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The Firth Of Forth


      Some personal ancestry info/about a "BRIDGE" lol

      This one took a while.

      In the not too distant past my Scottish Grandfather (on my Mum's side) was a Master Stone Mason.

      William Grey.(or Grey) tbc.

      When he completed his contract to oversee the construction of the foundations,(4 the bridge's construction) he came to Dublin city where he built houses and such, before he passed away relatively early after an ailment (possibly T.B.)

      It is considered an iconic structure and a symbol of Scotland (having been voted Scotland's greatest man-made wonder in 2016)

      (Longest Structural Steel Span.) (Wrought Iron)

      One of his daughters married a Butcher named Holden, and he was my mums Grand-dad. I think it's 5 "generations" ago.

      The working conditions back then as you can imagine were dreadful, as with any large infrastructural project lives were lost during the construction.

      The foundations were constructed beneath the waves of the "Firth of Forth"

      (the estuary you see above)

      These "cylinders" or "caissons" had an air pocket for the workers to excavate the ground beneath them.. air was pumped in to the chamber to force out the water and keep the men alive as they inched ever deeper on a perfectly horizontal plane. Any "tilt" would reduce the available air space.

      A Master Mason, building for life.

      The world's first steel span of these dimensions and for a long time to come..

      And no, I didn't build any bridges here, but I did circumnavigate the planet twice before I was 17 :)

      (on a "shoestring" of love, hope and curiosity and "unbreakable faith" in humanity :)



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      Science And Zero Hedge


          and research and acting your age

          I like Zero Hedge because many good articles there show us that the economy is a house of cards. I don't like that it's populated by Chumpites who are still so inebriated with greatness hopium that they can't see that the Orangeutan WH is falling apart.

          Last night I read a truly horrifying ZH article: That other heavy-hitter called Tyson - the Neil Degrasse one - was being picked on. The Chumpites were out in force, opining their ignorance in a concerted effort to take NDGT down.

          Science isn't about what's around you and your immediate reaction to it. It's about resarch, study, reading, hard tedious work and failing many times until you finally get it right.

          So why is this in Personal Stories? This is really sad. Yesterday a lady who's a site Friend attacked me. I told her to read the whole conversation and think before writing.

          Unless you know what you're talking about, your opinion is worthless. Grow up, do the work, and then we'll listen.

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          Eleanor Roosevelt & Severn Suzuki


              A most remarkable WOMAN :)

              And a most remarkable YOUNG WOMAN :)

              I don't know about you, but this is timeless art to me.

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              Happy Easter Everyone, As Well As Passover


                  I hope you are enjoying yourself. That you are with someone you care about. If you are traveling today, I hope you get there and make it home safely. If you are lonely, I hope you find someone to share your life with. At least, know that someone is thinking about you, right now. Me.

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                  Dr. Arrested For Genital Mutilation


                      OK, here is a follow up to the story of my doc dropping me to concentrate on female genital plastic surgery. I mentioned this is a real up and coming area of plastic surgery now, including clitoral hood reduction. Guess what? A Dr. was just arrested in Detroit for female genital mutilation of dozens of young girls.

                      This is exactly what I was concerned about when I was reading up on this the other day-families using a physician to try and get around the laws to mutilate their children and guess what? It has been happening! This makes me so angry!!!


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                      Dubious Luxuries


                          While I was watching the news story on the latest manifesto mailing, revolution minded, domestic terrorist. It struck me that I have met this same guy to some extent thousands of times in my life. It brought me back to the election and the pure anger and bewilderment I felt when I saw the country spit up a hairball to the highest office. After that incredibly personal gut punch I turned away from the media, I turned away from current events really and just concentrated on my life, taking care of myself and doing the things I thought enjoyable.

