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Raw Fish Relief: Tokyo Sushi God


      Dayne Griffith is a certified

      Foodie ! , https://www.tripadvisor.com/members/Dayne_1968

      When i had enough of the Donald and the "usual" suspects of sycophants TROLLING me on either Yabberz or Facebook!!! i go to Mr, Saito's in Tokyo

      I dedicate this "Raw fish Sushi smorgasbord to Kevin Mc Daid , Sunshine (i know they hate it.."raw") Ha !

      ENJOY LIFE !! AWAY from the stress of the "Orange dude" F-ing up the Constitution !

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      Verizon To Offer 5G To Select Customers In 11 U.S. Cities

      Verizon Communications Inc said on Wednesday it would offer its high-speed wireless 5G network to certain customers in 11 U.S. cities in the first half of 2017.
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      Kedron Barrett -- Contemporary Artist (Berlin)


          Town Dock -- Kedron Barrett

          Today while working on a large painting, a brood came in of parents, children and tagalongs. The Father is an artist of some renown having an extensive history of solo shows in different venues. His mother was a painter and so was his grandmother – three generations of gifted artists. One is also reminded of the Wyeths grandfather to father to son. The same so it appears with the Barretts both in music and the visual arts. So, this one is on no other than BridgeTourJade. :)

          Two weeks ago I wrote about Leni Mancuso, BridgeTourJade's (Geoffrey S. Jade Barrett's) aunt by marriage. Her son is a painter presently living in Germany. As I had endeavored to write about him last Sunday when I was so rudely interrupted by a former neighbor of mine who had the temerity of visiting me and told me about his fascinating uncle by marriage sculptor Eliot Lable and his macabre welded pieces exposing his fascination for the dark side of humanity, I decided to hold off writing about Leni Mancuso's son Kedron. Before resuming my series on women in the visual arts, I am continuing my respite to write about this American artist living in Berlin.

          Now, when we think of expats, what comes to mind is Henry James the novelist, James McNeill Whistler, and a whole list of American painters who had spent part of their lives sweating it out in Parisian garrets reminding the opera buff of La Boheme. Europe was the Shangri-La for young aspiring painters to sink their teeth through exposure to the masters in museums and living paradigms in the ateliers and academies of Düsseldorf, Munich and Paris. Besides the soft light of the Parisian sky and its splendid architecture, Paris and its environs afforded the artist a community of creative minds willing to swap ideas, fraternize, and at times critique one another. It was a heady place filled with anticipation and discovery. But then again, was Paris really like this or was it merely my imagination fueled by the biographies of famous American artists? They had their challenges including resistance by native Parisians who were their fellow students and the heavy handedness and lack of sympathy from the art instructors who probably only taught in French. But they worked hard, long hours not only in the academies but on their own. It was after all their passion – a way of life.

          Sky Flowers -- Kedron Barrett

          There are a number of father-and-son teams and even father-and daughter ones. George Inness Jr. was deeply influenced by his father the world renown pioneer of American Tonalism. Anna Richards Brewster was tutored and critiqued by her father William Trost Richards before embarking on her own exploratory journey to Europe. Her paintings reflect mastery of several schools of art when she finally broke from her father's severity and demand for exactitude. Kedron Barett on the other hand had his mother's guiding hand attending St. Paul in Concord, New Hampshire where she taught art. After graduating Yale University like his predecessors, he journeyed to Europe pursuing his passion for the fine arts on his own and also at three venerable institutions: Atelier Jean Bertholle, Atelier 17, and Atelier Port Royal. Jean Bertholle was a well known contemporary artist who passed away in 1996. He had diverse subject matter for his paintings. He began as an abstract expressionist eventually turning to representational art. Preceding Kedron among artists who worked at Atelier 17 were Isabel Bishop of 14 th Street fame (urban realism that followed on the heels of the Ashcan School), Alexander Calder known for his mobile sculptures, Marc Chagall whose unique style has left its indelible mark on my memory, Reginal Marsh who had a profound influence on Paul Cadmus, and the list goes on. It really is an extensive list of who's who in the arts some decades before Kedron attended. You can check out:


