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Just For Fun: The Next Chapters Of Game Of Thrones


      I have a group of friends who are real fans of GOT and of that genre of historio-fantasy. I dabble. We had breakfast this morning at a local diner after our morning chores were done and here is the group consensus

      1) Bran Stark, the new High King, is both young man and old man at the same time. His access to all of history will make his leadership both wisdom filled and practical. He is likely to have a long, long, life as have all of the three-eyed ravens. He will put into place structures that allow for the selection of the next High King or Queen well before his death such that the new monarch will have a breaking-in period as heir designate and for fairer government of all the people.

      2) The various political and economic entities that make up the world of GOT (with the addition of, perhaps, new lands found by Arya Stark) will be welded into a union of sorts with the beginnings of a rulers Parliament. Paradoxically, Bran is brought to leadership by Daenerys Targaryen by her death and it is he who will "Break the Wheel" of cyclical war for power.

      Sansa Stark will found a line of monarchs in the North at Winterfell and will eventually become an ally of the King Beyond the Wall, Jon Stark (Targaryen), whose lands, now freed of the curse of the Night King, will come to resemble Winterfell with its four seasons. The Wildlings will hold onto their name but prosper. BTW...since the far North is where Dire Wolves come from and since packs of them are believed to remain there...the Dire Wolf's association with House Stark will continue. Oh, and there will likely be dragons too....read on.

      3) Drogon, the last of the three dragons, has returned "home" to Essos (Drogon was spotted flying East), the place of origins of the Targaryen line in Old Valyria and of their dragons. Five thousand years ago, men of the Valyrian Freehold learned how to master and ride dragons as beasts of war, and used them to forge an empire that stretched across most of the continent of Essos, dominating almost half of the Known World. Four hundred years before the War of the Five Kings, the entire Valyrian empire and almost all of its dragons were destroyed in a single day, during a cataclysmic volcanic eruption known as the Doom of Valyria. One Valyrian noble family, the Targaryens, survived the Doom on the distant island outpost of Dragonstone in the Narrow Sea - along with the last surviving Valyrian dragons.

      But Drogon is the last of their kind, right? A common misconception is that Daenerys' dragons are all males. That is not true. Dragons do not have a fixed gender. They can change to male or female as needed and have both the sperm and eggs necessary to reproduce, normally 20 years after their birth.

      4) And seeing as Jon Stark, likely the new King Beyond the Wall, is the only one left alive who can theoretically tame dragons—being of Targaryen blood—he could maybe find himself back in command of the most powerful creature in the known world, and/or his progeny (sons and daughters) could.

      5) Grey Worm and the Unsullied sailed for the Isle of Naath. It's located in the continent of Sothoryos - the third continent in the Game of Thrones' lore - which is south of Essos and southeast of Westeros. It's where Missandei is from and where she wanted to go back to after Daenerys took back the Seven Kingdoms. While Missandei is no longer alive, Grey Worm still kept his promise to go there, and he took the Unsullied with him. Lacking the means to reproduce since they have been castrated this may mean that they will cease to exist. Another possibility is that they will become a Spartan-Like Society and welcome recruits and even adopt children from the many lands where war has left many options. Hopefully they will not turn to kidnapping as that is another form of slavery.

      THERE YA GO......ANY OTHER THRONERS OUT THERE? If so, what think ye?

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      GOT: The White Queen's Madness Throws The Series On The Pyre


          Daenerys Targaryen : The White Queen Atop Her Last Remaining Dragon

          The Destroyer of Cities and Ravager of the Innocent

          If you are not a fan of Game of Thrones.....this comment is for those who are.....read on if you want but you are heareby warned.

          Twitter Lit Up last night as fans of the long running dark, and fierce fantasy beheld the "heroine" of the story incinerate the largest city in her world and with it tens and tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children. So many could not believe it.

          The thing is......Daenerys Targaryen has just lived up to the worst parts of her family legacy, burning King's Landing to the ground, street by street, roasting tens of thousands of innocent people, apparently after the battle was all but won. The show and books the HBO series is based on foreshadowed this possibility countless times, so it isn't exactly out of nowhere. But, driven by the limitations of a very short final season (demanded by a set budget for an entire season and the desire to fill that last run with outstanding effects and big battle scenes...so 12 episodes of money was packed into 6) the writers had to cram in Dany's transition from Good to Not so Bad to Mad. by cramming Dany's actual transition from Good Queen to Mad Targaryen into just a handful of episodes,

          The Targaryen's had a history of mad rulers and the hope that the curse would pass over she who was called the Mother of Dragons and the Breaker of Chains was misplaced. showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have done the entire series and all its fans a disservice. It was easy to root for Dany as she clawed her way up from nothing, overcoming abuse, enslavement, rape, poverty, and countless other hardships including the loss of nearly everyone she cared about to become the champion of the smallfolk, the freer of slaves--the Mother of Dragons and the Breaker of Chains.

