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Help - We Need A Name - Or A Divorce :)


      Welcoming a cute pup into the family is an experience unto itself. Usually a joyful occasion, until this little man came into our lives this weekend. Oh it has nothing to do with him, and everything to do with us Humans..

      You see, my wife and I can't agree on a name. Like really can't agree. I wanted to name the puppy, well D.O.G. pronounced (dee-ohh-gee). She tells me I am stupid :)

      And then she recommends the name Ghost. I guess off a Game of Thrones wolf or something. Ghost.. What kinda name is that, certainly not..

      WE have thought of Teddy.. Maybe, he is like a little bear. And Snowden. She thought of Snowden not me, even though I am partial to the guy.. I think it is better then GHOST.. certainly.

      I just don't know what to do, we really need to settle on a name, so he can become accustomed to it..

      Maybe I will just call him D.O.G... dee-ohh-gee come here.. Unfortunately she always seems to win.... Going to have a darn dog named Ghost... Unless I can get some help with another name :)

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      Refugees: We Thought America Valued Diversity


          "They fled terror, tyranny and persecution in search of a better life for themselves and their families. They believed that the United States would offer them that life -- that the country formed by immigrants would welcome them with open arms.

          "As the legality of President Trump's travel ban is debated, CNN spoke with Muslims who came to the United States between 1982 and 2014. We asked them about current attitudes and policies toward Muslims and refugees, why they came to America -- and what their hopes are for the future."


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          Bellevue Girl Bullied At School Asks For Help, Facebook Post Goes Viral


              This story is heart breaking. No child, or anyone else, for that matter, should ever be the victim of hate-filled bullying.


              'Bellevue fourth grader says she has been bullied since school started in September. After months of telling teachers, administrators and the district, she was feeling desperate and posted a video on Facebook to get help for herself and other students who are bullied.
              The video was shared more than 17,500 times and reached more than 670,000 people.

              'Nasir Andrews, 9, is finishing fourth grade at Ardmore Elementary School in the Bellevue School District.

              'Andrews, who is black, said other students have called her "Nutella" and "servant".

              '"A student called me 'Nutella,' and I told my after-school teacher and she said it wasn't racist and she made me write the definition of racist," Nasir told KIRO 7 on Wednesday.

              'Andrews says she was picked on for buying her lunch and laughed at on the school bus. Her parents got her a lunch box and let her bring her lunch some days. They started driving her to school every day.

              'She said students in her class would take her snack and eat it or throw it away. At recess she says classmates ran away from her. She says she's been pushed, kicked and choked.'


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              My Husband And I Saved A Baby Rabbit Last Night.


                  It was an exhausting experience.

                  There is a small neighborhood park right behind our house. People dump pets there from time to time-usually cats. About 8 years ago, after Easter, someone left 2 bunnies there. People in the area suddenly saw them running around and tried to catch them.

                  I was walking my dog when I saw one of them. A lovely black bunny. I had never seen my dog act like that before. He is part Akita and weighs almost 100 pounds. Suddenly, he zeroed in on this cute little bunny, jerked my arms, started making this strange whining noise, and was slobbering like this was lunch and he wanted it, RIGHT NOW! It took all my strength to pull him away from the area.

                  Eventually the two bunnies were caught and saved. My neighbors wife is a vet. One of the bunnies' legs was broken. She took it to work, cared for it, and one of her employees eventually took it home.

                  Last August, someone left a Guinea Pig at the park. One of those expensive ones with the long, furry hair. Several people at the park were quite distressed, as we were concerned that a predator would get it, it would starve, or that it would not last through the winter. Myself, along with others, were bringing bits of scraps over for it to eat. Someone finally caught it in October and took it home. Crisis averted.

                  Then, a month after this Easter, as I left my home to take my dog for our morning walk, at the home next door, there was another rabbit. A beautiful black one. Again, it took all my strength to keep my dog from getting at it. That bunny must have sensed the danger, as very quickly it hopped across my lawn, across my other neighbor's lawn, into his back yard, and, I presume, back into the park.

                  About a month ago, a few blocks from here, I saw the second rabbit. A grey one. It saw us approaching and quickly ran off out of site. Smart rabbit.

                  Two and a half weeks ago I came home from the Dentist, greeted my dog, and opened the back door to let him out. I stepped outside on to the deck and heard a terrible noise. It was obviously an animal of some kind, hurt. It was not a bird, but it was high pitched, and was coming from just across the park. I called my cat Tuffy, as Princess was still in the house. She came running. She was OK. So-hold on to this thought. A high pitched noise from 2 and 1/2 weeks ago.

