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Trump Reality Vs Clinton Rhetoric


      Watching 60 Minutes tonight, and people in the state of Ohio being interviewed about Trump vs Clinton, I found myself scratching my head once again.

      Several times I heard people say they feel that they cannot trust Clinton, but when questioned as to why, they didn't seem to have anything to say. "Just a feeling" seemed to be the sentiment. Sure there's the e-mails, then there's Benghazi.... things that many others say that it's time to move on from. Clinton has made a couple of mistakes in career but who hasn't? So... "get over it already".

      Then when it came to Trump some said they trust him more. When asked about the things said and done by him they'd excuse it.... "ya but". I just don't get it. What is the matter with people that they cannot look beyond the rhetoric of the she devil Clinton, to see the reality of Trump?

      He has been called out as a sexual predator. He says they are all liars, that he will of course sue "after" the election. I don't buy that, and find this stuff disturbing, but none of the stories are more disturbing than that of a 13 year old rape victim who has witnesses and a lawsuit, that contains depositions and affidavits. This isn't rhetoric, it's not "he said" or "she said". There are witnesses that this occurred. So why isn't there a bigger deal being made of this? Even if only 25 % is true.... that's 24.99% too much. To have a candidate for POTUS to have these types of allegations, and to remain a candidate.... astounding.

      These documents should disqualify him, period. This reality should automatically make Trump less trustworthy. Despite what his supporters would like to believe, it's highly unlikely that so many women would turn out with the same story of mistreatment and abuse by one man.

      How can people ignore this? How can they find a man who has so many words and actions that are so awful.... so many awful accusations against him,.....how do they find more credibility in this man over Clinton? I just don't get it.

      READ THIS: Transcribed court documents:

      Story that puts it in order:


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      Has CNN Hit Rock Bottom? In A Word, Yes.


          Everyone, whether Left or Right seems to have criticized the news networks during this campaign and in many cases are justifyed in doing so. Just why is that? Maybe because news networks took the word news out of their job description and replaced it bullsh^t? Instead of doing what they are supposed to be doing at CNN, which one would think would be to report the news, they decided it's more entertaining, not to mention profitable, to simply create the news which really isn't anything close to resembling actual news reportage. To do such a thing CNN hired several Trump surrogates to repeatedly come on air and defend Trump. I guess that wouldn't be all that bad if they had legitimate reasons for their defense but as we have seen they don't and just make up the most ridiculous BS in Trump's defense. Then these surrogates become regulars on CNN and in their defense will lie and deflect just to earn their paycheck. I mean really, to hire Trump's former campaign director, Lewendowski, as a paid contributor is beyond absurd but what is really absurd is that Lewendowski couldn't tell the truth if his life depended upon it because he signed a non-disclosure agreement meaning he could not say one thing bad about Trump for fear on getting sued by Trump. Just how low has CNN gotten by trying to peddle BS and ignore reporting the news? If Fox news wasn't bad enough now we have CNN jumping into the cesspool joining Fox in their quest to report what? More lies and just pure garbage? It sure looks like it. Not to worry folks, this will all change once Trump TV emerges and brings real journalism back to the airwaves right?


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          This Campaign Season Is Setting Terrible Examples For Our Children - Part 2


              Our daily lives are filled with news now, and with every proponent of the troubles in the world broadcasting at as high a volume as possible, the effect on our youngest is a growing concern.

              I have long believed that when you tell the young how horrible life can be on a constant basis that they lose the knowledge that the world around them is actually a very cool place. The joy is easy to find, really, and requires scant effort to appreciate when the focus is turned to the wonders that abound.

              Today as I passed by the gates at Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta I could not miss the expressions of the tenderness of couples of all ages as they sat and talked together, or just as how they held hands or leaned together. The joy of love and concern that radiated from both young and old was readily apparent to the most casual of observers, and warmed my weary spirit as I hastened along to my flight to the tiny island nation of Bermuda. It was a welcome break from the tumultous climate that surrounds this election.

              The constant barrage of troubling news regarding the USA's political environment has left many people feeling that the end of the world is nigh, and with that sense the overall behavior of the general population has deteriorated, for if impending doom is looming, why contain one's inner anger? The impetus to interacting with our fellow countrymen has always been the fact that despite our personal differences that we are all in this together, that our sameness as Americans overcomes the sometimes petty issues that sets us apart - though those who hate the Yankees do have a more difficult time containing their glee when that particular team fails to make the playoffs, and who can blame them? Nobody's perfect.

              Some few months ago I observed that this campaign was setting a poor example for our children, citing an excellent article from the Boston Globe (https://www.yabberz.com/post/this-campaign-season-...). We adults (and at times, the term should certainly be used loosely) have been allowing the rhetoric overpower the message - in effect, why we are angry has become less important than the expression of the same.

