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      North Korea releases fiery video showing White House in crosshairs

      April 27, 2017 1:57 p.m.

      North Korea has released a propaganda video which shows the White House as the target of a simulated attack, reports the Washington Post.

      The nearly 2.5-minute clip starts off with images of missiles rising to launch and then shows a screen with the White House and aircraft carriers behind superimposed cross hairs.

      Activity ensues, with soldiers getting deployed and missiles being launched, and the video culminates in a fireball explosion with the U.S. Capitol getting decimated.

      According to Yonhap News Agency, it ends with the warning, "The moment when (the enemy) kicks off aggression and provocations."

      As the Asian country talks about continuing its missile exercises, the U.S. has threatened to institute more economic sanctions and deploy a South Korea-based missile defense system, notes the BBC.

      Despite the rhetoric, the New York Times is reporting that Trump administration officials and other experts in the region have indicated that imminent war is not likely.


      Looks like North Korea is doing its best to show the world (and the United States) that they are ready for war.

      Kim Jong-un is swaggering around doing artillery drills and waving the bird at Trump as if to say "I'm a bigger bully than you are."

      This Propaganda film will not be the last aggressive act from the round boy with the bad haircut as he faces off with the orange boy with the bad haircut!

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      Leadership Skills? What Leadership Skills?


          Leadership skills? What leadership skills? A brilliant essay by "Marietta Daily Journal" blogger (and my friend) Oliver Halle (This is "The Agitator #240")--

          One of the reasons that Donald Trump was elected included his promise of bringing a different style of leadership to the White House. Trump bragged about his negotiating abilities, about being able to sit down with almost anyone or any group and working out an agreement. It all sounded good, but if you have lived a long life you would know that it was all empty talk.

          Leadership skills don’t come in one size. There are a lot of components depending on the situation. Those who served in the military know that an officer only has to give an order for it to be instantly obeyed without further discussion. In the business world a CEO has to sell his vision to a board of directors, but the board is limited in number, and for the most part it is comprised of participants carefully chosen. Political leadership is very different.

          What Trump didn’t consider in making all his promises is that not one single member of the House or Senate answers to him. All answer to their own constituency who elect them. Only in a limited sense does each House and Senate member answer to their party’s leadership. You can be sure that not a single elected representative cares more about pleasing the president or the House Speaker/Senate Majority Leader than they do about the voters who can throw them out of office.

          In the first 100 days of his presidency Trump still seeks his first legislative accomplishment. His attempt at passing healthcare reform failed miserably. He immediately moved on to revising the tax code, but even that is questionable. Since Trump promised to eliminate the national debt in eight years and submit balanced budgets, there is a lot of controversy on both sides of the aisle concerning whether Trump’s tax plan would add substantially to the deficits and national debt.

          The latest news is that the White House and House Freedom Caucus are working on a revised healthcare plan to be voted on in a very short period of time. What is ironic is that the Freedom Caucus plan, while reducing benefits all the way around, would preserve their own health insurance, to include no premium hike for preexisting conditions, and for the government to continue to subsidize their coverage. The outcry on this alone should cause these representatives to be tossed in 2018, but my guess is that somehow they will make a silk purse from this pig’s ear.

          A Republican that I know recently told me that the Democrats were much better at achieving party loyalty when it came to passing legislation. There is a partial but significant explanation for this. Good leadership tries to get buy-in from as many people as possible. The best military leaders much prefer to have willing followers, and much of their success is the result of keeping everyone informed down to the lowest ranks. The best officers understand and live by some basic principles such as never going to sleep until the last enlisted man has a place to bed down, and never eating until the last enlisted man has been provided for.

          If you look at why Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan failed to get a healthcare bill passed it is obvious. A handful of party favorites and insiders crafted the bill. Most Republicans were not asked for their in-put, and certainly no Democrats were invited to the table. Only after the draft was complete were the rest of the Republican House members told to vote on it. Any suggestions for changes, modifications, or provisions to accommodate a representative’s district were rejected without discussion.

