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Abby Martin Rips Into It.

In this exclusive interview with independent journalist, filmmaker, activist and founder of The Empire Files, Abby Martin, we talk about why her show was forced to shut down its operations and how people can assist in getting it started again. In addition we talk about U.S. interventions in Venezuela, both past and present, as well as how & why social media giants are increasingly censoring content on the internet

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Off Topic Aging Signposts


      I work around a lot of twenty somethings, smart talented, connected

      Today while just chatting about nothing serious I had a senior moment and just wondered if I am passing grey temples to gaining on grumpy old fart.

      Don’t remember exactly how it came up but I do remember asking:

      “What do you mean, whose Clark Gable?”

      To blank stares

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      An "Essential Album", this one is as different from any other track on the album as all the other ones are.

      Like this one; (unlike)

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