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Bernie Sanders Hits Road To Lead Charge Against Senate Health-care Bill


      Sen. Bernie Sanders took the stage and got right to it, warning 2,200-odd Ohioans that their lives are at risk if Senate Republicans push through their health-care bill.

      “Put yourself into someone else’s shoes,” Sanders (I-Vt.) said Sunday at Columbus’s ExpressLive concert hall, where large screens that usually play bar specials were showing CBO scores. “What does it mean today if you are struggling for your life, dealing with cancer, dealing with heart disease, dealing with diabetes, dealing with some chronic illness threatening your existence? What does it mean when you read in the paper that Republicans might take away your insurance?”

      A voice in the audience shouted out the answer: “You die!”

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      For You Bernie Supporters May I Introduce H. A Goodman


          Mr Goodman is a progressive democrat and Bernie Supporter and a contributor to The Huffington Post. In this video he will explain there are Bernie Supporters that are suing for the truth about the rigged election of Hillary and cheating of Bernie out of the nomination. I am not a progressive democrat but this guy is correct about the corruption of the neo-liberal DNC. I would support the same thing if this was going on in the RNC.

          At least I know trump got the Republican nomination fair and square unlike Hillary.


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          Bernie Sanders Investigation Is The New ‘Lock Her Up’


              Anyone who closely followed the 2016 election heard about Burlington College, the small hippie college that Jane Sanders, wife of the Vermont Senator, ran for several years. Most of the discussion revolved around the asinine claim that she got rich running the school — she earned $150K — or suggesting that running a private school contrasted with Bernie’s call for free state school tuition. But the occasional fringe outlet would suggest that the debt-fueled implosion of Burlington College was somehow criminal and that Bernie may even be implicated.

              Bernie has called these charges nonsense, but now the Trump administration appears to be seriously considering installing the Senator’s chief troll as U.S. Attorney in Vermont. Welcome to 2017!

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              Nina Turner: While Congress Obsesses Over Russia, Americans Being 'Left Behind'


                  Voters in Flint, Michigan "wouldn't ask you about Russia and Jared Kushner," said Turner. "They want to know how they are gonna get some clean water and why some 8,000 people are about to lose their homes"

                  "People have to stop making this about Trump as a human being, as hard as that might be for some people, and just be hard as hell on the issues," she said.

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                  Why Progressives Feel Unwelcome In The Democratic Party



                      I've grown disheartened lately by the gradual slide of a Democratic candidate I strongly supported in January (Jon Ossoff) to the right. Ossoff began his campaign by denouncing trump, which immediately attracted Progressives like me to his platform. But before the run-off this week (Tuesday, June 20) he mellowed out and started sounding more like a moderate Republican than a classic Democrat.

                      The Democratic Party has shifted to the right. It's not anti-war. It's not strong on the environment. It's not strong on civil and human rights. It's not for universal health care. It's not strong on cracking down on Wall Street and big banks or corporate fraud. Ralph Northam was and is weak on all of those core principles of the progressive left, but we're expected to get behind him, and candidates like him, as if we're just a few small details away from seeing eye to eye with him. We aren't. He's not a progressive. He's not a liberal. He's hardly even a Democrat.

                      This article is about Northam of Virginia but might just as well be about Ossoff of Georgia.

                      Millions of us who ultimately voted for Hillary Clinton felt the very same way about her. On issues ranging from war, to corporate fraud, to campaign finance, to universal health care, and so much more, her positions were not discernibly different from the most basic Republican talking points.
                      I am one of those millions who voted for Clinton only because she was so much better than trump, and I will continue to vote for any Democratic candidate who runs against a Libertarian or Republican. But I am deeply disappointed in the way the Democratic Party continues to pander to corporate America and am not the only one to point out that they're losing the support of most of Bernie Sanders' base because of it.

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                      Getting Big Money Out Of Politics And Restoring Democracy


                          This is quoted "straight from the horse's mouth".

                          Six years ago, as a result of the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision, by a 5-to-4 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court essentially said to the wealthiest people in this country: you already own much of the American economy. Now, we are going to give you the opportunity to purchase the U.S. Government, the White House, the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House, Governors’ seats, legislatures, and State judicial branches as well.

                          The Citizens United decision hinges on the absurd notion that money is speech, corporations are people, and giving huge piles of undisclosed cash to politicians in exchange for access and influence does not constitute corruption.

                          During the 2016 campaign cycle, billions of dollars from the wealthiest people in this country flooded the political process. Super PACs – a direct outgrowth of the Citizens United decision – are enabling the wealthiest people and the largest corporations in this country to contribute unlimited amounts of money to campaigns.

