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Highlighting His Own Ignorance And Shortcomings To The World.


      People are surprised that 45 went before the leaders of the UNGA and went the full Tiki Tyrant?

      Why......he's been busting his tiny nuts to do that forever. His unhinged rant of total and utter bollocks was everything that should have been expected. His speech to the General Assembly was the ignorance of that ignorant percentage of the US who simply do not have the first clue of this pale blue dot.

      A slobbering and sobering moment of many moments ingrained in UN history 45 wasn't one to miss his opportunity to take his shitty stand up show presidency to a truly global audience and show that the 'power of stupid in great numbers' is indeed not to be underestimated. Like the editorial of Fox News for the past 20 years 45 was there to bring his routine of playing to a base who have probably never visited New York let alone have the first understanding of any of those nations whose flags flutter outside the building.

      Of course he couldn't make a speech without wheeling out his latest line regarding that other epic arse Kim Jong Un by naming him 'Rocketman'......if the North Korean regime had any sense they'd just tweet him back....''Stop being so pissy.....then again you like that kind of thing''.....The ultimate burn and one that 45 would find hard to recover from.

      Then of course it was that other sad tune he plays to his base of repugnant acolytes and that of the Nuclear agreement with Iran and every other major player who negotiated the Iranians to a point that they like having the money and having only to manage the warmongering of Benyamin Netanyahu along with his new bff 45. I am sure Bibi is willing to forgive the tresspasses of the white supremacist sympathizer 45.

      His speech to the bottom feeders who believe his nonsense was light however on condemnation of Russia and it's actions in Ukraine.....funny that there was no mention of the current war ongoing in Eastern Ukraine nor the mention of the continued annexation of Crimea, nor the attacks on democratic elections in former eastern block nations or on western democracies.......of course we have already seen Russian influence on Syria

      I mean if that crap happened to the US then I am sure that........oh wait.....nevermind.

      He did mention his new buddies in the Gulf region....only in glowing terms with Saudi Arabia being given special praise. What he didn't do was mention the current crisis in Yemen thanks to US and British ordinance and hardware delivering a deathly blow to people being starved to death........thanks to those loving Saudi's who are the core of Wahhabism and Al Qaeda........and Daesh and all that violence that comes from that ideology.

      No, there were no surprises with the speech of 45.

      It only highlighted his own ignorances and his own shortcomings as a leader and confirmed to the world that on January 20th 2017.....

      The US handed over its hard earned mantle as the leader of the free world.

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      Graham/Cassidy HealthCare Bill Takes An Ax To What's Good In Obamacare



          What's in the Graham-Cassidy Obamacare Repeal/Replacement Bill?


          1) Ax the Affordable Care Act - end mandates, eliminate subsidies.

          2) Drastically cut federal health spending in the states and block granting it with the deepest cuts happening in Blue States (but still very steep in the Red)

          3) Cap Medicaid Spending

          4) Allow states to waive the Essential Benefits Requirements and to Eliminate Community Effectiveness Ratings.


          1) Repeal Obamacare individual & employer mandates: Obamacare levies penalties on most Americans who don't have health insurance and larger employers who don't provide affordable coverage for their workers. The bill would eliminate the penalty, retroactive to 2016.

          2) Repeals Obamacare subsidies and ends Medicaid expansion funding: The legislation would eliminate Obamacare subsidies that lower premiums, deductibles and co-pays in 2020. It would also jettison federal funding for Medicaid expansion, which 31 states use to provide coverage for residents with incomes up to about $16,000.

          The legislation would turn the federal funding for Medicaid expansion and the subsidies into a block grant program. States would be given a lump sum of money and would have a lot of leeway over how to spend it.

          For instance, they could help enrollees pay their premiums and out-of-pocket costs or set up high-risk or reinsurance pools to help protect insurers from costly enrollees and entice them to stay in the individual market. States could use a portion of money to help those enrolled in Medicaid afford care.

          Graham and Cassidy say that this provision would return power to the states and allow them to create programs that fit their residents' needs. Also, it would equalize Medicaid funding across the states. The bill's authors note that four states -- New York, California, Massachusetts and Maryland -- get 37% of Obamacare funding.

          But Democrats and consumer advocates say that many states, particularly those that expanded Medicaid, would lose a lot of federal funding, making it harder for them to provide coverage or assistance to their residents. Also, they note, the block grant is only authorized through 2026, jeopardizing the continuation of funding after that.