          We can expect more of the same from Republicans unless they figure out that they have to compromise, a dirty word that Rush Limbaugh has ingrained in them going back to the Clinton White House days. Paul Ryan has yet to figure out how to get the Freedom Caucus to sit down with the Tuesday Group, a large faction of Republican moderates. Despite being told for the past eight years that when the day came that Republicans had both the White House and both houses of congress big changes would occur, it’s not likely going to happen.

          One also has to ask why the voters would reelect a president who now asks the American taxpayer to put a down payment on the wall with Mexico in which we were guaranteed the Mexicans would pay for, whose healthcare plan will hurt millions despite the promise that it would be better than Obamacare, and whose tax plan will likely add substantially to the deficits and national debt. And I haven’t even gone into Trump’s promise to rid the world of ISIS based on his own statement that he is smarter than his generals, his promise to bring back the fossil fuel industry, etc. Good luck, Mr. President, and even better luck to the American people.

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          SCOTUS: John Roberts Takes Issue With Trump On Immigration Case


              Supreme Court's John Roberts: Trump stance in immigration case invites 'prosecutorial abuse'

              LAWRENCE HURLEY


              Apr 27th 2017 7:30AM

              WASHINGTON, April 26 (Reuters) - U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts took issue on Wednesday with the Trump administration's stance in an immigration case, saying it could make it too easy for the government to strip people of citizenship for lying about minor infractions.

              Roberts and other Supreme Court justices indicated support for a deported ethnic Serb immigrant named Divna Maslenjak over her bid to regain her U.S. citizenship after it was stripped because she falsely stated her husband had not served in the Bosnian Serb army in the 1990s after Yugoslavia's collapse.

              Roberts seemed particularly concerned that the government was asserting it could revoke citizenship through criminal prosecution for trivial lies or omissions.

              He noted that in the past he has exceeded the speed limit while driving. If immigrants failed to disclose that on a citizenship application form asking them to list any instances of breaking the law, they could later lose their citizenship, the conservative chief justice said.

              "Now you say that if I answer that question 'no,' 20 years after I was naturalized as a citizen, you can knock on my door and say, 'Guess what, you're not an American citizen after all?'" Roberts asked Justice Department lawyer Robert Parker.

              President Donald Trump has sought to restrict immigration and deport people who have entered the United States illegally.

              Maslenjak entered the United States with her husband and two children in 2000, granted refugee status over a claimed fear of ethnic persecution in Bosnia at the hands of Muslims. They settled in Ohio. She became a U.S. citizen in 2007. At issue is her concealment of her husband Ratko's service in a Bosnian Serb Army brigade that participated in the notorious 1995 massacre of 8,000 Muslims in the Bosnian town of Srebrenica.

              Maslenjak's citizenship was revoked. She and her husband were deported to Serbia last October.

              Liberal Justice Stephen Breyer shared Roberts' concern, noting he had once walked into a government building with a pocketknife on his key chain in violation of the law.

              "It's, to me, rather surprising that the government of the United States thinks that Congress is interpreting this statute and wanted it interpreted in a way that would throw into doubt the citizenship of vast percentages of all naturalized citizens," Breyer said.

              Conservative Justice Anthony Kennedy also rebuked Parker, saying, "It seems to me that your argument is demeaning the priceless value of citizenship."

              The legal question is whether Maslenjak's false statements had a material effect on the U.S. decision to grant her refugee status. The government argued it only matters that she made a false statement, not whether it had any impact on its decision to grant refugee status.

              At a 2009 hearing to help her husband avoid deportation after he was convicted of making a false statement by concealing his military service, she admitted that when she had applied to be a refugee she had not revealed that from 1992 to 1997 the family lived in Bosnia and her husband served in the military. She was later convicted of lying on her citizenship application.

              This was the last oral argument of the court's current term. A ruling is due by the end of June.


