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Help Me Lovely Woman


      So I fashion Lyrics for a hobby too sometimes....

      Help Me Lovely Woman / Country /2017

      She was there already, for our lunch on that Spring day,

      Her beauty overtook me, she had so much to say,

      I just listened silently, while I took in all her grace,

      A tear fell from my eye, as I looked into her face.

      Help me lovely woman, to find the words I have to say,

      I didn't think that we'd be here, or that there'd come a day.

      I just need to find the words, To somehow express,

      The things that I'm feeling now, and to put this heart to rest.

      She didn't say a thing, and she looked on patiently,

      I said I didn't even know, if I even believe.

      Then I looked down to my hands, wet with a few tears,

      Raised my head up to the sky, and cried for all to hear...

      I said help me lovely woman, help me find a way,

      To find the words that hold in them, the grace we need today,

      You have always been there strong through all the strife,

      Somehow help me find the words, to guide us through this night.

      The sun began to fade away, the clouds were rolling in,

      I couldn't even move I guess because I'd yet to begin,

      The tears were erased soon by the falling rain that came,

      I was soaked to the bone, but I felt just the same.

      The boat came up right on time, it filled with every face,

      I looked upon them silently, and upon them came the grace.

      As we pulled away from that small but vaunted shore,

      I could see her light shining on once more.....

      Help me lovely woman, help me find a way.....

      The New Colossus

      Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,

      With conquering limbs astride from land to land;

      Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand

      A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame

      Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name

      Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand

      Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command

      The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

      "Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she

      With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,

      Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

      The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

      Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

      I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

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      Sorry USA - You Are Becoming More & More Disliked Even Despised Every Day


          On ALL Fronts the Donald Trump Administration is Dragging The USA Name Through the mud.

          Soon the USA Shall be SUNK !!!
          {{Especially - With the tRUMP Administration DETERMINED to UNDO ..... ALL the Good OBAMA Administration has done re Climate Change.

          Pres t"Rump had better build a Sea Wall at Mara- Lago prior to the MEXICAN BORDER ONE !!!!!

          Imagine stepping out onto your balcony and facing instead of a lovely beach view .

          LIKE THIS !!!!!!!!

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          Metamorphosis Of Chuck Berry



              "His mother told him someday you will be a man,

              and you will be the leader of a big ol' band . . .

              many people will come from miles around

              to hear you play your music when the sun goes down . . .

              someday your name will be in lights saying

              JOHNNY B. GOODE TONIGHT!!!"

              Rest in peace, Chuck Berry, and thank you for creating Rock 'n Roll

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              Tomatoes Hate Cucumbers: Secrets Of Companion Planting


                  I'm a gardener. Or I like to tell myself that anyway, heh. Every year I make the attempt, usually with some success. I learn from my mistakes and try again if things failed, always looking for advice and ideas. It's about time to plant this year, and I just came across this article about combining certain plants for a better garden, so thought I'd share with my fellow green (or semi-green) thumbed Yabberz folks.

                  So what are your best gardening hints?

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                  The Last American


                      It is difficult to listen anymore. It is difficult to open up a page or read print news, to find out what new area of despicable could be achieved that day. It is harder still reading and seeing the comments and statements of my fellow Americans.

                      Seeing these people go through the pains again, and in many cases so repeatedly it has lost its temper and the real meanings have been diluted. This level of indignation, this level of cruelty is difficult to say the least, a denigration to the first American, and sadly a legacy to its last.

                      It is difficult to see the stories from history and their consequences and watching the same develop before your eyes. It is downright choking of air to read women worry about their rights again, the racial disparities made worse again through ignorance and lies. The religious tensions that stretch across time immemorial brought back to the shores of this time of advancement. This time that was just about to be one for all humanity, has taken a turn for the few again, it will take much to repair it. It will take an American Revolution of sorts, not the kind of guns and bloodshed, but of truth and what it took to get this far to begin with.

                      It is difficult to read and to feel the passion and emotions of people who simply wish others to care... I can grasp that some believe this is the right thing to do, I cannot grasp the ends to the means. I have a hard time reading posts from friends that ask where we have gone?


                      It is harder and harder still to read the stories of our champions, aged and well deserved in their rest have to repeat the same lines from the Civil Rights era, and marches. To have to say that Black Lives Matter in a way that cannot be usurped or co-opted. The ignorance of a past too recent to ignore.


                      It does not ring true to our real story, it is a con job on the biggest scale and it is sad and difficult to see some people trying to figure this out, figure out the game being played. The rewards are great when the big plans come to light, but we cannot wait for that to undo us, to separate us this ruthlessly. This is the angry us, this is the piss and vinegar that comes from ignorant statements and people, and those that are appalled by them. Never talk religion or politics in a bar is a motto that I grew up with if you were there to have a good time. We just opened up the bigger bar to get that done now it seems, I have no idea if alcohol or drugs are involved here too, but I can understand why some would feel the need.


