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"Red Wave"? Does Trump Once Again Know Something We Didn't In 2016?


      Trump tweeted today about a "Red Wave" in the 2018 mid-terms.

      Uh, we've heard these types of little hints before.

      Given his claims that the 2016 election was rigged, and his shout out to Russia to find Hillary's emails (a task already underway by the time he said that), should we be concerned about an increased level of voter interference from Russia in 2018?

      Does Trump, once again, know something we don't?

      Should there be increased observation in areas where Republicans are being successfully challenged?

      I think our intelligence community should be all over making sure each voting system in the country has not been or will not be tampered with.

      I think every state's election aparatus/infrastructure had better be under strict scrutiny and tested before election day. I specifically mean any machines used in collecting and/or counting votes.

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      In The Footsteps Of Hitler: Rising Authoritarianism Under Trumpism


          I have a long time friend, a former student many decades past, who is an outstanding educator in another red state. It is her home state. Born and raised there. She returned there to teach and for many years was happy doing so. Yes, the state was very conservative, very traditional, but many of the GOP were center right and there was a sprinkling of Democrats holding statewide and local offices to provide balance. While elections always seemed to bring out the worst in some people, most remained polite and generally reasonable....no longer. The shift to the right by the GOP, its identification with retrograde, regressive, reactionary movements, and its politics of division that have been in place since the advent of 21st century. Desperate to hold onto a base it has played into a minority, although virulent, body of angry, fearful, vengeful voters. And Trump is the both the result of this playbook and the catalyst for a movement that has shifted into authoritarian territory...here is her reflection/venting from an e mail...sent to me a couple of days ago. The woman, the mother of two fine young men, an accomplished and respected educator whose understanding of history and political science make her observations particularly poignant.

          Trump. I hate him. He just keeps furthering the political divide. He keeps calling democrats the problem when they aren’t. He is setting us all up. If his party wins at midterm, I fully expect an end to Mueller investigation.

          And I am getting worried that things will become dangerous for Democrats. Fox News, Alex Jones, Brietbart have completely turned the Republican lower class group into a crazy angry mob......with guns.....living on lies.

          They literally live to agree with every racist, xenophobic, cult worshipping thing Trump says. I feel like it’s 1933.

          The perfect storm is already here, and all we are waiting for is our own "Reichstag fire.

          My fear is that too few are paying attention. My fear is that the great majority doesn't believe it can happen here. It can. We already see friends, family, neighbors dead set on what they know to be true and unwilling to listen to any alternatives. The stand proudly with their MAGA hats in place proudly embracing the irrational, rooted in raw emotion. They refuse to look at evidence of his lies. And they shut out the person(s) who try to reason with them peacefully.

          Those who are literally defending breaking up families and locking up kids at the border have turned their back on American ideals and values. If they are that far gone I believe they will look the other way when Trump attacks "unAmerican traitors" (i.e. his opponents, the non-believers) among those he is supposed to be serving...indeed who he swore to serve and protect.

          A serious foreign terrorist attack right now would be all it would take to move us from Democratic Republic to Fascist State. He has already set us on the path to full conversion into a corporate state only valuing the rich and powerful over workers. He has increased the military budget to war time levels. He has isolated us from the allies who have stood by us and turned to authoritarian dictatorships in admiration and an open hand. He has removed us from international watch groups, and aligned us with dictators who would welcome a US that the world no longer looks to for hope.

          We are standing on the edge of a cliff and hardly anyone I know is even vaguely aware of this.

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          George Will Said What?



              George Will is tired of his own party.

              Anybody who is over 30 and has spent anytime reading political columns or televised political punditry know who George Will is. He is a conservative thinker, a Republican, an American who eschews liberalism. To read his words about those of his party, now in control of Capitol Hill, is a stunner. He say's, in so many words, they, the Republicans, need to go. They need to be voted out of office, they need to be made a minority in Congress. Why you may ask? For one, for not putting into play actions allowed by law, if not demanded by law, to removed Donald Trump from office.

              Evidently, based on his own words, even George Will knows his most favored party is being run by nuts and they, the party of national pride, is running the nation into the ground.

              Excerpt ---> "The principle: The congressional Republican caucuses must be substantially reduced. So substantially that their remnants, reduced to minorities, will be stripped of the Constitution’s Article I powers that they have been too invertebrate to use against the current wielder of Article II powers. They will then have leisure time to wonder why they worked so hard to achieve membership in a legislature whose unexercised muscles have atrophied because of people like them."

