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Judge Blocks Funding Ban On Sanctuary Cities


      I've been keeping track on this one. Why?

      Because MY kritter introduced a bill to do the same a while back. It died in committee.

      Now, it's dead at the federal level, as well. Sorry Mr. AG, you piece of fetid human feces. (Bless your little, minuscule, barely visible, non-functioning, Cheney-like heart.)


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      Luxury Planes, Concrete Pillows And A Bed Of Stone.


          Ah, just had to share this little morsel of American Jesus madness and a lesson in just how nasty some of these TV Predato......Preachers are. More importantly it once again shows that where there is faith there is fertile ground for flat out financial abuse of the old and infirm.....those who believe they need help from an almighty.

          An Almighty only accessible with donations made to painted old men who have very few of their original features intact as years of wealth and profit from the misery of others has allowed them to fall afoul of their own vanity and allow themselves indulgences in new teeth, new faces and a line in hip clothing.....it's almost as if they aren't happy with the bodies their God apparently gave them that they want to harken to their younger days.....I wonder, when these preacher types die and let's just say for arguments sake that heaven exists (It doesn't in my view).

          When these old guys with facelifts, false white teeth and a healthy head of hair despite their advanced years show up at those pearly gates.......surely they should be asked

          ''Were you not happy with the body and face and teeth that God gave you??''

          With the trapdoor to hell instantaneously opening below their Botox riven asses plunging into hell...(Like heaven, hell also does not exist....in my view).

          Imagine if you will a conversation between two such creatures who pray and prey on the most vulnerable. Let's just say that the conversation comes around to the purchase of a private plane......because of God....to preach all over. It isn't the first time that we in the world have witnessed the con of a congregation by its 'Pastor', we all know about Creflo Dollar and his multi million dollar private jet....because Jesus.

          It appears these dirty scummy scam merchants, who lie and who profit from the weakest in society and openly flaunt that with purchasing god damned f***ing jets to jet around the US to preach more lies, profit off more vulnerable people to get back on their private jet.....because....Jesus and God to another location. In nature it is the locust's domain and in society it is the domain of the parasitical pastors.

          Like the political word contortionism of the english language and the justification for such purchases of Jets For Jesus these two epic scumbags of the worst kind sit and do just that.

          Buckle Up!!!!

          Are these two old crinkly old conmen serious?

          First of all, if you get up in the middle of a flight and start talking to God you should get tazed regardless of chosen imaginary friend. To say that a plane is full of demons in a f***ing tube is another reason as to why you can't fly with the great unforgiven?

          No, it is a poor excuse for those who have truly taken the most vulnerable in society and squeezed every last dime up until their dying day in the faint hope of buying salvation with tithes, encouraged that these Diva Disciples are the middlemen between the believer and that which they have belief in....

          To these parasites I say go F*** yourself. The other conman in the piece claims that his schedule required him to purchase a private jet worth millions....Here's an idea....get someone who can work a f***ing diary and plan your trips a little better then you won't have to buy a plane....If God or Jesus had wanted these con men to fly to all these places......don't you think giving these greedy old snake oil salesmen the miracle of wings would not only have helped with that busy schedule but you could fly for free....

          The true face of evil in the US is the one that can show rampant greed, decadence and riches all wrapped up in small but many donations that are ill gotten from those who are victims of charlatans and liars. The God they espouse and sell is a god that is past giving a flying f*** about the needs of the many instead making sure that his dirty disciples don't need to fly coach as Jesus wouldn't be seen dead in coach or come back from the dead in coach.

          Or to put it another way......two men of a God justify their spending and their greed..........

          But this is absolutely fine.

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          Pundit Post

          Why I Did Not Write For A Month


              I have lost any hope in America. The inane and insane decisions of Trump are kind of accepted by most. The motto is America first. Any other country is according to US citizens, here to obey the ukazes set by a band of demented people. Famine reigns in a third of the world, but who cares?

              The important part is America first..

