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Opinion: The Face Of Republican Evil - It’s Not Donald Trump


      "Trump didn’t make Republicans corrupt. They were already there."

      " Republican contempt for democracy was evident long before Trump started grasping for the presidential nomination with his stubby orange fingers."

      " Republican voters might not like it, but they like liberals, black people and feminists even less, so they will show up and dutifully vote against the Democrats every time."

      "Losing health care access isn’t great, but for conservative voters, admitting that liberals might have a point is a hell from which there is no escape."

      "At this point, the Republican rejection of democracy is an established fact. The only question is how far the ruling party is willing to take it."

      The above are excerpts from http://www.salon.com/2017/06/22/the-face-of-republ...by Amanda Marcotte.

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      Opinion | Trump And The True Meaning Of ‘Idiot’


          I have said on numerous occasions that Donald Trump is an idiot. I recognize that perhaps that is not something nice to say about another human. However, seeing him sitting behind the Resolute Desk, pains me beyond reason. In a conversation with a friend, I was explaining to him how I am upset about how Trump is debasing the very core principles of our democracy he told me I was thinking with my heart instead of my head. His comment caught me short, for some reasons that require me to explain in another post, as I need to deal with Trump, the idiot for the moment. So let me start with this article from NYT: Trump and The True Meaning of ‘Idiot.’

          In a recent Quinnipiac University poll, respondents were asked what word immediately came to mind when they thought of Donald Trump: The No. 1 response was “idiot.” This was followed by “incompetent,” “liar,” “leader,” “unqualified,” and finally, in sixth place, “president.” Superlatives like “great” and a few unprintable descriptives came further down on the list. But let us focus on the first.

          I fully support the opinions of those who feel that Trump is unqualified for the job. And yet, there he is, in the White House. Every day, I ask, how the hell did this happen? How did this country elect such an idiot to be the leader of this country?

          Well, the author of the Times article certainly captured my thoughts when he wrote the following:

          Contemporary uses of the word “idiot” usually highlight a subject’s lack of intelligence, ignorance, foolishness or buffoonery.

          Yep, that about sums it up, Trump is all of the above, but I had to read the rest of the statement:

          The word’s etymological roots, however, going back to ancient Greece, suggest that, in the case of the president, it may be even more apropos than it might first seem..

          Well, Eric Anthamatten had my complete attention, as I wanted to understand in greater detail what he was getting at. Here is some more of what he had to say:

          Humans evolved for the most part by putting community first and the individual second. Despite many of the political narratives that posit a mythological “state of nature,” in which selfish, violent, atomistic individuals must forgo their natural liberties and make compromises and contracts to secure their own existence, scientific evidence simply does not support this. For creatures like us, self-preservation was always also social preservation. The “I” is in its very existence also a “we.”

          The idiot does not understand this, and thus does not understand how he came to be, how he is sustained and how he is part of a larger ecology. The idiot cares nothing about public life, much less public service. The idiot cares only about his own name. The idiot, by way of his actions, can destroy the social body. Eventually, the idiot destroys himself, but in so doing, potentially annihilates everyone along with him. He is a ticking time bomb in the middle of the public square.

          Did you catch that, ‘humans evolved for the most part by putting community first and the individual second’ based on what we are witnessing of the behavior of Trump he is not doing that. All we have to do is watch his reactions around the Russia investigation. Never an utterance around wanting to get to the bottom of it for the good of country the only concerns he has are that thedidn’t collude or conspire, or obstruct. He is not interested in what Putin did to disrupt the election, no, he is just concerned about himself. “The idiot does not understand this.” At this point, one would think I would be satisfied with what Mr. Anthamatten wrote. Not quite.

          You see, that part of me is still struggling with how his base of 31 – 38 percent still see him as effective, and what the country needs which is where review of the article cited in the NYT piece provides additional insight. “Teaching Against Idiocy.” For those of you who are still with me, you must know by now; I’m one of those people who will read the referenced article or study cited in articles. I have to say this essay was indeed enlightening.