                  In addition to our dog, we have two cats. My husband and I love dogs and cats, and have had pets since we both were children. Tuffy and Princess are litter mates, and are about the most ferocious hunters of any cats we have ever had. They have caught and killed a rat bigger than they are, they bring rats, mice, moles, voles, and birds to the back door so we can see their kill.

                  They both know that they are not suppose to bring anything in to the house. On occasion, Princess likes to break that rule. When she does, she usually brings in something that is still alive. She always makes this very odd noise when she does. I can't quite figure it out. Perhaps it is a present to us, for us to kill. I don't know. I can say it has not been fun to have a live mouse and mole in the house, trying to chase it down and get it out.

                  Now, back to the rabbit situation. In the last 10 days, the cats have brought 3 dead baby rabbits to the back door. I am reasonably sure the noise I heard was Tuffy killing a baby rabbit. When I say they brought a baby rabbit, I should say what was left of a baby rabbit. If you are squeamish, you would not want to look at what my cats often leave at the back door.

                  We are finally having some warn weather, and we had the back door open last night. We were sitting in the family room watching the news, when Princess marched into the living room, which is where she usually goes when she has something. I thought I heard her making her strange noise. I got up to go take a look and my husband followed. She moved away from where she was and there it was, a baby rabbit, sitting still. We thought it was dead.

                  My husband went into the kitchen to pick it up with a paper towel, as he was concerned that it might have blood on it somewhere. When he bent down to pick it up, it suddenly, quickly hopped to the other side of the room, behind a large planter and our couch. I could see that it's right paw was lagging a bit.

                  My husband tried to reach down and get it, and it hopped behind the couch. Great! It's behind the couch. We got a broom to try and scare it out from under the couch, but it would not budge. He had to lift the couch up. There it was. I tried to grab it, and it ran to another corner of the room.

                  My husband went and got a large towel, thinking that might be the only way to get it. I staying there keeping a watch on it. He got back and thought he grabbed it with the towel. I looked around and it was so fast and small, that it had hopped to another part of the room, behind another planter. I managed to reach behind the planter and pick it up, then wrap it in the towel.

                  I walked next door to my neighbor and rang the doorbell. Princess followed me over, meowing the whole time. I told him what was going on. He called his wife, as she was at work and was going to be there for several hours. It was decided they would keep it there until she came home and could evaluate it, but they would need something to put in in to keep it safe, as they have 4 dogs. I suggested our cat carrier. Great idea!

                  The bunny was placed in the cat carrier. I petted it. It was looking happy. Crisis averted. I went home. My husband and I were exhausted, but at least we saved one of the baby bunnies from a horrible death.

                  I don't know who thinks dumping pets in the park is OK, but I would like to give them a piece of my mind. A drive to the shelter is just as easy.

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                  A Lesson Learned All Over Again


                      Angela Bridgman and I had a big discussion about how to behave when you're different and/or think differently. Very recently seeing a lecture by G. Edward Griffin talking about the Fed and its power, I was reminded of the same lesson that AB and I had discussed.

                      The lecture was called the same as the title of GEGs book, The Creature from Jekyll Island (on YouTube, lasts 1 hr 47 min). It was the answer to the question about if we can do anthing about the Fed that gave me the deja vu to the discussion with AB.

                      Meeting power head on is useless. You'll get crushed. With time and more and more people getting enlightened, things can change. My idea is that instead of using force, trying to motivate power to work differently by showing the advantages of acting differently is much smarter.

                      Specifically I'm thinking about poverty, which is easily solved with attitude changes and a sound money economy, where the poor become a productive basis for the economy instead of a drag on it. A bigger pie creates more wealth for everybody, also the elites.

                      This was supposed to become Just a Thought, but I put it here because it's a personal lesson about "killing with kindness" instead of continue the cycles of oppression and rebellion.

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                      Saturday Poetry. Deepest Pain.



                          Deepest pain.

                          This pain that you inflicted on me
                          is always on my mind
                          I cannot get away from that
                          I thought you were so kind

                          You came to say goodbye to me
                          and were just passing through
                          But then you started hurting me
                          while I tried stopping you.

                          How could you do this to a friend
                          I've never did you wrong
                          The moments seem to be an hour
                          I wished you had been gone.

                          The cries and scream were so intense
                          I then gave up the fight,
                          For I didn't know what else to do
                          I had been killed inside.

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                          Leaving Islam

                              In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Sarah Haider about her organization Ex-Muslims of North America, how the political Left is confused about Islam, “rape culture” under Islam, honesty without bigotry,…
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