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Heckling John McCain, Enjoying Smashmouth, Ashley Feinberg, And Shrek


      Something strange is happening here, I can't get no relief...





      In light of recent news involving John McCain, a look back at the time I heckled him.


      Heckling McCain

      One of the lone benefits of living in the state of melancholia known as the Land of Enchantment is that every four years it gains a small, brief flash of prominence. It is, thanks to the absurdities of our electoral system, one of a handful of “battleground” states that are considered up for grabs. While that liberal bastion of depravity called California is the juiciest prize with fifty five electoral votes, its outcome is reliably anti-American. Similarly with Texas, the land of inflated egos, its thirty four votes ought to be much more enticing than the paltry five of neighboring New Mexico, but it’s bound to go for whoever the Republican is. Unless the Republican is Alan Keyes, then it’s a toss-up. But since New Mexico can teeter-totter either way, and has done that quite a bit, its five votes can go either way, it’s a slightly bi-curious state. That means that we’ve been blessed with campaign stops by all of the major candidates, and their surrogates, and we’ve been subjected to an unrelenting stream of torturous campaign ads, and robocalls.

      Due to my fortuitous residence, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to see men from both tickets up close, and managed to miss the single woman from the main candidates by a matter of mere hours and ninety or so miles. Both men appeared weeks apart in the exact same venue.

      I showed up to see Joe Biden on a Friday. Tickets were required, I showed up a little before the announced time for distributing the tickets the day before. There was already a line of a dozen or so people who had showed up even earlier than I had. The group was diverse, an assortment of the elderly, college age young adults, middle aged fogies, with several different ethnicities.

      The rally was in the Mesilla Plaza, gates opened at eleven thirty, which is right when I arrived. Joe was scheduled to show up at one thirty. My associate commonly known as Waffle Bob, and my very lovely Mexican friend decided to humor me and come along. I was gladdened to see that security had improved markedly in the four years since I’d last seen a vice-presidential candidate in the same spot. When John Edwards showed up to speak in his failed attempt to unseat Dick Cheney, the security was abysmally poor. There wasn’t a metal detector in sight, and the short staffed managers of the event picked a few large looking high school students out of the attendees to do crowd control. The school to which I went, an alternative school peopled mainly by gangsters and delinquents, was just across the street, and students were allowed to attend as a lesson in civic responsibility. So when they needed bouncers to stand at a gate, and only allow people with the right ticket to pass, they picked out some the more imposing students to do that job. I happened to know the ones they picked, and luckily they took that responsibility seriously.

      The Biden rally and speech was mostly unremarkable. Our own Governator Billy Richardson dropped in, his beard in tow, Senator Jeff Bingaman also put in some face time, and Mr. Udall, the democratic candidate for senate, was unable to attend, but his lovely wife Jill attended in his stead. The most lasting thing I took away from that event was a nasty sunburn. I do love Biden though, and think he’s a great guy, always one that’s good for a laugh. I seriously considered tossing a water bottle at his head, but wisely decided against it, I was that close.

      I really wanted to go see Sarah Palin. She was going to be in Roswell the Sunday after the Friday that I saw Joe, and that weekend I was with my mom, sort of in the area, about an hour and a half drive’s a way. Alas, I was unable to convince her to put in the gas and the time to make it to it. That one might’ve been fun.

      McCain’s the big guy; he’s at the top, not a mere number two. When I heard that he was coming to town, my first thought was I need to get tickets to go to this thing, and my second thought was, I should make a big “VOTE MULATTO! 08” sign to smuggle into the rally. Unfortunately people weren’t very accommodating, so I didn’t manage to make that sign. I did get tickets. They were being handed out at the McCain campaign’s Victory office. Showing up there, I made a point to not park too close to their office, lest they see my Obama bumper sticker and realize that I’m an impostor. Every time that I’ve been to an Obama office, the people there, workers, volunteers, tourists, whatever, were very diverse, they were from every age group and every ethnicity. Walking into that McCain office, I was greeted with a uniform collection of white, wrinkled faces. Everybody else there must’ve had at least thirty two years on me. Every single person other than myself was old and white, which I guess should be expected, the supporters mirror their candidates.

