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Here's Why Many Americans Are Choosing Not To Vote This Year


      This is the problem for the Democrats unless they fire up their base. Voter apathy could very well lose us the House and Senate again. The two top reasons for not voting is people don't feel their vote counts and they just don't give a damn (apathy). I wonder how these people would feel if they are threatened with losing their vote. Maybe we don't deserve being a Democratic Republic. We sure do elect people who want to destroy our current form of government and most of our legal voters are such losers they can't take an hour off to vote and are probably the biggest whiners about the results of the election.

      Maybe we should be more like Australia and fine people who don't vote.


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      Trump Officials Went On A Taxpayer-funded Shopping Spree. Here’s The Bill.


          Not to worry. Trump is going to reign in the spending and drain the swamp which was a great talking point during his campaign but, he lied. Trump can't even reign in his own staff and their illegal expenditures. If the tax payers aren't bailing out the big banks they are getting fleeced by Trump's people in all different ways and no one seems to being held accountable for those expenditures.

          These people need to be held accountable. They should be given 30 days to repay all those illegal expenses with a penalty attached or lose their job and then be prosecuted for theft/misappropriati0n of funds. We cannot allow this corruption to continue because it will only get worse as time goes on.


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          Yet Another Mass Shooting


              I'm wondering if the slogan 'Never Again' was the right choice, because it's going to keep on happening with no apparent decrease in frequency.

              What can be said that hasn't been said a thousand times already?


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              When The Veil Comes Off


                  Once again this weekend the world of twitter was carpet bombed by the pretend president who is slowly but surely imploding as the truth haunts his every thought and between the Mueller investigation and the subsequent evidence handed to Rosenstein and passed to the Southern District of New York to be investigated at state level regarding his once feared attack dog Cohen who now resembles a snivelling rottweiler whose just been castrated.

                  No wonder the twitter and proceeding news feeds were alight with the unhinged scattergun rantings of a man who knows he is in deep and this whole president thing is shedding light on the once dark secrets of a man born of a myth of self enablement and self created wealth, bred by lies told and wrongs aplenty the concept of consequence is becoming a looming reality with every waking hour.

                  (Come with me sir....we'd like to ask you some questions)

                  It isn't a surprise that the world now gets to see the man come unsealed at the hinges, every negative news report one more stinging cut in a death of a presidency that may well not survive to the fatal one thousandth cut.

                  When the reality bites and facts come home to roost this extreme anomaly will come crashing down. With all the talk of probes, pornstars and prison sentences surrounding satellite personalities personally connected to the man who conned a nation's democratic system of government. Those who are seen as his truest allies and acolytes outside and within the White House have their worn out unfounded talking points ready to fire off when the heat of the truth burns.

                  You will hear lines regarding black and hispanic and female employment on the rise and the tax cuts are starting to pay the dividends promised and the wall is being built and Mexico is still paying for it and that he is draining the swamp and of course the recent news from North Korea that their Nuclear development is up for negotiation and there is a new willingness for North Korea to close testing sites and stop testing missiles period.

                  On that.....Of course North Korea are in a position to offer the chance of no more missile tests and test sites closing...........They have no need. They have the missiles they need and the US is being led into negotiations where a US leader and those around him are claiming this is historic, and it is.

                  Because now the North Koreans aren't going into negotiation as lesser but as a Nuclear power with functioning Nuclear Weapons just like the US.

                  There is no chance the North Koreans will simply dismantle their development, testing and ownership of their own weapons of mass destruction. Nor are they going to be happy until the US military apparatus currently in the South of the Korean peninsula.

                  And what about his crusade to rid those white suburbs and communities of their truly horrific drug addiction epidemic spurred on by lethally addictive prescription drugs that lead to the illegal hard stuff that's not actually coming from the southern border where the great wall of Mexico is not being built but through the ports system of America.

                  But make a man desperate.

                  Make him truly angry and frustrated and hate filled and you show his true self.

                  How many times has this current resident in the White House sounded so emotional, so empathetic about the true cost of addiction...

                  How he mentioned his own brother who died as a result of addiction.....

                  How it left an endemic mark upon his life.....

                  We watched as he spoke of those who suffered similar with addicted family members......

                  You'd almost believe him.


                  As the bad news drops continuously upon the liar he does what he and his surrogates do and peddle the prepared lies out......He unveiled what he truly thinks of those who are resigned to the dark hopeless world of drug addiction in a society that needs education on causes and an adult conversation about those who are in agony.

