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Trump Administration ‘exacerbating’ LGBTQ Health Care Discrimination


      IN YOUR FAT STUPID FACE, Jerry Tanenbaum !!!




      The report claims two regulatory changes advanced by the Trump administration “are likely to exacerbate” the discrimination and barriers LGBTQ people face when seeking health care and give insurers and providers a “license to discriminate against them.”

      In May 2017, HHS began the process of rolling back an Obama-era rule that clarified the nondiscrimination provision of the Affordable Care Act, section 1557, to include discrimination based on gender identity as sex discrimination.

      “Rolling back the rule would have practical consequences, leaving transgender people less certain of their rights, providing little guidance to insurers or providers about their responsibilities under section 1557, and signaling that federal agencies will not advance trans-inclusive interpretations of section 1557 in their rule-making and enforcement capacities,” the report states.

      Then in January 2018, HHS announced the creation of a religious freedom division that would defend health care providers who refused care on the basis of their religious or moral beliefs, and proposed a rule that would that would expand the ability of insurers and health care providers to deny service on the basis of religious or moral objections.

      “Retreating from anti-discrimination protections while expanding exemptions that permit insurers and providers to deny care based on their moral or religious convictions is a dangerous combination,” the report states.

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      Transgen-ocide? - The TRANS Network


          Came across this, I think it needs to be seen. Even HERE...I do not believe the full scale of atrocity perpetrated against transgender people is fully appreciated, hence my angry reactions to some around here...people who I think OUGHT to know better and do not seem to.

          Don't stop here. Go to a TDOR this November. LEARN and read about the manner in which many of us not only meet violent death, but then are victims of "overkill" our bodies mutilated post-mortem in hateful and disgusting ways.

          Come to a TDOR...and witness our tears, our sadness, our fear, our anger...and witness what we do about it.

          And then, think about what YOU can do to prevent it.

          And think about this: Whenever you deprive another person of LIFE...or even the ability to live or exist, YOU ARE DOING VIOLENCE TO THAT PERSON.

          Just so happens that, doing it with a gun, or a knife, or rocks, or immolation, or hammers, or any of the more horrifically graphic ways in which we are killed is illegal.

          Think about this: If you weapon of choice is economic deprivation...are you not still depriving me of life...and thus doing violence to me? Just because it is currently legal in most places, because governments refuse to protect us, refuse to deem us as valid, or as worthy of life..does not make what is done to us right or good.

          Legal or illegal means, if you deprive me of life, the ability to live or exist...are you not in fact murdering me?

          And if you do not stand to prevent it, if you do not ACT to prevent it...if you do not speak out to prevent it...are you not complicit?

          Legal means or illegal means, I am just as dead, and it is just as violent. And, yes...I do believe we are facing genocide, or at least attempted genocide. So when do you all finally REALLY GET IT...and help us DO SOMETHING about it?

          WHEN do you care about US...as much as you do about others?

          I know some here will protest that last and I really don't give a damn if you do. To US...it feels like you all do not give a damn ENOUGH.

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          Creation Of The Federal District Of Transylvania


              Whereas transgender persons have been a very poorly treated and historically under-represented minority in American life

              Whereas transgender are the only subgroup that does not have and never has had representation by one of their own in the halls of our Federal Congress at any level

              Whereas the above has led to perpetual economic disadvantage to the transgender community at large, resulting in unacceptable rates of suicide in this community

              Whereas transgender people also have disproprtionately been targeted for violent crime, including murder (often they are the victims of "overkill" - their bodies even mutilated post-mortem)

              And whereas the Federal government and State governments have been derelict in their sworn and sacred duty to protect and promote the general welfare of this population

              Therfore be it resolved the following:

              1. Creation of the Federal District of Transylvania is established at (location to be determined)

              2. The location shall be a place that is already developed, and thus fully able to sustain modern American life, infrastructure, homes, places of employment, healthcare access, etc. The size of the District shall be large enough to accommodate anticipated population and growth.

              3. No person shall be forcibly displaced from where they currently live by the creation of this new Federal District, unless it can be shown they pose a danger to the new transgender population of the area...in such event, the Federal government shall compensate such persons for property loss and assist with relocation, including financial, housing, and job-placement assistance.

