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American Government Of, For And By The People?


      While America's founding fathers had many flaws, most of them were wary of what they knew about old European governments, especially those run by kings or queens, who claimed "divine right," to do whatever they wanted to and the public be damned.

      So at the Constitutional Convention the founders tried to create a government of laws, a government that had checks and balances with power distributed over three branches, each having its own area of sovereignty.

      What they tried to do was to make corruption and influence peddling impossible, because government power would not be concentrated, but spread out amongst the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches.

      We know today, that try as they might have, the founding fathers did not anticipate the rise of political parties that could command lock-step obedience from its members or political parties that would grovel before a president and obey his wishes or an electorate that was so ignorant, they would continue to elect the obvious hirelings of the special and depraved interests in America.

      Today's American government is the illegitimate and misbegotten child of greed, avarice, stupidity, and corruption, and to prove the point just look at who it truly represents!

      The gun industry controls our Congress our president, and the courts, all of whom have groveled to the NRA's demands to make guns of all sorts (including assault weapons), and ammunition clips of all sizes (dozens of rounds) easily available to all people; including criminals, crackpots, and even terrorists! The cost is over 30,000 lives/year, plus thousands more wounded in what has become America, the land of free fire zones.

      The pharmaceutical industry controls our government, and has recently demonstrated this by creating the opioid crisis, which claims 60,000 lives/year, but to date there still are no restrictions on the dispensation of this addictive and killer drug by our Congress.

      The fossil fuel industry has enlisted the entire Republican Party and their grifter president in the WH to continue to deny science, and promote the burning of these fuels, which has led to the most devastating weather disasters in our history. More frequent hurricanes of record wind strength or size or rain, plus more tornados that are more destructive than ever, plus wildfires that scorch millions of acres; turning human lives, livestock, and buildings into ashes. But still no government action on Climate Change, even as the earth's temperature continues to rise.

      The chemical and agricultural industries that pollute our air, water and soil, are being "set free" by the Donald Trump/Scott Pruitt emasculated EPA. Toxins of all sorts and carcinogens of all varieties will soon more heavily lace everything you ingest, whether caused by your breathing, your drinking or your eating. So just stop all those things, and you'll be fine (until you drop dead from lack of oxygen, water or food).

      And don't expect any help from the GOP rigged Supreme Court. You know, the GOP dominated court that gave us Citizens United, Hobby Lobby, and assorted other rulings, which opened the floodgates to the plutocrats and the theological fascists, who now are the dictators to our dictatorial GOP government!

      The fact is that the Trump/GOP government is the antithesis of what the founding fathers wanted in a government.

      They lie, cheat, steal, and abuse their power with impunity, because somehow, thanks to antiquated structures like the Electoral College, and undemocratic practices like Gerrymandering, and illegal acts such as Voter Suppression, allow them to be "elected" back into office, regardless of how vile or criminal their acts or how much they betray their constituents on behalf of the Special Interests!

      Elections have consequences, as everyone should know by now, and if the American electorate doesn't deliver a message of repudiation to the Republican candidates who are running in all up-coming elections, we will be sealing our own doom to living in the kind of Banana Republic we forced on so many undeveloped countries in the past.

      America's Karma?

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      Republicans Consider Sharp Cut In 401(k) Contribution Limits


          "The proposals under discussion would potentially cap the annual amount workers can set aside to as low as $2,400 for 401(k) accounts, several lobbyists and consultants said on Friday. Workers may currently put up to $18,000 a year in 401(k) accounts without paying taxes upfront on that money; that figure rises to $24,000 for workers over 50. When workers retire and begin to draw income from those accounts, they pay taxes on the benefits.

          Rumors have circulated for months that negotiators were debating including a cap as a way to help offset the revenue loss from a reduction in business tax rates that Republicans have put at the center of their plan. Reducing contribution limits would be, in effect, an accounting maneuver that would create space for tax cuts by collecting tax revenue now instead of in the future.

          Such a move would be likely to push Americans to shift their savings to so-called Roth accounts, where contributions are taxed immediately, and not when they are drawn out as benefits. That would increase federal tax receipts for the short run."

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          9 Reasons Trump’s Tax Plan Will Hurt You



              David Cay Johnson will be on Democracy Now on Free Speech TV with Amy Goodman this morning. Should be a interesting interview about the latest tax cut scam trying to be passed by the greedy corrupt republican party.

              New Journalism website by Wendel Potter.......Tarbell.Org

              Watched him on the Bill Press show minutes ago on Free Speech TV.

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              White House Confirms Donald Trump 'will Not Visit UK Until 2018'


                  There is so much opposition in UK with signed petitions exceeding a million signatures to keep Trump out of the UK that I doubt that Trump will ever visit the UK. Trump is probably mad because President Obama had a State dinner in his honor during his trip to the UK complete with a reception with the Queen and all the pomp and ceremony that goes with it. Even the mayor of London thinks Trump is a real piece of S*** and wants nothing to do with him. And to think, this was our number one allie.


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                  The Trump Administration’s Power Over A Pregnant Girl


                      I'm not too sure why NYT offered this up as an OP-ED, but, here it is just the same. The trump calamity in the WH is apparently going to drag this young woman's case out until her pregnancy's well into 2nd trimester, too late for an abortion.
                      They'll then pat her on the head and stick her, 8 months preggers, on a bus back to Mexico. That the executive branch is making these kinds of decisions when lower state level powers had already handled it, is proof positive of their motivation.

                      Power to the old white guy with the squirrel living on his head and his band of billionaires. For, that is the only power that matters.


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                      Up To 3.6 Million Dreamers In Line For Citizenship Under DACA Replacement - Washington Times


                          As many as 3.6 million illegal immigrant “Dreamers” could be in line for permanent legal status in the U.S. under plans being circulated on Capitol Hill to replace the Obama-era DACA deportation amnesty, according to a new report Friday from the Migration Policy Institute.

                          In each case it’s well beyond the 700,000 people being protected by the DACA program right now, underscoring the creeping scope of amnesty Congress is considering.

                          MPI analysts looked at five bills in Congress and found they range from a minimum of 1.3 million beneficiaries for a GOP-sponsored bill to 3.6 million under the most generous proposal, offered by Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez.

                          All told, there are an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., so legalizing Dreamers — young adult illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as juveniles — will affect a large chunk of them.

                          President Trump last month announced he was phasing out the DACA program in six months, setting a deadline for Congress to act on a bill to grant them permanent status.

                          But each of the five main bills announced so far would go well beyond the 700,000 illegal immigrants being protected under DACA.

                          The DACA program applied to illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. by 2007 and were before age 16 at the time, were under age 31 when they applied, who’d been in the country for five years, and who’d been working toward a high school education.

                          The bills in Congress now would lift the age cap and update the eligibility window, making far more people eligible. In addition, perhaps hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who might have qualified for DACA didn’t apply.

                          Those that are currently covered by DACA will be allowed to serve out their current permits, which last up to two years. And those whose status was to expire between early September and early March were allowed to apply for a two-year renewal.


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