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Right Wing Fake News About California Wildfires


      Right Wing Fake News

      About California Wildfires

      Competing Conspiracy Theories

      Both Target Mexicans

      By Ray Cunneff

      October 19, 2017

      Right-wing websites, Steve Bannon's Breitbart and Alex Jones' InfoWars are aggressively floating a conspiracy theory blaming a Mexican immigrant for having started the wildfires that have killed at least 40 people and destroyed hundreds of homes.

      Jesus Fabian Gonzales, who “often sleeps in the park and is well-known to law enforcement”, was arrested Sunday after starting a small fire that he lit to stay warm, and one that “was so small a responding sheriff’s deputy was able to mostly put it out before firefighters arrived.” Gonzales was taken into custody without incident for one count of arson, but by Tuesday a number of right-wing conspiracy sites were authoritatively posting sensationalist headlines, including one that stated that the “Homeless arsonist behind Calif. wildfire that killed 40 people is an illegal alien”.

      Breitbart and InfoWars offered no evidence to link the man’s arrest to the fires and their accounts of the man’s arrest were disputed the same day by Sonoma County Sheriff Rob Giordano:

      “There’s a story out there he’s the arsonist for these fires. That is not the case. There is no indication he is related to these fires at all,” Giordano said in a news conference also broadcast on the department’s Facebook page and area TV stations. “I just did want to kill that speculation right now so we didn’t have things running too far out of control.”

      Even nuttier right-wing website, Chuck C. Johnson's Got News has blamed the wildfires on the Mexican drug cartels' attempt to gain control of the legal California marijuana industry. This story apparently reinforced the ongoing prejudices of other right-wing, fake news sites because The Gateway Pundit, Proud Patriots and Freedom Daily picked it up.

      The only common denominator in both conspiracy narratives is a campaign, based on nothing, to fan the flames (quite literally) of hatred toward Mexicans.

      Fact-checker Snopes picked up on the story, finding it preposterous enough to devote a page to it, politely declaring it "unproven". From Snopes: "

      "The Got News article can most charitably be described as thinly sourced, claiming that anonymous law enforcement officials and cannabis industry leaders believe that cartels “had a hand” in starting the historically destructive fires. However, there is no statement attributed to anyone, even an unnamed person".

      Investigators have yet to determine what sparked the Northern California fires. But a review of emergency radio traffic recordings found that fire crews were dispatched to at least 10 spots in Sonoma County in response to reports of sparking electrical wires and exploding transformers as high winds pummeled the area on the night of Oct. 8th, the San Jose Mercury News reported. The first fires were reported about the same time, the newspaper said.

      The Got News story quoted an October 13th, 2017 New York Times report:

      "Fatal fires that have consumed nearly 200,000 acres in Northern California, devastating the region’s vineyards particularly in Napa and Sonoma Counties, are also taking a toll on a fledgling industry just months before its debut: recreational marijuana."

      And that was all the right-wing xenophobes needed.

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      Pundit Post

      Born Of A Toxic Nostalgia


          Face facts there are states within the US that are lost to the new world. I say the new world and I should be more specific, it's the present day. Lost in this modern age and wedded to notions and thinking that belongs in the annals of shame. But no, these folks right now are having their day and seemingly in control of society many would find that difficult to argue against.

          Given the current state of disarray within US politics and the stark reality that reality is now questioned fervently by those who decided to invest their political futures to those who pander to those very subjective realities. A virulent strand of mindlessness and a delivery system all set up in the form of a once great political party, the party of Lincoln. A decades old fissure erupting in the late 2000's and now a critical mass has been achieved.

          Those states embracing their own demise by embracing the party that offers little to their most loyal, most mindless supporters and voters. They claim that they are the party of country and patriotism yet turn a blind eye to their very own treasonous minds and treacherous dealings with America's greatest foes.

          Someone kneels during the anthem in silent protest and the worst of America's own self rears up seeing those who kneel as traitors to flag and country and the military. Of course have their leader disrespect the troops the flag and military solemnity to measure dicks with his fluffer and all round plastic patriot jock Sean Hannity.....

          Ok, let's break this one down.

          Here's the late great Robin Williams during one of his many USO shows...

          When the bugle sounds...

          Now let's see how two self proclaimed patriots behave.....

          You all see that patriotism??

