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Graham-Cassidy State Impact Fact Sheets - How Is YOUR State Affected??

This shows how YOUR state is affected. There are fact sheets for all fifty states plus DC on here. This is the sort of info you need when you call your Senators! This stuff CANNOT be allowed to pass! EVERY major medical organization is against this.

If this thing does pass, I NEVER want to hear Republicans call themselves Pro-Life EVER AGAIN!!!

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It's Getting Personal

      “I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged U.S. dotard with fire.”
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      Hurricanes: A Perfect Storm Of Chance And Climate Change?

      Hurricanes: A perfect storm of chance and climate change?

      The swirling edges of Hurricane Maria seen from space as it slammed into Puerto Rico

      The succession of intense and deadly tropical cyclones that have barrelled across the Atlantic in recent weeks have left many people wondering if a threshold of some sort has been crossed. Is this chain of hurricanes evidence of some significant new frontier in our changing climate?

      The answer is mostly no, but with worrying undertones of yes.

      The first thing to note about this season is that it shows the power of science and weather forecasting.

      Every year, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Noaa) puts out a hurricane forecast for the season that runs from 1 June to 30 November for the north Atlantic, Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.

      In August, Noaa updated its predictions, stating that there would be 14-19 named storms and of these, 5-9 would become hurricanes.

      To date, we've had seven cyclones that have gained category three status or stronger. So this season is unusual but not unprecedented. The bigger picture shows that between 1981 and 2010 the average was six hurricanes per season.

      What has happened this year is that a number of natural variable factors have come together and helped boost the number and power of these cyclones. In the background, climate change has loaded the dice.

      Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Hurricane Maria has left devastation in its path across the Caribbean

      This season has been particularly warm in the region of the Atlantic where hurricanes form with temperatures 0.5 to 1.0C above average, according to Noaa.

      A wetter and stronger monsoon in West Africa and a natural cycle called the Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation (AMO) have also helped boost the energy available for the massive, swirling heat engines that hurricanes become.

      Another factor that has helped so many storms form is the lack of wind shear.

      Some scientists believe that because this is a neutral El Niño year, there has been less wind shear which tends to break these storms apart.

      "There haven't been the upper-level wind flow or lower pockets of moisture that can often erode these storms; all these factors have come together this year," said Prof Richard Allan from the department of meteorology at the University of Reading, UK.

      "It relates primarily to the weather, but also the slower fluctuations in the ocean that you get from year to year have produced an unusually strong hurricane season."

      That view is echoed by Kerry Emanuel, an eminent atmospheric scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), US.

      "The number of hurricanes in the Atlantic varies a great deal from year to year for reasons that have to do with natural climate fluctuations like El Niño and also just plain random variability," he told BBC News.

      "A lot of it is just sheer chance."

      Those who have been sceptical of the impact of carbon emissions from human sources on the climate have crowed about the fact that it has been 12 years since a hurricane rated category three or above has made landfall in the US.

      But those working in the field believe that measuring the connection between hurricanes and climate change based on the number that make land is hugely mistaken.

      Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Some of those who fled their homes ahead of Hurricane Irma had to sleep in their cars

      "Hurricane Andrew in 1992, which was the most damaging of any US hurricane, occurred in a very quiet year," said Kerry Emanuel.

      "That's just because the noise is so large and we are looking for these small signals - A busy year is no guarantee that you are going to see a major hurricane [make] landfall."

      Most researchers who study extreme events like hurricanes agree that climate change is most likely making the impacts of these events much worse.

      Rising temperatures lead to warmer air holding more moisture, which causes more intense downpours in a hurricane. The oceans have risen thanks to thermal expansion and glacier melt and this works to increase the dangers posed by storm surges.

      "In terms of the factors that control the genesis and the intensification of these hurricanes, a number of these point to the fact that they will undoubtedly be slightly more severe due to the extra heat content in the ocean due to the long-term warming of the climate," said Richard Allan.

      Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Experts say the downpours caused by Hurricane Harvey could become more common

      Kerry Emanuel strongly agrees.