              Right now, it would appear that everything is everybody else's fault. The GOP has been distancing itself from their candidate, but without acknowleding that they were complicit in his rise to power. The Left has had its moments, but mostly in the response to the fear that all the social gains that have been acquired over the last fifty years are in danger of being lost, and when peaceful protests turn into riots, the sense of community safety is permanently lost. The moment that a child learns to fear their surroundings, their focus moves to vigilance instead of experience. The entire angry adult population is creating an angry younger population to come.

              It appears that the idea of a content population being the best consumers has become lost on the business and tax conscious leaders of our nation. The less that the richer Americans contribute, the greater the separation between the income classes becomes. As that divide grows, so does the sense of gross unfairness, and that belief leads directly to an angry backlash from those who feel preyed upon. The very youngest of our nation's children are provided example after example of the expression of anger combined with a sense of hopelessness, reinforcing the belief that this behavior is the acceptable manner in which to respond to political and social challenges; that fighting is preferential to dialog.

              For the last eight years they have been witness to a large number of "fine, I will just take my ball and go home" moments, where there have been damned few examples of cooperation and teamwork across ideological lines. One question that was asked of me at a recent lecture to young teens was "how does outlawing abortion prevent starvation?", another asked "Why do people vote if it never matters?" I find these questions both disturbing and disheartening. We, as a nation are cheating not just ourselves by this utterly negative rhetoric, for we are creating the environment for dissension to be the rule of the day. No matter the outcome of the 2016 election, the sides must come together or face a devastating philosophical war. Our differences need to be handled a great deal more decourously if we are not going to raise another angry set of disillusioned people.

              My personal sense of hope has risen lately, as I have watched the moderates of America become outraged at the deplorable behavior of Trump and his White Nationalist Followers. It is one thing to contest an election, it is another to proclaim that no matter the outcome, that the process is criminally rigged. The UnAmerican behavior of these misguided individuals is a terrible example to set for our future voters, and might hinder the participation of these young people in the process even more.

              We need to choke back our fury and seek common ground even when it is uncomfortable. Failing to do so betrays those who established and maintained this nation for 240 years of blood, toil and sacrifice. We are a nation that celebrates the individual, but only because we are all in this together - like it or not.

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              Pundit Post

              Mike Pence 'Stay Tuned' For Evidence Backing Trump Vs His Female Accussers.


                  "Before the day is out, there'll be more evidence publicly that calls into question these latest allegations," Pence said in an interview with CBS "This Morning."

                  Didn't he make that statement over a week ago?

                  The question today is " Has anyone seen or heard anything about this "evidence" other than Trump's denials?"


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                  As An OB/GYN, I Can Tell You There's No Such Thing As Ninth Month Abortions


                      One of the most disgusting things at the last debate was tRUMP's ranting about late term abortion. As usual, he has no clue and lies and lies and lies.


                      This article is written by a female OB/GYN who KNOWS what is happening.


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                      A Waste Of Money? Trump's Border Wall Falling Flat In Arizona: Reuters/Ipsos Poll


                          'The results show that while the New York businessman may have expected his tough stance on immigration to fire up support nationally, it seems to be falling short in a state heavily affected by illegal immigration, and where he is now facing a surprising challenge from his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

                          'Asked if a wall would be “an effective barrier or a waste of money,” 47 percent of Arizona residents picked “waste of money” and 34 percent picked “effective barrier”, with the rest picking neither, according to the poll. Among Republicans, 21 percent picked "waste of money” and 57 percent picked “effective barrier."

                          'Most Arizonans also believed it is not realistic to expect Mexico to pay for the wall, something Trump has vowed would happen if he’s elected president on Nov. 8, according to the poll.

                          'The results lined up closely with nationwide opinions of Trump’s immigration policy: 49 percent of American adults say the wall would be a “waste of money” and 31 percent say it would be an “effective barrier.”'


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                          Tim Burton's "Miss Peregrine" Peculiar Fun


                              Another Five Star Film.....

                              The Director of "The Nightmare Before Christmas," "Sweeney Todd." "Ed Wood", "Sleepy Hollow," "Beetlejuice," "Batman", "Ed Wood", "Planet of the Apes," and "Mars Attacks," now has another hallmark film to add to his collection.

                              Burton looks for material that matches his style and he is rarely unsuccessful. And with "Miss Pergrine's Home for Peculiar Children" he has found another match. This time he is coupling the Ransom Riggs’ surprise best-seller with Burton’s playfully nonthreatening goth aesthetic and outsider sensibility.

                              The film focuses on the unusual existence of a group of children and their protector. Known as “Peculiars,” this eccentric mix of wartime refugees are like a cross between the Addams Family and the X-Men. One can spontaneously ignite anything she touches, another can bring inanimate objects (including dead bodies) back to life, still another is a miracle gardener, and so on....