                          It was liberating, the time that I spent away was a real and telling look into a dubious addiction and the ways of life that go mostly unnoticed. The addiction to the news and information, the challenging of thoughts that were being mass injected into us. It all added up, my health suffered to a degree, my anxiety was nearer to the surface and my indignation and anger a friend all too often. I was reminded by a voice in my head from a recently passed fellow traveler that anger is a dubious luxury, and the wheels kept spinning.

                          When I was 8, I walked into my best friends house right behind him. His big brother was hiding behind a wall and as soon as he saw me pulled me to him with a huge hunting knife to my throat. I felt how freaking sharp that was and was terrified to move. He was taunting me with the old what are you going to do about it bit, and let me go after just about a minute. A minute that I haven't forgotten about all these years later, not that it was a focal point of a childhood impression of fear, rather the point where the pity of him took hold. He was a mercenary in training in his mind, he was going to go into the military and then get hired to kill people after that. What a great career goal for a sixteen year old, how silly was my oceanography aspirations?

                          Since the world seemed to be going to straight into the Twilight Zone, I was also away from the computer more. I was more intrigued with doing something estimable and pertinent to my life, my daily fare, my existence than I was with the troubles of the world. A clearer mind came about on many issues of self and that dubious luxury of free thought and free will, ran head to head with the reality that was presenting itself. In all truth over my lifetime 97% the news that most affected me personally was the weather. Not to negate the overall reporting of what is happening in the world, at the same time though who was I to try to comprehend world issues? I can't keep track of a soap opera for lack of interest, so why should I think I know who is doing what when I was at work? Who should the good guys and bad guys be in some not understood situation? What was the right thing to do when I wasn't there and who really knows all of the details?

                          What it brought me was the fact that people don't always know how to cope with themselves, let alone the information they receive. The manifesto writer, the vandal, a whacked out leader of a puppet regime, and even that guy in North Korea. These folks did not get the best helping of coping skills growing up, their skin as translucent as their behaviors. Acceptance just means Thank You and tolerance is a term for how well their wives and maids do the ironing. The things they find wrong in the world or their country based off of a bizarre compiling of information they just don't wish or understand let alone cope with. I don't judge them for that though, to a degree I think there are plenty of folks with varying degrees of coping issues. This past election I believe many of them came out of the woodwork like louse.

                          That brother of my friend is still around, never made it far into the military with his attitude. That blew his mind because he had trained for it hadn't he? He was a soldier in his mind, while in all reality he was just another angry and ill informed teenager. He went on to have four kids and live mostly off the government dime after being too ignorant on a job to follow safety regulations. The guy who used to call me fat boy when I was a kid is very much more rotund than I am wiry and he sits and drinks all day. He has a wife and four kids that according to his brother he started ignoring years ago. A proud supporter of our national embarrassment, and someone who couldn't find city hall if you shoved him in the front door. I am not saying all of his supporters are like this, but it sheds a light on this whole division of peoples we are witnessing in all of it's disgusting glory.

                          There is a degree of getting too much too soon, being raised by information gleaned from an incomplete and dysfunctional society models. The thing that got me about the video of the guy mailing the manifesto was how proud he was about his Y'uge letter to the Chicken Coup. The lettering on the address in a solid third grade block print, and a grin and glow of pride flowed from this adult man. This is a person that has issues with the government... Who then stole a crapload of guns... Yeah, coping skills have been well instilled into this one. It is not only about education, yet we are seeing the effects of many rooms full of monkey's on typewriters... It ain't Shakespeare.

