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Towering Trumpferno: Meltdown Or Misdirection?


      The Towering Trumpferno

      Meltdown or Misdirection?

      By Ray Cunneff


      In the last week, there's been a great deal of speculation, especially following his disastrous performance at Monday night's debate with Hillary Clinton, that Donald Trump had gone into "meltdown mode".

      His surrogates have transitioned from a whiplash-inducing spin machine to a fact-free, wrong-is-right alternate reality echo chamber. And the candidate himself has moved from excuses to paranoia, spewing blame, plots and countless systems, primaries, polls, conventions and potential elections all "rigged" against him.

      But Trump has a long history of promoting conspiracy theories that target his opponents and turning to wacky, fringe sources to confirm them, from "birtherism" against Obama to falsely tying Sen. Ted Cruz's father to the JFK assassination.

      This week, Trump accused plotters of rigging his microphone to undermine his debate performance and accused Google of "suppressing the bad news about Hillary Clinton," a debunked story that originated on a Russian propaganda site.

      And he and his surrogates have relentlessly cited non-scientific fan surveys at sites like Breitbart in an attempt to prove he won the debate, "polls" which his campaign insists are more reliable than rigorously conducted polls showing he lost the debate by a wide margin.

      Since the debate, Trump has tended to "cocoon himself in an alternate reality" of fawning commentary that has created conflict within his campaign and precipitated a political crisis less than two weeks from the second presidential debate.

      Trump stopped doing press conferences two months ago and has largely confined himself to interviews with friendly conservative outlets, like "Fox & Friends" which further insulates him from outside views.

      Are these signs of meltdown or a cunning strategy?

      In just the past week:

      • It was discovered that the Trump Foundation failed to properly register to legally become a charity and to raise money from donations.
      • It was reported that Trump's company secretly pursued business deals in Cuba during the 1990's in violation of the U.S. embargo.
      • It was revealed that Russian investments and possible indebtedness have dominated Trump's asset portfolio since at least 2008 and may be the reason he refuses to release his tax returns.
      • It was reported that Trump told managers at his California golf club to fire hostesses that Trump found "not pretty enough".
      • In the wee hours early Friday, reportedly against the wishes of his campaign managers, he went on a xenophobic, racist, and sexist tirade on Twitter against former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

      But due to the shallow sensationalism, the "Dancing With The Stars"-type coverage that mostly dominates the 24/7 news cycle, Trump dodges more bullets.

      In terms of media manipulation, Trump's 3:30 am Tweet-storm against Ms. Machado is dominating the news coverage while questions about Cuba, Russia, tax returns or his unregistered foundation are pushed to the back-burner.

      He may be crazy but he's not stupid.

      Trump is not just a showman, he's a media-savvy magician, using a misdirection to get you looking in the wrong place. He knows the other issues are far more potentially damaging to his campaign than calling a former Miss Universe "Miss Piggy".

      Meltdown or not, he's nonetheless playing everyone, but most of all the media.

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      GOP Blocks Probes Into Trump-Russia Ties


          Republican behavior this election threatens our democracy. It is becoming clear that Trump and other Republicans have allied with Putin to attempt to influence the election in Trump's favor. I fear we wake up after the election to learn the Russians hacked the Pennsylvania voting machines and Trump has pulled out a surprise victory. Then we pull out of NATO and sell Alaska back to the Russians.


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          Is Trump In A Complete Meltdown?


              Starting the day off by scanning through over forty news sources it appears the number one story is about Trump starting his day with vicious tweets attacking former Ms. Universe Alicia Machado. The second biggest story is about Trump's campaign team shifting the direction of Trump's attacks on Hillary and going after her husband's past infidelity. It appears that the first debate between Hillary and Trump has totally unhinged Trump and he is going to go on an all out assault not only on Hillary but anyone who appears in the news or on Hillary's campaign ads but what is it we are not seeing from Trump? What we are not seeing is Trump talk about the issues but rather going all over the place defending himself from violating the law and having business deals with Cuba during the embargo, an investigation into his foundation, his refusal to reveal his tax returns before the election, his financial dealings with the Russian oligarchs and the list goes on to even the smallest thing such as we see now, viciously attacking Alicia Machado with lies and no proof whatsoever regarding his claims about her past. This isn't the picture of someone suitable to become president, this is a picture of a man on a personal vendetta aimed at smearing everyone under the sun who doesn't agree with him or who calls out his lies. If the media isn't rigged, then it's the moderators of the debates who are rigged and if that isn't enough then it is the entire political system and the election itself which is rigged. Does this sound like a man who has it under control or does this sound like someone who is becoming unglued and no longer can deal with reality. Is this the beginning of the end we are witnessing unfold for The Donald?

