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A Job Offer For Andrew McCabe



      Responding to a comment by MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that fired former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe might still be eligible for his retirement, a Democratic lawmaker from Wisconsin offered McCabe a 2-day temp job to help him regain his reward for 21 years of government service.

      Taking to Twitter, Rep. Mark Pocan linked to a tweet from Mitchell, who said the former FBI official might qualify if he’s hired by a member of Congress, adding they he would like to hear from McCabe about the Trump “crime family.”

      “Andrew call me. I could use a good two-day report on the biggest crime families in Washington, D.C.,” Pocan tweeted

      You can see the tweet below:

      Andrew call me. I could use a good two-day report on the biggest crime families in Washington, D.C. https://twitter.com/mitchellreports/status/974831223817342977 …

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      Stormy Daniels Physically Threatened


          How far would Donald Trump go not to have the 60 Minute interview with Stormy Daniels air? Her attorney reports that she has been physically threatened and would neither confirm or deny that it was Donald Trump himself who threatened her. Of course, for Trump supporters, his behavior makes no difference in determining whether the man has an entirely broken moral compass and is unfit to lead the country, and Trump knows that. When he claimed he could shoot a person in broad daylight on a crowded street and his supporters wouldn't turn away from him, he was right.

          The questions are how low and how far will Donald go in quieting Stormy Daniels and how can the GOP support a man of his character?

          Stormy Daniels Was Physically Threatened, Lawyer Says

          Lawyer Michael Avenatti wouldn’t elaborate and promoted the porn star’s upcoming interview with “60 Minutes.”

          Stormy Daniels, the porn star who alleges President Donald Trump’s personal attorney paid her to keep silent about an affair with Trump, has been physically threatened, her lawyer said Friday.

          Lawyer Michael Avenatti was asked on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” whether Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, faced threats of “physical harm.” He responded, “Yes.”

          Avenatti, who said earlier this month that his client has been legally threatened by Trump’s lawyer, declined to elaborate. He said he would “not confirm or deny” if the physical threats came from Trump himself.

          Avenatti also declined to say whether the threats were related to Daniels’ non-disclosure agreement she reportedly reached with Trump in 2016 to keep quiet about the affair.

          “I’m not at liberty to discuss it. You can ask it 17 different ways. I’ll give you the same answer,” Avenatti said.

          Avenatti, who has been on a publicity campaign for Daniels in recent weeks, repeatedly told “Morning Joe” viewers to watch Daniels’ forthcoming interview on CBS’s “60 Minutes,” which The Washington Post reported would air on March 25.

          Adding to the suspense, Avenatti suggested the broadcast was still uncertain, but said “we hope” the interview will air.

          “I don’t know that we’re out of the woods yet,” Avenatti said, referring to speculation that Trump’s lawyers are trying to prevent CBS from airing the interview. The network has declined to comment on the matter.

          Asked if he has “any doubt” that Trump “directed” his personal lawyer Michael Cohen to pay $130,000 to silence Daniels, Avenatti said: “None.” Again, he would not elaborate.


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          Pundit Post

          Will Trump Destroy The American Presidency? Democracy In The USA?


              For over 14 months now, Americans have looked upon the Trump presidency with a mixture of gut wrenching dismay and horror. He ignores our laws and even our norms, and is desecrating our most vital institutions.

              Trump has polluted our hearing with lies - so many lies we cannot keep up with them, and we have never before had such an unqualified, ill informed person take over the Oval Office. The chaos, confusion and lack of governmental management is appalling. Trump has shown himself as unable to deal with his power.

              Back in October of 2017, Jack Goldsmith had this to say in an article for the Atlantic: We have never had a president so ill-informed about the nature of his office, so openly mendacious, so self-destructive, or so brazen in his abusive attacks on the courts, the press, Congress (including members of his own party), and even senior officials within his own administration. Trump is a Frankenstein’s monster of past presidents’ worst attributes: Andrew Jackson’s rage; Millard Fillmore’s bigotry; James Buchanan’s incompetence and spite; Theodore Roosevelt’s self-aggrandizement; Richard Nixon’s paranoia, insecurity, and indifference to law; and Bill Clinton’s lack of self-control and reflexive dishonesty.

              Trump's infamous tweets show a man who is possessed! He attacks anyone who disagrees with him; fires those HE appointed from their cabinet positions (or they resign in disgust) while he continues to brag about how wonderful he is! His behaviors do suggest that indeed, he incorporates all the negative qualities of past presidents, but they were still presidential, and kept mainly to the laws and Constitution of our United States.