                      When people have to ponder and wonder just how intelligent or stupid we are it kind of hurts, but this too is water off a duck into the apathy bin because we do have all types. It couldn't be our smarts, our "tinking" or our worrying about Gods and stuff, it has to be something else, it must be the Gobvment.

                      I can always understand why people would blame the people at the top for this, we always do. If it's not the QB's fault, it most certainly is the Coach's or the Refs. It couldn't be the other aspects of this, the kicker with the broken leg, the cover corner that partied too hard last week and last night. The smaller issues poo pooed because we have a more intriguing plot or figure to focus on. It was the ball boy, in the bathroom with a needle... I have no idea of Brady's part in this etc...

                      It hurts to come here and read this stuff daily, to see so much attention being paid to the guy who eats it all up whether good or bad. A real Teflon Don that so many cannot stand or see legitimate. We hear one story last year about how Clinton was under investigation, an announcement days before the election was hurtful to say the least. We had a need to know that, but we didn't need to know that the FBI had been investigating the other guy since July? On top of that for far greater possible offences? What the hell part of the law are you following here? Duplicity much? Job saver? I think Comey wants to be the shining hero who takes down the bad guy, I also think a few of them are behind him on this withing the intelligence community. It would make sense from a personal historic perspective and also a future Political one. I can see him being somewhat groomed for future offices.


                      The fixes for problems that do not exist, the need to divide through rhetoric the people they do not wish to watch them operate. In their minds this is the way the country is supposed to be run, by a cabal and a coven and all things skull and crossbones. Secret stuff is not really secret anymore, so what do you really call this? A time machine attempt? All of this does hurt the minds of those intellectually valid enough to see it, to see the ants follow the sugar, and the biting ones crazed through some hypnotic serum.


                      It is as Karen said a wondering of where our country is? It could not have disappeared in a puff of propaganda, even on this scale. It is still there in each and every one of us somewhere, and maybe that is going to be the hardest part of all of this that we need to face. The fact that we do have all kinds and the voices of the America we all know and love goes forward. For all the years this country was a better nation we put people first, and everything else in our hearts and minds came after. We knew the suffering of war that cost us more than we lose today, more than just money and a few casualties counted on the nightly news. We came close to losing it all before and we are rolling the dice again. There is a thought that the generations of younger citizens believe we are too big to fail, too big to be undone, yet this is exactly what is happening. The apathy for this system of government will not cure our ills and ignoring it will not make it better for anyone.


                      This is the beginning of something much bigger, something much more arcane than imaginable, even more than the Orange guy in the WH. The wheels of machines that are moving do not stop with a handshake either obvious or covert. The time is short for this display and tantrum, this kicking at the shins of Lady Liberty. I don't think a President whose time will be short should have his SCOTUS pick reside for generations. I believe that we should do our best to sustain that thought and motion. It is very truly disheartening to see the level of angst on both ends and in the middle of this. To read stories warning us and telling us to a tee what is going to happen next. We may not know now but we will soon enough and this huge con job will end. The question becomes then, who are we really and what do we want going forward. This obviously isn't in concert with America or even reality. To the last American an apology for this churning of the collective bile in our bellies. To the remaining ones a job still has to be done and done by all to help us come out of this with our country and ability to respond intact.


                      TY Karen Landry, twilson117, Organizer, Mykolai Mike Kolesinski

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                      Sturgeon Holds Firm After May's 'not Now' To Scottish Referendum


                          I see May is trying to drag Scotland down the plughole with the rest of the UK..

                          Scottish nationalists have reacted angrily after the British government said it would reject another referendum on independence from the United Kingdom before Brexit, amid a heated debate in the Scottish Parliament.

                          First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says if the parliament backs her call to seek a vote, she is determined to implement that on her timescale – not that of London.


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                          Ed Buckner Interviewed


                              If you're curious to see how old and decrepit I've gotten and whether I'm losing my edge, etc., here's a video of an interview with me by David Mulhern just this past weekend at Atlanta Freethought Hall (AFS). Comments welcome--here or at the Chasing Skeptics site:

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                              Chess For Schools, Chess For Life!


                                  I've played chess since puberty. It's a board game begun about 1,500 years ago.

                                  It's a game where you have to plan, anticipate, solve problems, and create solutions as you go along.

                                  Chess is not a metaphor for life or war or any of the other things it is sometimes compared to. Unlike life, chess rules are few, simple, and they aren't subject to any evasions or interpretations.

                                  In chess you're on your own. If you do the "work," which is studying the game and it's many attack and defense variations, and you think hard when engaged in a match, you could be a winner.

                                  If you choose to play by the "seat of your pants" or based on hunches and guesses, instead of using proven strategies and tactics, you're probably not going to become a serious chess player or at the least; no one will take you for one.

