There, I've said it. Black lives do not matter to the right. They never have. They never will be. US history has a long and bloodied list of dark, turbulent and uneasy relationship with those not of the Pilgrim Shade of Beige.

      The Black experience in the US isn't the welcoming warm and fuzzy shining City on a hill. In fact the experience of the Black American wasn't a shining light of freedom but the racism in forms of Burning Crosses, dehumanisation and of course the apologists and excuse peddlers for these disparities are the very same people who today are all too quick to judge. Their judgements are based on the old Prejudices that in times past were accepted as societal norms.

      Make America Great Again........When asked the question......When was America Great.....Republicans have their idea of when that might have been.

      In the Aftermath of the RNC Convention and the language used by many speakers during their rallying cries to coalesce around the White Nationalist Message of the entirety of the Convention. Looking at the Convention hall and seeing a crowd of White faces cheering on speaker after speaker who were quick to blame others for State of the Country.

      As I wrote yesterday.......


      The ransacking took place on stage at the podium. A ransacking of the truth and a message that would be truly terrifying were it true. A message that clearly defined what is to come over the next three months. There is no doubt that Trump's speech was a rallying cry to the White Blue Collar Male, his whole campaign has been based on the Angry White male voter. His speech was both Sickening and Frightening in equal measure.

      For the Right their continued assault on Minority Communities all over the US has been steady, steadfast in its own ignorance and lack of Substantive evidence. They have been steadfast in their blame being towards one social group. After the RNC's shameful display in Cleveland it is clear that the party have completely given up on the idea of securing any kind of percentage in any of the Minorities throughout the US.

      The Trump takeover of the GOP is complete. The Politics of the US have been changed forever. A Political crack that will be present for decades to come and will cause further friction in both the near future and the not too distant future, a future that for many will see little in the way of advancement of life's achievable goals.

      There is no room at the table for those who have a finger of blame pointed at them for Societal Woes and Societal Wrongs. The reasons behind those serious difficulties are continually ignored by the very same people who for days in Cleveland opted not to reach out to those on the Opposing side, those who protest Police Shootings.

      What has been completely ignored by those whose support for 'Blue Lives Mattering too' is complete are the very same people who have themselves put the lives of Police Forces all over the US.

      The people who have taken on the Mantle of Protecting Law Enforcement from the violent tendencies that steal the narrative from the victims of Police Shootings. Dallas, Baton Rouge held up as examples of the Violent Nature of an entire movement...as the right want you to believe.

      Like the soldiers that fight the wars of the right, the Police are now the new target for the Parasitic nature of those on the right who latch onto those who have to defend Public safety. They defend a Public that has been failed. Failed for Centuries, not just the last Seven Years.

      Failed by a system that sees the Police having to Police areas that have been blocked out by those who wilfully ignore their own part in creating this mass poverty, Impoverished Minority Areas that have never been a pressing matter for the Right.

      If there are those out there who believe in their Hearts that Blue Lives Matter.......then that Heart should save enough room to admit that Black Lives and Minority Lives have never mattered to the right. To protect those who protect others.......The time has come to address and plan and change those lives on the fringes. In doing that you not only protect the lives of those in law enforcement and create a safer society.

      You also raise up those who have been forgotten by all, You give them a reason to care about their futures because you give them a future.

      You do that, then the slogans of Black or Blue or All lives mattering will be consigned to the History Books. Time to show those who need protecting and those who protect..........Humanity Matters.

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      Pundit Post

          Why did Clinton choose Kaine?

          • Kaine comes from a swing state.
          • He has executive and legislative experience. (Before going to the Senate, Kaine was governor of Virginia from 2005 to 2009 and mayor of Richmond prior to that.)
          • He has a strong Catholic religious background. (He was a missionary out of college.)
          • He speaks fluent Spanish.
          • He had been vetted favorably by then-Sen. Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign.
          • His record in office is accomplished and progressive. He is widely respected and liked by both Democrats and Republicans.
          • He is not controversial (despite the so-called "gift scandal" - a nothing: all reported by him, all legal and none linked to a quid pro quo)
          • He is a chatty, down home, natural presence on the public stage (a bit like Biden).
          • Kaine is a steady presence. He has been in the national spotlight -- both during the 2008 vetting and during his stint as Democratic National Committee chairman from 2009 to 2011.
          • He knows how to handle the media, the scrutiny and the attacks that come with a high-profile perch. He's even-keeled amid chaos.
          • AND he is someone who Clinton knows, likes, and respects.
          • He could step up to the Oval Office easily if necessary.

