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Unexamined White Supremacism Is Insidious


      I believe this is a prime example of normal, every day, white supremacism. It isn't always torches and swastikas. Just the blind, unrecognized fact that you got where you are on the back and the blood and bodies of many people. It is not a bad thing, necessarily, it just is. But when you take advantage of that privilege without recognizing the bloody legacy, when you deny the reality of ongoing racism and oppression, then, I question you, and your motives, and your values.

      A reply to Zackary Kershaw, from The Dabiscan Chronicles, a closed FB group of Yabberz alumni and detritus:

      One of Trumps glaring flaws is that he is not a politician. He is not polished and suave. He embodies the NY brash take no prisoners persona. That's who he is. I have said and I believe that will help and hurt him in the office of President. But, he connects with average everyday people with his plain manner of talking. I do not and never had great expectations for his time in office. His habit of randomly praising and bashing leaders in Congress won't really serve him well to get much accomplished legislatively. My main expectations for him are simple. #1) appoint conservative minded justices to the 133 or so vacant judicial seats, and fill a couple of spots on the Supreme Court as well. #2) Get a few legislative items passed and that's about it. As far as the possibility of a new war, I have stated many times over that I felt that whoever took office as POTUS 45, that person would have to face a deadly and dangerous world with the looming possibility of a new war. You have to understand. Millions of people were repulsed by Hillary. Many Democrats stayed home and did not go vote back in the November elections. Many youth did what the youth always do. They rally and bluster but never go vote. Trump had a loyal fan base, but a lot of people voted for him to keep Hillary away from winning. So I said all this to give you the frame of mind I am in. I am sure some others here might agree with me, or maybe not.

      I'll try to briefly summarize the rest. As I said, when I watch the social media videos and pictures, I see alt-left and alt-right (I use these terms to collectively summarize the different groups that were present that day) fighting and inciting each other. Who is responsible? It takes two to dance, so I place blame on extremist actors on both sides. The Nazi /Supremacist movement represents about .03% of the total US population. The conservative/tea party/Republican groups DO NOT condone or agree with the ideals of these radical alt-right extremist groups. The media is disingenuous to infer that the Supremacist/Nazi groups are a majority. They are a tiny slice of the nation. If we all ignored them, let them have their little rallies and went on like they do not exist, they would eventually slink back into the dark hole they came from.

      And my reply to him.

      Well, we see what happened when we allow these people to fester with their hate. You say that the conservative tea party Republican side does not condone or agree with their hateful ideals.

      I invite you to march with us. Stand up to them. Because there are far more than you think, and they run a little more closely in where they draw their energy from, than you are probably comfortable with.

      And if you aren't willing to march with me, I will wonder why.

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      While Part Of The Family Heads To Lyon, Another Branch Performs For Charity


          czook and opie know of my families musical activities, but this concert series by my nephew Kyle Barrett Price to raise money for a firehouse makes me especially proud.


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          Pundit Post

          Charlottesville Was My Fault


              "I live in rural Northeast Georgia, and was raised in rural Upstate South Carolina. I grew up hearing the black kids called monkeys and the n word at the playground in elementary school. I’ve heard members of my family say derogatory things about other races, including these racial slurs. I was even told in third grade that I couldn’t have a black girlfriend because, “people just don’t like that.”

              "I could make an argument that systemic racism is the cause of a vehicle plowing through a group of protesters in VA, but I know too many people who claim that “racism doesn’t exist.” So please, friends and family, hear me. I’m going to set aside the argument for systemic racism for a minute and look at the four types of racism that I see every day living here in the south.

              "I see this as a pyramid with the smallest population at the top and the largest at the bottom."


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              Happy Birthday To Me!


                  Yes, it is that time again. The time for all of you to pay fealty and recognize the good blessings I have brought to the world by entering it on this date, 27 long, long years ago.

                  What a time to be alive, we are currently living some sort of reality TV sci-fi dystopia, while nuclear brinksmanship once again takes center stage!

                  I will be busy today, doing things, I have plans, gotta get new shoes, have lunch, probably go and get Richard Dreyfuss's autograph, and watch Jaws at the Plaza Classic Film Festival in El Paso.

                  While I am doing that, I may check in occasionally to make sure that y'all are continuing with the merriment in my absence.

                  I want to see some Nazis punched in Virginia, someone tap that fool Richard Spencer on the nose again.

                  And I want you all to have a wonderful Saturday, crack open a cold one if the mood hits you, smoke 'em if you got em, and say a little prayer that thermonuclear armageddon holds off for at least a few more months. I want to live a little.


                  By popular demand, here's an extended cut of the #Hamilton nazi punch remix pic.twitter.com/nj70DXQH2P

                  — Nate Coraor
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                  A Part Of - Loneliness Is A Greater Epidemic Than Obesity


                      Walk away again, I have done it before with other groups of people, this will just be an extension of that practice. Yes, I just want to walk away, ghost out and disappear, far away from those who hurt me once more. The part that I guess I missed in this life book and how to get through it, is learn how to be a friend, how to have them and what that means.