          But apparently, despite her calm outer demeanor she appears not to have set aside her grudges for the greater good and the madness nested in her bloodline appears to have broken through.

          Why torch every street and pointlessly murder thousands of innocent people when she could fly straight to the Red Keep and melt her greatest enemy Cersei, the woman who's actually wronged her and sat on the Iron Throne?

          There is just one episode left....what is going to happen? It appears the wheels have fallen off the war wagon.

          There are possibilities.....Jon, the rightful heir, her ally and love interest, might find a way to the throne in alliance with her. Or Jon's younger sister, the cult trained assassin, could take the Mad Queen's life, putting Jon on the throne. Or......the whole thing can end with one monstrosity replaced by another.

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          Lady Gaga -- Never One To Stray From A Statement Entrance


              I know some of you don't like her but you have to admit only Gaga can do this and get away with it. This makes for a nice change of pace for us.

              Lady Gaga -- never one to stray from a statement entrance -- hit the campiest notes at the 2019 Met Gala Monday, stripping down to a bra, panties and fishnet stockings over the course of a 16-minute entrance outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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              ​I Bring You Good News Folks


                  May is a great month for all of us. In 2018 it was a stellar year for new "over the air" TV programing. released for your viewing pleasure was 13o new TV stations all across the U.S. You probably have a few of the stations and don't even know it. The likes of quite a few of them reach 85% of the United States. https://ting.com/blog/130-over-the-air-tv-stations... MeTV, Escape, THIS, ION, and GRIT are also coming to new areas on the 8th. METV= old TV programming Escape= Movies and cop shows and mysteries, THIS= movies, GRIT western shows and cowboy Indian movies.

                  CourtTV is supposed to be going all out of their station being seen. They will have over the air, cable, satellite, and streaming.

                  This year the month of May is our best friend. It's the month that people will get CourtTV (yes it's coming back) JusticeTV, and crimeTV. there is also questTV. The first three are self explanatory, QuestTV I believe will suit the guys with man caves. Plus entertain but the only thing is Quest is a rather new station and it's signal is not everywhere. So it will be hit and miss.

                  Some of theses stations will also be on cable TV.

                  We will also lose a few Stations, and some stations will be moving to a new channel. I do know that Fox TV is moving stations in quite a few areas of the US. This all happens in the month of May. Starting on the first you may see quirks in your station lineups if you haven't already. Some stations will shut down for updates, and come back with extra station line ups, or extended TV stations (or as I like to call cousin TV channels.)

                  All of this starts on May 1, at 10am, but the huge day is on May 8th at 10am -6pm. This is when a majority of us will be getting up to five new stations all at once in one day.

                  If you haven't already then get an antenna for your TV because 2019 is the year for over the air TV programming. Word is TV stations everywhere are picking "over the air" instead of cable or streaming. They are the ones listening to the people. We have a lot coming our way folks so word is to at least scan once a week for new channels until fall.






                  QuestTV is a 24/7 broadcast television network that entertains and informs its viewers with exhilarating adventure programming about nature’s greatest dangers, history’s greatest mysteries and man’s greatest achievements. http://www.questtv.com/find-quest

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                  What The Heck?


                      What the Heck? It's "Heckboy" the movie!

                      When I was coming up, going to Church was a requirement. Option "A", option "B", and last option. Go to Church. It was demanded of us. With mom being a devout Christian and all, we had no choice. The Church, it was said, would teach us good values, right from wrong, and to always honor your mother and father, even if your father was a drunk who always beat up your mother and couldn't wait to put his hands on you. And, most of all, the Church taught us all about Hell and how to avoid ending up there. Wherever that was.

                      As a kid you didn't want to have it said of you that you were a Hellion. If you were called a hellion that meant you were the worst of kids and one day would burst hell wide open. Well, somebody went and made a movie about a Hellion, and they call it "Hellboy". But, with this being the south, wouldn't you know it? Somebody, perhaps a God fearing person, decided that they couldn't put that name up on the marquee. With "Hell", even in these times, still being considered a curse word of the highest order, Miss Minty Breath would sure fall over dead if she read it! Not in the bible belt, in the heart of a small town in Tennessee, such things can't be allowed. Take it down.

                      I wouldn't be surprised if a member of the Church from across the street didn't march directly through traffic and told the manager of the theater, "If you don't change that sign mister, you are going straight to hell on the hell-bound express. Such sights is a sin and a shame."

                      And so it was done. The theater, for whatever reason, if not in the manner I said, did renamed the movie. Now showing, "Hellboy" "Heckboy".

                      That oughta teach them politically correct liberals how it's done. You want a change you can really believe in, get a Christian to do it. The fear of God will set them straighter than a laser level.

                      And if you don't believe my narrative writing, click on this link for the full story.

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