          Kaine's Bio:

          Kaine grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, where his father had an unionized ironworking shop. He worked in the shop and considers his roots to be blue collar.

          After studying economics (B.A., 1979) at the University of Missouri, graduating in tree years, he went to Harvard Law School (J.D., 1983), taking a year off to head a carpentry and welding program in a Jesuit technical school in Honduras. Kaine also helped increase the school's enrollment by recruiting local villagers in a campaign that emphasized the importance of education. Kaine became fluent in Spanish (largely because he insisted that his students and their parents only speak to him Spanish and his commitment to ongoing tutoring in the language. Kaine remains fluent in Spanish using the language regularly, reading in Spanish and taking brush up lessons regularly.

          Kaine later moved to Richmond, Virginia, where he opened a legal practice specializing in housing rights for the poor and disabled.

          In 1984 he married Anne Holton—whose father, A. Linwood Holton, had served as governor of Virginia in 1970–74—and the couple later had three children. In 1987 Kaine also began teaching part-time at the University of Richmond School of Law.

          Kaine entered electoral politics in 1994, when he was elected to Richmond’s city council.

          He then served as mayor of Richmond (1998–2001) before becoming lieutenant governor of Virginia (2002–06).

          In 2005 he ran for governor on a platform that highlighted his RC faith and his willingness to pursue bipartisan compromise. He won the closely contested race and took office in 2006. Kaine was an early supporter of Sen. Obama during the 2008 presidential election, and he was widely believed to have been on the short list of vice presidential candidates.

          From 2009 to 2011 Kaine served as chair of the Dem Nat. Comm.

          In 2012 he ran for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Jim Webb. He narrowly defeated his GOP opponent, George Allen. Kaine took office in 2013.

          Kaine is a centrist Democrat, what used to be called a Blue Dog Dem., befitting a politician who was from a state that had a conservative rural sector in the south and west and liberal urban and suburban enclaves in the north and east. Virgina also had a large military presence, and Kaine took a strong interest in defense and veterans affairs issues, sponsoring legislation to help provide military personnel with useful training and credentialing for the civilian job market.

          In addition, he was at the forefront of numerous discussions on immigration policy. Kaine is fluent in Spanish and very popular among Hispanic groups.

          Anne Holton Kaine has served as a judge for juvenile and domestic relations court in Richmond. After serving as a very engaged First Lady of Virginia during her husband's term, she was appointed by Governor Terry McAuliffe in January 2014 to be Virginia's secretary of education. The couple has three children: Nat, Woody, and Annella.[Nat, the eldest son, is a United States Marine, making Kaine one of a handful of members of Congress with a child who has served in the military. All of Kaine's children attended public schools.

          Kaine is 58 years old.

          His current Senate Assignments are ones he takes very seriously as demonstrated by his preparation, very regular attendance, and active participation.:

          Current legislative committees
          • Senate Committee on Armed Services
            • Subcommittee on Readiness and Management Support (ranking member)
            • Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities (member)
            • Subcommittee on Seapower (member)
          • Senate Committee on the Budget
          • Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
            • Subcommittee on State Department and USAID Management, International Operations, and Bilateral International Development (ranking member)
            • Subcommittee on Europe and Regional Security Cooperation (member)
            • Subcommittee on Near East, South Asia, Central Asia, and Counterterrorism (member)
            • Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere, Transnational Crime, Civilian Security, Democracy, Human Rights, and Global Women’s Issues (member)
          • Senate Special Committee on Aging
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          Pundit Post

              "Mundane Monday" will start off the DNC next week in Philadelphia so I need to start picking on Hillary. I really want to go after Hillary the same way I went after Trump last week but it won't be as much fun. The thought of picking on a female senior citizen makes me worry that I will be committing "elder abuse" I will but it won't be the same as picking on Trump because aside for their similar character flaws her campaign rhetoric is so boring.