                  Turns out that when a man is cornered by all his lies and all his wrongs......

                  He exposes his true self and unveils what he really thinks of all those who he once claimed to stand with and stand for......


                  NYT Reporter Hits Back At Trump, Says She Knows Who The 'Drunk/Drugged-Up Loser' Is

                  All those times he held weeping parents and devastated relatives of dead overdose victims. All those times he looked them in the eye....In his mind he was looking at the families of Drugged Up Losers.

                  But that's what happens when the veil is lifted under the scrutiny of truth and the looming day of reckoning....you turn on those who you conned first.

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                  Pundit Post

                  Vulture Capitalist


                      It's official, Hannity feasts off the carcasses of the victims of trickle down economics and Bush + 45*'s tax cuts. How typical of GOP hypocrisy that one of the loudest voices against entitlements has enriched himself with an entitlement program.

                      More than 870 homes in seven different states have been purchased over the past decade, ranging from large mansions to rentals for low-income families, according to the newspaper.

                      For some of the mortgages, Hannity reportedly obtained funding from HUD under the National Housing Act loan program, which was first guaranteed under President Obama’s administration.

                      Secretary Ben Carson’s department recently increased Hannity’s original $17.9 million mortgage for purchases in Georgia by an additional $5 million, records obtained by the Guardian show.

                      It's time to actively organize a boycott campaign against Hannity's sponsors. Maybe we can enlist David Hogg to help us out.

                      It's just getting to hard to determine who is the most despicable of 45*'s minions. Without a doubt, Hannity is the most despicable sewer mouth on any medium.


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                      Smog And Disasters Spurred The Laws Trump Wants To Undo


                          A huge oil spill. A river catching fire. Lakes so polluted they were too dangerous for fishing or swimming. Air so thick with smog it was impossible to see the horizon. That was the environmental state of the nation 50 years ago.

                          But early in the 1970s people demonstrated throughout our nation, and a different kind of Congress than that which we have today, was instrumental in creating the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with important legislation: The Clean Air Act; Clean Water Act; and the Endangered Species Act.

                          Today, Trump and his miserable Republican Congress have been doing whatever they can to get rid of the Environmental Protection Agency and the very Acts that have helped to keep us in clean air, water and non poisonous food, as well as protecting animal species that are in danger of extinction. The man that heads the EPA - appointed by Trump - is more interested in spending our tax money on himself than he is on keeping us free from pollution.

                          Livia Albeck and Kendra Pierre-Louis have written an article (which I have edited for length) to remind us af what triggered the creation of the EPA, and why it is so important to keep it and our clean air, water and food acts, as well as our protection of endangered animals.


                          The Santa Barbara Oil Spill

                          On January 28, 1969, an oil rig exploded off the coast of Santa Barbara, Calif., spewing three million gallons of crude oil into the ocean in one of the worst environmental disasters in the history of the United States.

                          At the time, there were no federal measures in place to regulate offshore drilling.

                          After the spill local officials pleaded with the federal government to end oil exploration off the California coast. But it was not until 1978 that the first federal regulations were passed.

                          A Santa Barbara beach in 1969. The oil spill killed thousands of birds, seals and sea lions. CreditVernon Merritt III/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

                          The Cuyahoga River Fire

                          On June 22, 1969, the Cuyahoga River near Cleveland caught fire — both literally and in the public imagination. A few months later the conflagration became a big story in Time magazine, which described the Cuyahoga as a river that “oozes rather than flows.”
                          The Cuyahoga River in Cleveland in 1952. The river burned at least 13 times before the 1969 fire that was covered by Time magazine. CreditGetty Images

                          The Love Canal Disaster

                          In the late 1970s, residents of Love Canal in Niagara Falls, N.Y., began complaining of odd smells, rashes and liquid leaching into the basementsof their homes. Decades earlier, the Hooker Chemical Company had dumped toxic waste in the canal and buried it. Outraged, the residents of Love Canal organized and were eventually relocated from their town.
                          While the residents of Love Canal were not the first or only community to confront the toxic legacy of industry, their plight caught the attention of national media, and ultimately, helped prompt the creation of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act,

                          THE SMOG FILLED SKIES

                          The Philadelphia city center at sunset in 1973.CreditU.S. National Archives

                          Pittsburghers used to say that if you wore a white shirt to work in the morning, that the shirt would be as gray as the air by lunchtime. In cities and towns throughout the country, Americans didn’t just breathe the air, they could all but touch it. In the nation’s National Parks, air pollution clouded the views.
                          This was the United States before the 1970s Clean Air Act.

