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Hi There,

Do you want to quickly add followers, meet new friends, or simply connect with existing contacts to discuss the news?

Do you have an email group that shares news items?

It's now super easy and rewarding to find and add friends on Yabberz.

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How To Yabberz?

Getting Off to a FAST START!

Voice your

Participate in

Make new
Friends and Chat

Rate and Become
a Leader

Find and Sort Discussions

Choose a Topic Area or Search

Sort Discussions

New : Newly Started Discussions

Trending : Discussions with a lot of activity

Leaders : Consistently, engaged and active posters

Live : All posts updated in real time

Create a Discussion

Author a compelling title for your post.

Pick the topic that best describes your post.

Copy or Paste links, images, and video links directly into text box.

Embed public Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram posts.

Drafts are automatically saved in case you run out of time and want to finish your post or reply later.

Don't publish the same post multiple times. Don't spam, advertise or ask for money.

Reply-to and Curate Posts with Ratings and Sponsorships

Reply to posts to engage in lively and meaningful discussion. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Rate comments using the simple +1, +5, and +10 options, add a sponsorship to increase the range to +20.

Use the sponsor badge to promote excellent comments and support other users. Sponsorship doubles a post's positive points range for one hour and gives the sponsorer permanent visibility on the post as a post sponsor.

Members who actively post, reply, and rate can earn points and attract followers. These statistics can be easily tracked with the leaderboard index on the member's profile page, and the most active members appear on the leaderboard tab.

Meet, Follow, and Share with Members of Interest; Tune Out Noise

Hover over any member's avatar/picture to see a summary of the member, their stats, and activity.

Follow to let another member know you are interested in what they have to say, prioritize their posts, and receive their shares.

Blocking is an easy way to tune out members that are not contributing to your Yabberz experience, or are simply too far apart on interests/issues to engage in meaningful discussion.

Adjust at any time.

A video from Toast on Sharing https://toast.video/v/511

Chat with Friends

Yabberz members that follow each other mutually can share private messages and emoji.

Bookmark Discussions.

Bookmark discussions and posts for quick access. Use the private menu for convenient links to your recent posts and pending drafts. This menu is private and personal to you.

Brand Yourself and Point of View

Customize your About Me profile page to let the world know about you and your story. Add links to your blog or favorite sources on the Net.

See Engagement Statistics on Your Posts

Use your About Me profile page to track your posts and message. Who supports my positions? Who disagrees? Which topics are engaging?

Amplify and Advocate

Top commentators who write substantive posts that include original thoughts, relevant links and images can qualify to become a Yabberz Pundit.

PowerShared posts leverage Twitter and your Yabberz followers to target your posts to world leaders and influencers with Tweets and Re-tweets.

SpotLighted posts are shared on Yabberz's Facebook page for additional distribution.


Creating an Account

How do I create an account?

Hit the button in the upper right corner of the www.yabberz.com site. You can create your own Yabberz account by filling out the information requested, or you can login using your existing social media account thru Yahoo, Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

Can I stay anonymous if I decide to join in with Twitter, Facebook, Disqus, Google+, or Yahoo?

Yes you may change your handle name to something else other than what is on your applicable social login, and you may use a custom avatar or photo. In the process of setting up your account you will be asked for your email address and to provide your “Yabberz Handle Name”. Change your Yabberz Handle name to anything that you want. Please make note that once you input your handle name, that name will be permanent and can not be changed.

Do I have to use your avatar tool or can I upload my own picture?

When you first sign up, you have the option to create an avatar (click on Build an Avatar) or to upload your own image (click on Upload an Image). Don’t forget to hit the blue “Save Avatar” button on the lower right of the pop-up window to save your avatar.

What Browsers does Yabberz Support?

Google Chrome is the preferred browser for Yabberz. In our testing it is the fastest to render long threads, and we do our development first on Chrome then test and fix other browsers. Firefox is known to produce "long running script" errors on long threads. This is not a bug or a problem or security issue. It is just Firefox complaining that the page is really complicated and it is taking its time to render/display it

Yabberz supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE 10+ (we do not recommend using our website with IE versions below 10). Our website is a responsive website meaning that we have created it to adapt to various platforms such as a mobile device. We will be working on native mobile applications for Android and iPhones in the near future.

Ad-Blockers: Some ad-blockers cause rendering issues for the share and follow buttons making them inaccessible and hence impossible to use. This is not by design but on the other hand there is also not much we can do about it. Best solution is to disable the ad-blocker.

Where is my first Post?

When you validate your email, an initial first welcome post is automatically generated. It announces you are now a member of the Yabberz Community. This post appears under the topic New Members. You can find this post either on your About Me page or in the section of the website called "More Stuff" at the bottom left of the main left hand side menu.

Signing In and Basics

How do I login?

Go to the https://www.yabberz.com site and click the white button that says “Login”. A screen should pop up. If you have created your own Yabberz account, type in your email and password. If you want to login with your social networks, hit the appropriate social network and you will be directed to their site for logging in.

I lost my password, now what?