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              Report - Ivanka Trump Clothing Made By Workers Paid $1.00 An Hour.


                  Report: Company behind Ivanka Trump's clothing brand pays workers about $1 per hour

                  Apr 26th 2017 3:05PM

                  G-III Apparel Group, the company that makes clothing for the Ivanka Trump brand, has violated several standard labor practices, according to a report by the Fair Labor Association.

                  The group, which based its conclusions on a two-day assessment of a factory in China, found that in 2016 workers were being paid about a dollar an hour, with almost 60 hours of work resulting in about $62 of pay a week, reports the Washington Post.

                  Overtime was also an issue, with employees putting in 40 standard hours plus an additional 42 to 82 hours of work per month; the law allows for 36 hours of overtime a month. In fact, the production target for the factory requires workers put in a 57-hour workweek.

                  As a result, the industry monitoring group has recommended that G-III cap overtime hours to fall within the acceptable range and that the company hire more staff to alleviate the workload.

                  Despite the violations, the Washington Post points out that "the report did not give the factory's name or location, or say whether it was working on Ivanka-brand products at the time of the inspection.

                  Read more at: https://www.aol.com/article/finance/2017/04/26/rep...

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                  Trump's Rapid-fire Twitter Tirade Tees Off On Democrats In Advance Of Shutdown Vote


                      What's more important? Rebuilding our military - or bailing out insurance companies? Ask the Democrats.


                      "When you gotta tweet, you gotta tweet, apparently.

                      "President Donald Trump uncorked a tweet storm on Thursday morning, lashing out at Democrats over a slew of different issues.

                      "Trump's Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) tirade — six messages over the course of just two minutes — came a day before an expected congressional vote on appropriations that would seek to avoid a shutdown of the federal government.

                      "The president's tweets seemed to refer to threats by Democrats in Congress not to support that appropriations package if it does not include spending for Obamacare subsidies that lower the cost of out-of-pocket health expenses for low-income Americans.

                      "If the government does not appropriate that money, which goes directly to insurers, those insurers that sell Obamacare plans will still be on the hook for the subsidies to customers, but will have to eat the cost of doing so.

                      "But the tweeter-in-chief also teed off on Democrats on military spending, border security and national parks."


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                      Why President Trump Is Getting Killed In Court, In 1 Astonishingly Ignorant Comment


                          "[T]he language on the ban, it reads so easy that a reasonably good student in the first grade will fully understand."

                          "[F]irst the 9th Circuit rules against the ban and now it hits again on sanctuary cities — both ridiculous rulings. See you in the Supreme Court!"

                          45--evil, wicked, mean, bad, and just plain nasty!!!


                          "While the Republican Congress has been laughably deficient in checking President Trump's corruption and power grabs, the federal courts have been doing their job. On Tuesday, a federal district court judge blocked an executive order intending to deny federal funding to sanctuary cities. The president of the United States wasted little time in reacting, tweeting "[f]irst the 9th Circuit rules against the ban and now it hits again on sanctuary cities — both ridiculous rulings. See you in the Supreme Court!" and criticizing the winners of the suit for "judge shopping." In a subsequent interview, he expressed agreement with "the many people that want to break up the 9th Circuit."

                          "Both the order itself and Trump's reaction to the court's ruling indicated why he's had a rough ride in the courts so far: He has no idea what he's doing.

                          "The most obvious problem is that while U.S. District Judge William Orrick lives in the geographic area covered by the 9th Circuit — he is based in San Francisco — he does not in fact serve on that court. He's a trial judge, not an appellate one. The fact that the same president issuing executive orders apparently doesn't understand basic facts about the structure of the American judicial system is rather sobering.

