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Job Cuts Endure At Indiana Factories Despite Trump Pressure



      "About 1,500 workers at three Indiana factories are facing layoffs despite hopes that President Donald Trump would convince the companies to reverse plans for moving production to Mexico.

      "United Technologies confirmed Friday that the first wave of about 50 layoffs happened last week at its electronics plant that had about 700 workers in Huntington. The plant in the northeastern Indiana city is slated for closure.

      "Steps are also being taken toward about 550 job cuts anticipated at a Carrier Corp. factory in Indianapolis, where Trump's intervention last fall curbed job losses but didn't halt them altogether. Layoffs could start within a month at a 350-worker Rexnord industrial bearings factory in Indianapolis, according to United Steelworkers Local 1999 President Chuck Jones, who represents workers at the Carrier and Rexnord plants.

      "Trump visited the Carrier factory on Dec. 1, touting his role in the decision of parent company United Technologies to reverse about 800 of its some 1,400 planned job cuts at the furnace plant and only partially move operations to Mexico. Trump told a crowd of workers and company officials: "Companies are not going to leave the United States anymore without consequences. It's not going to happen.""

      Source: Job Cuts Endure at Indiana Factories Despite Trump Pressure | NBC Chicago http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/job-cuts-endure-at-indiana-factories-despite-trump-pressure-416511193.html#ixzz4c5ChFLA1
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      Soaring Costs Force Cancer Patients To Skip Drugs, Treatment


          "John Krahne received alarming news from his doctor last December. His brain tumors were stable, but his lung tumors had grown noticeably larger.

          "The doctor recommended a drug called Alecensa, which sells for more than $159,000 a year. Medicare would charge Krahne a $3,200 co-pay in December, then another $3,200 in January, as a new year of coverage kicked in.

          "For the first time since being diagnosed 10 years ago, Krahne, now 65, decided to delay filling his prescription, hoping that his cancer wouldn’t take advantage of the lapse and wreak further havoc on his body."


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          Russian Elite Invested Nearly $100 Million In Trump Buildings


              SPECIAL REPORT: Russian elite invested nearly $100 million in Trump buildings, records show


              Mar 19th 2017 2:44PM


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              Donnie And The Dollars

              Donnie is against feeding the elderly? Nah, I don't think he cares one way or the other about the elderly. I

              think Donnie is using one of the oldest (and most successful ) tactics of all. Misdirection. You get people looking at one thing, and then do what you really want to do with the other. Any good magician, slight of hand

              artist or con man is adept at this.

              Donnie boy is taking away meals on wheels (now he's got your attention), now he goes to Florida to play golf

              (another way to say setting the hook) and then while you are lamenting how horrible he is, he does what he really wants to do. I don't know what is next but I do think Rex is chomping at the bit to get Russian Sanctions lifted so that he can get to his Five Hundred Billion Deal.

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              It's My Cookies!


                  Lets put our thinking caps on. We have been told for decades the money the Government collects is our money so when the Hill talks about handing over billions of dollars to fund the many branches of government it's our money at work. But recently I haven't seen that happening. I have seen it all the banks, big Corps and mainly Government calling the shots, or they refuse to meet with their constituents and when they mention money they don't call it the peoples money they say they are not going to be funding certain parts of Government anymore.

                  We really haven't had any say so in this in decades. Even with the Democrats in place we had just a tad more at calling the shots. It has been the Hill to call the shots and the constituents have always bit their tongue or tried to speak but had their words drowned out by the Hill.

                  Over the years too the main ones to benefit on the Hill were the ones talking the loudest. Maybe we need to round those big talkers up and see what they are all gaining? Perhaps this downsizing is not what we think it is but instead a means for the Hill to make more money off the backs of the people? It won't be the first time a Government trashed a branch of Government because they either didn't like their politics, or hated what the branch could do to them.

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                  Why I Don't Agree With Jim Rickards And DAS About Everything

                  and being too smart and too clueless

                  The three brightest alt-economists and contrarians that I know of are Jim Rickards, David A. Stockman and Harry Dent. I put JR first because he's a visionary who sees that the USD won't always be world money aka reserve currency, but the IMF SDR will. DAS is an ex-DC insider, and HD is a brilliant analyst of history and the generational trends that have brought us to where we are. They and many more see where we're at today, and the picture isn't pretty.

                  They're not perfect though, and via talking about them and central banksters, I'm going to try to share what I've learned lately. JR and DAS are too kind when talking about the Fed. JR says they're smart but wrong (???), and DAS calls them clueless.

                  I call the central banksters cat smart. They can keep it going with great confidence until they can't any more, when the big reality dog shows up and overwhelms the strongest. Their cluelessness is as fake as their confidence, because they have huge research departments and all the info they need. You don't raise rates like Yella Janet did when growth is 0.9% unless there's something fishy goin' on. She knows very well that a recession is long overdue, and is raising now so that rates can be lowered again when necessary.

                  I think JR and DAS are too kind because they've worked in and with govt.

                  So what did I learn? That being smart and wisdom isn't the same, and that they really are central banksters when thy hide the truth and make the problems much worse.

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                  Winners And Losers In Trump’s Budget


                      Excellent easy to read graphic.



                      State Dept.,USAID*

                      Agriculture Dept.

                      Labor Dept.

                      Other Energy Dept.

                      Health and Human Services Dept.

                      Commerce Dept.

                      Education Dept.

                      Transportation Dept.

                      Interior Dept.

                      Energy Dept.

                      Treasury Dept.

                      Justice Dept.


                      Veterans Affairs

                      Homeland Security Dept.

                      Defense Dept.

                      National Nuclear Security Admin.

                      That's it.

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                      Fractus Antennas Pitches New “Antenna-less” Smartphone Technology


                          "A tiny company based in Barcelona is promoting a new technology that it hopes can revolutionize smartphone antennas—by removing them altogether.

                          The job of any smartphone antenna is to radiate a radiofrequency signal generated by the phone’s transmitter out to the nearest cellular base station or Wi-Fi router.

                          Now, Fractus Antennas wants to replace that antenna with a much smaller component called an antenna booster—a tiny lightweight cube made of a metal frame and FR-4 epoxy, the same material used in printed circuit boards.

                          The company says it can use this booster, along with some modifications to the smartphone’s circuitry, to radiate RF signals exclusively from a device’s ground plane—with no dedicated antenna to speak of.

                          According to the company, this approach can deliver performance comparable to today’s smartphone antennas, at a lower cost for manufacturers."

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