                              They live in a beautiful Victorian Mansion on Cairnhold Island destroyed in a WWII German bombing run but placed into a 24 hour time loop just prior to the bombing that replays the 24 hours prior to the bombing. The kids are being hidden in time by Miss Pergrine from a shape-shifting goon named Barron (Samuel L. Jackson) who is on the hunt for Peculiar children (apparently Peculiar adults are not nearly so scrumptious or efficacious) , gobbling their eyes with great relish as a key ingredient to immortality. And let's face it no one plays "great relish" better than Jackson.

                              Miss Peregrine (Eva Green) is an “Ymbrine,” a rare breed of Peculiar capable of transforming into a bird — in her case, a peregrine falcon, though there are others (including Miss Avocet, played by Judi Dench). Her ebony hair streaked with blue and swept up into a bird’s-nest ’do, along with her long, slender talon like fingers suggest her avian alter ego.

                              While not nearly as clever or elaborate as Hogwarts, Miss Peregrine’s eccentric quasiorphanage shares the quality of remaining a well-kept secret from polite society even as the children live among them, though caught in a WWII loop in which each day can be very different from previous versions of the day but then gets forgotten. Into this world comes a boy named Jacob Portman (Asa Butterfield, who has literally grown up — although he still has those funny big ears of his that made us chuckle in Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo” and who now reminds me of a young Johnny Depp- he plays "serious and earnest" very well) who has traveled all the way from Florida to visit what remains of the old house. An aspiring “Discoverer" like his recently deceased (i.e. murdered) grandfather is reeling from the murder of this seemingly paranoid old man, Abe (Terence Stamp), who died trying to defend himself from a long-limbed, eyeball-snatching creature called a Hollowgast- one of several servants of Barron and his fellow renegade Peculiars. The Hollowgast represent are vintage Burton looking like a malicious, tentacle-mouthed twist on “The Nightmare Before Christmas” pumpkin king Jack Skellington.

                              No one quite believes Jacob’s firsthand account in which he caught a glimpse of a Hollowgast linking it to his grandfathers fascination with that little English Channel island. His therapist (a hilariously “understanding” Allison Janney who is the heart of a neat twist later in the film) encourages his father (a burned out would be author) to take him to the island.

                              In the grand tradition of kid heroes who were nothing of the sort in their prior lives and who must circumvent their fuddy-duddy parents in order to accomplish great feats, Jacob manages to ditch his dad and locate Miss Peregrine’s loop, stepping back into 1943 to meet the children who had once been Abe’s closest companions.

                              Jacob has inherited both his grandfather’s peculiarity (which is what makes him a Discoverer) and his taste in women. Jacob, due to the time bubble, has the unique opportunity to swoon for the very same girl that Abe had loved so many years ago, a borderline-albino blonde bombshell named Emma (Ella Purnell). She is as interesting as Jake is seemingly dull and has a set of powers that set up a reversed "Titanic" love scene.

                              The action scenes are intriguingly, and surprisingly crafted. The ending.....just brilliant.

                              Style, for Tim Burton, isn’t a substitute for good storytelling, but an essential means of delivering it. "Miss Peregrine" features the relatable and bankable theme of the magical misfit in a fictional vision of a world in which the nonconformist (like Burton himself) can flourish.

                              The more I consider this film the more I like it.

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                              Pundit Post

                              The Price I’ve Paid For Opposing Donald Trump - David French (Nat'l Review)


                                  This is an accurate picture of Trump's supporters. Scary stuff. The level of depravity is incredible. "Deplorable" doesn't even adequateky describe this. DEPRAVED is the only word that fits.

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                                  In NC Donald Trump In A Funk: Bitter, Hoarse And Pondering


                                      Trump enters the rally at Fletcher NC yesterday. Not a happy camper.

                                      EVEN AT RALLIES THE MOOD IS INCREASINGLY SOUR

                                      As Trump took the stage here in the mountain town Friday afternoon, Donald Trump was as subdued as the relatively modest crowd that turned out to see him. He complained about the usual things — the dishonest media, his “corrupt” rival Hillary Clinton — but his voice was hoarse and his heart didn’t seem in it.

                                      He also promised to do all that he could to win, but he explained why he might lose.

                                      “What a waste of time if we don’t pull this off,” Trump said. “You know, these guys have said: ‘It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. There’s never been a movement like this in the history of this country.’ I say, it matters to me if we win or lose. So I’ll have over $100 million of my own money in this campaign.”

