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Grammy Award Winner Childish Gambino.



      “No matter where you’re born or what country you’re from, you connect with ‘This Is America,'” said producer Ludwig Göransson during his acceptance speech. “It speaks to people, kind of right to your soul; It calls out injustice, celebrates life and reunites us all at the same time.”

      Göransson also went on to thank a number of people throughout the industry including rapper 21 Savage “who should be here right now.” The statement was the only one of its kind of the evening, coming on the heels of recent news alleging that 21 Savage was detained by the ICE for overstaying a visa.

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      Battle Angel

      James Cameron's new film is out now.

      I would call it "unmissable", even though Donald Clarke shreds it in his Irish Times review.

      The picture begins with Dyson Ido (Christoph Waltz) – an eighth-hand Geppetto – discovering bits of a discarded female cyborg on a trash heap. He takes her back home, twiddles with her circuits and turns her into the titular Alito (Rosa Salazar).

      Before too long she’s scurrying around the busy streets of Iron Town – a multicultural metropolis with lovely eclectic architecture, shops that dispense chocolate bars the size of suitcases and technicians who can repair damaged humans to near immortal efficiency. Remind me again why everyone so wants to flee Iron Town and join the city that floats in the sky above.


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      Behind The Legacy Of America's Blackface


          Outstanding article, an education that is not taught in school.

          Often wondered who Jim Crow was.

          Mr Northam's blackface controversy is America's third major blackface scandal in a matter of months.

          In January, journalist Megyn Kelly formally left NBC after defending blackface on her show in October.

          And also in January, Florida's secretary of state Michael Ertel resigned after photos emerged of him wearing blackface when he dressed up as a Hurricane Katrina victim for a costume party.

          Blackface has a long and troubling history in the United States, so one must wonder why so many prominent Americans are unaware of or indifferent to the harm it causes.

          Tensions surrounding blackface stem from the fact that America remains unwilling to educate people about the history of blackface, according to Howard University professor Greg Carr.

          "It is not taught at all in school. Even in the most basic sense," says Prof Carr. "If it were taught, it would become problematic in America because the vestiges of blackface minstrelsy are a deep part of American culture."

          The practice of blackface grew in popularity in the 1830s as white actors would darken their faces with a mixture of charcoal, grease, and soot and perform as caricatures of African-Americans.

          The purpose of these performances was to demean and dehumanise African-Americans, and it should come as no surprise that this minstrel theatre of anti-black propaganda grew in popularity as the call for the abolition of slavery increased.

          It became common for Americans to refer to black men as Jim Crow, and the widespread popularity of Mr Rice's song Jump Jim Crow made many foreigners believe it was the national anthem.


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          What Is Settler-Colonialism?



              The pain, anguish and anger expressed by Indigenous writers, artists, activists, scholars and musicians responding to the video is real and irreparable. Reminders of abuse at Indian boarding schools, recollections of historical domination by Christian churches—particularly the Catholic missions in California—over Native peoples, and other historical traumas were being relived on social media throughout the weekend.

              Dedicated to all those who want to deflect from the real issue here.

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              Watermarks And Countermarks

              Whistler's watermarks from the National Gallery of Australia.

              The fool, in sundry guises, was known in western Europe from pre-Christian times, and is best known in the role of court jester. The being is best remembered in the role of court jester, but quite modest establishments – including taverns and brothels – flaunted a fool. In these place the role was often filled by a cripple or imbecile given shelter, clothed, fed and kept as a kind of capering house pet. Jesters were highly intelligent, perceptive and quick-witted. They were allowed great licence in their comments on persons and events and were expected to use it..


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              Interesting one from 2016.

              "Here is where artists and those who work and play in culture enter. They help people to see what cannot yet be seen, hear the unheard, tell the untold. They make change feel not just possible, but inevitable. Every moment of major social change requires a collective leap of imagination. Change presents itself not only in spontaneous and organized expressions of unrest and risk, but in explosions of mass creativity".


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              Michigan, My Michigan - Wikipedia

              3 sets of lyrics, 1862, 1886, and 1902.

              Winifred Lee Brent Lyster of Detroit wrote the original 1862 lyrics of "Michigan, My Michigan" to the tune of "O Tannenbaum"

              (known in English as "O Christmas Tree")

              Major James W. Long of Grand Rapids wrote new lyrics in 1886 but kept the original tune and original Civil War sentiment. In 1902, Douglas Malloch wrote the current lyrics for a convention of the Michigan State Federation of Woman's Clubs in Muskegon. He deemed them more suitable for a peacetime anthem.


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