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      This speaks volumes as 45 attempt to represent America along side more brilliant minds.

      "Donald Trump is not fit to be president of the United States. He does not possess the requisite intellect and does not understand the significance of the office he holds nor the tasks associated with it. He doesn't read. He doesn't bother to peruse important files and intelligence reports and knows little about the issues that he has identified as his priorities. His decisions are capricious and they are delivered in the form of tyrannical decrees."

      "He is a man free of morals. As has been demonstrated hundreds of times, he is a liar, a racist and a cheat. I feel ashamed to use these words, as sharp and loud as they are. But if they apply to anyone, they apply to Trump. And one of the media's tasks is to continue telling things as they are: Trump has to be removed from the White House. Quickly. He is a danger to the world."


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      After Shaming Pregnant Senior For Months, Christian High School Says She Can't Walk At Graduation


          "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone". Gee, I really can't remember who said that. It couldn't have been JC, right?


          'A Maryland Christian school has barred an 18-year-old senior from walking in next month’s graduation ceremonies because she is pregnant.

          'Maddi Runkles, who is a straight-A student, said she became pregnant five months ago. She said she expected some punishment, but also support from officials at the nondenominational Heritage Academy, in Hagerstown.

          '“This has been more shame than punishment,” Runkles told HuffPost.

          'Runkles said in January, when she and her parents notified the school about her pregnancy, she was immediately dismissed. When her parents appealed the decision, they were told she could come back, but would have to continue her studies at home after spring break. A second appeal from the family resulted in the school’s final decision: removing her from all leadership positions (she was student council president and vice president of the glee club) and banning her from walking at her graduation ceremony.

          'Heritage Academy’s strict policies require students to sign a pledge in which they agree to protect their bodies by “abstaining from sexual immorality and from the use of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs,” according to the school’s website.

          'David Hobbs, administrator at Heritage Academy, addressed recent criticism in a statement released earlier this week. According to Hobbs, Runkles was punished “not because she’s pregnant, but because she was immoral.”

          '“Her immorality is the original choice she made that began this situation,” Hobbs wrote.

          'Runkles counters that her punishment is much more severe than what’s been doled out to others who have broken the pledge.

          '“Sexual morality is not just limited to premarital sex,” she said. “There’s many different forms of it and there have been other kids committing forms of sexual immorality and they have never been treated this harshly.”'


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          Ryan A Little Less Proud Of HR 1628, Will Kill Off Worthless Humans Slower


              Given the CBO report, the GOP can now proudly state that they can participate in the earlier termination of the lives of a projected 23 million people by 2020, not nearly as bad as the 24 million originally quoted.

              Sorry, Paul Ryan, you are going to have to try harder to kill off the uneducated Trump voter. We know you must be sorely disappointed by the new evaluation. Though we do appreciate your efforts to destroy the Republican Party. Perhaps you can find additional ways to destroy the lives of your constituents in a more practical manner - like ripping away the protections offered by the EPA that has required the removal of environmental hazards in places like West Virginia where your GOP supporters are suffering illnesses at a rate similar to the mining communities in China and South America. Now we know how much you appreciate the flattering comparisons to Communist and Despotic governments, and that you are doing your level best to elevate your President to operate at the same level of effectiveness as Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. At the current rate your GOP Sheep will be starved before their health insurance runs out, resolving that pesky problem of feeding and housing the wastes of human life that the Mercer-owned White House despises. I would suggest that the GOP offer to federally fund funeral expenses in order to encourage the hastened demise of the constituents that are such a drain on American society.

              One thought, though: If the plans move forward to build the wall on order to keep out the unwashed Mexicans, Guatemalans and the like, you will need to bring all the gravediggers under Federal Employment. Though the CBO did estimate a 1.8 million jobs will be lost as a result of the ACHA, so there will be a fair number of doctors and nurses seeking employment.