Click on the “Forgot Password” which is the white button on the “User Login” pop-up window. You will be asked for the email you used to sign up. An email will be sent to you to reset your password. Follow the directions on that email.

Where are the Rules?

The rules listed in the More Stuff section and here is a quick link as well Rules

What is the More Stuff section? Yabberz News (Blogs), New Members, Suggestions and Help

Yabberz has a sub-menu called More Stuff that has links to this help page, a blog about Yabberz, a page of new members that have recently joined, and the suggestions and help page where you can leave a question.

At the Yabberz News corner, you will find posts from our Admins that provide alerts, updates and other related site info or announcements. New Members contains welcome posts and messages from our newest members, and is a place where you can welcome them. At Suggestions & Help you make a suggestion, post a question, or get help/community guidance.

How do I make a suggestion or post a question for help/community guidance?

Yabberz has a section called "More Stuff", located near the bottom of the left side menu, which has several special topics. One such topic is the Suggestions & Help. Please post your question or suggestion here.

How do I know if a member is online?

Look for the green dot below their avatar in the bottom left corner of their Avatar as shown below, or check the Last Heard time on their member's business card or profile page

Editing Your Profile, Password, Avatar, and Email Settings

I’ve created an account can I change my handle name?

Your handle name is a reflection of your brand as an amateur news commentator. It is not meant to be changed. If you want a different handle name, please create a new account or contact support@yabberz.com.

How do I change my email on my account?

We do not have the capability for you to change your account’s email address directly on the site. We will be adding such a feature in a future upgrade. If you would like to change your email address on your account, please email support@yabberz.com with your request and we will change it for you.

How do I change my password on my account?

Click on your avatar in the right hand corner of the screen. Click “Edit Profile”. Click on “Reset Password” at the bottom of the menu. Type in your new password and click on the “Save Changes” blue button.

Another method is to navigate to your "About Me" profile page, and then click "Edit Profile" button under your main avatar

How do I edit my gender, age, and party affiliation?

Click on your avatar in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click “Edit Profile”, then select the "Profile" tab. Don’t forget to click “Save Changes” which is the blue button on the bottom of the pop-up window (Scroll down on the pop-up window to see the button. The pop-up window scroll is the inner scroll bar on the side of the screen.)

Another method is to navigate to your "About Me" profile page, and then click "Edit Profile" button under your main avatar, then select the "Profile" tab.

How do I change my avatar?

Click on your avatar in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click “Edit Profile”, then select the "Avatar" tab. You have the option to Create a new avatar (click on Build a new Avatar), Edit your existing Avatar (click on Edit your Avatar) or Uploading your own image (click on Upload an Image). Don’t forget to click “Save Changes” which is the blue button on the bottom of the pop-up window (Scroll down on the pop-up window to see the button. The pop-up window scroll is the inner scroll bar on the side of the screen.)

Another method is to navigate to your "About Me" profile page, and then click "Edit Profile" button under your main avatar, then select the "Avatar" tab.

How do I center my Avatar or Picture?

Once you are in the “Edit Profile” pop-up window (to get there click on your avatar on upper right of screen, then click on “Edit Profile” and select the "Avatar" tab. Choose whether you want to create or edit your avatar or up load your own image. Please look for arrow buttons that look like this. You can click the side or up and down arrows to center your Avatar. If you are Inserting your own image, the whole image will move when you click on the buttons. If you are using our avatar tool, the arrow buttons center whatever selection you are on. For example, if you are selecting a set of ears, the arrow button will help you center your ears in relation to your head shape.

How do I change my email settings?

You can adjust your email settings from three easy to find places. The first way is to Click on your avatar in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click “Edit Profile”, then select the "Email" tab. You can turn on and off updates for new followers & messages, activity on your posts, and newsletters & announcements. The frequency of each type of mail is also listed.

Another method is to navigate to your "About Me" profile page, and then click "Edit Profile" button under your main avatar, then select the "Email" tab.

A third method is to click on unsubscribe from any of the above emails sent by Yabberz and then adjust your mail settings.

Finding Friends, Referring Friends and Earning Member Referral Rewards

How do I find friends?

Click Find Friends on the left hand side, under the "Private" to use our import tools that allow members to easily find and connect with friends both on and off of Yabberz. Yabberz imports from popular email programs GMail, Yahoo, AOL, and WindowsLive/Outlook.com. After the mailbox import is complete, a simple list of contacts is displayed. This list is private and can be accessed by returning to the Find Friends tab. Whenever a matched contact occurs from a mail box import, the member automatically follows you. The status of each contact is listed in the contacts list, and you also will receive a "New Follower" notification for each matching contact. Contacts that are not matched can be invited easily by clicking on the blue Invite button. Select opt-out for contacts that you do not wish to invite to Yabberz. Yabberz remembers your contact list opt-out settings.

The Find Friends tool is also available from the drop down menu accessed by clicking your Avatar in top top right, as well as on your profile page.

How do I know if a friend that I invited joined?

When a friend joins Yabberz from an invite, you will automatically be notified and received a Yabberz Reward notification. In addition the new member will automatically follow you.

What are member referral rewards?