          3) Loosens Obamacare's regulations regarding pre-existing conditions: The bill would also waive several key Obamacare protections for those with pre-existing conditions. While it would still require insurers to provide coverage to everyone, it would allow carriers to charge enrollees more based on their medical history. So younger, healthier folks could see their premiums go down, but sicker Americans could find themselves priced out of policies.

          4) The legislation also would eliminate Obamacare's essential health benefits provision. The benefits mandate insurers cover an array of services, including hospitalization, maternity care, prescription drugs, mental health and substance abuse services. This could lower premiums somewhat and give consumers a wider choice of plans. But it would also make it harder for people to buy comprehensive policies so those with pre-existing conditions may not be able to find coverage that meets their health care needs.

          5) Revamps funding for Medicaid overall: The legislation would send the states a fixed amount of money per Medicaid enrollee, known as a per-capita cap, starting in 2020.

          States could also opt to receive federal Medicaid funding as a block grant for the non-disabled adults and children in their program. Under a block grant, states would get a fixed amount of federal funding each year, regardless of how many participants are in the program.

          States, however, cannot opt to receive block grant funding for elderly and disabled participants.

          Graham-Cassidy would also shrink the program even more over time by pegging the annual growth rate of funding for children and non-disabled adults to standard inflation after 2024, rather than the more generous medical inflation.

          Either per-capita caps or block grants would limit federal responsibility, shifting that burden to the states. However, since states don't have the money to make up the difference, they would likely either reduce eligibility, curtail benefits or cut provider payments. The block grant would be more restrictive since the funding level would not adjust for increases in enrollment, which often happens in bad economic times.


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          Trump Threatens North Korea During UN Speech. Is Mercer'S Pet Nuke Ready?


              Since Mercer maneuvered his pet Donnie into the Oval Office, he has been fighting to maintain control of the wild animal.

              Bannon, Gorza and the other Alt-Right extremists have been isolated, forced out or removed - even Omarosa has been barred from meetings, and she was the token minority for the ethically challenged Breitbart sect occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

              Now Mercer has always believed that a good tactical nuclear device is a fine way to improve a nation's overall quality of life - just look at the Japanese - and has long been a fan of mass human pain and suffering. Besides, nothing distracts the IRS like an incoming missile. That 8 billion he owes the US government remains a great annoyance to the man who believes that individual members of the human race are measured soley by their financial well-being.

              Trump's speech to the United Nations did not just throw down a gauntlet, it is the partial drawing of a sabre. One that I am sure came in order to impress the true owner of the White House, who has been waiting for a true sign of the utter destruction of the federal government since January 16th.

              Kim is certainly going to be impressed.


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              Trump's UN Speech


                  Trump's UN Speech

                  A Declaration of 19th Century Values

                  "Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and his regime."

                  "...we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea,"

                  By Ray Cunneff

                  September 19, 2017

                  Trump's speech at the UN signals several seismic shifts at the White House. And all of them reflect a looking backwards, a longing for 19th Century isolationism, manifest destiny, racism, and the privilege of wealth.

                  It also underscored an inherent contradiction in Trump administration foreign policy, between nationalism and isolationism, versus U.S. interventionism and a demand that the world community fall in line behind us, but only when it suits us.

                  “I will always put America first, just as you should put your countries first,” he said.

                  It was a virtual declaration of war against North Korea. It, along with recent remarks by ambassador Nikki Haley, have rejected further sanctions and diplomacy and left us with only the military option.

                  He railed against Iran’s “pursuit of death and destruction,” and warning that major portions of the world are “going to hell.” As he did frequently on the campaign trail, Trump slammed the Iran nuclear deal as “one of the worst and most one-sided transactions” in the history of America, calling it “an embarrassment to the United States.”

                  The speech also marks the triumph of the nationalists over the globalists (Jared Kushner suddenly not returning phone calls from our allies), a rejection of America's international role, a tearing up of treaties, raising serious doubts about America's reliability and leadership. It's "America First", except when he wants help vanquishing our perceived enemies.

                  Trump stressed the likelihood that the U.S. will likely intervene in Venezuela, once again sending conflicting messages of isolationism versus interventionism, implying the possibility of military action against Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro, who held a disputed election to create a "constituent assembly" that limited the influence of the elected national assembly and has sent the once prosperous country into chaos and bankruptcy.

                  And it's an attack on socialism, rather than communism, that caused a gasp in the room. Many countries, including the United States, engage in a hybrid form of socialism and capitalism and Trump's comments may telegraph a forthcoming attack on "socialist" programs like Medicare and Social Security.

