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      Bannon's Way

      9 months ago

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      Bannon's Way

      He sees no contradictions in his contradictions

      Loyalty or personal ambition?

      By Ray Cunneff

      September 11, 2017

      Something very curious happened in last night's "60 Minutes" interview by Charlie Rose of political street fighter Steve Bannon. On the one hand, Donald Trump's former chief strategist was his usual combative self, declaring "war" on Republicans who did not fully support the president's populist, nationalist agenda (which is more correctly Bannon's agenda).

      But then, on the other hand, he made two entirely contradictory statements. First he said the Trump's decision to fire FBI director James Comey was "the biggest mistake in modern political history". Then he said, "There's nothing to the Russia investigation. It's a waste of time. It's a total and complete farce. Russian collusion is a farce”.

      But if there's nothing to the investigations of Trump's Russian connections and possible impact on the 2016 election, why would he consider the Comey firing such an enormous mistake? Had Comey not been fired, most political pros agree that the FBI's Russia investigation would not have morphed into the aggressive special investigation now led by Robert Mueller.

      The contradictions multiplied when Bannon declared that he would never criticize the president, apparently not considering his "biggest mistake in modern political history" comments criticism. He further contradicted himself by implying that he had knowledge about the possibility of Trump firing Mueller that would almost automatically invite witness subpoenas, then saying he was not privy to such conversations.

      The overall takeaway is someone with an inflated sense of self-importance, someone for whom facts and logic are impediments, acting not so much out of loyalty but out of personal ambition.

      It seems that Bannon and Trump have much in common.


          Ray Cunneff
          9 months ago

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          My own opinion

          1. I can see this and because Bannon doesn't means he has no clue. It has to do with the die hard tea partiers and the older GOP stick by the GOP establishment without giving in .

          2. tea party too.

          3. explained

          4. tea party

          5. older GOP

          6. The establishment is what it is and directed by the President in charge and those pesky top lawmakers.

          7. meaning that the staff didn't present itself the way Bannon saw it?

          8. who knows what Trump was thinking, he didn't help the situation one bit. I think many thought that Bannon wanted Comey gone...apparently not.

          9. You never get everything you ask for regardless of whom has majority.

          10. too many GOP having different meanings of what the GOP is and does.

          11. The Republicans haven't done anything constructive except make the rich richer.

          12. Wrong Bannon! Ending DACA will kill any chance of a Republican win next year.

          13. duh but who will do the jobs the US citizens don't want?

          14. so un-American

          15. How does Bannon think the US got it's citizens? Out of thin air?

          16. He is right on this citizen first gets the job no H-1b visas unless a company is strapped for employees and I really believe there should be a cut off to how many for each company and not based on the size of the company.

          17. i am not sure about this and that is a very bold statement for anyone to be making about the Catholic Church. I myself never would of said it.

          18. meh who cares I know I don't.

          19. trump is always in defense mode he has been that way since day one.

          20. Give me a break on Bannon got it wrong and the President. Everyone else including the racist took it as a free pass. He said it in such a way that the meaning will always be questioned.

          21. You don't always have to agree even the top lawmakers know this.

          22. No you don't resign you get your point across.

          23. excuses

          24. he could have a good point

          25. Apparently he is not keeping up with the investigation.

          26. BS

          27. Yes he does! why else would you bring up DACA?

          28. He never has criticized Russia for their actions he never has told the man off nor anything. He only accepted the new sanctions because i believe he did not create them which proves the point he is staying out of it period. not one peep. Because he hasn't said anything against them should be the biggest concern. The GOP seems to be in a bubble.

          29. Bannon is right on this. China doesn't give a rats ass about the industry in the US neither do their care about all the theft going on with patents in China and the US has welcomed goods into the US using those stolen patents. This has to stop!

          30. There is quite a few GOP that don't have hearts.

          31. duh

          32. I don't think the man is as Republican as he claims. I do believe he is there to kill them off why else would you attack your own party as much as he has?

          33. How wrong could you be?

          34. I didn't want the man in a staff position in the first place so as far as I am concerned he did us all a good favor.

          35. wow!

          36. not like he could stop them because he couldn't.

          37. Because no one liked him.

          38. Bannon didn't understand his job.

          39. and the reason as to why they don't give a damn about anyone but the top dogs they associate with. Everyone else can go to hell.

          40. The President is supposed to be better than that. Trump never has been on social media.

          41. It's not up to the president to write his own view on what free speech is or isn't. That is free speech and no man regardless of whom they are has a right to take that liberty away.

          42. News media look out for the people as a whole in their own words you may not like what they say but as a people we have the right to defend them. Which tends to favor only those that worship the ground the President walks on as it stands right now. So UN-patriotic and un-American.

          43. Trump hasn't tolled the line since day one and he never will.

          44. BS - Hillary lost because of corruption in the election.

          45. meh we will see.

          46. Sanders never has pounced hard enough. He goes so far and quits. Is that is how he was told to act or something he invented?

          47. His approval rating is in the gutter and the GOP needs to get their head out of their asses and think for once of the people by passing healthcare for all. Anything less of them is their own travesty.

          48. Totally BS the people are sick of this crap. I am willing to bet we will even see a higher turnout to vote for independents too. The Democrats and dependents will get the votes. Lets hope we have a nice list to choose from.

          What do you think?


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              Ray Cunneff
              9 months ago

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              If I wanted to be succinct and snide I would describe Bannon as suffering from a little pee pee syndrome. His constant referencing street fighting (he'd get his head knocked off in about one second) and his Irish background are just plain stupid(and insulting to my Irish heritage). He's trapped in whatever personal sociopathic nightmare defines and blinds him.

              Not one ounce of compassion or intelligent reasoning was exhibited in his remarks about DACA. He danced all around the issue and finally just declared it rule of law. He is despicable and NEVER EVER should have been able to seize the kind of power he wields at the moment.

              I didn't watch the whole interview and won't. I don't click on any links taking me to Breitbart either. Take away his voice. It is vile.

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                  9 months ago

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                  Bannon reminds me of a person I dealt with a long time ago .....

                  He actually even looked like Bannon ....

                  I was doing a flooring job for a "decorator" , who was this guys wife ....

                  I had mentioned to their daughter ( the fiance of the guy I was doing the work for )

                  That it was very "unprofessional" to be given the "plans" on a piece of paper instead of a set of plans ( lots of detail work )

                  This guy comes barreling into the jobsite and wanted me to go outside and have it out with him !

                  I said no and continued working ....

                  After completing the job , several days later , he happened to be at the site ....

                  I walked over and asked him if he remembered me ....

                  He said yes ....

                  I said , " So how about we go outside , now , and "have it out ' .....

                  He kinda hung his head down and mumbled something ....

                  I said , " I thought it would be something like that "

                  I walked away laughing .....

                  No surprise .... all bark and no bite ....

                  Typical ....

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