      The rally opened at two, which is right around the time I got there. I had to be a little early to pay parking scalpers two bucks to park in a dirt field. Amid dozens of trucks and SUV’s adorned with McCain-Palin stickers and various other obscenities, mine was the lone car sporting a sticker saying “Obama 08- Si se puede!”

      I didn’t have backup this time, the one time that I probably needed it most. I got there early enough to get an advantageous spot to stand, probably about forty feet away from the microphone, almost as close as I had been when Biden was there. A crane had raised a giant American flag, at just the right angle, so that minutes into it, the sun snuck behind it, eclipsed by the flag as America’s eclipsed the hope of the world. That was roughly what I said in a photo-text-message that I sent from the rally. I think I got a pretty good shot of it dipping behind the flag. That flag was the best, if only for the shade that it gave me. I may have escaped with only a minor sunburn this time.

      People started filling in around me, and I let a few people g closer, because I assumed that they legitimately wanted to see the guy. Workers began assembling the podium, and the crowd roared as the “Straight Talk Express” drove past. The McCain campaign is in such dire financial shape that they were handing out hand painted signs, at least that’s the spin I’m putting on it. There were a handful of professionally printed signs, but most were of the elementary school chic type. They may have been going for a folksy feel.

      I saw one black guy there, he was wearing a McCain shirt, I tried getting a photo of him, to have the caption, “The uncoolest black dude ever.” (

      Loading Tweet ... https://twitter.com/ZombieCheney/status/871525107558002688


      I was standing alone, in a sea of enemies, wondering if they knew that I was not one of them. It was definitely whiter than Biden’s crowd, and older, but there was some variety, and a few young people, parents had brought their young children, presumably to warn them about what types of men may make it in politics. A republican candidate for the New Mexico state legislature gave the opening, prayerful invocation, a whole bunch of religious mumbo jumbo; for the most part I stayed respectfully silent, shouting at the tail end of it something along the lines of “Atheists for Obama!”

      Vikki Carr was there, I don’t really know who she is, apparently some Grammy winning singer from El Paso who supports McCain, she didn’t say anything that I felt required a response, she did bring up Vietnam, going to visit the boys. She sang some songs, America the Beautiful, and went into a thing where she was singing “let it be him,” god willing, let it be John McCain.

      Tinsley showed up to speak. I don’t like him very much. He is the republican running for congress, and he was quite an annoying windbag. He got to a point where he all but accused his opponent of being a child pornographer, a statement I felt did warrant a response, so I so eloquently shouted back “BULLSHIT!” And a few people turned around to stare at me for a second or two.

      Next up to the plate was Steve Pearce, a truly vile republican, gap toothed scumbag who snubbed my sister’s college wine class. He is the current congressman, and he’s running for a seat in the senate that’s being vacated by Pete Domenici. I don’t have any unkind words for Domenici, who was also there, but I don’t really know if he deserves any or not. But Pearce, when he started talking about Joe the Plumber, whose name is not Joe, and who’s not really a plumber, and who can’t afford the business that was the point of him talking to Obama, I couldn’t stand it. Enough with Joe the Plumber! I’m tired of even hearing his name (I must admit, in the interest of fairness, that Lindsey Graham talking about Joe “the Biden”, I let out a little laugh). Pearce said that we needed to elect McCain, so that Joe the plumber would be able to afford his business, and create new jobs, while Obama just wanted to spread the wealth around. Since Joe the not actually “Joe” and not actually a “plumber” actually makes forty grand a year, I yelled at Pearce “Under Obama’s plan, Joe the Plumber would get a tax cut!”

      Steve went on to say that McCain needs to be president, so that we’ll get good republican economic policies, tax cuts to create jobs and grow the economy. Naturally, a shout of “It’s worked great the past eight years!” was in order. And all of my heckles were timed, almost perfectly, because I cannot hope to claim perfection, so that they were said in that little window of opportunity after the speaker has finished his sentence, and after the crowd has died down, right in that moment of silence as the speaker draws his next breath, so that they would have maximum impact.
      By the time the elderly war hero finally came around, I had picked what I wanted to say, and was waiting for a good silent moment to shout it in. So after he talked about how we’re winning the war in Iraq, “Surge, baby, Surge!” I found an opportune time to ask, “How many more soldiers are you going to send to die, is forty two hundred not enough for ya?!” It was at this one when I most feared for my safety.

