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Collusion, In Fact


      Trump's 'Good Person' Nod To Paul Manafort Is A Sign To Keep Quiet, Ex-U.S. Attorney Says | HuffPost


      If the former U. S. Attorney is correct about the nature of these statements, and it can be proved, then that's game, set, and match: Collusion!

      It is the President's responsibility, as "Chief Law Enforcement Officer," to catch persons like Manafort, a career criminal. If he is arranging, in advance, to dispose of a case in a manner that he is well aware is contradictory to law, then that, finally, is collusion.

      Certainly, neither local police forces, nor you or I, can have any hope of finding out, and fighting, criminals who operate internationally. If the President does not, then who possibly could?

      Allowing open collusion places the beneficiaries clearly above the law, untouchable. And, almost as important, this invulnerability would, of course, be for sale.

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      Accused Russian 'agent' Seeks Donations For Defense


          Fortunately for Putin's little spy here she can get an attorney for no cost to her at all. This is America. The same America she is spying on for Putin. The same America her and her Russian cronies wish to destroy. Let Putin pay for her legal defense since she is in his employ. Or better yet, let the NRA pay for her legal defense since she is such a big supporter and promotes them so much. Yeah, let the NRA show its true colors and support the likes of this woman. Yeah, let the NRA pay her legal expenses. I can't think of an organization that hates America more than the NRA except perhaps, the Republican Party.

          If found guilty of crimes then the NRA should be investigated for collusion with the Russians and using little Ms. Spy here as a cover and go between.


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          Report: Trump Is Considering Erik Prince’s Plan To Privatize The Afghanistan War


              What could possibly go wrong with this plan?

              The ultimate goal of people like Eric Prince, making money off of war and it sure sounds like they have a willing prospect in Donald J. Trump.

              I’m willing to bet there is some sort of kickback provision provided for him as I do not believe he would okay this if he wasn’t ‘wetting his beak.”

              We need to keep an eye on this.

              Report: Trump Is Considering Erik Prince’s Plan to Privatize the Afghanistan War

              President Trump loves the military. He’s made it more powerful, called its equipment “beautiful,” and tried to celebrate it with an absurdly expensive parade. But even he’s growing frustrated with the military’s strategy in Afghanistan, where a seemingly endless war approaches its 17th year.

              And so, NBC News reports, Trump is considering a plan to privatize the whole damn thing. The move, pushed by Blackwater founder Erik Prince, would replace soldiers with mercenaries working for a “viceroy” who reports directly to Trump.

              “I know he’s frustrated,” Prince told NBC News on the one-year anniversary of Trump’s reluctant approval of a troop increase in Afghanistan. “He gave the Pentagon what they wanted … And they haven’t delivered.”

              Prince said he’s soon to embark on a public push to get Trump to embrace his plan, which he first pitched Trump last summer with a PowerPoint presentation. Now, some of Trump’s “advisers” fear that his impatience with the lack of progress in Afghanistan “will cause him to seriously consider proposals like Prince’s,” NBC News reports.

              Apparently, Trump’s renewed interest of the privatization plan came after he saw a video of Prince, whose sister is Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, arguing that his plan is more economical. It’s not a new line for him. Last year, Prince said his plan would cost $10 billion, significantly less than the $40 billion the Pentagon budgeted for the war.

              Even if that was true, and it probably isn’t, there are plenty of other problems with fighting a war exclusively with private military contractors, as ex-mercenary Sean McFate wrote in The Atlantic last year:

              However, as an ex-military contractor, I cannot think of a worse solution for Afghanistan. There are many concerns about the safety, accountability, and morality of going into business with these types of outfits. … Mercenaries also breed war and suffering. For-profit warriors proliferate armed conflict — as long as there is someone to pay, there will always be a war to start, expand or prolong. History shows us that they often maraud between contracts, preying on the innocent.

              Prince, no doubt, has left those things out of his PowerPoint.


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              When We Will Be Great Again!

                  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo: 'Of Course America Is Great' | HuffPost

                  When will we be great again? That's easy: In 45*'s mind, America will only be great when we all bow down and praise Donald Trump. When the whole nation is a tribute to him. That's all he wants.

                  It's amazing how effective trolls are, or how stupid Americans are: if someone says that greatness, though our aspiration, has eluded us except in our magnificent birth, then the trolls jump in and convince his friends and enemies to attack him, knowing full well that we're not always all that great. And everyone falls for it. But then, we like nothing better than to be manipulated and conned. We're not ever going to erase our history of racism and genocide. We either repent and turn away from hate; and atone and make ammends, or we don't have a chance. We're gone.

                  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo: 'Of Course America Is Great' | HuffPost

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                  Trump Cancels Military Parade, Blames D.C. Officials For High Cost


                      President Donald Trump said Friday he has canceled a planned military parade this fall in the nation's capital because of the "ridiculously high" price tag given by D.C. officials.

                      "The local politicians who run Washington, D.C. (poorly) know a windfall when they see it. When asked to give us a price for holding a great celebratory military parade, they wanted a number so ridiculously high that I cancelled it," Trump tweeted.

                      "Never let someone hold you up! I will instead attend the big parade already scheduled at Andrews Air Force Base on a different date, & go to the Paris parade, celebrating the end of the War, on November 11th. Maybe we will do something next year in D.C. when the cost comes WAY DOWN. Now we can buy some more jet fighters!"

                      On Thursday, a defense official told NBC News that the upper estimate of the cost of the parade was $92 million, a figure first reported by CNBC. The potential cost was way above initial estimates.

                      I wonder if the cost was pushed up intentionally? Many people didn't want the parade.


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