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Firepower United aka Phuc Long posted this photo of a Volquartsen tactical .22LR pistol. Volquartsen is well known for making high end versions of Ruger’s popular 10/22 and MKIII/IV pistols. The Scorpion is one of their pistols base do off of the Ruger MKIII. there are not many .22lr pistols ....
Tiffany exhibited three Queen Anne's lace ornaments representing various stages of bloom at the Saint Louis Exposition in 1904. This hair ornament-composed of delicate silver wires bearing tiny opals, demantoid garnets, garnets, and enamel florets-shows the flower in full bloom
In the past several years, South Korea has becoming a powerhouse for great tattoo artists. But technically, their practice is considered illegal in the eyes of the South Korean government. Why is this? The reasoning makes sense, but doesn’t reflect the current state of tattooing. Basically, tattoos are seen as ....

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