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Saturday Poetry


      -****My Little Secret****---

      There is a pain so deep inside

      which never go away

      How hard I do try to make it all stop

      it seems that it is there to stay

      I always have these dreams of being bad

      and even know the why

      The only thing that goes through my mind

      is that I want to die.


      But then there are weeks when all is just fine

      and nothing can scare me off

      Forgotten the days that I want to die

      all gone are the days that were rough

      The sun had come out for just a short while

      the rainbow was shining so bright

      There was nothing so bad that I couldn't do

      without giving it a big fight.


      What does it mean these up and downs

      from which I can't seem to flee

      There is so much restlessness deep inside

      it feels like a vulcano but it is just me

      I wish there was just someone

      who could tell me what is wrong

      For I wish this so desperate,

      that these feelings were gone.



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      I Miss U Haiku


          I miss you Haiku.

          By Dajuan Candle.

          It has been a long time since we last made love.

          Seventeen syllables at a time. So concise.

          Words as vice. I miss you Haiku.

          Don't let these disorderly words fools you.

          I'm just waiting for a break to break out one just for you.

          The first five are five.

          Seven put claims on heaven.

          The last five are jive.

          Rinse and repeat. More heat to the beat. How'd you like that?

          The Second wave came.

          Birds twisted along the coast.

          Three dreams were enough.

          Rumble young man rumble. Ali said that. And I was young then.

          Six became like four.

          Something ate nine's chocolate.

          She's good at tennis.

          I read the final chapter and the answer to the story question before I read the first scene and I became confused in a good way. Haiku, I missed U. Welcome back. Be my now of tommorow.

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          Saturday Poem



              We all have demon deep inside,

              and sometime they brake out.

              A big confussion then appear,

              which makes you scream out loud.

              You question everything you do,

              you lost your confidence.

              Oh how you wished that they were gone,

              so you had one more change.

              With demons its so hard to live,

              you can't just push them away.

              They show up when your vulnerable,

              and have so much to say.

              They try to give you darker thoughts,

              which you putt on a shelve.

              But its no use they still comeback,

              it's like your other half.

              You feeling like it driving you insane,

              when everything seem black.

              There has to be something you can do,

              to send those demons back.

              You lift your eyes to that blue sky,

              where you know the Lord is there.

              Please lord you say ,I can't go on,

              you cry out loud

              Just let us know that you're still here

              we all just need to feel,

              That you will always care.

              Elise 2006.

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              Spring In South Dakota - A Bridge Player's Annual Feeble Attempt To Garden


                  My wife and Dr Donna ( Karen Lee Barrett and our partner Donna Wood ) thought it was time for a break from the Resistance and smell the roses - something that we will not be able to do if we don't get down and dirty in the yard. At their suggestion, I am offering this article from last year, we all hope you enjoy it. GS Jade Barrett - Bridgetourjade.

                  As has become a tradition for moi, I wake up one Spring day way too early and look at the space called a "yard". As yards go, it is a fine one - a few old trees, a couple of Lilac bushes and a peony planted by the previous owner somewhere around 50 years ago. A few flowers that have survived despite every effort I have made to be kind to them. In truth, I have come to realize that both the flowers and I are a lot happier when I practice benign neglect. But that does not prevent me from the annual flight of fancy that fills me with the confidence of a Master Gardener, prepared to challenge the forces of nature.

                  Sort of like the year I had decided to take the summer off and plant a REAL vegetable garden.

                  As luck would have it, my greenthumb blessed wife (and fellow Yabberz member) Karen Lee Barrett , kept my enthusiasm in check, and restricted me to planting only enough tomatoes to feed the Southern half of the Continental United States. Who knew that Romas reproduced with such fervor?

                  We still call it the "Year of Eternal Red Sauce".

                  Having been deprived of the necessary equipment to farm my 6 x 6 garden by my entirely too sensible spouse, I have decided to plant flowers to attract hummingbirds and honey bees. As many as I can in order to reduce my need to mow the lawn, for many years I wore this tee shirt:

                  Now I am allergic to bee stings, but its ok, I will be on the road for most of the summer and being a human better built for Vampire's hours, I should be snug in my bed just as those industrious little creatures start their busy work day. The Irish Cottage Garden approach, which I believe translates roughly into "too lazy to actually work at it".

                  I added this as an example of what I am sure I would accomplish if I hired somebody who actually knew what they were doing. And if I had large rocks.

                  I have also used the "Backyard Wild Bird Habitat" approach, which requires sticking stuff in the ground and letting nature take its course. For those in the know, this is a fine way to avoid lawn care, but make sure that you have somebody come around and put an official looking sign up in order to avoid the pesky neighborhood associations.

                  I can personally attest to the benefit of this approach, especially during the height of grass growing season. It does not hurt if a few birds actually show up to help strengthen your case.

                  In any event, I am girding my loins, confidently pulling on my gardening gloves while searching for the hoe and trowel that I know I have at least three of.

                  Another annual tradition: I always seem to buy new ones every spring - immediately before finding the ones I did not use last year in the back of the garage. All while soaking my seeds the way the experts do.

                  But don't tell my wife, I want her to think I figured it out all on my own.

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