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              If You Voted For Trump, YOU Are The Bad Guy


                  This is where I have been since Trump first came down that escalator in 2015. I suspect many others have been here for awhile as well. I would like to see this go viral.

                  Donny Deutsch, who is a friend of Michael Cohen, is now saying if you voted for Trump, YOU are the bad guy. Not just Trump. AMEN!!!

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                  Trump's America: The New Political Correctness


                      Trump's America:

                      The New Political Correctness

                      Politically Incorrect

                      Politically Correct

                      By Ray Cunneff

                      June 22, 2018

                      As many of you know, it was a regular feature of mine on Fridays to post a "Cartoon Roundup" of political cartoons I would select from a regular feature at POLITICO.

                      Several weeks ago, I commented that I was unable to do that on a regular basis anymore because, not only were there far fewer to choose from, I had recognized a significant shift to the right, particularly many more favorable to Trump and the Trumpist agenda.

                      I would usually post eight-to-ten cartoons that I thought were both relevant and well-executed from an average pool of about sixteen or so. (Sometimes an otherwise brilliant cartoon was poorly drawn and had IMO to be rejected.) But the pool has been steadily shrinking in recent months while a greater percentage seem to reflect Trumpist values, particularly regarding immigration.

                      Last week, award-winning, 25-year veteran political cartoonist Rob Rogers was fired by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for cartoons (top) judged to be anti-Trump - although Rogers was widely recognized as being equally critical on all sides of the political spectrum.

                      Snopes.com was asked to fact-check the question "Was Rogers fired for anti-Trump cartoons?" and the answer came back "Mostly True".


                      Rob Rogers was fired by his newspaper after creating a cartoon which featured President Donald Trump snatching a child immigrant.


                      WHAT'S TRUE:

                      Rob Rogers was fired by the 'Pittsburgh Post-Gazette' after the newspaper rejected a number of cartoons critical of Donald Trump's presidential policies.

                      WHAT'S FALSE:

                      Rogers' firing wasn't based on one single cartoon.


                      In June 2018, longtime Pittsburgh Post-Gazette cartoonist Rob Rogers was fired after a number of his drawings were rejected by the paper. Shortly after the news broke, a tweet purportedly showing the cartoon that proved to be the final straw in Rogers’ relationship with the paper went viral:

                      The cartoon was created by Rob Rogers shortly before he lost his position at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, but his firing was not based solely on this image but one of several anti-Trump cartoons that was rejected by the paper shortly before he was let go.

                      Rogers’ cartoons have regularly appeared in the newspaper since he was first hired in 1993. In 2018, however, he noticed that more of his cartoons were being killed after a new editorial director joined the paper.

                      For the past week, there’s been a feature noticeably absent from the editorial pages of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette — the political cartoons of award-winning cartoonist Rob Rogers.

                      Rogers, who has drawn cartoons for the Post-Gazette since 1993, has seen six cartoons killed in a row by Keith Burris, who took over as the newspaper’s editorial director in March when the paper’s editorial board merged with its sister newspaper, the Toledo Blade. The cartoons included criticism of President Trump and of the NFL’s decision to prohibit players from protesting racial injustice during the national anthem.

                      Several of the drawings the paper rejected were critical of the president and his policies, but others dealt with issues not specifically tied to the president. For instance, Rogers’ cartoon mocking Roseanne Barr and her “Ambien” excuse for making racist remarks was also rejected. Rogers posted that cartoon, as well as many of his other spiked drawings, to his Twitter page:

                      Sad to report this update: Today, after 25 years as the editorial cartoonist

                      for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, I was fired.

                      For more:

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                      Tone Deaf: Melania's Jacket


                          Tone Deaf: Melania's Jacket

                          Mixed Message Or Just Oblivious?

                          When The Daily Mail first excoriated Melania Trump for her jacket, many assumed it had to be fake, some Photoshop trickery, because HOW COULD THIS BE REAL?!

                          But FLOTUS's press secretary Stephanie Grisham confirmed the photo was real, that Melania did indeed wear a Zara jacket that is literally emblazoned with the words: "I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?" as she left for Texas to visit the child-immigrant detention centers.

                          What in the world was she thinking?

                          (Or was this really another dog-whistle message to the base?)

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                          Here's A Twist!


                              21 Military JAG Officers "Loaned"...To Border

                              It seems Jeff can't do the job he's being required by the human middle finger to do, so the entire military budget (just approved) will be available to him for the purposes of securing the border. This while Trump Cuts Legal aid for migrant kids.