              Image result for picture of trump angry

              According to Thomas B. Edsall for the New York Times, Trump has single-handedly done more to undermine the basic tenets of American democracy than any foreign agent or foreign propaganda campaign could.

              First and foremost, Trump has gravely damaged the premises and procedures that undergird American democracy.

              Partisan polarization, which helped give rise to Trump in the first place, is getting worse as discord intensifies with every slur and and insult Trump hurls.

              Henry Aaron, a senior fellow at Brookings wrote: Trump is a political weapon of mass self-destruction for American democracy — for its norms, for its morality, for sheer human decency.

              In an intro to their book, How Democracies Die. two political scientists from Harvard wrote: Over the past two years, we have watched politicians say and do things that are unprecedented in the United States — but that we recognize as having been the precursors of democratic crisis in other places. We feel dread, as do so many other Americans, even as we try to reassure ourselves that things can’t really be that bad here.

              I know that many on this site echo these thoughts and feelings, and are prepared to march, demonstrate, write and most of all to vote; but the question remains. Has Donald J. Trump taken us too far from our American governmental heritage to ever get it back to what it was? Many think that he has; however, sometimes when such a tyrant as Trump ruins 'things,' people of character work very hard, and make it even better than it used to be. That is MY hope.

              What do you think?





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              Several Dead Due To Pedestrian Bridge Collapse In Miami.


                  Several fatalities have occurred as a result of a collapsed bridge in Florida. I don't think this is the last we will hear of such problems due to our crumbling infrastructure and corruption in the awarding of contracts to those who are building new structures.

                  Oh well, Trump says that we are going to build a [useless] wall.

                  MIAMI, FL (WTVJ/WCMH) — A portion of the new pedestrian bridge near the campus of Florida International University has collapsed Thursday, according to NBC South Florida.

                  The bridge, scheduled to open to the public in early 2019, crossed Southwest 8th Street near 109th Avenue.

                  NBC South Florida’s Andrea Cruz, who was near the school, reports that the bridge has completely collapsed and cars are trapped underneath.

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                  Mueller Subpoenas Trump Organization, Demanding Documents About Russia


                      Mueller is following the money. Trump is worried. He is very, very worried.


                      WASHINGTON — The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, has subpoenaed the Trump Organization to turn over documents, including some related to Russia, according to two people briefed on the matter. It is the first known instance of the special counsel demanding documents directly related to President Trump’s businesses, bringing the investigation closer to the president.

                      The breadth of the subpoena was not clear, nor was it clear why Mr. Mueller issued it instead of simply asking for the documents from the company, an umbrella organization that oversees Mr. Trump’s business ventures. In the subpoena, delivered in recent weeks, Mr. Mueller ordered the Trump Organization to hand over all documents related to Russia and other topics he is investigating, the people said.

                      The subpoena is the latest indication that the investigation, which Mr. Trump’s lawyers once regularly assured him would be completed by now, will drag on for at least several more months. Word of the subpoena comes as Mr. Mueller appears to be broadening his investigation to examine the role foreign money may have played in funding Mr. Trump’s political activities. In recent weeks, Mr. Mueller’s investigators have questioned witnesses, including an adviser to the United Arab Emirates, about the flow of Emirati money into the United States.

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                      Hillary Clinton Says Trump Appealed To Racist, Sexist Voters


                          Conservatives don't like that Hillary is saying she lost because Trump appealed to deplorables. They say she is trash talking America's heartland to a foreign audience. Bless their hearts. America's heartland, no less.


                          Hillary Clinton provoked ridicule and censure for tone-deaf comments at a conference in India about the differences between the states that voted for her during the 2016 presidential election and those that voted for Donald Trump.

                          “If you look at the map of the United States, there is all that red in the middle, places where Trump won,” said the former secretary of state at the India Today Conclave event in Mumbai on Saturday. “I win the coast. I win, you know, Illinois and Minnesota, places like that.

                          “I won the places that represent two-thirds of America’s gross domestic product,” she continued. “I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward.”

                          Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign, on the other hand, “was looking backwards,” Clinton said, suggesting the GOP nominee’s platform targeted racists and misogynists.

                          “You didn’t like black people getting rights, you don’t like women, you know, getting jobs. You don’t want, you know, see that Indian-American succeeding more than you are. Whatever your problem is, I’m going to solve it,” said Clinton, describing her opponent’s message.

                          Conservatives reacted with fury to Clinton’s remarks. The Republican Party accused Clinton of trash-talking “America’s heartland to a foreign audience.”