              4. Any transgender citizen of the United States who wishes to be relocated to the newly-created District shall be provided the same assistance as described in #3 above.

              5. No transgender American citizen shall be forcibly relocated to the new District if they do not wish to be relocated, but all transgender citizens shall have the option and right to relocate there, with full assistance, such as described in #3 above, to accomplish such relocation.

              6. The newly-created District shall have all the rights of an autonomous State of the United States, including representation by two Senators, and an appropriate number of Representatives in the House of Representatives.

              7. Any transgender citizen of the United States may choose to be Represented by the Representatives of that District, regardless of where they live, if they do not choose to live directly in the District. Such persons, upon serving notice, shall no longer be represented by, or have the right to vote for, representatives in their home District (e.g. a NC resident would no longer vote for NC Representatives/Senators, and instead vote for Senators/Representatives from the newly-created District.)

              8. The Newly created District will be Represented in the manner of all other states, according to population (which shall include non-residents who have expressed desire to be represented by the newly-created District) and one of the Representative Districts shall be designated as an at-large...that one shall represent all transgender citizens who choose not to relocate, but also choose to be represented by the newly-created District.

              9. The new District shall have the right to invalidate, within their own borders, any Federal law to which they object, if it is shown and deemed to discriminate against transgender persons.

              10. The new District MAY NOT enact retaliatory laws to discriminate against other persons who are not transgender, who choose to remain in the newly-created District.

              11. An inexhaustible fund shall be established to accomplish this, and all transgender citizens may use funds from the created fund to accomplish their desires to relocate. Transgender citizens not wishing to relocate may draw upon these funds to obtain proper identity documents in the gender and name they prefer and live in. The Federal government will accommodate these persons. Non-relocating transgender persons shall still be subject to all Federal laws as exist in their home location.

              This extraordinary step is the only way to fully address the injustice that the transgender citizens of this country have suffered, and continue to suffer - and which it is incumbent upon the Federal government to address, as the general welfare of ALL citizens is the responsibility of the Federal government.

              This is necessary because the Federal government and many States have been derelict in their sworn and sacred duty to protect and promote the general welfare of this segment of society.

              This is in keeping with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that all persons have the right to life.




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              The 1st Step In The Eradication Of Trans People From American Life Is Here


                  Thank you, HuffPo.

                  Finally, SOMEONE is starting to believe us!!

                  Will you? What will you all do to protect us?

                  You are NOW being called on to REALLY FIGHT for us, to REALLY GIVE A DAMN...because they really and truly are aiming for genocide of my people!!

                  Will we CONTINUE to hear nothing but crickets??

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                  Trans Rights; A Slow Journey With Some Positive Steps...Sort Of


                      This is not a unique case. It is not a rare case.

                      This is a case which an Appeals Court found to be a rather common occurrence. To understand the case, just read the story and consider what you would do if this were you, your family member, a member of your church and your community.


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                      Christian Group Apologizes To LGBT Community (Philippines)



                          Well...it is about damn time. I only wish AMERICAN CHRISTIANS would do this!!

                          Not quite sure I am so readily willing to forgive twenty years of being made less than, twenty years of being harassed, challenged, questioned and obstructed in every innocuous activity of everyday life...not sure I am ready to forgive having been denied jobs and a college education just because I am trans...

                          But it is a start.

                          If ONLY American Christians would do this. I'd have to see some real action, and not just a one-time thing before I am prepared to consider forgiveness...and quite frankly...a little bit of what I have lost for twenty years made good to me.

                          AND of course, their continued showing up with this at our events and standing for us against those who continue to hate us...

                          All I can say right now is...if AMERICAN CHRISTIANS were to do this...I am not quite yet ready to forgive but I'd at least be willing to listen, and give them a fair chance to PROVE they truly WERE sorry.

                          Takes more than just one Pride Parade, and one time showing up...for me to be ready to actually forgive.

                          I find that before I can forgive, and before I can move past the hurt...the hurt has to STOP HAPPENING.