      A rotund, middle aged white gentleman with thinning hair started pushing against me. His wife said something, and I’m paraphrasing here “you better watch out buddy, he’s a soldier.” Big scary soldier feels like he needs to shove around a thin, gangly white boy, why? I have no idea. I wanted to say to him, “if you’re a soldier, you should be more upset, I’m not happy about dead soldiers, this fucking guy wants to make more of them, why do you have a problem with me? You should care about dead soldiers more than I do.” But not wanting to provoke anyone anymore than necessary, I said that I’d appreciate it if he stopped assaulting me.

      By this point I was definitely found out, I was no longer undercover. People knew that I was not one of them. Through the various shouts people were turning around and looking at me, some said “you can leave if you want to.” “Why would I want to leave, I’ve waited an hour and a half out here in the sun for my chance to shout invectives at these politicians. It’s my right to be here.” And I think that most of what I was saying were legitimate things to say, not just taunts and jeers, but things that were for the most part grounded in reality. Which has a well known liberal bias.

      I stuck it out there, feeling fairly unwelcome, clapping politely at the applause lines. Some people were shouting Socialist as Obama’s name came up in discussions about economic policies. The one time I pulled my punch was when McCain started talking about how the government needed to buy up all the bad mortgages across the country, because that’s where the problem started. I so dearly wanted to yell “SOCIALIST!” because that’s as socialistic as anything the other guy’s put up, but I was tempered by not wanting to provoke the man who might be a veteran who was still eyeing me. I stayed till the end, trying to strike up polite banter with the people next to me. As I walked out, I heard someone whisper to somebody else “there’s the demonstrator.”


      Anonymous said...

      So do you feel proud being a REV. going to a rally to start trouble rather than respecting the rights of those American citizens who are there to support McCain?
      I don't know where you have been living the last four decades, I know who Vikki Carr is, and according to her website (www.vikkicarr.net) the Grammy folks do too, soon to be honored with the 2008 Lifetime Achievement. Can we all get along it's American the Beautiful, NOT America the Ugly.

      OCTOBER 26, 2008 AT 11:04 AM
      Rev. Ezra Shark said...

      Dear Sir Anonymous,
      I absolutely feel proud, it was alot of fun going off and doing that. I wasn't trying to start any trouble, most of what I did was based on clearly thought out positions. The one, or maybe two exceptions would be my atheists comment, and using an expletive when Tinsley was speaking. But in my defense, what that guy was saying was obscene, he was equating his opponent with a child pornographer, I don't know if you could hit very much harder below the belt than with that one. And that religious voodoo incantations is just ridiculous, we've come a long way in the past three thousand years, I don't need the stories and superstitions of paleolithic nomads thrust into my face. Compare what I said to what other people were shouting, yelling out that Obama was a socialist and a muslim, not that there's anything wrong with being those things. Using those as invectives isn't based on anything remotely rooted in reality. What the fuck is wrong with yelling some straight talk at the straight talk express? They had it coming. God forbid a little bit of reality sneeks its way into some of those skulls.
      Oh, and I haven't been living for the past four decades, I'm still a fifth of a decade away from living for two decades.

      OCTOBER 26, 2008 AT 11:26 AM
      Patty said...

      Why a person has to degrade another person is beyond me. Sir, your ignorance is showing...Vikki Carr?
      You don't know who she is? Oh please... your ugly is showing.
      You see, Vikki Carr Is an American, she lives here and has the same rights everyone else has, as stated in the Bill of Rights. I don't happen to agree with some of her views, however, I agree she has the right to speak, and by the way, she has done more for people of the world than most, so I take exception to your comment.

      OCTOBER 26, 2008 AT 11:26 AM
      Patty said...

      Dear Ezra,
      I'm commenting on the answer you gave anonymous. Didn't you think the people who were yelling obscenities were way off? and then look at you, not only did you slam him, but an innocent woman who was just saying what she's believes. I mean, why go to a rally of people you don't like, what's that all about? Just to stir up trouble? I think this is way too important for silly games, if ya don't want McCain, then don't go to his rallies, it's really simple, instead, talk to YOUR friends about the goodnesses of the person you do like.

      OCTOBER 26, 2008 AT 11:38 AM
      Anonymous said...

