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      The slow grinding is still going on in the grout that is us, the people, the We, the 'Mericans, the ostracized and the enabled. There is a lot of this give the guy a chance, just wait until he brings jobs etc... My wife just unfollowed an old friend, others are dropping from acquaintances to strangers, from friends to frienemies. This fracking that has been put through our collective skin in wreaking havoc on the people. It is sadly mistaken by some to be just a phase, just some extra anger to get through, but I don't think those folks really know what has happened.

      In reading some comments on the march this weekend, I was amazed the comments from women who were disregarding the reasons and angst that these women have for going through this, again. Women are not oppressed, they get whatever they want, blah blah. It struck me then how big this disconnect is, this whole notion that we are just going to somehow "get over it" and that these are normal things happening to the country and her people. Sorry to burst your bubbles, but this is and will always remain personal, very personal, much more than politics or a vote. So get that whole notion of getting along right out of your heads, this was an invasion of the worst kind and the resistance is a heck of a lot more powerful than folks think.

      Some seem to think this is what they went through for the last eight years, some sort of personal attack on them, that is hardly the case. Obama was elected on a mandate, meaning he had the support of the people to make sweeping changes. (*) was not even properly elected let alone a mandate and those sweeping changes he is making are not supported by the people, not even his own at times. Yeah, folks may think that this is somehow the same kind of thing, when it is much, much worse. This is and has never been about ideals, that is obvious, this was a personal beat-down delivered through a sucker punch and a lot of collusion. So for those who had ever complained about Hillary and supported (*) then you don't have a thing to stand on and never did. The good thing about this current situation is now, all of the blame is on him, all of it, and the daily pictures and stories on him will make us all forget about the past in a heartbeat.

      This was never an election, it was a temper tantrum and fix in the biggest possible sense of the words. Some got the person they voted for, good for them, just don't ever think that it will all be OK somehow, that we can all get along because that was never the intention. This was about fighting, this was about bigotry and hatred and this was about more than the small minds could ever have imagined. Am I going to hate my fellows? No, but I will not allow their desire to roll back the hands of time, to roll back into the arms of hatred and ignorance to ever go unnoticed. To magnify the human suffering that can only get worse with a disconnected dictator from Planet 9. Sorry, folks won't just get over it, and it seems like there was some things the right wanted to prove, if only to themselves. If that's the case then what's the plan? What do folks really have to look forward to? Just like us a great majority of (*) supporters have no idea, they just wanted to feel right, to feel empowered. It is funny as heck that they discount feelings an then turn around and run on those very things.

      This was a personal attack from day one, the left has been awakened, and if you think that people are ever going to forget this one. Sorry, your resentments will pale in the light of truth, it's on now, it's personal.

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      President Trump To Cut Regulations By '75 Percent' — How Real Is That?


          Here is what I have been waiting for and am dreading. Typical Trump to pull some arbitrary number out of his a** without so much as even considering the consequences of doing such. Oh, I am sure that sounds just great, cutting 75% of all regulations but what precisely are those regulations he wishes to cut? Let's think a moment here. Why are there regulations in the first place? Well most are put in place as a means to protect the citizenry from something that could harmfully affect them or the Nation as a whole. These regulations could range from protecting our environment, protections in the workplace, and even protection from the banks and wall street from creating another situation like we had in 2007.

          The very first question people should ask of themselves is, who will benefit most from the removal of these regulations? I think one can safely assume it would be big business which would include the banks and wall street. Now start connecting the dots. What type of people is Trump trying to place in his Cabinet positions who will have some power and could easily be influenced by big business? Most likely those people who come from those very same businesses who will capitalize on deregulation. Then move on and ask another question. Who is most likely not going to benefit from any of this deregulation? I think we all have pretty good idea as to who that just might be. Don't know the answer to the last question then just look in a mirror and the answer will become all too apparent.

