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Monthly Deficit Hits Record $234B


      Hell, at this rate the debt this year alone could top 2 trillion dollars.

      I know records are made to be broken but g*ddamn...…….

      Last years debt was around 890 billion and we thought that was high...…

      BTW, is the tax cut scam making America great again or what?


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      The Mueller Report - What Happens Next?


          The Mueller Report

          What Happens Next?

          Fasten your seat belts

          By Ray Cunneff

          March 23, 2019

          This is just my conjecture: I think Special Counsel Robert Mueller has determined that additional indictments of Trump family and associates would become a flashpoint and overshadow the report itself. He has scrupulously handed off to other prosecutors criminal activities that fell outside the scope of his narrow brief.

          I suspect that Mueller's intention is to let the contents of his "comprehensive" report be as widely disseminated as possible, and let Congress and the public absorb what he has found, before subpoenas and indictments are issued by other prosecutors and by Congress.

          As far as Attorney General William Barr is concerned, I think he's in a nearly untenable position. If there is even the appearance of him withholding politically or legally damaging information, he must know he will be vilified, his reputation destroyed, be recorded by history as a villainous quisling, and the information will eventually come out anyway.

          Barr's only self-protective course of action is to release the report in as close to its entirety as possible, redacting only elements that would compromise "sources and methods", and let the chips fall where they may. And if he's smart, he'll be proactive and obtain from a federal judge permission to release the grand jury testimony and findings.

          I think the case for obstruction of justice has been committed in plain sight, more than enough to impeach. The case for Russian interference with the 2016 elections is equally incontrovertible. What's less certain is the case for conspiracy and collaboration by the Trump campaign and Russian operatives.

          If Mueller has been able to connect those dots, it's treason.

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          Pundit Post

          Trump The Unpredictable - Surprise Edicts On North Korea And Israel


              Trump the Unpredictable

              Surprise Edicts On North Korea and Israel

              His "big brain": Impulsive, reckless, inept narcissism

              By Ray Cunneff

              March 23, 2019

              Impulsive and incoherent decrees and reversals of policy have become a hallmark of the Trump presidency. And he's done it again, catching senior White House aides by surprise by Twitter edicts reversing sanctions on North Korea and attempting to influence upcoming Israeli elections in Benjamin Netanyahu's favor.

              It's the latest example of Trump operating on instinct with little regard for the formal policy process, leaving the White House scrambling to explain, telling reporters only that Trump “likes” North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, "President Trump likes Chairman Kim and he doesn’t think these sanctions will be necessary".

              Mark Dubowitz, CEO of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and baffled Trump supporter, tweeted, "I’ve been working on sanctions policy for 15+ years. Don’t recall ever seeing a president overrule a Treasury announcement AFTER it was announced."

              George Conway, husband of key Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, again blasted the inept president:

              Of course, as usual, Trump is incompetent. His tweet referred
              to sanctions that had been previously “announced.” But it turns out,
              he was referring to sanctions that had yet to be announced.
              He confused everyone.Apart from his mental instability,
              he is simply inept.

              George Conway@gtconway3d
              But the real story here is, again, pathological narcissism.
              Why did Trump waive the sanctions? Not to further
              the national interests of the United States—no informed person
              could think that. No, it’s that he “likes” KJU, says the WH.
              He “likes” this butcher. He “likes” this ...
              ...man who murders with anti-aircraft batteries,
              because he writes big, beautiful—and most importantly,
              flattering—letters that play to Trump’s ego.
              Narcissism. Narcissistic whim, trumping the presidential oath,

              and trumping the national security interests of our country.

              In our lifetimes there has never been a president who has been so
              singularly unfit for the presidency, or indeed any public office.
              That’s remarkable enough
              —but what’s even more remarkable is that *almost every day*
              Trump does something new to drive home the point.

              4:44 AM - Mar 23, 2019


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              Pundit Post

              More Of Trump's Best And The Brightest


                  If anyone has been following Trump's picks to fill in slots within his administration then one thing becomes so apparent. Trump's selections are the worst and I mean the worst. How does one destroy a Nation? Simple answer, destroy it's institutions. How can that be done? That is easy if one is Trump. Simply select the most incompetent people one can find to fill in crucial positions within those institutions. We thought hiring a neurosurgeon to head HUD was a joke, think again.

