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      2018 Wore Me The Hell Out

      3 weeks ago

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      Was there something specific that broke me this year? Was it every accusation that came to the surface about an always-famous, always-rich, often-beloved man that usually turned out to be very true? The ensuing conversation about when and how we might be able to forgive these men? Maybe it was Michael Cohen or the parade of people who walked in and then out, of the White House, making it impossible to keep up with the particular way our world feels like it’s melting. Maybe it was the midterms (I’m not even American and I feel like I went through six separate elections this calendar year alone). Was it that Lena Dunham profile? Was it Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh screaming about how much he loved beer? Brexit?!!?? The more than 300 mass shootings that occurred in the US thus far? Or maybe the recent news that the Trump administration wants to deport Vietnam War refugees. I remain personally unaffected by most of the daily horrors we’ve sat through this year, and yet I am so, so tired.



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