          The Academy Port Royal touts the open studio approach, one with which I am enamored being an intuitive painter who never hesitates to jump right in but then wonders what he has done. A still life is set up and a model is always posing. One day the work is critiqued but on the morrow there is discussion. At the year's end a group show is exhibited and a jury selects the lucky winner of the Gran Prix the reward being a solo show at a prestigious Parisian gallery. However even the rest of the artists are lucky having that year of exposure to the arts in an intimate but also hands on approach. If you are interested and my appetite has been whetted check out:


          Three Musekteers -- Kedron Barrett

          Looking at the list of faculty alone would fill at least one article on women in the visual arts with names such as Anne Le Cleac'h, Dina Pickard, Catherine Gaillard Perez, Kedron attended in 1980-1981, and I do not know what it was like back then although I venture to guess that it was as dynamic and exciting a place as today with experienced instructors who had made their way in the France's art world.

          He presently works in Germany but also spends time in Castine, Maine. Like his forebears, the name Henry Mosler comes to mind, he shuttles between two continents. In the last couple of years he has had solo shows in his stomping ground of Berlin at such venues as Galerie Form, Galerie der Moderne and Galerie Ei, Berlin. He has also shown in Hamburg and Potsdam. His work had also been exhibited in such far away places as Tbilisi, Georgia and Yerevan, Armenia besides having had a show in our very own Detroit, Michigan. His work can be found in public collections in such places as Detroit Institute of Arts, and Städtisches Museum, Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany. Besides exhibiting, Mr. Barrett has participated in several symposia in places such as Poznan, Poland, Odessa, Ukraine, Barcelona, Spain and Belfast, Northern Ireland. He has also lectured in Bavaria, Wiemar, Potsdam and Berlin besides publishing a monograph of his works.There is a forty-five minute documentary about his work for German public television.

          When looking at his work online, I immediately see similarities with his mother's paintings. Perhaps her influence has left its mark on his style. However, quite possibly so have the professors at the Academie Port Royal and the artists at Atelier 17. There might be a direct line of influence from Jean Bertholle himself with the difference that Kedron's style is looser and thus having more of a bravura approach. I will leave that up to the reader. We see how artists inspire other artists encouraging the student to find his or her own voice. We have many influences that shape our work which can never be severed from personal experiences. The paintings of Kedron Barrett reveal what every artist knows, that we are the sum of our lives and then some.

          Denett's Wharf #2 -- Kedron Barrett





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          Revealed, The Intriguing Truth About Infidelity

          Are you a married woman aged between 40 and 45? Well Dr Helen Fisher has bad news for you - you're at the peak age for adultery. Now the intriguing truth about infidelity finally comes out.
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          All- Woman Motorcycle Crew




              Photographer Akasha Rabut captured Caramel Curves’ pink-hued rides.

              No Images? Click here

              When photographer Akasha Rabut moved to New Orleans in 2010, she was taken by the city’s traditions ― the parades, especially. While photographing one, she noticed two women on motorcycles and decided to introduce herself. Their names were Tru and Love; immediately, Rabut was enamored. The pair invited her to a meeting for their all-women motorcycle crew, Caramel Curves, which took place in a member’s nail salon. Rabut took the women’s portraits, and has been doing so ever since.

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              Martin Johnson Heade In Needlepoint


                  Jonathan Wilner a few years ago, I chose a counted needlepoint pattern for my son to do. He was wanting to do "an epic" piece and asked me to pick one out. I chose "Orchids and Hummingbird " by Martin Johnson Heade. My son completed the piece in one year and that was working diligently on it almost every night. It's 24x18. This week, I had it professionally framed.

                  You probably know more about Heade than this Wikipedia bio, so, it's here for the benefit of others who want to know more.

                  For those who don't know my son, I'll give you a brief background concerning this hobby that is not normally the territory of big, strapping men. When he was 8, he spent a pretty boring summer with his Grandmother. She does excellent needlepoint and her evenings were spent in front of the tv with her latest project. He asked, and she taught him how to do the work. He is now 40 and continues this hobby.

                  Needlepoint is a mathematically challenging art form as counted needlepoint has no printed pattern but is calculated in complicated patterns that are transferred as you count threads and stitch.

                  My son tells me that needlepoint is a good way to relax and create something of beauty while you waste time in front of a tv. In this mother's humble opinion, he has, indeed, created a thing of epic beauty.


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