                                  What I like about chess, especially for children, is that it teaches personal responsibility, and that your mistakes will be quickly punished by your opponent. It also teaches you to think "out of the box" or to explore alternatives, and possibly come up with a winning combination.

                                  It also teaches players to have an abiding respect for time, because in a chess game you're not only playing against your opponent, but against the clock, which gives you a certain amount of time to make a certain amount of moves. If you run out of time before your opponent, you forfeit the game

                                  You also learn to respect the rules, since like the laws of science, they are immutable. And you must value and invest in the preparation work needed to win a game or you will be easily routed.

                                  You cannot cheat your way to a win in a chess game (except on-line, if no one knows you're using a computer chess driven solution program).

                                  Chess has had many great champions. Men like Paul Morphy and Bobby Fischer who suffered from serious mental issues, but could focus like lasers when it came to chess.

                                  Judit Polgar

                                  It has also seen many women champions, who could even beat some of the best men Grandmasters in games, such as the Polgar (Judit and Zuska) sisters, who were very formidable players, and achieved the rank of "Chess Grandmasters" themselves.

                                  Chess was once a game with few financial rewards, but today there are many men and women playing in tournaments, where the prize money is significant, and a successful career in chess can make someone wealthy.

                                  The reigning world champion today is Magnus Carlsen of Norway. A truly gifted player, who was a child prodigy, and has only gotten better over the years by diligently improving his game through study. He is currently in his mid twenties.

                                  The current woman's champion is Tan Zhongi of China, who plays a forceful game that takes ruthless advantage of any weakness she perceives in her opponent. Tan is also in her twenties.

                                  Chess has long been dominated by the Russians, and they've given us many great champions. From Botvinnik to Karpov to Kasparov, and they dominated world chess for many decades.

                                  My favorite chess player, played for the USSR, (the old Russian empire), but was a Latvian Jew by birth. His name was Mikhail Tal, and what I loved most about his games were his incredible combinations, which invariably included a shocking sacrifice of a major piece, but once his opponent snatched the sacrificial offering, they were doomed to forced moves that led to unavoidable check-mate!!!

                                  Tal became a world champion in 1960, but due to health problems, aggravated by his incessant smoking, he was champion for only one year. He played for many years afterward, and some of his winning games are considered some of the greatest "brilliancies" in chess.

                                  I think chess should be part of the curriculum of all schools in America from kindergarten up to high school. It would teach kids so many valuable lessons, and it would enhance the practice of "logic" and "thinking" in America.

                                  Both of which, America today can sorely use!!!

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                                  For Consideration


                                      History is the perpetual record of occurrences in time fundamental to our existence.

                                      Because of it we are not slaves to our reasons or intuition. We know that facts (reality) will exist with or without us.

                                      History is applied in various ways, for example to prove or disprove facts, to render certain behavior as acceptable or otherwise.

                                      Let’s take an example: Mr. TX, is accused of lewd and offensive behavior towards women as of yet undetermined, and Mr. BCX, is according to history punished for the same. Mr. TX, predicated on history would exclaimed my behavior is acceptable.What we have here now is a non-sequitur that the discerning would also find illogical.

                                      Other applications of history are for the proving or disproving of facts, and determining the probability of events. Some examples from politics:

                                      A: The Republican Party met in secret and determined that it was not going to work with the firstelected black president of America.

                                      B:The Republican Party primary stated goal was to make the first elected black president on America, a one term president.

                                      C: Republicans on the US Senate floor did exclaimed that Mr. Vladimir Putin was a stronger and better leader than the first black elected president of America.

                                      D: The Republican Party praised a foreign leader (Israeli’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) over the first elected black president of America and permitted the same to criticized him while speaking to a joint sessions of the US Congress.

                                      E: The Republican Party was engaged in efforts to delegitimize the first elected black president of America by their personal attacks on him and his family and their silence.

                                      F: The Republican Party across America is engaged in efforts to prevent Black Americans from voting.

                                      G: The Republican Party wrote a letter to a foreign leader (Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei) asking him to join them in support against the first elected black president of America.

                                      H: The Republican Party is the party of Tea Partiers, Birthers, and Conservatives (Racists) where the spirt of Barry Goldwater, (John McCain, Mitchel McConnell) Andrew Johnson the 17th President (1865-1869), David Duke (Steve Scalise, Paul Ryan) Jesse Helms is stimulus that force of thought for their actions.

                                      I refer you the reader to The Declaration of Causes for the Civil War of the southern states, compare their philosophy to the Republican Party today. What are the backgrounds of Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul and many other elected officials?

                                      And it’s crucial to support Senator Elizabeth Warren (Ma.). Mrs. Loretta Scott King’s letter is a significant historical document on which to base a decision.

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