                          In recent months the Trump administration has signaled its desire to undo some of parts of the act. Mr. Pruitt, the E.P.A. administrator, has said that Obama-era car emissions standards designed to reduce greenhouse gasses and other pollutants linked to respiratory diseases and heart disease are set “too high.”

                          THE NEAR EXTINCTION OF THE GREY WOLF

                          In the early 1970s, the gray wolf was teetering on the edge of extinction in the lower 48 states.
                          In its company were dozens of other species at risk of dying out, with few laws to protect them.
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                          Pundit Post

                          Outrageous -- Texas Students Asked To List Positive Aspects Of Slavery!!


                              I have been much busier these days working on traditional tech stuff, and so less time to join in the discussion.

                              However, this really caught my attention. I grew up in Texas, and yeah I heard the balanced-view concept of slavery a few times. I also heard about how hard it was on the South when Slavery ended, how it was unfair.

                              I really thought ~30 years later we would be beyond this grotesque nonsense. Apparently not.


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                              Trump Lied To Me About His Wealth To Get Onto The Forbes 400.


                                  Trump lied? How can that be? Why would the greatest man in history have to lie? Well, maybe because he isn't so great as he would like people to think. So an interview from the 1980's has been discovered where Trump pretends to be someone who represents Trump and tells the interviewer a pack of lies so that he, Trump, can get on the front cover of Forbes magazine. We wonder why Trump doesn't want to share his tax returns huh?

                                  Then there was this John Miller person who supposedly was Trump's publicist when in reality guess who was posing as John Miller? One would think Trump wouldn't be so dumb and use such a generic name as John Miller. He should have used something more unusual such as maybe, Joe Smith?

                                  How desperate and sick does one have to be to lie about who they are? The more we learn about Trump the more disgusting he becomes.


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                                  Students Across US Renew Demand For Gun Safety In Second Walkout


                                      Today, is the second National School Walkout where thousands of students across the nation are saying "We won't stop" working for gun safety. These students, in the thousands, are taking action against gun violence, and adults are also supporting them.

                                      Each time zone will see students leaving their class rooms at 10 a.m. where they will be observing moments of silence for those who have already been victims of gun violence, and then many will be going to rallies after the walk out chanting ""Enough is enough. Children are dying. Children are being hurt. We won't stop."

                                      For the second time in two months, thousands of students from across the country are streaming out of class Friday as part of a National School Walkout to demand action on gun reform -- even as Florida police investigate a fresh shooting that injured a student Friday morning.

                                      Before Friday's walkouts began, the latest school shooting happened in Ocala, Florida, northwest of Orlando. Police said a student was shot in the ankle at Ocala's Forest High School, and a suspect is in custody

                                      Friday's walkouts, while drawing momentum from February's mass shooting at South Florida's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, also marks the 1999 Columbine High School massacre in Colorado in which two gunmen killed 12 students and a teacher.

                                      I think the youth are the movement that is going to change and better our country."

                                      Read he entire report: https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/20/us/national-school-walkout/index.html

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                                      Pundit Post

                                      Democratic Party Files Lawsuit Alleging Russia And The Trump Campaign



                                          President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin talk at a November 2017 summit in Danang, Vietnam.

                                          The Democratic National Committee filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit Friday against the Russian government, the Trump campaign and the WikiLeaks organization alleging a far-reaching conspiracy to disrupt the 2016 campaign and tilt the election to Donald Trump.

                                          The complaint, filed in federal district court in Manhattan, alleges that top Trump campaign officials conspired with the Russian government and its military spy agency to hurt Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and help Trump by hacking the computer networks of the Democratic Party and disseminating stolen material found there.

                                          “During the 2016 presidential campaign, Russia launched an all-out assault on our democracy, and it found a willing and active partner in Donald Trump’s campaign,” DNC Chairman Tom Perez said in a statement.

                                          This constituted an act of unprecedented treachery: the campaign of a nominee for President of the United States in league with a hostile foreign power to bolster its own chance to win the presidency,” he said.

                                          The case asserts that the Russian hacking campaign — combined with Trump associates’ contacts with Russia and the campaign’s public cheerleading of the hacks — amounted to an illegal conspiracy to interfere in the election that caused serious damage to the Democratic Party.

