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Tulsi Gabbard: Democrat Says She Will Run For President In 2020


      Houston we have a problem. Damn! I have decided on either of two people to choose in 2020 for the Democrat presidential contender. Now both of them are running. I like both of them equally but for different reasons so who to choose, Warren or Gabbard, is not going to be an easy choice. I guess it will come down to the wire and what each is bringing to the table. How each funds their campaign is going to be a big factor as well as how they stand on the various issues.


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          WTF! If the FBI had ANY reason to believe a candidate or a president was acting on behalf of Russia, why in the Hell did our government allow the candidate to assume the office of the presidency or IMMEDIATELY remove him from that office?

          Section 4 of The 25th Amendment needs to be evoked IMMEDIATELY!

          By Adam Goldman, Michael S. Schmidt and Nicholas Fandos

          Jan. 11, 2019


          WASHINGTON — In the days after President Trump fired James B. Comey as F.B.I. director, law enforcement officials became so concerned by the president’s behavior that they began investigating whether he had been working on behalf of Russia against American interests, according to former law enforcement officials and others familiar with the investigation.

          The inquiry carried explosive implications. Counterintelligence investigators had to consider whether the president’s own actions constituted a possible threat to national security. Agents also sought to determine whether Mr. Trump was knowingly working for Russia or had unwittingly fallen under Moscow’s influence.

          The investigation the F.B.I. opened into Mr. Trump also had a criminal aspect, which has long been publicly known: whether his firing of Mr. Comey constituted obstruction of justice.

          Agents and senior F.B.I. officials had grown suspicious of Mr. Trump’s ties to Russia during the 2016 campaign but held off on opening an investigation into him, the people said, in part because they were uncertain how to proceed with an inquiry of such sensitivity and magnitude. But the president’s activities before and after Mr. Comey’s firing in May 2017, particularly two instances in which Mr. Trump tied the Comey dismissal to the Russia investigation, helped prompt the counterintelligence aspect of the inquiry, the people said.

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          "Live Report"

          It's in "Just News" because CNN have Clarissa Ward standing out in "the field" = shivering, when the report she is narrating, wouldn't lose any of it's impact if she delivered it from her sitting room.

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