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About Yabberz

Yabberz is an open and diverse social-media platform. If you are interested in curating, sharing, and discussing news, hobbies and personal stories, then Yabberz is a good place for you. Yabberz empowers members through spirited, yet respectful, discussions to think, engage, and ultimately act upon important issues that affect us all.

Yabberz - The News Gnome

The Yabberz mascot is a news gnome. News gnomes are playful and friendly spirits that post and share on the Internet. Observing the diverse and complex world, gnomes converse to learn and think. Gnomes try to get along with everyone, even trolls, though they work to get them to change their ways. As a result, Yabberz is great for discussing a diverse range of in-depth topics with honesty and authenticity.

Yabberz needs your help and the help of your friends to find, curate, organize, and discuss the important news of the day. Posting interesting content and inviting your friends helps Yabberz, so Yabberz in turn rewards you with points, visibility, followers, and a growing platform on which be heard. Yabberz points can be exchanged for shares and sponsor badges which are quick ways to gain visibility within the community.

Why Yabberz?

Yabberz is a unique social discussion platform for bloggers and commentators to share ideas and discuss complex issues in a respectful, fun and safe environment. In essence, Yabberz strives to be a safe place to converse about all kinds of things - news, hobbies, interests, and personal stories. It is a place to meet and converse with people that you would otherwise never meet in your daily life.

Yabberz is unique in its comment first approach to discussion which makes it easier for a blogger/commentator to stand out as opposed to being buried below an article, advertisements, and then three thousand other posts. We also feature a unique rewards system of ratings, sponsorships, and leaderboards to help commentators be discovered and engaged by a variety of audiences while building their own personal brand.

Yabberz community members are given freedom to create discussions on a wide variety of topics, and Yabberz provides links to content around the web to help members curate and edit interesting and timely stories quickly.

Who Isn't Yabberz for?

Yabberz is NOT for you if you have made up your mind on every single issue, you are not open to debate, or you never want to interact with someone whose views might be radically different than your own. We strive to keep the site safe, but discussions are sometimes on complex and passionate issues. Yabberz is not for users, who see one party, belief system, or country as having all the answers. Yabberz is for people who believe that leadership around the world should be more accountable, transparent, and work for the people.

While Yabberz has a system of flags for posts that may not meet our Community Standards and we also have an easy way to block users that may not be right for you, there are going to be times you find other Yabberz users and their opinions to be both wrong and frustrating. If you can't handle seeing and reading passionate opinions that are very different from your own, then Yabberz is also not for you. Yabberz strives to have strong intelligent dialog representing all sides of each issue.

Community Standards

Yabberz is dedicated to putting Commenters and their Comments FIRST. We want to be a model for excellence in civil public discourse. We promote a receptive, transparent and respectful atmosphere for comments and users. We believe it is possible to disagree with someone else without being disagreeable. Our guidelines for commenters reflect these values.

We are dedicated to maintaining a respectful community that actively engages in lively discussions about news stories from the professional media, blog articles written for Yabberz and other community based websites, comments made to these stories and articles here at Yabberz and replies to those comments.

The Founders and tech team at Yabberz ask you to please be polite to all the members of our Community. We want our community to be a welcoming safe space for individuals, groups and their ideas. As such, rudeness, insults, name-calling, hate speech, threats, hostility, conversation hijacking, baiting language or pervasive negativity will be subject to sanctions. These include Yellow and Red Flagging, the removal of offensive posts, suspension of the right to post, and banning from the community. Reposting red flagged and deleted content will result in an immediate suspension of your account.

Please Note: If you directly or indirectly threaten the physical or mental well being of a member of this community, or an individual or group, you will be removed immediately. If a credible threat is made against an individual or group, not only may it be removed but it is likely that it will be reported to law enforcement agencies. Yabberz will cooperate with them to any extent requested.

Our History

Yabberz was founded in 2013 by Mike and Melissa Horton. The company is funded by private investors and is located in Mountain View, California. Yabberz first became publicly available in an Alpha test phase in March 2014, and it is now in a Beta+ pre-launch phase.


Melissa Horton Co-CEO / Creative Director

Melissa is a team builder and entrepreneur. Melissa was an Executive Recruiter for the Engineering Leadership team at Google for over half a decade. She has over 15 years of experience establishing recruiting teams for small startups, and has started two businesses of her own. As Yabberz Co-founder she runs the company's day to day operations including recruiting, hiring, marketing, finance, and community management. Melissa graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz with a Bachelors degree in Economics and Political Science.

Mike Horton Co-CEO / Technical Director

Mike is a successful entrepreneur and technologist. He co-founded Crossbow Technology with A. Richard Newton (UC Berkeley) in 1995 and was the company's CEO from its inception until it was sold in 2011 for $45M. As an early pioneer in MEMS-based inertial sensors and wireless sensor network based systems, Crossbow grew to annual revenues in excess of $20M. Crossbow was funded by Morgenthaler Ventures, Paladin Capital, and Cambria Capital Group, as well as corporate investors Intel and Cisco. The company's innovative sensor technology is found in private jets, construction and farming equipment, military weapons systems, and video game consoles. Mike heads Yabberz's technical direction and vision. He holds more than 15 patents. He earned his Masters and Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California Berkeley.


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