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      3 months ago

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      Thanks for sharing the black history lesson that so many have sought to forget and then cry "I don't understand why it is so offensive". This is, the month for it, oddly this month is the shortest month of the year.

      Blackface, in its deeply rooted context, says, in words of my creation for the purpose of this writing -- "I, Mr. High and Mr. Mighty, take pride in the subjugation and human disregard of these dark skinned and empty headed creatures ..who would be but can't be quite like us. Po' Mr. Jim Crow do as I say, knowing that you will never have your way, God made me in his image and made you ....(discontinued)."

      It is a wretchedly evil position for a man to take pride in. But those who do it now claim they didn't know the history or what it represented.

      I had a hard time typing this -- the stupidity of others about race causes an anger to rise in me.

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