      Dear Sir Anonymous and Patty,

      I like your style short sweet and not offensive, and to Rev Ezra Shark....you cussed again in your answer back to "Sir Anonymous,"

      Hats off to Vicki Carr for standing up for what she believes in. She has my vote! I was present and she stirred emotions with her version of America the Beautiful. We need more Vicki Carrs!

      God watch over all of us!

      OCTOBER 26, 2008 AT 12:28 PM
      Rev. Ezra Shark said...

      Dear Miss Patty,
      I didn't at all mean to criticize Vikki Carr, I don't think I said anything that was overly critical or ugly. It wasn't my intention, I was just mentioning her because she was there, and I wanted to include as much info about that event as I could. She absolutely has the right to say whatever she wants, and I completely respect it. I was never telling anyone to shut up. My comments, save for one exception, were based in reality, they were truthful, and honest, and weren't intended to cause trouble, but to serve as a counterpoint. When they say things like Joe the Plumber would be better off under McCain, because Obama would raise his taxes, when in fact Joe the not-really-a-plumber would fall into the ninety five percent of americans who'd get a tax cut, a response is not out of line. These past eight years have been hell for this country and the world, and John McCain will head go right ahead with continuing where George Bush has left off. When the people running the government have displayed such reckless disregard for basic principles of decency, it can create some righteous anger. Waging a war of aggression against a country that never threatened the United States, causing over forty two hundred American soldiers to be killed, tens of thousands more wounded, destroying an entire country, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of men women and children, things like that get me pretty angry, and it comes through in what I write. This is 2008 and there are people who are still arguing about the morality of torture for christsake! We've rounded up hundreds of people and shipped them off to the Caribbean with no real oversight, or charges, or legal justification for it at all. They've done the same thing to American citizens. Look at Jose Padilla, the president signs a letter and he gets sent to a naval brig for years, just because Bush signed a letter calling him an enemy combatant. These men stood by and did nothing while an iconic American city was getting destroyed, and left people stranded in a hellish nightmare for days. Hurricane Katrina might have came in under 9/11's death toll by a thousand, but the broad impacts from that were so huge and devastating, it's the worst disaster in this nation's history, yet it hasn't had nearly as much impact on our political culture. I am tired of being governed by men and women who think that we're stupid, that we can be bought off with tax cuts, all while our country continues to circle the drain, I'm tired of trying to be manipulated by fear. Thanks for your comments.

      OCTOBER 26, 2008 AT 12:53 PM
      Patty said...

      Oh Ezra,
      I applaud you for your passion. It's good to know there are folks who REALLY do care about all this.
      I hope you keep going with your beliefs.
      My opinion is...Put your passion to better use than to go to a rally where people are as passionate about their beliefs as you are with yours.
      Join the Democratic Party and help pass out signs, or offer to assist folks to the polls on election day.
      Clearly your heart is in the right place, I just wish we would let FREEDOM RING and leave people with different views alone.
      Thank you for explaining your view, and about Vikki Carr. Hope I didn't bite too hard. Don't ever lose your passion.

      OCTOBER 26, 2008 AT 1:30 PM
      Rev. Ezra Shark said...

      Patty, thank you very much for your comments. The both of us, we are either very lucky or very cursed to be living in interesting times. I understand why you might take issue with the actions that I wrote about, but I think that when the stakes start getting higher, sometimes always following a high standard of civility can get in the way. I have been doing things that would be, say, more constructive than what I wrote about. I've been working with a group at my campus to get college students registered to vote, I've done canvassing for Obama's campaign, I've even written letters(actually, a letter) to the editor, which I of course had to tone down slightly. From where I'm standing (not to shamelessly plug another post of mine, but I think there's one title why write, right? that speaks about this a little more), and I know that my perspective might not be the correct one, the entire world is standing on the brink of a precipice right now, and it looks like it's going to be a long hard fall. And this is by no means something that I blame on one segment of the country, or the world, or whatever, in particularly, but is due to the natural culmination of history. The United States is bankrupt, we have absolutely no money at all, we've been able to avoid a complete crash so far solely because the rest of the world hasn't decided to freeze our credit limit. There are two big geological and climatological disasters that are barreling down on us. The production of oil will start to decline very soon, there's only so much left in the ground. In the US the amount of oil that we've been able to recover has declined every year since 1970, which is why people saying "drill, baby, drill!" just don't get it. We can't drill our way out of the problem when the problem is there's not enough crude left in the ground. And that's going to be disastrous, there's nothing to fall back on. All the talk of clean coal, solar, wind, tide, and nuclear energy hides the fact that even when combined, those sources don't have anywhere near the convenience and utility of petroleum. We've seen the last days of cheap oil. Throw that in with global warming, which is only going to get worse as we start burning up more coal to replace the oil we'll be losing, and the century ahead's looking rather bleak. Which is why I care so much about it, and why I'm willing to come off as a little abrasive. These things matter. Who we elect matters a lot, and to see people distracted by the candidate's pastors, or what they're wearing, or a guy calling himself joe the plumber, it can get me worked up. The choices that are going to be made have profound consequences beyond what will be the new colors of the curtains in the White House.

