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When A Child Has No Lunch Money, Whose Problem Is It?


      The stamp says "I need lunch money."

      Why should children be humiliated in this way???


      "Jaynelle Minor remembers the anguish on the faces of the school cafeteria workers. Under district policy, they were required to deny lunch to kids whose parents hadn't paid their school lunch bills.

      "Ms. Minor, the student nutrition supervisor for New Mexico’s Farmington Municipal School District, also remembers how some of those workers would sneak back into the cafeteria to get fruit or some other snack to stop the children from going hungry. What the kindness of those workers couldn’t stop, however, was a phenomenon known as “lunch shaming” – policies that required lunch workers to single out children whose parents have not paid their lunch fees.

      "To some observers, lunch shaming is a practice that has spiraled out of control in US public schools.

      "Some school districts deal with the problem by giving students whose parents have not paid lunch fees a bare-bones cold lunch, such as a sandwich consisting of two pieces of bread and one slice of cheese. But in some other districts, lunch shaming goes further: it may include dumping the hot lunches students had hoped to eat into the trash in front of them, making them do chores to pay off their lunch debt, requiring them to wear wristbands, or sending them home with stamps on their arms saying, “I need lunch money.”"


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      Judge Blocks Funding Ban On Sanctuary Cities


          I've been keeping track on this one. Why?

          Because MY kritter introduced a bill to do the same a while back. It died in committee.

          Now, it's dead at the federal level, as well. Sorry Mr. AG, you piece of fetid human feces. (Bless your little, minuscule, barely visible, non-functioning, Cheney-like heart.)


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          The Long, Dirty History Of U.S. Warmongering Against North Korea



              by Christine Hong
              Associate Professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz
              April 25, 2017

              As the latest North Korea crisis unfolded, and Donald Trump swapped campaign plowshares for post-inauguration swords, Americans took to the streets demanding that the President release his tax returns and then marched for science.

              There were no mass protests for peace.

              Although the substance of Trump’s foreign policy remains opaque, he had campaigned on an “America First” critique of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s liberal interventionism in Libya and, to his own party’s mortification, blasted George W. Bush’s neoconservative adventurism in Iraq.

              Once in the White House, though, Trump announced he would boost the U.S. military budget by a staggering $54 billion, cut back on diplomacy, and push the United States to the brink of active conflict with North Korea. None of this provoked a major backlash. To the contrary, Trump’s surprise bombing of Syria, which, his administration declared, doubled as a warning for North Korea, garnered him across-the-aisle praise from hawks in both parties and his highest approval ratings so far.

              The American public’s quietism with regard to the prospect of renewed U.S. aggression against North Korea is remarkable. It stands in stark contrast to the broad anti-war galvanization in the post-9/11 lead-up to the U.S. war in Iraq and the widespread protests against the Vietnam War in an earlier era.

              The American public’s quietism with regard to the prospect of renewed U.S. aggression against North Korea is remarkable.

              To some degree, it recalls the muted mid-twentieth century political terrain that led to the Korean War—a brutal, dirty, and unresolved conflict that set the model for subsequent U.S. intervention. One of the few voices of opposition, Paul Robeson, in a critique that resonates to this day, lambasted his fellow citizens’ “meek conformity with the policies of the war-minded, the racists, and the rich.”

              That “the maw of warmakers [was] insatiable” in Korea, as Robeson remarked in 1950, could be seen in the massive devastation of human life. It was an asymmetrical conflict in which the United States monopolized the skies, raining down ruin. Four million Koreans—the vast majority of them civilians—were killed. Chinese statistics indicate that North Korea lost thirty percent of its population. In North Korea where few families were left unscathed by the terroristic violence of the Korean War, anti-Americanism cannot be dismissed as state ideology alone.

              More than almost anyone in the world, North Koreans know intimately what it means to be in the crosshairs of the American war machine. In May 1951, writer and activist Monica Felton observed that in the course of her travels through North Korea as part of an international fact-finding delegation, “the same scenes of destruction repeated themselves over and over again . . . . The destruction, in fact, is so overwhelming that if the war is allowed to continue—even for another few months—there will be nothing left of Korea. Nothing at all.” It is no coincidence that the phoenix serves as one of North Korea’s national emblems.

              More than almost anyone in the world, North Koreans know intimately what it means to be in the crosshairs of the American war machine.

              Then, as now, Korea rested in the hazy recesses of American consciousness, mostly out of sight, mostly out of mind. When recently asked to comment on the catastrophe that would ensue were Trump to authorize a preemptive strike against North Korea, Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, responded with chilling candor:

              "Yes, it would be terrible, but the war would be over there. It wouldn’t be here. It would be bad for the Korean peninsula, it would be bad for China, it would be bad for Japan, it would be bad for South Korea, it would be the end of North Korea but what it would not do is hit America."

              Although famously at odds with Trump on numerous other matters, Graham here captured the pyrrhic spirit of the President’s “America First” foreign policy, a self-privileging worldview that allows for untold ruin and suffering so long as they remain far from our shores.

