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Eckhart Tolle And Oprah.

SuperSoul Sunday is the multi-award winning series that delivers a timely thought-provoking, eye-opening and inspiring block of programming designed to help viewers awaken to their best selves and discover a deeper connection to the world around them. Recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences with two Daytime Emmy awards, SuperSoul Sunday features all-new conversations between Oprah Winfrey and top thinkers, authors, visionaries and spiritual leaders exploring themes and issues including happiness, personal fulfillment, spirituality, conscious living and what it means to be alive in today's world.

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Christian Homeschoolers Kept Children Shackled To Beds


      Has anyone seen this??? It's absolutely appalling!!!


      "House of Horror: Christian homeschoolers in California kept their children “shackled to their beds with chains and padlocks.”

      "A California couple is under arrest after police found their 13 children emaciated and “shackled to their beds with chains and padlocks in dark and foul-smelling surroundings” in their family home.

      "The parents, David Allen Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin, 49, are currently being held on charges of torture and child endangerment. Bail is set at $9,000,000 each.

      "Local police were alerted to the horrific crime after one of the children managed to escape the house of horrors and contact the authorities.

      "A press release from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department describes the horrific scene found at the home:

      investigation revealed several children shackled to their beds with chains and padlocks in dark and foul-smelling surroundings

      "The release continues:

      but the parents were unable to immediately provide a logical reason why their children were restrained in that manner.

      "Police officers were later “shocked” to find that seven of the 13 children were actually adults between 18 and 29 years-of-age. Due to the severe malnutrition, reports indicate the adults being held captive actually looked like children.

      "James and Betty Turpin, the parents of David Turpin, and grandparents to the abused children, said that “God called on them” (referring to their son David and his wife Louise) to have as many children as possible."

      Read more at http://www.patheos.com/blogs/progressivesecularhum...


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      Goodbye To Daddy


          Elise likes to post poems from time to time, so I thought I would post one that I wrote a long time ago. However, I should explain the background to it.

          As some of you know who may have read some of my personal stories on here, my father abandoned my family, for the last time, when I was 11 years old, a few months before I was to graduate from grade school, in 1965. It was probably a good thing, as he was abusive, a gambler, and an alcoholic.

          After he left, I saw him a few weeks later outside my school. He promised to come to my graduation but, of course, he did not. We did not see him, or hear from him again, not a card, letter or phone call, until I was 19. In fact, we thought he was dead. Then, all of a sudden, he popped up out of the blue and told us he had been living in Arizona for the past few years.

          He came to visit us. When he left, he took two of my younger brothers with him, as they were a handful at the time. They lived with him and his girlfriend for about 6 months in Douglas, Arizona. Then, he sent them back and disappeared off the face of the earth again.

          In 1985, after I graduated from law school, I decided to become a VISTA Volunteer. VISTA was like the Peace Corp, only you stay in the United States. I worked temp jobs in accounting while waiting to see where I would be assigned. In the meantime, I decided I wanted to find where my father was. I called my paternal grandfather, who I rarely had any contact with, and asked if he had heard from him. He and his wife said they had heard rumors that he was in a V.A. hospital somewhere. That was all I needed.

          I wrote to the V.A.'s headquarters telling them that I was looking for my father. I gave them his full name, date of birth, and social security number. I told them he was missing, but that I had reason to believe he may be in a V.A. hospital. It took several months, but eventually, I received a letter from them letting me know that they received my letter, and it had been forwarded to my father. It also said they could not tell me where he was, that it was up to him to contact me.

          I did get a letter from him. He was at the V.A. facility in White City, Oregon. As it turns out, I had wanted to be assigned somewhere in Oregon or Washington State. I eventually got assigned to a community service organization in Everett, Washington, so this was going to turn out perfect. I planned to stop and see him on my drive up to Everett. Unfortunately, he had a massive heart attack and was transferred to the Portland V.A. hospital a week before I left, so I was only able to spend a short amount of time with him when I drove up to Everett.

          He was transferred back to White City after a few months, and we did stay in touch. Letters, cards, and a phone call once a year or so. I was very conflicted about the whole thing. Even though this was my father, the man was a stranger to me, plus, I had a lot of anger about my childhood and what had happened. Eventually, I decided to make a trip to White City and confront him about what had happened. I wrote him that I was coming to see him and drove down.

          At the time, he was staying on the ward with all the section 8 people, as well as the drug addicts and alcoholics (of course). There was not a lot of development in the area back then, other then a bar that served food right down the road from the facility. He asked me to take him there to talk. We sat there for several hours and he drank one beer after another as I vented about what a terrible father he had been. I will say, he did sit there and listen. He did not make any excuses for what he had done. No, the excuses came years later when my youngest sister, who could not recall anything that happened, visited him. She was the one he lied and made excuses to. But, that is another tale.

          Finally, when I was done, I took him back. He showed me around a bit and I said good-bye. I drove home. It took me several weeks to process the visit. I realized that my inner child had been searching a long time for the daddy I would never have, and that with the visit, I was finally able to let her go. I also realized that I needed to start to heal. My father was, after all, with all his faults, just a man. I did start the process of forgiveness after that visit, although it took many, many years for me to get all the way there.

          At any rate, after a few weeks, I sat down and wrote this poem, which I called Goodbye to Daddy

          I watched you walk away that day

          so many years ago.