                  “The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented,” Trump declared. He clearly expected applause, instead he got gasps and a thunderous silence.

                  This latest challenge to "socialist" Obamacare is a thinly disguised attempt to deny health coverage to millions who will not be able to afford it, treating health care not as a right but as a commodity.

                  "If you can't afford it, you don't deserve it".


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                  Ladies, This Is Why We Never Want To Go Back To The 1950s


                      Read number 14, seriously?

                      This 1955 ‘Good House Wife’s Guide’ Explains How Wives Should Treat Their Husbands

                      It’s so fascinating to learn about how people used to live — especially when we discover that not much has really changed.

                      However, sometimes you come across some old traditions that you simply can’t believe people ever followed — like these odd dating rituals throughout history.

                      But what women in the 1950s were expected to do for their husbands? Well, those traditions have certainly flown right out the window!

                      In May of 1955, Housekeeping Monthly published an article entitled, “The Good Wife’s Guide,” detailing all the ways that a wife should act and how best she can be a partner to her husband and a mother to her children.

                      It may feel a little strange to accept these rules today, but it remains so interesting to see how society once behaved.

                      Scroll further to see what rules mothers and housewives once had to follow, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

                      1.) Have dinner ready. Plan ahead, even the night before, to have a delicious meal ready, on time for his return. This is a way of letting him know that you have been thinking about him and are concerned about his needs.

                      2.) Most men are hungry when they come home and the prospect of a good meal (especially his favorite dish) is part of the warm welcome needed

                      3.) Prepare yourself. Take 15 minutes to rest so you’ll be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up your makeup, put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh-looking. He has just been with a lot of work-weary people.

                      4.) Be a little gay and a little more interesting for him. His boring day may need a lift and one of your duties is to provide it.

                      5.) Clear away the clutter. Make one last trip through the main part of the house just before your husband arrives. Gather up schoolbooks, toys, paper, etc. and then run a dust cloth over the tables.

                      6.) Over the cooler months of the year you should prepare and light a fire for him to unwind by. Your husband will feel he has reached a haven of rest and order, and it will give you a lift too. After all, catering for his comfort will provide you with immense personal satisfaction.

                      7.) Prepare the children. Take a few minutes to wash the children’s hands and faces (if they are small), comb their hair and, if necessary, change their clothes.

                      8.) Children are little treasures and he would like to see them playing the part. Minimize all noise. At the time of his arrival, eliminate all noise of the washer, dryer or vacuum. Try to encourage the children to be quiet.

                      9.) Be happy to see him. Free him with a warm smile and show sincerity in your desire to please him. Listen to him.

                      10.) You may have a dozen important things to tell him, but the moment of his arrival is not the time. Let him talk first — remember, his topics of conversation are more important than yours.

                      11.) Make the evening his. Never complain if he comes home late or goes out to dinner, or other places of entertainment without you. Instead, try to understand his world of strain and pressure and his very real need to be at home and relax.

                      12.) Your goal: Try to make sure your home is a place of peace, order and tranquility where you husband can renew himself in body and spirit.

                      13.) Don’t greet him with complaints and problems

                      14.) Don’t complain if he’s late home for dinner or even if he stays out all night. Count this as minor compared to what he might have gone through that day.

                      15.) Make him comfortable. Have him lean back in a comfortable chair or have him lie down in the bedroom. Have a cool or warm drink ready for him.

                      16.) Arrange his pillow and offer to take off his shoes. Speak in a low, soothing and pleasant voice.

                      17.) Don’t ask him questions about his actions or question his judgment of integrity. Remember, he is the master of the house and as such will always exercise his will with fairness and truthfulness. You have no right to question him.

                      18.) A good wife always knows her place.

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                      Mueller Readies His Blade


                          This puts Manafort between hell and highwater, I would just love to try to see trump pre-emptively pardon him, rack up some more obstruction for himself.

                          The noose tightens.

                          Being explicitly told that there are plans to indict him, Manafort has few options left.