                          That said...this was a good first step. This group at least has my attention...if not my forgiveness, which does not come so easy...and certainly not yet my trust. They haven't earned it yet.

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                          How Birth Certificates Are Being Weaponized Against Trans People


                              Yes, that is MY Birth Certificate featured in the article.

                              The picture was taken in May, 2016, by AP photographer Gerry Broome.

                              And, though I still carry it on my person, it is the last time anyone is gonna see it without producing a WARRANT.

                              Because I have grown rather militant here in North Carolina as a result of the BS treatment we have gotten here in NC...with HB-2 and the aftermath of the non-repeal of HB-2.

                              And now I am the first openly-trans ELECTED Precinct Chair in the history of Wake County, NC. And tomorrow, I will be at the NCDP State Convention, as a Delegate. I am going with a can of whoopass.

                              Tomorrow, I am lowering DA BOOM!!

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                              Growing Up Trans


                                  I have long wanted t do this...but never quite sure how to go about it. A lot of this, I guess, is more for me...but people are free to read and comment and maybe learn from it a bit.

                                  There was never any conscious moment where I said "I want to be a girl" or "Aha! I know what I am feeling..." It was just simply always there. There was a time when I did not have the words to vocalize it..and certainly for much if not all of my youth, it was NOT SAFE to feel as I did...especially not letting anyone know about it.

                                  I guess I mean for this to show that clearly there is NOT A CHOICE in what people like me are...we feel it from our earliest age...and even though we may not be able to vocalize it...for lack of the vocabulary to do so...or fear of the potential fallout of such revelation of these feelings...but just because others did not SEE IT in us as youths it doesn't mean it wasn't there. We just got good at hiding it.

                                  For those paying attention, there were always subtle hints and maybe some not-so-subtle...at least I did not think they were so subtle, looking back. So I guess the best place to start is at the very beginning. May 24, 1971.

                                  It was on that day that the three most horrible words ever to strike my ears were uttered, on my emergence into this world..."IT'S A BOY!!" Thankfully, I have no actual memory of that moment. No, my reliable memories begin, as most people's do...maybe around the age of four. And by this time, all studies say that our gender identity was already firmly seated...and mine was female.

                                  Of course, at four years old...I did not really understand the concepts very well, and I could absorb from the messages around me and the way people interacted with me...that they believed me to be, and expected me to be a boy. I was supposed to like GI Joe and matchbox cars, and so on. Meanwhile, I pined for My Little Pony...and knew better than to ask for it.

                                  At four years old, I was living in a suburb of Orlando, Florida. I remember the Joneses, across the street. One boy my brother's age, Kenny...the constant nemesis of both of us...and a younger boy my age...and two older girls. I liked to hang out with the Jones girls. It was there that I started learning things like spelling and so on, as we would play things like "school" - and I was very good with spelling and vocabulary, even at a young age. Still, the concept of gender and gender identity...was not one for which I had the words to describe...even if I could have...this WAS 1976, and it would not have been very safe or accepted.

                                  As it was, hanging out with the Jones girls...sometimes playing jump rope and hopscotch..occasionally even House - though they always wanted me to be "Dad" which I hated, but I played along anyway, because I wanted to hang with them badly enough to do that. In my own mind, anyway, I was Mommy. A sort of private hell sometimes, but I enjoyed the hopscotch and jump rope, which I was good at...and the spelling and reading. So, mostly nobody said a lot about it.

                                  Now, even at that age, I could clearly see that Mom had something dad did not...but it never even occurred to me that I would ever grow up as anything other than like Mom...even though all the messages I got around me said different, and said I was supposed to feel in a way I did not.

                                  We moved back to Illinois when I was five, about a month after I started kindergarten in Florida...and then we lived in my grandmother's house for two months while we closed on our new house back in Illinois...so I ended up attending three different schools for kindergarten. Not a great start at developing friends my own age, I guess.

                                  One of my earliest memories from kindergarten...was playing "London Bridge." Remember? We'd all walk in a circle singing about how London Bridge was falling down...and in the end someone would be caught and called "my fair lady"? I always tried very hard to time it so that I would be the one caught and called "my fair lady." I remember it as vividly as anything. And if anyone had been paying attention and realized I was deliberately trying to time that...it would have been a not-so-subtle clue. Instead, when I did manage to get caught, it suddenly became "my fair gentleman" - and I never tried to get caught again after that.