          Wonderful wasn't it.....amazing how a man entertaining troops in a foreign land knew to stop when those notes started playing....That's respect.

          What 45 and cohorts like Hannity and all those other enemies of America are guilty of is an anger at others when they themselves are guilty of being Un-American.

          But it is this type of utter hypocrisy that on one hand is typical of those truly chickenshit 'patriots' who actively avoided the dirty work of American wars but who now believe that they know who is being patriotic and who hates the country.

          Those states who continually send the divisive politicians to the big house on Capitol Hill to defend their beliefs that America is lesser, lesser than what it was. Feeding upon a diet that their heritage and their way of life is in peril......They aren't entirely wrong, their old prejudices and hates are dying out slowly but surely and whether they like it or not they will be left behind by the rest of the US and by the world at large.

          America is only seen as great when its diverse population is raised up, not one person, culture or ethnicity forgotten. The entirety of America is not measured by confederate flags, monuments and old racist dogma soaked in the gasoline of burning crosses but by those who stand against them. It is the voices of those who stand against the voices of the past and those whose voice is silent in protest but imagery ignites a conversation about social justice.

          Pretend patriots on the other hand well they don't like that which they cannot control and blatantly use a fake love of country that is born of a toxic nostalgia that is Anti-American.

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          Pundit Post

          WH: Kelly Felt Trump's Remarks To Widow Were 'Respectful'?


              Unbecoming of a Marine,is a charge I think , Gen. Kelley is displaying ....why?, it's seems, he's simply staying loyal to 45, by going along with the line...45's phone conversation to a black gold widow was respectful .

              Going back to the campaign , 45 insulted the Khan's son's ultimate sacrifice for our nation ..whilst he WEASELED OUT OF DUTY!, during the Vietnam war!

              it's really sickening to hear his supporters defend his blantant and frequent lie after lie!

              45's certainly WISHING he's in the same class as #Real president Obama.

              It seems to me a black marine veteran, the current occupant of the White House is reluctant to fully recognize the contributions and sacrifices made by non- White citizens

              I remember this

              The biggest disgrace is the feckless GOTP boy's obvious failure to criticize 45's unpatriotic actions and words ...


              Semper Fi!

              LCPL Dayne Griffith

              HD. July 6,1991.

              2nd Lt. A.Griffith

              USMC Active 2016~

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              Five Reasons You Should Pray That Mike Pence Is Never President


                  If Jane Mayer's latest feature is any indication, the left should be very careful what it wishes for. In a detailed story for the New Yorker, the "Dark Money" author offers a sweeping profile of Vice President Mike Pence, from his days as a candidate for Congress to his disastrous tenure as governor of Indiana.

                  If Jane Mayer's latest feature is any indication, the left should be very careful what it wishes for. In a detailed story for the New Yorker, the "Dark Money" author offers a sweeping profile of Vice President Mike Pence, from his days as a candidate for Congress to his disastrous tenure as governor of Indiana.

                  Here are five of the most distressing revelations from Mayer's report.

                  1. He's in the pocket of the Koch brothers.

                  The right-wing billionaires have donated hundreds of thousands to Pence's gubernatorial campaigns, and their contributions are already paying enormous dividends. Thanks to the vice president, who effectively commandeered the transition team from Chris Christie, Trump has stocked his administration with Koch family favorites like Betsy DeVos (Secretary of Education), Don McGahn (White House counsel) and Scott Pruitt (administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency).

                  “If Pence were to become president for any reason, the government would be run by the Koch brothers—period," Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) said. "He's been their tool for years."

                  Even Steve Bannon would appear to agree, admitting, "I'm concerned he'd be a president that the Kochs would own."

                  2. He's openly disdainful of science.

                  Not only has Pence dismissed climate change as an invention of environmentalists and a "Chicken Little attempt to raise taxes," he's largely responsible for helping kill a cap-and-trade bill that would have taxed major corporations for carbon pollution. During his time in Congress, he railed against the legislation as the "largest tax increase in American history"—a claim that was patently untrue. "His language," Mayer notes, "echoed that of the Koch groups."

                  During his time at the Indiana Policy Review Foundation, a right-wing think tank modeled after the American Enterprises Institute, Pence penned an essay parroting the talking points of the tobacco industry. "Smoking doesn’t kill," he wrote. "In fact, two out of every three smokers doesn’t die from a smoking-related illness.” The country's greatest hazard? “Big government disguised as do-gooder, health care rhetoric.”

