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GOODBYE -3? Bringing An End To Point Bombing!


      Announcing New Self-Moderation Options for Readers and Writers on Yabberz.

      We are pleased to announce several important changes at Yabberz based on our observations of behavior on the threads, on your requests and suggestions, and on trends in moderation on social media.

      The first change is that Rating has been simplified. No more slippery sliding bar. No more minus ratings. Just three choices +1, +5, or +10. A simple click to rate. When a post is sponsored the value doubles to +2, +10 and +20. You can edit your rating at any time.

      Why no negative ratings? After long consideration and experience, we have come to the conclusion that the -1, -2 and -3 are not really useful. Members value a thoughtful, civilized, rebuttal much more than a -3 with no explanation. That practice has been referred to as "Point Bombing" on this site. So no more Point Bombing.

      How then will a member show disapproval? We have consolidated old and new self-moderation options using the new and improved Flag button. We believe that the new options under Flag will greatly improve the utility of the site by further customizing it to meet specific needs. Below is a screen shot with all options.

      The Flag button will give the member access to the previous self-moderation tools including the ability to Unfollow a member, Block a member, and Report a post.

      Unfollow remains unchanged although we think presenting it as additional option under flag maybe more logical.

      Report has combined the Yellow and Red Flags into a single one that reports violations of our standards/rules/guidelines to the moderation system for review.

      Block has also been modified to emphasize the purpose for which it was designed: to separate members from each other. We believe that a reasonable, minimum period for cooling off should be 7 days.There will now be a 7-Day waiting period between blocking and unblocking.

      And now our new tools: Ignore and Off-Topic


      Removes a discussion from a member's home page and category feeds, and it stops shares from this thread from hitting their notifications. Why would someone want to ignore a discussion? If he/she believes a discussion is of no interest or if he/she is getting an endless stream of shares on a discussion of no interest, use Ignore. In a nutshell, ignore lets our members unfollow and hide a discussion which does not interest them easily and efficiently.

      What if a member changes his/her mind? To find the Ignored comment use the Search, or go to the author's Profile. If a member thinks that he/she might want a second look, he/she can always bookmark the discussion before ignoring it,

      If a member has posted in a discussion which they later decided to Ignore, he/she will still receive notifications regarding his/her own post (replies to it, points awarded).

      Off Topic:

      We decided that it is important for the authors of Discussion Starters to have the ability to moderate their discussion in an effective way. If the author believes that a reply or a sub thread is way off base and distracting the conversation from their intended purpose then they can Off-Topic it. That reply or sub-thread and its associated downstream replies will be moved off the Discussion Starter thread to an Off Topic sub thread. NOTE: The reply and Sub Thread has NOT been deleted/removed. It is just that it is no longer connected to the Discussion Starter. This Off-Topic reply can still be shared and rated, so the member who has been Off-Topiced can continue their discussion on that sub thread.


      Other Changes:

    • Added discussion category (news, hobbies) etc in notifications and on the post itself.
    • Twitter embeds and editing posts with embedded twitter tweets now work better.
    • Updated rules to re-iterate that conspiracy theories denying or questioning accepted fact on mass murder events such as the Holocaust, Sandy Hook, 9/11 and are not appropriate content for the site. Also we may remove posts if they do not comply with our ad-networks content policies or contain illegal content in countries where we or our ad-network partners operate.
    • Fixed a couple of other minor bugs related to profile pages not always showing the correct friend/follower check marks.
    • If you are on Android - simply restart the app to make sure you get the latest code.
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      Invite A Friend With A Simple Link


          We have had a number of requests for a simpler way to invite one or more people to join and follow you on Yabberz. Until now the two best ways (which both still work) are :

          (1) to use the Find Friends email importer and invite tool. BTW, this is a great tool - much cleaner and more transparent than Facebook or Twitter's version of the same thing.

          (2) to share a Post/Thread Link using the Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus buttons found on every post using Share button. This one has been working well for Yabberz in spite of all of Facebook's changes.

          NOW, there is a 3rd option that does not require an external social account nor requires using our email importer tool. We now offer an invite link on your personal profile page. The button to generate this link is shown below highlighted in red:

          When you click the Invite Link button, a popup will appear (as shown below). Simply email the provided link to whomever you want to invite. They will be prompted to connect with you while visiting your profile page. If they do choose to join, you will receive a reward as outlined in the screen shot.

