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Trans Rights; A Slow Journey With Some Positive Steps...Sort Of

This is not a unique case. It is not a rare case.

This is a case which an Appeals Court found to be a rather common occurrence. To understand the case, just read the story and consider what you would do if this were you, your family member, a member of your church and your community.


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There Are Growing Demands For Trump To Release His Tax Returns After Summit

Prominent lawmakers, pundits, and watchdog groups are renewing calls for President Donald Trump to finally release his tax returns after the president's widely-panned summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland earlier this week.

It was during a Monday press conference alongside Putin that Trump cast doubt on the US intelligence community's assessment that Russia interfered in the 2016 US presidential election. He also attacked his Democratic opponents and the FBI, and said he held both countries accountable for their state of relations. That press conference followed an hours-long private meeting between the two with only their interpreters present.

On the Senate floor Wednesday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called on Republicans to force Trump into releasing the returns.

"President Trump's inexplicable behavior has many Americans asking, 'what does Putin have over him' that he's behaving in a way that is basically inexplicable in any rational, logical line of thinking?" Schumer said. "Well, that's why his tax returns would be so important. We should pass legislation that requires the president to release his tax returns. That was important before, but it's so much more important after Helsinki now."


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Demand Voter ID!!!!

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What Robert Mueller Knows—and 9 Areas He'll Pursue Next


      The Mueller investigation, much in the news for many months, is still a huge unknown (Mueller quite apparently runs a tight, no-leaks, ship). If you want to know a good deal more about the possibilities and about, for example, the key role of Rod Rosenstein, here's an excellent essay--


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      Trump Is Making The Clintons Look Clean


          Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016 in part because voters perceived his opponent, Hillary Clinton, to be a dishonest, self-dealing phony.

          Trump has now pulled off the improbable: He makes Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill look like ethical exemplars, compared with the corruption endemic in Trump’s administration.

          Whatever you think of Trump, there was legitimacy to his call, back in 2016, to “drain the swamp” and bring fresh blood to Washington. Team Clinton, it turned out, was the perfect foil for Trump, thanks to Hillary Clinton’s six-figure Wall Street speechmaking, her shifty explanations for violating government policy by using a private email server, and the money flowing into the Clinton Foundation from shady dealmakers undoubtedly hoping for favors once Hillary ascended to the White House.

          How quaint those Clinton controversies seem, compared with the Trump presidency.


          The REASON the Clintons "look" clean compared to Trump is because they ARE clean compared to Trump and most other people. Republicans have lied about the Clintons for over 25 years. There is a reason why the Clintons have not been prosecuted for the things republicans claim they did, and it is not because the Clintons are so good at getting away with stuff. It is because the stuff are lies.

          So Americans you have been bamboozled!!! And the press, who Trump is now castigating as badly as he is the Clintons, have been complicit in the bamboozling.

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