                          The situation has become so absurd that super PACs, which theoretically operate independently of the actual candidates, have more money and more influence over campaigns than the candidates themselves.

                          Let’s be honest and acknowledge what we are talking about. We are talking about a rapid movement in this country toward a political system in which a handful of very wealthy people and special interests will determine who gets elected or who does not get elected. That is not what this country is supposed to be about. That was not Abraham Lincoln’s vision of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

                          (My emphasis:-)


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                          The New York Times Shamefully Smears Sanders In Its Latest Lurch Right.


                              Looks like Tiny Hands Donnie isn't the only one's who's nose is growing..

                              After Donald Trump's stunning victory last November, major media outlets have enjoyed a surge in donations from concerned citizens hoping to restore a Fourth Estate that buckled and finally collapsed under the weight of the 2016 election. “Trump is the best thing to ever happen to the Times’ subscription strategy,” executive editor Dean Baquet told CNN in February. “Every time he tweets it drives subscriptions wildly.”

                              It’s not a little dispiriting, then, that the New York Times has used its new appointment as a leader of the #Resistance to run some of the most reactionary opinion writing this side of the Weekly Standard. With its new subscription dollars, it's hired a known climate denier and racist in Bret Stephens, published a conspiracy theorist in Louise Mensch, and started an ill-fated column asking people to say something nice about Donald Trump, to offer just a few examples.

                              But long before the shooting on Wednesday, some of Mr. Sanders’s supporters had earned a belligerent reputation for their criticism of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party and others who they believed disagreed with their ideas. Sanders fans, sometimes referred to derogatorily as “Bernie Bros” or “Bernie Bots,” at times harassed reporters covering Mr. Sanders and flooded social media with angry posts directed at the “corporate media,” a term often used by the senator.

                              The Times also quotes Harlan Hill, a Trump surrogate who has called Sanders’ attacks on the president a “passive justification” for the shooting, despite the fact that his preferred politician has casually urged "Second Amendment people" to take care of Hillary Clinton, encouraged audiences to beat up protesters at rallies, and so on. But in her piece, Alcindor devotes just a single sentence to the many instances Trump has encouraged acts of violence.

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                              Bernie Sanders On

                                  Bernie Sanders and his many followers--including me--suffered today at the hands of, apparently, one of those supporters, who opened fire on a Republican softball practice, badly injuring a Republican congressional leader. The shooter was killed. As Senator Sanders has noted, in a statement on the Senate floor today, violence is never the way to get positive change.

                                  Anyone who wants to know what changes progressives (like me) seek, please read Sanders' essay, published in today's NYTimes (and already posted here on Yabberz--but it bears repeating):

                                  NY Times 14 June 2017
                                  Editorials, Op-Ed and Letters | OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR
                                  How Democrats Can Stop Losing

                                  By BERNIE SANDERS

                                  In 2016, the Democratic Party lost the presidency to possibly the least popular candidate in American history. In recent years, Democrats have also lost the Senate and House to right-wing Republicans whose extremist agenda is far removed from where most Americans are politically. Republicans now control almost two-thirds of governor’s offices and have gained about 1,000 seats in state legislatures in the past nine years. In 24 states, Democrats have almost no political influence at all.

                                  If these results are not a clear manifestation of a failed political strategy, I don’t know what is. For the sake of our country and the world, the Democratic Party, in a very fundamental way, must change direction. It has got to open its doors wide to working people and young people. It must become less dependent on wealthy contributors, and it must make clear to the working families of this country that, in these difficult times, it is prepared to stand up and fight for their rights. Without hesitation, it must take on the powerful corporate interests that dominate the economic and political life of the country.

                                  There are lessons to be learned from the recent campaign in Britain. The Conservatives there called the snap election with the full expectation that they would win a landslide. They didn’t. Against all predictions they lost 13 seats in Parliament while Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party won 32. There is never one reason elections are won or lost, but there is widespread agreement that momentum shifted to Labour after it released a very progressive manifesto that generated much enthusiasm among young people and workers. One of the most interesting aspects of the election was the soaring turnout among voters 34 or younger.

                                  The British elections should be a lesson for the Democratic Party. We already have among the lowest voter turnout of any major country on earth. Democrats will not win if the 2018 midterm election turnout resembles the unbelievably low 36.7 percent of eligible voters who cast ballots in 2014. The Democrats must develop an agenda that speaks to the pain of tens of millions of families who are working longer hours for lower wages and to the young people who, unless we turn the economy around, will have a lower standard of living than their parents.