                  Trump plans on nominating Stepehen Moore to the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors.

                  Stephen Moore is so bad that an editor at the Kansas City Star once refused to run literally anything he ever wrote, because a piece Moore had previously published in the paper was so littered with basic factual errors. He’s a living embodiment of the worst elements of the economics profession ― a man who doesn’t care about the truth, abuses statistics, makes outlandish predictions, smears his opponents and never pays any professional price.

                  Over these past two years there has been so many horrible unqualified people being hired by Trump you can't help but think he is doing it on purpose. Of course, no one in the entire Republican Party has the guts to stand up to Trump and openly criticize his choice and simply allow Trump to do what he damn well pleases.

                  Just look at Moore's background. He was working with the following extreme right wing groups such as, Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation and Club for Growth. If these credentials don't ring a warning bell then a simple check of his background will tell the real story how every thing this clown has predicted economically was wrong. He is a joke and who but another joke would give this man a high ranking position?


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                  GOP Senators Want To Force Banks To Finance The Gun Industry


                      A pair of Republican senators introduced a bill that would force big banks to do business with the gun industry.

                      So much for letting the free market be.

                      GOP Sens. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota and John Kennedy of Louisiana introduced a bill on Thursday that would force major banks to do business with the gun industry or else face punishments like restricting their access to discounted Federal Reserve loans.

                      "A small number of banks controlling most of the financial sector could effectively illegalize legal commerce by refusing to finance certain industries or process certain transactions," Cramer said in a news release. "Look no further than pro-Second Amendment industries where such discrimination has already occurred. Big banks should not be the arbiters of constitutionality."

                      The bill is a response to moves by two major banks — Citigroup and Bank of America — that decided to take matters in their own hands on gun control thanks to Republican inaction after numerous mass shootings.

                      In response to the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Citigroup announced in March 2018 that its business customers who either didn't pass background checks or were not over the age of 21 could not purchase weapons. Citigroup also banned business customers from buying bump stocks and high-capacity magazines.

                      Shortly after Citigroup's move, Bank of America announced it would stop lending to companies that manufacture military-style guns for civilian use.

                      After those announcements, the gun lobby demanded Congress pass legislation punishing these banks for their moves.

                      And it appears both Cramer and Kennedy took notice, tossing aside Republican free-market principles in order to do the National Rifle Association's bidding and punish Citibank and Bank of America for their gun rules.

                      It's clear to see why Cramer and Kennedy did what the NRA asked.

                      The NRA has bankrolled both men, spending $123,822 for Kennedy's 2016 election and a smaller $1,522 to support Cramer's Senate bid in 2018, according to data from OpenSecrets.

                      Trying to dictate what private industry can and can't do is decidedly not a Republican principle.

                      Yet when it comes to abortion rights, protections for LGBT Americans, and now, apparently, gun control, the GOP has proven it's willingness to abandon those principles and force private industry to do what Republicans want.

                      It's yet another hypocritical action from the GOP.


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                      In Hebron 'even The Kids Have Numbers'


                          This is a glimpse of the inhumanity & injustice which the 'Home of Justice for ALL', USA, is supporting and Trump is pushing us even further in the complete support of.

                          Anybody who reads this can either try to rationalize this inhumanity and dismiss it as 'what needs to be done', or, will see it as the unacceptable abuse which it is. As an American, I am very frustrated that our 'leaders' are supporting this cruel inhumanity.

                          Israeli army introduces a new system of identification numbers for the 30,000 Palestinian residents in the city.

                          Hebron, Occupied West Bank - Every sunset, 23-year-old Alaa stands in the balcony of her modest stone house overlooking Hebron's Shuhada Street.

                          "I count the minutes until he [her husband] comes home. I wait by the window, and I tell him not to be late," she said, requesting that her last name not be published.

                          Shuhada Street (Arabic for "Martyrs Street") was once a bustling thoroughfare running through the heart of the West Bank's largest city, connecting Hebron's outdoor market to the Ibrahimi Mosque.

