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Support For Gay Marriage Surges, Even Among Groups Once Wary



      "In the two years since same-sex marriage was legalized nationwide, support for it has surged even among groups that recently were broadly opposed, according to a new national survey.

      "The Pew Research Center survey found that for the first time, a majority of blacks and baby boomers support allowing gays and lesbians to wed. It said Republicans are now split almost evenly, a marked shift from 2013, when 61 percent opposed gay marriage.

      "Pew's survey was conducted by telephone among 2,504 adults across the U.S. from June 8 to 18. It was released Monday, the second anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's historic ruling on same-sex marriage.

      "In the aftermath of that ruling, there were some flare-ups of defiance. A county clerk in Kentucky, Kim Davis, refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Alabama's chief justice, Roy Moore, ordered probate judges to stop issuing such licenses.

      "But such acts of resistance have largely faded way, and same-sex marriage is now treated as a routine occurrence across the U.S. According to the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, there are now more than 547,000 same-sex married couples in the U.S., including at least 157,000 couples who married in the past two years."


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      A Priest Is REFUSING To Give Gay People Last Rites Unless They Repent


          'One reverend, however, denounced Paprocki's decree in a poignant Facebook post on June 22. Reverend James Martin wrote: "If bishops ban members of same-sex marriages from receiving a Catholic funeral, they also have to be consistent. They must also ban divorced and remarried Catholics who have not received annulments, women who has or man who fathers a child out of wedlock, members of straight couples who are living together before marriage, and anyone using birth control. For those are all against church teaching as well."'


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          Gay Pride Parades Sound A Note Of Resistance _ And Face Some



              'Tens of thousands of people waving rainbow flags lined streets for gay pride parades Sunday in coast-to-coast events that took both celebratory and political tones, the latter a reaction to what some see as new threats to gay rights in the Trump era.

              'In San Francisco, revelers wearing rainbow tutus and boas held signs that read "No Ban, No Wall, Welcome Sisters and Brothers" while they danced to electronic music at a rally outside City Hall.

              'Frank Reyes said he and his husband decided to march for the first time in many years because they felt a need to stand up for their rights. The couple joined the "resistance contingent," which led the parade and included representatives from several activist organizations.

              '"We have to be as visible as possible," said Reyes, wearing a silver body suit and gray and purple headpiece decorated with rhinestones.

              '"Things are changing quickly and we have to take a stand and be noticed," Reyes' husband, Paul Brady, added. "We want to let everybody know that we love each other, that we pay taxes and that we're Americans, too."

              'Activists have been galled by the Trump administration's rollback of federal guidance advising school districts to let transgender students use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice. The Republican president also broke from Democratic predecessor Barack Obama's practice of issuing a proclamation in honor of Pride Month.

              'At the jam-packed New York City parade, a few attendees wore "Make America Gay Again" hats, while one group walking silently in the parade wore "Black Lives Matter" shirts as they held up signs with a fist and with a rainbow background, a symbol for gay pride. Still others protested potential cuts to heath care benefits, declaring that "Healthcare is an LGBT issue."

              '"I think this year is even more politically charged, even though it was always a venue where people used it to express their political perspectives," said Joannah Jones, 59, from New York with her wife Carol Phillips.

              'She said the parade being televised for the first time gives people a wider audience. "Not only to educate people in general on the diversity of LGBTQ community but also to see how strongly we feel about what's going on in office."'


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              Appeals Court Allows Worst Anti-LGBTQ Law Ever To Go Into Effect In Mississippi



                  "The law allows for businesses and government employees to decline service to LGBT people, and that includes bakers, florists, county clerks and even someone working at the department of motor vehicles, based on religious beliefs. It allows for discrimination in housing and employment against same-sex couples or any individual within a same-sex couple. Businesses and government, under the law, can regulate where transgender people go to the bathroom. The law allows mental health professionals and doctors, nurses and clinics to turn away LGBT individuals. It also allows state-funded adoption agencies to turn away LGBT couples.

