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About Yabberz

Yabberz is the Trump Resistance Platform.

Yabberz Mission

Resist, Repeal, and Replace Donald J Trump.

Yabberz connects people to discuss and coordinate resistance news, ideas, and experiences.

Yabberz also serves as a community to safely and civilly vent frustration with Trump’s policy and meet like-minded friends.

Who Isn't Yabberz for?


We are bigger than Trump and his Agenda

The common ground on which all members of the Yabberz Community stand is one of opposition to the Trump Agenda whether from the Right or the Left.

Yabberz is a community for civil discussions outside of Politics too. Topics include the Arts, Entertainment, Music, History, Travel, Technology and even sharing your own Personal Stories.


All Sexes and Sexual Orientations

All Religions

All Citizens Around the World


Fake News, Alternative Facts

Bigots Or Racists

Direct monetary solicitation; Promotional, advertorial content of any kind

Our History

In 2014 Melissa and Mike Horton launched Yabberz, a company funded by private investors and located in Silicon Valley, as a unique platform for the free flowing discussion of a variety of ideas on a site designed to promote troll-free interaction. Times have changed.

Democracy has been compromised with the election of Donald J Trump. The truth now has no name; hypocrisy no limits. Hate and division now rule the free world. We shall not wait until we falter.

As of February 2017 the Yabberz mission has changed to Resist, Repeal, and Replace Donald J. Trump.


Melissa Nguyen Horton

Melissa Horton Co-CEO / Creative Director

Melissa is a team builder and entrepreneur. Melissa was an Executive Recruiter for the Engineering Leadership team at Google for over half a decade. She has over 15 years of experience establishing recruiting teams for small startups, and has started two businesses of her own. As Yabberz Co-founder she runs the company's day to day operations including recruiting, hiring, marketing, finance, and community management. Melissa graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz with a Bachelors degree in Economics and Political Science.

Mike A. Horton

Mike Horton Co-CEO / Technical Director

Mike is a successful entrepreneur and technologist. He co-founded Crossbow Technology with A. Richard Newton (UC Berkeley) in 1995 and was the company's CEO from its inception until it was sold in 2011 for $45M. Mike heads Yabberz's technical direction and vision. He holds 15 patents. He earned his Masters and Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California Berkeley.

The Yabberz Gnome / Site Guardian

The Yabberz Gnome is a friendly news gnome who likes to think, converse, and even enjoys a good debate with those who do not share the same ideology. The Yabberz gnome guards the site from trolls. The gnome was trained by master Yoda during the early years of the Galatic Republic. While not a light saber wielding Jedi master, the Yabberz Gnome is an accomplished force user.


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