                          Palestinians buzzed between busy shops and glass factories, and lived in apartments above the shops. The area is also home to 500 hardline Israeli settlers, and has long been a flashpoint for unrest between Palestinians and the Israeli military.

                          Over the past month, the few Palestinians, who still live on or nearby the street, are enduring a new set of army restrictions and security searches.

                          On October 30, the Israeli military announced a closed military zone over the area of Hebron under full Israeli security control.

                          "No one who can come to visit us. My father couldn't come to see us," Alaa said.

                          To enforce the closure, the Israeli army introduced a new system of identification numbers for the 30,000 Palestinian residents of the cordoned-off H2 district which encompasses about 20 percent of Hebron and includes Shuhada Street and a number of Israeli settlements.The remaining 80 percent of the city is under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority.

                          In addition to presenting their identification cards at 17 internal checkpoints and undergoing security checks, Palestinians must now orally give soldiers their new ID number when entering and leaving the blockades that enclose Shuhada Street.

                          The army did not distribute paper documents with the new identification number. Once a soldier is told the number, he then cross-references it with a printed list.

                          "Anyone who does not have a number is removed or arrested. The Israeli army detained at least 20 international volunteers who monitor H2 area," said Sohaib Zahda, of the Hebron-based activist group Youth Against Settlements.

                          Those who forget their ID numbers or chose not to register sneak in and out of the H2 area through fields, careful not to be caught in the heavily monitored region.

                          "Even the little kids have numbers," said Anas Murakatan, 27, who lives in an apartment near a checkpoint at the entrance to Shuhada Street. "I am 58; she is 59," Anas said, pointing to his pregnant wife, Fadwa Murakatan. His children are 60 and 61.

                          "When the baby is born, she will get one too."

                          Fadwa's child was due four weeks ago - prompting her husband to joke that "the baby is afraid, so he does not want to come out". Fadwa explained that when she goes into labour, she will have to walk down Shuhada Street and cross a checkpoint, and only then will she be able to enter an ambulance. She said she had to wait 30 minutes the last time she needed an ambulance.

                          Because of the new regulations, she said, "we are not allowed to bring any guests. When I give birth, they will not allow my family to come and visit me."

                          A spokesperson for the Israeli army said in a statement to Al Jazeera: "Precautionary measures have been implemented in order to prevent future attacks and maintain the safety and well-being of residence of the area." But the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem said, in a statement issued last month, that the new measure constituted "a collective punishment of Hebron residents".

                          "Anyone whose name is not on the list cannot cross the checkpoint and is forced to take a long, arduous detour to get home. Some neighborhood residents have not had their names put on the list to protest at being required to receive a permit to enter their own homes," said the statement.

                          "In other cases, checkpoint personnel have erroneously left some residents' names off the list, so these individuals cannot cross the checkpoint either."

                          Beyond Hebron's city centre, the Israeli army mounted a series of mobile checkpoints between Hebron and Bethlehem, causing lengthy delays for motorists at the same location where cars were regularly inspected during the second Intifada

                          In 1994, after the signing of the Oslo Accords, the Israeli military closed businesses and shops along Shuhada Street.

                          A decade later, at the end of the Second Intifada in 2005, the army shut down the glass manufacturing plants and prohibited Palestinian vehicles from using the street.

                          Hundreds of people were forced to move, and those who stayed often have to enter their homes through alleyways.

                          "Palestinians are barred from Shuhada Street. They are prohibited from even walking down part of it," said Sarit Michaeli, a spokesperson for the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem.

                          "This whole situation is meant to facilitate the presence of Israeli settlers. It's an official policy called the 'policy of separation' that the Israeli government has adopted."

                          Despite these changes, hardline Israeli politicians say the increased army presence in and around Hebron remains insufficient. Speaking to Army Radio last Monday, Naftali Bennett, the leader of the far-right Jewish Home party, called for a second Defensive Shield, referring to Israel's large-scale military operation in the West Bank in 2002.

                          Bennett's remarks reflect a growing desire among Israeli right-wingers to launch a full-scale advance into Palestinian cities.

                          While Hebron has long been the site of clashes between settlers and Palestinians, the Murakatans said their neighborhood has witnessed about three settler attacks a week since it became a closed military zone.