              Geoffrey S Jade Barrett, Chairman #SANE60 25 May 2017

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              Pundit Post

              Betsy DeVos: If States Discriminate Against LGBTQ Students, It's Cool By Me


                  I'm sorry, but it is just not right to discriminate against anybody in this country, no matter who they are or what religion they follow or do not follow or their sexual orientation. People are people, period! We all feel love, hate, pain, joy, depression and when we bleed, our blood is red red RED just like everybody else's. This DeVos "woman" is living in her own reality show. She has absolutely no business being Education Secretary. She is the one who needs to be educated in basic human decency!


                  'Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said Wednesday that states should have the flexibility to decide whether schools can discriminate against LGBTQ students ― even if those schools get federal money.

                  'During a testy exchange in a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing, Rep. Katherine Clark (D-Mass.) told DeVos about Lighthouse Christian Academy, a private school in Indiana that receives state voucher money but denies admission to students from families where there is “homosexual or bisexual activity” or someone “practicing alternate gender identity.” Clark asked DeVos, whose budget seeks a $250 million increase for projects that include vouchers for private schools, if she would step in if that Indiana school applied for such federal funding.

                  'DeVos replied by saying she supports giving flexibility to states.

                  '“For states who have programs that allow for parents to make choices, they set up the rules around that,” she said.

                  You would put the state flexibility over our students? Rep. Katherine Clark (D-Mass.)

                  'Clark, who appeared baffled, pressed DeVos on whether she could see any situation in which she would overrule a school requesting federal voucher money ― if the school discriminated against students based on sexual orientation, race or special needs, for example.

                  '“The Office of Civil Rights and our Title IX protections are broadly applicable across the board,” DeVos said. “But when it comes to parents making choices on behalf of their students….”

                  '“This isn’t about parents making choices. This is about use of federal dollars,” Clark interrupted. “You would put the state flexibility over our students?”

                  '“I think a hypothetical―” DeVos said.

                  '“It’s not a hypothetical,” Clark snapped. “It’s a real school.”'


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                  Republican Wins Montana Election One Night After Being Charged With Assault


                      Republican businessman Greg Gianforte has won Montana’s sole House district in a special election Thursday, keeping a seat in Republican hands despite facing assault charges for allegedly attacking a reporter who’d asked him about the GOP’s health-care bill.

                      In his victory speech, Gianforte admitted to the attack and apologized for it.

                      “I shouldn’t have treated that reporter that way,” he told supporters at his rally here.

                      The victory, called by the Associated Press, offered some relief for Republicans, who have struggled to sell their Obamacare overhaul, the American Health Care Act. But it was a closer call than the party had expected when it tapped the multimillionaire to run in a state President Trump carried by 20 points — and when Democrats nominated folk singer Rob Quist instead of an experienced politician. With 83 percent of the vote counted, Gianforte led Quist 51 percent to 44 percent, according to preliminary returns.

                      Some in the crowd laughed at the mention of the incident. “I made a mistake,” said Gianforte.

                      “Not in our minds!” yelled a supporter.

                      Democrats, who called on Gianforte to quit the race after the assault charge, believed that late votes broke Quist’s way, and that the first-time candidate put the race in play by attacking the AHCA. Forcing Republicans to spend seven figures defending a typically safe seat, they argued, was worth it.


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                      Comey Is A Liar


                          This is baloney! All he had to do then, was to make a public statement about the documents and that they were fake.
                          Of course, given the sheer hatred that's been whipped up against Clinton and Liberals by right wing smear campaigns, this could have had the results Comey feared, of discrediting the FBI. In any case, he threw HRC under the bus to save his precious FBI.


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                          Jared Kushner Now A Focus In Russia Investigation (The Washington Post)


                              Will Ivanka stand back while the father of her children possibly take the fall for her father? How tight is the family dynamic as it pertains to blood? We will soon see.

                              "Investigators are focusing on a series of meetings held by Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and an influential White House adviser, as part of their probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and related matters, according to people familiar with the investigation."

