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The New Mission


      Dear Fellow Yabberz Members,

      Democracy has been compromised with the election of Donald J Trump. The truth now has no name; hypocrisy no limits. Hate and division now rule the free world. We shall not wait until we falter. As of February 2017 the Yabberz mission has changed to the following:

      Yabberz Mission

      ·Resist, Repeal, and Replace Donald J Trump.

      ·Yabberz connects people to discuss and coordinate resistance news, ideas, and experiences.

      ·Yabberz also serves as a community to simply and safely vent frustration with Trump’s policy and meet like-minded activist.

      Who Isn't Yabberz for?



      All Sexes and Sexual Orientations

      All Religions

      All Citizens Around the World


      Fake News, Alternative Facts

      Bigots Or Racists

      Direct monetary solicitation. Promotional, advertorial content of any kind

      Posts or commentators who cannot relate to our mission will be removed. Although we are now a Resist Trump platform, please take note that Fake News regardless of its political position will not be tolerated. So please check your links for authenticity before posting and avoid putting direct links to State media sites such as Breitbart or media outlets owned by the Trump family.

      Civility has always been a core value at Yabberz and it shall remain part of our mission. For further information on the Do’s and Don’ts on Yabberz go to www.yabberz.com/rules. If you believe in our mission, share our site and tell your friends this is where they can congregate to Resist.

      A new movement is forming. Our Democracy is worth saving. We look forward in hearing your thoughts and ideas on how to Resist.

      Please note, the logo and share button icons have been updated to more clearly reflect this mission.

      -Melissa & Mike Horton

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      Russia Calling Western Media "False News"


          During what looks like a massive panic attack, the Russians are literally attempting to gaslight the media in Western nations, including MSM right here in the U.S.

          According to Eric Garland, Putin has come to the realization that his intel op to keep power has backfired badly - uniting NATO and threatening to do severe damage to Russia.

          Here is Putin's desperate ploy to save his bacon:

          Loading Tweet ... https://twitter.com/CNN/status/834483152089444353

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          Would A Congressional Subpoena Of Trump Taxes End His Presidency?


              Getting Rid Of Trump ‘Easy’: Neither Impeachment Nor 25th Amendment Required; Subpoena His Tax Returns.....


              (IMAGE ABOVE: A page from Donald Trump's 1995 Tax Returns https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/10/01/us/...

              Quo usque tandem abutere, Catalina, patentia nostra? (How long, Cataline, will you abuse our patience)—Cicero

              It is very simple to have Trump remove himself from the presidency. It requires neither impeachment nor a finding of incapacity by the cabinet.

              Indeed, it takes only one house of Congress, (perhaps only one committee?).

              Subpoena his taxes.

              I predicted early on that Trump would never, ever, under any condition, reveal his tax returns. His whole psychological edifice is based on his brand. Let’s face it: what kind of moron sues for defamation because someone says his net worth is not X? (During the deposition in that case, Trump claimed his “brand’s value” was “based on how he was feeling that day”).

              His tax returns would reveal the truth. Resigning the presidency “on principle”, as he would spin it, is far less of an existential threat to his psyche than for the world to discover the narcissist’s true net worth.

              If either the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, chaired by Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), or the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, chaired by Rob Johnson (R-WI), were to open an investigation into Trump’s likely abundant conflicts-of-interest, illegal leasehold, and emoluments clause violations, it would be impossible to do so without the tax returns.

              Trump, of course, would fight the subpoenas, but he would have little chance of prevailing in court. Once the final determination were made that he had to produce his tax returns, Trump would resign the office, uttering some psychobabble about his belief in the Constitution (that he shows few signs of having read nor caring that he hasn’t read it) and right to privacy.

              The reason that neither Chaffetz nor Johnson will open investigations is that, once open, Trump’s demise is guaranteed regardless of the particular findings because they would have to subpoena his taxes. He will resign the presidency rather than release his taxes. [He will negotiate a deal that the subpoenas will be quashed upon his leaving office].

              Rubles-to-rum, Vladimir Putin already has Trump’s tax returns. If I perceived the depths of Trump’s extreme psychological vulnerability to their publication long ago, psyops expert Vladimir Putin certainly did long before that. Criminal enterprises can hack the IRS computers, so how hard would it be for Russian software engineers? Trump’s accountants would be an even easier target.

              If Putin has his taxes, he is unlikely to want to trigger Trump’s resignation—he is, after all, his boy—and thus will allow him some leeway to appear tough toward Russia. But, Putin will use the leverage his has to its maximum advantage without tripping Trump into impeachment or resignation.

