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Not ANOTHER Photo-quiz Already?


      Omilawd, not ANOTHER photo-quiz already.

      Yes--can't escape. All of the photos shown have something in common (besides that I snapped them). What is it, and can you say anything true or interesting about any of them separately?
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      Replies To My LTE


          I posted my own LTE to the Marietta Daily Journal (mdjonline.com) here awhile back. Today, two writers took issue with me (see below).

          I would just respond to the Marietta newspaper, but I'm fairly sure that the paper (probably wisely) limits the amount of back-and-forth (ping-pong) among letter writers, so I'll just comment here.

          First, I'm fairly sure people like Nelson Price (he doesn't deserve to be called "Dr." any more than I do) are eager to have people like me read his column, since he at least pretends his whole goal is not ego-gratification but is to proselytize and persuade. Those Christians who already agree with him seem unlikely to be his main targeted audience. If people like me just ignore apologists like him, he'd surely be deeply frustrated.

          Second, people who actually read my LTE awhile back know that I never pretended that atheism "explains" violence or the human horrors done to other humans. And I certainly didn't claim that a god that I see no reason to think even exists was somehow behind or should have prevented the Texas church shootings. It reminds me of the famed cartoon of a professor-ish looking guy writing equations all over a blackboard until finally, at the bottom, he wrote "and then a miracle happened." I think we--humans--have come a long way in improving our understanding of why we do what we do but have a long way still to go. Adding in god-talk *obscures* knowledge; it doesn't add to it. Claiming that free will is"a fact" doesn't make it so, nor does it even remotely explain why two-year-old human beings sometimes die agonizing deaths from brain tumors (or a great deal more).

          Third, I do solemnly pledge that when everyone--columnists or online commenters or other letter writers, etc.--collectively quits bringing up nonsense and claiming that there is a god and that they can speak for "Him" to me, I'll drop the subject. I hardly ever write or talk about, for example, Zeus or astrology or even the healing power of crystals, for similar reasons.

          Fourth, isn't it crazy that those who claim to have unshakeable faith in a god choose to misrepresent those who don't pretend to any such faith. It always perplexes me and sometimes amuses me.

          The "replies" to my LTE (another copy of my letter on request) published at the Marietta Daily Journal's website:


          DEAR EDITOR:

          Mr. Ed Buckner pays way too close attention to Dr. Nelson Price, a man with whom he agrees with nothing. Mr. Buckner asked why God stood by when the Sutherland Springs shootings happened and did nothing to stop it or prevent it; and how Price could not/did not come to God’s defense on this tragedy.

          The fact is, man has free will. The individual who commits these crimes chooses to do so, whether out of mental illness, evil or a combo of the two. The Creator has given humans their own brains to think or not think in making choices about everything they do. To consult and dig or not consult and go deep into the value system they may or may not have been taught.

          Yes, free will is affected by upbringing and things people have been taught; good and also bad, unfortunately. But otherwise we would be robots. With free will, our choice reakly means something to us. This world is imperfect; it has sickness, evil, etc. It is not meant to be perfect.

          I do believe, though, that even in the very midst of any tragedy, or in the recovery afterward, that people grow closer, and that there are things to be learned about how great God, the Higher Power, the Creator, whatever you prefer, planned for the human race to be resilient, compassionate and hopeful.

          Crazy how those who don’t even believe in the existence of a Higher Power unequivocally bring God into the equation. It always perplexes me and sometimes amuses me.

          Nancy Cheatham Brock

          DEAR EDITOR:

          I would like to take issue with Ed Buckner’s recent comments regarding the Texas shooting. The root issue is that we are a fallen race and our sinfulness is magnified with and though others and by the enemy of our souls.

          As a result, we can all be agents of evil and this may take many forms. God’s plan calls from the ultimate destruction of evil, and while we are moving toward that time, God offers us redemption; His presence in the lives of believers as they go through difficulties; and general blessings for all whether or not they are believers.

          Atheists have no explanation why people perform these acts,even though some are educated and affluent, especially when, at the end, they die as well. Their position would need to be that these people felt threatened or were competing for food or mates. The atheistic macro-evolutionists need to realize that their position would normalize violence, or at least be not surprised by it.

          Bruce Horacek


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          Another Bucknerian Photo-quiz--Easy?


              OK, another photo-quiz, this time almost certainly too easy fr some of you--who is this, where (exactly) is he, what does he symbolize, who is his "father/mother," and upon what does he gaze? Prize will be the transfer of a statistically significant number of my Trip Advisor Points (provided the right technician to facilitate this can be found). Be advised that, easy though this is, going a few thousand miles astray is also easy. Weigh in?


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              Photo Quiz By Buckner--AGAIN?


                  Back by popular demand from thousands (OK, hundreds ... OK, many ... OK, two)--another photo-geography-history quiz. The photo includes two men, both of whom are separately quite famous, for things and in fields quite different from the other. To win out-of-this-world prizes of incalculable worth, answer all of these questions:

                  1. Who is the man in the center? (key life dates?)
                  2. What is he nationally, probably internationally, famous for?
                  3. Who is the man to the right, holding the child? (key life dates?)
                  4. What is he nationally, probably internationally, famous for?
                  5. The picture of the picture was taken by me at the former home, now museum, of the man in the center. Where, exactly (village/city/town and state/province and country) is this located?

                  Bonus points for identifying the other three people in the photograph. No hints yet--but tomorrow if no one scores.

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                  Photo-quizzing Again

                      CORRECTED VERSION:
                      Oh, c'mon, Ed. One photo-quiz at a time is plenty!

                      But, popular demand or not, here's another. With equally incredible prizes.

                      1. What is this building most famous for?
                      2. Who is the most famous person--world-famous, by the way--associated with the building?
                      3. Who is the second most famous person associated with the building (a fairly distant second, it must be admitted)?
                      4. The building was used for another purpose for far more years than the one its famous for--what was that purpose and for what years?
                      5. This building is #4 in a series. Comment briefly on #1, 2, 3, 5, and 6. (Hint: "Alton" is involved, sort of).

                      6. Where, exactly, is this building (name of town or city; and name of state or province; and name of nation)?

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                      Catholic School Really Thought This Statue Was A Good Idea


                          My friend Dennis Middlebrooks brought to my attention this story in the N Y Post about the intersection of art and religion. This is one where you can, if you're rushed, skip the article and just look at the picture:

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