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California Blooms; So Will Our Country Once We Repeal And Replace Trumpites


      California blooms as drought comes to an end - and so will our country once we "repeal and replace" the Trumpites.

      Californians are rejoicing, and so are many who appreciate the produce and rice that feeds the nation. The rains have given us a beauty we had lost sight of, not just on the desert but in the entire state.

      The beauty we are now encountering after the rains, is breathtaking - and reminds us of what we can see again in our country once we "repeal and replace" Trump. We can take our country back again if we just "make like the rains in California" and dump Trump, Bannon et al and then - as many of those as we can replace in the Congress in the midterms.

      Resist people - - rain on them! Then get out the mid term votes. We can have a beautiful country again.

      Mar 16th 2017 11:10AM

      LAKE ELSINORE, California (Reuters) - Southern California's deserts and hillsides are ablaze with color after a wet winter spurred what scientists say is the biggest wildflower bloom in years.

      Golden California poppies, the state's flower, blanket hillsides along busy high-desert roads and freeways around Lake Elsinore in Riverside County. At Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in San Diego County, the desert blooms with purple Canterbury Bells, red Monkey Flower, white Desert Lily and more poppies.

      "Plentiful rains in December, January and February have encouraged the development of a spectacular showing of annual plants in the flower fields north of town, along trails in western canyons, and even in the badlands," naturalists wrote on Anza-Borrego's website.

      Before the state's devastating five-year drought, Southern California families often made an annual trek to see wildflowers at Anza-Borrego and other destinations - some as close as a freeway exit in the high desert. Now that storms have replenished dry desert land, the tradition has returned in force.

      So many people are visiting Anza-Borrego, the state's largest park, that officials on Tuesday warned of traffic jams and urged flower-lovers to bring plenty of water to avoid dehydration in the hot, dry weather expected this week.

      On the steep hillsides of Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore, people snapped pictures of wildflowers and gathered blooms as they strolled through the gently waving sea of color. Children played and dogs romped through the high stands of poppies as traffic whizzed by on the freeway below.


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      FBI Arrests Ten People In New York City With Alleged Ties To Donald Trump And ....


          Felix Sater was working for the Bonannos when he was taking down by the FEDs and ratted them out...sort of. What Felix did not do was take the Bonannos down, but their competitors. Meanwhile. Sater works the whole time with and for Trump. Then he expands into power brokering for fun and profit, using his Russian upbringing to act as a go between from the Putin #Olifascists to the Trump Campaign, with the last major transaction utilizing Attorney Mark Cohen as a courier to deliver a special deal to Flynn.

          Any bets that Trump will be making an effort to suspend all hearings into his Syndicate and their friends?

          GS Jade Barrett, SANE60?



          to the ever searching czook for this item...


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          Pundit Post

          President Pariah & The GOP Bloodsuckers.


              According to a news report yesterday, Donald Trump has achieved the lowest approval rating of any president in their first 100 days.

              Trump scored a 36% approval rate, which was 2% lower than the lowest score President Obama ever received during his entire 8 years in office!

              This is because of Trump's constant and obvious lying. Then there is his cover up of ties to Putin and Russian oligarchs, which includes himself, his staff and family members.

              And to the offensive, immoral stench that engulfs this administration, Trump's ignorance, greed, megalomania, and depravity are becoming increasingly and disturbingly apparent.

              The examples of Trump/Republican criminal indifference to the welfare of the American people, their disgusting venality, and colossal stupidity abound as recent events have shown:

              1.The attempt to remove 24 million people from having healthcare insurance so the Trump/GOP monstrosity could give the richest 1% more tax breaks.

              2. The firing of US attorneys, who were investigating Trump and his surrogates crimes (Sally Yates & Preet Barrera), in Washington & NY.

              3. The blatant attempts to undermine congressional investigations into the Trump/Russian connections that occurred before and since the elections of 2016.

              4. The GOP's selling-out of the privacy of all Americans, who use the Internet, to benefit corporations, who can take that information and profit from it.

              5. The Trump lies that Russian henchmen, Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn, were of no significance in the Trump organization, when in fact they were given lead positions, including that of campaign manager and chief NSA advisor to the president, respectively.

              6. The attempt to gut Climate Change restrictions, which will put every American and every other person on the planet at far greater risk for extreme weather, flooding and wildfires.

              7. Trump's appointments of gross incompetents and/or outright enemies of the cabinet departments they are to lead, including the EPA, Health & Human Services, Education, and the Energy department.