          Walter C. Parker says this in his essay: An idiot is one whose self-centeredness undermines his or her citizen identity, causing it to wither or never to take root in the first place. Private gain is the goal, and the community had better not get in the way” Ah, now we’re getting to the nub. Private profit. Is there anything that explains Trump any better than his quest for private gain? Parker expands on this with the following:

          De Tocqueville singular contribution to our understanding of idiocy and citizenship is the notion that idiots are idiotic precisely because they are indifferent to the conditions and contexts of their own freedom. They fail to grasp the interdependence of liberty and community, privacy, and puberty.

          Again, shedding light on the idiocy of Trump, as it’s clear he cares nothing for the freedom of others, just his own and that of his family. Even with that explanation, I am still troubled by the illogical aspect of how those who show up for his rallies – as they did in Iowa – still feel he is for them. That he is going to fulfill all the promises he made to them. Their misplaced belief he will create jobs is once again smashed asunder with the announcement that Boeing is laying off 200 people in their South Carolina plant, along with the Carrier moving forward with their plans of laying people off and transferring the work to Mexico. People still believe him.

          So, if we are to accept what De Tocqueville stated, that people are indifferent to the conditions and context of their own freedom, it starts to become clear, why the blind loyalty to Trump. It’s because they too are idiots.


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          Material Useful To Russia Probe Destroyed In US Compounds: Report


              When the U.S. seized Russian compounds located in Maryland and New York last year, officials discovered destroyed information inside that would have been useful in the ongoing probe regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election.
              The discovery raises the likelihood that Russians were conducting illegal intelligence operations on U.S. soil.
              Among the destroyed materials discovered at the compounds were antennas, electronics, computers, file cabinets and other gear, according to CBS News in a Friday report.
              Former President Obama seized the two diplomatic compounds and expelled at least 35 Russian diplomats last December when the administration learned that Russians might be meddling in the election, including potentially hacking voting machines.
              President Trump recently accused Obama of doing “nothing” about the Russian allegations before the election.


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              Trump Just Made The Worst Mistake Of His Life As His Tweets Are Turned Into ....


                  Words do indeed have consequences as Trump has just learned. A few weeks ago a judge shot down one of Trump's Immigration bans and during that trial the judged clearly stated that Trump's tweets can officially be used in a court of law. Trump's tweets should be considered as official presidential documents and should be allowed to be used in the Courts. For so long Trump thought that he could just act like some petulant whiny spoiled brat and tweet whatever he wishes and never be held accountable.Well, this seems to be changing and not in Trump's favor. If this comes to fruition could this possibly open up the flood gates and all those people who Trump demeaned and degraded with his vulgar ignorant tweets, start to sue his raggedy a$$? This biggest problem with Trump is that he isn't being held accountable for what he says and he thinks he is being so cute as to hide behind his twitter account and spew one lie after another and think nothing of it. That may soon change.


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                  Obama’s Secret Struggle To Punish Russia For Putin’s Election Assault


                      I am so angry after reading this that I no longer call for Trump's impeachment. He should be hauled out onto the white house lawn and shot by the nearest marine.


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                      Donald Trump May Face New Legal Action Over Trump University


                          Typical Trump. Gets caught in a scam and found to be guilty so he does what he has done in some many other instances. Settles out of court, has the court records sealed and moves on to the next scam as if nothing ever happened. Well, one woman decided that she wasn't having any of Trump's bullsh*t and having been incorporated into a class action settlement which she requested she not be part of, decided to take on Trump and sue him. Now on top of Trump's so many other problems he has to contend with a problem he thought he could hide under the rug and will once again be thrown into the spotlight for his unscrupulous dealings.

                          One question I have is whether Trump's attorney fees in this latest suit end up being paid by the taxpayers.


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                          The Health Care System Status Of The United States Of America.


                              How is it that all of these countries, (and a few not on this graphic), are able to afford to cover ALL of their People with Health Care - AND - therefore their people LIVE LONGER THAN WE DO, per the Longevity Statistics? But, the ruling Political Party in the United States of America, the richest country in the world, says we can't afford to do this for OURSELVES?

                              Well.... first of all, the political dynamics in place in USA are such that our politicians care more about retaining their offices and the power of their Party, than they care about doing the Right things the Right Ways. They care more about themselves than they do about We the People, they supposedly are in office to Represent.