                  Pence also believes that intelligent design is the only “remotely rational explanation for the known universe," and that “educators around America must teach evolution not as fact but as theory."

                  3. He's a virulent homophobe.

                  Much has been written about Pence's willingness to direct federal funds to anti-gay conversion therapy programs, but Mayer focuses on his support for the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which "essentially legalized discrimination against homosexuals by businesses in the state."

                  When Pete Buttigieg, the gay mayor of South Bend, tried to confront Pence about the bigoted nature of the bill and its potential to harm Indiana's economy, he was stonewalled. “He got this look in his eye,” Buttigieg told the New Yorker. “He just inhabits a different reality. It’s very difficult for him to lay aside the social agenda. He’s a zealot.”

                  Pence's animus for the LGBT community has not been lost on the president. When the subject of gay rights was recently broached at the White House, Trump reportedly gestured to his VP, quipping, “Don’t ask that guy—he wants to hang them all!”

                  4. He's determined to roll back women's rights.

                  Pence has made a name for himself as an anti-abortion crusader, backing "personhood" legislation that would ban abortions unless a woman's life is at stake, even in cases of rape and incest. He sponsored an amendment to the Affordable Care Act that would have legally allowed hospitals to turn away dying women before terminating their pregnancies. And at the Indiana Policy Review Foundation, he advocated that married women be denied access to birth control.

                  Vi Simpson, the former Democratic minority leader of the Indiana State Senate, told the New Yorker she believes it is Pence's "mission" to "reverse women’s economic and political advances."

                  5. His economic ideas are a proven disaster.

                  Trump has called Indiana a model for his forthcoming tax plan, "a tremendous example of the prosperity that is unleashed when we cut taxes.” But like Sam Brownback's Kansas, the Hoosier State has offered yet another cautionary tale for the dangers of trickle-down economics. According to Mayer, the tax cuts Mike Pence imposed have saved his constituents a grand total of $3.50 per month.

                  "Pence claimed that the cut stimulated the economy," Mayer writes, "but John Zody, the chairman of the state’s Democratic Party, told me, 'Our per-capita income is thirty-eighth in the nation, and not climbing.'"

                  Read Jane Mayer's entire piece at the New Yorker.

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                  Opinion | Small Things Aren’t Small: More Pushback Against Trump


                      I have tried to ignore today’s events that concern Trump. I failed. The picture below just brings out all sort of emotions. A mother with her young daughter weeping at the flag-draped casket of her husband Sgt. La David Johnson.

                      This wife, mother who expecting another child received a call from Trump. Was it a call of condolences and sympathy? Frankly, I can’t say it was. What is being reported in the Washington Post, gives us an account of a very uncaring individual, making a comment: “must have known what he signed up for.”

                      Can we take a moment to consider that statement? Unlike The Idiot In Chief, he indeed understands what he signed up for. He fully understood when he raised his right hand and said the following:

                      I, La David Johnson, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed.

                      This young father, husband, Soldier understood his oath far better than one Donald J. Trump. This man made the ultimate sacrifice for his country. His wife, the mother of his children, also made sacrifices. The separation, the acceptance that he wanted to serve his country, and they lived with a man who loved his family and his country. They no doubt prayed every day for him to be safe and that he would come home to once again hug and kiss them, and talk about what transpired during his time away. Yes, they both knew the danger, but they also accepted the fact that what Sgt. Johnson was doing what he wanted to because he had the desire to serve his country.

                      Sgt. Johnson is a rare breed. He didn’t think about himself. He didn’t complain about what was wrong in the world. He set out to make a difference, he decided the best way he could do that was to join the military. But, he didn’t stop at being a regular soldier. He wanted to be part of an elite group, so he went on to become Green Beret, which required him to work that much harder, endure the demanding training that is needed to be part of an elite group of our Military’s Special Forces. Many try, but few actually succeed. The fact he did tells us something about his character.

                      Something that Trump has no inkling of, for if he did, he would have known not to say what he did. But, when you are as ignorant as he is, so self-absorbed that when asked about the mission, all he can say is I this, I that, I, I, me, me this from a fraud of a human. The audacity to speak to a grieving mother, wife, in the manner reported, demonstrates his ultimate lack of empathy, and the totality of his callous heart.

