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The Insidious Approach Of White Nationalism Proponents - A SANE60 Report


      I originally posted this back in December of 2016. The continuing escalation of violence while not actively supported by the current Administration, is not hampered by Trump. He needs the support of the White Nationalists, Supremacists and Separatists in order to hold on to power.

      GS Jade Barrett Chairman SANE60

      Those of us who are concerned with the aid and comfort that Donald Trump's successful election provided White Nationalists find ourselves in the Majority according to The Pew Research Center survey published on Thursday 8 December 2016 that takes a look at public opinion one month after the election.

      "...more than half of the public (54%) says that Trump has done too little to distance himself from “white nationalist groups” who support him, while 31% say he has done the right amount to distance himself from such groups; 6% say he has done too much in this regard." Pew Research Center 12/8/2016

      In various discussions over the past year with Logic, czook, twilson117, Organizer, as well as with a few other Yabberz luminaries, I referenced a document that set guidelines for public discourse by the promoters of the White Nationalism agenda. In order to effectively combat the evil and seditious nature of those who would divide the citizenry along racial and religious lines, we must know their agenda and methodology. To that end I have elected to share this odious piece with our community.

      In 1994 as part of the effort to become more palatable to the Republican Party, John Gardner, Texas attorney, proud sponsor of Stormfront and sometime editor of the Occidentaldissent.com newsletter, used the pen name Yggdrasil to create a Q and A to be utilized as a guide for White Nationalists to use in order to attract more followers. If recruitment of like-minded souls was unsuccessful, then the secondary goal of mainstream tolerance - if not true acceptance - was to be deemed a fine result. The adoption of these ideas became somewhat formalized at the European American Unity and Rights conference in Memphis, hosted by David Duke in November of 2008 following President Barak Obama's successful reelection.

      Duke counciled against a violent race war, and turned the mic over to Derek Black. While Derek is now an outspoken critic of White First agendas, his words on that day set a behavioral change in motion consistent with the words offered by Yggdrasil/John Gardner.

      “The Republican Party has to be either demolished or taken over,” Derek Black said. “I’m kind of banking on the Republicans staking their claim as the white party.”

      Much to his chagrin now, Derek's belief has been borne out.

      I first came upon this document in 1996 while doing a piece on Waco and Ruby Ridge. The entirety of the original post is below. This is what true Americans are up against in the Deplorable minority of the alt-right White Nationalism groups - a collection that now numbers over 850 different and distinct entities.

      "What is White Nationalism?" (As posted by Yggdrasil on https://www.whitenationalism.com/wn/wn-06.htm 1996)

      "1. Q. What is White Nationalism?

      A. The idea that Whites may need to create a separate nation as a means of defending themselves.

      2. Q. Do White Nationalists feel they are superior to other races?

      A. No. The desire of White Nationalists to form their own nation has nothing to do with superiority or inferiority.

      3. Q. Do White Nationalists seek to dominate other races?

      A. Not at all. In fact, formation of a White Nation removes any possibility of White dominance of other races, as well as the plausibility of the accusation that Whites wish to dominate others.

      4. Q. Do White Nationalists seek to insulate themselves from competition from other races?

      A. No. A separate White Nation would establish a policy of free trade with its new neighbors. Labor markets are global, and the formation of a White Nation would not protect Whites from economic competition.

      5. Q. Well if White Nationalists don't feel superior, don't want to dominate others, and don't seek protection from competition, then why would they want a separate nation?

      A. To avoid exploitation.

      6. Q. Exploitation? This is rich! So how is it that Whites are exploited?

      A. It is a long list. Burdensome racial preference schemes in hiring, race-normed employment tests, racial preference schemes in university admissions, racial preference schemes in government contracting and small business loans. Beyond quotas there is the denial of rights of free speech and of due process to Whites who are critical of these governmental policies. We have special punishments for vandalism and assaults committed by Whites if the perpetrators have a history of anti-egalitarian thought. In addition, Whites pay a proportion of the costs of the welfare state that is disproportionate to what they receive in benefits.