To promote the growth of the Yabberz newtork, Yabberz offers a generous award to members who refer other members. These rewards include automatic upgrade to VIP Membership status for 1-month per referral, as well as +100 points per referral. Please take a minute to invite your friends with Find Friends. It is simple, safe, and your are in complete control of the process.

VIP Membership

What is VIP Membership?

VIP Membership is similar to the verified account badge on Twitter and Facebook. The blue check is a symbol of recognition for a member within the broader community. The blue check appears by a member's name on their profile page, business card, and on top level discussion starter posts. As such, a VIP Member has certain benefits which Yabberz will expand over time. A member can become a VIP Member in one of two ways: member referrals or by purchasing the badge.

How do I purchase VIP Membership?

First click on "Edit Profile" and select the "VIP Status" Tab. The "Edit Profile" button is in the drop down menu accessed by clicking on your avatar in the top right, or by finding "Edit Profile" under your main avatar on your About Me profile page. There you will find a menu as shown below in the screen shot.

Click Buy, enter your credit card number in the popup display, and then click pay. Once complete the VIP tab display will update with the next auto-renewal date. VIP Membership auto-renewal can be cancelled anytime prior to the auto-renewal date. VIP Membership is a month to month subscription.

How do I become a VIP Member for FREE?

When you refer a member using the Find Friends tool explained above or when a member joins as a result of a post you shared, you are automatically awarded one free month of VIP Membership per referral. If you are already a paid VIP member, then the next month renewal will be free. If you are not a paid member, the membership will simply expire on the expiration date shown in the VIP Status window on "Edit Profile". You will receive a notification for each VIP Reward.

What are VIP Membership Terms?

  • $2.99 per Month
  • Stop or Cancel Anytime Prior to Monthly Renewal Date
  • Auto-renews Every 30 Days
  • 1-Free Month Credit Per Member Referral
  • No Refunds

How do I stop monthly auto-renewal credit card charges?

To cancel entrollment in paid VIP Membership auto-renewal, please email support@yabberz.com. The cancellation will be effective after the end of the current month term.

Posts and Replying to Posts

How do I start a discussion topic and comment of my own?

The simplest way to start a new discussion from anywhere on the site is to click the Post button at the top of the page, or you can use the main comment box located at the top of every discussion feed page.



Once you start entering your comment in the comment box, notice that a title and a topic entry box will show up on top of the box. You must enter a title for your post and select a topic. When you are done entering information in the comment and title boxes, click on “post”.

Enter a title and topic (Required):

How do I reply to an existing comment?

You may reply to a comment pretty much anywhere on the site. Every post has its own reply entry box, just look for the reply box at the bottom of the post, double check to make sure you are replying to the right member. See the example box below.

What does the post editing tool bar do?

Once a comment or reply box is activated, the post editor tool bar appears at the top of post box. The post editor tool bar has a wide variety of formatting features to make your post distinctive and clear. There are rich text features for bold, italic, paragraph and more. There are also powerful features for adding links, photos, images and mentioning users in a post. Yabberz commentators designated as Pundits enjoy additional features in the tool bar, and can mark a top level, conversation starting posts, as a pundit post. Pundit posts enjoy special visibility on the Yabberz site.

Can I edit the post title?

When starting a discussion, you can set the topic of the discussion. Once posted, if you started the discussion/thread, you can change the topic of the thread. To edit the title of a post, simply click Edit and enter the new topic name at the top of post as shown below.

How do I know that my Post published?

After you post a copy of the post appears for you to make any last minute edits and then share with your followers, using the Share tools. Your new post will immediately appear in New discussions at the top of the list. If it gains momentum from up votes and activity, it may rise on the trending list as well. Note if the post contains foul language, it may fail to appear in the new discussions section and hence be only visible if you share it with followers. To fix this edit the post, and make sure the "Post May Contain Sensitive Content" warning is removed. After the content warning is removed, there may be some delay before the post re-appears under New.

Part of my post seems to have disappeared, where did it go?

Yabberz displays the top portion of long posts, and adds a more link to increase the size of the post display area. Look for the more button at the bottom of the post display, click this to see the hidden portion of the post. This helps maintain the overall readability of the site.

Where can I find the history of all my posts?

The "My Recent Posts" section of the private menu has links your five more recent posts and replies. You can see all your posts by going to your “AboutMe" profile page from top most left hand link or by clicking on your avatar in the top right of the screen.

I don't have time to finish my post, can I save a draft?

As you enter text into a post entry box or reply entry box, a draft will automatically be saved. If you want to finish the post or reply later, the draft will remain available at any time, from any computer or mobile device where you are logged in. To access the draft, click the links on the left hand side under Private > My Drafts. (If you have more than 5 drafts, click "See All Drafts" to navigate to a complete list on your profile page.)

Adding Links, Photos, Videos and mentioning Users in a Comment or Reply

How do I add a link to a comment or reply box?

Links can be added in all comment and reply boxes found on the site. Click on this symbol and paste your link or simply paste in a link directly to the text box. Also if a title for the post has not been set, the autolinker will set the title of the post to the article title. This can be easily changed by simply editing the title. The first link added (generally) auto populates a picture and article summary for you. You can add additional multiple links to the post using the link tool or by pasting in additional links to the text box.

