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A Perspective Not Shared Is......


      A perspective not shared is an opinion of a different sort. There are those within each of us that fit different times, different circumstances, different lives, different cultures, different friends, different jobs. Different classes.

      The secret. The one shared with your friends, and no others. It makes us feel better, knowing something we might believe no one else knows.

      Proprietary ones, they are bad for us, overall. While we know it is to protect the money making ability of an edge, that is only the official reason. Even then it is used to prevent competition that is necessary for a free market. No market is free, except art, and only for those trying to get in.

      It is used to justify everything from stealing employees intellectual property and skills at rock bottom prices, and no recognition for that company logoed product to raising customers prices because no one else makes them, you see.

      Tyco Electronic Electronics did that to medical cables. It is so much better for medical, insurance pays with little objection, there is only one supplier to all the medical device makers. They could care less what Covidian, insurers or medicare charges or pays. They get way big profit regardless.

      They dropped 1300 employees that year as well. As if medical was subject to recession. 2008. I was one of the laid off. In truth, I really did not have anything but busy work as a project planner. I liked the lab work I started there with. You cannot go back, so they told me.

      In truth, I was relieved, I did not think much of their reasoning. People very likely do go without those cables, I hope some substitute is available, and as good or better than those. I did not think much of sales pulled up every month to make it seem we made or exceeded projections on profit goals, that was for investors.

      I learned an awful lot of engineers, think they just had a job, and were not particularly conscientious about working, and they smoked pot. But no doubt, they were geniuses.

      I learned no matter how well you do the job, or how well you fit a team, or how glowing your performance reviews: the axman does not hear it, nor care about it.

      Numbers were asked for, not names. It had nothing to do with person or quality of work.

      A paycheck means you are a number, that has nothing but a seat to fill for a moment. That's A Corporate perspective. As true for blue as for white collared workers.

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      What's Going On?


          What's Going On?

          By Dajuan Candle (Kimboak Benham)

          January, 20, 2017. Political Review. Armchair, Georgia. An eye on the inauguration.

          This day, sitting in my armchair taking in the grand moments of the Presidential and Vice Presidential swearing in ceremony on my TV screen, my mind started to drift, becoming lost in the moment of disbelief, fretting the thought of it becoming the reality it was meant to be, a song befitting both my thoughts and the ceremony on the screen came to mind. Marvin Gayes “What’s Going On”. Back to the times of my youth when we as a country, and those of my culture in particular, were going through trying times my mind went. Those days of my youth came after a most immediate time after the upheavals of the 1960’s when we, not me of course –I was a kid, had elected Richard Nixon President.

          Do those days have as much in common with today as my reminiscing mind would have me believe?

          With those thoughts in mind I concluded such would have to be the question I would raise have to raise in a new edition of my Yabberz only Dajuan Candle's Armchair Review. Now that I’ve posed the question of yesteryear in reference to today I guess I will just sit back and relax and ponder an answer while listening to Marvin's song. You all are welcome to do the same.

          That’s all, for now.

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          Welcome New Member Sheila Futrell


              Welcome my friend, Sheila Futrell , to Yabberz.

              I'm sure Sheila responded to my shared faceBook post by Jonathan Wilner about Trumbell's art.

              Sheila, be forwarned. This is NOT an art discussion board although Jonathan brings us that fresh air. Mostly, the site is politics and social issues and the discussions can get downright nasty. But by and large, you will find like minds and I believe you will enjoy many of the articles posted.

              Welcome, Sheila.

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              You Know You've Raised Them Right When..........


                  I was driving my boys up to Bryan,TX today and had one of those verbal Kodak moment with my youngest son that nearly brought tears to my eyes. He was complimenting Cowboys Stadium about how awesome it is as he had gone to the Pearland-Trinity championship game the night before. And then he said, "but I hate the Cowboys". It made me so proud to hear those words knowing now that I had brought him up right.

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                  Freedom Rings Hollow In Many Ways


                      Freedom, means to be unfettered, uninhibited, uncensored and unimpeded. That is the definition of being free. We say we are free here, and know it carries a high cost in lives, money, materials. Indeed we are deeply in debt for wars held over the past decades, when will we have peace?