          BTW, the link provided can be used as many times as you want. It is always available.

          But wait, there is more.

          You also have the ability to generate an invite link on every post. So if you want to invite a friend to read an article and simultaneously offer them a chance to join and follow you on Yabberz, then just use the "link" button found on every post on Yabberz. See it below.

          Hope to meet and learn from all your friends on Yabberz.

          Have a nice weekend !

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          New Search Features, Android App Released In Play Store


              Two Exciting Developments this Afternoon....

              The new Yabberz Android app is now available in the Google Play store for public download. Thank you to the beta testers who helped me check it out. The app requires Android 5.0 and higher. You can download the app directly from the Play Store by clicking the Play Store icon on your phone and searching for Yabberz. We will add the app on the Amazon store for Amazon's Android devices shortly.

              New and Improved Search

              Can't find your old post? Can't find a reply to you that is now lost 3 months back in notifications? Can't find an old article that you forgot to bookmark?

              We have a solution. SEARCH !

              The free text post search function is significantly improved. Search is at https://www.yabberz.com/search or click the Search link on the left hand side of the screen under your About Me link.

              The following new search options help pin point the post you are looking for:

              * Search Just Discussion Starters (Top Level) Posts

              * Search By Date Range

              * Search By Members including handy short cuts to search JUST your posts, or JUST replies to you.

              The results display also does text highlighting in Yellow so you can see the matches.

              If the results are not the ones you want, then find a unique word common in the results, and add '-word' in the query box and it will remove those results narrowing the search.

              Below is a screen shot of the search options in action. In the example, I search for the word 'Android' but just included discussion starters in a certain date range and written by me. Finally see in the results the word 'Android' highlighted in Yellow.

              Check it out and let me know how it goes.

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              Android Native App BETA Tester Request, Additional New Features On Yabberz


                  Yabberz will shortly release a new "Native" Android App

                  See some screen shots below of the upcoming Yabberz Android App. The app includes swipeable tabs for Home, Notifications, Chats, and your Profile Page, a left hand drawer menu for the topics, a drop down for settings, mobile notifications, search and pull/swipe down to refresh.

                  The app is not publicly available yet. It is in private BETA. We are asking for some beta testers.

                  As this will be Yabberz's first native app release, prior to its release we would like a few members to help complete some beta testing and work out kinks across the many flavors of Android devices. If you are interested in beta testing the Yabberz Android App, please contact me at mike@yabberz.com. I will send you a special link to download the app.

                  If the feedback on Android App is positive, we will then release a native iOS app in the next couple of months. Native Apps are a big deal. For example, now a whopping 90% of Facebook traffic is from their Native mobile apps. These apps will significantly increase the number and diversity of readers of the site.

                  New features on WWW.YABBERZ.COM

                  1) It is now easier to see who follows you, who you follow, and who are your friends while browsing Yabberz threads. There are three distinct symbols that are found in the top right corner of an Avatar. See the symbol key below. These symbols are also now shown in the drop menus and displays for points and sponsorships. We also offer the follow button in a number of new places to make it easier and faster to follow fellow Yabberz members.

                  Following. Same symbol as before. This means you follow the member whose avatar has this check.

                  Follows you. This new symbol shows you that the member follows you.

                  Friends. This new symbol shows you that you follow the member and they follow you. You are "friends" and can send private messages to the member.

                  (2) When you are leaving a page that has a post that you are actively editing on it, we now actively request the browser to warn you. This feature is to try to help prevent inadvertantly leaving a page while you are editing a post. This most commonly occurs because the Delete key in all modern browsers can force the browser to Navigate to a new page. Hopefully this feature reduces occasional inadvertent post loss during editing.

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                  Welcome BridgeTourJade To The Pundit Circle


                      Hats off to BridgeTourJade a new member of the Pundit Circle. Bridge, as most members on Yabberz have referred him to, is a Dinosaur Eisenhower Republican. A professional Bridge Player by trade, BridgeTourJade is a Member of the International Bridge Press Association and has represented the USA over 30 times in international competitions. Bridge spends part of his time as a radio personality and was featured in America’s Dining and Travel Guide with Pierre Wolfe. A motivational speaker, musician, chef, athlete, entrepreneur and now Yabberz Pundit we welcome BridgeTourJade to the Yabberz Pundit Circle. Congratulations!