              The list can go on and on, but the point is that as Trump's popularity sinks, when the FBI comes up with the "smoking gun," showing he and his staff colluded with Putin and Russia to rig the 2016 elections, even the corrupt Republican Party of McConnell and Ryan could not stop impeachment proceedings, if not the overdue criminal indictments!

              So we have a deranged pariah as president, and a thoroughly dishonest, bribable group of Republican vampires running the Congress, and the question is: how much longer can we take it?

              And what do we do if they "fake" a terrorist attack, to create a phony "emergency situation" so they can usurp and aggrandize more power, and rig or block elections in the future? If you doubt that, consider their test run called, "The Bowling Green fraud," perpetrated by Trump's mouthpiece, Kellyanne Conway just weeks ago.

              There is no doubt in my mind that as Trump and the GOP realize that they are doomed to removal and defeat by the FBI, the Courts and the American people, they will resort to any subterfuge to stay in power - and out of prison!

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              Trump’s Plan To Gut Legal Aid Would Do The Most Damage In States That...


                  Once again we see another Trump proposal and once again it will be those people who voted for him who will be hurt the most by such an action. Trump made a lot of promises on the campaign trail one of which was that he was going to make America Great and tried to portray himself as a Man of the People. Yet, each time we see one of Trump's proposals or when he signs an executive order it doesn't do a damn thing to make America Great nor does it help those who voted for him. Thank god his bogus healthcare plan was defeated because so many of those Red States would have cut healthcare to their constituents and left them in the cold. Now that his supporters are seeing and actually feeling the effects of his proposals and I don't mean in a positive way, where is their outrage? Why are they not holding Trump's feet to the fire and demanding he provide that which he promised?

                  The story in the article revolves around W. Virginia, the same deep Red State which Bernie Sanders conducted a town hall meeting recently which he was not booed or yelled at but was conducted in a civil manner with those who lived in the poorest county in America and Bernie wasn't shouted down but was applauded. Let me repeat that, he was applauded. This was an area which overwhelmingly supported and voted for Trump.

                  Programs which help a vast majority of Americans, especially poor Americans are seeing cuts and will affect Trump supporters as we are beginning to see happen. I want to go back and re-post a discussion which alltheworldsastage posted which shows so far, 80 such programs that help Americans which are destined to be cut or grossly underfunded and now we can add another such program. Oh, we will be sure to see Trump add more as days go on.


                  Can anyone of you Trump supporters enlighten us as to how exactly Trump is working on behalf of all the people of America when he cuts funding to such essential programs many depend upon? Where is that Man of the People you voted into office? How is Trump changing the system like he promised which was supposed to help us all? Maybe it is time for Trump supporters to wake up and smell the coffee and actually see what the hell is going on because it certainly isn't what they were promised.


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                  Trump's Gibberish Is The White House’s New Normal


                      What is Trump really saying when he speaks? We have heard Trump speak over so many months during his campaign but just what the hell is he talking about. We got to know someone, Sarah Palin, who had a knack of just blurting out some bastardized form of a stream of consciousness with such energy and verve yet when you try to understand what it was she was trying to convey, you really had no idea. There are similarities between Palin and Trump. Palin would string sentences together in such a manner that her beginning never seemed to relate to the ending of those ridiculous long semi-coherent rants. There was no elegance with respect to how she spoke but rather a lot of rambling, cute, cute to her at least, meaningless comparisons and absolutely nothing or real substance.

                      Now what is it we see with Trump and how he speaks?

                      "Now we have a president who, when he speaks, spatters the air with unfinished chunks, many of which do not qualify as sentences, and which do not follow from previous chunks. He does not release words into a stream of consciousness but into a heap. He heaps words on top of words, to overwhelm meaning with vague gestures. He does not think, he lurches."

                      Add to the above description Trump's constant use of vulgarities, demeaning and degrading language and we begin to see just not only how unpresidential he sounds but also crass and rude and just plain ignorant.


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                      Timing Is Everything, Money Is More - Just Ask Manafort And The Russians


                          Something that Ray Cunneff pointed out the other day is that Trump partially released his 2005 taxes on 17 March 2017 as a result of Rachel Maddow announcing that her show had obtained them, is conveniently the last year before his children (the real operators of the business, for Donald J Trump is incapable of operating the simplest concern) starting hauling in Russian cash.


                          Interesting about how the timeline of Putin and his Bad-ass Band of #Olifascists starts in 2005, when:

                          "President Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, secretly worked for a Russian billionaire to advance the interests of Russian President Vladimir Putin a decade ago, according to a report Wednesday. As part of the work, Manafort proposed an ambitious political strategy to undermine anti-Russian opposition across former Soviet republics, The Associated Press reported." - New York Daily News

                          Not just Manafort, for everyone's favorite convicted mobster and Russian immigrant, Felix Sater was working the Moscow Real Estate beat for Pretendisent Trump at the same time.

