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Saturday Poetry



      From the heart

      My hope for people is growing thin

      for all they do is fight

      They all want what other have

      and never see the light

      Why is it that we have to brag

      about all we have accomplished

      is it not God our Lord

      who has given us all he has promised .

      There should not be this jealousy

      for it destroys the soul

      If we could all be satisfied

      we could all be reaching our goal.


      Oh what a pain we inflict on each other

      how is it that we getting so hateful

      and we are hitting and beating each other

      and being so spiteful

      Oh why do we hate each other so much

      We can't walk on the street without being hurt

      We can't walk alone on the street without getting mugged

      We can't go alone just about now anywhere

      we can't be feeling save now anymore

      it is a dangerous world.

      When did these feelings begin to grow

      feelings of hate and fear

      Is it that there is so much difference in this world

      And we can't get it all so clear

      Why do we have to hurt each other then so much

      why do we have to live with all this pain

      is there then no peace anymore

      Has this world then become so insane.


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      Just One More Favor Please.


          Just one more favor please.

          • Oh Lord again I stand in front of you

          for yet another favor

          I know I have asked a lot from you

          with my so bad behaviour

          I am so scared for what is there

          and don't know what to do

          But one thing that's engraved in me

          is my love which is so great for you.


          My daily life is such a mess,

          and I am so confused.

          I want to help and love so bad

          but always scared that I will be used

          My love is torn two was,

          one side is Summer the other side is Fall

          It feels like I am hiding out

          right here behind this wall.


          So now again my Lord and master

          I stand before you in awe

          Is there a way that you can just help me

          before I loose this last straw.

          You've always been there for me

          when I felt so alone

          Can you please then guide my path again

          and bring me safely home.


          Elise 2017

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          School Bus To RV Conversion Part 1


              This is fun project. The plan is to tour the states for 11 months in a converted 40ft long ex school bus, (a Skoolie) with the goal of finding the perfect location to open a coffee shop.

              Work is ongoing, here's the first video diary. A trip to Oregon to collect the bus.

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              The New Version Of Stephen King’s “IT” Is Coming


                  If you ask me, there is nothing creepier than a clown standing alone, in the dark watching a little kid who doesn’t know that he’s being watched, but then I am a coulrophobic. If you don’t mind a good scare or hundreds of clown faces this event might be for you.



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                  One Of My Hobbies


                      This is a simplified form of one my hobbies/micro businesses. I use exotic hardwoods that I inherited from a late friend and turn them into pens and various small items. I use wood, acrylic and polymer clay as well as any number of combinations of things. It is a fun and rewarding hobby as it has instant gratification of sorts as you get to see and hold your work fairly fast. Creativity is the key though, my fruit loops pens were a spark of inspiration for sure. Made to last a very long time, I have had a lot of fun with this hobby and it is also very meditative in a way.

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                      Saterday Poetry,


                          ~~~***The old one***~~~

                          You gave me life and didn't know

                          what life had in store for me

                          The first step, the first words

                          and that later made me see

                          That nothing in this life

                          you get for free.


                          You then proceed to teach me things

                          that would make me as I am

                          You taught me right from wrong at an early age

                          which made me do my best

                          But sometimes there is more to it

                          and that makes me do all I can.


                          You were the best Dad I could get

                          for if it had not been for you

                          I would have always stayed so sad

                          But you were always there to catch me

                          even if I didn't want

                          You always stretched your arm real far

                          so I could reach your hand


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                          Saturday Poetry


                              ~~~~~~**Back Again**~~~~~~

                              You had been gone for many months,

                              but now your back again

                              T'was like the sun broke out

                              from behind that cloud of rain

                              I didn't realize how much I had missed

                              that very dry humor of you

                              I'm glad that now you are back

                              to just being you.

                              We almost talked the night away

                              so much had to be said

                              You had been busy just like me

                              we never saw our bed

                              When day light peaked inside the room

                              we knew it was again time to go

                              But hey it was good seeing you

                              because I've missed you so.


                              Elise 2002

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                              Engels Coach Shop

                              Wonderful skill and craftsmanship displayed here. A goods wagon from the 1800's gets a complete make-over, and the original robust design can be appreciated.. To think these vehicles where the trucks of the day. Thanks to a largely dry climate the iron work was still good after sand blasting and painting. It's great to see the old skills being used, and how machines have changed things..

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                              The Centuries-Old Tradition Of Military Quilting Is Getting Its First Exhibition In The U.S.


                                  '“What is extraordinary about the quilts in this exhibition is the range of techniques used and the painstaking detail in their creation, and the fact that they are made by men,” Anne-Imelda Radice, executive director of the American Folk Art Museum, says in the release. “Men, who are not usually raised learning the sewing arts, show both design acumen and manual dexterity as they sewed pieces of military uniforms, blankets, and other bits of discarded fabric into quilts of great beauty. These quilts offer an insight into military life and the need for creative expression even during times of war.”'


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