      OCTOBER 26, 2008 AT 2:26 PM
      Patty said...

      Oh Ezra Honey,
      Your so young, and I feel so old....I was where you are (with all that fire) 30 years ago, when men were fighting one another. Then, our cry was "All we are saying is give peace a chance."
      Both our views are correct. People dismissed my protests and chalked them up to my age, and because I was loud AND passionate, the folks just dismissed me as a nut job.
      That's when I learned I could make my cause better known by adding sugar so to speak, also by remaining calm.
      Your very refreshing Ezra. It's really nice to know the young ones are listening, just don't forget to have a little fun also. listen to some music, broaden your horizons.
      Listen to Vikki Carr.
      Take care of yourself Ezra.

      OCTOBER 26, 2008 AT 6:48 PM
      Rev. Ezra Shark said...

      I think it's very interesting the way the tone of your comments changed as they progressed. It's good to know that not everyone on the intraweb is a hardheaded dogmatist. Thank you.

      OCTOBER 26, 2008 AT 10:11 PM


      PS-- read the whole thread on twitter for the full experience.

      .@realDonaldTrump Hey, Lord Fuckwad, I see you compensating with your Golden Tower, stay the hell away from my swamp. pic.twitter.com/oRvFGXNM8H

      — Zombie (@ZombieCheney) July 19, 2017

      more less

          'Today the British empire has fallen, too. Elizabeth II has never worn the Koh-i-Noor, and since independence in 1947, India and Pakistan have asked repeatedly for the diamond to be returned.

          '“What is the proper response to imperial looting?” Anand and Dalrymple ask on the book’s final page. The question certainly deserves a better answer than David Cameron offered, when asked to give back the Koh-i-Noor in 2010: “If you say yes to one you suddenly find the British Museum would be empty.”'

          I imagine many other museums would also find themselves suddenly emptied of some of their most valuable treasures on display or still stored in dusty basements, which does not speak well as to just how museums have come to own treasures taken/looted from other lands. What is the moral thing to do? In my humble opinion, it would be better to make a copy and return the originals to their rightful countries of origins together with an official apology and an appropriate ceremony to mark the momentous occasion. It would certainly be a magnanimous gesture.


          "Investigative journalists know that the way into a great story is to “follow the money”. In this vivid history of one of the world’s most celebrated gemstones, the Indian diamond known as the Koh-i-Noor, Anita Anand and William Dalrymple put an inventive twist on the old maxim. “Follow the diamond,” they realise, and it can lead into a dynamic, original and supremely readable history of empires.

          "Well before diamonds became a western synonym for wealth, Hindu scriptures endowed gems with magical, even divine, qualities, while central Asians – including 16th-century India’s Mughal rulers – prized rubies as tangible distillations of the light of the setting sun. On festive occasions the Mughal emperor would have himself weighed against offerings of gems, pearls and gold presented by his courtiers – and then distribute the treasure among the people. The imperial treasury of the 1600s, as described by a handful of gasping visitors, cascaded with gems of exceptional size, clarity and colour.

          "Which of these loose stones was the Koh-i-Noor nobody can say, but by the middle of the 1600s it had pride of place in the magnificent Peacock Throne, commissioned by the emperor Shah Jahan. There would be no greater statement of Mughal splendour than this orgiastic jewel-encrusted confection, “without parallel in any of the treasure of past or present kings” – and no greater prize for any of the Mughals’ enemies. In 1739, the Persian ruler Nader Shah swept into Delhi and conquered the capital in a frenzy of carnage. The throne – with the Koh-i-Noor embedded in it – left India in “a haemorrhage of booty”, carried into Persia on the backs of thousands of elephants, camels and horses.