                          2013 photo from Miss World competition where Trump also met with Putin and friends to discuss his efforts to operate in the Russian.

                          It was 2005, and Felix Sater, a Russian immigrant, was back in Moscow pursuing an ambitious plan to build a Trump tower on the site of an old pencil factory along the Moscow River that would offer hotel rooms, condominiums and commercial office space.

                          Letters of intent had been signed and square footage was being analyzed. “There was an opportunity to explore building Trump towers internationally,” said Mr. Sater, who worked for a New York-based development company that was a partner with Donald J. Trump on a variety of deals during that decade. “And Russia was one of those countries.”

                          Keep in mind that the notoriously forgetful Trump has stated a number of times that he could not identify Sater if he were in the same room, barely remembers Sater's name and did not even know that Felix worked for him despite the fact that he knew that Sater had been convicted and done time for felonious assault, tearing the face of a man in a bar-fight with a broken glass.

                          The fact that Sater has been indicated time and again as a communicator for the Eastern Block, assisting in delivering a plan through Trump Attorney Michael Cohen from Andrii Artemenko - a man who has now conveniently been charged with treason in his native Ukraine - is a troubling one and perhaps the reason 2006 has not been released is because therein lies a smoking gun.

                          So given your crushing defeat over your absurd attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and that you, Mr Trump have moved on to taxes, we could not agree with your change of focus more.

                          We want to see yours. All of the returns from 2006 on. Prove you have nothing to hide.

                          Unless you do.

                          GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

                          #SANE60 #Trumpmustgo #Pretendisent

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                          Pundit Post

                          Trump Repeals Regulation Protecting Workers From Wage Theft


                              To those people who are not racists, bigots and misogynists, and voted for Trump AND other republicans, those working class white people, who don't like identity politics, or Hillary Clinton, are you beginning to see that you have been conned?

                              What were you thinking? I mean, just examine the personal character of Trump. He is an admitted "pussy grabber". Those are HIS words. Just locker room talk? Well, maybe. But I have been in a lot of locker rooms in my life, and I have never heard anyone who eventually ran for President of The United States of America, admit to being a "pussy grabber".

                              And "pussy grabbing" is just the tip of the iceberg as it relates to Trumps character, or lack thereof. Just look at his marriage relationships, his dealings with contractors, with undocumented immigrant workers. What were you people thinking? You don't like Hillary Clinton? REALLY???


                              WASHINGTON ― Companies that commit wage theft and put their workers in harm’s way just received a favor from the Trump administration.

                              President Donald Trump signed a bill Monday repealing a regulation that had encouraged federal contractors to follow labor laws. Under the Obama-era rule, companies with an egregious record of violating wage and safety laws would lose their government contracts if they didn’t come into compliance.

                              The idea behind the rule was to make sure unscrupulous employers didn’t receive taxpayer dollars. But Republicans in Congress thought the rule was too punitive and unfair to businesses. They used an arcane tool known as the Congressional Review Act in an effort to kill the regulation, which was called the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces rule.

                              By approving the legislation sent to him by the Senate, Trump has ensured not only that the regulation will die, but also that no similar regulation can be put forth by the Labor Department again. Trump signed the legislation at a White House ceremony in front of the press.

                              “When President Trump has a chance to stand with workers, he chooses not to,” Heidi Shierholz, a labor policy expert at the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute, said in a statement.By blocking this rule, the president and congressional Republicans will ensure that taxpayers will continue to support contractors with a history of wage theft and health and safety violations.”

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                              They Will Kill The Children And The Right Will Love Them For It.


                                  The Republican Party are a greater enemy to the security and freedoms of the United States of America than Daesh, Al Qaeda, Mexican Drug Cartels.......Aliens.......obesity combined.

                                  An enemy that has written off those who do not bow before their doctrine, one that promotes division, false discourse and will ultimately sell the US down a dark road from which it may never recover. The world knows and can see that the terminal condition of Political Preservation with an army of idiots and fools too ignorant to pull their heads out of their arses and smell the dead rat of a party that is the biggest collection of ignorant fools.

                                  The whole sorry affair of seeing the US disappear up its own arse due to the noises of the lying right and their multitude of willing propagandists ready to keep the base as dumb as possible. If those terrorists who wish to do harm to the people of the US.....they'd simply step back and watch a nation tear itself to shreds. All they really have to do is watch and wait as the US under the repression of the Republican Party with their leader all the while being exposed as the dodgy criminal he has always been.