                      To learn more about Bridgetourjade, go to:

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                      Please Welcome David Murray To Our Pundit Circle


                          We are very excited to announce David Murray to our Pundit Circle. David is a jack of all trades. He has spent 10 years of his life as a merchant seaman and 18 years teaching college. He writes for a weekly trade publication about the towing and barge industry and is also a freelance writer. David is an avid reader and a history buff. He brings a wealth of different and interesting topics on to Yabberz. Despite having strong and impassioned beliefs on various topics on Yabberz, David has always maintained a respectful, fervent, and professional tone in conveying his point of view. Congratulations David! We welcome you to the Pundit Circle.

                          To learn more about David Murray, go to:

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                          The New And Improved Yabberz


                              Good Morning. We are happy to release the new and improved Yabberz. There are two major changes and a few minor but very handy updates.

                              1) The first major change is that there are now topic based feeds. The “Discussions” and "My Stream" page have been combined and relabeled as “Home” (see top left corner under favorite).

                              One way to reach the specific topic feeds is with the tool bar are across the top of everypage. This has links to the major topics. We settled on the following topics to start based on the collective input from the community:

                              • US & World News
                              • Hobbies & Interests
                              • Personal Stories
                              • Tech & Science
                              • Entertainment
                              • Sports
                              • Business
                              • Travel
                              • Misc/Other

                              It is now required to pick a topic when posting a discussion starter. Please choose the best topic fit.


                              Do use the topic Misc/Other for MEMEs, satire, conspiracy theory or political related topics that are not supported by a large and credible new source but that still meet our terms of service for posting.

                              Do use the topic Misc/Other Fun posts, videos and random topics that don’t feed the other topics are also good for Other.

                              Do use the the topic US & World news for posts on current events that are supported with a link to a large, trusted news source (or their video) and your independent written analysis (not a MEME or cartoon).

                              Do use the topic, Suggestions and Help, for questions or suggestions about Yabberz functionality.


                              Do not post overly political content in other subject area topics such as Hobbies or Sports etc. US & World News or Misc & Other are the two topics for political content. When starting a topic, you will find a topic selection drop down underneath the title bar.

                              Do NOT post the same post multiple times under different topics. There is no visibility benefit to posting a post on multiple topics. Reposting a post in multiple categories will be deemed as spam. Pick the best fit and post once. All topics flow to your main home feed.

                              2) Secondly, we have changed the way discussions are now filtered, have relabeled some pages, and have added a few new featured pages.

                              New Way:

                              Old Way:

                              The description of the new option tabs are as follow:

                              Trending - Is the same as the “Discussions” on the old home page. Trending is discussions sorted by current activity. In addition, you can narrow down to a specific trending topic as demonstrated in the image below.

                              In addition to a sort by Trending there are more options:

                              Live - Live is the same as the old “Recent” except it is now improved to auto-update without refreshing the page (hence "Live"). Live includes new discussion starters and replies.

                              Leaders - Leader is the same as the old column for leader board, except it has its own page now with business card formats.

                              New - New Featured Page! “New” sorts discussion by start date. It does not include replies. It is just new discussion starter posts.

                              Start - New Featured Page! "Start" is like your own virtual news desk with links and videos from well known publishers. "Start" is available for each specific topic. Click start to instantly use any of the article, video, or embedded Facebook/Twitter posts as the basis for your new article. When using start, there is no need to write a title or set a topic, this is done automatically.

                              Pundits Posts are now available as a category at the top left. Leadeboard Profiles and Pundit Profiles have been added, under the More Info tab as well.

                              Last but not least, we cleaned up the look and feel of the site to reduce clutter. We also added a really handy back to top button. When you scroll down the page, the new symbol appears on the lower right of the page. Look for this little symbol and click it.

                              After reading this a few things worth an FAQ:

                              Where is the leaderboard? - the leaderboard is now a tab. Look for it underneath the main post box, next to Trending. It is also on the left hand side in More Stuff

                              Where is recent? Recent is now the Live tab, and it is literally live and auto-updating.

                              What is Start? , I want to really encourage folks to Check out START. Start has lots of interesting news on it. Sometimes it is just nice to read it and look at the videos. Be sure to filter START to the Topic Area you are interested in e.g., Sports to get a better, less random listing.

                              We look forward to your feedback, and seeing how the new START virtual news desk feature works for members. Cheers.