              Not one news station tells you anything about the world. The US, and nothing else. France just defeated Le Pen today. CNN at 8 pm said the votes were going on. No, they were close and Le Pen will lose the second turn, like her father did.Famine strikes East Africa, but but who cares? Europe will survive.

              I am totally disgusted by the acceptance most show. We have a fascist president, who should be in jail, but no one is interested.

              I realised liars are still many here. "I want the jobs who went to Mexico back." said someone here. It means, so that Americans, defined as those born here think they are omnipotent.

              I refuse this attitude. If America is ready to kill the rest of the world to get caviar, I stand strongly against it.

              It was refreshing to hear world news, real ones. I give a special exemption to Bill Maher, who tries his best but most of Americans and their neo-nazi politics make me sick.

              After a dispute with George, I spent close to a month in Europe, and loved the possible openings.

              No, the future of the world is not to gather the best jobs for US born citizens, while those brought here when they were 3 were always be second class citizens,, expelled when T feels like it. No, a country were blacks are hit and killed by the police s not my dream...

              No,, pretend stupidities like there is no climate change does not make it real. For those who do not understand the part played by co2, it is like a blanket, preventing the heat to dissipate.

              I am angry, sad, depressed and don't know what the future holds, nor if there is a future. If Republicans are stupid by nature, who can vote for them?

              Today, I'm glad to know Marine le Pen won't be the next French president but Macron will be.And I am very sad to see Spicy Spicer play house with his pals and yell us Hitler never used chemical weapons.

              I have read so many stupidities about Europe here, asked by naive and ignorant Americans. If they wanted t learn, it would be great, but they only want to be comforted in their prejudices, racial, social, sex-related.

              I know some will try their best to inform the stupid Republicans, but I am afraid it is hopeless. Trudeau, who was supposed to be in favor of clean, renewable energy, has quickly change cps, and is willing to sell whatever dirt America will.

              It is the end of an period. The US are not better than Russia, not anymore... Lying is authorized, anywhere, and journalists pretend to believe whatever tweet comes out of T's computer.

              We are on the verge of WW3. With Russia, China possibly, and no one says much about it.

              Well, are you happy with that?

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              To Those Who Think Yabberz Mission Change Was Wrong. Think Again.


                  As we all know Yabberz made a big change and there were some who didn't like it. There were also some who were skeptical and many others who welcomed the change. There were also those who thought Yabberz was going to turn into some Left wing mutual admiration society. Well, interestingly enough is that Yabberz was on the forefront of perhaps a necessary change in the way in which news is going to be covered. Yabberz, Mike and Melissa, saw that there was a radical change happening politically in America today. This change was not one which bodes well for the American citizenry and they took a really big leap and put it all on the line and made a radical change and decided to do something about it. Needless to say it was a chancy move, a move which could have easily backfired. Today, one of the biggest news venues, HuffPost, formerly known as Huffington Post, has mirrored Yabberz and has moved in the same direction. This is something big that is going on and we, right here at Yabberz, are part of a real movement.

                  Something is happening people and thanks to the founders and creators of Yabberz we are right in the front leading that change.

                  Check out HuffPost's new mission, or as they call it, new chapter. Look familiar? So, to all those doubters who thought Yabberz made a big mistake, think again.


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                  From The USA Congress With Less Love For Russia Than Previously Expressed


                      On this week's "Look Who's Talking Now - US House Of Representatives Edition" we have Rep Mike Conaway leading the panel as Devin Nunes discovered he better be leaving the room before the door hits him on the ass. Ethics watchdogs are already nipping at his tender hindquarters and the investigators are turning over rocks that the Chairman would just as soon not seen lifted.

                      This week's guests? Behind the closed doors we have the FBI Director James Comey in the mystery role - is he for or agin Trump and the Russians, inquiring minds want to know! Also paying a visit hidden from public view will be Admiral Mike Rogers - now that will be interesting, but we will have to wait for the patriots - I mean "leakers" - to tell us what happened.