          If this comes to fruition this could be the worst decision Trump could make which will open up Pandora's Box. This is like doing one major act that could sweep across every single institution/governmental department/agency we have and weaken those to a point they no longer function or have a role which could easily lead to the dismantling of our government piece by piece. A good example would be to look at how the GOP has chipped away at ACA and every time they remove something it brings us closer to the total demise of ACA and it won't be long until they chip enough away when that will become a reality. This same technique is being used with this move on regulations which will have far greater damage extending into all aspects of our lives.


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          Officials Beg Trump To Send Help After Storms Kill 20 Across The South


              FEMA missing in action.

              In Dougherty County, Georgia, where four people were killed, county commission Chairman Chris Cohilas said Monday that he has been "begging FEMA for boots on the ground," referring to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

              "I'm asking President Trump to cut through the red tape and get people on the damned ground here," he said.


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                  “UAW members around the country have long rallied against the deeply flawed corporate driven TPP that puts quarterly profits before worker paychecks. We commend President Trump for withdrawing from the TPP and Congressional leaders, such as Sherrod Brown and Debbie Stabenow, for their leadership in opposing this job

                  killing trade agreement. This is a victory for American workers and families.”

                  Think the Democratic s are worried yet as their base begins to see President Trump as the real deal .https://uaw.org/statement-uaw-president-dennis-wil...

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                  U.S. Judge Finds That Aetna Misled The Public About Its Reasons For Quitting Obamacare



                      This demonstrates insurance companies have been manipulating the ACA system for a variety of reasons.

                      In Aetna's case,

                      Aetna claimed this summer that it was pulling out of all but four of the 15 states where it was providing Obamacare individual insurance because of a business decision — it was simply losing too much money on the Obamacare exchanges.

                      Now a federal judge has ruled that that was a rank falsehood. In fact, says Judge John D. Bates, Aetna made its decision at least partially in response to a federal antitrust lawsuit blocking its proposed $37-billion merger with Humana. Aetna threatened federal officials with the pullout before the lawsuit was filed, and followed through on its threat once it was filed. Bates made the observations in the course of a ruling he issued Monday blocking the merger.

                      They tried to cover up what they planned to do:

                      Aetna executives had moved heaven and earth to conceal their decision-making process from the court, in part by discussing the matter on the phone rather than in emails, and by shielding what did get put in writing with the cloak of attorney-client privilege, a practice Bates found came close to “malfeasance.”

                      Here's the part that should concern every American - especially those using the Exchange and insured through ACA.

                      The judge’s conclusions about Aetna’s real reasons for pulling out of Obamacare — as opposed to the rationalization the company made in public — are crucial for the debate over the fate of the Affordable Care Act. That’s because the company’s withdrawal has been exploited by Republicans to justify repealing the act. Just last week, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) cited Aetna’s action on the “Charlie Rose” show, saying that it proved how shaky the exchanges were.

                      Trump's first Executive Order was to try to screw up ACA.

                      His first act was to try and help dismantle the national health care infrastructure that currently insures 20 million more Americans than when it went into effect in 2014.

                      Let that sink in.

                      In the last three days, this country and the world have been subjected to some of the most blatant, irresponsible, unconscionable lies we've ever heard from any administration, much less within the first 72 hours of its existence.

                      From Sean Spicer's angry claims that, in fact, Trump's inauguration WAS the most attended in history,

                      to Kellyanne Conway's pathetic attempt to turn lies into "alternative facts" (really? that's the best she could do?),

                      to Trump's limp, lame claims (again) just this evening that he would have won the popular vote if "illegals" hadn't voted in the election. As Lawrence O'Donnell pointed out, millions of American citizens, disenfranchised through Republican legislators and governors across the country through various voter suppression laws, were unable to vote - so how did all those "illegals" manage to pull it off? (I'm paraphrasing)


                      THIS IS NOT 1984. I was there. It wasn't anything like this.

                      And now, we see that a major insurer in this country tried throwing its weight around by threatening to pull out of the Exchange if it didn't get its way and be allowed to merge with Humana.

                      Aetna actually tried to make the lie the truth. The LATimes article details how.

                      Aetna isn't the only major insurer to threaten to pull out of the market.

