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Being A Sanders Supporter


      Some of you foolish people on here have short memories, and like to pretend that people who don't toe the DNC party line are 'fake' Sanders supporters. Aside from the fact that it was Sanders whole message to FIGHT the party line and stop being centrists, to give the people what they really wanted, it has no basis in fact. So I say to you, put up or shut up. Here's how I supported Sanders:

      5/31/16 - $100

      5/27/16 - $100

      5/21/16 - $27

      5/11/16 - $27

      5/3/16 - $27

      4/29/16 - $27

      4/20/16 - $27

      4/14/16 - $100 (split 4 ways between Sanders, Teachout, Flores, and Jayapal)

      4/5/16 - $100

      3/30/16 - $27

      3/26/16 - $27

      3/23/16 - $100

      3/17/16 - $27

      3/8/16 - $100

      3/4/16 - $100

      2/28/16 - $10

      2/23/16 - $100

      2/21/16 - $10

      2/12/16 - $10

      2/2/16 - $10

      1/24/16 - $10

      Total: $1066

      Bless Gmail, it still has every single ActBlue contribution confirmation email I received during the campaign. I continued to support Sanders with contributions up until the point it become mathematically infeasible to win unless something drastic happened with superdelegates. During that time, I made many posts arguing against the DNC stacking the deck against Clinton, and why Sanders deserved to be the candidate, and up until New York, had a real chance of winning. At the same time, I was making posts against Drumpf. But now, when the DNC continues with the folly of its ways during the 2016 campaign, I seem to be one of the only people still committed to what Bernie actually stood for before he was forced to sell out to Clinton. And with the DNC pushing complete non-stop propaganda against Drumpf, and Yabberz kicking out or scaring away most of the actual Drumpf supporters, it's generally fallen on me to bring some amount of objectivity to any conversations. You're all just sharing and liking your own biased DNC fed propaganda and pretending there's a huge conspiracy to be found. If anyone is a fake here, it's not me, so bite your tongues.

      DarOneBridgeTourJadeneinsteinczookDayne Griffith

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          What matters to me is not whether the Dems or the GOP are in control, but instead what laws and policies are being promoted, passed, and enforced. I certainly prefer, strongly, the ones promoted by the Dems over those promoted of late by the GOP. But the Dems are falling way short, strategically and legislatively, of what I'd like to see. An interesting take on the subjects:


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          How Did Democrats Become The Party Of Elites?


              Whether you're a Bernie-bro or a Hillary-ite (as long as you're not blindly stuck in one set of views, either way), if you care about the success of the Democratic Party and progressive policies, Leonard Steinhorn's essay is interesting and worth considering:


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                  A template for future political candidates ?

                  This article talks about the inside story of the operatives who turned a septuagenarian independent socialist into a money-raising juggernaut explain for the first time how they did it.

                  On this episode of the “Candidate Confessional” podcast, Tagaris, Curran and Whitney reveal in detail for the first time just how they did it and what it was like to be part of a historic fundraising juggernaut.

                  "Bernie was the only candidate who could have done that in 2016 and also provides a template for other candidates in 2020 and beyond,” Whitney says.

                  See the video: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/bernie-sanders...

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                  For You Bernie Supporters May I Introduce H. A Goodman


                      Mr Goodman is a progressive democrat and Bernie Supporter and a contributor to The Huffington Post. In this video he will explain there are Bernie Supporters that are suing for the truth about the rigged election of Hillary and cheating of Bernie out of the nomination. I am not a progressive democrat but this guy is correct about the corruption of the neo-liberal DNC. I would support the same thing if this was going on in the RNC.

                      At least I know trump got the Republican nomination fair and square unlike Hillary.


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                      Why Progressives Feel Unwelcome In The Democratic Party



                          I've grown disheartened lately by the gradual slide of a Democratic candidate I strongly supported in January (Jon Ossoff) to the right. Ossoff began his campaign by denouncing trump, which immediately attracted Progressives like me to his platform. But before the run-off this week (Tuesday, June 20) he mellowed out and started sounding more like a moderate Republican than a classic Democrat.

                          The Democratic Party has shifted to the right. It's not anti-war. It's not strong on the environment. It's not strong on civil and human rights. It's not for universal health care. It's not strong on cracking down on Wall Street and big banks or corporate fraud. Ralph Northam was and is weak on all of those core principles of the progressive left, but we're expected to get behind him, and candidates like him, as if we're just a few small details away from seeing eye to eye with him. We aren't. He's not a progressive. He's not a liberal. He's hardly even a Democrat.

                          This article is about Northam of Virginia but might just as well be about Ossoff of Georgia.

                          Millions of us who ultimately voted for Hillary Clinton felt the very same way about her. On issues ranging from war, to corporate fraud, to campaign finance, to universal health care, and so much more, her positions were not discernibly different from the most basic Republican talking points.
                          I am one of those millions who voted for Clinton only because she was so much better than trump, and I will continue to vote for any Democratic candidate who runs against a Libertarian or Republican. But I am deeply disappointed in the way the Democratic Party continues to pander to corporate America and am not the only one to point out that they're losing the support of most of Bernie Sanders' base because of it.

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