      "The warming of the climate has increased the underlying probabilities of very heavy rain events like happened in Harvey and very high category hurricanes like Irma.

      "It is just not sensible to say either storm was caused by climate change, but the underlying probabilities are going up."

      Both experts believe that these factors are making the current round of hurricanes more threatening - but they are also making weather-related events, such as the recent floods in South East Asia, much more dangerous.

      "There are other damaging events going on, particularly flooding, in other parts of the world which link into the same physics as is impacting the hurricanes," said Richard Allan.

      "So even though it might be a normal monsoon season in the Indian sub-continent, the amount of rain that will fall will likely be more as the air can hold more moisture."

      Right now the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says there is low confidence in attributing changes in hurricane activity to rising temperatures - but in its fifth and latest assessment report in 2013, it argued that this perspective was likely to change.

      "The frequency of the most intense storms will more likely than not increase substantially in some basins," the report says.

      "More extreme precipitation near the centres of tropical cyclones making landfall are likely in North and Central America, East Africa, West, East, South and Southeast Asia, as well as in Australia and many Pacific islands."

      Climate scientists say that to see the full impact of emissions of greenhouse gases on hurricanes, you really have to look at the long-term record.

      "The evidence is that there is not really going to be an increase in the number of tropical cyclones but there is certainly some evidence that the strongest hurricanes will become more intense," said Richard Allan.

      "In terms of the rainfall and the storm surges that's very strong evidence that the amount of rain that will fall out of these intense hurricanes will be greater and storm surges will be higher and more deadly."

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          We talk about disability discrimination from time to time. This may be one of the dumbest cases I have read about in a long time. What the EEOC normally does is call up the employer and says to the HR department or the corporate attorney, "hey we have a complaint you need to take look at". In this case it sounds like a local manager made a decision on his own to let the fact that the person walked with the assistance of a cane influence his hiring decision. Clearly not something likely to be an issue that would hinder the primary duties of a used car salesman.

          What amazes me is a more knowledgeable Hertz official didn't immediately make this person a job offer and stop the clock on a discrimination lawsuit. (It would have also been the right thing to do as well) Normally on a first offence, the EEOC's primary objective is to resolve the complaint and not take people to court.

          This is going to open up the entire corporation to scrunty. Depending on the totality of the facts, it looks like Hertz needs to create couple of other job openings.


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          California, It's Coming -- Be Prepared!

          After Mexico quake, California urges residents to prepare for ‘the big one’

          NBC NEWS

          Sep 21st 2017 12:48PM

          LOS ANGELES — This week’s deadly earthquake in Mexico has many Californians asking: What will happen when the proverbial "big one" hits?

          And their government is telling them two things: You will be on your own. And most of you are not ready.

          Cities, counties and Gov. Jerry Brown’s Office of Emergency Services say a big quake will overwhelm police and fire crews and require citizens to take care of themselves for a week, maybe longer.

          Emergency management leaders hope that Californians will heed that message now, after weeks of news reports showing how volunteers became primary rescuers and relief workers, not only in Tuesday’s 7.1 magnitude quake south of Mexico City — and an earthquake further south earlier this month — but also in the hurricane disasters bedeviling the South and Caribbean.

          Still, if the past is any guide, the vivid images from Mexico City may not be enough to persuade Californians to sock away food, water, flashlights and extra cash. Surveys have shown that less than half of Californians have done enough to make their homes safer in advance of a big earthquake.

          "That is a big problem for us,” said Kelly Huston, deputy director of the California Office of Emergency Services. “It means ... we will spend a lot of unnecessary time helping people who could have otherwise helped themselves, but decided they didn’t want to or didn’t have time.”

          California is overdue for a great quake, possibly starting along the San Andreas Fault — which stretches from the Salton Sea to Monterey County and beyond. Temblors like the 1994 Northridge quake and the 1989 Loma Prieta quake each killed dozens of people. And the latter temporarily stopped the World Series.

