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A FAKE NEWS SITE WORTH A GANDER- What If Hillary Had Won Headlines!


      OK, I don't usually recommend sites like this...and there are lots of parody sites (take a look at The Onion at http://www.theonion.com/) but this one was new to me...and it is based on the idea that Hillary won and as a result this is what happened.


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      Pundit Post

      My Saturday Poetry Is Late I Know.

      Who Are You

      Never have I seen your face,

      and yet I know your there.

      I sense your presence, feel the love,

      it surrounds me everywhere.

      The image that I made of you,

      is engraved so deep inside.

      I do now understand so well

      we do not need to hide.

      We talk so much through space that is,

      and you really seems to know.

      That whatever I do or whatever I say,

      you even know where I do go.

      Someday I hope to see you for real,

      I sometimes can picture your face

      I have no any idea whom ever you are,

      that makes this so nice , a friend just in space.

      Elise 1989.

      These poems are mostly the first ones I made and I began to

      like doing it .

      They made me see things that are in people

      that you normal don't see but just guess.

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      Händel Sarabande

      Here is one of my favorite pieces, enjoy!

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      From Busker In Amsterdam To The Prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival.


          On occasion you come across street musicians, you stand and listen a bit and you think "Dang, this is Good !, somebody deserves a bigger stage than this"... And on occasion this actually happens.

          Jack Broadbent in 2014 Amsterdam Red Light District

          And this his him at Montreux 2016 "The new master of the slide guitar".

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