                              To accomplish their retention of their offices and the associated Party 'Power', their campaigns require vast amounts of money. Per the relatively recent Supreme Court / Citizen's United case judgement, there is no limit to Political Contributions anymore.

                              So.... those who have the most money to contribute have the most influence with our Politicians.

                              Here are some of those people, who happen to be the CEOs of some of our major, for profit, Health Insurance Companies, and their respective incomes:

                              Well, obviously, these people can well afford to make large political contributions, but, of course, their companies can afford almost an unlimited amount of contributions.

                              So, given all of this, the true reason(s) why the United States of America, the richest country in the world, 'can't afford to provide Single Payer / Universal Health Care to the citizens', are that our politicians have effectively been BOUGHT / BRIBED to not provide that system, in order to continue the For Profit Insurance System we have now.

                              What is especially WRONG about this, is that if we did have a Single Payer Health Care System, OVERALL, i.e., the sum of what We the People and our Government are paying for Health Care, would be REDUCED BY OVER A TRILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR.

                              How is that true, you might ask?

                              The net result of our present system is:

                              1. Not everyone is covered for health care, therefore some people die, needlessly.

                              2. As a population, we do not live as long as the populations of those countries with Single Payer.

                              3. Overall, (government & civilian payments), we are paying over a TRILLION DOLLARS MORE than we should be, per year, every year.

                              4. Our Politicians receive the large political contributions for their campaigns from the For Profit Insurance Companies, keeping them in office, and in power.

                              So.... We the People, are being thrown under the bus / being SCREWED by our politicians.

                              And they do this while smiling at us and telling us this is the best they can do. WOW.

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                              Secret GOP Meetings Create Final Solution For Medicare - Kill The Old


                                  Ever since Mitch "Eichmann" McConnell required the GOP to channel their inner Khymer Rouge last month, the Republican Senate's plans have been left up to the imagination.

                                  With an effort to reduce American Life expectancy by decades, Senator McConnell has taken Trump's copy of Mein Kampf, added a final solution or two and mixed in the support of the subhuman Deplorables. Extracting the DNA of a snapping turtle to genetically alter his appearance, Mitch may soon be donning a Nazi WWII helmet to complete the new look for the leading haters of Americans - the United States Senate's Republicans.

                                  Reducing the American population by 20 million or so will impact the healthcare system certainly, bankrupting patients and former caregivers alike. The economic travesty of eliminating Medicare, the Veterans Administration hospitals, Social Security and all other forms of federal subsidies to the Healthcare system - except for those owned by say, Tim Price, who has repeatedly proven in the past that he is a very good friend to the companies he holds shares of - is nearly beyond stupefying. Keep in mind that the Kentucky Senator has already been experimenting on his constituents in his home state for over a decade.

                                  One of the conclusions that can be drawn is that the systemic elimination of the old, the infirm and the injured is a necessity for GOP success. Though the Party of Ignorance fails to recognize that their razor thin majority is the most likely to succumb first.

                                  So perhaps that is a good thing.

                                  In conjunction with eliminating the immigration of tens of thousands of future Healthcare workers, the GOP should be able to passively execute millions of their followers over the next four years.

                                  No one ever accused the GOP Conservative element of being good long term planners. Proudly failing at predicting the future for decades, they continue to successfully disappoint the nation.

                                  GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

                                  #resist #indivisible

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                                  Pundit Post

                                  My Husband And I Saved A Baby Rabbit Last Night.


                                      It was an exhausting experience.

                                      There is a small neighborhood park right behind our house. People dump pets there from time to time-usually cats. About 8 years ago, after Easter, someone left 2 bunnies there. People in the area suddenly saw them running around and tried to catch them.

                                      I was walking my dog when I saw one of them. A lovely black bunny. I had never seen my dog act like that before. He is part Akita and weighs almost 100 pounds. Suddenly, he zeroed in on this cute little bunny, jerked my arms, started making this strange whining noise, and was slobbering like this was lunch and he wanted it, RIGHT NOW! It took all my strength to pull him away from the area.