          Those quakes measured 6.7 and 6.9 on the Richter scale, respectively, but experts now predict a 19 percent chance that a major quake of 7.0 or more will hit the south end of the San Andreas some time in the next 30 years. And the chance of an 8.0-or-larger great quake in the same area is now predicted at 7 percent over the same time span.

          Such a mega-quake would pack nearly 90 times more energy than the Northridge quake, which jolted Angelenos awake on a January morning, collapsing buildings and crippling major freeways.

          The 7.1 quake south of Mexico City came less than two weeks after a magnitude 8.1 shocker off the Mexican coast put the nation on edge. With the death toll at more than 200 and pictures of devastation all over the news, California officials sent their condolences, but also wasted no time in using the news as a teachable moment.

          “Mexico quake reminds us: science can tell us what the impact can be but society has to take action to prevent catastrophic damage,” tweeted Lucy Jones, the California seismologist who has become a leading worldwide authority on earthquake preparedness.

          Residents in earthquake zones are advised to secure heavy objects — like dressers and televisions — to walls. They are also supposed to avoid sleeping beneath mirrors, paintings and other items if they are not securely attached.

          Aram Sahakian, general manager of the Los Angeles Emergency Management Department, said hurricanes Harvey and Irma — with their flotilla of amateur boaters — also helped demonstrate how crucial volunteers are in responding to major disasters.

          “The first people to assist you are going to be your family and your neighbors,” said Sahakian. He urged Angelenos to meet with people in the 10 to 20 homes closest to theirs and to begin making plans.

          Among the first priorities: to identify people who might need special assistance, like children and the elderly and those who require special medical attention, like oxygen and dialysis.

          A second priority should be planning how to communicate with family and neighbors if phone lines go down. Multiple back-up plans should be laid out in advance, right down to face-to-face meeting places, Sahakian said.

          Emergency management officials have also upped the amount of water, food and other emergency supplies they recommend be socked away. They used to call for enough supplies to last 72 hours, but now say one week of provisions should be the minimum. Why?

          “Because, in these major events, hundreds of thousands of people are going to be displaced,” said Sahakian. “The supply chain is going to be impacted, whether it is transportation, or medical supplies, or food. You need to be prepared to last at least five to seven days.”

          Helen Chavez, assistant director of the Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management, seconded that recommendation and said people especially tend to underestimate how much water they will need.

          Emergency management officials recommend from one liter to one gallon of water per person and pet, per day. Those who do not have room to store that much water are advised to consult emergency websites on how to use bleach to disinfect water, she said.

          Those who want more formal preparation training can join a Community Emergency Response Team. The CERT teams take part in mock disaster training and learn about first aid, communication and other skills.One critical preparation factor out of the hands of many Californians, especially renters, is the stability of the buildings where they live. But the state has been steadily improving its seismic safety building codes. In 2015, Los Angeles approved the nation’s most comprehensive earthquake safety retrofitting law.

          The city reported in June that more than 15 percent of the vulnerable wood-supported apartments buildings had begun strengthening improvements. That is of about 13,500 buildings that have been deemed in need of repair.

          Huston said images from Mexico City's Enrique Rebsamen school, where at least 30 children died, have had a particular impact. “Even a lot of first-responders, when they see that video, they are cringing,” he said. “I have a son and I can’t even imagine the thought of him being trapped in a building. The images are compelling. They are sending a clear message.”

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          Sammy "The Bull" Set Free

          Infamous mafia turncoat Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano was set free after serving 17 1/2 years behind bars, on Monday, September 18. The release comes nearly five years short of the full 20-year sentence he received for pleading guilty to running a $500,000-a-week drug ring in 2001. Gravano's lengthy detention is not to be confused with the five-year sentence he was handed - of which he served less than a year - after helping to bring down Gotti and the New York mob in the early 1990's.


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          Janis Saved My Life

          While serving in the US Army in 2008, my Afghan interpreter Janis

          Shinwari saved my life. During an intense firefight, Janis killed two

          Taliban fighters that had snuck up behind me. Without Janis, they would

          have killed me.

          In Iraq and Afghanistan, translators serve alongside the US

          military and are essential to keeping us safe and helping us do our

          mission. And they do so at the risk of being targeted by the Taliban,

          including their families.

