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      First, we, Mike and Melissa, want to thank you for your efforts at Yabberz. You are the voice of our blog and the quality of the experience there is very much in your hands day after day.

      We are pleased with the way things have gone at Yabberz. Our community’s mission, our structure and our ongoing commitment have created an environment where civil, fact-based conversation is the norm and now we are ready for the next step.

      We are making an exciting and important change that we believe will give Yabberz a larger voice and help preserve the community for the long term. The changes are

      1) Yabberz will be moving onto the broader, very popular Medium (https://medium.com) platform as a "Publication". Think of Medium as a huge magazine rack with individual magazines like Yabberz occupying its rungs.
      2) Most members of the community, like yourself, will be writers. A few who have been pundits will now serve as editors assisting Melissa and myself will manage the page.

      Why Medium?
      • Medium allows both real name and anonymous usage and features a rich posting, commenting, following, notification, and rewards system.
      • We recommend a review of the core features of Medium here and here.
      • There are many similarities between Medium and Yabberz - including the ability to do elegant posts, share those posts on Twitter and Facebook easily, follow a member, receive claps (instead of points), and more.
      • Here is a wonderful guide to Medium. The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Medium Take the time to become familiar with it. Posting is easy to learn.

      Moving from Yabberz as it is now to the new platform is easy.
      • Create an account on Medium. Go to https://medium.com and Click Getting Started. We recommend that you do this on either the Gmail or Facebook sign-in option provided on Medium.
      • Then send me a note at mike@yabberz.com with your profile page link. To find your profile page link, go to your avatar on Medium. On the dropdown menu you will see an option "Profile". Click this and send me the address of the page. It will be some link like https://medium.com/@hrm19502000 (as an example your Medium name will show up after the @ symbol).

      Note any member on Yabberz can directly publish on Medium without Editor approval. However to appear on the Yabberz page requires Editor approval since this is “our” publication.

      Melissa, I and a few member of the community have reviewed and worked with the various features on Medium and while there are some significant differences from Yabberz as it now exists, overall we think the benefits of the larger platform, long term support, and visibility of Medium will net out as a net positive for our community.

      We have a few sample posts already there that were by some of the Pundits and Mike. See them at https://medium.com/yabberz . Take a look. And yes, once you are a Medium member you can reply to posts and start a conversation.

      Thank you for your support. We look forward to many more years of thoughtful interaction.

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      Yabberz Will Be Down For 3 Hours Tonight At 10 PM PST.


          Yabberz (www.yabberz.com) will be down for 3 hours starting Saturday, 3/3/2018 from 10PM PST - Sunday, 3/3/10 1 AM PST. We are updating our servers. Thanks so much for your patience.

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          Congratulations To Opie And KarateG To Our Pundit Circle


              Hi Everyone,

              Seems like Richard beat me to the punch here, but I wanted to formally announce our two new Pundits: Opie and KarateG. Both Opie and KarateG have been with Yabberz almost from the beginning since 2015, and we are so grateful for their contributions to the site. Opie and KarateG are strong and dynamic voices to the Resistance Movement. Their work and personalities have made Yabberz more interesting, thought-provoking, and engaging. Please help me welcome Opie and KarateG to the Pundit Circle.

              Below is some information on Opie and KarateG in their own voices:

              I have written for Professional Journals and have done grant writing to get start up funds for non profit health facilities for disabled adults in communities that didn't have them, and was successful in getting them built, staffed and operating in 5 different counties.
              I have five remarkable grown children who now have loving families of their own.

              I retired early from social justice programs, mental health, hospital health, and private practice, and I have owned and managed an Antique business I am considered liberal-minded; I care deeply about social issues, and I belong to no religion.
              I love music, dance, books, good food, people watching, and antiques - including sculptures, paintings and misc. everyday items from the past; and I enjoy my family, my man, walks along the river, and my little fur ball - Abby.

              To learn more about Opie go to: https://www.yabberz.com/opie

              I am active, politically and physically. I lean left socially, especially where civil rights and human rights are concerned. However, fiscal responsibility and frugality appeal to me as well. Fighting for those who remain voiceless or under-represented in our society is a call to action for me. I am a proud Feminist who believes in the power of women to help lead our country, and I fight for equality when it is not afforded to women.

              I am a wife and a mother, who believes strongly in education to create a secure future for our children. I love the American spirit of independence, but also believe strongly in helping those who cannot support themselves, especially the elderly, children and those who are disabled.

              Give me a good discussion, whether I agree or not, and I will listen to your views and share ideas. My philosophy is that to learn something new, one must first listen.