                                  A vast majority of Americans understand that our current economic model is a dismal failure. Who can honestly defend the current grotesque level of inequality in which the top 1 percent owns more than the bottom 90 percent? Who thinks it’s right that, despite a significant increase in worker productivity, millions of Americans need two or three jobs to survive, while 52 percent of all new income goes to the top 1 percent? What person who claims to have a sense of morality can justify the fact that the richest people in our country have a life expectancy about 15 years longer than our poorest citizens?

                                  While Democrats should appeal to moderate Republicans who are disgusted with the Trump presidency, too many in our party cling to an overly cautious, centrist ideology. The party’s main thrust must be to make politics relevant to those who have given up on democracy and bring millions of new voters into the political process. It must be prepared to take on the right-wing extremist ideology of the Koch brothers and the billionaire class, and fight for an economy and a government that work for all, not just the 1 percent.

                                  Donald Trump wants to throw 23 million Americans off health insurance. Democrats must guarantee health care to all as a right, through a Medicare-for-all, single-payer program.

                                  Mr. Trump wants to give enormous tax breaks to billionaires. Democrats must support a progressive tax system that demands that the very wealthy, Wall Street and large corporations begin paying their fair share of taxes.

                                  Mr. Trump wants to sell our infrastructure to Wall Street and foreign countries. Democrats must fight for a trillion-dollar public investment that creates over 13 million good-paying jobs.

                                  Mr Trump has withdrawn the United States from the Paris Agreement on climate change. Democrats must take on the fossil fuel industry and accelerate our efforts to combat climate change by encouraging energy efficiency and the use of sustainable energy.

                                  Mr. Trump has proposed deep cuts to higher education. Democrats must make public colleges and universities tuition free, and substantially lower student debt.

                                  Mr. Trump has doubled-down on our failed approach to crime that has resulted in the United States’ having more people in jail than any other country. Democrats must reform a broken criminal justice system and invest in jobs and education for our young people, not more jails and incarceration.

                                  Mr. Trump has scapegoated and threatened the 11 million undocumented people in our country. Democrats must fight for comprehensive immigration reform and a path toward citizenship.

                                  This is a pivotal moment in American history. If the Democrats are prepared to rally grass-roots America in every state and to stand up to the greed of the billionaire class, the party will stop losing elections. And it will create the kind of country the American people want and deserve.

                                  Follow The New York Times Opinion section on Facebook and Twitter (@NYTopinion), and sign up for the Opinion Today newsletter.

                                  Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) is an independent senator from Vermont.

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                                  Opinion | Bernie Sanders: How Democrats Can Stop Losing Elections


                                      This is an interesting article with some very valid points and should be examined by everyone that considers themselves a democratic, liberal, or progressive candidate in the 2018 and 2020 elections.

                                      My only concern with this article is that candidates that Sanders have endorsed have not won an election according to an Daily Caller article written by Phillip Stucky. How do we reconcile this information without questioning Sanders position?


                                      In my opinion it's time for the Progressives to either develop an Opposition Party or join the Democratic Party and help reshape or rebuild from the inside out in a more productive way.


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                                      Pundit Post


                                          Transcript quotes from The Real News.com of Video Interviews at People's Summit found below:

                                          Josh Fox:

                                          Let me ask you this question, who you do think had more influence on our election, Russia or Exxon Mobile?

                                          Goldman Sachs or Russia? Right, the healthcare industry, Monsanto or Russia?

                                          Why don't you ask this question. What's Exxon Mobile's relationship to Russia?

                                          Rex Tillerson is over in Russia right now working with Vladimir Putin to figure out how to frack the arctic. That's a trillion dollar deal. He's the Secretary of State.

                                          We have a lot of influences on our elections. Unfortunately the only influence on our election should be the people. That's why this is called the People's Summit.

                                          Issues also transect with what Bernie Sanders called, you were a surrogate for him, challenging the oligarchy in this country ... They're making money in all these issues. Criminal justice, healthcare, what is it gonna take to build a broad movement that really does that?


                                          I think one of the lessons from Corbyn's victory is that people want to fight for something, they want a radical agenda, they want the safety net restored. They don't want to be involved with foreign countries that fund terrorism. They want to break the traditional pattern this country has been going to for the last 70 years. We don't hear that from the Democrats, Democratic Party of the United States today. Where is that going to come from here?

                                          Linda Sarsour:

                                          We have to build power outside any political parties. That we have to build the power outside and push the Democratic party to align with us on our issues, not the other way around.

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