                              "Kushner, who held meetings in December with the Russian ambassador and a banker from Moscow , is being investigated because of the extent and nature of his interactions with the Russians, the people said."

                              Jared Kushner now a focus in Russia investigation - The Washington Post

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                              Pundit Post

                              Le Petit Garcon


                                  The idiot and chief once again did what he does best and shamed himself at the latest meeting of the heads of NATO. Apart from showing his ignorance and poor upbringing where manners are concerned when he shoved his bulbous frame past another leader to get to the front of a photo op. Seriously if ever the saying ''money doesn't buy you class'' was ever evident it was here at the moment Trump showed what a fat ignorant being he is.

                                  Now this is what happens to a human being when they are brought up in a loveless, cut throat family. An ignorant arse in any language around the world............

                                  And that was before he started spouting his usual whining and moaning about NATO not paying the bills....Trump in his speech said that the US as a member of NATO pays more than those other members combined.......Ok, just to remind you the US spend more on its military than all these.........

                                  Trump in his latest bollocks went all in and whined about 23 out of 28 nations not paying the agreed 2%....If only those stingy NATO countries were as generous with their money like the Saudi's when it came to buying military hardware.

                                  Of course all those other NATO countries were there after 9/11 when fifteen Saudi nationals carried out that most heinous of acts. Those countries saw that attack and invoked Article 5 without hesitation and fought the campaign in Afghanistan. No arguments on how much that action would cost were ever raised before the beginning of the campaign...without hesitation NATO offered all that was requested and more when the call came.

                                  Trump ignored that as he barely mentioned the real reason for his bipolar approach to NATO and his Racketeering thuggish approach to allies who have sacrificed where Trump has never. Trump seemed to forget about why NATO exists........

                                  Quick historical summation.....

                                  But of course the mention of Russia was not to be heard from the lips of the minority president, no mention of the threat on the borders between Eastern Europe and Russia, no mention of the increasing and aggressive moves in Ukraine. His ire was directed at the organisation and not at the threats to Europe.

                                  Is Trump simply doing his boss's bidding in Moscow and increasing pressure on both NATO and the European Union? Well the investigations are ongoing into all things 'Trumpski' and Trump's continual free pass to Putin and his criminal dealings around the world.

                                  Despite the moaning of Trump and his Anti-Europe, Anti-NATO rhetoric.....It took a real leader. A leader who not only knows the dangers of aggression on Europe from Russian rule in the form of Soviet style rule. A brutal rule that did not only brutalised the people of Eastern Germany behind the Berlin Wall, but one that saw many Americans die behind enemy lines during the Cold war.

                                  Angela Merkel gave words that were contemporary, based upon fact and embedded in experience.....about how walls and borders only create fear, like the piece of the Berlin Wall on one side of the exhibition was there to remind Trump of Russian rule...on the other side you see a large remnant of one of the Trade Centre Buildings.

                                  Of course the fact that Trump during his tirade of drivel was standing right beside this relic of the terror born of Saudi thinking and with the blood stained fingers of fifteen of nineteen Saudi nationals.....Trump was able to speak in glowing terms of the Saud's and those other Autocratic Muslim nations.

                                  But that is the way of le petit garcon.......tiny mind, tiny hands and no grasp on reality. Today he brought a new type of shame on the US and those who support him and apologise for him in the US. One that leaves no doubt that Trump is beyond out of his depth and it was never more apparent when met with real leaders with real world perspective.

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                                  Pundit Post

                                  Trump A NATO Embarrassment


                                      Trump A NATO Embarrassment

                                      Allies Amused, Dismayed, Annoyed, Alarmed

                                      Trump is once again vague about NATO mutual defense REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

                                      From L-R, Belgium’s King Philippe, U.S. President Donald Trump, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Belgian’s Prime Minister Charles Michel gather with NATO member leaders to pose for a family picture before the start of their summit in Brussels, Belgium, May 25, 2017.