                          They said the attacks always take place at night, and involve about a dozen settlers parading down Shuhada Street, often stoning Palestinian homes.

                          "One month ago our daughter, she fell on the stairs, and so my husband took her to the hospital," recounted Fadwa. "When I came back from the hospital, a settler tried to attack me while I was holding Diala," Anas said.

                          In another incident, Israeli soldiers accused Fadwa of concealing a weapon when she left her house to throw rubbish into a bin on Shuhada Street. "I asked, 'Where is the knife, where is the knife?'" she said, motioning her arms from her chest outward.

                          As dusk fell, the family of four gathered on their rooftop - the only outdoor play space for the two children, who kicked spent tear gas canisters and a shipping box marked "hazardous".

                          A packing slip on the box indicated that its contents were meant for the Israeli army. The container was lobbed on to their house during the near-daily clashes in Hebron between Palestinian youth and the Israeli military.

                          Below, two settlers strolled across Shuhada Street near a group of soldiers. No Palestinians were on the road.

                          Meanwhile, Anas reminisced about how different his neighborhood used to be. "It was very nice; a lot of people were usually here," he said. "At that time settlers were afraid of us - but now we are afraid of them."


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                          Mueller Report Finally Finished And Delivered To A.G. Barr


                              The word is out that the Mueller report has finalized and been delivered to Attorney General Barr. If this is true, we are in for some real issues with Trump I think. The House Judiciary Committee are notified .

                              The Justice Department says Mueller delivered his final report Friday to Attorney General William Barr, who is reviewing it.

                              Mueller's report, still confidential, sets the stage for big public fights to come. The next steps are up to Trump's attorney general, to Congress and, in all likelihood, federal courts.

                              It's not clear how much of the report will become public or provided to Congress. Barr has said he will write his own report summarizing Mueller's findings.




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                              Pundit Post

                              Snipers Ordered To Shoot Children, Israeli General Confirms


                                  This is a glimpse of the inhumanity & injustice which the 'Home of Justice for ALL', USA, is supporting and Trump is pushing us even further in the complete support of.

                                  Anybody who reads this can either try to rationalize this inhumanity and dismiss it as 'what needs to be done', or, will see it as the unacceptable abuse which it is. As an American, I am very frustrated that our 'leaders' are supporting this cruel inhumanity.

                                  An Israeli general has confirmed that when snipers stationed along Israel’s boundary with Gaza shoot at children, they are doing so deliberately, under clear and specific orders.

                                  In a radio interview, Brigadier-General (Reserve) Zvika Fogel describes how a sniper identifies the “small body” of a child and is given authorization to shoot.

                                  Fogel’s statements could be used as evidence of intent if Israeli leaders are ever tried for war crimes at the International Criminal Court.

                                  On Friday, an Israeli sniper shot dead 14-year-old Muhammad Ibrahim Ayyoub.

                                  The boy, shot in the head east of Jabaliya, was the fourth child among the more than 30 Palestinians killed during the Great March of Return rallies that began in Gaza on 30 March.

                                  More than 1,600 other Palestinians have been shot with live ammunition that has caused what doctors are calling “horrific injuries” likely to leave many of them with permanent disabilities.

                                  Israeli Brigadier-General (Reserve) Zvika Fogel

                                  As eyewitnesses and video confirmed, the child Muhammad Ayyoub posed no conceivable danger to heavily armed Israeli occupation forces stationed dozens of meters away behind fences and earthen fortifications on the other side of the Gaza boundary when he was killed.

                                  Even the usually timid United Nations peace process envoy Nickolay Mladenov publicly declared that the slaying was “outrageous.”

                                  Targeting children

                                  On Saturday, Brigadier-General Fogel was interviewed by Ron Nesiel on the Israeli public radio network Kan.

                                  Fogel is the former chief of staff of the Israeli army’s “southern command,” which includes the occupied Gaza Strip.

                                  Ahmad Tibi, a Palestinian lawmaker in Israel’s parliament, drew attention to the interview in a tweet.

                                  A recording of the interview is online (it begins at 6:52). The interview was translated for The Electronic Intifada by Dena Shunra and a full transcript follows this article.

                                  The host Ron Nesiel asks Fogel if the Israeli army should “rethink its use of snipers,” and suggests that someone giving orders “lowered the bar for using live fire.”

