have been hurt. “The way the president and to some degree the Chinese see it is as a negotiation game, two people looking at each other over a chess board,” said Max Gulker, senior research fellow at the American Institute for Economic Research. “They’re destroying wealth in both of their countries.”

                  The U.S. has faced a $75 billion cost so far, in the calculations of Gulker and colleagues, or about the total annual household savings the 2017 GOP tax cut was supposed to deliver, from higher costs on imported goods. Although many companies have been slow to pass on the expenses to consumers, that will likely happen—possibly as soon as June.

                  China, on the other hand, has a lower bill because its imports from the U.S. are much smaller. It still is sensitive to a drop in trade. The International Monetary Fund forecasts a 6.3% rate of real GDP growth in China this year, but that number has been dropping since 2010 and will continue to in projections through 2024, when it reaches 5.5%.

                  But even in the exchange of monetary body blows, China is like a fighter that has toughened itself to take the hits while watching its opponent tire. The country is currently buttressing other trade relations to minimize the impact, especially with critical imported agricultural goods.

                  China could also allow its currency, the renminbi, to depreciate in value rather than prop it up as it frequently has done. That “would make the Chinese exports cheaper, thus undercutting the [U.S.] tariff increase,” according to Todd Lee, executive director of global economics at business research provider IHS Markit. That could reverse reduced exports to the U.S.

                  Most importantly, China has rallied domestic political support critical to maintaining the strategy. By holding its ground on issues of policy and “playing the patriotic nationalist card,” as Lim said, the country improves its standing and retains support of the populace. The goal is “to look like the good guy being bullied by the bad guy,” she said. “It’s not just for home, but for other countries,” and so provides additional benefit.

                  Quiet retaliation

                  China can also inflict subtler direct and indirect economic damage on the U.S. while retaining the appearance of non-aggression.

                  China could further frustrate and punish the U.S. by reducing the ability of its companies to compete in that country. “It can be more oversight or a changing of protocol, so your application gets held up a month and the European application goes through quickly,” said Thomas Prusa, professor of economics at Rutgers University. Companies will pressure the U.S. government

                  Although more aggressive actions may be unlikely, according to experts, they are also available. China holds about 8% of U.S. national debt. “It wouldn’t take much movement of them with public statements to have an effect on markets,” Prusa said. China could avoid truly endangering its own investment while rattling U.S. markets. Or officials could, if they were inclined, turn more of a blind eye to product counterfeiting, a practice that angers a number of industries here.

                  China can have more patience as it doesn’t face a major election next year. “[Trump is] so desperate for an agreement that he might agree to very little just so he could claim to his base that he achieved something,” Prusa said.

                  As a result of these strategies, China has obtained a stronger position in the immediate tariff impositions, promoted the view that the U.S. cannot be trusted as the world’s single superpower, improved relations with other countries, and retained the ability to inflict damage on corporations that will in turn pressure the administration.

                  Getting To The Point: What's wrong with this western story about China?

                  Google’s move to pull Huawei's Android license is 'intimately connected' to US-China trade war

                  Even if US companies do not provide chips, Huawei would still be “fine”

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                  BREAKING Federal Judge Upholds House Subpoena For Trump Financial Records



                      Federal Judge Upholds House Subpoena

                      For Trump Financial Records

                      Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images

                      The ruling from Judge Amit Mehta (left) represents a flashpoint in the

                      multiple disputes between the White House and Congress.

                      By Ray Cunneff

                      May 20, 2019

                      In a direct challenge to the Trump regime's stonewalling tactics in an attempt to prevent witnesses and documents from being turned over to congressional oversight, U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta ruled late Monday that President Donald Trump must abide by a congressional subpoena for the president’s financial records.

                      Judge Mehta said that Trump’s attorneys “have not raised a ‘serious legal question going to the merits”.

                      The ruling that Trump's longtime accounting firm, Mazars LLP, specifically must turn over years of the president's financial records to the House Oversight Committee is considered a major setback to Trump's obstructionism, the first time a federal court has become involved in the standoff between the president and Democratic lawmakers.

                      Judge Mehta refused to put his ruling on hold pending Trump's expected appeal and stipulated seven days to comply with the subpoena.

