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      Can One Citizen Make A Difference?

      2 years ago

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      Here's a link to the show blog post for today's show.

      Here's a link to today's episode.

      I've had a few profound responses to this article. I decided today's PPTS should be about this topic. I hope you will join us.

      In a word...YES!

      Easy to say, difficult to believe, and sometimes even impossible to see in the mirror.

      Yet, there are times, as we have discussed here at Yabberz, talked about on our PPTS radio show, read in newspapers and online accounts when the actions of one person can, in fact change a nation.

      It is the nature of Progressives to look, act, and march forward. As others have discussed, 2018 stands to become a 3rd Progressive Movement in America. Historically, when imbalances in economics, Justice of all stripes, and equality are artificially created, it is citizen who stands up, steps out, shows up and shows off.

      I'd like to give you an example of this in action. It is in two parts.

      But first, a question. Try to answer from your memory. Don't cheat, okay?

      "Who is Khizr Khan?"

      For many community members, this may well be a question impossible to answer. For others, the name may sound a distant bell of recollection, but without definition sufficient to answer the question accurately. For many, like me, the answer comes immediately. I'd love to see your best answer before you watch below, and your comments after you watch below. Call it a thought experiment.

      I was first introduced to Khizr Khan at the Philadelphia DNC Convention. The story does not begin with him, or his wife. The story begins with a United States Army Captain. The story is told by then candidate Hillary Clinton, who then introduces all the world to Khizr Khan. I invite you to watch, learn, and remember.

      The parents of a fallen patriotic soldier are given the opportunity to speak to a nation, and the world about why things sometimes matter--very much.

      So, 2+ speaking minutes at a national political party convention. And then? We don't hear from, of or about them again. You might presume they struggle to find life again with, and for their two living sons. You could easily think that their "moment in the sun" came and went, that these citizens repaired to their home seeking only anonymity and peace in a quiet existence as simply citizen.

      You would be, most likely, sincere in these thoughts and perhaps even wishes for this bereaved family, parents and sons.

      You would, however, be entirely incorrect, proving yet once again that citizen with the most sincere and honest beliefs can be entirely wrong. That's one of the lessons I have learned from this amazing family.

      This past week, I was both surprised and not a little bit shocked to see Khizr Khan again. He was at the Oxford Union, Oxford University, England. What was he doing there?

      Giving a speech to the students of the Oxford Union.

      I cannot compel you to watch the entire speech and follow up Q & A. It is my absolute believe that Mr. Khan, however, can. I hope you will allow him to.

      Yes, it does consume one hour and twelve minutes of your life. But, in that time, you can come to not only know that one citizen can make a difference where they live, but that one citizen can make a difference in places where they do not live.

      And then, perhaps, you might find yourself wondering what you can do, where you live that will make a Progressive difference for our nation as we move forward, march forward, and act forward for the nation and the democracy that we hold so very dear.

      As you see what one man is doing about it, and feel humbled, knowing that he has given all as a patriotic American hero, consider again all those rationalizations for your not becoming the change you seek.

      Then, citizen, follow this citizen's lead. DO something about it.


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