                      United Health Care announced it was leaving the Exchange, too.

                      BOTH Aetna and United Health Care claimed they were losing money.

                      As this article points out, Aetna was NOT losing money, as it claimed. It used 17 counties as its leverage, counties in which it WAS making money. Adding insult to injury, Aetna already had plans to start back up in these counties once the merger was completed.

                      By pulling out, Aetna could say that it wasn’t competing in those counties’ exchanges anyway, rendering the government’s point moot: “The evidence provides persuasive support for the conclusion that Aetna withdrew from the on-exchange markets in the 17 complaint counties to improve its litigation position,” Bates wrote. “The Court does not credit the minimal efforts of Aetna executives to claim otherwise.”

                      Thankfully, this judge has put a stop to this despicable manipulation of the market and the people.

                      The Republicans, in the meantime, have been pointing to Aetna's false claims as part of their (now, provably FAKE) claims that ACA was not working.

                      And if Aetna could conduct its business in face-to-face talks rather than in emails to avoid a paper trail to elude court scrutiny, it most certainly could have conducted conversations with Republican Congressmen in both houses to have alerted them to what was going on and to help garner favor for this plan and its success.

                      So this lie, that Aetna has been shouting from the rooftops since last August, has now been rightly exposed by this judge. If anything, Aetna's executives should be facing whatever legal and market consequences for their actions.

                      I think there should be some criminal charges for what they did. I have no idea if any laws apply, however.

                      These last four days, since Friday, have been an exercise in trying not to let the tsunami of lies, coming from just about every data source there is, overwhelm my sense of what's right in the world.

                      This was Trump's first official working day in office.

                      The untenable amount of bullsh!t coming from the White House, its occupants, and staff, must be reined in.

                      The press needs to quit giving oxygen to Kellyanne Conway's twisted little, her gaslighting, shrill, sarcastic, Washington, D.C. version of the Valley Girl act, give us all a break, and focus on people who actually intend to conduct themselves in an honest and ethical manner.

                      Sean Spicer seems to have gotten the message after all the outrage surfaced after his Saturday, 'bad guy' act. Maybe he has a chance.

                      Trump MUST be called out every time he lies. Every. Time. His distraction act is dangerous for this country, its economy, its security, and the "general welfare".

                      The PRESS is our last bastion against this tyrant wannabe. He hasn't changed since the day he rode the escalator down and started dissing Mexicans.

                      He isn't going to change.

                      So we need to be on our toes. We need to demand that we are told the truth, and absent honest attempts by Trump's "administration", the PRESS has to step up, investigate, watch, question, and provide honest answers to what is going on at 1600.

                      Our only other defense is going to be to clean the House in 2018. If 3-4 million women can march in snowstorms, and cold weather, and heat, then every voter needs to get to the polls in 2018 and do his or her JOB. We KNOW we have the numbers.

                      Hillary won nearly 3 million more votes than Trump. So people in three states, where the combined majority total of votes for Trump were only 80,000, need to get out there and slam dunk that total to ensure we turn the House blue.

                      We are going to have to get through a lot in the next two years, if Trump doesn't get impeached, and the next four, if he is and Pence becomes President. The only way we can survive this Four Horseman scenario is for the PRESS to actually BE the FOURTH ESTATE, vote the House blue, and continue to hold legislators accountable in 2020.

                      In Sean Spicer's press conference on Monday, the first 3 of 7 questions were taken from lesser known, right wing reporting sources. The questions in no particular order were about dismantling ACA, defunding Planned Parenthood, and stopping any kind of abortion.


                      And for God's sake, we cannot let a Republican win the White House in 2020.

                      In the meantime, write your current legislators and let them know you aren't prepared to sit by while a major insurance company tries to manipulate the entire system, at the expense of American citizens' health, for its 30 pieces of silver.



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                          1984 2017

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                              A massive group of violent demonstrators spat on, assaulted and screamed obscenities at a Gold Star widow and sister Friday outside an inaugural ball honoring the military, one of the women told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday.
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