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Opposite Values


      Regarding speaking with others who don't share your same values.

      Is it a good thing to be sheltered away from those you oppose or who oppose you?

      Do we make strides when we segregate from those with whom we disagree?

      Can we create a dialogue with opposites without rancor, hatred and violence?

      One person's viewpoint. 25 minutes, worth every one.

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      Keep The Dream Alive: In Our America


          Just got this sign. It's PROUDLY displayed at the entrance of our driveway . . . . for ALL to see when they pass by. (If an ignorant Trumpler ruins it . . . . we purchased 5 of them. We'll keep on buying if we have to !!)

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          Trump And Our Basal Nature


              The fear and dislike of people who look different from us is a basal human nature that western education built on logic is supposed to correct. It is rampant in the poor educational and human right deficient states of Africa. It manifests as tribalism, and is manipulated by a greedy political class. Though it is expected to be latent in modern Democratic states it should never gain political ascendancy and occupy the highest office in such states. That's why what is happening in the United States is so shocking!

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              You Got To Love The Brits

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              How's This For "empowering The Poor"?

              Has anybody perhaps given due regard and consideration to the idea of promoting cooperatives or mutual-aid models as a channel consistent with conservative ideals on expecting the poor to shun welfare and empower themseles into "self-reliance" and "personal responsibility"?

              One source I can recommend for inspiration, notwithstanding the mindset some conservatives have that offering or giving any aid to the poor would be one with "perpetuating dependency" (though no evidence is extant to prove this delusion).

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              New Health Care Bill Proposed By Senate Under Direction By Trump And Jared

              will the trump care bill pass?

              do not worry, poor folks - the republicans are thinking about you. they have your welfare at heart.

              do not worry about not getting health care coverage, not being able to get the appropriate care for your illness.

              we have a sure fire solution. it is the new cure/kill solution to your problems.

              old and disabled people who cannot contribute to profitability have three options to choose from. it will allow them to make a small contribution to the economy and health of the country and will give them a part in the make america great drive. these are voluntary programs, but if no choice is made within 30 days then your senator has the president's authority to forcibly have these solutions administered.

              the program will pay for this treatment when first offered, but if the person has not chosen within 30 days your senator can order to have death medication administered forcibly.

              your choices are

              1. death by pill

              2. death by injection

              and for people who want to really suffer,

              3. death by electric chair or hanging.

              remember, we are all in this together, working to make america great again.

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