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                  The stuff coming out about this man is mind boggling. It's becoming almost impossible to keep up with it. Earlier today it was him trying to invest in Cuba. Now this. Just one long chain of repeatedly breaking the law. It's surreal.


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                  Hackers Infect Army Of Cameras, DVRs For Massive Internet Attacks


                      The more connected we become, the more vulnerable we are.

                      I was very pleased to see that when my credit union issued me a new debit card, it did NOT have the new chip that is supposedly mandated.

                      My supermarket was required by the feds to install new machines at the checkout that could read the new chips, but there is a taped notice that they are still missing the necessary software.

                      The whole movement to get rid of cash, which is way advanced in Sweden, is misguided and (I believe) actually dangerous.

                      Security and intelligence agencies all over the world are going back to typewriters and couriers for certain sensitive messages, because they are un-hackable.

                      After having abolished instruction in taking star sights by sextant--because we had GPS, right?--the Navy reinstated sextant instruction after it realized how vulnerable GPS and other electronic systems are to hacking.

                      Making our entire lives and all our information more hackable with no alternatives is not "progress."

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                      Pundit Post

                      Do Newspapers And Their Endorsements Even Matter Anymore?


                          I'm sure many newspaper editors and their editorial boards are in despair over who to endorse.

                          The Chicago Tribune sees their best choice for President of the most powerful country in the world as a guy who stood stumped when asked to name one world leader.

                          USA Today has had a policy of never endorsing any presidential candidate, and could have sat out this one too, but instead endorsed Hillary.

                          Meanwhile, papers that have always endorsed Republican candidates and have broken with precedent to endorse Hillary have lost hundreds or thousand of subscribers.


                          Many in the media have felt empowered to openly proclaim their partisan bias against Trump, expecting (and receiving) applause as they do so.

                          The once-venerated myth of journalistic impartiality (if it ever really existed) has long since been laid to rest.

                          I suppose some could blame this on the extraordinary nature of this election cycle and on changes in the media world.

                          Over all this looms the larger question:

                          Do newspapers and their endorsements even matter anymore?

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                          Pundit Post



                              Internet Cesspool’s Cozy Relationship

                              with the Trump Campaign’s Site

                              Linked to 8Chan, the Campaign

                              Seeks Support from its Lurkers

                              An Introduction to 8Chan

                              For the past several months on these threads I’ve noted the linkage between Trump’s official website and the cesspool site, 8Chan, which is a major home for the Alt-Right as well as other White Supremacists, anti-Semites and their related sexual deviants, pedophiles and even Satanists. A recent article on the VICE NEWS website also notes this connection with some background on 8Chan:


                              A few months ago when the media trashed Trump for his anti-Semitic meme, they missed Trump’s smiling face on a Trump for President Campaign ad at the bottom of the anti-Semitic board which was a click through to Trump’s official campaign website soliciting recruits and money:


                              A Closer Look by Others but Trump Connection Ignored

                              This is the board cited in the article by MIC which first broke the anti-Semitic meme story (linked at “originally existed” in the article):


                              They and several others have done articles on this generally vile 8Chan site but also failed to mention the Trump ads at the bottom of most all the thousands of boards there:


                              However, in 8Chan’s achieves there is a click through link to the Trump site dating back to September 2015 and these Trump ads are noted in a Tweet from back then:



                              How Bad is 8Chan? Bad! Really Bad! SHOCKING!!!