                          "Trump's threat to "break up" the 9th Circuit because "everybody immediately runs" to it doesn't make much more sense. It is true that the Constitution gives Congress the power to reorganize the federal judicial system, and some conservative legislators have floated proposals to create a new court that would cover some jurisdictions currently covered by the large and rapidly growing 9th Circuit. (Since this would mean a lot of new Republican judges — which is the real point — this would have no chance of passing the Senate as long as the filibuster remains in place.) But needless to say, even if the 9th Circuit was broken up this wouldn't stop forum (or what Trump calls "judge") shopping because suits could still be filed in the jurisdictions the 9th Circuit does cover."


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                          Trump's Lies To And Betrayals Of His "Base."


                              During the 2016 campaign Donald Trump made many promises, which he repeated over and over to tumultuous crowds of his supporters, about what he would do as president to make their lives better, by "making America great again!"

                              After his first 100 days, we now know, as any sane or sober adult would have suspected before the election, that Trump's pronouncements were all lies, and that he would betray his supporters, and do the exact opposite of what he had promised.

                              Aside from his inane and unconstitutional attempt to ban Muslims from entering the USA, the biggest about face from what he said is and was the GOP healthcare bill.

                              As pointed out on the website Vox, "Trump ran and won promising to cover everyone, avoid Medicaid cuts, and boost funding for opioid abuse treatment. He is now lobbying Congress to pass a bill that does none of those things. Instead, millions will lose insurance and Medicaid spending will be sacrificed on the altar of tax cuts for the rich."

                              Trump also promised to "drain the swamp," which figuratively meant rejecting all those lobbyists and special interests, who routinely feed off the Washington, DC, political establishment to gain advantages and/or taxpayer funding for their dubious if not detrimental causes.

                              So what did Trump do? He appoints the Koch brothers hand picked man to run the EPA. The only qualification for the job that Scot Pruitt seems to have had was that he was a vigorous denier of science and Climate Change.

                              And now we have the Trump tax cut proposal, which benefits the rich, and not the down-trodden Trump supporters, who actually believed the Orange Charlatan.

                              Trump's tax proposal enriches the rich, including himself and his family, as it eliminates the Alternative Minimum Tax, which cost Trump $31 million on his 2005 tax return (as shown by Rachel Maddow on her MSNBC show), and it eliminates the Estate Tax, which Trump's children, and the children of the rich everwhere in America will appreciate, because it allows untaxed assets to pass through to them without having to pay any taxes at all!

                              According to financial scoring agencies, Trump's tax proposal will cause $6 trillion in deficits over the next ten years. Now deficits used to be prohibited by the GOP, when Obama was president, but now that they control the WH, deficits don't seem to be a concern, and the GOP is trotting out their usual lies and fairy tales about how the "tax cuts will pay for themselves!"

                              They didn't during the Reagan, Pappy Bush or George W. Bush administrations! In fact, they ran up record deficits in each of them with the deficits getting bigger and bigger, until they surpassed $1 trillion/year in the final years of the Bush Jr. administration!

                              So now we know why Trump ran for president. It's because it's making him richer than ever, thanks to the GOP ignoring his business "conflicts of interest," and he is eliminating most of the taxes he had to pay by his corporations or on his personal tax return (which he still refuses to disclose)!

                              And as for his supporters? By the time they realize that Trump has conned them, he'll be out of the WH with his ill-gotten gains, and be receiving a healthy pension and Secret Service protection for life - all at the expense of the fleeced American taxpayers.

                              But at least his supporters will have that "Wall!"


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                              When A Child Has No Lunch Money, Whose Problem Is It?


                                  The stamp says "I need lunch money."

                                  Why should children be humiliated in this way???


                                  "Jaynelle Minor remembers the anguish on the faces of the school cafeteria workers. Under district policy, they were required to deny lunch to kids whose parents hadn't paid their school lunch bills.

                                  "Ms. Minor, the student nutrition supervisor for New Mexico’s Farmington Municipal School District, also remembers how some of those workers would sneak back into the cafeteria to get fruit or some other snack to stop the children from going hungry. What the kindness of those workers couldn’t stop, however, was a phenomenon known as “lunch shaming” – policies that required lunch workers to single out children whose parents have not paid their lunch fees.