              So-called President Trump is becoming increasingly at odds with Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsay Graham (R-SC). They could be deciding votes as to whether to subpoena his tax records in conjunction with investigating Russian collusion with Trump. The so-called President has said both that he knows Putin well—to the point where Putin supposedly confided in him years ago his lack of respect for Obama—and that he had never met or spoken to him. His son, Don, Jr., claimed a lot of Russian money in Trump enterprises whereas Daddy just said the opposite.

              Senate committees investigating the Russian connections may very well decide, therefore, that they need to see Trump’s taxes to understand the links. The FBI will have to do so. There is no answer the Trumps can provide that has any more credibility that what they have already said that is self-contradictory.

              Thus, no extraordinary action is necessary to have Trump remove himself from office. No hearings or votes or palace intrigue is required. There are very good reasons to subpoena his tax returns, both on the conflicts case and the Russian connection. No judge would quash it.

              We could be rid of him in a flash. Vlad will shed tears, but the world will be a much safer place.

              I rarely reprint another's work but in this case it was just too good to leave a word out. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/getting-rid-of...

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              Pundit Post

              What Did Trump Actually Accomplish In His 1st Yuge Month As President?


                  While many of Trump's supporters are still hooked on his bombastic speeches about how great he is and how much he is getting done, what is it he really has accomplished? Trump will tell you he is the man of the people but what in his first month did he do that actually benefited those people he proclaims to be part of? Who stands to benefit from the few executive orders which he managed to get passed such as:

                  "...withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, undoing Obama’s rejection of the Keystone pipeline and delaying an Obama rule cracking down on unscrupulous investment advisers. He also reinstated the “global gag rule” barring overseas funding to groups that provide abortions, just like George W. Bush did, except that Trump’s rule applied to all global health funding rather than just family planning funds, which could reshape foreign aid."

                  So where in the above few executive orders which stated above did the majority of Americans gain any benefits?

                  Has Trump settled into the position of the presidency and actually started acting like a president? Trump hasn't changed one bit from his campaign days and continues to "delegitimize independent sources of authority that challenge him—journalists, judges, protesters, leakers, Democrats, the very concept of objective facts that he doesn’t get to certify as true" Trump also stands with foreign leaders and continues to glorify and praise himself on his non accomplishments, continues to spew lies all of which is embarrassing to us Americans and to say the least, perplexing to those foreign leaders standing on stage with him listening to his constant praise about himself.

                  This article is a good concise overview of what exactly Trump has done in his first month but most importantly what he hasn't done and when I say hasn't done, I mean done for the majority of us Americans he supposedly was elected to represent. Can anyone see how Lobbyists, Bankers and Billionaires in Trump's Cabinet positions will represent the working/middle class? People and the media need to get past listening to Trump's empty rhetoric and start concentrating on what it is that Trump is actually doing and who benefits most from his actions.


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                  Keith Ellison Supporters Warn Of Fallout If He Loses DNC Chair Race


                      Those who support Keith Ellison for DNC Chair warns that if their guy is not elected they won't support the Democratic Party. I suspect Keith Ellison will continue to support the Democratic Party if he doesn't win the chair of the DNC. The "warning" issued by his supporters is exactly why Donald Trump is president today.

                      Bring your ideas and energy to bear and let the chips fall where they may. Most people don't react to ultimatums very well.


                      Days after the November election, the progressive wing of the Democratic Party was ascendant. There was no greater sign of its rising stature than the momentum Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota was enjoying in his race to chair the Democratic National Committee.

                      Ellison, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) during the 2016 presidential primary, was racking up endorsements not only from Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), but establishment figures as well, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers — both of whom backed Hillary Clinton in the primary.

                      But in December, former Labor Secretary Tom Perez jumped into the DNC race. Now, Ellison and Perez are neck-and-neck, with the election days away. The DNC’s 447 voting members will decide the party’s next chair in Atlanta on Saturday.

                      That has some Ellison supporters worried that their chance to reshape the party is in danger of disappearing. In an attempt to head off Perez, some prominent Ellison supporters argue that failing to elect him would squander a major opportunity to energize the progressive grassroots and heal the wounds of the 2016 presidential primary.

                      “Keith Ellison had incredible support from the quote-unquote establishment side of the party, the progressive side of the party, the grassroots and the elected officials. Nobody was clamoring for another entrance, and yet we got one foisted upon us,” said Alex Lawson, executive director of Social Security Works, an organization fighting to expand Social Security benefits.

