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      As the Dotard ramps up his denials with smears toward Senator Gillibrand for calling out his alleged sex abuses, Dotard insists that he doesn't know his accusers, and in fact has never even met them; however, that claim has been proven completely untrue.

      Donnie tweeted:

      Donald J. Trump


      Despite thousands of hours wasted and many millions of dollars spent, the Democrats have been unable to show any collusion with Russia - so now they are moving on to the false accusations and fabricated stories of women who I don’t know and/or have never met. FAKE NEWS!

      Excerpts from a Time Article by Jennifer Calfas today, 12/12/17

      "Despite thousands of hours wasted and many millions of dollars spent, the Democrats have been unable to show any collusion with Russia - so now they are moving on to the false accusations and fabricated stories of women who I don’t know and/or have never met. FAKE NEWS! 4:10 AM - Dec 12, 2017

      While Trump claimed he did not “know and/or have never met” these accusers, several of the women had participated in events in which he was the host. Of the 19 women who have come forward with accusations against the president, one of them, Summer Zervose, was a contestant on the fifth season of NBC’s The Apprentice, and several of them were contestants in Miss USA pageants.

      Additionally, one of them is Natasha Stoynoff, a former People magazine staff writerwho interviewed Trump and Melania Trump in Mar-a-Lago in 2005, when, she said, Trump forced her against a wall and kissed her.

      Their claims, many of which have a number of corroborators, were recently detailed again in The Atlantic and The Washington Post."

      Trump has a habit of lying, and has been disproved by fact checkers repeatedly. With this lie, the proof is hot and heavy from many sources. Besides, most everyone has seen the video of his bragging about assaulting and abusing women.

      IMO this "Time"article is definitely worth reading in its entirely.


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          Everyone is focused on Roy Moore's alleged sexual misconduct — but experts warn a bigger issue could decide Alabama's election

          Voting rights activists argue that some black and Latino voters "will be unable to vote" in Tuesday's election in Alabama because of strict voter ID laws and other restrictions.

          They say the 2013 Supreme Court decision that gutted parts of the 1965 Voting Rights Act is partly to blame.Alabama election officials dispute this.

          They insist they do everything they can to protect the voting rights of all eligible citizens.

          "We anticipate that there will be voters who are unable to vote because of the voter ID law and voters who stay home because of the voter ID law. And they will primarily be African-Americans and Latinos," Deuel Ross, a lawyer with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund (LDF), told Business Insider in October.

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              Most citizens of the United States are aware of politician's lies, but there is no doubt that the current occupant of the Oval Office has broken all records for embellishing, skirting and denying the truth. The Donnie's fabrications, prevarications, denials and "alternative facts" have become the ammunition for comedians' jokes all around the world.

              But one big, fat, bald faced lie that smacks facts right in the face has now become the Politifact 'Lie of the Year,' and Politifact's readers also see it that way.

              Marina Fang - HUFFPOST 12/12/07

              PolitiFact on Tuesday revealed its 2017 “Lie of the Year,” focusing on how President Donald Trump has regularly disputed whether Russia interfered in last year’s election and questioned the widely held conclusion of U.S. intelligence agencies, which he has frequently undermined and dismissed as “political hacks.”e current The evidence that Russia interfered in the election is plentiful and demonstrates an elaborate and sophisticated scheme. Moscow has also attempted to infiltrate elections in Europe.

              But, as PolitiFact notes, “one man keeps saying it didn’t even happen:” the president of the United States.

              When the nation’s commander-in-chief refuses to acknowledge a threat to U.S. democracy, it makes it all the more difficult to address the problem. For this reason, we name Trump’s claim that the Russia interference is a hoax as our Lie of the Year for 2017.

              Trump has said that “this Russia thing” is “a made-up story,” tweeted countless times that it is “a hoax” and Democrats’ “excuse” for their election loss, and insisted that when Russian President Vladimir Putin denies the interference, he takes him at face value.

              PolitiFact’s readers also chose the claim as the lie of the year.

              Read the whole thing at https://www.aol.com/article/news/2017/12/12/politi...

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              Is Trump Suffering From A ‘Degenerative Brain Disorder’ ?


                  Due to the unusually harsh, often mean spirited and erratic rhetoric and behavior of Donald Trump, psychiatrists and psychiatric specialists have spoken out with their reports that he is dangerous due to having behavior disorders.

                  Now we have a neurologist/'brain doctor' telling us that Trump's rhetoric and behaviors might be because he suffers from a “degenerative brain disorder, " and that he should be tested.