          Janis is not the exception. There are many translators who have

          saved American lives on the battlefield. Like Fred, who saved 25 members

          of the Pennsylvania National Guard.Supporters had to crowdfund the

          money to fly him and his family to the US before the Taliban killed him.

          After serving, Steeler's Offensive Tackle and Army Ranger Alejandro

          Villaneuva worked hard to get his Afghan translator here.

          After serving alongside our military, many translators received

          SIV’s or Special Immigrant Visas, so they could relocated to the United

          States. Unfortunately, they are not considered veterans.

          We are asking Congress to honor its promise to our wartime allies.

          We want them to be treated as the heroes they are when they finally come

          here after years of screening by the State Department, Defense

          Department, and Department of Homeland Security. All we are asking is

          for Congress to name them "Honorary Veterans" so that they can check the

          veteran's preference box on job applications and 56,000 veteran focused

          charities to include them in their missions. Many are standing by. We

          are not asking for VA benefits. This is an innovative idea that comes at

          no cost to the taxpayer and requires no new regulations. Best of all,

          we have bipartisan support! Yes, people in D.C. can agree on the same


          This is a simple wording issue. These charities can't help Special

          Immigrant Visa recipients because technically they are "non-veterans."

          Ask me if I think my translator is a veteran. Ask the guys from the

          Pennsylvania National Guard who spent their own money to fly their

          translator here if he is a veteran. Ask Alejandro.

          Since at least World War 2, the United States has a very checkered

          history of honoring our promises to our wartime allies. Yes, big

          alliances like NATO matter, but it is the friendships and trust at the

          individual level that is our greatest diplomatic tool. The world knows

          that we didn't fully take care of the Filipino soldiers that helped us

          in World War 2, the Koreans during the Korean War, the Vietnamese during

          the Vietnam War, and now the brave men and women from Afghanistan and

          Iraq who risked everything to stand shoulder to shoulder with us. With

          your help, we can change this.

          We need your voice to get this to the Senate floor. It's time the

          American people demand our representatives to stand shoulder to shoulder

          with those that saved American lives. I have a family today because of

          my translator.

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          The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association

          PBS Special The Vietnam War
          The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association
          19 of set. of 2017 — If you have PBS (Public Broadcasting) in your area, they are having a "share your story with us". They want people to share their stories for a permanent archive. Whether you watch the series or not, you can place your article, photo, or videos on this site. I suggest you to center your subject around Agent Orange.


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          The "Kari Hunt 9-1-1 Trailblazer Award"!

          The "Kari Hunt 9-1-1 Trailblazer Award"!
          Hank Hunt
          Winona, TX

          19 of set. of 2017 — On September 27th the inaugural presentation of the Kari Hunt 9-1-1 Trailblazer Award will be given to Kelli Merriweather of the Texas Commission on State Emergency Communications for her leadership in implementing Kari's Law. Thank you Avaya Corporation and Mark Fletcher for the very complimentary award design.

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          Time For Mega-Shelters


              If we, as a country, allow a few rich pastors to build mega-churches while avoiding taxes, we should start planning the erection of mega-shelters. If we can privilege the few, we should surely think about the many.

              Republican and Democrat Governors of the twelve States at risks of flooding, should take their responsibilities now and accept the inevitable: our planet is getting warmer, the glaciers are melting, natural disasters are increasing at a more frequent ratio..

              A series of permanent mega-shelters in the designated States could accommodate a large segment of those under mandatory evacuation, free more space on highways and avoid chaos at gas stations, food stores, etc.

              In addition, this could provide a unique opportunity to occupy selective groups of homeless people who will more than happy to be useful, maintain the premises, prepare and serve foods when time will be required.

              More than time for the elected officials to think outside the box, walk outside the beaten path, and for once, deliver something for the many, when it is needed...........and it will occur at an accelerate rate in the future.

              If we have allowed the waste of a few trillions $ in Irak, to create more enemies and more chaos in Middle East, we surely can start to use necessary funds at home and help our own people, first.


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