          The jewel is now set in the Queen Mother’s coronation crown. The jewel is now set in the Queen Mother’s coronation crown. Photograph: Dan Chung for the Guardian

          "Back in Khorasan, Nader Shah stripped the throne of two of its greatest jewels – the Koh-i-Noor and an exquisite ruby – and wore them around his arms. Henceforth the diamond would be bound up with the winning and losing of power. Nader Shah himself went from victor to victim when he was assassinated in a conspiracy in 1747. A loyal Afghan bodyguard named Ahmad Shah rescued the diamond and carried it to Kandahar, where he in turn wore the jewel in an armband and established an empire stretching from Afghanistan deep into north India. His descendants, though, couldn’t secure his domains, and rivals chipped it away piece by piece. In the early 1800s the Afghans lost their eastern provinces in India to the Sikh warlord Ranjit Singh, who carried off the Koh-i-Noor as well."


          more less

          This Is A Copy And Paste But Well Thought Out Worth The Read

          Our major urban centers are plagued with crime, unemployment and poverty. Ask any sociologist, and she’ll explain that poverty causes crime, and more money must be spent solving the curse of unemployment and poverty in order to reduce crime. This is the conventional wisdom, of course, but after 50 years of shoveling money at the problem, poverty has not been cured, and crime is worse than ever. How can this be, if the conventional wisdom is right?
          Well, hang onto your hats –the conventional wisdom is dead wrong! For poverty doesn’t cause crime. It’s the other way around –crime causes poverty! It also causes unemployment, for that matter. Detroit is an excellent example of this phenomenon, so here’s how it unfolded in Detroit.
          In 1946, WWII had just ended, our servicemen were returning home to reclaim their civilian lives, families, homes and jobs, and Detroit was still a perfectly fine place to live and raise a family –at least on the surface it appeared to be. But the seeds of its destruction had already been planted, and Detroit’s sorrows, breakdown and total ruin would begin to play out with increasing tempo and an ever rising crescendo in no more than a decade’s time. In just over two decades’ time, Detroit’s coffin would be sealed and ready for burial. What happened to cause such a cataclysm is such record time?
          First, there was the Great Depression, which left tens of millions of Americans impoverished and millions with no income whatsoever; then, WWII occurred, and Detroit, the bastion of the American auto industry and all the other industries that supported it, switched to armaments and munitions production, making the US the “Arsenal of Democracy”. Suddenly, there was instant prosperity. The problem, however, was that with millions of men being drafted to fight the war, the factories were bled white of manpower to keep the assembly lines rolling. Even employing women for factory work, more men were still needed and in massive numbers.
          The solution was not slow in coming. The largely agricultural South sent its unemployed, under-employed and barely surviving poor in vast numbers to the northern industrial cities to pick up the slack of the men already drafted until many of these replacements would, in turn, also be drafted, whereupon still more workers would be needed. Both whites and blacks arrived from the South to work Detroit’s factories and assembly lines, and the friction between the races was manifest from the beginning. In 1943, it culminated in a great race riot that broke out on the Belle Isle Bridge and quickly spread west to Woodward Avenue, Detroit’s main thoroughfare, where the blacks held the east side and the whites held the west.
          As word of the riot spread and as the factories began letting out, white men began arriving by the hundreds in their employers’ trucks to reinforce the barricades on the west side of Woodward, many southerners among these men, many of them wielding 2x4's and lead pipes they brought with them from work. People who knew nothing of the riot were savagely attacked in their cars as they traveled along Woodward, dragged out and beaten, their cars set afire. Pedestrians were suddenly not walking but running for their lives as they encountered mobs with murder in their hearts and on their minds. The riots lasted three days, resulted
          in 34 dead and over 400 injured, and were only stopped when the army was called in and set up machine gun nests atop buildings in the downtown area.
          But the mischief was done. WWII had led to a tremendous change in Detroit’s racial demographics, and the previously black neighborhoods and sections of the city were overflowing with the influx of newly arrived blacks from the South. Of course, for the white newcomers, this wasn’t a problem, since they were not restricted in the neighborhoods they could choose, and many chose the suburbs just as soon as the first expressways were built immediately following the end of the war. Ike built the interstate highway system, but cities like Detroit preceded him in making fast travel by car from the downtown area out to the suburbs possible much earlier. Perhaps, too, the southerners simply read the handwriting on the wall before the northerners did, since they came from heavily black-populated areas and they knew from experience that blacks and whites could not live together as social equals, and they perceived the northern white attitude that was inclined to give it a try.