                  Since Trump's words and activities are not the acts of a rational man, it is not surprising that MDs are weighing in with their thoughts.

                  Many of us just see him as bat poo crazy!


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                  And Some Alabamians Are Intelligent People.


                      In the interest of fairness, I am posting the other side of an earlier comment I had made which offended Ed Buckner (rightly so)

                      Here I propose to show that not only are there intelligent Alabamians, but even those who are pro life have more than their share of common sense, by the solutions against abortion they offer.

                      And they will vote for Jones, despite his pro abortion stance.


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                      White Nationalist Delusions About Russia


                          I'd like to take Yabberzites back , not too long mind you. It's the days when the " white nationalist ruled supreme on this forum ..it's about the time when myth's rache's fossil's all spoke in unison.

                          I remember my many talks with them their delusional tendencies with blonde blue-eyed Russians

                          The majority of White Nationalists in the West nowadays cherish strong hopes in Russia and Putin in particular, which have reached a crescendo with the ongoing Ukraine crisis. However, I want to argue that these hopes are grave delusions. Not because Putin is also controlled by Jews, as is being countered by some White Nationalists; he may or may not be, but that makes no difference for us. And alternatively, even if Putin’s Russia is not controlled by the Jews as strongly as the West (which is indeed not true – see below), even if Russia receives the full wrath of the Jewish-controlled media, it still doesn’t make Putin’s Russia our friend or a natural ally.

                          Nevertheless, I concede that at the moment Russia is the lesser evil for the white race compared to the Jew-led West. But still it has to be understood that Russia is also an evil, an essentially anti-white system. Hence, at most, it could be only a temporary ally.

                          White Nationalists seek power to enable our race to fulfill its destiny. To gain power, however, our movement has to have a firm grasp on reality. We also need a thorough knowledge of its enemies and (potential) allies. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for White Nationalists to have a clear understanding of who the Russians are. This understanding will be especially crucial if White Nationalists seek an alliance with Russia in the future against a common enemy.

                          White Nationalists seek power to enable our race to fulfill its destiny. To gain power, however, our movement has to have a firm grasp on reality. We also need a thorough knowledge of its enemies and (potential) allies. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for White Nationalists to have a clear understanding of who the Russians are. This understanding will be especially crucial if White Nationalists seek an alliance with Russia in the future against a common enemy.

                          Somehow when reflecting upon Russians, White Nationalists, who in all other instances are manifestly sober and realistic with regard to race and ethnicity, suddenly lose their common sense. When one speaks of German or French identity, it is understood that the Germans and the French are white, European peoples, regardless of recent non-white immigration. Thus German and French nationalism are not necessarily opposed to wider white racial interests, although they often have been. Let’s call German, French, and similar identities ethnic, because they denote a core ethnic group.

                          Brazilian identity, however, does not have such unambiguous racial connotations. Brazil has many Europeans, but it also has blacks, Amerindians, and many individuals of two or more races. Thus Brazilian nationalism is, by its nature, inconsistent with white racial interests. American identity used to connote whiteness, even though America had non-white minorities. But the American identity has been transformed into a commitment to the idea of freedom and equality for all. Thus American nationalism is, by its nature, opposed to white racial interests. Let’s call American, Brazilian, and analogous identities trans-racial, since they both transcend and transform races.

                          Russian identity is more analogous to American and Brazilian trans-racial identity than German or French ethnic identity. There are many Russians who are entirely European. But there are also many Russians of Near Eastern and Mongoloid ancestry, and many of mixed race. But even the whitest of Russians, to the extent that he thinks of himself as a Russian, is committed to a trans-racial identity, an identity whose racial “substratum” includes not just European, but also Mongoloid and Near Eastern (e.g., Caucasian) elements, as well as mixtures of all three.

                          A Russian is not, therefore, just another kind of European. Thus it is with good reason that Russians have always felt that their identity, interests, and destiny are distinct from those of Europe. European White Nationalists need to recognize this as well.

                          White Nationalists are also well aware that a country’s developmental index, its per-capita GDP, the average income of its citizens, the level of corruption, etc. are directly correlated with average levels of many heritable traits within its population. In terms of corruption and many other parameters Russia is far closer to a country like Brazil than to any European country. In some areas, Russia is not even within Asian or Latin American ranges but rather competes with sub-Saharan Africa.(source: Emile Durand )

                          Putin’s “New” Russia

                          Indeed, the majority of the current Russian population reveres the Soviet past. The official ideology of Putin’s Russia rests upon its glorification. And, as expected, Putin’s Russia takes inspiration from the Soviet past rather than from the Russian Empire, which can be regarded as the only (quasi) European period in Russian history. Putin once even called the collapse of the Soviet Union “the greatest catastrophe of the 20th century.” Not the creation of the Soviet Union, mind you, but rather its collapse is the great catastrophe for Putin and his supporters, who are the vast majority of Russians.