                  "The law could have a wide impact beyond LGBTQ people as well, allowing for broad discrimination against many people. According to Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, under the law:

                  • a government clerk could refuse to issue a marriage license to a couple because one person had been previously divorced;
                  • a taxpayer-funded adoption agency could refuse to place a child with a happy and loving family because the parents lived together before they were married;
                  • a taxpayer-funded organization that provides shelter to kids who have suffered child abuse could turn away a pregnant teenager;
                  • a counseling group practice could refuse to see a mother and her teen who is experiencing severe depression because the woman is unmarried;
                  • a counselor could refuse to help an LGBT person who called a suicide hotline;
                  • a fertility clinic could refuse to treat a veteran and his partner because they are not married;
                  • a car rental agency could refuse to rent a car to a same-sex couple on their honeymoon; and
                  • a corporation could fire a woman for wearing pants."


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                  California Widens Travel Ban To Include 4 More States



                      'California has issued a ban on state-funded and state-sponsored travel to four more states that it says have laws discriminating against LGBTQ people.

                      'The travel ban was first put into effect January 1 when state measure AB 1887 became law. The law says California is "a leader in protecting civil rights and preventing discrimination" and should not support or finance "discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people."
                        'The travel ban list also includes states that California believes don't protect religious freedoms and states that it says use religious freedom as a basis of discrimination.

                        '"Our country has made great strides in dismantling prejudicial laws that have deprived too many of our fellow Americans of their precious rights. Sadly, that is not the case in all parts of our nation, even in the 21st century," California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said in a statement Thursday.

                        Why the ban?

                        'Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Tennessee were the original states banned by AB 1887, but Becerra added Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota and Texas on Thursday, citing what he called new discriminatory legislation enacted against the LGBTQ community in those states.

                        'Alabama, South Dakota, and Texas all recently passed legislation that could prevent LGBT parents from adopting or fostering children and Kentucky passed a religious freedom bill that would allow students to exclude LGBTQ classmates from campus groups.

                        '"While the California DOJ works to protect the rights of all our people, discriminatory laws in any part of our country send all of us several steps back," Becerra said. "That's why when California said we would not tolerate discrimination against LGBTQ members of our community, we meant it."'


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                        So...Ya Wanna Be An Ally??


                            Before I begin, a few notes. This does not apply to everyone who may read this. This is aimed, generally, at the large amount of allies we in the trans community suddenly have, since the passage of HB-2.

                            Allies who were nowhere to be found in the first nineteen years I was an out trans. Allies who knew not and cared not while I suffered injustice and indignity alone. Understand that what I am about to write comes from that place.

                            First of all...being as I am an out trans, post-op, with a birth certificate...HB-2 never actually directly impacted me. Oh, sure the negative vibe surrounding trans in general did...but the law itself never negatively impacted me. So why did I get out there to fight?

                            I had come to North Carolina in 2014...with the intent and purpose of living my life in peace, as the woman I finally had become...in a place where nobody knew my past. I had, and desired, no connection to the local LGBT community. For a year and a half, I succeeded. My neighbors did not even know I was trans. Some may have suspected, none KNEW. Then, HB-2 happened. And I gave up everything I had hoped to build here...in order to fight it. So...why would I do that?

                            The answer can be found in the testimony I gave before the NC House on that fateful day...that day that will forever live in infamy...March 23, 2016.

                            You see, in 1998, I was denied a college education...over these stupid bathroom issues. Five days after Matthew Shepard was killed in Wyoming, on college campus, for the unforgiveable crime of being a gay man...I was told by the Dean of Students at my college...that I could only use men's bathrooms on campus!

                            This, after a semester of using ladies bathrooms with no issue. This, in spite of holding a Kentucky drivers license identifying me as female.

                            At the time, I was attending Sullivan College (now Sullivan University) in Louisville, KY. The Dean of Students, Dr. John Padgett (yes I still remember his name) informed me that I could only use men's bathrooms on campus...in spite of the fact I was living full-time female, and held a Kentucky drivers' license identifying me female...and the Dean had no proof of any kind that I was, at the time, pre-op...and there had been no issue with me using the ladies room...certainly I had never done anything wrong.

                            None of that mattered to Dr. Padgett. He was determined to shove me into men's bathrooms...and put me in direct risk of becoming the next Matt Shepard!

                            I was thus in a position of having to choose between pursuit of higher education...and protecting my own personal safety and dignity. I chose my safety and dignity. I dropped out of college two weeks into my second semester. And to add insult to injury, I was forced to pay for an entire semester of instruction I never received!

                            I came out to fight HB-2...and gave up everything I had hoped to build down here (and which I had been, with some success building) in order to fight...so that the college students of today...would not be forced to make the same horrible choice I had to make, way back in 1998.