              Graham’s statement is in keeping with the time-honored American tradition of envisioning apocalypse for North Korea—a tradition that survived the Cold War’s end and serves as through-line across successive U.S. presidencies. In recent days, we have been told that the United States must entertain all possible scenarios against North Korea as an interloper in the nuclear club, including a preemptive nuclear strike.

              It has been drilled into our heads that North Korea poses a clear and chronic danger, a threat not just to the United States and its allies in Asia and the Pacific, but also to all of humanity. Yet as Donald MacIntyre, Seoul bureau chief for Time magazine during the George W. Bush era, has observed, when it comes to North Korea, Western media has faithfully adhered to a “demonization script” and in so doing has helped to “lay the groundwork for war.” Conditioned by jingoistic portraits of the North Korean enemy—“axis of evil,” “outpost of tyranny,” “rogue state”—and complacent in our displacement of risk onto them, not us, we consent to North Korea’s extinction in advance.

              Instability in Korea has, for several decades, lined the pockets of those who profit from the business of war. Indeed, the Korean War rehabilitated a U.S. economy geared, as a result of World War II, toward total war. Seized as opportunity, the war enabled the Truman Administration to triple U.S. defense spending and furnished a rationale for the bilateral linking of Asian client states to the United States. General James Van Fleet, the commanding officer of UN forces in Korea, described the war as “a blessing” and remarked, “There had to be a Korea either here or some place in the world.”

              Instability in Korea has, for several decades, lined the pockets of those who profit from the business of war.

              As Cumings writes:

              "[I]t was the Korean War, not Greece or Turkey or the Marshall Plan or Vietnam, that inaugurated big defense budgets and the national security state, that transformed a limited containment doctrine into a global crusade, that ignited McCarthyism just as it seemed to fizzle, and thereby gave the Cold War its long run."

              Fast-forward to the present: the portrait of an unpredictable nuclear-armed North Korea greases the cogs of the U.S. war machine and fuels the military-industrial complex. Within Asia and the Pacific, this jingoistic portrait has justified the accelerated deployment of missile-defense systems in Guam and South Korea, the strategic positioning of nuclear aircraft carriers, the sales of military weapons, war exercises between the United States and its regional allies, and a forward-deployed U.S. military posture. Even as China is without question the main economic rival of the United States, an armed and dangerous North Korea furnishes the pretext for a heavily militarized U.S. presence in the region.

              Unsurprisingly, few media outlets have reported on North Korea’s overtures to the United States, even as these, if pursued, might result in meaningful de-escalation on both sides. To be clear: peaceful alternatives are at hand. Far from being an intractable foe, North Korea has repeatedly asked the United States to sign a peace treaty that would bring the unresolved Korean War to a long-overdue end.

              It has also proposed that the United States cease its annual war games with South Korea—games, we must recognize, that involve the simulated invasion and occupation of North Korea, the “decapitation” of its leadership, and rehearsals of a preemptive nuclear strike. In return, North Korea will cap its nuclear weapons testing. China has reiterated this proposal. The United States maintains that its joint war games with South Korea are simply business as usual and has not seen fit to respond.

              With the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism rearing their heads in our current moment, we have cause to be gravely concerned. During his recent anti-North Korea tour of Asia and the Pacific, Vice President Mike Pence grimly stated, “The sword stands ready,” with no sense that plowshares might be in the offing. The implication in the Trump administration’s words (“all options are on the table,” “rogue state,” “behaving very badly”) and deeds (the U.S. bombings of Syria and Afghanistan) is that force is the only lingua franca available, and that with North Korea, we must learn war over and over again.

              Almost seventy years ago, we entered into a war with North Korea that has never ended. At the time, only a handful of Americans raised their voices in opposition. Let’s not let the historical record reflect our silence now.

              Christine Hong is an associate professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and an executive board member of the Korea Policy Institute. She has spent time in North Korea, including as part of a North American peace delegation.

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              Luxury Planes, Concrete Pillows And A Bed Of Stone.


                  Ah, just had to share this little morsel of American Jesus madness and a lesson in just how nasty some of these TV Predato......Preachers are. More importantly it once again shows that where there is faith there is fertile ground for flat out financial abuse of the old and infirm.....those who believe they need help from an almighty.

                  An Almighty only accessible with donations made to painted old men who have very few of their original features intact as years of wealth and profit from the misery of others has allowed them to fall afoul of their own vanity and allow themselves indulgences in new teeth, new faces and a line in hip clothing.....it's almost as if they aren't happy with the bodies their God apparently gave them that they want to harken to their younger days.....I wonder, when these preacher types die and let's just say for arguments sake that heaven exists (It doesn't in my view).

                  When these old guys with facelifts, false white teeth and a healthy head of hair despite their advanced years show up at those pearly gates.......surely they should be asked

                  ''Were you not happy with the body and face and teeth that God gave you??''

                  With the trapdoor to hell instantaneously opening below their Botox riven asses plunging into hell...(Like heaven, hell also does not exist....in my view).