                          Most importantly, every year Russians joyfully celebrate their “victory” in the Second World War (which they call “Great Patriotic War”), without regard to the fact that this “victory” was the gravest event in the history of the white race. These celebrations are accompanied by military parades on the Red Square in Moscow. This cult of victory is the main pillar upon which the national identity of Putin’s “new” Russia rests. They venerate their “veterans of the Great Patriotic War” who were the rapists of millions of white women, murderers of millions of white men and children. Basically this veneration of the barbarian hordes, and the pride that they feel in the barbarian invasion of Europe, underlines their ethnic identity. This alone is enough to conclusively demonstrate that the identity and nationalism of Russians are in conflict with white ethnic identity.

                          D&I, is a treat to " whiteness" or white declined birth rate

                          Richard Caslon , opie

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                          On General Mike Flynn By Oliver G Halle


                              Want some real clarity about the significance of the Mike Flynn indictment and his cooperation? Then read this essay by a man with 28 years experience in the FBI--a man who, in other words, knows what he's writing about.
                              Oliver Halle
                              6 hrs ·

                              The Agitator #256: General Mike Flynn and the plea deal

                              Oliver G. Halle

                              The Republican apologists are out in full force defending Trump against “collusion” with the Russians, attacking special prosecutor Robert Mueller for bringing unrelated charges in the Russia investigation against General Mike Flynn (lying to the FBI), and of course, ignoring that Hillary Clinton should be the one facing felony charges. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are apoplectic and on the attack, calling the Mueller investigation a witch hunt, all the while drawing that conclusion without seeing the first piece of paper in the investigative files.

                              Here’s probably how Flynn went down and took the plea deal. It is indisputable that Flynn had failed to report payments he received from the Turkish government to act on the country’s behalf, and that he did not disclose money he received from a Russian news agency for a speech he gave in Moscow in which he sat next to Vladimir Putin. It is a felony to intentionally omit this required information.

                              It is indisputable that Flynn had a conversation with the Russian ambassador before Donald Trump was sworn in on January 20th. In this conversation, which was recorded by the FBI, Flynn told the ambassador not to worry about the sanctions Obama had imposed on Russia, that as soon as Trump took office he would lift them.

                              Flynn then lied to vice president Mike Pence about this conversation, and then lied to the FBI. What is remarkable is that Flynn, who comes from a strong intelligence background, didn’t realize he was being recorded. Or maybe he did but thought he could get away with lying. This all leads to the question of whether Flynn was competent to begin with, and whether he was always morally unfit.

                              Before Mueller agreed to a plea deal with full cooperation, he would have been assured by Flynn’s lawyer that Flynn could testify against high level campaign and administration officials, that he had significant firsthand information, and importantly---that the information could be corroborated. Since Flynn will be a convicted felon if he is called to the witness stand, and considering his plea relates to untruthfulness where the truth was called for, he will face searing cross examination. And that is why Mueller had to be satisfied that every detail could be verified through emails, phone records, texts, diaries, tape recordings, bank and financial records, and other witnesses.

                              Flynn’s plea to lying to the FBI carries the least exposure to a long sentence, which coupled with the quality of information he is offering up, suggests that Mueller is very satisfied that he has found the first of the crown jewels of witnesses.

                              To be clear, I don’t doubt the outcome of the election, that Trump won the electoral vote despite Russian efforts to sway the outcome. I stand by the heads of our intelligence agencies who say that the Russians did attempt to meddle in it. Whether some Trump campaign officials conspired with them is for Mueller to find proof.

                              The reactionaries, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mike Gallagher among many, continue to deflect and argue that Hillary should have been indicted for making false statements or lying to the FBI. Fair enough, but the question is whether any of her alleged lies were material, and if they weren’t they aren’t prosecutable. There is also the long history associated with the statute Hillary is alleged to have violated, and that history is about a prosecuting only those who broke the law and were engaged in espionage.

                              The reactionaries also question Mueller’s top prosecutors because most gave money to Hillary’s campaign. They overlook some important facts. First, making a contribution to a campaign is legal. It is also very different from either raising money for a campaign or working on a campaign. Secondly, do these same cynics believe that the Department of Justice can ever be fair considering that the attorney general and his top level assistants and deputies are all political appointees?

