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Question For Democratic Voters


      We see this happening quite frequently and that is Democrats voting on a Bill their Party opposes. The question for Democratic voters is. Would you rather see your Democratic law makers stand with the Party on major issues and possibly set themselves up to lose that seat in the future or would you rather see those law makers vote against the Party platform and help push their opponents agenda/Bills? What good is it to win a seat in an election as a Democrat if you are going to vote as a Republican? So each of these Democratic Senators are going to vote for this spending Bill because they get bribed with something in the Bill that will only help their State in some way and no one else. What about the people across our entire Nation who will lose in so many ways through the defunding of critical programs and cutting of budgets which will affect them in so many areas from health care to education?

      How often have we heard people say, "oh they had to vote like a Republican because if they didn't they would lose their seat in a Republic State/District."

      For the record. I would rather see a Democratic law maker stand with the Party on critical Bills and take the chance on losing the seat than have some spineless law maker cave into the opposition every time a critical Bill comes up for vote and they side with the opposition.

      Just curious about how others feel about these law makers. Any thoughts on this subject?


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      Bush Era War Hawk Bolton Replaces McMaster As National Security Adviser


          President Donald Trump has appointed John Bolton, the former US envoy to the UN, as his national security adviser, politically reanimating a strident Bush administration controversial neo-conservative often named as a primary architect of the Iraq War which has destabilized much of the Middle East.

          He was a major player in the effort to build the case that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, which turned out to be wrong.

          Mr Bolton's new role will prove controversial since he remains an unapologetic cheerleader of the 2003 Iraq war, which the US president himself once lambasted as "a big mistake".

          Bolton was once memorably branded by a cable television host as "a massive neocon on steroids".

          Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul described Mr Bolton last year in an op-ed as "hell-bent on repeating virtually every foreign policy mistake the US has made in the last 15 years".

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          It Is Time For The Adults In America To Put The TrumpGOP In Their Place


              Since September of 2016 it has been extremely difficult to keep up with the news. Every day is a new revelation, or an old one receiving an updated revision. New rumors, innuendos, facts and outrage require tracking down and fact checking in a process that takes what seems like forever.

              Then the neutralizing of the spinning dialog by the authors, journalists, politicians, societal leaders and their ilk takes a few more hours. It is simply amazing that some of these people ever passed a sixth grade English class, while it would not be surprising if a fair number of them are merely frustrated Romance, Fantasy, Mystery or Science Fiction wannabe writers, actors or publishers.

              It takes almost no energy to create Fakenews, and even less for someone to claim the legitimate story as fraudulent. And for what undoubtedly will not be the last time I will say this, sound journalism is readily identifiable by those who are not too lazy to read, research and reflect.

              Or you can just be just another FoxSpews automaton. I have to admit, it does make it easier to lose your mind and soul to the Darkside.

              We at the SANE60 have been pushing back against the crazed and stilted carrying-ons of the extremists on both ends of the political spectrum for over two years now, calling these rabble-rousing attention seekers out. It has been an arduous, but necessary task.

              However, it has become readily apparent that with the current state of madness that so undeniably exists within the dogmatic Trump Supporter camps that our hands are now full as we take up the mightier than the sword pen and keyboard in defense of those who are making every effort to protect our nation from the Deplorables.

              Yes, that is what the core Trump supporter is. There is no sugar coating it, and frankly I personally am emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted enough that I simply do not have the patience to accommodate those hand-wringers that fret that calling those bottom dwellers what they truly are is somehow wrong. These misanthropic citizens will never see the light and join the great, American society as it is meant to be.

              Those of us who are fighting for the soul of our nation need only to defeat those who have armed themselves with the embodiment of Hate, Greed and Malice that the current White House resident represents.

              And it would not hurt to help a few choice Senators and US Representatives seek an early retirement.

              This is the time for Moderates to act in conjunction with all those who cannot stand to watch the dismantling of America by the spoiled children and bullies of the Far Right.

              The TrumpGOP needs to be sent to their rooms - and cells, in many cases - until they learn to behave.

              GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

              #Indivisible #Resist7

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              Who Are The Deplorables Voting For Trump? Here Is A Set Of Test Questions


                  Recently I posted about the Deplorable Element within the Trump Supporters that remain loyal and threatening to most other Americans. In the interest of reminding people that not all Trump Supporters fit the definition of Deplorable, I am reproducing my original article from before the election that was originally published on Yabberz over two years ago. It also generated over 1100 comments - a lot of them from those who in fact do fit the definition of "Deplorable" - but as I have reread it, I recognize that these words remain relevant today. - Geoffrey S Jade Barrett, (BridgeTourJade) 22 March 2018

                  So you wish that you could own your non-white neighbor next door, or jail the 13 year old you call a whore down the street who wears the little dress. Or use a Planned Parenthood facility as fuel for your bonfire where you will burn all the books that conflict with your doctrine. You miss the time where the immigrants knew their place and were willing to hide when the police came. You are afraid that your women will be paid as much as you, and will not do as they are told. You can tell the IRS to stuff it, or deny entry to your place of business to faggots and dykes. That you can destroy Federal Property as you see fit. That you are angry because you are unfit to work in any job that you want. That life as you live it sucks and you are angry because it must be somebody else's fault, it cannot be your own. Vigilante Justice is fine with you.

                  We get it. And this is your candidate (and I truly regret to say, your President -

                  BTJ 3/22/18).

                  Better support him now, because it is the last chance that you will get to change the USA into a White Supremacist Theocracy.

                  Republicans - real ones, not the buffoons and 3rd grade speaking racist or ultra right religious freaks - might support the Anti - Hillary vote and that we can live with. The rest of you who claim to love your country but hate more than 60 percent of those who live and work here in their effort to thrive and survive need to be inoculated for Human Rabies, for the infection of Hate cannot be allowed to spread unchecked. What a few facts? Try this for starters, a poll during the primary held in the State of South Carolina.:

                  And to allow a candidate who has sold himself to a news site in return for someone to foot the bill - since he never allows himself to have a personal stake - for his kids' salaries on the campaign is shameful. It has been in the works for months.

                  At Breitbart, pro-Trump coverage is rigidly enforced from the top down, according to two people with knowledge of the site’s editorial process. “Everything that is written about Trump must be approved by Bannon,” said a source who did not wish to be named for fear of retribution. According to this source, Bannon is copied on all stories filed about Trump, and exercises his veto power even for stories that only mention Trump by name or in the context of another person referring to him. “The editors can’t make a move until Bannon responds with ‘Go’ or ‘Hold,’” the source said, adding that his veto extends to the entire Web site. “Tons of reporters would constantly claim that they’d have five stories in their Wordpress just pending, because they’d write it and Bannon wouldn’t approve.” - Vanity Fair

                  To arrange events to pay the maximum fees and to collect a salary himself while campaigning is already a revelation of immensely poor character. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/22/us/politics/dona...

                  He is not only no Republican, he is a lout. And he is all yours.

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                      OK, serious question: Given what we now know, why isn't the Austin bomber being referred to as a "white Christian home-schooled extremist terrorist" in the media?

                      If you're among those who don't think it's a good idea to call others, from other religious, educational, racial groups by similar labels and have publicly said so, you're excused from answering the question.

                      For details: http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-austin-bombing...

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                      Conservative Democrat Dan Lipinski Survives Primary Challenge From The Left


                          Conservative Democrat? He is nothing but a Republican of the Tea Party type. Anti-Pro Choice, Anti-Immigration (Dream Act), Anti-Planned Parenthood, opposes raising min. wage to $15, would allow discriminating against the LGBTQ individuals in the name of “religious liberty,” and most importantly, he did not endorse his own Party's candidate for president. So, will someone tell me why Lipinski is considered to be a Democrat? What litmus test did he pass that allows himself to be called a Democrat? Why is Lipinski allowed to work against his very own Party's official platform and still be called a Democrat and be supported by the likes of the DCCC?

                          This is exactly why I no longer donate to any organization but donate directly to the actual candidates I support. Donating to the likes of the DCCC or the DNC and you do not know where your money is being spent and some of it goes to the blue dogs.