                                          Senate investigators and prosecutors for special counsel Robert S. Mueller III are still investigating whether Trump associates coordinated with the Russian efforts. Last month, House Intelligence Committee Republicans said they found no evidence that President Trump and his affiliates colluded with Russian officials to sway the election or that the Kremlin sought to help him — a conclusion rejected by the panel’s Democrats.

                                          The president has repeatedly rejected any collusion or improper activity by his campaign. This week, he referred again in a tweet to the “phony Russia investigation where, by the way, there was NO COLLUSION (except by the Dems).”

                                          Suing a foreign country may present legal challenges for the Democrats, in part because other nations have immunity from most U.S. lawsuits. The DNC’s complaint argues Russia is not entitled to the protection because the hack constituted a trespass on the party’s private property.

                                          The lawsuit echoes a similar legal tactic that the Democratic Party used during the Watergate scandal. In 1972, the DNC filed suit against former president Richard Nixon’s reelection committee seeking $1 million in damages for the break-in at Democratic headquarters in the Watergate building.

                                          The suit was denounced at the time by Nixon’s Attorney General, John Mitchell, who called it a case of “sheer demagoguery” by the DNC. But the civil action brought by former DNC chair Lawrence F. O’Brien was ultimately successful, yielding a $750,000 settlement from the Nixon campaign that was reached on the day in 1974 that Nixon left office.

                                          The suit filed Friday seeks millions of dollars in compensation to offset damage it claims the party suffered from the hacks. The DNC argues that the cyberattack undermined its ability to communicate with voters, collect donations and operate effectively as its employees faced personal harassment and, in some cases, death threats.

                                          The suit also seeks an acknowledgment from the defendants that they conspired to infiltrate the Democrats’ computers, steal information and disseminate it to influence the election.

                                          To support its case, the lawsuit offers a detailed narrative of the DNC hacks, as well as episodes in which key Trump aides are alleged to have been told Russia held damaging information about Clinton.

                                          The suit does not name Trump as a defendant. Instead, it targets various Trump aides who met with people believed to be affiliated with Russia during the campaign, including the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., his son-in-law Jared Kushner, his campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Manafort’s deputy, Rick Gates.

                                          Manafort and Gates were charged with money-laundering, fraud and tax evasion in a case brought by special prosecutors last year. In February, Gates pleaded guilty to conspiracy and lying to the FBI and is cooperating with investigators. Manafort has pleaded not guilty.

                                          The DNC lawsuit also names as a defendant the Russian military intelligence service, the GRU, which has been accused by the U.S. government of orchestrating the hacks, as well as WikiLeaks, which published the DNC’s stolen emails, and the group’s founder Julian Assange.

                                          The lawsuit was also filed against Roger Stone, the longtime Trump confidante who claimed during the campaign that he was in contact with Assange.

                                          The Trump advisers and associates have denied assisting Russia in its hacking campaign. Stone has denied any communication with Assange or advance knowledge of the document dumps by WikiLeaks, saying his comments about Assange were jokes or exaggerations.

                                          The DNC lawsuit argues that the Russian government and the GRU violated a series of laws by orchestrating the secret intrusion into the Democrats’ computer systems, including statutes to protect trade secrets, prohibit wire tapping and prevent trespassing.

                                          The party said the Trump defendants committed conspiracy through their interaction with Russian agents and their public encouragement of the hacking, with the campaign itself acting as a racketeering enterprise promoting illegal activity.

                                          The complaint was filed on behalf of the party by the law firm of Cohen Milstein.

                                          The suit contains previously undisclosed details, including that the specific date when the Russians breached the DNC computer system: July 27, 2015, according to forensic evidence cited in the filing.

                                          The analysis shows the system was breached again on April 18, 2016. The hackers began siphoning documents and information from DNC systems on April 22. The suit notes that four days later, Trump foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos was informed by Josef Mifsud, a London-based professor, that the Russians were in possession of thousands of emails that could be damaging to Clinton.

                                          The list of defendants in the suit includes Papadopoulos and Mifsud, as well as Aras and Emin Agalarov, the wealthy Russian father and son who hosted the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow in 2013. Trump, who owned the pageant, attended the event.

                                          The father and son also played a role in arranging a meeting for a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower in New York in 2016, at which Donald Trump Jr. had expected to be given damaging information about Clinton.

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