                              Additionally, and perhaps even more importantly, the Trump Administration is set to merge the Departments of Education and Labor. No, REALLY!

                              https://www.dailykos.com/blog/Bud Fields

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                              RE-POST Trump's Immigration Plans The Ugly Truth Of Racist Intent


                                  I'm re-posting this article because hardly anyone saw it, garnering a paltry 50 points before disappearing deep into the queue, and because I think it's one of the most important pieces I've written for Yabberz.

                                  Trump's campaign rally tonight in Duluth could be a barn-burner. He's never felt the kind of blowback he's feeling over his "Zero Tolerance" child-separation debacle and the nearly universal condemnation it has produced. He's clearly stressed, in need of an adulation fix, and will be looking to fire up his base.

                                  "Putting out the fire with gasoline"

                                  And speaking of fire, something else occurs to me, yet another aspect of Donald Trump's psychopathology, something that has been illustrated in a variety of seemingly unrelated issues from the DACA kids, to North Korea, and now his "Zero Tolerance" human rights violations.

                                  It's sometimes referred to as the Arsonist-Hero Syndrome, a phenomenon affecting people who seek adulation or recognition, usually by creating a desperate situation which they can then conspicuously resolve.

                                  In its most extreme expression, it can include violent or otherwise unlawful acts, such as arson. The arsonist-hero starts the fire, then 'heroically' puts it out.

                                  The phenomenon is usually associated with civil servants, firefighters, nurses, police officers, and security guards. But when the arsonist-hero syndrome affects the President of the United States, the whole world could burn.

                                  RVC 6-20-2018

                                  Trump's Immigration Plans

                                  The Ugly Truth Of Racist Intent

                                  JOHN MOORE VIA GETTY IMAGES

                                  By Ray Cunneff

                                  June 19, 2018

                                  The attached POLITICO article describes additional steps being contemplated by Trump staffers to further crackdown on immigration, legal or illegal.

                                  It seems the White House immigration hardliners have been quietly refining their plans for the 2018 midterm elections, targeting the rules on student visas and exchange programs; limiting visas for temporary agricultural workers; making it harder for legal immigrants who have applied for welfare programs to obtain residency; and collecting biometric data from visitors from particular countries.

                                  One of the most provocative proposals would amount to an "end-around" a 1997 court settlement that limits the time migrant children can be kept in government custody.

                                  The Trumpistas have convinced themselves that immigration barriers and crackdowns will be a winning issue for Republicans in the fall and will allow them to remain in control of House and Senate majorities. And with polls today indicating that only 27% of Republicans object to the Trump/Sessions "zero-tolerance" child-separation policy, they apparently feel confident in their base supporters.

                                  Even less attention has (so far) been paid to plans to challenge the status of naturalized U.S. citizens, as several reports have recently surfaced that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has hired dozens of lawyers and immigration officers to launch investigations of naturalized citizens looking for irregularities in their application process that would allow DHS to cancel their U.S. citizenship and to deport them back to their countries of origin.

                                  So now we seem to have coalescing a three-tier Trump anti-immigration plan:

                                  1. A calculatedly cruel policy to "discourage" refugees by separating families and creating "children's gulags".

                                  2. Severe reductions in legal immigration, apart from those with exploitable skills.

                                  3. Purging the rolls of naturalized U.S. citizens, presumably people of color.

                                  What is now becoming clear is that all of this is part of a larger plan, that the child-separation is not an unintended consequence but rather a "calculated cruelty" meant to force asylum seekers to cross the border illegally by delaying or blocking legal refugee application at border crossings. The calculus appears to be that, if they can be prevented from gaining refugee status, they can then be treated as criminals and deported en masse.

                                  In the meantime, the Trump/Fox media machine pounds away to dismiss the entire matter, calling the refugees "invaders", minimizing the brutal conditions at the detention centers as "summer camps" and the child victims as "crisis actors" reading from scripts prepared by bleeding heart lawyers and "open border liberals".

                                  And Trump himself tweets that these are MS-13 criminal gang members seeking to "infest" America, the semantic reveal of their racist intent by equating these desperate human beings with animals.


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                                  Trump's Revolting G-7 Behavior


                                      CBS News correspondent Ian Bremmer reports that during the now-famous viral photo, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pressured Trump to sign a pledge committing the U.S. to adhere to a rules-based international order.