How do I control which link is used in the preview/thumbnail?

Multiple links can be added to a post but only one is shown as a full link thumbnail/preview attached to the post. You can control which article is set to preview using the link control menu. Click on the link in the post box prior to posting, and the link control menu shown below will load. To make a certain link the preview link, click Select as Preview as shown below.

How do I add a photo to a comment or reply box?

Photos can be easily added to posts. Look for the following symbol in the editor menu . You may also add photos using copy and paste as well as drag and drop.

How do I add a video to a comment or reply box?

Videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and sites that provide an embed tag video code can be added to a post. Look for the following symbol in the editor menu

How do I add embed a Facebook Video or Post, Tweet, or Instagram Post?

Posts, including videos, from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be easily embedded in a Yabberz post. Look for the "embed post" option on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Copy and paste the code provided by those sites into any Yabberz post or reply box and the post will appear. The steps are explained in detail here:

Embedding other Social Media content

How do I mention a user by name in a reply ?

Look for the Mention Users symbol below the reply button to use the add/mention a user link feature. The drop down menu will show all users active on the thread in a menu like the one shown in the image below. You may also search for any user on Yabberz using the search box. Adding a user's name will automatically generate a notification to the mentioned user that they have been mentioned in a conversation. Note, if the user mentioned is also the user that you are replying to, they are notified once (not twice), and they are notified specifically that they have received a reply. Otherwise, the user will receive a notification stating that he or she has been "mentioned" in a conversation.

Navigating the Site

Where is a brief overview of the site layout?

Top Navigation Bar: The top navigation bar is always visible on both desktop and mobile. On the left side is a quick search and post button for starting conversation. On mobile devices, the left hand side also includes a button to access the main navigation menu which remains hidden on smaller screen sizes. On right side is the notifications bell for replies and shares, the message envelope for private messages, your avatar and drop down for profile, settings, and more, as well as your score in the far right corner.

Left Navigation Bar: These are the primary navigation links and are organized into three main submenu sections. Favorites Submenu include the most useful links to your home page, your profile page, and search. Private submenu are links specific to the user and this menu contains content that is specific to the individual. Finally, More Stuff includes helpful links to various parts of the site including our blog, help, Q&A, new members, and pundit profiles.

What do the Start/New/Trending and other feed tabs do?

There are a number of sort tabs available for both the home page as well as specific topic discussion feeds. All tab options are listed below; however, only a subset of the tab sort options are generally available.

Start : Potential Links/Videos to Start a new Discussion. Click start to open the editor add your thoughts and post a discussion starter.

New : Newly Started Discussions sorted by the date the discussion was started

Trending : Discussions with a lot of recent activity

Leaders : Consistently, engaged and active posters

Live : All posts updated in real time

Note when on a given tab, you again can filter that specific sort by topic clicking on the drop down list, as shown below, and then selecting a new topic. Only the topics that have the given sort option are shown in this list.

What is the Start feed and how do I use it?

The start feed is a unique feed that has articles and videos from around the web, categorized by topic. These articles and videos are available on a first come first serve basis to start a new discussion. To start a discussion, find an article of interest and click the start button. It will open the editor, with the article or video attached. The discussion will have the title and topic pre-set. You can change the topic in the menu. To change the title first post your new discussion, and then edit the post to change the title.

What is a "Discussion Snippet"?

Discussion Snippets are a sub section of a conversation, centered around one post, and displayed in an overlay window. Yabberz uses "Discussion Snippets" to help quickly give users access to a portion of a conversation prior to loading the entire thread which may sometimes require several seconds. It is a quick and convenient place to add a reply or decide if you want to load up the entire discussion for reading.

I am in a "Discussion Snippet" window and would like to see the full conversation. How do I view a full conversation?

Look for the button marked Read Full Discussion at the top of the page, clicking this will move you from the discussion snippet to the full conversation.

How do I navigate a long thread (conversation), what does the little magnifying glass do and what are the funny numbers by a user's name on a thread?

Navigating a long conversation where users are replying to users over and over again can be confusing. We have built a few little tools to help make it easier. Please reference the image below as an example. The blue bounding box indicated this is the "selected post" you are viewing. The little number by LorieR's name indicates this is her 1st reply on the thread. The little number helps you track and distinguish various posts from the same member on a long thread. To see what LorieR is referring to quickly, click on the parent name (in this case appliePie62) or the magnifying glass, and a brief summary of the parent post will appear. You can click the link to follow the thread back up one level, and continue to repeat that until you arrive at the first post or article which started the thread. To return to where you started, click the small green arrow in the parent post, and it scrolls you back to your previous position in the thread. The small (-) minus circle on the left hand side allows you to close down a reply and the replies to that reply. This allows you to close down a part of a discussion that you've read, no longer interests you, or is just taking up to much space. You can always open it back up, by clicking the blue (+) plus button.

How do I get a summary of all the things that has happened to me and my activity?