      But the most exploitative aspect of the situation is that neither the racial quotas, the business preferences, the loss of freedom of speech, nor the disproportionate contributions to the welfare state have managed to sate the appetites of non-whites living in the United States.

      The more Whites sacrifice, the more non-whites demand. Many Whites are beginning to believe that no amount of tribute, other than mass suicide, would satisfy the non-white demands.

      If our presence stirs up that much hatred in the hearts of non- whites, then the only sensible course of action is to separate ourselves from them.

      8. Q. You claim that non-whites are the aggressors and haters in race relations. Aren't you afraid that most Whites will think this is ridiculous?

      A. Not in the slightest. For the past 30 years most Whites have taken part in a mass migration or "white flight" away from neighborhoods inhabited by non-whites. Aggressors don't flee. For example, on a per-capita basis, blacks are 49 times more likely to assault a White than a White is to assault a black. The best measure of racism is the number of non-economically motivated attacks. Whites score low in this regard, non-whites high.

      The fact is that non-whites are clamoring to enter this country in droves. Whites are fleeing en masse to less densely inhabited areas to escape these new arrivals.

      9. Q. But how can Whites be exploited when it is whites who have enacted these racial preferences, the taxation, the welfare payments and the immigration laws?

      A. Excellent question! It is true that Whites are exploited by their fellow whites. In fact, we do not expect any resistance to the formation of a separate nation from non-whites. We expect white integrationist elites to resist. They are the ones who have a great deal to lose.

      10. Q. If life in America is so bad for Whites why don't you just move back to Europe?

      A. We are a majority. We do not have to move back. We can resolve to defend ourselves against this onslaught. We have the option of peacefully ceding lands already inhabited by non-whites to separate non-white nations. We would save money, and could restore our civil liberties and free ourselves from constant threats of violence by so doing.

      11. Q. What would your separate state look like?

      A. The truth is we don't know yet. Our separate state would follow the geographic outlines of White flight. The model for this state would be the modern gerrymander created by the Voting Rights Act to create majority non-white congressional districts. We would simply cede these to a separate nation. The mechanics of this process will be explained more fully later in a post entitled "sweating the details."

      12. Q. Would all Whites be welcome in your separate state?

      A. Absolutely. There would be no restriction by country of origin, and no genetic tests, skin color or hair color tests or any nonsense like that. The only restriction would be that those who wish to recreate the present system by importing non- whites and then encouraging their hostility would not be welcome. They would have to remain in or move to the lands ceded to the non-whites.

      13. Q. Would Asians be welcome in your separate state?

      A. Unresolved. As a general rule, Asian-Americans show very little aggression towards Whites, either personally or politically. Thus, there is no reason to exclude them. There is no desire on the part of White Nationalists to insulate themselves from competition from non-whites who are already here, and who get along well with us.

      14. Q. Would the same hold true for hispanics?

      A. The census bureau classifies half of all hispanics as White. White Nationalists generally feel the same way. That portion of the Hispanic population that blends in and displays no hostility of a personal or political kind may remain. The "Mecha" members who want to see the Southwestern U.S. annexed to Mexico would not be welcome.

      15. Q. You are proposing that inclusion and exclusion be based on ideology and feelings. Won't your act of nation splitting turn into a witch hunt?

      A. For white liberals it is definitely going to feel like a witch hunt! When the time comes, those who are guilty of "integrationism" should do the sensible thing and flee. It will spare us all a lot of pain.

      16. Q. Is this White Nation something that you intend to pursue right away?

      A. No. The White Nation is, by most accounts, about 20 years off. When the rest of the U.S. begins to look like Southern California it will happen more or less automatically, without much of a push from us.

      16. Q. Why do you use the term "European-American"?

      A. All Whites are descended from European immigrants. The term European-American has political significance for two reasons. First, it recognizes that most people in the U.S. of European extraction have intermarried to such an extent that it is no longer possible to identify american Whites as "Irish" or "German" or "Italian". But more important, use of the term "European-American" is intended to recognize that white elites in the United States have exploited differences based on religion and European national origin to divide European-Americans, with the intention of rendering us unable to defend ourselves against non-white demands.