                                  "To some observers, lunch shaming is a practice that has spiraled out of control in US public schools.

                                  "Some school districts deal with the problem by giving students whose parents have not paid lunch fees a bare-bones cold lunch, such as a sandwich consisting of two pieces of bread and one slice of cheese. But in some other districts, lunch shaming goes further: it may include dumping the hot lunches students had hoped to eat into the trash in front of them, making them do chores to pay off their lunch debt, requiring them to wear wristbands, or sending them home with stamps on their arms saying, “I need lunch money.”"


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                                  Luxury Planes, Concrete Pillows And A Bed Of Stone.


                                      Ah, just had to share this little morsel of American Jesus madness and a lesson in just how nasty some of these TV Predato......Preachers are. More importantly it once again shows that where there is faith there is fertile ground for flat out financial abuse of the old and infirm.....those who believe they need help from an almighty.

                                      An Almighty only accessible with donations made to painted old men who have very few of their original features intact as years of wealth and profit from the misery of others has allowed them to fall afoul of their own vanity and allow themselves indulgences in new teeth, new faces and a line in hip clothing.....it's almost as if they aren't happy with the bodies their God apparently gave them that they want to harken to their younger days.....I wonder, when these preacher types die and let's just say for arguments sake that heaven exists (It doesn't in my view).

                                      When these old guys with facelifts, false white teeth and a healthy head of hair despite their advanced years show up at those pearly gates.......surely they should be asked

                                      ''Were you not happy with the body and face and teeth that God gave you??''

                                      With the trapdoor to hell instantaneously opening below their Botox riven asses plunging into hell...(Like heaven, hell also does not exist....in my view).

                                      Imagine if you will a conversation between two such creatures who pray and prey on the most vulnerable. Let's just say that the conversation comes around to the purchase of a private plane......because of God....to preach all over. It isn't the first time that we in the world have witnessed the con of a congregation by its 'Pastor', we all know about Creflo Dollar and his multi million dollar private jet....because Jesus.

                                      It appears these dirty scummy scam merchants, who lie and who profit from the weakest in society and openly flaunt that with purchasing god damned f***ing jets to jet around the US to preach more lies, profit off more vulnerable people to get back on their private jet.....because....Jesus and God to another location. In nature it is the locust's domain and in society it is the domain of the parasitical pastors.

                                      Like the political word contortionism of the english language and the justification for such purchases of Jets For Jesus these two epic scumbags of the worst kind sit and do just that.

                                      Buckle Up!!!!

                                      Are these two old crinkly old conmen serious?

                                      First of all, if you get up in the middle of a flight and start talking to God you should get tazed regardless of chosen imaginary friend. To say that a plane is full of demons in a f***ing tube is another reason as to why you can't fly with the great unforgiven?

                                      No, it is a poor excuse for those who have truly taken the most vulnerable in society and squeezed every last dime up until their dying day in the faint hope of buying salvation with tithes, encouraged that these Diva Disciples are the middlemen between the believer and that which they have belief in....

                                      To these parasites I say go F*** yourself. The other conman in the piece claims that his schedule required him to purchase a private jet worth millions....Here's an idea....get someone who can work a f***ing diary and plan your trips a little better then you won't have to buy a plane....If God or Jesus had wanted these con men to fly to all these places......don't you think giving these greedy old snake oil salesmen the miracle of wings would not only have helped with that busy schedule but you could fly for free....

                                      The true face of evil in the US is the one that can show rampant greed, decadence and riches all wrapped up in small but many donations that are ill gotten from those who are victims of charlatans and liars. The God they espouse and sell is a god that is past giving a flying f*** about the needs of the many instead making sure that his dirty disciples don't need to fly coach as Jesus wouldn't be seen dead in coach or come back from the dead in coach.

                                      Or to put it another way......two men of a God justify their spending and their greed..........

                                      But this is absolutely fine.

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