Go to your “About Me” page. To do so either (1) click on your Avatar on the upper right hand corner of the site and select “About Me” or alternatively (2) select the About Me link from the top of the left hand navigation bar. Your “About Me” shows you a summary of everything that you have done and all that has happened to you. It is organized into five sections:

  • About Me: a post where you can enter anything you like about yourself, blogs, causes, favorites whatever you like as long as it is within the content limitations of Yabberz.
  • Member Info: these tabs have your basic data as well as leadership stats
  • Statistics: this section has numerous breakdowns on your activity - how and from whom you are earning points (Points Earned), how many ratings you are giving (Points Shared), what and when you are spending points (Points Spent), and finally Total Points which is a summary view of how many points you have earned over time, less the number of points your spent
  • Network Info: this shows who is following you and who you are following
  • Activity / Private Activity: the Activity tab shows the actions you have taken for example posts made, replies made, shares, and ratings given. Private Activity shows the things that have happened to you and is similar to your notifications. It includes the replies received, shares received, your full lists of drafts and bookmarks

Can I get summary of all the things that has happened to someone else?

Go to their “About Me” page. Click on the person’s Avatar anywhere on the site, or select "Profile" from the user's business card. Alternatively, you can go to the search bar – upper left hand corner of the site. It will look like this .

Will I get notified if someone mentions me, replies to me, follows me, or rates me?

Yes a notification summary email is sent out at least once per day. If you want to change your notification setting please look at the specific notification email that was sent to you, click on “Click here to unsubscribe” to change your email notification settings. You will also see a notification bell every time you log in. When you have new messages the bell will look like this . The red number indicates the number of new messages or ratings that you received. If you click on the bell and blinking red number, you can see all of your new activity since you last checked in. After reviewing a notification and going to the post, you will see a red check mark on the notification indicated that you have read that notification. It looks like this . Notifications are organized into three sections for convenience. These sections are:

  • Replies: direct replies to your posts as well any flag notifications
  • Activity: ratings, follow and mention notifications
  • Shares: posts members you are following have shared with you

I can’t seem to find the topics that I am interested in?

If you can’t find the topics that you are interested in try using the Search. The search box is located on the upper left corner of the main page. It will look like this . If you are on a mobile device only the magnifying glass may appear, in this case first click the magnifying glass for the search box to appear.

I see topics that I don’t care for or threads that seem to dominate the “My Stream” page, how do I control what I see and don’t see? How does the follow/unfollow work?

When you first sign in to a Yabberz account, your “My stream” will be the same "Trending" stream that is displayed to the general public. However, as you comment on certain topics, follow and unfollow certain people, rate on certain topics/people; our algorithm will try to cater your comment stream based on what it thinks you like and dislike based on your actions. In other words if you don’t care for a particular commentator or thread we would suggest that you not follow or comment since that would impact your “My stream” viewing. Conversely if you like a commentator or a thread, then follow them and their posts will show higher in your "My Stream" and when they share a post you will be notified.

How do comments gain or lose visibility?

When a comment receives a quality reply (our algorithm detects for one liners) it gains visibility. In addition if it is rated positively it gains visibility. Comments that receive lots of negative points but lots of replies also can maintain visibility. Comments that receive no replies but lots of down ratings will fall off visibility pretty quickly.

How do I save/bookmark a post to read later?

Every post has a bookmark button below it. Simply click this button to save a bookmark link in your Private menu in the main left hand navigation menu, as well as and in your full bookmarks list on your About Me profile page under the Private Activity tab. To remove a bookmark, navigate to the post or use the bookmark list, and click "Unbookmark".

Rating, Sponsorship, Points, Flagging

How do I rate?

Once (and as long as) you have a balance of at least +1 accumulated point, you can rate posts made by other users. Our regular rating bar allows you to rate someone from -3 to +10? Look for the rating slider bar shown below. However, However, you can give to a user a special boost by Sponsoring an especially excellent post. All values double up to +20 points. Please see explanation of “What does the Sponsorship Badge do?”. You can rate any post on Yabberz one time. You can also edit your ratings if you change your mind or accidentally rate a post incorrectly.

Why not a more balanced -10 to +10?

Yabberz emphasizes positive interaction even when that interaction is critical of an idea, argument or concept. We can disagree with each other and still interact in an agreeable manner. Studies of rating systems show that negative ratings have a much greater negative impact on users than the positive impact created by the same number on the positive scale. Simply put: a -3 feel a lot more negative than a +3 feels positive.

Our rating scale accentuates the positive while still providing room for a measured negative response.

What are Ratings?

Ratings are one of the unique ways that Yabberz invites our members to interact. They give our members the opportunity to provide their assessment of the value of an Article or a Comment or a Reply to the writer. You do not need to write something to let a poster know what you think of his/her contribution or how you are reacting to it.

Our regular rating slider allows you to rate someone from -3 to +10. You give ratings by clicking and holding on the slide tool and then moving it up or down the bar. Set your rating by releasing the click button. If you want to change your rating, use the "Edit Rating" link and follow the prompts.

The exception is when a writer has been awarded an "Sponsor Badge" by a fellow Yabberz user. For one hour, Plus Points awarded are doubled in value.