                          This society is filled and filed with a cacophony of voices, of visual inputs, of audio control, and belief systems. Are we too surprised that so many of it's parts are incomplete or broken and breaking? Our news and media show us predominantly that when you do this, this happens. All of the bad things that you will be punished for. Behavior that is outside the norm and they control the messaging, they control the norm. So I can see where the older brother of lifelong friend can believe other messages, other news. He, like they, have never felt like anyone cared about them before, that anyone cared about their broken and incomplete imaginations of how this world is... to them. The anger association was all that was needed, the thinking elite, the ones that listened to the mainstream news couldn't possibly understand this. They were angry about their jobs being taken away by "illegals" when no such thing had happened, they just got angrier and angrier at a changing world that they couldn't or didn't know how to cope with. Their belief systems were being challenged and thumbed at, the world was changing and they didn't like it. Wow, what a luxury, society may have somewhat of a blueprint on how to survive in it, school, job, family ect... Life and most assuredly the world has never had those luxuries. When life takes you off of societies norms, you become a part of that other world that either knows how to cope or gets angrier. As far as voters go that's 50/50 at best and most likely 70% are the angry and incomplete ones.

                          I have my coping issues, I have my anxieties and my belief system(s). I have my addictions to many things including a penchant for the news and what I pick up as going on in the world. It is as much of an addiction as alcohol and drugs and brings about the same chemical reactions to many. It will drive angst and anxiety, fear and division to new and dangerous heights. Most of the people that I know have the ability to understand that there is much they do not know. Some do not, their ego's and many times their addiction for action instead of knowledge brings about untold consequences. Broken pieces of a complex world being pounded into a misfit mosaic will not and has never worked. Though here we are watching the ego driven and money minded, war hungry idiots trying it again.

                          The dubious luxuries, like discussing world hunger at dinner, water rights by a raging river, the affairs and the to do's of countries a world away. Yes they all effect and affect our lives and that is why the voting process should be more reverent. It should be raised to the highest point of competence once more. The layers of life and of the world and our basic securities depend upon it. I can understand a little bit more that separation in the layers of this onion a little bit more today. I have always thought it was an issue of empathy and compassion, but in all reality it could just be coping and sharing lost to the greedy training of a society pushing money not knowledge, belief systems instead of science. We can't be shown most of the good news on TV anymore because it may send a message, that it may show a religion, or a group, or something that would be seen pushing a message. A race, a need, a failure in leadership, the missing pieces of all of these things are intriguing, we do love a mystery. Though the fact remains for me that I cannot do much about the affairs of the world, or the donating for a cause. I do what I can, when I can and when I feel compelled to do so. When I stepped away from having that on my mind for those months I was a much better person. A much healthier person and a person more balanced and willing to cope. I am not saying to step away from this thing that we seem to do best. Just pointing out that even these ruminations and opinions about everything and anything are at times very dubious luxuries.


                          (Just an Opinion piece/observation, Sorry, I never know how to classify these things sometimes. With Mercury in retrograde this was the only thing that popped into my head this morning.) Cheers :)

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                          Buteyko Breathing


                              The drug free method of improving asthma related breathing difficulties is becoming more widely known.

                              BTS Guidelines: Buteyko has highest recommendation


                              A few months ago, they released their 2014 guidelines on the management of Asthma. The BTS gave the Buteyko Method a rating of1++ on its Level of Evidence. Buteyko also got an “A” as its grade for recommendation. These are the highest they give. It shows the Buteyko Method’s high level of evidence.


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                              This Is Who We Are


                                  Sunday mornings for me are reverent. Not for a religious belief or a sports fanaticism, but for the peace and hope it brings to the new week ahead. I look for the opportunities and blessings and go barefoot through life, not waiting for any shoes to drop.

                                  I am a classic American, in other words just another part of this great big hot mess of a world. It's on Sunday mornings that I reset and look for the good in all of the bad and all of the messed up stuff. It is important to realize what we are seeing in the news and what we are feeling about this thing or that thing does not take away from the fact that we are these things, these everyday heroes. The ones that make one small gesture and change the vision and even lives of so many more around them. In this life that requires movement to operate at our best, it is the next right action that will help us rise in all areas. The next blessing bestowed and the next smile and heart to bring to life once more. We are our neighbors and they are us and I am proud to be an American who has fellows like this.