              To learn more about KarateG go to: https://www.yabberz.com/karateg

              Congratulation Ladies to the Pundit Circle.


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              If Donnie Doesn't Want You To Read It, Don't You Want To Read It Even More


                  It seems that Donnie doesn't want you to read Michael Wolff's book.


                  I really didn't have so much interest in the book, but now that Donnie's lawyers have sent a "cease and desist" letter, I just had to buy my copy today.


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                  Sheryl Sandberg: Men Run The World And It's Not Going That Well


                      So true! When solely men run the world things don't go so well. When you support a woman, you support a man, a family, a son, a daughter, and a community. Strong men allow women to speak equally at the table, because in the long run, it helps everyone.


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                      Bernie's Voices And Social Justice - Modern Left Perspectives


                          I am proud to announce two new categories for Discussion starters. Bernie's Voices and Social Justice.

                          Bernie's Voices is a long overdue category on Yabberz. Bernie represents a passionate movement in our Country today - a movement to embrace policies that are more aggressively progressive and less capitalistic than those in our recent history. Bernie makes many compelling arguments e.g., free college education and healthcare as a right. He presents these arguments in a way that is easy to follow and are extremely popular with younger voters as well as folk turned-off by some of the power struggles in the modern DNC. He is also one of the most visible advocates that Climate Change is an urgent National Security concern. I look forward to learning more about Bernie myself by reading discussions in this topic area.

                          Social Justice is a new topic area to discuss issues of income economics, racial and other inequalities that exist in our policies and social order. Social Justice is another topic which I am excited to continue to read and learn about from our community of thoughtful posters. When I first heard the phrase "Social Justice", it was in the context of Black Lives Matter and I really did not understand its meaning at all. While I have always reacted to #BLM with "wait, wait but ... All Lives Matter", the 2016 campaign gave me pause as to how little in some communities we have progressed from Jim Crowe days. Social Justice is not just a race thing, it is also about gender inequalities, cultural understanding and more. Gender inequality in terms of pay and position is still a huge issue even in our highly progressive home of Silicon Valley. Social Justice needs attention, and we now have a category to give it just that.

                          Find the two new topics in the top menu bar, as well as in the drop-down menu category menu when posting.

                          As always best wishes to everyone. Melissa and I are doing well, and we are enjoying the relative harmony of the new Yabberz. At the same time we feel the mission to #Resist is more important than ever. Despite the daily issues with the new Trump administration, the reality is that Obamacare repeal will likely pass and many more damaging policies are in motion. Trump is not likely going to be impeached, and 2018 is the best window for progress. We need to stay motivated and attentive as a community - always recruiting and motivating with fact based arguments.

                          Apologize again to those experiencing the backspace/delete issue in Chrome 58. I check everyday to see if someone has found a simple work-around fix. We expect resolution by June 9th with release of Chrome 59.

                          A good workaround in the meantime is to select the text, and Cut it (Ctrl-X). It beats backspacing one letter at a time.

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                          New Discussion Section - LGBTQ


                              I clearly remember the day of the SCOTUS decision to legalize gay marriage. It was not long ago at all - June 26, 2015 - a 5-4 decision. One singular vote by a Supreme Court Justice.

                              Consider that singular vote as we face the Trump agenda. Reflect on the juvenile campaign of 2016, the un-investigated tsunami of Fake News spread across billions and billions of views by Facebook, and the undeniable material influence of foreign state sponsored actors on both of the above tragedies.

                              Only a majority of one enabled these civil rights for millions within our communities.

                              The Supreme Court decision is true progress for our nation. This decision was proceeded by countless actions within the LGBTQ community to stand up and be heard. Finally, the legal and moral equality deserved is the law of the land.

                              Whenever I meet someone who opposes the decision, I ask two simple questions for discussion:

                              1.) Have you ever met and spent time with a gay or lesbian couple or have you ever had a real face to face conversation with a transgender?

                              The answer is almost always no. So silly and sad, our prejudices and fears based in nothing more than ignorance.

                              2.) When in our human history has it ever been bad to pursue and grant additional civil rights to citizens?

                              I can think of no such case. Sadly in this backwards yearning day and age, I have seen comments posted on Yabberz, to the effect that some of these decisions were bad and in fact citizens need less rights not more. Somehow in this twisted logic a reduction in rights is justified as creating more Freedom and Liberty. The arguments are sometimes rooted in religion, and sometimes rooted in pure evil. They are wrong, but they are also a stark reminder that the fight must continue.