                                      Eventually the two bunnies were caught and saved. My neighbors wife is a vet. One of the bunnies' legs was broken. She took it to work, cared for it, and one of her employees eventually took it home.

                                      Last August, someone left a Guinea Pig at the park. One of those expensive ones with the long, furry hair. Several people at the park were quite distressed, as we were concerned that a predator would get it, it would starve, or that it would not last through the winter. Myself, along with others, were bringing bits of scraps over for it to eat. Someone finally caught it in October and took it home. Crisis averted.

                                      Then, a month after this Easter, as I left my home to take my dog for our morning walk, at the home next door, there was another rabbit. A beautiful black one. Again, it took all my strength to keep my dog from getting at it. That bunny must have sensed the danger, as very quickly it hopped across my lawn, across my other neighbor's lawn, into his back yard, and, I presume, back into the park.

                                      About a month ago, a few blocks from here, I saw the second rabbit. A grey one. It saw us approaching and quickly ran off out of site. Smart rabbit.

                                      Two and a half weeks ago I came home from the Dentist, greeted my dog, and opened the back door to let him out. I stepped outside on to the deck and heard a terrible noise. It was obviously an animal of some kind, hurt. It was not a bird, but it was high pitched, and was coming from just across the park. I called my cat Tuffy, as Princess was still in the house. She came running. She was OK. So-hold on to this thought. A high pitched noise from 2 and 1/2 weeks ago.

                                      In addition to our dog, we have two cats. My husband and I love dogs and cats, and have had pets since we both were children. Tuffy and Princess are litter mates, and are about the most ferocious hunters of any cats we have ever had. They have caught and killed a rat bigger than they are, they bring rats, mice, moles, voles, and birds to the back door so we can see their kill.

                                      They both know that they are not suppose to bring anything in to the house. On occasion, Princess likes to break that rule. When she does, she usually brings in something that is still alive. She always makes this very odd noise when she does. I can't quite figure it out. Perhaps it is a present to us, for us to kill. I don't know. I can say it has not been fun to have a live mouse and mole in the house, trying to chase it down and get it out.

                                      Now, back to the rabbit situation. In the last 10 days, the cats have brought 3 dead baby rabbits to the back door. I am reasonably sure the noise I heard was Tuffy killing a baby rabbit. When I say they brought a baby rabbit, I should say what was left of a baby rabbit. If you are squeamish, you would not want to look at what my cats often leave at the back door.

                                      We are finally having some warn weather, and we had the back door open last night. We were sitting in the family room watching the news, when Princess marched into the living room, which is where she usually goes when she has something. I thought I heard her making her strange noise. I got up to go take a look and my husband followed. She moved away from where she was and there it was, a baby rabbit, sitting still. We thought it was dead.

                                      My husband went into the kitchen to pick it up with a paper towel, as he was concerned that it might have blood on it somewhere. When he bent down to pick it up, it suddenly, quickly hopped to the other side of the room, behind a large planter and our couch. I could see that it's right paw was lagging a bit.

                                      My husband tried to reach down and get it, and it hopped behind the couch. Great! It's behind the couch. We got a broom to try and scare it out from under the couch, but it would not budge. He had to lift the couch up. There it was. I tried to grab it, and it ran to another corner of the room.

                                      My husband went and got a large towel, thinking that might be the only way to get it. I staying there keeping a watch on it. He got back and thought he grabbed it with the towel. I looked around and it was so fast and small, that it had hopped to another part of the room, behind another planter. I managed to reach behind the planter and pick it up, then wrap it in the towel.

                                      I walked next door to my neighbor and rang the doorbell. Princess followed me over, meowing the whole time. I told him what was going on. He called his wife, as she was at work and was going to be there for several hours. It was decided they would keep it there until she came home and could evaluate it, but they would need something to put in in to keep it safe, as they have 4 dogs. I suggested our cat carrier. Great idea!

                                      The bunny was placed in the cat carrier. I petted it. It was looking happy. Crisis averted. I went home. My husband and I were exhausted, but at least we saved one of the baby bunnies from a horrible death.

                                      I don't know who thinks dumping pets in the park is OK, but I would like to give them a piece of my mind. A drive to the shelter is just as easy.

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