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Could Roy Moore Be The First Senator To Be Expelled In 155 Years?


      It's been 155 years since the Senate expelled a member. If voters in Alabama vote him in, could Roy Moore be the next to be expelled?

      Many across the nation are appalled that a man who was twice a judge, then twice removed from that position, is even being considered for a seat in the Senate.

      Now there are accusations that seem to be backed up by many, that he has assaulted teen girls, yet even the governor of ALA says she plans to vote for him.

      But many also wonder if the Senate would actually expel him. They have not made any expressions of disapproval toward Donald Trump's misconduct or assault accusations, so why would they be adverse to Moore?

      (CNN)On Monday afternoon, Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner said the Senate should vote to expel Roy Moore in the increasingly-unlikely event the Alabama Republican nominee wins a special election on December 12.

      "If (Moore) refuses to withdraw and wins, the Senate should vote to expel him, because he does not meet the ethical and moral requirements of the United States Senate," Gardner, who runs the GOP Senate campaign arm, said in a statement.

      That process could begin the moment Moore was officially seated in the Senate following his victory. (The Senate has no ability to block a senator being seated.) Moore would be expelled if two-thirds of the senators present voted for him to be removed.
      If that came to pass, Moore would become just the 16th senator ever expelled from the chamber, according to the Senate's historical records. Fourteen of the 16 were expelled for supporting the Confederate cause during the Civil War. Tennessee Republican Sen. William Blount was expelled in 1797 after he was outed as the ringleader of a plot to attack Spanish-controlled Florida and Louisiana. The last Senator to be formally expelled from the Senate was Indiana Democratic Sen. Jesse Bright in 1862.

        Another 15 Senators have been considered for expulsion but either resigned, saw their Senate terms expire before any action was taken or survived the two-thirds majority requirement vote.


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        Bribery Is A Good Way To Get Things Done - Accord To Criminal Ruler Of U.s.


            your criminal in chief has this to say about bribing officials in other countries by u.s. businesses, and presumably the u.s. government (since he has said clearly that it is all up to him) in order to get business moving.

            “Every other country goes into these places and they do what they have to do… It’s a horrible law and [the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act] should be changed.”

            so citizens, this is what the great orange orb in the u.s. skies thinks -

            this report was on rachel maddow last night - 17th - so if you don't want to read, you can watch/listen.

            get rid of these people. resist, remove, peace.


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            Remove Them


                It is sickening, that we have a president that obviously disdains the American people and all they have worked for and died to preserve. What is even more sickening is that he was allowed to take office when even American citizens with no inside information could see that the election process was corrupted by the greed of wealthy Americans who had lost touch with their own humanity and the hatred for the American liberty by people like Vladimir Putin and his associates. They used and perpetuated the darkest propensities of racism, sexism and religious bigotry like tools to incite the loyalty of the ignorant to put these thieves of freedom and future prosperity of the American people into a position of unrestricted power.

                Our Constitution, the tool given to the American people by our founders to prevent this atrocity has been used like a noose around our necks. The Amendments in that living breathing document did not fall from sky. They were created as situations that threatened our sovereign arose or by the enlightenment of the American people to right the wrongs of the past.

                The founding fathers would not have imagined The Civil Rights Act of 1965. Never the less, it became law because it was righteous in a country that touted, "liberty and justice for all." The 15th Amendment allowed African American Men to vote and the 19th Amendment allowed women to vote. We don't have to care that some would say our founding fathers were slave owners, who felt women and non whites had no right to a voice, or place in government or power. We evolved into something better and the document they created made it happen.

                We have laws against bribery of government officials, treason, theft, money laundering and perjury. So how is it that these laws not applied to this administration or to the Congress that passed a tax bill consisting of unprecedented debt to our sovereign and burden to those Americans who have the least? It is common knowledge that their wealthy donors threatened to cut off their money. We have fought wars and died for even the threat of such things and yet...

                We have no right under the Constitution to eliminate these obvious thieves from power? Is there no precedent? This is not about party. This about individuals who will call themselves whatever behooves them.

                They should be removed, if not indicted and replaced by special elections. It is as obvious as the sun rises that their intentions to the American people are nefarious. They no longer deserve the benefit of doubt because evidence and reality speak otherwise. We do not owe them justice at the denial of our own.

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                Gerson Eloquently Distills Trump Administration's Corruption


                    If you received what used to be the standard education in American history, the ideals the founders sought to enshrine in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and every citizen's responsibility to ensure that "government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from this earth," the Trump administration has made you sick in the stomach and the heart. In this brilliant column, Michael Gerson, who rose to prominence as a conservative thinker, distills exactly why the Trump administration is so dangerous to the American experiment in democracy, and so sickening to those who treasure America's ideals and promise.


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                        Millions of kids are losing healthcare because Republicans refuse to renew the program. It is not merely incompetence, it is institutionalized evil.


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                        Top Commander: I'd Decline 'Illegal' Nuclear Order From Trump


                            My first born is a 2nd Lt. In the Marine Corps, and he's " on the fence" with an "'illegal order".

                            Now, for those who may jump up and say...that's breaking the oath , and constitution . Need to see this ..


                            That Marine decided he wasn't going to follow any orders from then president Obama , on orders which the tea party and himself deemed ...illegal ... though he voiced valid concerns about the state of returning vets in terms of PTSD, and other issues.. he forgot his role .

                            My son decided to join the Corps because he wanted to :1. Serve his country to the capacity he could , as did his father, grandfather , and great grandfather, and great uncle .

                            We are military and Police serving family . This stretch back to WWII,

                            It brings no comfort , nor ease if mind to know the current occupant in the Oval Office is simply a liar and deceiving individual, who's best interest is himself , then to enrich his family.(nepotism).

                            So , I Dayne Griffith , a proud former Marine, stand shoulder to shoulder with this 4-star General !

                            At least he's got both intestinal and testicular FORTITUDE '

                            Kudos to him ...what's right is right...what's wrong is wrong...no matter who's the CIC

                            Rant off!

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