                                  Thursday, April 06, 2017 02:48PM
                                  CRESTVIEW, Florida --
                                  After spending days in the hospital, Jennifer Austin was just happy to be heading home after her husband Don underwent a partial leg amputation.

                                  But as they reached the front door, Don quickly realized he had not yet regained the strength or balance he needed to hop up their front steps with his crutches. Defeated, Don sat down on the front steps - and Jennifer wasn't strong enough to help him back up.

                                  They didn't know what to do next, but then a stranger driving by saw them struggling and circled back around. A man named Steve pulled up and asked if he could help, then lifted Don up and helped him into the house and onto the couch. Calling him an "angel," Jennifer was stunned by his random act of kindness.

                                  "I hope he realizes how much his thoughtful act is appreciated. He was a hero today, and we are so grateful that he was willing to stop and take the time to help people he has never met before," she wrote on Facebook.
                                  But Steve Smith's work wasn't done yet. As it turns out, he was a welder, too. He returned to their house the next day - with some extra hands - and built a wheelchair ramp to the Austin's front door.

                                  "Brought Don, his mom, his nurse and myself to tears," Jennifer wrote on Facebook. "We just couldn't believe it. Wow. To be on the receiving end of such kindness is so humbling."

                                  Steve Smith stopped to help Don Austin get into his home after he was released from the hospital, then returned to build him a wheelchair ramp. (Jennifer Austin/Facebook)


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                                  White House

                                  WHITE HOUSE MEMO

                                  As President Donald J. Trump traveled the nation, he heard the pleas of the forgotten men and women of the country – the people who work hard, and play by the rules, but who don’t have a voice. Today, he will deliver remarks to North America’s Building Trades Unions. These men and women are the backbone of America. They will play a key role in the rebuilding of our nation – and they will never be forgotten again.
                                  • 10:45AM: President Trump hosts a CEO town hall on the American business climate – Watch LIVE
                                  • 12:30PM: President Trump makes remarks at the 2017 North American's Building Trades Unions National Legislative Conference –Watch LIVE
                                  • 3:00PM: President Trump meets with Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency Scott Pruitt
                                  • 4:00PM: President Trump meets with Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin
                                  • 4:30PM: President Trump meets with Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson
                                  GET INVOLVED
                                  Last week, you voted on your favorite moments from the collections of photos from March. The winner is now featured on whitehouse.gov.
                                  View the Featured Photo of the Day.
                                  FROM PRESIDENT TRUMP
                                  OVAL OFFICE HIGHLIGHTS
                                  President Trump meets with President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi of Egypt.
                                  Read More

                                  President Trump proclaims April 2 through April 8, 2017, as National Crime Victims' Rights Week.
                                  Read More
                                  WHITE HOUSE UPDATES
                                  Photo of the Day:

                                  Moments before Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi arrives, President Donald Trump talks with a member of staff on Monday, April 3, 2017 (Official White House Photo by Benjamin Applebaum).
                                  View Photo

                                  White House Releases Official Portrait of First Lady Melania Trump.
                                  Read More

                                  Vice President Mike Pence is now on Instagram. For up-to-date photos, follow VP here.

                                  Manufacturers Confident About President Trump’s Economic Agenda.
                                  Read More

                                  PRESS ROOM
                                  Watch yesterday's press briefing with Sean Spicer and Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke:

                                  Read Transcript
                                  NEWS REPORTS
                                  • Associated Press: "Bit by bit, Trump methodically undoing Obama policies"
                                    Read More
                                  • USA Today: "In Egypt meeting, Trump vows to fight terrorism"
                                    Read More
                                  • The Hill: "Trump donates first quarter salary to National Park Service"
                                    Read More
                                  • Washington Free Beacon: "Newspaper Editorials Pan Democrats’ Attempt to Filibuster Gorsuch, Encourage Confirmation"
                                    Read More
                                  • USA Today: "Gorsuch merits confirmation: Our view"
                                    Read More

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