          Then, to add still more fuel to the conflagration about to occur, along came G. Mennen (“Soapy”) Williams, heir to the Mennen soap and toiletries fortune, who ran for office as a Democrat and who quickly realized he could get the black vote easily enough just by giving them welfare! In 1948, Soapy Williams became governor of Michigan, put the blacks on welfare, was instrumental in having deed restrictions that forbade anyone other than a member of the Caucasian race from owning or occupying property in white subdivisions eliminated and generally assisted in the transformation of Detroit from a white city into a black city. Crime in Detroit was skyrocketing as the social cancer rolled over the city, and whites were fleeing to the suburbs. Fleeing also was industry, small businesses, professional persons and their offices, restaurants, theaters, dance halls and every other sort of once profitable enterprise that had called Detroit home. They simply could not remain in the face of mob shoplifting, armed robberies, strong arm robberies, the terrorization and departure of their customers, the vandalism ... well, you get the picture.
          The Detroit public schools became increasingly unsafe and unmanageable. Despite all the money thrown at the problem by the politicians, the schools, the neighborhoods and, in short, the City of Detroit were all beyond salvaging. Naturally, as the productive citizens and businesses (i.e., the taxpayers) fled Detroit, and then came the 1967 riots. Unlike the 1943 riots, in 1967, the National Guard and the Army troops were not given carte blanche to restore order. Instead, the riots were more or less allowed to run their course.
          The result was the rapid abandonment of the few white enclaves still left at that time and the demise of Detroit. Of course, it wasn’t only the whites who were fleeing Detroit –blacks who had the wherewithal to depart were also leaving in droves for the immediate suburbs. The only problem was, they brought the crime wave with them, forcing whites to move still further away. In the process, crime shot up in many previously low crime suburbs, the schools became dangerous in direct proportion to the percentage of blacks who attended those schools, and of course, it goes without saying that property values took a very serious hit. Soon, in many suburban district courts, on any criminal call day, there were enough blacks present to have cast a Tarzan movie!
          As for Detroit, as the wage earners and responsible citizens departed, so went the tax base, and Detroit’s coffers became more barren each year. With revenues hit hard by the still increasing numbers of the social cancer, city services began to suffer correspondingly. There were ever fewer police and firefighters in the city, emergency response vehicles (including EMS) went without repairs and at any given time, more and more of them were out of service. Of course, some areas of the city (e.g., the Jeffries Projects) were largely unaffected, since neither the police nor the EMS personnel would venture into those areas anyway, due to the godawful crime rate present there. By now, crime had reached the point that Detroit was a virtual combat zone. Bus service was unreliable and had become so dangerous people were shot, robbed, beaten, et cetera, just riding the buses. In many areas, particularly after dark, only the unwary stopped for red lights, because the risk of being carjacked and murdered while stopped was just entirely too high.
          Even those Detroit residents who still worked for a living were often stymied by the city’s inability to perform essential services –how so you get to work if your car is snowed in at your home and city snow removal is only a distant memory? Consequently, whole neighborhoods were reduced to slums within just a few short years, the only businesses still operating being illicit drug sales, prostitution and all different forms of theft. Once fine homes looked as if they’d been hit by wartime bombings, and entire blocks of what had been residential neighborhoods were left as barren as No-Man’s Land in WWI. Oftentimes, even the birds had departed.
          At present, Detroit is, in reality, about 90% black –80%, plus multi-ethnics, plus “other”, plus non-white Hispanics, et cetera. White people left behind in black neighborhoods, and too poor to move out, have to either put chicken wire over their windows or board them up with plywood due to the black kids’ penchant for hurling rocks through their windows. The gas stations and stores that are still doing business in the city are mostly owned and operated by Chaldeans, Bengalis and other immigrants from brutal, impoverished parts of the world, and even many of them are now leaving. The chief of police has advised Detroit residents to arm themselves for self-defense in their homes, and he has warned people not to stop at gas stations after dark, because the risk of carjacking and murder is entirely too great. He, himself, was almost carjacked 2 or 3 years ago while off duty!
          The “Social Justice Warriors” have the profound audacity to proclaim that poverty has caused this crime wave! Rubbish! Crime has produced poverty where there used to be an abundance of good paying jobs –just try operating a place of business in a combat zone. Even heavy industrial plants are not immune. Employees’s cars are stolen and trunks broken into, but worse still, the plants themselves have been invaded by armed robbers at night and the workers beaten and robbed. In many cases, the night-shift foremen have to carry sidearms on their person while on the job because of the danger!
          Is Detroit broke? Of course! Broke and in bankruptcy. Is it enveloped in crime? Absolutely! Is the crime the result of poverty? Hell, no! The crime is the cause of the poverty!