                              It is with great pride that I introduce the new LGBTQ section for discussion. A section dedicated to all that the LGBTQ community and its supporters do to promote progress, understanding, creativity, and energy -- brightening our world.

                              I'd love to meet the owners of these beautiful homes and welcome them to join Yabberz:

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                              Just A Thought, SANE60 And New Cover Art


                                  As previously announced, Yabberz is adding and improving its sections.

                                  Why are sections important when we have follow/share and a home page feed?

                                  Sections help with discovery of content for new members and also for passive members who don't follow or share. It is just a simple way to do some browsing along a thematic axis.

                                  When filing a story, please consider where the story might best fit, then select that topic category. All members are welcome and encouraged to post in any section. All members are encouraged and welcome to be creative and share in their own unique way to these topics.

                                  Today we added two more new sections - Just a Thought and SANE60.

                                  Just a Thought (#MEMES)

                                  I was thinking to myself about a section for MEMES, and I realized it is a little more than that. Sometimes it is just a quote or a simple shower thought, or sometimes it is just a MEME, and then sometimes it is a little of both. So the basic pattern is that it is a short piece that struck you as worthy of discussion. Kevin Mc Daid does a lot of these posts titled as Just a Thought ... and that seems liked a clear name to me. So we went with it.


                                  SANE60 is really classic Yabberz political opinion discussion. Discussion for the middle 60% who want a return to sensible government. BridgeTourJade put a wonderful name on it, and actively wants to actively develop this "SANE60" line of reasoning to try to attract a readership that is tired of both the far-right and far-left.

                                  Note: I have been doing some really simple and coarse moving of posts into these new categories to "seed" them. If there is a discussion you would like moved to one of the new categories just send me an email along with a link to mike@yabberz.com and I will move it. For now, only admins can move posts between categories, but that is something we could trivially change in the future.

                                  We also added "cover" images for each new section. Just News, Indivisible, Just a Thought, SANE60, and Art By Wilner all now have cover art. We can add or modify the section cover art with just a few seconds of work.

                                  We welcome feedback and suggestions on these cover images, as well as image suggestions for the sections that are yet to come - Bernie's Voices, Social Consciousness, LGBTQ and my upcoming revised tech blog Sun Sky Star.

                                  I also welcome suggestions on your favorite news site in terms of "UI and Graphic Design". At some point in the coming months, I want to do a home page facelift and make the home page a more visual guide to the various topics and angles represented on the site at any moment in time.

                                  A good new home page will become even more important once we do successfully #Resist and return to normalcy ;-). So I am collecting sites to study.

                                  Last but not least, I want to say thank you to our members for supporting these on-going changes. We think the change is going quite well overall, and we are encouraged that more and more people are putting effort into grassroots resistance efforts. More and more people are taking time to express why they have concerns with blindly following the Trumpster and his new and more twisted flavor of Republican establishment policy.

                                  When people peacefully #Resist in mass, the government must listen and act. It can and will work.

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                                  Yabberz Indivisible & Resistance News


                                      I am pleased to announce an important new section of Yabberz.

                                      The new Indivisible - Resist section and topic category is dedicated to stories from the front lines of grassroots Trump Resistance. As we all know, just last week we all witnessed the very real impact of these actions stopping TrumpCare dead in its tracks.

                                      Here is what the Indivisible newsletter had to say about how grassroots activism made this happen:

                                      Your relentless constituent pressure ensured that TrumpCare was deeply unpopular before it was even introduced. That unpopularity made it easy for the far-right Republicans to oppose the bill. Ryan and Trump needed those far-right votes, so they tried to offer more extreme concessions to win them over. Those extreme concessions spooked the purple-state Republicans, who started to bolt. Why? Because of intense pressure from their constituents (i.e. YOU). Suddenly, the bill was losing votes from both the far-right and the purple-state Republicans. In a matter of days, the congressional coalition behind Trump’s top legislative priority simply collapsed. TrumpCare was toast.
                                      TrumpCare was terrible, but terrible legislation passes all the time. The difference this time was that you were organized and determined. You mounted a sustained, nationwide resistance that broke the will of the Republican caucus and derailed Trump’s agenda. Politics is the art of the possible, and you changed what was possible. You stood indivisible and it worked—and people will literally live longer, healthier lives as a result

                                      Whether the story is your own personal action, that of a group you participate in, or a news report of activism, this section is the go to place to see how we are all Indivisible.


                                      I also took this opportunity to rename the core news section to "Just News", and will be adding more sections and enhancing their landing pages as discussed in recent posts.

                                      Here is a screen shot of where to find it:

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