              She doesn't talk about those sexy issues like torture, nuclear proliferation, or about "taking out the families of terrorists" or monitoring of religious places of worship. Before the election in November I suspect we will be seeing her sitting in a rocker talking about chocolate chip cookie receipts.

              How can one get excite about beating her up over, paid family leave, a higher minimum wage, free college tuitions when none of these issues gets the steam coming out of my ears.

              Now if she had said that she was going to ship 11 million people out of the country and build a useless wall and tell us that some foreign country was going to pay for it, I would be all over her case. But she's not saying those outrageous things, she's just telling ordinary Americans that she is going to do a bunch of nice things for them , unfortunately she doesn't tell them then she won't be able to deliver on those sort of promises.

              The reason see won't be able to deliver on those promises is the Congress is not going to let her. I hope she has a lot of receipts to share with the American people once she gets elected a POTUS because that about all Congress will let her do.

              more less

                  Donald J. Trump walked up to the podium without a single wave to the crowd and without acknowledging anyone in the audience. After accepting the nomination, he started his speech with the promise: “I alone can fix it!” apparently referring to the nation's problems.

                  Smug as usual – and while making funny faces of all kinds – Donald J. Trump angrily made promises to restore national security, enforce peace and order, build the economy, improve trade, revitalize the energy industry, and change foreign policy – all so incoherently and without saying how he would accomplish any of it.

                  Among the other vague promises he made:

                  • “I will build a country of law and order.”
                  • “I will go to work and go to work for you – the people – and build a country that will be the greatest in the world.”
                  • “I will immediately stop all immigration into this country.”
                  • “I will build a wall across our border with Mexico.”
                  • “I will abrogate the NAFTA trade agreement.”
                  • “I will change our relationship with NATO.”

                  He also promised “protection for LGBTQ rights”, and said “the NRA will be proud of me”, etc., etc., etc.

                  At no point did he say how or in what way he will accomplish any of his promises. Matter of fact, Donald Trump promised all of his plans will “immediately take place or take effect on January 20, 2017 – right after I am sworn into office.”

                  A highlight of his speech is the absence of a mention of God or religion or faith (all of which are incumbent Republican Party staples). At the end of his speech, he simply said “Thank you” and did not utter the usual “God bless you – and God bless the United States of America.”

                  The Republican Party convention got from Donald Trump nothing more than his egotism and a long list of empty promises.

                  more less

                      Strange when a comedian sees one of our biggest fallacies with such clarity. Stewart is absolutely correct. These right wing extremists who are the worst of the lot trying desperately to divide this Country need to be reminded. They don't own our Country nor do they own Patriotism or even Christianity. What they do own is nothing but their own fear and hatred towards others and their willingness to continue to spew their hatred and fear mongering as we saw during their convention. Oh yeah, these extremists will be first to blame their opposition for our divisiveness yet it is these same extremists who sit in Congress and try to deny whole segments of our population their right to vote, their right to not have to live in fear, their right have health care, and so many other rights yet, they blame our current President? Lies, fear and hatred do not make our Country Great Again and no matter how much the likes of Trump spews his empty rhetoric he has been the biggest and loudest proponent of hatred and fear mongering. Is this the vision one has for the future of America? Well it is for Trump and those lemmings who blindly follow him and embrace his crude foul ignorant bogus rhetoric. God bless America. Which America is it that God is supposedly blessing?


                      more less

                          First the Iowa Supreme Court and now the one in Virginia, have found a new way to disenfranchise many of their states' voters and deny people their constitutional rights. Luckily Virginia has a governor who is willing to do what it takes to circumvent those partisan rulings and restore voting rights to ex offenders.


                          more less

                              Full Frontal: "Taste The Danger"

                              Samantha Bee's "Full Frontal" late-night talk show team has released a Calvin Klein-style PhotoShop'd spoof campaign poster said to be going viral online. The accompanying Tweet reads:

                              “Between love and madness… lies pragmatism”

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                              Pundit Post

                                  Fethullah Gulen is on Turkey's most wanted terrorist list, and is accused of helping to orchestrate the coup attempt that claimed the lives of several hundred people. He's been living in Pennsylvania since 1999.

                                  If the US is unable or unwilling to hand him over to Turkey, would the Turkish government be justified in taking him out on American soil with a drone?


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