                                  Just as I had in Florida, I took to hanging with neighborhood girls. They did activities I enjoyed and played games I was good at. Whenever I WAS forced to be with the boys, I was ALWAYS the last picked for teams, because I was lousy at all sports. Boys were mean. Boys did things I found to be decidedly "not fun." And I wanted no part of it. Likewise, they wanted no part of me, because I was lousy at sports...and an egghead to boot.

                                  So I hung out a lot with neighborhood girls, jump rope, hopscotch, occasionally playing House...still having to be "Daddy" and hating that...but in my own mind, Mommy. I learned to do needlepoint and latch-hook rugs with the girls. I enjoyed things like that. It was not competitive, it was fun and the girls were not mean like boys were. Little did I know!! But I would eventually find out.

                                  I always wanted to be a witch or a princess or an angel for Halloween..and finally, when I was ten, I had the guts to do that once. Before that, I'd always be something like maybe a robot...I remember the robot costume, because I got to wear one of my mom's long sleeve gray blouses to give me "metal arms."

                                  I remember Summer Camp. Every year, we all got blue ribbons. You know, self-esteem and all that, so everyone got one. Mine was always for "Best Vocab" and then I'd have to explain to the other children what that meant, since they did not HAVE a "vocab." Meanwhile, I remember even coming home from kindergarten, as a latch-key kid...and immediately going to mom's bedroom to wear her clothes. They were far too big for me then, but I didn't care. It wasn't like I had a sister closer in size or I would have "borrowed" her things too. That came later.

                                  Beginning in first grade, I was in Special Education. I had an IEP. I was labeled "emotionally disturbed" at the age of five. Damn right I was "disturbed!!" I was being forced to be what I knew in my heart I wasn't!! Had they just let me be the girl I was, back then, the behavioral problems would never have manifested in the way that they did. But, again, I had not the vocabulary (best vocab aside) to articulate what I was feeling...and even if I had, it would not have resulted in what I needed.

                                  I remember dressing up at every possible opportunity. My brother knew about it since we were children. He was only a year and a half older than I was. It led to some unspeakable acts between the ages of nine and fourteen which I endured...and have previously written about in these forums...and others...and I wrote of them even before #metoo ever was a thing.

                                  I remember finding out the awful truth, when I was about eight. Yes, I really was that sheltered...and it was not till I was about eight...that I knew of physical differences downstairs, between boys and girls. And that I would never grow the boobs I always thought I would. Well...I did not know about sexual relations then...so I was like...okay...so I will glue a couple tennis balls to my chest and nobody will ever know. Remember, I WAS eight. And very sheltered.

                                  I knew from my earliest years I wanted no part of being like my dad, or my brother...or boys I encountered...they were all mean and besides, they were also all bigger and stronger than I was. Girls...were - just nice. That was about to change!

                                  Now of course, around this age is when most boys get into the "girl germs" phase of growing up...and I always knew if there was such a thing as "girl germs" then I WANTED to catch them. And tried to. Another subtle hint nobody seemed to notice.

                                  Around ten or so...girls started shunning me..and by this time, boys wanted nothing to do with me...I was thoroughly infected with girl germs and I was a sissy boy. So it was pretty lonesome for me in those years.

                                  Meanwhile, my behavior problems, mostly at school got worse. My father was an alcoholic and an abuser...and the abuse my brother visited on me in our youth had begun...right around when he was eleven. What I was dealing with at home manifested itself in increased acting out in school. Meanwhile, my father's business was going bankrupt, and I did not know it..soon we were to begin the poverty experience that was the rest of my childhood...and most of my adult life, too.