          If I would ever see you again,

          I really didn't know.

          My desperate heart was broken,

          I cried and cried for weeks,

          I was just eleven-but wise-

          I knew that life stinks.

          So live went on

          I accepted my fate.

          And after awhile

          my love turned to hate.

          Days became years, and I grew older,

          most memories of you forgotten.

          I was 16, but oh so wise,

          I knew all men were rotten.

          Yet something in me crave the love

          I couldn't get from you.

          I wanted a Dad-but didn't want one,

          knowing what I knew.

          Well, I'm older now

          but not so wise

          I see the world

          through different eyes.

          You are in my life again,

          Which isn't easy,

          I won't pretend.

          Your memories of me

          are of a child

          But I'm all grown up

          I'm a woman now.

          And I can see you as

          you really are,

          A man.

          No more, no less.

          So the search for my perfect Daddy is done.

          And I let out a sigh.

          As my little girl says,

          "I love you, Daddy,"

          As my little girl says,


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          ‘Is Whistleblowing Worth Prison Or A Life In Exile?’: Edward Snowden Talks To Daniel Ellsberg


              "The two most famous whistleblowers in modern history discuss Steven Spielberg’s new film, The Post, about Ellsberg’s leaking of the Pentagon Papers, the personal cost of what they did – and if they’d advise anybody to follow in their footsteps." Introduced by Ewen MacAskill


              "Daniel Ellsberg, the US whistleblower celebrated in Steven Spielberg’s new film, The Post, was called “the most dangerous man in America” by the Nixon administration in the 70s. More than 40 years later, the man he helped inspire, Edward Snowden, was called “the terrible traitor” by Donald Trump, as he called for Snowden’s execution.

              "The Guardian has brought the two together – the most famous whistleblower of the 20th century and the most famous of the 21st so far – to discuss leaks, press freedom and other issues raised in Spielberg’s film.

              "Starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, The Post deals with Ellsberg’s 1971 leak of the Pentagon Papers, which revealed presidents from Truman to Nixon lying about the Vietnam war. It deals, too, with the battle of the US media, primarily the Washington Post and the New York Times, to protect press freedom.

              "During a two-hour internet linkup between Ellsberg in Berkeley, California, Snowden in Moscow and the Guardian in London, the whistleblowers discussed the ethics, practicalities and agonised internal debate involved in whistleblowing and how The Post has a special resonance today in Trump’s America.

              "They are worried about Trump’s assault on press freedom and express fear that journalists could be indicted for the first time in US history. And they are alarmed by the prospect of a US nuclear strike against North Korea, urging a new generation of whistleblowers to come forward from the Pentagon or White House to stop it."


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              'A Nightmare': Family Bids Goodbye As Undocumented Father Of 2 Is Deported To Mexico


                  I, for the life of me, simply cannot understand how families can be allowed to be torn apart like this.

                  Jorge Garcia came here when he was 10 with his parents. He is now 39. What does he know about Mexico?! Probably not very much! Where is the compassion?! Why isn't he being put on the road to citizenship? I simply cannot understand this, not one little bit!


                  'A tearful scene unfolded at Detroit Metropolitan Airport on Monday morning, where Jorge Garcia, a father of two and a 30-year resident of Detroit, was deported to Mexico amid cries from his family.

                  'Garcia, 39, was brought to the U.S. by his aunt when he was 10 years old, according to his wife and Michigan United, an immigrant advocacy organization that is working with Garcia. His parents had already immigrated to the country, said Michigan United spokesperson Erik Shelley, who was at the airport this morning as Garcia bid his emotional goodbyes to his wife, Cindy Garcia, and children, ages 15 and 1

                  'For his family, the parting was devastating. Cindy Garcia told ABC News she is “very sad, very depressed, emotional.”“It’s like a nightmare,” she said.

                  'Cindy and Jorge Garcia met in Detroit and have been married for 15 years, she said. He worked in the landscaping industry and she is retired from Ford Motor Company.

                  'In 2005, they tried to “fix his paperwork,” Cindy Garcia told ABC News, but instead he ended up in deportation proceedings. Throughout the Obama administration, Jorge Garcia was able to receive multiple stays of deportation, though he had to check in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) routinely.

                  'But on Nov. 20, ICE told the couple that Jorge Garcia had to leave the U.S. He was going to be detained, but ICE allowed him to stay with his family, first through Thanksgiving and then through the holidays, Cindy Garcia said. However, he was told he had to leave the country by no later than Jan. 15 -- today.

                  '“I am a U.S. citizen and it is affecting me. We tried to do things the right way,” said Cindy Garcia. “We tried and he got sent back to a country he does not know.”'


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                  Backpacker Takes Us To Our Lord's JESUS Home Bethlehem

                  (Sterling's comments I have the Peace Light that was brought to the state I live in at present and the light has been burning for no less than 1000 yrs but I have never been to our Lords place of birth Bethlehem and where there is a will the Lord will make a way! See below) TY Backpacker not sure what his name is the BBC did not list it.

                  This programme will be available shortly after broadcast

                  Exploring Bethlehem

                  The Travel Show team is at The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem with a blind backpacker who is on a mission to explore the globe through touch and sound. Christa is in Paris to take part in an all-night festival of lights, plus Simon Calder's back with advice and tips for travellers.

                  Release date:

                  9 December 2017

                  30 minutes


                  Role Contributor

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