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A History Lesson

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This Is How You Grow Terrorists OP-ED


      Donald Trump'd decision to strictly enforce a "zero-tolerance" policy regarding detaining illegal immigrants and the resulting procedure of separation of parents from children is not only creating a great divide in this nation, it is likely creating the seeds of western hemisphere terrorism aimed at The United States.

      What better way to alienate a whole people than to demonstrate the callousness Trump has shown. What better way to make thousands of children hate the United States for their treatment. The application of this policy and procedure is creating psychological imprints that will last for decades in these families and their home nations. Imprints revealing a picture of Americans filled with little but fear and hate for Latin Americans and people of color.

      Latin America is seeing not just the mistreatment in America of immigrants, but the denial of equality in treatment for Latino American citizens in Puerto Rico. They've heard Trump single out Muslims and Latinos as the scum of the earth to be barred from access to The United States.

      This perception, combined with the desire to obtain access to The United States can easily breed a violent reaction against the American Ideal itself by extremists from those feeling denied.

      How this nation responds is the only deterrent to this growing potential. A martial response will only reduce local liberties, delay impact, yet exacerbate the ultimate outcome.

      When will we remember that in all of the world, North America is the ONLY area where the majority of the current population is descended of mostly VOLUNTARY immigrants from a plethora of cultures. North America holds a 400 year old WORLD history and tradition of being a destination for other peoples to seek a new beginning. That is a legacy that cannot be denied in just a generation.

      The rest of the world, especially those trying to get in, simply won't understand.

      Just my thoughts

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      A Voice Of Abject Religion Induced Hateful Ignorance

      The frightening thing about this puddle of vomit is that she has a lot of company. Crap like this only strengthens my resolve to oppose christianity at any level. No matter how altruistic you think your religion is, they are part and parcel to creating stupendous morons like this person. When you force children to bury critical thinking and teach them to rely on unsubstantiated blind faith this person is what you end up with.

      Religion has been the anchor that chains progressive civilization to an ugly and violent past. To repeat myself ad nauseum as long as Abrahamic religion there will be war, death, genocides, misogyny and human trafficking...especially in the Middle East.

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      Note To Evangel

      This faith of yours ain’t worth shite

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