                      Now, Mrs. Johnson becomes something she didn’t want, she is now a Gold Star Wife. There are many here who are members of that exclusive group. I cannot imagine it is something they put down as a goal they wanted to achieve. It is an honor they accept reluctantly, one that is reserved for the sacrifice their loved ones made, but, I firmly believe they would rather not be a member of this exclusive group. Yet they are, and now, so is Mrs. Johnson.

                      So when I read about how Trump mangled this situation, what Jennifer Rubin laid out in her column today is fit and well worth repeating:

                      The country needs to collectively come to grips with Trump’s unfitness — and remember that voting for a miserable human being for president isn’t justified because he’ll sign a tax cut or appoint a judge. Those who have enabled him deserve our scorn.

                      This man does not deserve to sit behind the Resolute Desk. For the simple reason, he has no idea what it means to: “Support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”

                      Sadly, Sgt. La David Johnson not only understood, but he made the most significant sacrifice in proving it.

                      Rest in peace Sgt. Johnson, and Thank You.


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                          The Math of it all...

                          In the last 30 years, income inequality has grown at a rate that hasn't been seen since just prior to the Great Depression. As Occupy Wall Street sought to remind us, the top 1 percent of the US earns 40 times more than the bottom 90 percent on average.

                          Although both sides of the political spectrum agree that wealth inequality in the US is real, neither can agree on the best solution to this problem. But what if there was a non-partisan, objective way to assess the causes of inequality and propose a potential solution? A solution based on something like, say, math?

                          According to a new report published today by the New England Complex Systems Institute, mathematics can indeed be used to find a solution to income inequality. And as it turns out, the math points to targeted programs that redistribute wealth to the poor as the way to close the inequality gap and improve the health of the economy as a whole.

                          "We need a very measured, but definite shift in direction that will address the economic problems and also address economic inequality problems," Yaneer Bar-Yam, a physicist and the founding president of the New England Complex Systems Institute, told me. "We went too far with Reaganomics and now we have to go back in order to have healthy economic growth."

                          Bar-Yam's institute uses historical data, computer modeling, and big data to figure out solutions and explanations to the world's most complex problems (hence the name of the institute). For instance, he was able to predict the Arab Spring before it happened by tying global food prices to riots and violence (and was then able to tie the increase in food prices to two seemingly minor policy decisions that had happened years before). In this case, he has turned his research to the economy.

                          The new research looks at the way money flows in an economy through two main cycles. In the consumer cycle, workers earn a salary and use this money to buy things. In the production cycle, capitalists invest their wealth in production mechanisms, creating employment and products for the workers and returns on this investment for themselves.


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                          Trump Defensive Over "Fallen Soldiers" Lie


                              Another Unforced Error: "I was told".

                              Intro by Ray Cunneff

                              October 17, 2017

                              Two weeks after four U.S. servicemen were killed in an ambush in Niger, without so much as a tweet to acknowledge it, Trump goes on the defensive by lashing out at Obama and other previous presidents.

                              While many reporters, analysts and even members of Congress ask or despair why the president just "makes stuff up?", Trump doubles-down while surrogates attempt to explain, clarify or otherwise clean up the mess.

                              But attempts at damage control cannot obscure the fact that the president feels free to make allegations, if not slanders, based on as little as "I was told", or "many people are saying", or "I've heard". And when challenged for flagrant irresponsibility and reckless accusations, he pivots, distracts, deflects.

                              Undeterred, Trump once again goes after John McCain for his comments while receiving the Liberty Medal Monday, indirectly repudiating Trump and former adviser Steve Bannon for promoting "half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems".

                              Trump's response: He warned the Arizona Republican to "be careful". He elaborated, "And people have to be careful because at some point I fight back," Trump said. "I'm being very nice. I'm being very, very nice. But at some point I fight back, and it won't be pretty."

                              The Trump-McCain feud goes back to 2015 when then-candidate Trump said the senator wasn't a war hero because he was captured in Vietnam.

                              "He is not a war hero," Trump told pollster Frank Luntz.
                              "He is a war hero," Luntz replied.
                              "He is a war hero because he was captured," Trump said, cutting him off. "I like people that weren't captured, OK? I hate to tell you. He is a war hero because he was captured."