                          “This is an example of why she didn’t win. She doesn’t know America,” said “Fox & Friends” host Ainsley Earhardt on Tuesday. Her co-host Brian Kilmeade called Clinton’s comments the “lowest of the low.”

                          Clinton was widely criticized in 2016 for referring to half of all Trump voters as a “basket of deplorables.” She also was lambasted at the time for being out of touch with the needs and fears of many Americans.

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                          Kick Him In The Oligarchs


                              So Theresa May decided the best way to take on Putin's killing machine and Russia's most recent act of terror carried out on a political opponent was to remove 23 diplomats or spies or agents or whatever excuse they have for being in the UK.

                              Along with other retaliatory moves May intends to let Putin and his goon squad know that killing people on foreign soil is not going to go unanswered. Sounding tough and resolute May rounded on Russia and the arrogance for which it carried out yet another state sponsored killing that goes to the very top of the Kremlin.

                              That's all fine and dandy and no doubt will garner a response from Moscow.........But it's not enough.

                              If the British or anyone want to truly take on Putin then expelling diplomats isn't going to get his attention. His arrogant attitude and his ultra nationalistic government and all those duped into believing that Putin the saviour of Russia are lost minds.....Like those who wear MAGA hats those Russian Nationalist minds are so far beyond the cold hard facts and overwhelming evidence that they give in to sycophancy of nationalism.

                              Make no mistake that Putin has amassed a wealth so great that he is believed by many to be one of the wealthiest men on earth......On a Russian President's salary no less.

                              (Washington Post)

                              Vladimir Putin earned 38.5 million rubles (roughly $673,000) between 2011 and 2016, according to information publicly released by the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation on Tuesday, giving the Russian president an average yearly salary of about $112,000.

                              According to Time Magazine....


                              Putin certainly has the visible trappings of wealth. Among his alleged holdings is a palace on the Black Sea with a reported price tag of $1 billion.

                              It features “a magnificent columned facade reminiscent of the country palaces Russian tsars built in the 18th Century,” according to the BBC. It also allegedly includes a private theatre, a landing pad with bays for three helicopters, and accommodation for security guards.

                              And all that on $112,000 a year.

                              Still the people love him and any dissenting foe is not an enemy of Putin but slammed as a Russophobe, again not unlike those who wear MAGA hats and claim any critique is an attack....Then again many who have blind faith are unwilling to have that self imposed blindness lifted by the light of truth or of facts.

                              With capitalism comes corruption and the former Soviet Union was and is no exception to that rule. As the nation of Russia went communism to open democracy and then came the capitalism and the corruption and the greed. Russia who for the entirety of the Cold War would often criticise the wealth and the greed and the materialism of the west now seduced by that very same materialism.

                              But who doesn't love the ability to amass huge wealth and do it in a world of wealth that hides from the light of day or the prying eyes of enquiring minds or opponents.

                              Anointed by Yeltsin to lead the new Russia into the 21st century Putin's divvying up of the massive oil wealth to those who even today remained loyal has not only seen Russian money spread across the planet wherever ill gotten gains could be hidden from the masses.

                              That money is everywhere, Europe, Africa, The Middle East.....The US of A...

                              Far away from the masses who don't get to share in the fortunes of Mother Russia. That's for a select few and all at the behest of the man who decides who can buy a loaf of bread and who can buy a second superyacht.

                              It would be easy to feel that Putin is an untouchable entity and someone beyond the law and beyond any form of retribution. That would be one arrogant thought too far for Putin. His power and his reign has always been feathered by those ill gotten gains by picking Oligarchs who whilst being incredibly loyal have their assets all over the world hiding in plain sight.

                              Many of those assets reside in the UK in London in the form of multi million pound luxury properties, one of those expensive properties overlooks the UK's Ministry Of Defence HQ. From Football Teams to a host of other purchases the UK is in a prime position to fire a truly meaningful shot across the bow of an increasingly rogue state then that needs to be aimed at where Putin can be hurt the most.

                              Hit his secret wealth where it hides and hit his rich followers who flaunt that wealth courtesy of being handpicked by Putin to spend the hidden billions.....Kick him hard and freeze his massive hidden parachute rainy day fund.....

                              Kick him in the Oligarchs.

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                              Pundit Post

                              400 Moms Take Over The Colorado Capitol To Advocate For Gun Control


                                  Mothers demanding action on gun legislation crowded into the Colorado Capitol to make their demands known. Called "Mom's Demand Action for Gun Sense," these 400 mom's believe that if the students from Parkland can advocate for sensible gun laws, so can they.

                                  This demonstration is only one of many that will be taking place this week as we approach the one month anniversary of the mass killing of students and teachers in a Parkland school.

