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Saturday Poetry


      ~~~~~~**Back Again**~~~~~~

      You had been gone for many months,

      but now your back again

      T'was like the sun broke out

      from behind that cloud of rain

      I didn't realize how much I had missed

      that very dry humor of you

      I'm glad that now you are back

      to just being you.

      We almost talked the night away

      so much had to be said

      You had been busy just like me

      we never saw our bed

      When day light peaked inside the room

      we knew it was again time to go

      But hey it was good seeing you

      because I've missed you so.


      Elise 2002

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      Engels Coach Shop

      Wonderful skill and craftsmanship displayed here. A goods wagon from the 1800's gets a complete make-over, and the original robust design can be appreciated.. To think these vehicles where the trucks of the day. Thanks to a largely dry climate the iron work was still good after sand blasting and painting. It's great to see the old skills being used, and how machines have changed things..

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          '“What is extraordinary about the quilts in this exhibition is the range of techniques used and the painstaking detail in their creation, and the fact that they are made by men,” Anne-Imelda Radice, executive director of the American Folk Art Museum, says in the release. “Men, who are not usually raised learning the sewing arts, show both design acumen and manual dexterity as they sewed pieces of military uniforms, blankets, and other bits of discarded fabric into quilts of great beauty. These quilts offer an insight into military life and the need for creative expression even during times of war.”'


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          "The Dialogue" Cool Youtube Channel.

          Interesting channel that analyses body language, and micro-expressions.

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          Saturday Poem.


              ~~~~**Goodbye my love**~~~~

              You said that I had given up

              on our so beautiful dream

              Maybe you're right, I'm so confused

              there is no longer this gleam


              I know I keep on hurting you

              if I stay here by your side

              So please forgive me for being weak

              and always try to hide.


              I guess I better say goodbye

              to you my biggest love

              I will go back to my hideaway

              and wait for the help from above.


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              Saturday Poem


                  When hundred little hands are reaching up

                  We cannot do but help

                  They cry and sometimes wail real soft

                  And hear and there a yelp

                  The beatings that aren are going on

                  Is hard to understand

                  How can a parent then not see

                  What they then do to them

                  Did they then ask to be born, did they not deserve to be loved by you

                  How is it that when they ask that question

                  They get a beating or two

                  Did they then ask to be abused

                  Starved and molested and used

                  Lets make this better and let the healing start

                  Lets throw some love around don't push them apart.

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