                                  Fogel adamantly defends the policy, stating: “At the tactical level, any person who gets close to the fence, anyone who could be a future threat to the border of the State of Israel and its residents, should bear a price for that violation.”

                                  He adds: “If this child or anyone else gets close to the fence in order to hide an explosive device or check if there are any dead zones there or to cut the fence so someone could infiltrate the territory of the State of Israel to kill us …”

                                  “Then his punishment is death?” Nesiel interjects.

                                  “His punishment is death,” the general responds. “As far as I’m concerned then yes, if you can only shoot him to stop him, in the leg or arm – great. But if it’s more than that then, yes, you want to check with me whose blood is thicker, ours or theirs.”

                                  Fogel then describes the careful process by which targets – including children – are identified and shot:

                                  “I know how these orders are given. I know how a sniper does the shooting. I know how many authorizations he needs before he receives an authorization to open fire. It is not the whim of one or the other sniper who identifies the small body of a child now and decides he’ll shoot. Someone marks the target for him very well and tells him exactly why one has to shoot and what the threat is from that individual. And to my great sorrow, sometimes when you shoot at a small body and you intended to hit his arm or shoulder, it goes even higher.”

                                  For “it goes even higher,” Fogel uses a Hebrew idiom also meaning “it costs even more.”

                                  In this chilling statement, in which a general talks about snipers targeting the “small body of a child,” Fogel makes crystal clear that this policy is premeditated and deliberate.

                                  While presenting unarmed Palestinian children as dangerous terrorists worthy of death, Fogel describes the snipers killing them in cold blood as the innocent, vulnerable parties who deserve protection.

                                  “We have soldiers there, our children, who were sent out and receive very accurate instructions about whom to shoot to protect us. Let’s back them up,” he says.

                                  Lethal policy

                                  Fogel’s statements are no aberration but represent Israeli policy.

                                  “Israeli officials made it clear that the open-fire regulations would permit lethal fire at anyone attempting to damage the fence, and even at any person coming within 300 meters of it,” the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem stated in a recent analysis of Israel’s illegal targeting of unarmed civilians who pose no threat.

                                  “Nevertheless, all state and military officials have steadfastly refused to cancel the unlawful orders and continue to issue – and justify – them,” B’Tselem added.

                                  B’Tselem has called on individual soldiers to defy such illegal orders.

                                  Following its investigation of the “calculated” killings of unarmed demonstrators on 30 March, the first day of the Great March of Return rallies in Gaza, Human Rights Watch concluded that the lethal crackdown was “planned at [the] highest levels of the Israeli government.”

                                  Two weeks ago, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court issued an unprecedented warning that Israeli leaders may face trial for the killings of unarmed Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip.

                                  Potential defendants would be giving any prosecutor a gift with such open admissions that killing unarmed people in an occupied territory who pose no objective threat is their policy and intent.

                                  The question remains whether anything will finally pierce the shield of impunity that Israel has enjoyed for 70 years.

                                  Full Transcript is in the article:


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                                  I Remember


                                      Wow,.. It doesn't seem so long ago when Mike Horton Invited me to Join a group of Bloggers exchanging opinions, information and arguments online. It was really sweet, until a Bunch Of Uncivilized folks joined and instead of exchanging Information, Idea's and Opinions in a civil manner went the way of the Moron, and started exchanging Barbs, Insults, and Name calling. This is the first time I have been back on the site since then, maybe 4 Years ago. The place has changed a lot, and it would seem, so has the Cast of Characters. I still see a few Names I remember,.. Civilized Names, but some of My Many Old Foes Names, I Do Not See. Perhaps I Shall Investigate Further,.. Looks Promising,... That and I am In Facebook Jail at the Moment,.. Again,... LMAO I will take a little time to read the Rules, read the Attitudes of the Players, and see,..

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                                          Psychologists have explained quite a lot about Donald Trump ’s political invincibility and the unconditional allegiance of his followers. One well-supported explanation is that the president keeps his base loyal by keeping them fearful. Through persistent fear-mongering, with scary messages like, “Illegal immigrants are murderers and rapists,” and “Islam hates ....
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