      17. Q. What is White separatism?

      A. A White separatist will agree on most points with a White Nationalist, except that he may not see a need to establish a separate nation within the present territorial boundaries of the U.S.

      18. Q. What is a White supremacist?

      A. That is a White who wishes to subjugate other races by force, ordinarily by military conquest. White supremacists are very rare in 1994, and there is no visible trend or base of support which would allow them to carry such a political program into effect. White supremacists are generally an embarrassment to White Nationalists.

      19. Q. Do White Nationalists think of Adolph Hitler or National Socialism as a model to emulate?

      A. White Nationalists do not seek to recreate the German experience of 1936-1945. Hitler's Reich is not a model for White Nationalism. White Nationalism is defensive. It is not externally aggressive. It would most likely be a government of very limited powers, with a federal structure that assures localities considerable latitude to experiment with moral and social laws, with the idea of fostering traditional communities and traditional religions in places where the overwhelming majority of people want such things - and secularism where the majority wish to have that as well.

      However, within the ranks of White Nationalists, there are some significant differences of opinion about the _historical_ significance of Hitler, and whether he was a help or a hindrance to the cause of White survival. Also, there are those who argue that Hitler's military exploits were a defensive reaction to the ethnically motivated slaughters by (predominantly jewish) Marxists in Russia. This debate among White Nationalists can get emotional at times, but has little to do with the practicality of White survival or the probable characteristics of any new White Nation today.

      20. Q. Are White Nationalists anti-semitic?

      A. That depends on what you mean by "anti-semitic". Most White Nationalists believe that Jews are not monolithic in their views and should not be viewed as a racial or ethnic enemy. However, the activities of Jewish organizations are another matter entirely. From Jewish organized and financed bolshevism, to the Frankfurt School and the AJC, various Jewish financed and managed "civil rights" organizations such as the the NAACP, various Jewish pro-immigration groups, the ADL with its vicious anti-white "hate crime" laws, to AIPAC and the various Jewish Neo-Con think tanks advocating pre-emptive wars, collective guilt and the slaughter of civilians - the activities of organized Jewish political groups are the primary cause of all the political and policy ills of which White Nationalists complain. Because of this, most White Nationalists feel that there is no way out of the ugliness and injustice of multi-culturalism except through vigorous opposition to organized Jewish political groups and their agendas. Indeed, White survival depends on successfully countering the power and influence of organized Jewish groups.

      21. Q. What is the difference between political conservatism and White Nationalism?

      A. Surprisingly little. White Nationalists generally diagnose the problems of the United States in exactly the same way as do most paleo-conservatives. Indeed Thomas Sowell's treatise on the universality of racial strife worldwide and the tendency of governments worldwide to aggravate that strife are the factual raw material for the White Nationalist argument.

      Conservatives generally believe that different races can live peacefully in a single country as long as the government has limited powers and serves as a "loose confederation" guaranteeing individual rights. White Nationalists are very sympathetic to this conservative viewpoint.

      However, White Nationalists will point out that there is no existing example of such a loose confederation in which racial autonomy and peace has been achieved, nor is there any reason to believe that a government (such as the United States Government) which starts out as a loose confederation with limited powers will remain so for long if subjected to the competing demands of different races.

      White Nationalists believe that the urge to use governmental power to gain racial advantage is so great that the safest and most humane choice is to break up multi-racial empires and place each race under a separate government. In broad outline, Russia is headed in the right direction in preventing ethnic conflict by allowing different races their own separate governments.

      Conservatives assume liberals are motivated by good intentions, and that the destructiveness of their policies should be forgiven. White nationalists believe that liberals are motivated by a lust for power and carefully cloaked ethnic and cultural hatreds and that their destructive social policies achieve their real (as opposed to their stated) aims. Because our federal and most state governments are dominated by liberals, those governments are illegitimate and the people have the right of immediate rebellion.