                      It has been estimated every man, woman and child figuratively owes our government a bit more than $60,000. If the government gave citizens the bailout they gave wall street every one of those same would have had 1,000,000 dollars to payout, and a very real economic pickup, including jobs, paid off debt, educations, all possibilities discarded for greed and fear the Fed would hurt us back. The Fed, private bank in control, not government at all.

                      The memories we edit and obscure are helped along with fake news, misquotes and deeply held fears and belief in lies without evidence. I have called this government as of Trump, Fascist. He is installing active CEO's into his cabinent, there os no more blatant evidence than this, and the denial is concerning to anyone who believes we have liberty in this country.

                      It vanishes little by little, and we sleep and are distracted while very important events took place out of our sight, and the press was complicit. It is hard to choose between job, and the streets, no not really.

                      Freedom to live the American Dream means knowing which side your bread is buttered on, tow the company line, no other. Compliance is had because employees are not entirely sure if their job is or is not on the line, it just is a possibility, job loss is not advantageous so they help the employer and vote against real self interest. That is not freedom to me.

                      Just as ridiculous as the idea, if you choose other than the two major groups of control you have wasted your vote.

                      The real wasted vote, if you had to hold your nose, you wasted the opportunity for something else, same as if you stayed home instead. There were other choices, outside the public money fueled circus. Pressure to pick one of two odious masters is no choice at all, it is leverage against a need to belong to the winning side, nothing to do with wrong nor correct leadership.

                      You all are free to choose, as long as you can live with the consequences. There are many that fall on the ones who make different choices...The pressure to conform, is greater than you think, and this only has helped enslave thinking, giving chameleons freedom to destroy. The cork blew as true liberty has ascerted itself in the reality of being free to be me.

                      FREEDOM TO BE ME.

                      Does anyone deny that right is utterly inherent?

                      The only thing stopping you is fear?

                      That is because of consequences, sometimes inhumane ones.

                      Yet, obviously of a symptomatic disease. Society plays a part, and ours has been making strides in the direction of that yeilding a long and lasting peace we all desire, but it would be a world that was not driven by the debt instrument dollar. We are debt ridden at birth to these days, an ssa number by 5, that is incomprehensible on the face of it. That makes us obligated to the system, not by choice, either.

                      Busyness tells us how to dress for success, what to study for it too. Making my life their choices for me, no thank you, I pass, I rather like a whole well rounded education. Those who choose a broader horizon are derided and will lead to being broke.

                      Really you are free to choose, just understand it carries a heavy debt load, maybe for life. Fearmongers and hate in line with corporate goals, than human ones. Strange form of Freedom you practice.

                      I went to Kent State under Computer Science in Business, it was a university. As such I received a well rounded Education, I minored in written communication, so all forms of writing, from technical to fiction. I was taught critical thinking skills, and bussyness mythologies. That is no wonder they wish to separate the two. I accepted the mindset was to confuse their employees and customers and chuckled through some astoundingly bad economic theory and how to game it, though not blatant, you read between the lines.

                      Here is a truth. Only 60 million are employed via payroll data. 47% or nearly 30 million below poverty level. Who thinks there is not a storm brewing.

                      Most seniors are retiring below poverty level as well.

                      Freedom of choice does not mean anything in the system. The only way to opt out is to not participate in the profit destroying life machine. Is that a choice to you?

                      Freedom of choice is indeed an inalienable right.

                      The mystery to me is how do you make such automatic choices, unless you are on automatic?

                      It is boxed in thinking that sees only two choices. Good or bad, right or wrong, red or blue.

                      There is no freedom in poverty, but from fear. You have to get over stigma, isolation, and possibly what defines a crime and necessity. You have to know people do not choose to cross that line as a rule.

                      The safety net has the effect of keeping honest people honest. But it is a trap, food with nothing else keeps people homeless and unable to change it. This is outside of the matrix.

                      Free to die. Is that what you chose? For others, not you.

                      Sorry to say, you might get true freedom yet. You are always free to choose, but not outside of your programming, until you understand the program.

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