                              Robert Mueller is the consummate professional. He was a decorated marine officer in Vietnam and served at multiple levels in the justice department. I will take his record for honesty, integrity and service to our country over the radio pundits who have done nothing for this country except to exploit it through the airwaves that provide them an outrageous living.

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                              The Mueller Investigation Is In Mortal Danger



                                  It's truly chilling to see the right, powered by Fox News (state propaganda,) turn on the F.B.I. and Mueller, who is a decorated Republican that is well-respected by both parties.

                                  The party which once heralded itself as the party of "law and order" is perfectly fine throwing the F.B.I. under the bus, because of the fact that their investigation into Trump is red-hot and closer to home than ever before.

                                  I think Trump will fire Mueller at some point, or at least try to. I don't have any faith in the GOP for providing the necessary (and once thought of as certain) backlash to provide any corrective action. They will once again let Trump get away with what was once thought of as impossible to overcome.

                                  We have to take to the streets and shut the country down if and when it happens.

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                                      Democratic Congress members are in the minority, but they keep putting pressure on Trump and Moore just the same. I hope the public is doing so as well.

                                      A number of Senators have called on Trump to step down due to sex abuse scandals and Trump's own bragging about doing them, but of course to no avail.

                                      58 Democratic members of the House of Reprsentatives voted to impeach the Tangerine Menace, but that is not nearly enough to do the job.

                                      Everyone of us should be sending letters, post cards and emails to the WH calling for Trump to step aside. I already have.

                                      A number of Democratic Senators who have called for the president to step aside in the wake of Franken's resignation, citing the numerous allegations of sexual misconduct against Trump as well as the president's own boasts about grabbing women without their permission.

                                      • Sen. Bernie Sanders [also] said President Donald Trump should consider resigning over sexual misconduct allegations made against him.
                                      • Several Senate Democrats have called for the president to resign in recent days, though they have stopped short of calling for his impeachment.
                                      • They spoke up after Democratic Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota resigned over his own sexual harassment accusations.
                                      • In an interview with Vice News last week, Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey suggested that the president should follow Franken's example and step down.
                                      • Jeff Merkley of Oregon similarly called on Alabama GOP candidate Roy Moore and the president to step aside, pointing to the allegations of harassment against both men.
                                      • 58 Democrats in the House of Representatives voted to impeach Trump this week.


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                                      Who Are Trump's Enablers?



                                          "Error loading article" so I will copy and paste it in it's entirety. It's well worth a read.

                                          NEWS & POLITICS

                                          Trump's Enablers: A Leader This Malignant Stays in Power With a Lot of Help

                                          Trump's co-conspirators must be held responsible too .
                                          December 11, 2017, 1:54 PM GMT

                                          Photo Credit: Official White House Facebook page/Wikimedia Commons

                                          Anyone who spends a lot of time studying the mind, behavior, emotions and communications of human beings could have told you Donald Trump was disturbed and unfit to hold the office of president, or any significant public service office, well before he decided to make a run for it. When he did make that fateful decision, there were plenty of warnings from experienced politicians, leaders, journalists, and ordinary citizens alike that this was not a good idea.

                                          It did not take long for experienced mental health experts to speak out, abandoning the equivalent of professional gag orders for the sake of what many considered to be of higher importance and graver concern. They believe Trump is not only "not a good idea," but a danger to America, to the world and to the existence of American democracy (see The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump). It seems the country has found validity for its own fears and reactions in the analyses of these experts about how truly dangerous he is.

                                          But Trump does not exist in a vacuum. He is not an island. If we keep hysterically reacting to every off-the-wall and totally dangerous tweet until our nervous systems ebb just enough to allow for the new normal, he will continue to terrorize us and eventually obliterate those facets of America even the least patriotic among us hold dear. Trump is the epicenter of a system that, even if frightened by him, or privately confused by his behavior, is nonetheless working very hard to maintain him in power. He is being explained, supported and justified by enablers, and many of them.

                                          When he blows through norms of presidential conduct, they stretch the norms to make room for him, as if we had all agreed presidential norms were far too restrictive and needed loosening. When he lies, they lie right along with him as if there really were such things as "alternative facts." When he says something openly hateful, it is denied that it was hateful, as if we all don’t share a common language and cultural understanding. When he threatens and humiliates his own staff we are told he is being “reined in,” as if the American public should find comfort in the idea that the president needs to be reined in. And when he turns around and does it again at the remotest sign of competition, we are asked to accept that no one can control him and that controlling him is not in anyone’s job description.