      White Nationalists, believe that liberal elites will never tolerate the loss of power that comes from stripping down the U.S. Government to its original conception of a loose confederation, and that liberals would resort to any and all means including electoral fraud, suspension of freedom of speech and of the press, warrantless arrests, suspension of habeas corpus, inciting racial violence, and inciting mass migrations into the United States to avoid any such loss of power.

      Most White Nationalists view our liberal elites as extremely dangerous, - as vicious and manipulative in the use of police power as they are cowardly in their personal lives. Most White Nationalists also view the "Waco" incident not as an aberration, but as the preferred response of liberals to dissident religious or anti-egalitarian Whites, and are convinced that the result of this incident represents the preferred outcome from the liberal perspective. It is clear that liberal elites think of dissident religious or anti-egalitarian Whites as, at best, a form of undesirable "property" and would view any unilateral secession attempt as a convenient excuse to order the military to undertake a general slaughter.

      Since it is clear that many Americans approve of our current politicians and judges, most White Nationalists would prefer to minimize conflict with the liberal elites and their racial allies by ceding to them the 10% to 15% of the U.S. in which they and their racial allies are concentrated and then declaring the independence of the remaining American land mass from liberalism.

      This may sound far-fetched now, but if present trends continue, conditions will get worse and the attitudes of the average voter will change."

      This is what we of the SANE60 are fighting against.

      GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

      12 December 2016

      #resist #indivisible

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      Pundit Post

      Question In Need Of Honest Answer


          Hello everyone. It's been a long time. I've stayed away because I got tired of all Trump all the time. I was in need of a break. I even avoided news for awhile so that I could find my peace.

          In light of Charlottesville, I along with some others have frustrated a friend beyond belief with our memes and such and when she was yelling at me about how tired of it she was, she suggested that I do something about it. Beyond talking to people in my life and having the difficult discussion about race, I don't know what I can do. Especially, when I feel that, while black folks have some issues of their own to work out, the bulk of the work needs to come from the white community.

          So my question is this: How can I, a young black woman, help end racism? How can I get through to the white people who don't believe racism is as bad as it is? How do I combat white nationalists who believe that their lives, wants, needs, and desires are more important than mine for no other reason than the color of our skins?

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          The Twenty-Fifth Amendment


              Amendment XXV

              Section 4


              Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

              Thereafter, when the President transmits to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives his written declaration that no inability exists, he shall resume the powers and duties of his office unless the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive department or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit within four days to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. Thereupon Congress shall decide the issue, assembling within forty-eight hours for that purpose if not in session. If the Congress, within twenty-one days after receipt of the latter written declaration, or, if Congress is not in session, within twenty-one days after Congress is required to assemble, determines by two-thirds vote of both Houses that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall continue to discharge the same as Acting President; otherwise, the President shall resume the powers and duties of his office.


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              Millions Like, Many More Retweet Obama's Charlottesville Response


                  August 16, 2017; 1:02 PM CST

                  UPDATE: The Tweet is now NUMBER ONE....having surpassed the previous first place holder last night.

                  Obama’s Beautiful

                  Charlottesville Tweet

                  Is Second Most Liked Ever

                  The first of the bunch, in which Obama is smiling at children of different ethnicities, has received more than 2.5 million likes. That makes it the second most liked tweet in history, according to the AP.

                  A tweet by Ariana Grande following the deadly bombing in May at the end of her concert in Manchester, England, holds the top spot with 2.7 million likes.

                  Read on....

                  "No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion..."
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                  Pundit Post

                  Federal Prosecutors Pursue Information On Trump Opponents — CNN


                      The federal government has become fearful because 45 and his administration are and support White Supremacy (Racism) and they're trying to use it as their dominant platform. It's time to do more than just resist, the American people need to support organizations that are willing to fight the government in court.