                                  Most Americans want some regulations on guns, and in spite of the NRAs bombastic shilling for the gun manufacturers, increasing numbers of Americans are calling for something to be done about civilians having military style weapons.

                                  The following photos are of moms and dads advocating for gun control in the Colorado Capitol. I hope others will take their cue from these women and men, and get out there and fight for our kids' lives as well as our own.

                                  View image on Twitter

                                  by Penn Collins

                                  The Colorado rally was just one of the dozens taking place this week.
                                  As the U.S. approaches the one-month anniversary of the Parkland shooting, activism to enable stricter gun control laws has reached a fever pitch, most recently with a Colorado Capitol building takeover by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. To make their voices heard at the literal doorstep of state legislators, 400 members of the organization’s Colorado chapter occupied the building with signs and peaceful protests, in much the same way student activism has taken shape in new ways since the Feb. 14 tragedy.

                                  One participating member, Jen Clenahan, declared to the Huffington Post that the moms themselves are taking their cues from the student activists, saying, "The kids are taking the lead. They're not just grieving; they're angry.”

                                  Buoying their unified voice were the visuals of the 400+ activists occupying the halls of the state’s legislature.

                                  Twitter responses are embedded in the article. To read them and see further photographs, click


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                                  Pundit Post

                                  Commentary: The Most Qualified Candidate For President In Our Lifetime


                                      The Joe Scarborough Democrats and republicans would like for people to know that Hillary Clinton was the worst candidate for president in U.S. history, in spite of the FACT that Hillary Clinton received more popular votes than any presidential candidate in history, except Barrak Obama.

                                      WHY was Hillary Clinton supposedly the worst presidential candidate ever? Many are focusing on the picture the Russians supposedly portrayed of Clinton in the 2016 election, but republicans of all stripes have been painting a far worse picture of Hillary Clinton since 1992 than Putin has since 2009. So although the Russians may have persuaded some people that Hillary was the worst presidential candidate ever, they will have to take a back seat to republicans in that regard.

                                      Another excuse given for Hillary being the worst presidential candidate ever, is she once referred black gang members who murdered people by drive-by shootings, including little children, in the 1990s, as super predators. To that charge, I will say this. I am as black as a thousand mid-nights down in a cypress swamp, and what I called those black gang members was a whole lot worse than super predators.

                                      Some say Hillary was the worst candidate because she carried too much baggage. The baggage was not so much things that she did, but rather things she was accused of doing for twenty-five years, including believing her husband when he was being accused of a consensual extramarital affair with a twenty-three year old White House intern, until the infamous blue dress surfaced, and when he was accused of raping Juanita Broaddrick, among others. Many of the people who used this as an excuse for why Hillary was the worst candidate ever, did not think Bill Clinton, who was actually accused of the rapes, was the worst candidate ever.

                                      There are many other reasons/excuses Joe Scarborough Democrats and republicans use to support their claim that Hillary Clinton was the worse candidate ever, one of which is simply that she is a woman, and although they want a woman president eventually, they don't want THAT woman.

                                      Hillary Clinton will not run for public office again, and that is the loss for the people of the United States more than it is a loss for Hillary Clinton. At some point Americans other than Joe Scarborough Democrats and republicans SHOULD acknowledge the contributions to the USA Hillary Clinton made, not for Hillary Clinton, but for America. Hillary Clinton will be alright. I worry more about America.

                                      Btw, this is what President Barrack Obama said about Hillary Clinton's candidacy for President of The United States of America:

                                      "There has never been a man or a woman, not me, not Bill, nobody more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America," he said. Then, in a joking aside: "I hope you don't mind, Bill, but I was just telling the truth, man."

                                      The only person in U.S. history to receive more popular votes for president than Hillary Clinton? Barrack Obama. Who are you going to believe about whether Hillary Clinton was the worst presidential candidate ever? Joe Scarborough or Barrack Obama?

                                      Oh, I know some will say, but we don't elect presidents by popular vote, but by electoral vote. And they are right. What a shame!


                                      Suppose I told you about a potential candidate for president, not now running, who had this background:

                                      • Spent eight years in the U.S. Senate on the Armed Service Committee
                                      • Served on other committees on the budget, the environment, transportation, health, workplace safety, pensions, and children, families and the aging
                                      • Was honored as “a tireless voice for children” by the nation’s leading child advocacy organization
                                      • Was called by GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham “one of the most effective secretary of states, greatest ambassadors for the American people that I have known in my lifetime” in May 2012
                                      • Was named by Time magazine one of the 25 most powerful women of the past century

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