                                  At ten and a half, my behavior problems at school were so bad that I was literally being home schooled, by a tutor supplied by the school district...while my future fate and education were being battled out in the courts of Illinois. I didn't really know much about it, then. Much horrible I could say about my dad...but for all the pain he inflicted on me...he would never let anyone outside the family hurt me. And he and my mom fought literally all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court concerning my education. They used the old P.L. 94-142, the Education For All Handicapped Children Act...which today is now the modern I.D.E.A law...and its' why today I am a strong advocate for disabled students rights. The opportunities afforded me as a child, under PL 94-142 should be available to today's children. At whatever expense it takes...for them to get an appropriate-for-them education.

                                  In the end "appropriate for me" was The Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School...a lab school attached to the University of Chicago, founded by Bruno Bettelheim, a Holocaust survivor of Auschwitz. By the time I want, Jacqui Sanders was running the school...so I never experienced the school under Bettelheim...and a good thing, a few books have been written by former students of the abuses committed against them by Bettelheim....and some of his staff. A few of the Bettelheim-era staff were still there in my early days at the school, but I can say that I never suffered the kinds of abuses I read about in the books I read, as an adult, about Bettelheim and what I came to call The School.

                                  The School...was a residential-only school back then, though I understand they now have a day program, where students go home at night. I did not. I lived at school. In a dormitory. A dormitory of all older and bigger boys. And now there was no opportunity to get at mom's clothes...except on home visits. Though my brother could also only get at me on those home visits...but he did do just that.

                                  I felt totally out of place at The School, in my living arrangements...and one of the boys even molested me there, at The School. The staff tried to not let my parents find out...but I found a way to break out of the school and call my parents to tell them. The offending boy was removed from our dormitory at nights, and was isolated, and watched.

                                  It was around this time I confided my feelings of being really a girl...to my therapist at the school, whom I saw twice a week...as every student at the school did...though there were several therapists, we all stayed with the same ones. My therapist, then, Sandy (female) - was the first to ever use the word "transvestite" on me...when I told her I wanted to dress like a girl and be a girl. Being the precocious youth I was, I looked up the word in the dictionary.

                                  It was then I learned, for the first time in my life, I was not alone. There was a word for it in the dictionary!! And until Sandy...nobody had known about this with me. Yet, there it was...so I knew there must be at least one other person like me out there...my mission in life...FIND HER!!! It wasn't until I was nineteen that I did. So...unlike trans today...I went thru it all alone, my entire teen years...alone. There were no support groups, there was no internet. And my feelings were not encouraged...they were opposed and frustrated at every turn.

                                  I remember, as an adult...reading through the records on me that I got, later, from The School. "...does not know whether he wants to grow up to be a man or a woman" was as far as they would go in my therapy notes, in 1982. Though I clearly stated I wanted to be a girl. I even drew pictures of myself as a girl and told my therapist that they were me. How much more blatant could you get? But - in 1982 - they would not acknowledge what I was or what I needed.

                                  Finally, I confided in a fellow girl student at The School. I owe Michelle so much! She would sneak me girl clothes and makeup...as long as I let her see me in them sometimes. I was more than happy to oblige this. Later I confided in a few other girls. As far as I knew, all of them kept my secrets...it never got out among the general population of the school, anyway. In the end, there were about eight girls that knew...even the one who, on the surface, I was trying to be involved with in what was called "a boy-girl relationship" at The School...which, by the way, was NOT encouraged, either.

                                  Truthfully, there was a boy I liked...I dared not let that be known. Meanwhile, two other girls were interested in me (neither of them actually knew my secret) and I was very much not interested in them.

                                  I left The School at age fourteen, after 3 1/2 years, when my family moved to Texas. The Austin School District predictably would not continue my education at the facility in Chicago, and thought they had a program down there that would work for me. I was interviewed by representatives of AISD while still in Chicago. Later, I asked my therapist if they had been told about my desires to be a girl. They had been.

                                  So there's a lot of record from my earliest youth of feeling the way I do. My gender dysphoria from a very young age is well-established.

                                  I ended up, at the age of fourteen...a day student at The Settlement Home...which also had residential students, but I was not in the residential program this time. I went home at nights. And the abuse from my father and my brother started up again, as though it ever had stopped. At least I had the ability to get at my mom's closet again...and NOW..her stuff just about fit me perfectly!