                      “If Tom Perez were to win, the message that would send to the grassroots, to labor unions that endorsed Ellison before Tom Perez joined the race, [is] that their voices, their muscle, their enthusiasm and turnout doesn’t matter,” Lawson added.

                      Ellison backers acknowledge that the liberal protest movement that has taken shape since President Donald Trump’s inauguration ― not the DNC race ― has become the focus of grassroots energy. A loss for Ellison now could limit the party’s ability to tap into that enthusiasm, but it wouldn’t stop the movement.

                      “If Perez wins, we’re not gonna come out with pitchforks and say, ‘No, no, no,’” said Murshed Zaheed, political director of Credo Action, an online progressive heavyweight that has experienced record growth since Trump’s inauguration. “But people are going to roll their eyes and just keeping doing what they do. It’s going to keep the DNC what it is: an irrelevant, old, stale entity that hasn’t been re-serviced since the Howard Dean days.” (Zaheed noted that he spoke to HuffPost in his personal capacity, since Credo isn’t endorsing in the race.)

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                      Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Death Row Inmate


                          The Supreme Count decided that defense lawyers erred in categorizing a Black inmate in death row by painting a picture that he is more violently. This unjust practice is a pattern of White Supremacy (Racism) that has contributed to the notion that Black people are inherently violent. History would beg to differ if we look back at the way this country came into existence and power. White men has proven to be very violent based upon their past, present, and future actions.


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                          Great Britain Has Spoken !


                              Don't let that disgusting pig of a man near Parliament or my castle !

                              British Parliament debates and votes: NO invite for a State Visit from the orangutan !! (1st time EVER to debate the issue, let alone say NO to a Presidential visit)

                              Can't wait for the tweets to come . . . . . perhaps a "Declaration of War" ? LOL !

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                              Draft Of First Trump Budget Would Cut Legal Aid For Millions Of Poor Americans



                                  He doesn't "love" or respect women.

                                  If he did, his draft budget wouldn't target what it does. No excuses.

                                  While Congress wants to eliminate the CFPB - Consumer Finance Protection Bureau - Trump's draft budget focuses on cuts to legal aid which defends such cases as VAWA, domestic violence, fair housing protections for the disabled, and a long list of other necessary protections.

                                  For a guy who has been party to roughly 4,000 lawsuits, the irony and misogyny is simply inescapable.

                                  Not my president.


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                                  Rating The Trump Cabinet. Thumbs Up. Thumbs Down. And TBD.


                                      Some of the Presidential Picks for High Office

                                      I have been keeping score. Have You?

                                      While there are still some nominees left to confirm, and a few high ranking appointments yet to make, the shape of the Trump Cabinet is now rather clear. There are literally thousands of empty slots that fall under the Executive Branch which sit either empty or with temporary Obama era hold overs BUT these are the ones who will be charged with filling many of those slots and, if the President allows them to, shape the vision of their departments and direct daily operations.

                                      What follows is my list of Likely Winners, Likely Losers, and the To Be Determined. Ratings are given in the Likely Winners and Likely Losers categories are from Best (10) to Worst (1). The jury is out on the third category: To Be Determined.

                                      My ratings are based on the their experience, knowledge, temperament, record, philosophy and vision as they relate to the position they will hold. Those in the two "Likely" Categories have enough available information for me to make a considered evaluation in which I have confidence.

                                      As those in the To Be Determined Category perform they will be moved into either the Likely Winner or Likely Loser Category and be rated.

                                      SO WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MY RATINGS?

                                      What are Yours?

                                      Likely Winners

                                      National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster 10

                                      Secretary of Veteran Affairs David Shulkin 10

                                      Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao 9

                                      Secretary of Defense James Mattis 9

                                      Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly 8

                                      Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats 8

                                      Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Mike Pompeo 8

                                      Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross 7

                                      Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley 7

                                      Likely Losers

                                      Attorney General Jeff Sessions 3

                                      Secretary of Health and Human Services Jeff Price 3

                                      Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson 2

                                      Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos 1

                                      White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus 4

                                      Administrator of the Environment Protection Agency Scott Pruitt 1

                                      Senior White House Advisor To the President Steve Bannon 1

                                      To Be Determined

                                      Vice President Mike Pence

                                      Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

                                      Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin

                                      Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke

                                      Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta

                                      Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue

                                      Secretary of Energy Rick Perry

                                      Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney

                                      Administrator of the Small Business Administration Linda McMahon

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