                              Of the almost 11,000 mostly sleazy and shocking public boards at 8Chan, over 95% are listed as Not Safe for Work. Some of the board names speak for themselves such as /deadniggerstorage/, /whitenationalism/, /gasthejews/, /necrophilia/, /zoophilia/, /pedotalk/, /loli/, /pee/, /occult/, /suicide/, etc. Virtually all these boards have had ads with the meme of Trump for President which is a click link to the official Trump Campaign site. Most are so vile and disgusting, I’d prefer not to directly link to them. However, here’s an anti-Semitic Holocaust Denial board for a taste of what’s there by the thousands:


                              How about a pay for sex board or a couple of boards with the wonders of little girls with big guns and those smoking their lives away from among the many hundreds of soft-core child porn boards all linked to Trump’s site? These are some of the mildest boards. (WARNING: Adult content. No one under 18 should view):




                              How Did the Trump Campaign Ads Get There?

                              The purchase of ads on 8Chan is not some random, inadvertent or automatic action. It must be done personally by way of SoftServe. Anyone making this purchase for 8Chan has to know the nature of the site and what they are supporting with their ad money.

                              8Chan has traffic of about 14 million a month. As with most “Chan” sites, these are mostly all men, and in the US, likely mostly White who have not been big on voting. From these there have generally been several hundred to well over a thousand referrals a day to the Trump Campaign site.

                              A review of the traffic to the Trump site from 8Chan summarized by SimilarWeb (where it is listed as an “Adult” site, meaning it contains hardcore pornography) shows that for June through August of this year, 8Chan has been among the top 5 referring sites to Trump’s site, even ahead of both Breitbart and Fox News!!!

                              What the Trump Campaign Knows

                              Almost anybody might have purchased these ads. They might even have been placed there gratis by the expat pig farmer in the Philippines who owns and runs 8Chan (you can’t make this stuff up!!!). As is the case with any website like this, the Trump site will have a record of where this traffic is coming from.

                              So, regardless of how the Trump Campaign ads got there, the Trump Campaign, if not Trump himself, knows that they are there and that they bring significant traffic to the Trump site.

                              Further, since they know exactly where this traffic is coming from, they know just the kind of material they are supporting and from whom they are soliciting recruits and donations.

                              If the Trump campaign or Trump himself didn’t want this connection, they could at anytime have blocked 8Chan or done what Trump is so fond of doing, threaten to sue the 8Chan site forcing them to take down the Trump ads and sever the linkage to the Trump site. They did not.

                              Maybe they see something to be gained from this deplorable site with its deplorable aficionados.

                              Trump for President presents a few more images from the Internet boards he loves so much:

                              PS -- Trump Pledges to Crack Down on Internet Porn (again, you can’t make this stuff up!!!):


                              Reference Sites:



                              Not Safe For Work Analysis for 8Chan:


                              At the bottom of the main page of 8Chan, it shows almost 11,000 public boards. Using their NSFW filter under “Search” it reduces this to well under 500 public boards. Thus, over 95% of the boards at 8Chan are NSFW.

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                              Woman Paints Donald Trump's Face On Nearly 400 Pound Pumpkin


                                  With Halloween and the gourd fest soon upon us, Pumpkins are a popular item this year. Not only because of this Pumpkin Spice insanity, but because of the election as well. The demand for the Orange, seedy, and hollow fall staple is being driven by it's almost natural similarity to Donald Trump. Checkers are reporting that 7 in 10 customers have plans for the Trump-o-kins, with some sort of mop being one of the best selling accessories. A truly spooky Halloween awaits...



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                                  Breaking News Senate 97 To 1- Override Obama Veto


                                      The Senate has the votes. 97-1 to over ride Obama's Veto. CIA just spoke saying Congress is making a mistake and this leaves Diplomats and military at risk of law suites and it under minds the use of Drones as well.

                                      The 97-1 vote easily surpassed the 67 votes required to override a presidential veto. It now goes to the House where a similar outcome is expected later Wednesday, meaning Obama will suffer his first veto override in his nearly 8 years in office and the bill will become law despite his opposition.


                                      Just added CIA warning: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/wp/2016/09/27/senate-poised-to-vote-to-override-obamas-veto-of-911-bill/

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