                          Lipinski won by one steenkin point. Yes, I said by one point. Do people now understand why it is so important to get out and vote. Maybe if they did, and I am talking about real Democrats, we wouldn't have this Republican Tea Bagger sitting in Congress calling himself a Democrat voting alongside of the Republicans. The Republicans should extend an invitation to Lipinski to join their Freedom Caucus because his beliefs and theirs are one and the same and votes just like they do.


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                          Suspect In Austin Bombing Attacks Blows Himself Up, Police Say - The Boston Globe


                              "The suspect in the deadly string of bombings that terrorized Austin blew himself up early Wednesday as authorities closed in on him, bringing a grisly end to the three-week manhunt. But police warned that there might be more bombs still out there.

                              "Authorities identified the suspect only as a 24-year-old white man and said his motive remained a mystery, along with whether he acted alone in the five bombings in Texas’ capital and suburban San Antonio that killed two people and wounded four others.

                              "Authorities had zeroed in on the man in the last 24 to 36 hours and located his vehicle at a hotel on Interstate 35 in the suburb of Round Rock, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said at a news conference. They were waiting for ballistic vehicles to arrive to move in for an arrest when his vehicle began to drive away, Manley said. Authorities followed the vehicle, which ran into a ditch on the side of the road, he said.

                              "When members of the SWAT team approached, the suspect detonated an explosive device inside the vehicle, the police chief said. The blast knocked back one officer, while a second officer fired his weapon, Manley said."


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                                  Trump and his people are experts at fooling their base into believing that scandals, collusions and abuses have nothing to do with them, so they came out today with the usual "we're innocent" gambit. Manafort and Papadapoulos WERE involved , but Trump's White House is using the "we hardly knew em" rhetoric.

                                  The fact that Cambridge Analytica got a cool five to nine million dollars from the Trump campaign seems to have eluded them.

                                  CEO of Cambridge Analytica Alexander Nix speaks at the Concordia Summit in September 2016.

                                  Bryan Bender/Getty Images for Concordia Summit

                                  As the scandalous headlines spread, Trump’s White House and campaign are leaning on their well-practiced art of distancing themselves from their own campaign officials once they run into controversy.

                                  President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign has no existing contracts with Cambridge Analytica and no plans to contract with the firm going forward, a campaign official told POLITICO on Tuesday. And, the official added, the data analytics firm only “provided limited staffing” during the 2016 campaign, and the Trump campaign did not use the firm’s data.

                                  Former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, now facing charges for money laundering, was only involved with the campaign for “a very short period of time,” in Trump’s telling. Former foreign policy aide George Papadapoulos, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about Russia contacts? Nothing but a “coffee boy,” per one campaign adviser.

                                  Now the Trump team is once again deploying that hardly-knew-‘em defense as Cambridge Analytica becomes a target of U.S. and U.K. lawmakers over the Facebook breach and other questionable practices that occurred as they worked for Trump during the 2016 campaign — work for which they received $5.9 million from the Trump campaign.
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                                  Shooting Reported At Maryland High School


                                      Seriously? Students from the last school murder spree are still grieving and we now find ourselves faced with another school shooting? Unbelievable. This is getting to be a common occurrence these days and we are no closer to finding a solution as long as we have these lousy excuses for law makers who accept NRA and Gun Manufacturers money.

                                      ABC news reports three people were transported to local hospital but gave no further details. Another source which can't be verified said there were seven people who were taken to hospital. That last source was a student speaking with a local news station.



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                                      I Love The Smell Of Desperation


                                          Well it appears that the fingers of ire and ignorance were uncontrollable over the weekend when America's sham president went off on one slamming the Mueller investigation. Tweet after tweet after tweet after tweet.

                                          The coward and chief attacking an actual patriot because the coward knows that the net tightens every single day. Whilst America's Augustus Gloop plays a president on TV and his drooling sycophants get lost between the idea of being fans and being just flat out dumb and easily manipulated as they believe the lies they are told, lies wholly accepted and defences offered that if truth were not important those defences would be almost worth giving thought to.

