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Senate Wages Not Enough For Cruz.


      [Money Business]

      While Americans have been begging Congress to consider a new national minimum wage for years now, one well to do member of the Ted Cruz family complains about his paltry Senate salary. Poor Ted. ~DC


      Heidi Cruz, the wife of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), is upset that she still has to be her household’s primary breadwinner because her husband “only” makes $174,000 a year as a member of the United States Senate.

      In an interview with The Atlantic, Cruz complained that her husband’s Senate career has meant that he’s been stuck making less than $200,000 a year for the past seven years, which puts more pressure on her to bring in the bucks.

      “Six to seven years in it, with me being the primary breadwinner — it’s like, ‘Uh, yeah, this is when people say thank you. I’ll now take that appreciation,'” she said. “Yeah, we’re seven years into this, and we’re not buying a second home anytime soon.”

      Cruz, who is an investment manager at Goldman Sachs, tells The Atlantic that she’s had to regularly work 70-hour weeks to make enough money to support her family. Despite this, she says she’s still supportive of what her husband is doing in politics.

      “I really hope he wins his reelection,” she said. “I really feel mission-driven on what he’s accomplishing.”

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      Did Your Ct. Union Charge O.D. Fees When You Had Money In Your Acct?


          Well, you are not the only one. Seems they have a habit of showing you a balance on your account when you have a pending deposit, then when you have pending charges, letting those charges go through and charging their customers overdraft fees.

          Read this article.


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          Bank Reposseses Car Even Though They Don't Have A Loan


              This story is a prime example of what I always used to tell people when I was in practice, and actually what I still tell people, Bank's and collection agencies make mistakes all the time. If you get a letter from a collection agency, never assume, as many people do, that you owe the money. Read the letter. If they are following the law, they must give you 30 days to dispute the debt, in writing. You have to dispute it in writing. Always dispute a debt in writing, not on the phone, and keep a copy of the letter for your records.


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              Jonathan Pie. The Amazon Tax Scandal.

              So the Church of England has shares in Amazon. Some ethical concerns have been raised.

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              Google Hit With $5,000,000,000.00 Fine For EU Viloations.



                  American Business practices, especially internet technology related, are having a hard go of it in the EU. For Decades internet technology companies have used their success to stifle competition and control market share. From the time when Microsoft introduced it's Explorer browser years ago and used it's software dominance of the PC market to wallop other browsers with, and people cried and moaned about it, to Apple Computers who for the longest had a closed operating system (no others need apply), the big fish eat little fish American way with internet tech competition is frowned upon by other nations.

                  You can't, or shouldn't be allowed to, block or devour other would be competitive companies at will. For these reasons Google has been charged with doing just that, which they might get by with at home in America, but in Europe, they might better rethink their practices. It was announced that the company will be fined $5 billion. Yes, that is $5 billion and that is a lot of loot, but because Google is at the top of the food chain and can easily afford the financial hit to it's book. Would they consider this just part of the price one must pay to keep a strangle hold on the manufacturing and marketing of internet capable smart phones, or take it as a message to change their ways or else.

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