                      In the Circus Maximus we will be delighted to see former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan and the woman we all have been waiting for, the former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates testifying sometime after May second.

                      Now Nunes had told everybody:

                      but a few of his fellow Congressmen were a bit perturbed when they found out how fiscally connected to Russia Nunes might be - you could say vulnerable, for his net wealth is listed at 51K and 50 of that is invested in his wine export business. Though to be fair, Snopes rated his connection to the Russians as "Unproven". What is known is that the possibly tainted Congressman made a few hasty and perhaps rash decisions:

                      Tensions with Nunes spiked after a press conference last week in which he revealed he went around the committee to obtain evidence that court-approved spying on foreign targets had scooped up "incidental" surveillance involving people associated with Trump. There's also an ongoing feud over a decision by Nunes to cancel a series of hearings on the issue. - NBC News 29 March 2017

                      I hear that the ushers are recommending fans come early, for they are expecting a full house to witness all the entertainment - and keep this chart handy! (thanks czook )

                      Geoffrey S Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60 24 April 2017

                      #Sane60 #resist #Pretendisent

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                      Pundit Post

                      Chaffetz Says Flynn Did Not Follow The Law, But He Did Not Break It.


                          This morning, Jason Chaffetz told reporters that Flynn did not follow the law, but he did not do anything criminal. I wonder how many criminals are going to use this as a defense now? Did you drive under the influence? Why yes, I did not follow the DUI law, but I did not break the law. Did you steal money from that bank? Why yes, I did, but I did not do anything criminal? Did you sell drugs? Why yes, I did, but I did not do anything criminal.


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                          Donald Trump’s Presidency Has Inspired 11,000 Women To Run For Office


                              It's a shame this story is buried because it really is very significant. I keep saying 2017 is going to be the Year of the Woman and here is proof that they might just make that happen. I see one big problem. How is Time Magazine going to put all 11,000 women on the cover of their person/s of the year issue?


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                                  When do Trump's fans notice that his bragging is over the line - or do they? He seems to believe that he is more acknowledged and important than the decimation of the Twin Towers if his recent bloviations are any indication.

                                  Fortunately, the majority of Americans can see an over the top braggart as we have become fluent in exaggerations, and Trump's exaggerations are the stuff of legend!

                                  President Trump brags about getting better ratings than 9/11 coverage

                                  WILLIAM STEAKIN, AOL.COM
                                  Apr 24th 2017 10:26AM

                                  President Donald Trump boasted in an interview with the Associated Press over the weekend that his appearance on CBS News talk show "Face the Nation" garnered higher ratings than when "the World Trade Center came down."

                                  "When I go, they go double, triple," Trump said regarding the ratings boost many news shows experience when the president is a guest.

                                  "On any, on air, (CBS "Face the Nation" host John) Dickerson had 5.2 million people. It's the highest for "Face the Nation" or as I call it, "Deface the Nation." It's the highest for "Deface the Nation" since the World Trade Center.Since the World Trade Center came down. It's a tremendous advantage."

                                  Trump has a history of sparking controversy with his comments about the terror attacks and aftermath of 9/11. Mere hours after the attacks on September 11, 2001 were carried out, which left nearly 3,000 people dead, Trump claimed in an interview that he now owned the tallest building in Manhattan because the World Trade Center buildings had collapsed.

                                  The president has also claimed, without providing evidence, that he saw people celebrating as they watched the Twin Towers fall.

                                  "Hey, I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down. And I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering," said Trump.

                                  Trump's promotion of ratings isn't new either. Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign he often talked about how the media experienced a boom in numbers thanks to his candidacy.

                                  More recently Trump revealed he won't fire White House press secretary Sean Spicerbecause "That guy gets great ratings. Everyone tunes in."

                                  SEE ALSO: Donald Trump's complicated and controversial history with 9/11


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                                      The more I read about the Donald, the more I am baffled by those who not only support him, but are his fans. Do they just not see that by all of the accounts of his first 100 days that he has been a colossal failure?