What do Ratings do?

Ratings are the principal way that you give and get points. What is the advantage of getting points? When you earn points as a result of your comments being uprated they count towards your ranking on the Leadership Board. We recognize the Yabberz Community Leader of the Week every week and we promote our leaders within our community. In addition, you can spend points on Sponsorships and Shares which help promote your posts within the community. Our long term vision is to identify smart, intelligent, commentators. We will invest in promoting our leaderboard commentators so that they may build a brand for themselves over time.

And besides, we have heard that giving and getting points is.....well, fun!

What do Ratings mean?

A rating of 0 is neutral and is the default rating for all posts. Since Yabberz emphasizes positive interaction among our members our scale favors up rating but we recognize that sometimes a post just does not sit right with a member and he/she wants to let the poster know it. A rating of -3 to -1 is a negative rating with -3 being the most negative.

A rating of +1 is a slightly positive rating; +5 is moderately positive, and +10 is very positive. When a Sponsor Badge is present positive, users are able to rate a post to +20 points.

What do Ratings assess/refer to?

Our rating system is a very flexible tool.

Ratings can refer to many things:

Quality of Content (argument made, ideas, point of view, evidence presented, sources cited)

Style (readability, vocabulary, phrasing)

Ability to Move a Conversation Along

Encouragement of other Posters

Sign of Friendship/Appreciation

Welcome Mat to new members

Combination of Several Factors

Express agreement or disagreement, although it is always best to express this with words!

We recommend posting a response when giving negative ratings to help explain your reasoning for the negative rating

How do I know what a community member meant by the rating?

They might tell you specifically in a comment. "+8 for a great link!"

They might refer to some element in your post that gives you a strong clue. "A really value great sources. That's a great one."

They might not say a thing about your post but add new ideas leaving you guessing. So, you can ask. "I see you gave me a -3. How come?"

They might not leave a comment at all in which case you can use the Ratings Meter explained below to find the rater and then find one of their comments and ask the question. "Hi, at my comment on Mice Empires you gave me a +4. Can you tell me why?"

Can I correct or change my rating?

Yes, once a post has been posted you can click the edit rating button to enable editing of the post. Once clicked, your old rating is immediately removed and set to 0. You can then set a new rating on the post.

How do I know I’ve been rated and by whom?

On the right of a comment you will see a number as shown in the graphic above. Hover your mouse over the number and the history of who rated you will appear. The red and green bars indicate the relative amount of positive and negative on the post, the drop down list shows who has rated you. Click on the X on the right hand side of the word “history” to close the rating history for this comment.

What is Sponsorship and what does it do ?

Sponsorship - Cost: 100 Points

Allows for a post to be rated to +20 for a 1hr duration per sponsorship
Sponsorer's avatar is added to the post, next to the badge, for 1hr and permanently to the sponsor's list
Permanently marks post as a sponsored post along with an active and post sponsors dropdown list

What happens if two or more users Sponsor the same comment about the same time?

Additional time is added to the sponsorship. For example, suppose I use the on a comment. It is given an hour but has been utilized for 20 minutes when someone adds an additional . The tool then will stay on for another 1 hour and 40 minutes. (2hrs less 20 minutes). In addition during the active duration of the sponsorship, the Sponsorer's avatars rotates back and forth once every five seconds giving both sponsorer's active visibility. In addition both sponsorer's will be permanently added to the sponsor's list drop down as shown below.

How do I earn points?

If people rate your comments up, then you earn points. Points earned from your posts during a one week interval impact your position on the weekly leaderboard. Spending points on sponsorships does not impact your leaderboard position. Your total accumulated points (total points) is the sum of your points earned on posts less spending on shares and badges over the lifetime of your account. The history of your total points can be viewed by week, month, and year on the Total Stats tab on your about me page, as shown below:

How do I lose points?

Your comments are down rated, or you spend your points on buying sponsorships or shares. Note spending points does NOT impact your position on the leaderboard. It only impacts your total accumulated point balance. Using your points to sponsor worthy posts will encourage other users to sponsor your worthy posts and in fact help you move up the leaderboard faster.

What happens when someone nears zero points?

Yes, you can get in the negative points territory. If you have zero or less points, you will no longer be able to rate posts. If you have negative accumulated points, your posts may automatically lose visibility and your account will be reviewed.

What is the advantage of getting points?

You are able to Sponsor other users more readily if you have points. In addition, your weekly earned points on comments count towards the leadership board. We recognize a leader every week and we promote our leaders. Our long term vision is to identify smart, intelligent, commentators via the points and sponsorships. We will invest in promoting our leaderboard commentators so that they may build a brand for themselves over time.

How do I know how many points I have?

Look on the upper right hand corner of the site where your avatar is. You will see that there is a number next to your Avatar. The number represents your accumulated points. You can also see your accumulated points on your About Me page. You will also notice that if you are on the Leaderboard you have another set of points specific to the Leaderboard. Please see Leaderboard section for more details.

What does flagging do?