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          BREAKING NEWS!!! Teacher Arrested


              Joe Irvine

              BREAKING NEWS !!

              Teacher Arrested

              A public school teacher was arrested today at John F. Kennedy International airport as he attempted to board a flight while in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a compass, a slide-rule and a calculator.

              At a morning press conference, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he believes the man is a member of the notorious Al-Gebra movement.

              He did not identify the man, who has been charged by the FBI with carrying weapons of math instruction.

              ...Al-Gebra is a problem for us', the Attorney General said. 'They derive solutions by means and extremes, and sometimes go off on tangents in search of absolute values.' They use secret code names like "X" and "Y" and refer to themselves as "unknowns" but we have determined that they belong to a common denominator of the axis of medieval with coordinates in every country.

              As the Greek philosopher Isosceles used to say, "There are 3 sides to every triangle."

              When asked to comment on the arrest, President Trump said, "If God had wanted us to have better weapons of math instruction, he would have given us more fingers and toes."

              White House aides told reporters they could not recall a more intelligent or profound statement by the President.

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              Women Are Destroying This Guy Who Says Menstrual Pain Is A Myth


                  Here is another guy that knows everything about a women body so that he can say there is no such thing as PMS. Maybe not in so many words but saying that menstrual pain is a myth to me sounds like saying that there is no such thing as PMS.

                  Where do these guys come from, how do they know all these so called facts as they call them I am so sick and tired of these punks who think they can tell what we can and can't do and feel and don't feel with and in our body .

                  Leave us the hell alone play with yourself if you want any respect from us or whatever you want but never ever tell us what we can feel or not feel is wrong with our bodies mind your own damn business and stay out of ours do you get that.:-{


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                  Video Captures Hero Dog's Rescue Of Drowning Baby Deer In Long Island Sound


                      'This video shows the incredible moment a dog bounded into the water to rescue a drowning young deer.

                      'Mark Freeley had been walking his dogs, Storm and Sara, by the Long Island Sound in New York state on Sunday when the pooch suddenly leapt into the water. The English golden retriever swam out into the sound before grabbing something by the neck and pulling it back to shore.

                      'It was a baby deer.

                      '“Storm just plunged into the water and started swimming out to the fawn, grabbed it by the neck, and started swimming to shore,” Freeley told CBS News.

                      'Freeley captured video of the deer’s rescue and posted it on Facebook. “What a morning ... Can’t believe this,” he wrote. “Storm just saved this baby deer.”

                      'As the Facebook video shows, Storm brought the fawn to dry land and ushered it to safety. Obviously weakened, you can see the deer down on its belly as Storm licks and nudges the animal with his nose.

                      '“[When] he laid down next to it, and started nudging it and pawing it … that was really special,” Freeley told WCBS Newsradio 880.

                      'Concerned about the deer’s health, Freeley said he called an animal rescue team who soon arrived on the scene. When Frank Floridia and Erica Kutzing of the Strong Island Animal Rescue League tried to get close to the deer, however, the skittish animal ran into the water again — this time, swimming even further out than before.

                      'Floridia jumped into the water to save it.

                      '“It was a do-or-die situation,” the rescuer told the New York Daily News. “I really didn’t have much of a choice. If I didn’t go in the water, the deer would’ve died.”

                      'Thankfully, Floridia managed to bring the deer back to land. He and Kutzing then transported it to the Star Foundation, a Long Island nonprofit animal rescue organization.

                      'Floridia told the Daily News that the deer was found “full of ticks” and with cuts and bruises on its head. The animal is expected to make a full recovery, however, and will likely be released back into the wild in a few months.'


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