                                      “Trump was sitting there with his arms crossed, clearly not liking the fact that he felt like they were ganging up on him,” Bremmer reported. “Eventually he agreed. He said, okay I’ll sign it.”

                                      But what Trump did immediately afterward, left world leaders stunned in disbelief.

                                      “At that point, he stood up, he put his hand in his suit jacket pocket and he took two Starburst candies out, threw them on the table and said to Merkel, ‘Here, Angela, don’t say I never gave you anything,’” Bremmer explained.

                                      According to the correspondent, the exchange highlighted Trump’s fragile “emotional state.”

                                      Trump also decided to remove his name from the document later.

                                      “His personal relationship with Merkel is deeply broken,” Bremmer added. “The leaders obviously do not respect each other.”

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                                      Fear Where Your Heart Should Be


                                          Let me start by saying that up until now the most deadly invasion to ever occur in the continent of America was the infestation of white puritan Europeans who almost wiped out an entire race of brown natives. Like a disease spreading across large swathes of America where tribes lived with the lands and the lands provided in perfect balance.

                                          That was lost centuries ago along with millions of native tribes men and women wiped out, we know it better as a genocide although there are those who will defend the killing, the rape and the entirety of the genocide to make room.

                                          Leaving that aside and focussing on the now it is clear that the dark heart of this administration just can't help itself being the hate filled bastards they truly are. Show me how you treat the most vulnerable and you show your true self. If only these little children had the decency to stay foetuses then they may have stood a chance as the hypocritical inhuman ideology of conservatives and republicans and the right and every single person who has no issue with what is being done deliberately.....to children.

                                          America's class of cowardice is on full parade and it hides behind babies and children in cages as they cry for parents ripped away. The cowards who have no actual political agenda other than show their truly disgusting rank hatred all dressed up as fear of tattoo terror in the guise of MS-13, or the belief that immigrants will almost certainly be future Democratic voters or as one scum merchant put it ''infest'' the US.

                                          Let me be very clear. Those who claim to be values voters and support this are nothing but cold hearted hate mongers with racist bones and xenophobic mindsets.

                                          Cowards and liars with a need to hate first and foremost. They need to fear something in order to retain the ability to allow their violent and uncaring nature to manifest. Those who claim to love their country most on the right are those who would defend such out and out inhuman behaviour. History teaches us that the first domain of hate fuelled inhumanity comes from the fears fed and enabled by leadership.

                                          Currently the US is under such a cloud and as of this moment the facts and history 1930's Germany are a creeping threat....to the world.

                                          A majority of republicans agree with the policy of taking children from their parents. The evil and fear and hatred bred within the 2016 version of the GOP is now revealing itself as a party who are responsible for the dehumanising and degrading treatment of people.

                                          Take a listen to Corey Lewandowski on hearing a report of a disabled child being taken from a parent, speaking on the network of choice for the hate filled fascism that has incubated its audience from actual truths....listen to Lewandowski's reaction.....

                                          Of course the soulless vacuous blue eyed blonde haired doesn't react as a parent and a mother........cleary her 'master race' mentality and that of all those who sell the fear don't want the suffering of what they promote and defend to be usurped by the human suffering they promote and have promoted throughout.

                                          From 'Holiday Camps' to 'Child Actors' we have heard the true nature of these thoughts. Better to lie and claim that Detention centres holding children are like holiday camps in the same way that Auschwitz boasted 'En Suite' shower facilities, or that these children are acting rather than being terrified because method acting is taught at an incredibly young age in Central America.

                                          No, these are the lies of those who are hateful beings. So hate filled by the sight of brown and black people that they openly lie and feed fear to the minds other people who hate the sight of those same refugees and minorities.

                                          At present they feel emboldened as their narrative of fear becomes actual policy. Round em up and send em back and defend the separation of mother and or father and child. The man they see as their saviour in the White House is doing this because he knows his message based upon a massive lie.

                                          Those lies he tells and those who defend those lies are having their time in the cold light of day. The problem for those telling these lies are the truths being told and the reaction to the truth of crying children, the uncaring nature of those detaining these children.

                                          The extremists who support this policy decision and policy reality are those who have sold fear. That fear has taken place where their hearts should. The vast majority of those with heart will overcome those who thrive in fear. For they are better than those who want the population to fear a child whose eyes sting with the tears of separation.

                                          (Fear Where Your Heart Should Be -Arrows-2018...D. Grohl)

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