Flagging will send an email to our staff to review a comment for violation of the Yabberz Community Standards. Use a yellow flag for a post that you feel is inappropriate and should be reviewed. Use a red flag for a serious infraction of the community standards. Red Flagged posts are reviewed with highest priority. When you click on "Flag" a box opens, please choose the appropriate flag level and reason code. You have the option to enter a message to the administrator when flagging a post.

Following and Sharing

Why should I follow someone?

You should consider following another user if you like to read their comments or see the articles and news they are posting as links. Following another Yabberz user will prioritize those users posts in your "My Stream". Following another Yabberz user will also allow that user to directly share a post with you. When a person you are following shares a post, you will receive a notification that a post has been shared with you. To follow a simply hover over their avatar and click Follow at the bottom of their business card, or click Follow on their profile page. Access to following is available anywhere you see a member's avatar. At any time you can see who you are following or who any user is following, by going to their About Me page and looking at the tab labelled Following.

What does it mean to have a follower?

A follower is a user that has decided that your posts are worth seeing on a more regular basis. Your posts will appear prioritized in their "My Stream". Also when you share a post, they will receive a notification via the Yabberz notification bell. If within 8hrs they have not seen the shared content on Yabberz, then they will receive a notification of the share by email combined with any other outstanding updates they have waiting. At any time you can see who you are following or who any user is following, by going to their About Me page and looking at the tab labelled Following.

How do I follow or unfollow someone?

You can follow someone by clicking the follow button which is location on every user's business card and profile page. You know that you are following someone if there is a check mark by the commentator’s avatar. It should look like this . To unfollow, click or hover on their avatar which brings you to their business card (hover) or “About Me” profile page (click). There will be an unfollow button below their avatar.

Following creates a network of users on our site whose posts are of particular interest to you. When you use the Share Button for a particular post, you are given three options: Yabberz, Facebook and Twitter. Clicking on Yabberz Shares that post with your Following. Use discretion in doing this. Admin suggest that you Share posts that are particularly noteworthy. Sharing every or even most of your posts will clutter notifications boxes and lessen the value of sharing. If you also want to share with your Facebook and Twitter followers click on Share again and select them one at a time. Sharing on social media such as Facebook and Twitter is an easy way to invite new voices to join the discussion

How do I find who likes to read my posts, agrees with my posts, and/or who is more critical of them?

Every user's About Me page contains a section of engagement statistics. The default and first graph to appear is a break down of points received by member. You can adjust the time period to week, month, or year, as well as review other breakdown such as by post and by date.

How can I share content from Yabberz more directly with other Yabberz members?

The share button found at the bottom of every post makes sharing a post with your Yabberz, Twitter, or Facebook followers/friends very convenient. To share a post with your Yabberz followers, select the Yabberz logo. Sharing posts internal to Yabberz costs +25 points, and it is a convenient way to promote your posts.

How can I share content from Yabberz with users on other social networks?

The share button found at the bottom of every post makes sharing a post with your Twitter followers or Facebook friends very easy. Click on the appropriate social network logo. If you are not logged in, the corresponding social network will prompt you to do so prior to sharing. Note you do not even need a Yabberz account to share an interesting post onto Facebook or Twitter.

How can I get a permanent link to the post i.e., a shortened link or pemalink?

By clicking the share button a shortened permalink to the post is generated, click the link icon (circle furthest right) in the share dialog and a shortened permanent link will popup in an alert. This short URL is a permanent reference to the post.

Friends and Private Messages

What is a friend on Yabberz?

When two users are mutually following each other, then they are listed as friends. Although the raw information of who is following who is available, a member's consolidated friend's list is not available publically. The main benefit of being friends with another member is that member will in the future be able to send you private messages.

How do I send a private message?

Look for the Message button on the member's business card or profile page. If you have an active chat, you can also go back to a chat from the chats notification menu (the envelope) at the top left of the screen. Note you must be "Friends" with the member to message them. "Friends" means the members are mutual followers. Private messages require 5 points per send. Never transmit credit card, social security, or any other highly personal information via Private Message. Posting a screen shot or the contents of a private message to the main thread is bannable. See the rules.

How do I know I received a private message?

Look for a flashing number on the messages notification indicator (envelope) as shown below. This menu contains a drop down list of all of your recent chat sessions. It also shows how many new messages you have unread from each member that you are chatting with. Finally, if you have email notifications on, you will receive an email reminder about the private message should you have not already checked it.

How do I add an emoji to a private message?

Click on the smiley face button, and a bar of emoji will appear as shown below. A big big thank you to Emoji One for their wonderful set of open source, creative commons emoji art work.


What does it mean to be on the leaderboard?

The Community Leaderboard is found on the Leaders tab of the home page: Leaders. We update the leaderboard once per day based on the membership's activity. We use the leaderboard to give visibility to users who are doing well on several balanced metrics.

How do I become a leader?

The Leadership "Race" is ongoing and is based on the last 7 days of information and activity. This 7 days is rolling, which means we capture information based on the last 7 days. We update the leaderboard once per day at midnite. The chart below is an example of how the index rolls based on the last 7 days of information. The Sunday is highlighted to show an example period of calculation.

