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      It is quite clear to most, that those who call themselves liberals, Progressives or Democrats are going to resist and do their utmost best to depose Donald Trump for a variety of very good reasons. As one town hall protester commented "he's fixin' to be a fascist dictator."

      We see the iPresident bit by bit taking away all the things we have built by dissembling, freezing or wiping them out.

      We know what we don't want and are saying so loud and clear. We will resist and protest whenever Trump, Bannon or any in the GOP take from us what we want and need.

      I think, though, that we also will need to look at what we want other than that which we already had that we see being taken from us. For example, many of us resonated with ways to decrease student debt, making the ACA better, and in the long run getting Universal or Single Pay Health Care for our nation.

      While resisting the current regime and the way that they are chipping away at our Representative Democracy, I think we need to also let it be know what it is we want that is good for the entire country!

      Excerpts from two years ago: WHAT DO DEMOCRATS WANT? By Bob Burnett

      . . . in response to Republicans, Democrats should focus on bread-and-butter economic issues. Their key promise should be to rebuild the middle class.

      Theoretically, Dems have a strong message. Most economists believe the economy has grown under the Obama administration. It has added 4.5 million jobs, and experienced 47 straight months of job growth.

      in response to Republicans, Democrats should focus on bread-and-butter economic issues. Their key promise should be to rebuild the middle class.

      Theoretically, Dems have a strong message. Most economists believe the economy has grown under the Obama administration. It has added 4.5 million jobs, and experienced 47 straight months of job growth.

      1. Make the system fair. Democrats believe the US economic system is biased towards the one percent. They seek to ensure fairness by having corporations and the rich pay their fair share of taxes and by raising the minimum wage. Democrats also seek pay equity, guarantees that men and women will receive equal wages for equal work. (A major 2014 Democratic theme is when women succeed, America succeeds.)

      2. Protect women. In addition to ensuring equal pay for equal work, Democrats seek to protect women by measures such as paid sick leave, and paid family and medical leave. (Democrats also seek measures to protect women from domestic violence including women who serve in the military.)

      3. Manufacture in America.

      4. Improve the Affordable Care Act. Most Democratic candidates have chosen not to run away from The Affordable Care Act, “Obamacare,” and to tout it’s economic benefits.

      5. Make education affordable. At present, college graduates are struggling to pay off $1.2 trillion in student loans. Senator Elizabeth Warren, and other Democrats, have proposed a a plan to refinance old loans at current interest rates.


      . . . “We believe in an America that works for everyone, not just the richest one percent.”

      . . . .We can provide our vision - our solutions to what we see.

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      Even The Chinese Communists Dumped Political Correctness


          "Posts or commentators who cannot relate to our mission will be removed."

          How can I relate to a site that cannot tolerate dissent? The Chinese had their fill of political correctness after a couple of years. We at Yabberz are picking up theat totalitarian ball and making it an ideal to be honored. Yet other people can have just the opposite feelings as our moderators. They could propose to ban liberals or those who disagree. Without freedom for all and equal justice under law we revert to totalitarianism and oppression.

          The left is also clearing the path for the new feudalism set up by global capitalists. In case you haven't noticed, the left is the strongest supporter of same with the Transpacific and Transatlantic partnerships as prime examples. I don't see Trump as the biggest problem we face despite his faults. I don't think I will be spending much more time here because I want to contribute to the solution, not to the problems.

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          The Mission Of Freedom


              I woke up this morning to get some unusually great news, the cognitive level of Yabberz was raised to it's highest points. I no longer have to coddle to, and lower my sensibilities to the supporters of the Yolk. I don't have to think about how the bloody hell these folks think and react. I am free to write about the way it is, the way it is for all of us... even them, and have open and honest constructive dialogue on how to fix the unfixable.

              I feel like Charlie Brown, who almost got to kick the ball again if it weren't for the ever present Lucy. This was never an election, we are recovering from the biggest temper tantrum of modern times, a last gasp of the Neanderthals of bigotry and hate, division and war. There is a time for greatness on the battlefields, there is also a time for greatness on the intellectual fronts of this whole new world.