                      Federal prosecutors pursue information on Trump opponents - CNN

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                      Pundit Post

                      Protestors Topple Rebel "Silent Sam" Knowing Little Of Its Complex Life


                          Lots of us saw this yesterdays. Protesters gathered in North Carolina tore down a 97-year-old Confederate statue in front of a cheering crowd of more than 100 people Monday. Activists used a ladder to put a rope around the statue's neck before a group of people pulled it to the ground, the News & Observer reports. Protesters, who had gathered outside the old courthouse building in Durham on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in response to the weekend violence in Charlottesville, then kicked and spat on the statue. The bronze statue of a soldier holding a muzzleloading rifle was erected in 1924, with the words "In Memory of the Boys Who Wore the Gray" engraved on the pillar, reports CNN.

                          Police officers filmed the toppling of the statue. No arrests were made, though North Carolina brought in a law in 2015 banning the removal of monuments to the Confederacy from public property without permission from state officials, the AP reports. Police say they didn't arrest anybody because the toppling took place on county property. "The racism and deadly violence in Charlottesville is unacceptable, but there is a better way to remove these monuments," tweeted Gov. Roy Cooper. Protesters called for the removal of other monuments to the Confederacy, including the "Silent Sam" statue on the University of North Carolina's Chapel Hill campus.

                          I wonder if those protestors had any notion of the history of the statue. It is worth noting.

                          Silent Sam is a statue of a Confederate soldier by John Wilson on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

                          The statue was funded by the University Alumni and the United Daughters of the Confederacy. It was erected in 1913 as a memorial to the 321 alumni who lost their lives in the American Civil War and all students who joined the Confederate States Army.More than one thousand members of the university fought in the American Civil War in either the Northern or Southern armies, comprising at least 40% of the student body, a statistic that was unequaled by any other school. The University remained open through the entire war. This was due to President Swain's policy of providing an education for those men unfit for service believing that the South would need them when the war ended.

                          A bronze image on the front of the memorial depicts a young student dropping his books as he looks up to answer a call to duty. Under the student, a woman meant to signify North Carolina is depicted advising students to fight for an important cause even if it means leaving their studies. The statue was made to commemorate 50 years since the beginning of the war (1911).

                          The United Daughters of the Confederacy spent four years fundraising and hired Canadian sculptor John Wilson to create the statue. The statue cost the Daughters of the Confederacy $7,500 (nearly $60,000 in today's dollars.)

                          It is very similar to the sculpture Wilson created of an unarmed Union soldier Daniel A. Bean. Wilson created a "silent" statue by not including a cartridge box on the Confederate soldier's belt so he cannot fire his gun.

                          Wilson created a full series of similar statues called the "Silent Sentinels." All were created in the North and then displayed in the South. Like these other statues, Silent Sam is positioned to face north towards the Union, rather than towards the Confederacy. Of note, all of the silent sentinels are privates, the common man (and not an image of the typical student from the Universities who joined the Confederate forces.)

                          The Silent Sam statue has frequently been a source of controversy. It is seen by some as symbol of historical remembrance, others view it as a sign of racial oppression and still others see it as a complex statement on the nature of the war which left the Confederacy broken and defenseless. The monument has been a subject of controversy and a site of protest since the 1960s.

                          In March 1965, a discussion about the monument's meaning and history occurred in the letters to the editor of the UNC student newspaper, the Daily Tar Heel. In May 1967, poet John Beecher "debated" Silent Sam, reading to the statue from his book of poetry To Live and Die in Dixie. Beecher is among those who point out that the young man is no longer really armed, that he is drawn from the ranks of the poor whites and that his expression is one of acceptance rather than anger. Following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. in April 1968, the monument was vandalized. In the early 1970s, the monument was the site of several demonstrations by the Black Student Movement.

                          Students gathered by the statue to speak out after Los Angeles police officers were found not guilty in the 1992 Rodney King trial. In 1997, a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day march focused on issues facing UNC housekeepers ended at the monument. In July 2015, the statue was vandalized. The statue has been the focus of protests and many have called for its removal. A UNC history professor, Dr. Harry Watson, reported in a Daily Tar Heel article that he believes the monument is an important part of the campus history, but that he believes that a lack of understanding about the statue promotes a false idea about the Civil War.