                            I tell this story for a very specific reason which I will now make clear: Being an ally does NOT come without personal cost...without personal risk. Being a REAL ally IS NOT ALWAYS SAFE!

                            Too many of our new-found allies...are allies only when it is totally safe to do so. And that is not getting it done. It is NOT creating the kind of substantive difference we transgender people need...it is NOT creating a real difference for us.

                            We need at least SOME of our allies (more than are doing this now) to take the personal risks...to step up the game to make a true difference for us.

                            Too many people SAY they are allies, but are not willing to do what it takes. Too many local companies SAY they support trans...but set a trans woman down in front of them for a job...and watch how quick the trans woman does NOT get hired! And watch how quick they trot out their ONE token trans woman employee to say, "See...we support you..."

                            THIS IS NOT GETTING IT DONE! We have, in the trans community, an unemployment rate FOUR TIMES AS HIGH..as the general public. And underemployment is rampant. We have a homeless rate many times higher than the general public. All of this contributes to the fact that we have a rate of suicide/attempted suicide TEN TIMES AS HIGH as the general public! This is not because of any inherent mental condition that accompanies being trans...IT IS A DIRECT RESULT OF THE UNFAIR AND DISPERATE TREATMENT TRANSGENDER PEOPLE RECEIVE AT THE HANDS OF SOCIETY!!

                            So...what do we do about it? What am I asking for...you ask?

                            If you have read this far, by the way, I thank you. I know this is harsh...and I am not done being harsh yet, I am afraid. But I no longer have the time, the patience, or even the inclination to sugar-coat this for you all anymore. I am laying bare the actual grim reality we transgender people face. I am putting my allies on notice:

                            I am DONE being nice about this. I am DONE asking pretty please for equality, pretty please for fair and decent treatment. I am DONE asking pretty please not to be hurt and I am DONE asking pretty please to even be considered human at all! I am simply DONE.

                            For twenty years, I have been nice. For twenty years, I have begged and I have asked pretty please. And I do not see things getting better in real, substantive ways.

                            I am not getting any younger. I am now closer to fifty than forty, and I am acutely aware that every day...I have to wake up and watch more of my life taken from me...an inch at a time. Every day, I watch my life being made less...and I see not enough people doing what it will take to change it. Must I watch my entire life laid waste??

                            Now, if you have read this far...here comes the good news. There ARE things you all can do...to be REAL ALLIES. There are things you can do that will begin to make the kind of difference that we transgender people need. And you can do these things regardless of which political party is in power.

                            And if you want to be a REAL ALLY...then we need you to start doing these things. They are NOT always going to be safe. They are NOT always going to carry no personal risk, no personal price. But the good news there is...the more people who do the things I will now outline...the less risky and the less costly they become!

                            Let me start by telling you that, for twenty years, my watchwords have been "Without economic justice, there is no justice." Nothing else matters if we are unable to survive financially. That is just the reality of living in a capitlist society.

                            And, those who stand against us...what ELSE do they think the result is...of denying us transgender people the ability to work and earn a living? Of denying us places to live?

                            I promised I was going to lay this bare: THE RESULT IS THE DEATH OF MY SISTERS AND BROTHERS!!

                            These are people I consider family, and I am watching them die every day. I am watching them die not by gun or knife (plenty of them die that way too...and are memorialized every year at a TDOR event) - no, I am watching them die by economic deprivation.

                            And it may seem harsh, but I do not care anymore: I do not care if your sensibilities are offended...I do not care if I shatter your safe little world...in fact, that is precisely what I HOPE to do here!!

                            Whether it is by gun, knife or economic deprivation, the result is the same...and as far as I am concerned, it is MURDER. And if you are not ACTIVELY fighting against this...then you are passively involved in it.

                            So...what am I asking you to do?

                            Do you have influence with hiring managers? USE IT!! You do not have such influence? Fine. Will you actually recommend a qualified transperson for a job at your company? Will you stick up for your transgender co-worker...even at the risk of being alienated by the rest of your co-workers...even at the risk of having them turn on you...and do to you what they so often do to us - actively try to get you fired? Will you take that kind of risk? THAT is an ally!

                            Would you recommend a transperson for an apartment to your landlord? Would you stick up for your transgender neighbor...even at the risk of being shunned by the rest of the neighborhood? Will you take that kind of risk? THAT is an ally!

                            Showing up waving a sign at a rally as a nice, safe part of a faceless mob...is not getting it done. We need some people to step up and take some personal risk.