                                          Let’s give some of these dangerous enablers a little benefit of the doubt. It is safe to assume some of them are simply afraid of him. He is a bully and has been his whole life. One can only imagine how he has alternately charmed and seduced thousands of people simply to turn on them or communicate that he would if they ever stepped out of line. I certainly can feel empathy for that. After all, he is very powerful. And a powerful and disturbed man is a dangerous thing.

                                          Let’s assume others are still under the sway of his charm or his big, simple, “let’s get things done” personality, even if reality shows that not much is getting done. They, like any hubristic teenager, can still convince themselves that they are the exception. They may be very motivated to please him and believe that if he is displeased with others it is their own fault. They are under the illusion that he would not turn on them either because 1) they are better; or 2) they know how to manage him. This is a hazardous bet to be sure, but understandably human.

                                          Then there are the deniers. Perhaps they do not feel very secure and so their best survival instinct is to deny what is right before their eyes. Perhaps they keep telling themselves that he will eventually settle down and become a regular president. They may engage in “if only” thinking, as in, “If only the press would just let this whole Russia thing go, he could stop being so afraid and would settle into the job,” or, “If only we could get that tax bill passed, he would relax.” To take in that something is deeply wrong is simply too much for us human beings sometimes, and so the explanation is always that it’s “out there” instead of staring us in the face.

                                          Still others are motivated to further their own agendas. Perhaps they see the ineptitude, impulsivity, delusion, mendacity and how all that in one package is not a great gift. But it is the deal they made. Maybe they even betrayed their own consciences to support him, and now owning that is too hard politically and even too hard psychologically. They have been waiting years to push through a political agenda and conservative judges. The tunnel vision on those issues, as well as the fate of their own political careers, allows them to continue to justify keeping up appearances and keeping him in power, despite the queasiness some may feel.

                                          And finally, there are those who are motivated either by pure greed or lust for power, or both. The desecration of whole swaths of different people (most recently Native Americans, Puerto Ricans and Muslims) and the degradation of a system of checks and balances does not give them the willies, because they hope to capitalize on it. The corporate donors who hope to get rich off the tax scheme, the directors of various departments enriching themselves and holding positions of power they never would have held because are not qualified for them, the racists whose long-disguised hatred is joyfully rekindled every time Trump tweets, all relish the brutish tactics of Trump because none of them truly believes in equality. They wear their lapel American flags while they fail to be moved by the idea of America itself.

                                          Whether we can empathize or not, all of these enablers are endangering us. This president and this administration are so much more dominated by vice than by the slightest desire to be virtuous. Fear, pride, weakness, foolishness, selfishness, and greed are all human experiences and something we are all vulnerable to at some point or another. But when they are chronic and when that chronicity has deleterious effects on others, they need to be challenged. We do not elect people to be run by their vices. Nor do we elect them to ignore the debilitating vices of others also in power. We elect them to be guided by their better selves, to embody and make decisions on behalf of all of us based on courage of conviction, concern for fellow human beings (even above themselves at times), intelligence and good discernment, and some connection to a communal striving toward a better life for all. And the beauty of our democracy is that we can stop electing them and we can make their work very unpleasant if they do not measure up to those high expectations.

                                          So what are we doing about the dangerousness of our president and his many enablers? Could we be enabling them in some way? Do we wallow in our helplessness because we are not near the center of power, nursing our anxiety and letting ourselves off the hook? Are we crippled by our fear? Are we engaging in our own self-soothing denial? Do we pass the buck onto the next person, just cross our fingers, or perhaps sanctify Robert Mueller as our next savior? Are we blinded by our own hopes for a financial reward for suffering this presidency? Do we secretly nurture fears and hatred of other people enough to hope for that wall, ignoring all the signs that Trump has never been who he said he could be?

                                          Trump is not the only dangerous one. Anyone who excuses him and does not hold him to account for his behavior in a serious way every time is enabling, and therefore dangerous. If we are not finding ways to participate in our democracy both to resist the destructive things he is doing and to build enough momentum to get him out of office, we are dangerous as well.

                                          In some collective way, whether we voted for Trump or not, we are responsible for the calamity of this presidency. This is because the epicenter cannot hold if the system changes. And the system cannot change until we hold ourselves and all the enablers responsible. We are all potentially dangerous. But we are also all potentially corrective.

                                          Eileen M. Russell is a clinical psychologist in private practice in New York and New Jersey. She is senior faculty at the AEDP Institute, adjunct faculty at NYU/ Bellevue Hospital and faculty at the Trauma Treatment Program at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies in NYC. She is the author of Restoring Resilience: Discovering Your Clients' Capacity for Healing.

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