              So the mission is and has always been clear, the majority is not in alignment with much if anything that this gelatinous goo is sliming up. The Big Yolk in the WH, surrounded by equally unappetizing buffer of white all placed in an oval... No hens need apply.

              This is not a Democratic fight, this is not a Republican fight, this is not the fight of Independents and Greens. The resistance is all of us and whatever makes us Americans inside. We do this not for politics or personalities but for the security in the knowledge that ALL Americans are that inside, where it counts. Where people rise to the challenges, protect their neighbors and strangers alike because it is the right thing to do, not the Christian or Muslim, or Jewish thing, just the right thing.

              Welcome to the New World order, politicians need not apply, humanity has now been elected en masse, with a mandate of hope.

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              67-Year-Old Woman Beat Boyfriend To Death With A Bat For 36 Hours, Police A

              Under the influence of a marijuana soaked in some embalming fluid is a very stupid combination to smoke , if you but the marijuana buy it from a good dealer and not a quack it will make you loose control and things will happen to you as we see here . In this case the woman beat the living daylight out of here boyfriend and kept going until there was practically no life left in him this is so sad that they blame it on the marijuana I can see they do that and they are right but and there is always a but, she didn't know that they had tampered with it and that she would loose her mind because of it so is the dealer part to blame or is it all on the woman..

              67-Year-Old Woman Beat Boyfriend to Death with a Bat for 36 Hours, Police Allege

              Investigators in Washington D.C. have arrested a woman for allegedly beating her boyfriend to death last week — with a metal baseball bat — over the course of 36 hours, PEOPLE confirms.

              Thomasine Bennett, 67, was arrested Friday and charged with assault with intent to kill, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE. But that charge was upgraded to murder once an autopsy revealed her 63-year-old boyfriend, Walter Mack Clark, died of blunt force trauma.

              Bennett’s public defender could not be reached for comment. It was unclear Tuesday if she has entered a plea.

              According to court papers, Clark’s bloodied body was found on the floor of a closet in Bennett’s home in D.C. The victim’s hands had been bound and he was found lying in a fetal position.

              A piece of wood had been used to barricade Clark inside the room, records show. An hour later, he was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

              One of Clark’s relatives shared their reaction at Bennett’s arrest with WJLA, saying it “just brought back the fury that she would do something like that over whatever the case may been.”

              After Clark was found, Bennett allegedly told detectives she’d smoked the street drug “love boat” — marijuana that has been soaked in embalming fluid or PCP or both — with him the night before his death.

              Under questioning, she allegedly said that Clark asked her to marry him on Valentine’s Day while the two were out at a club celebrating. Court records allege she responded that she was tired of loving a man who was unfaithful — and that this answer nearly led to a physical fight.

              Bennett also allegedly admitted to intermittently beating Clark with a metal baseball bat on Thursday and Friday, records show. A witness, who is not identified, confirmed seeing Bennett beating Clark on both days, according to the documents.

              At one point, the witness claims to have heard Bennett call Clark a “demon.” the records state.

              When the witness tried to escape the home, the records allege Bennett held them at gunpoint and struck them over the head, leaving them with a visible head injury.

              A D.C. police spokesman declined to discuss Bennett’s suspected motive for allegedly attacking Clark.

              Attempts to reach relatives of both Bennett and Clark were unsuccessful Tuesday.

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              Kennewick Man's Bones Reburied, Settling A Decades-Long Debate


                  "Unearthed in 1996 after part of his skull was found along the shores of the Columbia River in Washington, Kennewick Man, a 9,000-year-old Paleoamerican, would soon be regarded as the most important human skeletal discovery in American history.

                  A Crisis of Ancient Identity

                  "When two college students reported that they had found a skull fragment in the river, scientists responded quickly. After searching for and collecting nearly 300 other pieces of bone, they were able to determine that the set of remains was one of the oldest and most complete human skeletons ever recovered.

                  "Kennewick Man became the subject of an intense legal feud between the scientists who wished to continue studying him, and members of local Native American tribes who believed that he was an ancient ancestor and should therefore undergo a sacred burial in his homeland. And that’s where the trouble began."


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