                            Heaven knows I am not asking anyone to do what I have not done myself, I gave up EVERYTHING I HOPED TO BUILD HERE...to fight against a law that did not even apply to me...because I did not want the college students of today...to have to make the same horrible choice I had to make.

                            When you are out and about...and you see a transperson being harassed or verbally assaulted...will you step in to the defense of the transperson? Even if you do not personally know the transperson? If you are out and about and you hear someone making disparaging remarks about transpeople...with or without a transperson around...will you SPEAK UP...and will you tell that person that it is NOT OKAY?? Will you take that kind of a risk? Because THAT is an ally!

                            THOSE are the kinds of actions we need our allies to start taking. Because these are the things that will begin to make a real difference for us. And I do not see enough of it happening...or I would not feel a need to write this article. And the more people who do it...the safer it becomes to do it!

                            Just as it takes more than waving a piece of cloth to be a good American...so also it takes more than waving a sign...to be a good ally. Will YOU be a good ally?

                            I can only hope that my words touch a few people and spur them into action.

                            Because our very lives depend on it!

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                            What Dad Taught Me...


                                Well, today is Father's Day....and if anyone here is looking for a sappy story...you are looking in the wrong place. Dad and I had a very embattled, very embittered relationship. But he did teach me a few valuable things.

                                Now, first off...understand that, even before I was out as trans, our relationship was not good. Dad was an alcoholic. I hated him for it. He would routinely abuse mom, mentally, emotionally, and verbally. Never physically. He saved that for me. Along with my share of the verbal, mental, and emotional abuse.

                                My brother was the only one that ever measured up in his eyes. My brother could do no wrong, he was perfect (then when he got married and my brother's wife stood up to Dad...and my brother took his wife's side, ooooh boy...but that is a different story)

                                Growing up, my brother was "good kid" and I was "bad kid." Anything screwed up around the house was ALWAYS my fault. Even when my brother was clearly the guilty party, my father would never see it...and I took the punishment for my brother's misdeeds.

                                I hated both my father and my brother for this. My mother was the only one in the family I could ever get any support or love from. One might argue that this situation, in my most formative years, led to my gravitating towards womanhood...I do not know. What I DO KNOW...is that from the earliest age I can remember...I knew I wanted to be as UNLIKE Dad and my brother as I possibly could be!

                                So it already was not good. Then I came out as trans. And Dad disowned me. He left me a dollar in the will...so that I could not contest it...that is how much of a b@stard he was. The day he did it...I thanked him. I told him "you have just put down the very last club you could possibly have held over my head and now I am free....thank you!" He gave me a gift more priceless than any money. He had competely released me from being under his thumb for twenty-three years!

                                But this was the first lesson I learned from Dad. Blood is not always thicker than water. It's a bitter lesson that I hope not many have had to learn...or will have to learn. I so hope that the majority can go on in the belief and illusion that blood isthicker than water, but it is not. I formed my own family...from mostly trans people, though some blood relatives and some non-trans people not related to me by blood were in that new family (at that time, the word "cisgender" was not even a word)

                                But this new family...in loco familia, you might say, THEY stood by me, aupported, loved and affirmed me as a family is supposed to do. Most of this happened after I had left the East Coast....and moved to Kentucky. When I moved there, I cut off all communication with my blood family that was not supportive, incuding my father. My mother had only a pager number to reach me if she needed. I took control of all communication. I decided if we were going to communicate or not. I had to. My mental health depended on it.

                                Two years after I moved to Kentucky...I started a new job. And among my new co-workers, the subject of family had come up...and I related that I had a very battled relationship with my blood family. In fact, I told them....if I got word back from Pennsylvania that Dad had died...I would go back to Pennsylvania to make sure he was really dead!

                                What I did not know then...was how soon I was going to have to eat those bitter words.

                                Less than a month later, I was at work, and my pager went off. 717 area code. At the time, my family lived in the 610 area code...bordering with 717. I knew the hospital was in 717...and I thought, oh, boy...now what?? A cold chill filled me and I knew, before I made the call...this was going to be bad. (By the way, these days, that area is now the 570 area code...it having split off from 717)

                                I called the number on my pager, and got Pocono Medical Center. They got my mom on the phone. Dad was in the hospital and not expected to live. I was told that I should come. It was made clear to me that, if I did, I needed to appear as a male.

