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Summer Solstice: Traditions Around The World


      Today the 21st of June is the summer solstice. The longest day of the year.

      (More than just "National Selfie Day")

      Since long before the "Roman Calender" societies of people around the globe have observed the signifigance of the "natural calender"

      "pre-capitalism" - if I dare :)

      The original Roman calendar is believed to have been an observational lunar calendar[1] whose months began from the first signs of a new crescent moon. Because a lunar cycle is about 29 1⁄2days long, such months would have varied between 29 and 30 days. Twelve such months would have fallen 10 or 11 days short of the solar year; without adjustment, such a year would have quickly rotated out of alignment with the seasons in the manner of the present-day Islamic calendar. Given the seasonal aspects of the later calendar and its associated religious festivals, this was presumably avoided through some form of intercalation or through the suspension of the calendar during winter.

      Rome's 8-day week, the nundinal cycle, was shared with the Etruscans, who used it as the schedule of royal audiences. It was presumably a feature of the early calendar and was credited in Roman legend variously to Romulus and Servius Tullius.


      Photographed by Marie-Lan Nguyen

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      Humanities And The Liberal Arts: Creative Thinking For Fractured Times...

      There are signs of struggle in the Humanities, after all...

      The realization is dawning that STEM does not enlighten us, and the pursuit of money or mere survivability is the lowest rung in the hierarchy of values of a society or culture.


      As technology deepens its penetration into our lives and its unintended consequences emerge -- such as the current election-meddling Facebook scandal -- the skills and sensibilities developed by the humanities will be of increasing importance.

      Without understanding the cultural and social forces that shape human choices, technical solutions will fail. Katherine Brown, Lecturer in Islamic Studies in the Department of Theology and Religion, notes that approaches informed by social sciences to counterterrorism have been inadequate, because they reduce religion and culture to a ‘black box,’ resulting in narrow frameworks that just separate ‘moderate’ from ‘extremist’ ideologies, without unpacking the content of religious ideas or understanding what makes them resonant with some communities. A greater understanding of religious context would produce more meaningful insight, she says, adding, “If we have a more nuanced understanding, we see religion as about belief, belonging and behavior. We realize it can't simply be a matter of isolating whether jihad means ‘violence’ or ‘submission.'”

      An understanding of cultural nuance is not for mere pontification in an ivory tower. It can determine outcomes in the starkest of emergencies.

      The humanities have long fueled civil rights movements, as emblematized by the smuggled copy of William Shakespeare’s Complete Works that brought sustenance to South Africa’s anti-apartheid activists incarcerated on Robben Island.

      This is art not merely for quiet contemplation or self-edification, Fernie argues, but for having a “real, material effect on the course of world history.”

      “The world is not just made up of material things,” says Brown. “It is made up of ideas. If you study how we shape and understand the world, and the ideas that enable us to make sense of living in it, then you are best placed to make a difference.”


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          It's quite disturbing to see such a dystopian view gaining so much traction.

          Well worth a read, in fact reccomended reading for all Paul Ryan's appointees.

          Alarmingly the 10 points below seem to have been adopted by corporatocracy, and have become the new "norms" and despite the fact that the political right appear to have adopted this stance it is far removed from anything that could be described as conservative, in the literal sense of the word..

          Each point is dicussed at greater length in the article.

          1. All evil people are unattractive; all good and trustworthy people are handsome.

          2. The mark of a great businessman is that he sneers at the idea of public safety.

          3. Bad guys get their way through democracy; good guys get their way through violence.

          4. The government has never invented anything or done any good for anyone.

          5. Violent jealousy and degradation are signs of true love.

          6. All natural resources are limitless.

          7. Pollution and advertisements are beautiful; pristine wilderness is ugly and useless.

          8. Crime doesn't exist, even in areas of extreme poverty.

          9. The only thing that matters in life is how good you are at making money.

          10. Smoking is good for you.


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          Why Orwell’s 1984 Could Be About Now


              Good read.

              Prophetic? Possibly. But stirring, moving, creative, undeniable and helpful? Yes. A book published on 8 June 1949, written out of the battered landscape of total war, in a nation hungry, tired and grey, feels more relevant than ever before, because Orwell’s 1984 also arms us.


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              What Clear Cutting Looks Like


                  Yesterday I crawled out of my hole and went to the Santiam River and shot some footage of a clear cut area. I am preparing to try and make a little side money with my drone. This video was made to develop photography and video editing skills more than anything else. While I'm in Vegas I will study and take the Part 107 drone pilot certification from the FAA, which is required for commercial use.

                  I already saw at least 3 mistakes in this video, so I won't make them with my next video. I welcome constructive criticism. I am working on these skills to try and make money shooting stills and videos for real estate, car lots and other businesses.

                  I know better than to bl car lots and other businessesame the lumber companies completely for clear cutting, every time we buy a lumber product we arr part of the process. This mountainside will eventually be replanted, but it's ugly now.

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                  Why Sam Houston, Texas Hero, Opposed The Civil War


                      This is an interesting story about Sam Houston, Texas history and the French hero of our nations founding Lafayette. I was not aware that he had returned to the USA nearly 50 years after the war. He had some interesting advice about slavery.


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