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                              VIP Membership, Yabberz Rewards, And Email Settings


                                  We are pleased to introduce a VIP Badge on Yabberz. VIP Membership is similar to the verified account/badge on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The blue check is a symbol of recognition for a member within the broader community. The blue check appears by a member's name on their profile page, business card, and on top level discussion starter posts. A VIP Member has certain benefits which Yabberz will expand over time. A member can become a VIP Member in one of two ways: free by referring new members with Yabberz member referral tools or by purchasing the badge.

                                  Current VIP Membership Benefits:

                                  • VIP Badge
                                  • Unlimited/Free (no Points required) Private Messages
                                  • A VIP Member can give another Yabberz member more total points per day, i.e., the "front door" daily per member rating limit is doubled.

                                  How to become a VIP Member:

                                  1. Subscribe for $2.99 per month which is also a great way to generally support the further development and enhancement of Yabberz. https://www.yabberz.com/vip
                                  2. Refer members using one of Yabberz member referral tools (Find Friends or Sharing posts outside Yabberz). Each member that joins Yabberz, earns you 1-free month of VIP Membership. When you see a notification from Yabberz Rewards, now in addition to +100 free points, you will also earn a free month of VIP Membership. If you are already on a paid VIP Membership, the next month following each referral is free.

                                    You can see or purchase your VIP status by going to https://www.yabberz.com/vip which will bring up your VIP Status.

                                    Settings Panel:

                                    We have also created a new account settings panel found by clicking "Edit Profile" from either your About Me profile page (under you main avatar) or in the drop down under your Avatar in the top right hand side of every page. The panel has four tabs as shown below in Red that control your overall account settings.

                                    Avatar: Adjust, build, upload your avatar,

                                    Profile: Adjust your public profile information including PowerShare with Twitter Settings

                                    Email: Adjust your Email settings for Followers/Messages, Post Activity Summary, and Newsletters.

                                    VIP Status: Purchase VIP Membership or monitor the status of your free VIP Membership.

                                    If you purchase a VIP Membership, you will receive a notification on Yabberz from Yabberz Payments and Yabberz will also email a receipt monthly. Yabberz uses the Stripe service to securely process credit card payments. Stripe is a well-known and secure payment platform used by many web companies including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many others. If you become a VIP from a new member referral, you will receive the Yabberz Rewards notification as noted above as well as a one-time congratulatory email.

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                                    Growing Your Network And Yabberz Rewards

                                        Yabberz has rolled out several new ways to efficiently grow your Yabberz network and be rewarded all at the same time. There are two new ways to grow your network.

                                        1.) Find Friends:
                                        We have introduced a powerful new network building tool called Find Friends. Find Friends is similar to the Friend Finding services on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You are now able to use your contact address book from your email application to match you with other members on Yabberz. Whenever a match occurs either directly from your contact list or following an optional invite, the matched contact will automatically follow you.

                                        Your email is never shared in the process. If a new member joins in the process, you will be notified by Yabberz Rewards and receive 100 points as well as the automatic follow. A link to the Find Friends tool is found in the “Private Menu”, and there is also a link on your profile page and the drop down menu below your avatar in top right corner of every page.

                                        2) Social Shares:
                                        We have upgraded our social share function to be a little more advanced. Now if a new member joins as a result of reading a post that you shared to your network on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus, then your account will be notified of an award from Yabberz Rewards. Specifically, the newly joined member automatically follows you, and your account receives 100 points. Note the share to these social networks must be made using the Yabberz share tools shown below and available on every post. You can share your own post or another member's post with these tools in less than 10 seconds. In either case, it is the sharer who is rewarded if a join occurs as a result of the share.

                                        Additional Referral Benefits Are Coming Soon:

                                        Some members who are sharing onto Facebook and Twitter have already started to receive these Reward Notifications. Congratulations! In addition to the 100 points and automatic follow benefits outlined above, we will shortly be outlining a program that includes additional rewards for new member referrals thru the above two referral channels including the removal of ad-network ads, unlimited free private messaging, and more benefits to be announced.

                                        Watch for this notification in your replies:

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                                        Private Messages And More


                                            We have updated Yabberz with a number of exciting new changes. Click refresh on your browser to make sure you get the latest and greatest, or if you do not see the any of the new features outlined below.