                                  The only times I was happy in those years...was when I was being a girl. My dad's employment was sporadic, so home was not always a safe place to dress up...and so I took to taking a duffel bag of girl clothes out of the house and finding somewhere to change (and ditch the boy stuff) and then I would walk around town, mostly at night...never knowing the kind of danger I was placing myself in. By this time, I had been "mainstreamed" out of The Settlement Home and into regular high school, first at Lanier, then Anderson...and finally, Crockett...where I graduated from in 1989. Until 1987 I always had one class a day in the Special Ed room, after that, I no longer did, but I was monitored by the Special Ed Department my entire school career.

                                  Fortunately, I got a medical exemption from P.E. requirements..so was not forced into boy locker rooms...a good thing too, as I wore girl underwear every single day of my high school career...I even walked across the graduation stage that way. I had a small circle of friends in high school, four of them, all girls. One of them, Cindy, I smothered...trying to be what everyone expected me to be and which I never was and I knew I wasn't. But I tried anyway.

                                  More subtle hints, of course, if anyone had figured out what it meant that all my school friends were girls...but nobody bothered me much. I ended up "waterboy" on the football team...that was how I earned MY P.E. credit...and so I had to be in the locker room...but not when they were there! But the football team protected me in high school, so people left me alone. First nice boys I knew.

                                  Of course the highlight of my school career then was the annual Powder Puff Football Game. That was when the cheerleaders played and the players became the cheerleaders. And, as "waterboy" I got to dress like a girl that day too! God what a wonderful day that was! Of course, nobody actually knew I was loving the hell out of it!

                                  I remember, on some of my nights out...running across people I knew...and holding my breath...but I do not think I was ever really recognized...though, on occasion, I'd hear whispers just out of earshot...at school, even when I was a "guy" and a few girls would tell me stories about boys and men they knew that they saw dressed like girls. I think they were trying to get it out of me...suspected but never really knew for sure.

                                  Once, after my dad abused me terribly, I left home for a month, and ended up in a halfway house run by the United Way. My stuff was inventoried when I came in and so of course they found all my girl stuff, so carefully hidden under all the boy stuff, LOL. Of course I was asked about it and I was truthful with them about it. And I actually was given some other girl clothes when I left, plus some makeup and other things I asked for. Truth, so help me.

                                  We ended up moving to New Jersey right after I graduated high school. And I took to walking around my new town, Phillipsburg, NJ...at night as a girl. It led to my being accosted by eight cops one night, and having my dress pulled up right there in the public street. Nobody helped me. I never reported it, either, because I wasn't out..and if I reported it, it would have been in the newspapers bigtime and I would have been outed in a huge way. Too bad, too...I still think if I had reported it...it would have been the equivalent of winning the NJ State Lottery!

                                  I ended up dating a girl - trying again, to be what was expected of me. We even were engaged. We never got married. Good thing. For both of us. She ended up marrying a man who had been a friend of mine as a guy, and he treated her well, so that was good. And she stood by my side for two years, in my early transition phase...helping acclimate me to my rightful role as a female. She ws the angel I had needed, but did not know it then.

                                  Our engagement ended with my second and final suicide attempt. Kim gave me back my ring right there in the hospital. She told me she knew why I did it...and what we both knew I really needed...and of course she was right. Within three months of that time, I was living full time as a female, in my own place...only still going to work as a man.

                                  Kim set me up on my first date, as a woman, with a man. I began therapy and then hormones...and, at age 25, fully transitioned and never looked back. January 21, 1997 was the date I became Angela full-time, every day, everywhere...and Angela, and only Angela...I have been ever since. But the transition started in 1995.

                                  I guess the takeaway I want from this...is to totally establish that, from my earliest years....long before I knew of physical differences or sexual relations, I always felt like a female. This was NOT A CHOICE. And there are records, dating back on me to at least 1982...which indicate same...when I was eleven years old. And these records exist across several institutions, in several states. My legal change of name was executed in 1999, in Louisville, Kentucky...where I moved in 1997, shortly after my full transition...and the accompanying job loss.

                                  So that is the brief history of me...and of what it was, in the 1970's and 1980's...to grow up trans...as I did.

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