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      Some offensive language

      I have an issue with the Republicans, lots of issues with the GOP. You people are very cruel (in general) and this has never been more evident in the treatment of one of your own.



      I hope you people are happy with yourselves, a once proud name among many within the rank and file 'Big' tent that is Republicanism. One name has been dragged through the mud more than any other name. One of your very own.

      The man was virtually ignored in Iowa. He wore his 'Establishment' tag like a War Medal and although he originally went with his first name rather than his surname for some reason. A man of great means, a once great standing and a campaign that even today has failed to ignite.

      The most lackluster of campaigns has truly hit the Pathetic. I mean, how pathetic is this below.........

      Ok, tell me that is not toe curling awkward? I thought to myself that's it Jeb has reached the lowpoint of his campaign one that has been a lowpoint throughout. Well at least he hasn't wheeled out his mother, I mean when you start getting your Mother to argue your case that would be pretty pathetic right?

      There is no way that Jeb would do such a ridiculous and desperate as to get Mommy on the................

      Oh for Christ's sake! Seriously Jeb, son of Barbara. Come on man! Right you are seriously making this really difficult I mean really difficult. You got your Mommy? That must have been a fun filled Phone Call, ''Donald Trump is being mean and the Press won't take me seriously''

      Damn Jeb.

      Well at least he hasn't dealt his hand in Crazy Poker by using his older brother to vouch for him, that would be the ultimate ''Past giving two ****'s'' move of his attempt of winning a Primary let alone the actual nomination and even the Presidency. Yup, Jeb ain't that stupid I mean there is no way that he would even go down the dark road of 2000-2008 and unleash the man that single handedly F***ed the entire planet with his..............

      Really Jeb? Your brother paints you as a 'Uniter' and someone who knows how to bring the world together?

      That Brother who showed none of those qualities in his presidency? That brother?

      Give it up Jeb.

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          In MSNBC's February 4th Democrat Debate (I'm not sure where it was held), Sanders and Clinton head-to-head.

          So this is what a scared Hillary looks like when she feels backed into a corner and on the defense. Sanders came off the ropes bold and strong, clearing up all of Clinton's misinformation. He is not folding to keeping with the failed statuesque. Yes Sanders wants to raise the minimum-wage (to $15/hr), Universal Healthcare (that will include mental health) and free-college education as a Right (not a privilege) and yes that will come with raising taxes. But it also comes with cutting the cost of college education, over-priced pharmaceutical drug prices, and closing loop-holes in tax havens for the wealthy and outsourcing jobs. He is also talking about rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure to add 13 million new jobs (jobs that will pay a living-wage as a minimum wage). All of these things go hand-and-hand. Sanders is not suggesting an increase in taxes to provide an unaccountable spending budget. He is is talking about raising taxes (particularly in Wall Street) to pay for these programs he is pushing to pass (Universal Healthcare [at reasonable rates], free college education [at affordable rates] because currently the US ranks pretty low Globally in these issues. Hillary doesn't want any of that. Hillary is scared to take on the billionaire class (because she is owned by them).

          Hillary prefers to rely on her record of getting things done, but she got things done by voting with the Republicans (or conceding to them, take your pick). Hillary gets things done by flip-flopping. Hillary relies on being ambiguous in her replies that only panders to uninformed voters. But she is competing with Sanders, a man who is not uninformed (and neither are his supporters). That is why she is losing the young voters (that are concerned more about their future than putting it on hold to cross and unnecessary mile-stone to elect the first female President as a priority when they know that will inevitably happen) and she is losing the female voters that also recognize the same.

          Voters do not trust sellouts (like Hillary) that claim to be against their biggest supporters. Hillary is not concerned with moving the US in the right direction) she is only concerned with her ego. She relies on gaining Obama supporter (which is currently only at 48%), but she is failing to understand that Obama was elected (aside of making a historic mile-stone) because he was running against McCain and Romney. Overall Obama brought us a militarized and immunized police force (that is literally getting away with murder [daily] so much for solving the racial inequality issue [which is what cost Obama support in the Black community], he also brought us the illegal spying by the NSA that violate the privacy Rights of US citizen, he also illegally made it tolerable to kill US citizens abroad, he also opened a record number of Internationally illegal Black-sites across the globe. Obama stood silently by as a man set himself on fire on the Capital Mall, he stood silent when a LAPD officer was hunted down and burned alive by fellow law officers, he stood silent on Gun-Rights. In fact he promoted the US drone surveillance program after being Internationally criticized for his Global Drone Program. The 1033 Program was supported by Obama just like the Iraq war was supported by Hillary. And when questioned in the other-day's Town Hall meeting (covered by CNN) Hillary said she would not reign in the US Global Policing.