                                      By Ray Cunneff


                                      The video of Trump shoving aside the Prime Minister of Montenegro, the newest NATO member, so that he could strike a pose for the cameras, perfectly captures Trump's ego and arrogance in seven seconds. (It seems the most dangerous place one can be is between Trump and a camera or a microphone.)

                                      Trump shoves aside Montenegro's Prime Minister Dusko Markovic to strike a pose

                                      Trump said he was not there to lecture in Saudi Arabia, but felt free to publicly berate our NATO allies for not paying their fair share (a 2014 agreement with President Obama gave them ten years to gradually reach the goal of 2% GDP) and added insult to injury by questioning the cost of the new NATO headquarters.

                                      Trump barely mentioned Russia, insisted NATO's focus should be on terrorism and immigration, and did not reaffirm the U.S. commitment to Article 5 mutual defense between the alliance members as was expected.

                                      Donald Tusk, who represents the leaders of NATO's 28 member states as president of the European Council, made it clear after the morning meeting that there had been several areas of disagreement. "Some issues remained open like climate and trade," Tusk told reporters. "And I am not 100 percent sure that we can say today — 'we' means Mr. President and myself — that we have a common position, common opinion, about Russia."

                                      Sharp differences emerged between Trump and Tusk over the intentions and policies of President Vladimir Putin, an increasing source of anxiety in Europe in light of the country's apparent attempts to meddle in elections in Europe and the United States, and its increasingly aggressive, expansionist foreign policy, notably in Ukraine and Crimea.

                                      The Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, relatively recent NATO members, are considered particularly vulnerable to Russian aggression as Putin claims any nation with significant Russian-speaking populations should rightfully be under rule of the former Soviet sphere of influence.

                                      Trump and France's Macron exchange "white-knuckle handshake"

                                      Earlier, Mr Trump and Emmanuel Macron, France’s newly elected young president, exchanged an awkward power handshake at their first face-to-face meeting. According to a report by the White House correspondents’ pool, “Each president gripped the other’s hand with considerable intensity, their knuckles turning white and their jaws clenching and faces tightening”.

                                      Philip Rucker of the Washington Post said: “Trump tried twice to release and Macron held on tight … It was quite a handshake, two alphas.”

                                      Trump is known for his habit of pumping people’s hands and then yanking them forcefully towards him in a gesture that psychologists believe is intended to demonstrate dominance.

                                      The 39-year-old Mr Macron may have been prepared for his American counterpart’s strong-arm handshake and simply held on tighter.


                                      The alarm in Europe over Trump's presidency has diminished somewhat since his election, partly because Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Vice President Mike Pence have gone to great lengths to reassure NATO and EU members of America's commitment to mutual defense. But Trump, who once described Brussels as a "hellhole" overrun with radicals, remains an object of deep suspicion in the city and throughout Europe.

                                      Today's performance did nothing to assuage their doubts and fears.

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                                      Pundit Post

                                      Greg Gianforte: Fox News Team Witnesses GOP House Candidate 'body Slam' Reporter


                                          Not only did this cretin body slam the reporter, his campaign released a complete and total lie about what happened.

                                          I'm using the FOX News link because those reporters who were present when this happened stepped up, told the truth, and are reporting on it. Credit where credit is due.

                                          The republican candidate needs to be arrested, charged, and prosecuted for battery. Forget going to Congress.

                                          To be clear, at no point did any of us who witnessed this assault see Jacobs show any form of physical aggression toward Gianforte, who left the area after giving statements to local sheriff's deputies.

                                          As for myself and my crew, we are cooperating with local authorities. It is not clear if charges will be filed against Gianforte at this time.

                                          Scanlon later issued a statement saying that Jacobs "entered the [campaign] office without permission, aggressively shoved a recorder in Greg's face, and began asking badgering questions."


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