                  Imagine if you will a conversation between two such creatures who pray and prey on the most vulnerable. Let's just say that the conversation comes around to the purchase of a private plane......because of God....to preach all over. It isn't the first time that we in the world have witnessed the con of a congregation by its 'Pastor', we all know about Creflo Dollar and his multi million dollar private jet....because Jesus.

                  It appears these dirty scummy scam merchants, who lie and who profit from the weakest in society and openly flaunt that with purchasing god damned f***ing jets to jet around the US to preach more lies, profit off more vulnerable people to get back on their private jet.....because....Jesus and God to another location. In nature it is the locust's domain and in society it is the domain of the parasitical pastors.

                  Like the political word contortionism of the english language and the justification for such purchases of Jets For Jesus these two epic scumbags of the worst kind sit and do just that.

                  Buckle Up!!!!

                  Are these two old crinkly old conmen serious?

                  First of all, if you get up in the middle of a flight and start talking to God you should get tazed regardless of chosen imaginary friend. To say that a plane is full of demons in a f***ing tube is another reason as to why you can't fly with the great unforgiven?

                  No, it is a poor excuse for those who have truly taken the most vulnerable in society and squeezed every last dime up until their dying day in the faint hope of buying salvation with tithes, encouraged that these Diva Disciples are the middlemen between the believer and that which they have belief in....

                  To these parasites I say go F*** yourself. The other conman in the piece claims that his schedule required him to purchase a private jet worth millions....Here's an idea....get someone who can work a f***ing diary and plan your trips a little better then you won't have to buy a plane....If God or Jesus had wanted these con men to fly to all these places......don't you think giving these greedy old snake oil salesmen the miracle of wings would not only have helped with that busy schedule but you could fly for free....

                  The true face of evil in the US is the one that can show rampant greed, decadence and riches all wrapped up in small but many donations that are ill gotten from those who are victims of charlatans and liars. The God they espouse and sell is a god that is past giving a flying f*** about the needs of the many instead making sure that his dirty disciples don't need to fly coach as Jesus wouldn't be seen dead in coach or come back from the dead in coach.

                  Or to put it another way......two men of a God justify their spending and their greed..........

                  But this is absolutely fine.

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                  Pundit Post

                  The Ultimate F-U Or What? Image Is Everything! Right???



                      Neither Ivanka's nor Melania's trademark on them but...

                      Fashion retailer Nordstrom is selling a pair of $425 jeans that allegedly show "you're not afraid to get down and dirty."

                      The "Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans," which come with a "caked-on muddy coating," have been roundly mocked on social media, with Mike Rowe remarking that the jeans are intended to make someone appear like they have a dirty job when they do not.

                      "The Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans aren’t pants. They’re not even fashion. They’re a costume for wealthy people who see work as ironic – not iconic," Rowe wrote on Facebook.

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                          Trump has nominated Mark Green to be our new Secretary of the Army. After reading of his appointment I found this communication from GLADD among my emails and am passing it onto all.

                          . . .we've made a lot of progress for LGBTQ people in the military over the past eight years -- from the right to serve openly to Eric Fanning selected as the first openly LGBTQ Secretary of the Army.

                          But now, Mark Green is the nominee to be the next Secretary of the Army, and Green’s vicious anti-LGBTQ beliefs put our servicemembers at risk. As a state senator in Tennessee, Green was a leading proponent for legislation that would legalize discrimination against LGBTQ people. What’s worse, he said that being transgender is a “disease” and compared banning trans people from public restrooms to fighting ISIS.

                          Mark Green even said he has to discriminate against trans Americans because the Bible tells him to “crush evil.”

                          Green’s anti-LGBTQ remarks should disqualify him from serving as Secretary of the Army, where he will be responsible for the protection of out and proud service members and their families.

                          GLAAD (formerly the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is a U.S. non-governmental media monitoring organization founded by LGBT people in the media.


                          Jonah Bennett
                          National Security/Politics Reporter

                          President Donald Trump has tapped Mark Green for the position of secretary of the Army.

                          The White House announced Friday that Trump has picked Green, a former Army officer from West Point, for the position, USA Today reports.

                          Green is a favorite among many Tea Party Republicans and currently serves as a state senator in Tennessee. He’s also filed paperwork for the gubernatorial race in 2018 in that state, but should he be confirmed to secretary of the Army by the Senate, he’ll have to abandon those plans.

                          As a former Army lieutenant colonel, Green has seen a lot of action, having served as a special operations flight surgeon. He was the first to interrogate Saddam Hussein after his capture in 2003.

                          Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2017/04/07/trump-nominates-mark-green-for-army-secretary/

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                          Donald Trump’s Presidency Has Inspired 11,000 Women To Run For Office


                              It's a shame this story is buried because it really is very significant. I keep saying 2017 is going to be the Year of the Woman and here is proof that they might just make that happen. I see one big problem. How is Time Magazine going to put all 11,000 women on the cover of their person/s of the year issue?


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