                              Trump invokes death of John Kelly’s son

                              in furor over calls to fallen soldiers

                              The president also says he doesn't feel a need to clarify his claim

                              that Obama didn't always call the families of slain service members.

                              Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

                              President Donald Trump was adamant Tuesday that he’s called the family

                              of every fallen service member.




                              President Donald Trump on Tuesday invoked the death of the son of his chief of staff, John Kelly, as he defended his claim from a day before that Barack Obama and other past presidents didn't always call the families of slain service members.

                              “For the most part, to the best of my knowledge, I think I’ve called every family of somebody that’s died, and it’s the hardest call to make, and I said it very loud and clear yesterday. The hardest thing for me to do is do that,” Trump said Tuesday morning during an interview with Fox News radio host Brian Kilmeade.

                              “Now, as far as other representatives, I don’t know,” he continued. “I mean, you could ask General Kelly did he get a call from Obama. You could ask other people. I don’t know what Obama’s policy was. I write letters, and I also call.”

                              Kelly’s son, 2nd Lt. Robert Kelly, died in November 2010 in Afghanistan when he stepped on a land mine. A representative for Obama did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

                              Trump has faced an onslaught of criticism — most notably from former Obama aides — since making the accusation against Obama on Monday afternoon in a Rose Garden news conference when asked about his silence regarding the death of four Green Berets related to an Oct. 4 ambush in Niger.

                              “The traditional way, if you look at President Obama and other presidents, most of them didn’t make calls,” the president alleged without evidence Monday. “A lot of them didn’t make calls. I like to call when it’s appropriate, when I think I’m able to do it.”

                              He said he was “told” that Obama didn’t always make calls but doesn’t know for sure. “All I can do is ask my generals,” he added Monday. “Other presidents did not call. They’d write letters. And some presidents didn’t do anything.”

                              Obama's former aides chafed at the comment. Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser, called the president’s claim “an outrageous and disrespectful lie even by Trump standards” and noted on Twitter that it was Trump, not Obama, who attacked a Gold Star family that had been critical of him.

                              Alyssa Mastromonaco, Obama's former deputy chief of staff of operations, was even more direct, tweeting, “that's a f------ lie. to say president obama (or past presidents) didn't call the family members of soldiers KIA - he's a deranged animal.”

                              Trump, however, said Tuesday that he doesn't feel a need to clarify his remarks.

                              “There’s nothing to clarify,” he said, blaming CNN for first broaching the subject at his news conference. “This was, again, fake news CNN. I mean, they’re just a bunch of fakers.”

                              In an apparent attempt to clean up the president’s comments, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Monday that Trump “wasn’t criticizing his predecessors, but stating a fact,” and insisted that past presidents never “called each family of the fallen” because they sometimes sent letters or met with them in person in lieu of phone calls.

                              “I think what the president was saying is that there are many different ways to reach out to these families,” White House counselor Kellyanne Conway explained Tuesday in an interview with Fox News. “The president, I think, made very clear there what he meant and what he was saying.”

                              Trump was adamant Tuesday that he’s prioritized calling the family of every fallen service member.

                              “It’s very difficult to be able to do that, but I have called, I believe, everybody. But certainly I’ll use the word ‘virtually’ everybody, where during the last nine months something’s happened to a soldier I’ve called virtually everybody,” the president said. “I’ve gone to Dover [Air Force Base]. I’ve seen what takes place at Dover. It’s an incredible scene and very, very sad — one of the saddest things you’ll ever see.”

                              He cautioned, however, that he speaks for himself, not past presidents. “I don’t know what Bush did. I don’t know what Obama did,” he conceded. “You could find out easily what President Obama did. All you have to do is ask the military people. But I believe his policy was somewhat different than my policy.”

                              Trump said his policy is to call the family of every fallen soldier, though his rhetoric Monday suggested he only calls “when it’s appropriate” and “when I think I’m able to do it.”

                              “You have to let a little time go by. You can’t just call immediately,” he said, explaining why he has yet to reach out to the families of those killed in the Niger ambush. “But I will be calling, have called and will be calling the parents and the loved ones, wives, etc., of the soldiers that recently were killed.”

                              Edward-Isaac Dovere contributed to this report.