                                      Non partisan fact checkers have told us that they cannot keep up with his lies; scores of mental health professionals have told us that he is dangerous; and while he provided us with a plan for his first one hundred days -“a contract between myself and the American voter — and begins with restoring honesty and accountability, and bringing change to Washington” -We have not seen honesty, much less accountability, and the only changes on the horizon that we are privy to are the negative ones that threaten our environment and our very lives. (Threats to EPA, Social Security, Medicare, Fair Housing, Education, increased Nuclear activity etc.)

                                      . Despite the fact that Trump's party controls both chambers of Congress, he has not made a single piece of major legislation a reality. He couldn't get the ACA repealed and replaced, his travel ban has been halted by the courts twice, and conservative Governors at Town hall meetings are being pummeled with concerns by their constituents!

                                      All this, while the Russian scandal - collaboration to throw the election - and several court cases hang over his head, which cost him the resignation of his National Security Advisor, and have put some others close to him under a really dark cloud. If he had not gotten Gorsuch installed onto the SCOTUS, he would have accomplished nothing of note!

                                      And of course, there are many more 'defeats' that could be told.

                                      So what keeps his fans hanging on? Why do they still profess to believe in him?

                                      Among other rationales, some journalists tell us that Trump's attacks on the media give him points with his followers. It helps him to show that even if he fails he has won, since the media is "unfair," and does not report on "anything but Trump's failures."

                                      Reporters also claim that Trump fans will cling to him in the hope that he can make sure that America is being run by straight, white, conservative men; and that he will keep LGBT folks in the closet, while keeping women, minorities, "outsiders," and the poor, "in their place," as he rids the country of "political correctness."

                                      Many also believe that now the proliferation of guns is safe, their jobs are safe from "foreigners," and science will have to take a back seat to creationism while the "nonsense" of climate change can take a hike once and for all!

                                      Lastly, we read reports that Trump has normalized his presidency, which is his crowning achievement this first 100 days.

                                      We are told that most of Trump's fans, many from rural America, will stick with Trump no matter how much it hurts.

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                                      Justice Sotomayor Boils Down What's Twisted About Police Brutality


                                          “Our failure to correct the error made by the courts below leaves in place a judgment that accepts the word of one party over the word of another,” wrote Sotomayor, who has become one of the fiercest critics of how the law shields police abuse.

                                          In a footnote, Sotomayor added that the “increasing frequency” of police officers shooting unarmed suspects going for “empty waistbands” makes it all the more imperative for jurors to be the ones deciding who’s more credible in these kinds of cases.

                                          More tellingly, the justice then expressed dismay at a “disturbing trend” in how the Supreme Court has played a role in jumping to immunize police officers who are quick to pull the trigger, while doing little to step in whenever an officer has been wrongly shielded.

                                          “But we rarely intervene where courts wrongly afford officers the benefit of qualified immunity in these same cases,” she wrote, as she listed case after case after case in which her colleagues instead gave officers a reprieve from liability. She called that feature an “asymmetry” that the court, at times, has tried to correct.

                                          “We take one step back today,” Sotomayor wrote.

                                          Why is what Justice Sotomayor wrote in her dissent important for everyone to know and give serious reflection to? If we are indeed a nation of laws and not of men, it is imperative that we treat EVERYONE the same under the law. We can still afford judges some latitude in decisions. However, our practice of giving law enforcement immunity when unarmed suspects are shot and/or killed, reflects a total and complete lack of integrity and respect for the rule of law. No one but no one is above the law, if we are indeed a nation of laws and not of men. Not the president. Not police officers. Not ANYONE.

                                          And as a people, we decided a long time ago that justice is best served by presenting evidence in front of a jury, and a jury deciding guilt or innocence. We all acknowledge that police officers have a very dangerous and critically important job. However, a very large part of that job is being responsible and accountable to ALL the people they are sworn to serve and protect, INCLUDING suspects. WHY??? Because we are a nation of laws, and not of men.

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