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      Buckner And Steppenwolf

      5 months ago

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      To Steppenwolf --and only Steppenwolf as far as I'm concerned--

      We should either discuss things and clear the air a bit, or we should cease trying to discuss things with each other--and you can choose which.

      If any discussion is to go forward, I request that you read what I actually write before you respond, that you recognize when I'm exaggerating or being ironic (even if you don't find it funny), that you not act as if I've commented on something when I haven't (I had no idea what your internet name referred to; I just use my own name and don't worry what others call themselves unless they bring it up. I'm vaguely familiar with Hermann Hesse but have not read Steppenwolf and have not pretended I have.) I did not seriously pretend to be quoting what you had said; I was exaggerating your comments for effect. I did accuse you (not Hesse) of hypocrisy* for first declaring that you found me unacceptable as someone to exchange comments with and indicating that you'd not be commenting on my stuff further, only to return to commenting on my posts not long afterwards. I certainly don't expect everyone to agree with me, to think essays I post are interesting or correct, to appreciate my humor (often enough lame, I know), etc. But I see little or no point to someone (you) issuing insulting estimates of me, my posts, etc., just for the sake of doing so.

      We can block each other if you wish.

      *the word derives, as you may well know, from the reported words of Jesus in Matthew 6, where he described the pharisees and priests of pretending to be pious when in fact they were pompous and self-aggrandizing.

          5 months ago

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          Apparently, your mastery of the English language is incomplete. You claim you "read every word," yet you don't understand that when I post blog essays from The Rude Pundit, those are the words/thoughts of someone else, not mine. (I mostly post them approvingly, to be sure, but his style is far from my own. And you can find not a single instance of my saying or implying, much less "espousing," that "rudeness is a philosophy.")

          And you're apparently unable to grasp that when I comment on "Steppenwolf," I'm commenting on you and your posts, not on Hermann Hesse. And when I cite "hypocrisy," and explained my use of it, I never claimed that I was using the only or "definitive" meaning; it's clear from context that I'm intending a common and well understood meaning of the term (one of only a few offered, for example, by the online version of Merriam-Webster--see link).

          And you claim, "It's obvious that you want to drive me off the forum," when I've never tried to do any such thing. So, "obvious" is another English word you apparently have trouble understanding.

          And you throw around the Anglo-Saxon word "lie" without any apparent grasp of the usual meaning of that word: I accused you--and do still--of not reading and comprehending what others (including me) have written. Insisting that you have "read every word," even if that is true, does not render my criticism a "lie" or even necessarily mistaken. On the other hand, you declare that I have said my style is rudeness when I've never said any such thing. If you can comprehend English, your statement is therefore a lie--more likely, however, it's just ignorant.

          I will agree with one thing you've written: you are indeed a most unworthy "sinner"--by which I mean not that you are, as Christian teaching holds, human (universally "unworthy" in God's eyes) but instead that you do not represent Christianity well to the world. I did not realize, until today, that you're a Christian at all, but now that I do, my respect for the religion and its followers has slipped a bit.

          I think you're too angry to have thoughtful exchanges. C'est la vie (I know--not English).

          Calm down and offer real criticism, based on reading and understanding (not necessarily agreeing with) what I've written--or please comment on others' posts.


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