                          Dr Watson has offered these thought provoking ideas about the statue: "Silent Sam captures the paradoxes inherent in homages to those who fought in the Civil War most with very mixed motivations. Yes....the war was about the preservation and expansion of slavery. Yes....the South's leaders were almost entirely drawn from the slave holding classes. But most of those who fought either did not own slaves or owned few who lived and worked along side them. The slaves they owned, by and large, after the war remained on the land and in close contact with their former owners. Additionally the war was an expression of state-based nationalism wherein citizens regarded their home state as their country. There was also a sense that the North meant to destroy the South and that secession was the only acceptable way to preserve their "unique and peculiar institutions." Further there was the strong held, and easily argued, belief that as states freely joined the Union, they could also freely leave it. I think the statue belongs in our campus museum presented in the context that I lay out here."

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                          Pundit Post

                          Elephant Tramples And Kills Hunter Trying To Shoot It


                              The Army I would like to support. Pachyderms...

                              An Argentinian man has been killed in Namibia after he was trampled by an elephant, local media report.

                              The Namibia Press Agency said the hunter, identified as 46-year-old Jose Monzalvez, was killed on Saturday afternoon in a private wildlife area 70 kilometers (43 miles) northwest of the small town of Kalkfeld.

                              The agency said Monzalvez, who worked for an oil company, was with another Argentine and three Namibians when he was killed. It says one of the elephants charged before the group was able to find a spot to aim and shoot.

                              The report says Monzalvez had a hunting permit with him and that relatives have been informed of his death.

                              A well-known South African hunter was crushed to death by an elephant in Zimbabwe earlier this year when the animal was shot by a member of his group.

                              Theunis Botha, 51, had been leading a hunting group in Gwai when they discovered a group of elephants, some of which were pregnant.

                              The hunter fired at the animals after three elephants began stampeding towards him. A fourth elephant then ran at the hunter and lifted him up with its trunk. A member of the hunting group then shot the animal, which collapsed on Mr Botha, killing him.


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                              ‘You Will Have To Shovel Our Bodies Into The Oven, Too’: Father Of ....


                                  It sucks to be him his family has disowned him...

                                  “I, along with all of his siblings and his entire family, wish to loudly repudiate my son’s vile, hateful, and racist rhetoric and actions,” Tefft wrote, clarifying that he certainly didn’t learn such values at home.

                                  “I have shared my home and hearth with friends and acquaintances of every race, gender, and creed. I have taught all of my children that all men and women are created equal. That we must love each other all the same,” he continued. However, he acknowledged, that Peter chose another path.

                                  The family has remained largely silent, but Tefft said these recent events pushed them over the edge. Remaining silent, he believed, would be a mistake.

                                  “It was the silence of good people that allowed the Nazis to flourish the first time around, and it is the silence of good people that is allowing them to flourish now,” he wrote.

                                  He went on to say that his son is no longer welcome in their home or at family gatherings until he renounces the hate. The beliefs of the younger Tefft has also brought hate targeted at his relatives, who are being considered guilty by association.

                                  His father recalled a time when his son joked, “The thing about us fascists is, it’s not that we don’t believe in freedom of speech. You can say whatever you want. We’ll just throw you in an oven,” Tefft recalled.

                                  “Peter, you will have to shovel our bodies into the oven, too. Please son, renounce the hate, accept and love all,” the father closed."

                                  Twitter is posting names along with the faces of the racist at the rally. This is how the family along with pics found out their son was there.

                                  I saw a piece on TV tonight and it seems these racist have a bad habit of being violent towards their families. The one that mowed down the woman own mother had to call the police on him several times. She said he was violent toward her on several occasions.

                                  The mom of accused white supremacist killer James Fields Jr. repeatedly called the cops on her son as a teen because he was so violent.

                                  Samantha Bloom called 911 on Fields between 2010 and 2011, when he was 13 and 14 years old, for his threatening behavior, according to the Florence Police Department in Kentucky.

                                  In one harrowing call, a friend of Bloom — who is in a wheelchair — reported that Fields was threatening his mom, spit in her face and was hovering behind her with a 12-inch knife.



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