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Lack Of Diversity In Trump’s First Judicial Nominees For 116th Congress


      Democrats need to put their foot down and stop this nonsense. Being all white male is NOT who and what we are as a Nation.


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          This is called "rubbing it in"

          Donald Trump declared today (Jan. 17) he was grounding Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s upcoming trip to visit troops in Afghanistan “in light of the 800,000 Great American workers not receiving pay,” alluding to the expense of flying military aircraft there.

          Hours later, his wife Melania Trump was on board a US military plane to Palm Beach, Florida, where the couple have a private club, on a flight that Quartz calculates cost US taxpayers $35,000.


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              Oh boy. Just what Trump needs. An insider's view of Trump and his merry band of grifters. Trump isn't going to like this one bit. Get your popcorn ready, the fireworks coming from the publication of this book should be spectacular.

              He [Christie] adds that the president “trusts people he shouldn’t, including some of the people who are closest to him," and is surrounded by “amateurs, grifters, weaklings, convicted and unconvicted felons.”

              Great timing with a Trump selected choice for Attorney General.

              Just a note. Do not purchase the book when it comes out. Either get from your local library or wait a few weeks and then buy it when it hits the remainder/overstock table and your local bookstore for a pittance of the original price.


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              Netflix Beats Trump's Space Force Into Space


                  Space Force: Trump Wants A

                  'space-based missile defense layer'

                  Steve Carell & Netflix Beat Him To It

                  President Donald Trump’s proposed space force may debut on Netflix before it actually makes it into space.

                  By Ray Cunneff

                  January 17, 2019

                  As he unveiled a revamped missile defense plan at the Pentagon today, President Donald Trump said that the United States is prepared to make use of space as a potential battleground. "My upcoming budget will invest in a space-based missile defense layer," Trump announced, and it is "ultimately going to be a very, very big part of our defense – and, obviously, of our offense."

                  The Trump White House directed the Pentagon to create a Space Command in December, which was proclaimed as a "significant step toward the administration's ultimate goal of establishing a department known as the Space Force that would become the first new branch of the Armed Services since the Air Force was created in 1947."

                  With neither budget nor details, and in violation of international treaties barring the militarization of space, Trump again talked of developing a "space force" as a new branch of the military, saying that "we will recognize that space is a new war fighting domain with the space force leading the way."

                  But while Trump's star wars plans remain largely imaginary, it was also announced yesterday that comic-actor Steve Carell will be starring in an upcoming Netflix series about the new Space Force that's being described as a "workplace comedy."

                  According to Variety, Carell has re-teamed with his former "The Office" producer Greg Daniels for the new series, which was teased in a short "coming soon" video from Netflix released Wednesday.

                  The promo announced: "The goal of the new branch is 'to defend satellites from attack' and 'perform other space-related tasks. ...Or something."

                  It added: "This is the story of the men and women who have to figure it out."

                  Carell, it turns out, has some recent experience with such material...


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                  Pundit Post

                  Will The GSA Take The Trump International Hotel Away From Donald?



                      The Trump International Hotel in Washington last month. (Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

                      January 16 at 3:54 PM

                      The General Services Administration “ignored” concerns that President Trump’s lease on a government-owned building — the one that houses his Trump International Hotel in Washington — might violate the Constitution when it allowed Trump to keep the lease after he took office, according to a new report from the agency’s inspector general.

                      Trump’s company won the lease several years before he became president. After Trump was elected, the agency had to decide whether his company would be allowed to keep its lease.

                      At that time, the inspector general found, the agency should have determined whether the lease violates the Constitution’s emoluments clauses, which bar presidents from taking payments from foreign governments or individual U.S. states. But it did not, according to the report issued Wednesday.

                      “We . . . found that [the agency] improperly ignored these Emoluments Clauses, even though the lease itself requires compliance with the laws of the United States, including the Constitution,” the report said.

                      Since that time, Trump’s company has hosted events for several foreign embassies and hosted at least one state governor, Maine’s then-governor Paul LePage (R). Trump has since been sued by Democratic members of Congress and the attorneys general of Maryland and Washington, D.C., who allege, in separate lawsuits, that those transactions put Trump in violation of the Constitution.

                      The report does not recommend that Trump’s lease be canceled. Instead, the inspector general recommends a new legal review of the deal.

                      The biggest controversies surrounding Trump’s D.C. hotel

                      The Trump International Hotel inside the federally owned Old Post Office building in downtown D.C. has been mired in controversy even before opening its doors.

                      In a response to the report, included with its release, the GSA issued a letter saying that the investigation showed there had been no political pressure on the agency — from Trump or anyone else — to let the newly elected president keep his lease. The investigation, the agency said, “found no undue influence, pressure or unwarranted involvement of any kind by anyone.”

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                      Cohen Hired IT Firm To Rig Early CNBC, Drudge Polls To Favor Trump



                          "In his Trump Organization office, Mr. Cohen surprised the man, John Gauger, by giving him both a blue Walmart bag containing between $12,000 and $13,000 in cash and, randomly, a boxing glove that Mr. Cohen said had been worn by a Brazilian mixed-martial arts fighter, Mr. Gauger said.

                          Mr. Cohen disputed that he handed over a bag of cash. “All monies paid to Mr. Gauger were by check,” he said, offering no further comment on his ties to the consultant.

                          Mr. Gauger owns RedFinch Solutions LLC and is chief information officer at Liberty University in Virginia, where Jerry Falwell Jr., an evangelical leader and fervent Trump supporter, is president."

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