                                  When the cold hard reality of the Freedom Carcass was seen by the President as his push to throw 24,000,000 people off access to Healthcare wasn't extreme enough for the Carcass. Their own ideology is something much more extreme and much more damaging to their own as much as it is to those who stand in defiance of the Carcass and it's push back to 1776.

                                  Trump is playing the dutiful dumbass that he is playing off the language of 'Over Regulation' when it comes to the government......now defunct Coal Mining jobs will flood back as a result of Trump's massive F*** You to the planet.....here's hoping his children and grandchildren and their children and everyone else's children and grandchildren evolve to breathe Oxygen through their arses as the air will be less than healthy.

                                  (Mar A lago......2035)

                                  Of course what the EPA hating Orange Satan won't say out loud......the jobs aren't coming back as automated mining is cheaper, more efficient and was always the way mining would end up. Of course that doesn't mean the Mining Industry won't play off the idea that those men and women who once worked those mines may have a chance again......a flat out lie where the damage caused will far surpass any expectations of meaningful lifetime employment.

                                  That's the danger of the Republicans and their doctrine of obliterating any chance of a quality of life attainable for all instead making false promises.

                                  The greed of donors for more dollars and the payoff that the public make wilfully and sometimes unwittingly in voting for those liars and malevolent bastards who are taking the US down from within as Republicans. These idiots are willing to throw themselves in front of the investigation train where the tracks seem to take the current investigations all the way to Moscow and the Duma. The GOP are still willing to rubber stamp the death notice that this current criminal White House is laying on the US.

                                  They will kill the children and the Right Wing base will love them for it.

                                  This Political Suicide of the Republican Party as a whole is one of Cultish beliefs, false promises and a hidden agenda from the believers who prefer to be lied to rather than accept a changed and continuously changing world with the US smack bang in the middle of it.

                                  It is because of that and the rest of the dogmatic beliefs of the Right and the Republicans that they are the most dangerous entity currently in operation in the US. They are the true enemy of Americans of all colours, religions, cultures. They are the dividing force that Daesh can only dream of being.

                                  The Republicans will be responsible for the slow painful deaths of your children and their grandchildren.........and their base will love them for it.

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                                  Pundit Post

                                  The Cold Hard Truth About Bannon


                                      He's the dark lord in the room, the silent assassin of the truth and the person many believe that he is President.

                                      I urge all to take the twentyfive minutes of your life and watch the video below regarding Steve Bannon. It is one of the best pieces I have seen or read on Bannon and what he is. From a snotty up his own arse Navy Brass type, far from the grunts. A man who truly loves war....see's it as 'Poetic'....I s*** you not.

                                      His outward bigotry towards Islam, only proving that Trump's travel ban is not what his administration claims...

                                      Take the time, watch the video.

                                      Take this man out of the White House......for the sake of planet earth.


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                                      Yabberz Indivisible & Resistance News


                                          I am pleased to announce an important new section of Yabberz.

                                          The new Indivisible - Resist section and topic category is dedicated to stories from the front lines of grassroots Trump Resistance. As we all know, just last week we all witnessed the very real impact of these actions stopping TrumpCare dead in its tracks.

                                          Here is what the Indivisible newsletter had to say about how grassroots activism made this happen:

                                          Your relentless constituent pressure ensured that TrumpCare was deeply unpopular before it was even introduced. That unpopularity made it easy for the far-right Republicans to oppose the bill. Ryan and Trump needed those far-right votes, so they tried to offer more extreme concessions to win them over. Those extreme concessions spooked the purple-state Republicans, who started to bolt. Why? Because of intense pressure from their constituents (i.e. YOU). Suddenly, the bill was losing votes from both the far-right and the purple-state Republicans. In a matter of days, the congressional coalition behind Trump’s top legislative priority simply collapsed. TrumpCare was toast.
                                          TrumpCare was terrible, but terrible legislation passes all the time. The difference this time was that you were organized and determined. You mounted a sustained, nationwide resistance that broke the will of the Republican caucus and derailed Trump’s agenda. Politics is the art of the possible, and you changed what was possible. You stood indivisible and it worked—and people will literally live longer, healthier lives as a result

                                          Whether the story is your own personal action, that of a group you participate in, or a news report of activism, this section is the go to place to see how we are all Indivisible.


                                          I also took this opportunity to rename the core news section to "Just News", and will be adding more sections and enhancing their landing pages as discussed in recent posts.

                                          Here is a screen shot of where to find it:

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