                                      “So, if I lose,” Trump continued as the crowd remained unusually quiet, “if I lose, I will consider this —”

                                      He repeat many of his signatures about what he would do as president. At one point he promised that when he was president NC would stop losing jobs and would experience "amazing, unbelievable job growth." Someone near him yelled out "How?" Trump stared down at him and, to my surprise answered: "Believe me. Trust me."

                                      Trump didn’t finish his sentence, but he didn’t really need to. After weeks of controversy and declining poll numbers, Trump and his campaign have seemingly settled into a dark funk. His surrogates are few, mostly paid campaign staffers (and even those numbers are diminished). Even as he vows to prevail in the race, the GOP nominee’s mood has clearly soured with less than three weeks to go until Election Day.

                                      The gloomy mood at his signature rallies, contrast with those Trump used to find fun. During the primaries, he would bound onto rally stages bursting with energy and a sense of excitement that intensified as the crowds chanted his name and cheered his every word. He would regularly schedule news conferences, call into news shows and chat with reporters, eager to spar with them. He would say politically incorrect things and then watch his polling numbers soar. He used to be the winner.

                                      But no more. In recent days, Trump has tried to explain away his slide in the polls as a conspiracy carried out by the media, Democrats and Republicans. If he loses, it will be because he was cheated, Trump has repeatedly told his supporters, urging them to go to polling places in neighborhoods other than their own and “watch.”

                                      The party may not be over but a lot of the guests are leaving. And the host looks exhausted.

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                                      Pundit Post

                                      The Cost Of Being Human Collateral


                                          On January 3rd 1992, A man was found Hacked to Death in his apartment in close to Mount Fuji. The man who was well known on more than one Continent as he was a Real Estate Jet Set high stakes Gambler and was in large part a more successful than unsuccessful when it came to winning.

                                          One of his greatest runs of luck took place in one of Donald Trump's Casinos in Atlantic City. The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino has the mispleasure of watching Akio Kashiwagi, a 54-year-old Tokyo-based real estate investor and very talented Gambler beat the Casino for days. Mr Kashiwagi 'Mr Baccarat' was literally Bankrupting Trump whose whole empire was and still is based upon Debts and owing banks huge amounts of Money.

                                          Trump was having trouble with his financing and Akio's sudden run of Luck was taking Millions out of Trump's casino or more accurately....Money for his Bankers. The story goes that Trump hired an Expert Gambler and Mathematician that would not only lure Akio into a high stakes $200,000 Dollar a Hand Game. Kashiwagi took the bait and over a Five Day Period lost over $10,000,000.

                                          This money would never be paid back.

                                          Kashiwagi had run afoul of Japan's Yakuza hence his brutal end to a life of Riches. Trump who had celebrated his perceived recouping his losses ended up trying to get this money back from the Estate of the now deceased Kashiwagi.


                                          A Top Gambler Is Killed Owing Casinos Millions

                                          Published: January 12, 1992

                                          Shortly after, Trump filed for Bankruptcy and once again Trump was filing his Bankruptcy Papers, only to rise again. But alas many of those who bought into the facade as Contractors and Workers did not.

                                          Now you could say that Trump was just damned unlucky to have $10,000,000 owed to him hacked to death near Mount Fuji. But that's the type of business he was running at the time, High Stakes, High Risk, High Reward....all the while doing it with the money of others. But his issues with the Casinos he ran were long in the making.

                                          Ask Jack O'Connell, Trump's man after the deaths of his executive team in a Helicopter Crash in New Jersey in 1989.......O'Connell was drafted in when three of Trump's top Executives died. O'Connell when taking over discovered that not only was Trump pushing to take large amounts of Cash out of the casinos so he would have the cash to service his other debts holding up the facade of the rich man.

                                          In the interview below, O'Connell saw Trump blame one of the Dead Executives for the financial troubles facing Trump prior to his Bankruptcies.

                                          Not only blaming the Victims for his own terrible business practices, he went one further and tried to sue the Helicopter Manufacturer to recoup the money he had paid out in insurance to the families of the bereaved.......He failed.

                                          TRUMP SUIT OVER CRASH DISMISSED
                                          Author: Associated Press Date: April 13, 1991 Publication: Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA) Page: B02

                                          Donald Trump has lost his bid to pursue a lawsuit seeking compensation from the manufacturer of a helicopter that crashed, killing three of his top casino executives.Trump attorneys said yesterday that they would appeal the ruling handed down Thursday by U.S. District Judge John F. Gerry in Camden.Trump contended in his lawsuit against the helicopter manufacturer, Agusta Group of Milan, Italy, that the company should reimburse him for benefits he paid to the victims' families,...

                                          Should the unthinkable happen and America elects Trump, Just remember no matter how much he screws the place up, be happy in the thought that he will take no blame and still play with the money of others as though it were his own and people's lives will be nothing more than Human Collateral to Trump.

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