          Hillary has nothing to say about reforming the corrupt Criminal Justice system (and that's an important topic since the next President will be tasked with appointing three new Supreme Court Justices), she had nothing to say about challenging pricing by pharmaceutical companies or college tuition rates, she had nothing to say about closing tax loop-holes in tax havens or outsourcing contracts that eliminate US jobs, but she did say that she was not interested in raising the minimum wage to a living wage in a world of constant inflation that shrinks the dollar faster than pay raises can counter.

          So for those of you that have not figured it out yet, I'm not a supporter of Hillary because she has nothing to offer 90% of US citizens.

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          Pundit Post
          active 2 minutes ago

              A great debate: solid, substantial, policy driven, fact-based, confrontational and yet fundamentally respectful.

              Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton: Sander's populist revolution vs. Clinton's gradualist reformism. The difference in their goals are generally narrow but the approach to policy is hugely different.

              This was as close to a tie as I can recall.

              Clinton was "high energy." She artfully shot down Sanders' attacks on her progressivism and quite convincingly displayed her knowledge of foreign policy and of defense initiatives...her Middle East Policy is really Kissinger with a bit of Kirkpatrick....well tested.

              The one very serious challenge that Sanders often lays out is her vote in 2002 to support the invasion of Iraq. He calls it a lapse in judgment but she successfully lays out how the evidence as presented, and as certified and supported by military and diplomatic figures held in nearly universal high regard convinced her that the call to support the war was the right one. And as the truth unfolded she became a very effective critic.

              By comparison, Sanders suddenly seemed restricted and out of his depth. His halting description of North Korea as the greatest threat the U.S. faces suggested he was reaching for something that was not Muslim and trying to visualize it on a map.

              The other big Clinton Moment: selling her Progressive Credentials to the Democratic Base.

              Sanders has been using Clinton's close connection to Wall Street money and several policy positions as indicators that she is really not a Progressive. She came back strong.

              "Under his definition, President Obama is not progressive because he took donations from Wall Street," she said. She argued well that she is ideologically aligned with the Party's Base but that she has a hard edged practicality as "a progressive who gets things done." She also further positioned herself as someone who would be a defender of the Obama legacy, particularly the Affordable Care Act, which she called "a major achievement of President Obama."

              Where Sanders scored was on his marrying Clinton to Big Money. Clinton as a handmaiden for Wall Street with Sanders hitting the subject of money in politics so hard and so convincingly that even conservative viewers scored this attack high.

              Clinton said in her defense that she has faced down Wall Street in her comments, her speeches (even to them) and in her legislative priorities. She pointed to the campaign of Wall Street lobbyists to stop her getting elected over the years. And she asked Sanders to show how donations to her campaigns have influenced her rather than just making accusations by innuendo.

              Questions Remain:

              • Why would Wall Street spend big bucks to hear a speech from a woman they hate and who thinks they are destroying America?
              • Or, put it another way, if Wall Street has done its best to hurt Hillary Clinton, why on Earth would she give speeches to it?

              One of the reasons the "Sanders is a Socialist" meme is not hurting him is that many sense that he has a better sense of what's worrying the American people than Clinton does. We know that people vote first from their own life outwards...."How am I and the ones I care for doing? Is life treating me fairly?"

              What a difference a two-person debate makes

              After a campaign that's featured Republican debates with as many as 11 on stage, it was clear that having two candidates square off allows for a much more natural conversation, with opportunities to agree as well as disagree. With each candidate having ample speaking time, there was only so much opportunity to rely on practiced catchphrases in response to substantive policy questions.

              It also gave moderators much more leeway to ignore the rules and let the conversation progress, rather than having to enforce rules to maintain some sort of parity in speaking times.

              Having said that: I missed the relative youth and practical optimism of Martin O'Malley and his experience as a Mayor and Governor.




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                  While the main stream media is plastering it's front pages with debate over who is the most Progressive between Hillary and Bernie they are actually ignoring one true Progressive who is actually doing her job. Say what you will about Warren but she is taking the fight to Congress and calling out these corrupt politicians who look the other way when their major contributors break the law. Bankers never get prosecuted for their crimes but instead get a paltry fine which they can well afford and no one is held accountable. It's about time someone took these banksters to the wall.


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                      A protester upset over the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement had more than just words for New Zealand Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce, hurling a sex toy at his face during an interview while yelling: "that's for raping our sovereignty". She was taken away by the police, but later released without charges.


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