                          WASHINGTON — Paul J. Manafort was in bed early one morning in July when federal agents bearing a search warrant picked the lock on his front door and raided his Virginia home. They took binders stuffed with documents and copied his computer files, looking for evidence that Mr. Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman, set up secret offshore bank accounts. They even photographed the expensive suits in his closet.
                          The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, then followed the house search with a warning: His prosecutors told Mr. Manafort they planned to indict him, said two people close to the investigation.
                          The moves against Mr. Manafort are just a glimpse of the aggressive tactics used by Mr. Mueller and his team of prosecutors in the four months since taking over the Justice Department’s investigation into Russia’s attempts to disrupt last year’s election, according to lawyers, witnesses and American officials who have described the approach. Dispensing with the plodding pace typical of many white-collar investigations, Mr. Mueller’s team has used what some describe as shock-and-awe tactics to intimidate witnesses and potential targets of the inquiry.
                          Mr. Mueller has obtained a flurry of subpoenas to compel witnesses to testify before a grand jury, lawyers and witnesses say, sometimes before his prosecutors have taken the customary first step of interviewing them. One witness was called before the grand jury less than a month after his name surfaced in news accounts. The special counsel even took the unusual step of obtaining a subpoena for one of Mr. Manafort’s former lawyers, claiming an exception to the rule that shields attorney-client discussions from scrutiny.

                          Continue reading the main story
                          “They are setting a tone. It’s important early on to strike terror in the hearts of people in Washington, or else you will be rolled,” said Solomon L. Wisenberg, who was deputy independent counsel in the investigation that led to the impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton in 1999. “You want people saying to themselves, ‘Man, I had better tell these guys the truth.’”


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                          Sorry- No Free Pass And No Absolution


                              Sean Spicer making an appearance at the Emmys last night really grates on me. I'm unclear, mystified really, as to how so many people laughed, thought it was great, and are willing to defend it today by saying things like "people just need to lighten up". Last night the cast of Veeps, who are probably more politically savvy than most of these people, stood up and spoke out saying thing like "he should've been booed off the stage" but Alec Baldwin seemed to embrace him. Today smart people like Julie Chen are saying it "was funny" and "he was just doing his job give him a break". No! It doesn't work that way. If my job required me to do what Spicer did- I'd quit in a hot minute. It's called morals. Spicer chose to stay until he was asked to resign (aka was fired).
                              In these times- these people don't get a pass for being ignorant or for ignoring the damage that this man did whether he "was just doing his job" or not, and certainly Sean Spicer should not get a pass.

                              Maybe if some significant time had passed, Spicer had gone out and done some good things, healed some wounds.... maybe. However, you don't get to go from pulpit to the "elites in Hollywood", the same people that you railed against, and promote yourself because you're looking for a job and absolution. You don't get to go in front of yet another world audience and continue making a mockery of our White House, government, & democracy. You don't get to continue to make a joke of the podium/position that our country and the world rely on to get important information. Information that is supposed to be based on reality and facts not "alternative facts" or the ego of a thin-skinned man who lies as easily as he breathes.

                              I'm an adult I get that it's a tough job and that it requires spin, but what Sean Spicer did was not just "spin". He did what Trump's team continues to do.. attempt to manipulate the American public into believe straight up lies and fallacies and then attack those who call them on those lies in an attempt to make the truth tellers the enemies. Spicer lead the march towards the division between the people of this country, and in the case of Trumps base, they bought into it hook line and sinker. He held the scissors that worked to cut the ties between the US and our allies. And last night Spicer made it clear he's not even a little sorry for his deplorable actions!

                              He made a deal with the devil and perished...Sean Spicer doesn't get nor does he deserve a pass or absolution! If he wants it he has to earn it!


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                              God Bless The United States


                                  There is nothing more important to protect our democracy than to have a clear picture of how it is and isn't working,and to recognize when it is under attack. For those who want us to put a layer of dirt over the election and move on, sorry, but that is not possible. Until we understand how the abomination in the White House got power, we can't fix anything and our country is in peril.

                                  Unlike Dan Rather, I have almost completed the book. Anyone who cares about our country, bigotry, misogyny, security, history and decency, should consider it required reading.

                                  From Dan Rather:
                                  There are some who say Hillary Clinton shouldn't have written a book. Even some Democratic supporters are being quoted (often anonymously) as saying they wish she would settle quietly into retirement.
                                  Whatever you think of Secretary Clinton - her policies, her campaign, her decision making - you cannot deny she is an historic part of America's political landscape. And she had a front-row seat to the most surreal and arguably one of the most consequen...tial presidential elections in American history.
                                  The more we learn about Russia's involvement, the more the election - and Secretary Clinton's role in it - must be cast in a new light.
                                  I believe, with every fiber of my being, that we benefit as a society from more information, not less, from more voices, not fewer, from more ideas that challenge our own preconceptions, not remaining in our own bubbles. Secretary Clinton is raising a lot of provocative ideas in her book and media tour. Agree or disagree, these are important ideas with which our society should grapple. Meanwhile, I imagine there are many women out there who have experienced some version of what Secretary Clinton is facing, of being told their voices are too shrill or unnecessary.
                                  I have yet to read What Happened, but I plan on doing so, and the early reviews are better than many expected. Secretary Clinton has a voice worthy of being heard. If you don't like it, don't buy the book or turn the channel when she's on. That's your prerogative. Her prerogative is to tell her story.