                                          The pending implosion of this stain on American and the dangers of those who are true believers realising that not only were they duped by a president who played to their darker instincts but realising that they were nothing more than useful idiots ripe for the picking after eight years of being told they were on the cusp of a crumbling America under the first black president.

                                          A mother of all truths is coming fast and those in power in the US know it. The very minute it became clear that Mueller was knee deep in the affairs of Trump Organisation as a result of the ongoing investigation then Trump would surely react.....and boy did he react.


                                          Trump Assails Mueller, Drawing Rebukes From Republicans

                                          As the Trump presidency ambled on and as the world wondered ''what the actual f***''.....Bob Mueller has quietly and relentlessly pursued the facts and where those facts led. The greatest miscalculation of Trump was his belief that he could hide the truth or indeed create a truth all of his own.......

                                          Clearly he doesn't know Mueller.

                                          But Mueller knows more than anyone and the fact that no matter how loud the defenders of Trump cry ''No Collusion''...one fact is clear and that is Mueller has Trump's tiny balls in the smallest vice grip and Trump's tweets over the weekend are nothing more than the yelps and screams of a man on the run.

                                          Trump is considering hiring a longtime Washington Lawyer Joseph E. diGenova who has floated the idea that the Russian investigation is a conspiracy concocted by the DOJ, FBI and all that other deep state bollocks.


                                          Trump to hire lawyer who peddles conspiracy theories about ‘deep state’ framing the president: report

                                          Here's the thing about this whole notion that there was a conspiracy launched to take down Trump and his presidency....In order for that to be credible.....Mr diGenova would have to argue that the DOJ and those other conspirators would have to have been implicit in all of Trump's bankruptcies down the years that resulted in Trump being such a bad credit risk that he was forced into the hands of the billions of dollars flowing in and out of Russia......

                                          They would have also have to be implicit in Trump taking his out of date Miss Universe pageant all the way to Moscow.....

                                          They would have been implicit in duping Trump's son Junior into a meeting with Russians in Trump Tower.....

                                          They would have created the environment that led Trump to launder money from Russian Oligarchs by using Trump properties.....

                                          I mean there would have to be a conspiracy born decades ago in order to create the conditions to force Trump into the hands of Russia.

                                          As I wrote previously....


                                          Anyone who looks at Trump's previous life can see that whilst Trump hated to love the media he had always been wary enough of the media to know that prying eyes beyond the lights and facades of glittering buildings could show that this phenomenon was fallible and the only reason for what he could produce truly independently without borrowing really big whilst taking little or no risk.

                                          Trump when cornered by his debts and the public finding out about the precarious financial situation Trump had created his defence has always been to call those who expose his flat out lies and the fact that he's nothing but an empty promise made to the easily led, the fake, lying, nasty media.

                                          The problem for Trump is that when he was called out on his lies about the massive debts accrued by turning Atlantic City into the Vegas of the east coast. His Taj Mahal casino a classic example of Trump going big, falling flat and blaming the media for pointing out that he did it to himself because of his own stupidity and arrogance.

                                          The light that is increasingly being shone by Mueller is burning Trump alive and Trump wants to end the investigation.....It would be tempting to goad Trump into making the Presidentially fatal mistake of firing Mueller. But watching the slow strangulation of Trump's lies and his increasing desperation is a necessary part of the process of his slow demise.

                                          His backers in the GOP have seen the dangers of backing the now stunted autocracy they themselves were implicit in. Watching the once ruby red turn a distinct blue has many of them either considering retirement or taking their balls out of a drawer and doing their job.

                                          If or when Trump pulls the trigger on Mueller and decides to conspire to have Mueller removed and the investigation ended Trump will see something he has seriously misunderestimated and dismissed throughout his presidency.

                                          The level of disdain for who Trump is who and what he represents is a number beyond his comprehension. The United States of America has always been ''We The People''....

                                          Trump is nothing more than the representation of those who allowed themselves to be left behind. America is not in the mood for this bullshit nor will they take the firing of Robert Mueller lightly.

                                          The people took the power once before.........if Trump fires Mueller then he will know the power of ''We The People''...

                                          For they will take to the streets and take that power back from Trump and his enablers in Congress.......and there won't be a damn thing he or his enablers can do about it.

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