The leadership index is based on the following six factors. At any given time, the maximum value you could get per factor is 1000 and the maximum index value you can achieve is 6,000 (6 factors x 1000). The following is a general explanation on how the index is computed.

  • 1) Ratings Points – is based on how many points you have received within the last 7 days. This factor is computed relative to your peers. In other words, the person(s) with the highest points on Yabberz within the last 7 days, will receive the full 1000 value.
  • 2) Replies – is based on how many distinctive users have replied to any of your posts within the last 7 days. This factor is relative to your peers. So the person(s) with the most replies from different users relative to all of Yabberz users will receive the full 1000 value.
  • 3) New Users – is based on how many new users have rated you within the last 7 days. This factor is relative to your peers. The person(s) with the most points from New Users (defined as who has joined within the last 7 days) will receive the full 1000 value.
  • 4) Followers – is based on how many followers you have since you have opened a Yabberz account. This puts users who have been with Yabberz for longer with a slight advantage. This factor is relative to your peers. The person(s) with the most followers will receive the full 1000 value.
  • 5) Blocks – Is based on how many people have blocked you. (We no longer consider how many members that you are blocking but purely the number of members blocking you). If nobody has blocked you, you should receive the full 1000 value. The more people have you blocked this will impact your position. This factor is relative to your peers.
  • 6) Flags – The more confirmed flags you have the less your value for this factor. If you have “0” confirmed flags you will receive the full 1000 value for this factor. This factor is relative to your peers. So if you are the person(s) with the most flags on Yabberz within the last 7 days your value will be “0”.

Blocking Users

Can I mute somebody?

Yes, you can stop see another user's posts or receiving replies from another user by Blocking them. The block option is available anywhere you see a member's avatar. Simply hover over the avatar and select block from the row of options at the bottom of the business card. Alternatively click their avatar to load their profile page. Select block from the options below the member's avatar. Note once a user has been blocked you will not see their posts and they will not see your posts. Blocking a user also prevents a user from following you, and it cancels any pre-existing follow/following relationships. When you unblock a member, if you still find you are unable to see their posts, then this member also has you blocked. No notifications are sent when one member blocks another member. Blocking can be done for any number of legitimate reasons ranging from disinterest in their comments or posted content to frustration with their point of view. Blocking and being blocked is not taboo.

Can I prevent someone from rating me?

Yes, you can stop a user from rating your posts by Blocking them. The block option is available using the gear tool on the post's right hand side in the main feed or by going to the user's about me page and clicking Block under their avatar. Note once a user has been blocked you will not see their posts and they will not see your posts. Blocking a user also prevents a user from following you, and it cancels any pre-existing follow/following relationships.

Can I prevent someone from seeing my posts and following me?

Yes, you can stop a user seeing your posts by Blocking them. The block option is available using the gear tool on the post's right hand side in the main feeds or by going to the user's about me page and clicking Block under their avatar. Note once a user has been blocked you will not see their posts and they will not see your posts. Blocking a user also prevents a user from following you, and it cancels any pre-existing follow/following relationships.

Can an admin block two users?

Yes, in certain cases where two members are not getting along and engaged in repetitive unproductive conversations. They may be blocked from engaging each other.

Troubleshooting, Misc

How do I get to the top of the page fast?

Look for a small button at the bottom right of the page with two double up arrows. Click this to zoom to the top of the page.

How are posts selected for Spotlight and Powershare badges?, and how are Pundits selected?

Selection is based on content quality and engagement, not a particular point of view or opinion. The three primary factors are:

1. Breaking News - well written pieces on timely breaking news are top priority
2. Interesting and diverse content that presents complex issues with perspective, strong argument, and civility.
3. Posts that are supplemented with our members original commentary, videos, pictures.

The Avatar picture seems to be uploading sideway? Can I turn it around?

This problem normally occurs when you are in a mobile device. However if you are experiencing it on a desktop for our regular supported browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE 10+, report the problem to our technical team at support@yabberz.com and let them know.

I hit the full conversation but I can’t see the post I was looking at?

Sometimes the quote is buried underneath a "more post" that might say something like this . It does not look like it is clickable but it actually is and will expand the replies.

My link does not seem to take using the link icon?

Occasionally links do not load properly. Either post as a raw link or try refreshing the page and reinserting the link.

Why does the dial just keep on going on and on and nothing seems to happen?

If you are in the popup window display for a conversation (also known as the pop-up window display) and have hit the "full conversation" button but nothing seems to be happening, it is probably because the thread is very large. Very large threads can take a very long time to load. We are working on addressing this issue.

Can I edit my rating?

Yes, you can edit your rating after it is made, by click the blue button Edit Rating which appears at the bottom of the comment box. It first resets your rating to zero, and then you can adjust your rating to a new value.

Can I edit my post?

Yes, you can edit your post by clicking on the edit button.

How do I know when a new user came on?

You can meet new users on the New Members feed located in the corners section of the website.

How do I delete an account?

Please contact support@yabberz.com

Getting Help and Feedback?

If you have further questions or suggestions on Yabberz please do not hesitate to contact us at support@yabberz.com.


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