                      Life is awfully hollow a good deal of the time for me and I assume people like me. For as many times that folks don't think about others in their lives, there seems to be a few taking up the slack. Not a caring about what they are saying about us, not a love or obsession, just a note of thought, a prolonged thanks. I guess that makes me complicated, or messed up, or both, yet I am still feeling it, still missing it. As the youngest of nine I had a few friends and family around, they had seen my life and understood me well enough I guess. As life reached on and those friends went away or just ghosted out of my life, sometimes literally, the loneliness deepened. When I thought and was made to believe that I had made some new real friends, I was excited. When I found out that I had done nothing of the sort I was devastated. Good intentioned people, just not honest enough to tell me I wasn't a part of.

                      The honesty and real self that I shared was too much for them to accept I guess? Eventually, as always, it was somewhat used against me to point out that I was too different to be around them. I kind of get it, I kind of don't, mostly just depressed that nobody felt the urge to fix me, I wasn't worth it. Saved from one kind of torment and pain right back into that torment and pain that made me drink to begin with. The tears welled up in my eyes when I saw a "friend" get married and no mention of an invite at all, yet all my other "friends" were invited. I get it, I just go, I don't stay, I don't belong. This is not a pity party, just a realization that the pain I have been going through is so baseline that it hurts my sensibilities. How do you make friends? Real Friends? How do you know that you have a friend when people are really just friendly? How do you ask another "friend" when they were going to say something about the two year relationship she was having with someone else? How do you ask what kind of things people don't like about you when they are too busy practicing being "honest?"

                      Why should I bend over backward for people that dislike or distrust me enough not to allow me in their home? These are supposed to be people I know in an intimate manner, the life details and their ups and downs, and they cannot even tell me to go away? I get it, it's a hard thing to do, I don't get invited to things so I don't know? I don't speak to pretty much anyone, so I don't know? Then when asking, I am assumed stupid for not knowing something that I was apparently supposed to know....

                      I get it, kind of. I wish I didn't because the bliss of ignorance would be nice right about now; But I get it. I have a problem with my jaw, and its tendons are extremely tight and inflexible. I have exercises to do to help it and I am doing them. The doctor asked how much I talk and I said I talk a lot, then I thought about it and the word count plummeted. I don't speak 100 words on many days and just a little bit more than that on others. My mouth is just a feed tube really, and that is not working out too well either. The sooner I can stop it from making sounds altogether the better. I get it, I really do. But I don't get that other life, that one filled with real friends. Because apparently I just don't know how.

                      I am too connected to my emotions for men to make the connection and too alpha for women to see it too. A social anomaly searching for some comprehension, let alone understanding. Both sides turned off to the false adage that emotions mean irrational and not worth listening to, or worth fixing, or a part of.


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                      Some Personal News

                      Dudes of Yabberz (I use "Dudes" all inclusively to refer to the like-minded bunch, and even the unlike-minded that I'm still pals with), there is a lot going on right now, talked to this guy that's running for congress, have an on camera interview tomorrow about a completely separate story, testing the waters about if I should run for Sheriff this cycle or not, got all the way till June to figure that one out, oh, and in four days I'm turning 27! Yay, I could say some things about that, but I don't want to jinx myself.

                      And then not even a week after that I begin an eclipse road trip, up New Mexico, through Colorado, enjoying that Rocky Mountain high you get up there, where there's not as much oxygen in the air, and then to Wyoming, where I will watch the eclipse from Dick Cheney's old stomping grounds in Casper! How about that. JFC, life's a trip, and a ride.


                      Relax with some good ol' Hicks.

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                      Why Is Affordable Healthcare So Important?


                          This is a personal story based upon a recent visit to my doctor. On July 7th I saw my doctor about a problem I just started to have in my left nostril. It seemed as if I had something blocking my sinus passage which made it difficult to breathe out of that nostril. So here is a chronological list of what transpired so far and the cost for each service.

                          July 7 15 minute exam. Doctor told me to get a ct scan and make another appointment to come back. Doctor's fee = $1,045.00 and another fee for hospital services of $527.75 (I have no idea what hospital service that was for)

                          July 11 CT Scan ( No Bill as yet for this service) ????

                          July 17 MRI (two scans. One without dye followed by one with dye injected into body) Cost = $3,578.57

                          ***At this point in time I was told I needed an operation to remove polyp obstruction in nasal passage.

                          July 21 Pre-Operation examination. (Blood test, Heart EKG and blood pressure) Blood pressure a bit high so pills were prescribed to lower blood pressure. Cost: $1,085.00 hospital services + $367.00 professional services

                          July 28 SURGERY DAY!!! Aenethieaologist fee: $14,236.00 + Doctor/Surgeon Fee: $68,288.76

                          The total so far is $89,128.08 and that is without the CT Scan fee and overnight stay in hospital.

                          The point I am trying to make is that if people have no insurance or are grossly under insured they could literally go bankrupt. This bill will top out somewhere near $100,000.00 of which I will have to pay my deductible of $2,140.00. What also happens is now I have just become a member of that group of people who have a pre-existing condition.

                          Moral to this story: Advocate on behalf of single payer. Only way to go.

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