                                            1. Private Messaging (PM)

                                            If you are friends (mutually following) with another member, you can now private message them. Private messaging is intended to be non-public communication between two members. It is secured by your login; messages use encryption during transmission. This is the right way to exchange an email or just have a casual chat. Our messaging is not Fort Knox nor likely NSA proof, so never use it for Credit Card Information, SSN, or to transmit important personal information. Furthermore, please note posting the contents or a screen shot of the contents of a PM session to a discussion thread is strictly forbidden and bannable. See point 5 of this post.

                                            Messaging is easy to use, find the Message button on the bottom of a users business card or on their full profile page. Click Message to start a conversation. Hit return to send just like texting. [If the message screen does not load for some reason or goes grey, please click try again and/or refresh.]. If you are not Friends with the person, the Message button will be disabled, look for the word Friends on their card and a solid blue Message button as shown belown. You can find a complete list of you "Friends" on your About Me profile page. Look the for the Friends Tab with a lock icon next to it.

                                            Messages arrive in the new dedicated Chats menu denoted by an envelope on the upper right corner of the every page next to the Notification bell.

                                            If you have email notifications ON and receive emails when a new follower is added, then you will receive an email notification for messages. You can opt out by clicking unsubscribe on the email, and then deselecting followers/messaging - the setting highlighted below.

                                            Email notifications maybe up to one hour delayed. If you login and click on notification bell or are simply using the site when the message arrives, then the email notification is cancelled and not sent even if you did not read the message while on Yabberz. We do this to minimize the number of emails sent.

                                            When in a PM session, we let you know if there was a message delivery error; we save your message draft in case you get pulled away; and we let you know if the other member is actively typing a message to you after you sent them a message. We further do a number of checks to try to prevent unwanted messages from potential scammers including requiring 5 points per send. There is a report button should a conversation seem "hacked" or "suspicious". Otherwise please just unfollow or block the member, to end messaging with a user.

                                            2. Emoji

                                            Included in the PM session is a friendly emoji bar. It is accessed by clicking on the Smiley that is highlighted in red below. Click it again to make it go way. The emoji are pretty nifty. Private messaging is a great way to have a casual chat with another member. In fact we would really encourage it, and we hope it can help keep the main threads a little more "on-topic".

                                            3. Online Dot

                                            To assist in knowing when a member is online to message with, we have added an online green dot to the avatar. This is the same information that is currently found on the business card under "Last Heard", but just transformed into a quick glance visual. It is shown if the member has been heard from in the last hour. It is not 100% accurate but is generally a good indicator as to whether a member is on Yabberz.

                                            4. Notification Count in Browser Tab

                                            We now report the number of pending notifications in the browser tab. In the example below the member has 11 pending notifications. We also better synchronize notifications across browser tabs, so you should find yourself rechecking old notifications less often now.

                                            5. Rules

                                            We have been getting a lot of questions on the "rules" and what is okay and not okay, so we decided to make a simple one page summary that should take just a few minutes to read. Please read it and email us at support@yabberz.com if you have questions.


                                            Do not flag posts because you disagree or don't like the post, if the post is not a clear violation of the rules on the rules page -- use Block instead.

                                            6. Bugs/Tweaks

                                            Yabberz now spans a million plus lines of code, and there are always some bugs. Here are a few fixed with this release. Please report any bugs to support@yabberz.com

                                            - Blocks list scroll buttons now work.

                                            - Scroll position better maintained in IE.

                                            - Spotlight pop-up removed on entering discussion. Please do remember to share Spotlight posts on Facebook.

                                            - No longer receive shares for posts that you can't read due to blocking.

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                                            Yabberz Search

                                            Topics Found



                                            Load More Posts
                                            Hi There,

                                            Do you want to quickly add followers, meet new friends, or simply connect with existing contacts to discuss the news?

                                            Do you have an email group that shares news items?

                                            It's now super easy and rewarding to find and add friends on Yabberz.

                                            This post has either already been PowerShared, not eligible for PowerShare or is not your post. Return Home

                                                Click to confirm you are 18 yrs of age or older and open

                                                Click to confirm you want to see post

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                                                    Block User
                                                    This user will be blocked and not see your posts when logged in. You will also not see this user's posts when logged in. In order to later unblock this user, visit the blocked user tab found on your about me profile page. Click confirm block to complete.
                                                    Last Heard: a minute ago
                                                    Joined: Mar 4' 15
                                                    Followers: 100
                                                    Points: 100,000