                      Trump's attorneys had argued the subpoena was unconstitutional, that Congress has no basis for investigating Trump’s financial disclosures since it had no specific legislative purpose, contending that it’s a “law enforcement issue”.

                      During a round of questioning with Trump’s lead attorney William Consovoy last week, Judge Mehta asked, "Does Congress have to do that? Do they have to identify a bill in advance? The Supreme Court has said the opposite”.

                      “Courts have grappled for more than a century with the question of the scope of Congress’s investigative power. The binding principle that emerges from these judicial decisions is that courts must presume Congress is acting in furtherance of its constitutional responsibility to legislate and must defer to congressional judgments about what Congress needs to carry out that purpose. To be sure, there are limits on Congress’s investigative authority. But those limits do not substantially constrain Congress. So long as Congress investigates on a subject matter on which ‘legislation could be had,’ Congress acts as contemplated by Article I of the Constitution,” Mehta wrote in his opinion.

                      The major takeaway from this decision, one that will likely be applied to other congressional requests, is that Congress is well within its rights to investigate potential illegal behavior by a president — even without opening a formal impeachment inquiry.


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                      Pundit Post

                      The Great Dissonance



                          The Great Dissonance

                          To make gasoline from crude oil requires about fifteen hundred reactions, any one of which is long enough to take up a small book if written as a formula. We know that science and rationality work, and that we depend on them for our transportation, our lights and computers and our cell phones. We know that science's description of reality is out there - that it exists. We know that it is one way of describing reality, and that as a framework for understanding and designing reality it is very useful; and we know that it is effective.
                          The key here is that science is one way of describing reality, and we know that it works. We know that nearly everything we see around us is the result of rationality.

                          Then we have the Denier's description of relity: science is invalid, education is impossible; moral and ethical values, both sciences, are useless, and weakness. Nothing is rational.

                          So, we're defining reality using two different, completely contradictory definitions. We know that one works and the other one doesn't, but in order to ever get to be a fully vested member of our tribe, we have to lie, even to ourselves, that it doesn't. We know also that one is about finding solutions and making plans (as humans have always done), and the other is about self-harm, and we choose self-harm, because of our hopelessness. We have two channels of reasoning that cause constant internal conflict, and they strain our sanity to the breaking point. And sometimes we break, and kill each other as though we were savage animals driven mad. Sometimes we allow monsters to rule over us, because we hate ourselves, and don't trust ourselves. Sometimes we elect a congress that becomes so fractured that it loses even its own instinct for self-preservation. That is psychotic, and a mortal disease.

                          Call it the "Great Dissonance." I see it in individuals and in families, communities and nations - and it is tearing the world apart. The definition says that schizophrenia is a "mental disorder characterized by indifference, withdrawal, hallucinations, and delusions of persecution and impotence..." Is there any part of that description that doesn't fit America's ultra-right wing "dissonants?" Isn't a schizophreniac someone who's never at peace within himself, and has given up hope of finding hope?

                          America is schizophrenic, but most of us are not. This self-destructive hatred comes from a few people - a relative handful; and we don't have to just accept it.

                          You know how this works. We have to admit that we have a problem and talk about it in its own terms; which is say that we have to identify the people who refuse to allow solutions. We have to expose the perpetrators of division, their methods, and especially their motives. What do they benefit, or think that they benefit from sowing seeds of division? We have to interrogate, question, and examine them. These people, from Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, to Sean Whatever and Joe the Torturer, and may I say it: Nancy Pelosi, can't be controlled, but they can be redefined. All we have to do is to every time they start to lie, ask them if the lie is just a blunt weapon used to make any sort of agreement impossible. When they defame, ask if they are not attempting to subvert the electoral process. When they say that division and war are inevitable, and hate the only solution, we ask them why they are so fearful, fearful that we can't rule ourselves! And when they dither constantly, we ask them if they are not just obfuscating and making all positions seem equal, when that is impossible.

                          Fight on. Embrace compromise founded on love. Welcome the future. Move on!

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                          John Oliver On Death Investigations


                              John Oliver on Death Investigations

                              "While medical examiners are required to be doctors, coroners are not usually medically trained at all. In fact, in Georgia, out of 154 coroners only one is a physician, while others include grocers, farmers, handymen and hairdressers."

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                              Pundit Post

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