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Confederate Monuments. The Young Turks.

The Young Turks on confederate monuments. Thought this might add to the debate.. There are a few points of view on this. (Some bad language)

A monument to slavery and racism.

A memorial to those who died.

A work of art from a bygone era.

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Greener Pastures


      It seemed sudden. I was happily painting looking forward towards making a modest sale or two during the Summer when the furniture arrived. Because I was paying half of the rent while he paid the remaining half, he held the privilege of doing as he pleased in this space though it was my workspace and place for displaying paintings. When I deducted one-sixth of my share of rent on account of this unwanted furniture, he blanched insisting that he had the right to impose without my consent. As a result, I moved out clearing the premises of my possessions – easel, tabore and paintings. The place is now vacant.

      People are nice up here, friendly and polite but hide another side to them – rigidity. When I rushed to show some of my paintings during a snow storm in my town's art gallery at the invitation of the gallerist, she replied that they were too dark to suit the owner's taste. I offered to show my earlier work which was by far lighter in color and tone. She expressed no interest writing me off at first glance. She expressed no interest in wanting to stay in touch to see how I develop in the future and whether my work lightens to possibly please her employer.

      Yesterday afternoon, I called the library in the town where I had my studio. They seemed eager to have me donate my books as I am cleaning my house to put it on the market. When I visited this library, the librarian took one look at the books declaring them moldy and was not about to take the time to look through to see if any were salvageable for resale. She advised me to discard them in the paper recycling bin at the garbage dump which I regrettably did . This is what I see as rigidity – dismissing someone or something out of whole cloth without considering other possibilities.

      The inflexibility is so thick one slices it with a dull butter knife. At the town's supermarket no matter the age, each customer purchasing alcoholic beverages such as wine or beer must show his or her driver's license. One can be a doddering old man steadying himself with a cane and still be obliged to show his driver's license.

      It is, therefore, time for me to leave and am in the process of putting my home up for sale. Being in this whirlwind of activity, I am emotionally exhausted contemplating a brief respite from Yabberz. But, before I consider a rest I am asking for advice:

      What other venues on the Internet should I try to gain readership in addition to Yabberz? In the past, some of my readers challenged me to see if I am serious about expanding my audience and provided links to sites that consider only peer reviewed articles. I have no MFA degree neither do I know any professor who would vouch for me. In addition to which I have never been an art historian or a curator neither have I ever written a catalogue for an art exhibition.. In a word, I lack the credentials for such illustrious venues as the Art Institute of Chicago or the Barnes Foundation of Philadelphia.

      As you are aware, my articles though a bit informative are tongue-and-cheek, informal with autobiographical sketches and personal impressions. I am searching for sites that already have audiences for published articles of this nature in their arts and culture section. So, my question then to you is where are those sites that I might be able to publish in addition and I stress the words “ in addition” to Yabberz? Where are they to be found?

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      Shock As Bolshoi Cancels World Premiere Of Nureyev Ballet



          "Russia’s Bolshoi theatre has announced the cancellation of next week’s world premiere of a ballet about Russian dance legend Rudolf Nureyev, staged by an outspoken director who has been questioned in a high-profile criminal investigation.

          "Nureyev was set to premiere at the Bolshoi on Tuesday in one of the most hotly anticipated stagings of the season. But in a move that has shocked the ballet world, the theatre said the show has been indefinitely postponed.

          "The ballet is based on the life story of Nureyev, the superstar dancer who defected from the Soviet Union and found new fame in the west before dying from an Aids-related illness in 1993 at age 53.

          "The performance is being staged by Kirill Serebrennikov, a theatre and film director who recently was questioned and had his home searched in an investigation into alleged embezzlement of state funding for the arts.

          "One of Russia’s most innovative and successful directors, Serebrennikov has previously staged a ballet based on Mikhail Lermontov’s Hero of Our Time at the Bolshoi.

          "Serebrennikov has fallen out of favour with Russia’s cultural authorities in recent years and has denounced increasing censorship of the arts. Supporters of Mr Serebrennikov reportedly said his questioning was politically motivated."


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          Wednessday's Discussion


              Tracking my reader's responses (points or comments) from March 19th to June 25th, it appeared that the frequency has been declining. This is rather disconcerting

              March 19 and not the 5th was the first day for tracking this information.

              I welcome you responses. It has been suggested that I join FB discussion groups on arts and culture and share my blogs with them. Also it has been suggested that I mainly stick to well known artists and their bios. One helpful respondent here suggested that I drastically shorten my essays to a few biographical facts about the artist under consideration rather than my informal approach in which I am writing about my self in connection with the life of the individual in question. A few others recommended that I start my own blog on my own website.

              Any more suggestions in getting the trend as revealed in the above graph to move back up? :)

              On Sunday, I will open up the discussion with another question in line with this topic.

              For your perusal or even skimming, here is the link to the brief article on this topic posted this past Sunday.


              In the meantime, I want to thank everyone who have thus far participated in offering me their advice as well as their condolences. :)

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