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                              Pundit Post

                              Key Senate Dems & GOP Seem To Have Made A Deal On Obamacare


                                  "Sen. Murray and I have an agreement," Sen. Lamar Alexander (left) said of Patty Murray. "We're going to round up co-sponsors as best we can." |

                                  Sens. Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray say they have reached an agreement on a bipartisan Obamacare deal to fund a key insurance subsidy program and provide states some flexibility around parts of the health care law.

                                  Senators are expected to get a briefing on details at 5 p.m. EST today.

                                  It would include two years of funding for Obamacare’s cost-sharing program, which President Donald Trump cut last week. It also would allow states to use existing Obamacare waivers to approve insurance plans with "comparable affordability" as Obamacare plans.

                                  "Sen. Murray and I have an agreement," Alexander said. "We're going to round up co-sponsors as best we can."

                                  In addition to funding the payments to insurers, the deal would also give states more flexibility in the variety of choices they can give to consumers which should appeal to Republican lawmakers eager to give states more say over health care.

                                  All other key aspects of the ACA including no pre-existing condition exclusion and a list of required benefits as standard for policies.

                                  Of course we yet to hear from McConnell and the Senate GOP leadership, Ryan and House GOP leadership, and Pelosi and House Dem leadership. And then comes Trump.

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                                  Pundit Post



                                      How high the wall Mr. Trump?

                                      The crazy man in the White House crafted his election campaign around building an impenetrable wall to keep needy Mexicans from entering the United States, and he insisted that the Mexicans themselves would pay for it!

                                      The prototypes of Trump's wall are taking shape this month. There are models of Trump's $20 billion wall, and construction on these has begun. Mexicans have SEEN these models, and they are not impressed. According to reports, their reactions range from 'blase' to offended.'

                                      That Trump supporters even WANT this unnecessary wall, causes many people to just shake their heads in disgust. For some of us, the idea that the American taxpayer is expected to pay for such a monstrosity of ineffectiveness arouses a great deal of hostility. Most importantly, these walls won't work:

                                      Even these big warning slabs of concrete, the teeming construction site, and police and helicopters patrolling both sides of the border weren't enough to stop a half-dozen would-be migrants from hopping the existing fence earlier this month and landing smack in the middle of the project, according to U.S. border officials.

                                      The Mexican people are not going to pay for this abomination, and they are making it clear that no matter how much the American people are taxed with paying for Trump's wall, it won't keep the Mexican people out!



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                                      Protecting America From Its President


                                          Most of y0u know that I DO NOT believe Trump legitimately won the electoral vote in the 2016 presidential election. However, for the sake of argument lets give the voting system the benefit of doubt. In other words, let's assume that most Americans who voted in 2016 in strategic states that shifted the balance for the electoral vote, actually voted for Trump. Even if Russia influenced more voters to vote for Trump but did not do anything to actually change the way people actually voted, let's say that is the case.

                                          If that actually happened, not only is Trump a moron, but the majority of electoral voters are morons because they voted for this moron. They can give whatever excuse they like in order to try and justify their vote. The bottom line is they voted for a very dangerous moronic conman as the leader of the American government.

                                          Now, for the first time in our history, this headline in a news outlet is a legitimate concern for Americans.

                                          Protecting America From Its President

                                          We have no institutional defense against instantaneous catastrophe. Impeachment is balky. Invoking the 25th Amendment, though swifter, must be initiated by the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet, and requires a two-thirds vote of the House and Senate. Nuclear war takes but a moment.

                                          Based on their behavior to date, congressional Republicans lack the courage, or even the imagination, to circumscribe a dangerously unfit president, let alone one who, feeling thwarted, may grasp for ways to demonstrate his omnipotence. Unless they do, we are left with whatever patchwork constraints those nearest to Trump can contrive — until, piqued, he fires them all. Such are the powers we gave him.

                                          During the campaign Trump said he believed that if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue, his poll numbers would improve with his supporters. It seems he was right. People who generally vote for republicans and congressional republicans, at least in public, still support Trump in spite of his behavior. They say he is promoting their agenda.

                                          So republicans are not going to place country about party. The only way we can save the USA is for Independents to vote for Democrats in 2018. Republican voters and elected republicans have proven they are irresponsible. Not only did they give us Trump, they continue to support him.


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