                                  See More

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                                  A Violent Ideology Born Of Evil, And Those Who Stand Against It


                                      You just knew he couldn't stay away from the topic of race in his America painted in broad dark sweeps of a brush riven with lies told and steeped in the blood of Heather Heyer. Still 45 tries his rancid attempts to give cover to his base of racist antisemites who shout loud are caucasian proud and think this is their time.

                                      We've covered this ground, we know the differences between Nazi's and the Antifascists.....Antifa.

                                      ''There are some bad dudes on both sides''...............

                                      That's where the argument for Trump being nothing more than the supremacist he truly is....


                                      White nationalists, supremacists, Nazis, antisemites are by definition a bunch of narcissistic groupings of white men with tiny ideas and even tinier balls. Sure they have their common gathering places online where they exchange stories of how they have been treated so unfairly that after a while they find common ground with others who know exactly where any and all blame should lay for their miserable pathetic existence.

                                      The blacks, the Jews, the Mexicans, the Muslims..........all targeted not just because the news has told them to fear any and all of the above mentioned groups and more....but because deep down inside many of these pathetic khaki wearing men and boys are simply repugnant people who do (like their defacto leader) not just dislike these groups.......they don't see many of them as human.

                                      That's the dangerous part here...the part they don't see their perceived enemies as human. Daesh do that crap and are rightly damned for doing it......In white supremacist world it is the Antifascist is the kaffir, the less human. Of course white supremacy the mindset that believes superiority isn't something earned but a right. A base of people who look with a venomous nostalgia towards the actions of some who sought to extinguish entire races.....peoples.....humans.

                                      Yet when anyone dares to call 45 what he truly is.....a white supremacist then all of a sudden free speech is subjective. An ESPN host tweets this truth and all of a sudden there are those calling for her head on a platter. Those same people calling for the guillotine to be erected outside ESPN HQ and the public beheading of someone who spoke about the burning cross and its eternal flame in the form of 45 and his refusal to say the easiest thing to say........Nazis and those who associate with them for common goals are evil and should be treated as such...there is no 'both sides'.

                                      Conservative commentators and of course conservative media outlets are foaming at the mouth in a rabid fit about the violence of Antifa...........

                                      I checked the score count and as of the time of this publication I can definitively say Antifa have not called for the expulsion of one singular faith being banned from the US...

                                      Antifa have not espoused views nor promoted the views that a Nazi ideology would be beneficial in the US.....no gas chambers nor Nazi paraphernalia on the streets of the country that sacrificed much to fight those who would murder on an industrial scale.

                                      Antifa themselves are not without questionable baggage....The fact that they themselves have their roots tied to the Communist party of 1930's Germany. All but wiped out in Germany leading up to WWII they emerged as a shadowy movement whose notoriety was lit up again during their often violent protests at major economic conferences such as G20 meetings where the spectre of hooded Antifa members and running battles with the authorities are standard fare when being reported in Conservative circles.

                                      These same conservatives seemingly relieved at this violent strand of Anti fascism protesters almost giving them the out of claiming ''well Antifa are very violent''..

                                      Some use violence.......yet their cause in standing up to white supremacy and white nationalism and Nazis running amok in twenty first century America then the choice isn't a choice......those who try and condemn Antifa and the actions of some are desperate for anything that won't expose their true selves......


                                      From what I can see Antifa are showing a degree of balls lacking in those who tip toe around condemnation for 45 and his pivot back to his basket of deplorables or as I find more apt....his 'Bucket of unflushables'.

                                      I watch as conservatives claim that all the violence is fault of Antifa......and yes some Antifa members are of a violent mindset and will smash and burn and protest....do I agree with that......no.

                                      But right now it is who they are standing against and what those people stand for. A pure evil of the most dangerous kind. An evil that saw mass murder based upon a superior mindset and enemies easily targeted.

                                      There are those who stand for evil, those who stand for violence and those who will kill and destroy all to have their superiority affirmed by the most horrendous and inhumane way....those who hate first.....

                                      Then there are those who stand against that.

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