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      Battle Angel

      7 days ago

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      James Cameron's new film is out now.

      I would call it "unmissable", even though Donald Clarke shreds it in his Irish Times review.

      The picture begins with Dyson Ido (Christoph Waltz) – an eighth-hand Geppetto – discovering bits of a discarded female cyborg on a trash heap. He takes her back home, twiddles with her circuits and turns her into the titular Alito (Rosa Salazar).

      Before too long she’s scurrying around the busy streets of Iron Town – a multicultural metropolis with lovely eclectic architecture, shops that dispense chocolate bars the size of suitcases and technicians who can repair damaged humans to near immortal efficiency. Remind me again why everyone so wants to flee Iron Town and join the city that floats in the sky above.



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