                                By that time, I had not dressed as a male in four years...and I was in the "ugly duckling" stage...where one does not pass very well as either gender. I did the best I could...I wore a pair of women's black jeans, a black t-shirt, and a women's black blazer. I wore black tennis shoes and black socks. This was the best I could do to even appear male. I owned no male clothing and did not want any.

                                I made a couple of quick phone calls to a couple of friends back in PA, explaining I was coming, why I was coming...and arranging for a safe place for myself. A place where I COULD be me. I was going to need it and I knew it. So, I packed a bunch of clothes like what I would normally wear...and a couple more gender-neutral outfits for the benefit of my blood family.

                                I got in the car and headed for Pennsylvania. I turned on the radio. To this day, I will never forget. The song on the radio was "In The Living Years," by Mike and the Mechanics. It was as if it was just for me. Because that was the second thing Dad taught me...and taught me in passing....is that it really IS too late...when we die...to admit we don't see eye to eye.

                                So....this Father's Day...I am asking...if you are a dad...who has a troubled relationship with your child....or if you have a bitter relationship with your dad....put it aside. Try to at least agree to disagree. Because it is too late, when we die. That is the second lesson Dad taught me...and he taught it to me in his passing.

                                I will close this post with a poem I wrote....as a means of gaining cloture with my father...though he died in 1999....it was not until last year I wrote this poem....as a final goodbye to Dad. And it is literally all about Dad and me. Though it is poetry, and thus is supposed to rhyme....know that I took no artistic license with this to make it conform to that. It DOES rhyme, the meter is perfect...and every word of it is dead true....it is the story of the relationship between myself and my dad.

                                Don't let our story be yours. This Father'sDay...make a difference. Heal that broken relationship with your dad...or with your child. It is too late, when we die.

                                "Daddy's Little Girl" - by Angela Bridgman

                                (in memory of Thomas D. Bridgman, April 16, 1946 - April 1, 1999)

                                Born was I, in Illinois

                                Daddy thought, his little boy

                                My true self forced forever to hide

                                Feelings inside could not be denied

                                Daddy lost not thru death but rejection

                                Failed to live up to his expectation

                                Seething anger made me blind

                                Vowed never to look behind

                                Brokenhearted by his rebuff

                                Made my way resolved to be tough

                                Never could forgive him for my pain

                                Never to see my Daddy again

                                April the first, Daddy died

                                No one more surprised than I

                                When at his deathbed I cried

                                Daddy hooked up to tubes and wires

                                Could no longer hold on to anger's fires

                                This is the moment we must seize

                                Daddy, forgive and love me please

                                He took my hand and gave a squeeze

                                Daddy's Little Girl I wanted to be

                                Twenty minutes was all the time had we

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                                Skittles Ditches Rainbow To Give LGBT Pride "center Stage"


                                    Skittles has dropped its rainbow colors again in an expression of solidarity with LGBT Pride, writing in its promotion:

                                    “Only one rainbow matters this pride. Give the rainbow, taste the rainbow. All the lentils are white in celebration of pride. Enjoy the mystery mix."


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                                    Sun Likely Has A Long-Lost Twin By


                                        Sun Likely Has a Long-Lost Twin

                                        By Mike Wall, Space.com Senior Writer | June 14, 2017 06:57am ET
                                        A radio image of a triple-star system forming within a dusty disk in the Perseus molecular cloud obtained by the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array in Chile.
                                        Credit: Bill Saxton, ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO), NRAO/AUI/NSF

                                        Nemesis is apparently real, even if its bad reputation is undeserved.

                                        For decades, some scientists have speculated that the sun has a companion whose gravitational tug periodically jostles comets out of their normal orbits, sending them careening toward Earth. The resulting impacts have caused mass extinctions, the thinking goes, which explains the putative star's nickname: Nemesis.

                                        Now, a new study reports that almost all sun-like stars are likely born with companions, bolstering the case for the existence of Nemesis. [ Solar Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Sun?]

                                        "We are saying, yes, there probably was a Nemesis, a long time ago," study co-author Steven Stahler, a research astronomer at the University of California, Berkeley, said in a statement.

                                        But the new results don't paint Nemesis as a murderer: The sibling star probably broke free of the sun and melted into the Milky Way galaxy's stellar population billions of years ago, study team members said.

