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Trump Administration ‘exacerbating’ LGBTQ Health Care Discrimination


      IN YOUR FAT STUPID FACE, Jerry Tanenbaum !!!




      The report claims two regulatory changes advanced by the Trump administration “are likely to exacerbate” the discrimination and barriers LGBTQ people face when seeking health care and give insurers and providers a “license to discriminate against them.”

      In May 2017, HHS began the process of rolling back an Obama-era rule that clarified the nondiscrimination provision of the Affordable Care Act, section 1557, to include discrimination based on gender identity as sex discrimination.

      “Rolling back the rule would have practical consequences, leaving transgender people less certain of their rights, providing little guidance to insurers or providers about their responsibilities under section 1557, and signaling that federal agencies will not advance trans-inclusive interpretations of section 1557 in their rule-making and enforcement capacities,” the report states.

      Then in January 2018, HHS announced the creation of a religious freedom division that would defend health care providers who refused care on the basis of their religious or moral beliefs, and proposed a rule that would that would expand the ability of insurers and health care providers to deny service on the basis of religious or moral objections.

      “Retreating from anti-discrimination protections while expanding exemptions that permit insurers and providers to deny care based on their moral or religious convictions is a dangerous combination,” the report states.

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      Transgen-ocide? - The TRANS Network


          Came across this, I think it needs to be seen. Even HERE...I do not believe the full scale of atrocity perpetrated against transgender people is fully appreciated, hence my angry reactions to some around here...people who I think OUGHT to know better and do not seem to.

          Don't stop here. Go to a TDOR this November. LEARN and read about the manner in which many of us not only meet violent death, but then are victims of "overkill" our bodies mutilated post-mortem in hateful and disgusting ways.

          Come to a TDOR...and witness our tears, our sadness, our fear, our anger...and witness what we do about it.

          And then, think about what YOU can do to prevent it.

          And think about this: Whenever you deprive another person of LIFE...or even the ability to live or exist, YOU ARE DOING VIOLENCE TO THAT PERSON.

          Just so happens that, doing it with a gun, or a knife, or rocks, or immolation, or hammers, or any of the more horrifically graphic ways in which we are killed is illegal.

          Think about this: If you weapon of choice is economic deprivation...are you not still depriving me of life...and thus doing violence to me? Just because it is currently legal in most places, because governments refuse to protect us, refuse to deem us as valid, or as worthy of life..does not make what is done to us right or good.

          Legal or illegal means, if you deprive me of life, the ability to live or exist...are you not in fact murdering me?

          And if you do not stand to prevent it, if you do not ACT to prevent it...if you do not speak out to prevent it...are you not complicit?

          Legal means or illegal means, I am just as dead, and it is just as violent. And, yes...I do believe we are facing genocide, or at least attempted genocide. So when do you all finally REALLY GET IT...and help us DO SOMETHING about it?

          WHEN do you care about US...as much as you do about others?

          I know some here will protest that last and I really don't give a damn if you do. To US...it feels like you all do not give a damn ENOUGH.

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          Creation Of The Federal District Of Transylvania


              Whereas transgender persons have been a very poorly treated and historically under-represented minority in American life

              Whereas transgender are the only subgroup that does not have and never has had representation by one of their own in the halls of our Federal Congress at any level

              Whereas the above has led to perpetual economic disadvantage to the transgender community at large, resulting in unacceptable rates of suicide in this community

              Whereas transgender people also have disproprtionately been targeted for violent crime, including murder (often they are the victims of "overkill" - their bodies even mutilated post-mortem)

              And whereas the Federal government and State governments have been derelict in their sworn and sacred duty to protect and promote the general welfare of this population

              Therfore be it resolved the following:

              1. Creation of the Federal District of Transylvania is established at (location to be determined)

              2. The location shall be a place that is already developed, and thus fully able to sustain modern American life, infrastructure, homes, places of employment, healthcare access, etc. The size of the District shall be large enough to accommodate anticipated population and growth.

              3. No person shall be forcibly displaced from where they currently live by the creation of this new Federal District, unless it can be shown they pose a danger to the new transgender population of the area...in such event, the Federal government shall compensate such persons for property loss and assist with relocation, including financial, housing, and job-placement assistance.

              4. Any transgender citizen of the United States who wishes to be relocated to the newly-created District shall be provided the same assistance as described in #3 above.

              5. No transgender American citizen shall be forcibly relocated to the new District if they do not wish to be relocated, but all transgender citizens shall have the option and right to relocate there, with full assistance, such as described in #3 above, to accomplish such relocation.

              6. The newly-created District shall have all the rights of an autonomous State of the United States, including representation by two Senators, and an appropriate number of Representatives in the House of Representatives.

              7. Any transgender citizen of the United States may choose to be Represented by the Representatives of that District, regardless of where they live, if they do not choose to live directly in the District. Such persons, upon serving notice, shall no longer be represented by, or have the right to vote for, representatives in their home District (e.g. a NC resident would no longer vote for NC Representatives/Senators, and instead vote for Senators/Representatives from the newly-created District.)

              8. The Newly created District will be Represented in the manner of all other states, according to population (which shall include non-residents who have expressed desire to be represented by the newly-created District) and one of the Representative Districts shall be designated as an at-large...that one shall represent all transgender citizens who choose not to relocate, but also choose to be represented by the newly-created District.

              9. The new District shall have the right to invalidate, within their own borders, any Federal law to which they object, if it is shown and deemed to discriminate against transgender persons.

              10. The new District MAY NOT enact retaliatory laws to discriminate against other persons who are not transgender, who choose to remain in the newly-created District.

              11. An inexhaustible fund shall be established to accomplish this, and all transgender citizens may use funds from the created fund to accomplish their desires to relocate. Transgender citizens not wishing to relocate may draw upon these funds to obtain proper identity documents in the gender and name they prefer and live in. The Federal government will accommodate these persons. Non-relocating transgender persons shall still be subject to all Federal laws as exist in their home location.

              This extraordinary step is the only way to fully address the injustice that the transgender citizens of this country have suffered, and continue to suffer - and which it is incumbent upon the Federal government to address, as the general welfare of ALL citizens is the responsibility of the Federal government.

              This is necessary because the Federal government and many States have been derelict in their sworn and sacred duty to protect and promote the general welfare of this segment of society.

              This is in keeping with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that all persons have the right to life.




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              The 1st Step In The Eradication Of Trans People From American Life Is Here


                  Thank you, HuffPo.

                  Finally, SOMEONE is starting to believe us!!

                  Will you? What will you all do to protect us?

                  You are NOW being called on to REALLY FIGHT for us, to REALLY GIVE A DAMN...because they really and truly are aiming for genocide of my people!!

                  Will we CONTINUE to hear nothing but crickets??

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                  Trans Rights; A Slow Journey With Some Positive Steps...Sort Of


                      This is not a unique case. It is not a rare case.

                      This is a case which an Appeals Court found to be a rather common occurrence. To understand the case, just read the story and consider what you would do if this were you, your family member, a member of your church and your community.


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