                                        Radio image of a very young binary star system, less than about 1 million years old, that formed within a dense core (oval outline) in the Perseus molecular cloud.
                                        Radio image of a very young binary star system, less than about 1 million years old, that formed within a dense core (oval outline) in the Perseus molecular cloud.
                                        Credit: SCUBA-2 survey image by Sarah Sadavoy, CfA.

                                        Multistar systems such as Alpha Centauri — the sun's nearest neighbor, which harbors three stars — are common throughout the Milky Way. Indeed, recent computer-simulation research suggests that most if not all stars are born with companions.

                                        The new study put this supposition to the observational test. Stahler and lead author Sarah Sadavoy, of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, studied the Perseus molecular cloud, a large star-forming region about 600 light-years from Earth.

                                        Radio observations of the Perseus cloud by the Very Large Array in New Mexico and the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope in Hawaii revealed 55 young stars in 24 multistar systems (most of which were binary), as well as 45 single-star systems..

                                        "The key here is that no one looked before in a systematic way at the relation of real young stars to the clouds that spawn them," Stahler said.

                                        Sadavoy and Stahler found that all of the observed "wide binary" systems — the ones with stars separated by at least 500 astronomical units (AU) — were very young. Older binary systems were more compact, the researchers said. (One AU is the average Earth-sun distance: about 93 million miles, or 150 million kilometers).

                                        This infrared image from the Hubble Space Telescope contains a bright, fan-shaped object (lower right quadrant) thought to be a binary star that emits light pulses as the two stars interact. The primitive binary system is located in the Perseus molecular cloud.
                                        This infrared image from the Hubble Space Telescope contains a bright, fan-shaped object (lower right quadrant) thought to be a binary star that emits light pulses as the two stars interact. The primitive binary system is located in the Perseus molecular cloud.
                                        Credit: J. Muzerolle (STScI)/NASA/ESA

                                        The two researchers then did some modeling work to better understand what they were seeing.

                                        "We ran a series of statistical models to see if we could account for the relative populations of young single stars and binaries of all separations in the Perseus molecular cloud," Stahler said. "And the only model that could reproduce the data was one in which all stars form initially as wide binaries. These systems then either shrink or break apart within a million years."

                                        In fact, the majority of newborn binary stars — about 60 percent — end up going their separate ways, the duo determined. This was probably the fate of Nemesis and the sun, the new study suggests.

                                        The paper has been accepted for publication in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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                                        Pulse - One Year Ago Today


                                            So...one year ago today, the greatest tragedy ever to visit my community...happened in Orlando.

                                            Remember when they wanted to say that it was a terrorist attack? Back then, they wanted to say it was an attack on America...so that THEY could beat their breasts about how THEY were attacked, when they were NOT. WE WERE ATTACKED! Not them.

                                            But they wanted to build an altar on the bodies of my dear dead sisters and brothers...to launch a campaign of Islamophobia….because that served their political purpose at the time.

                                            So — here we are, one year later.

                                            I will note that EVERY 9/11 the flag flies at half-mast...as it ought to.

                                            But do you think they could fly the flag at half-mast for US today?? HELL NO!!!

                                            Oh, but it was a TERRORIST ATTACK...right? Yeah...when that served their political agenda. When they could try to build that altar of hate on the bodies of my dear dead sisters and brothers. THEN — it was a terrorist attack. When they wanted to beat their breasts about how THEY were attacked...and diminish the fact that it was US...that WE were the ones attacked — then, it was a terrorist attack. But do we get a flag at half-mast? NOPE!!

                                            Tells you what they really think.

                                            R.I.P. my dear sisters and brothers from Orlando...you are not forgotten and never will be.

                                            And I believe it an appropriate closing to this...to share the poem I wrote about Orlando...two days after Orlando happened. This poem was written in memory of and honor to, my dear departed sisters and brothers...and to the rest of my community...who were in grief and suffering in those days...and who grieve today.

                                            Orlando — by Angela Bridgman (for the forty-nine)

                                            They fomented hate for years

                                            Now give us crocodile tears

                                            But they care not

                                            For my sisters and brothers

                                            My family...just “others”

                                            Nine and forty souls were lost

                                            My transgender heart tempest-tossed

                                            Their gentle souls

                                            Cut down by a gunman’s hate

                                            They did not deserve their fate

                                            Carry on, we will and must

                                            We will fight for what is just

                                            Sadness today

                                            But one day our hearts will sing

                                            While they soar on angel’s wing!

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