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      Hi Everyone,

      Seems like Richard beat me to the punch here, but I wanted to formally announce our two new Pundits: Opie and KarateG. Both Opie and KarateG have been with Yabberz almost from the beginning since 2015, and we are so grateful for their contributions to the site. Opie and KarateG are strong and dynamic voices to the Resistance Movement. Their work and personalities have made Yabberz more interesting, thought-provoking, and engaging. Please help me welcome Opie and KarateG to the Pundit Circle.

      Below is some information on Opie and KarateG in their own voices:

      I have written for Professional Journals and have done grant writing to get start up funds for non profit health facilities for disabled adults in communities that didn't have them, and was successful in getting them built, staffed and operating in 5 different counties.
      I have five remarkable grown children who now have loving families of their own.

      I retired early from social justice programs, mental health, hospital health, and private practice, and I have owned and managed an Antique business I am considered liberal-minded; I care deeply about social issues, and I belong to no religion.
      I love music, dance, books, good food, people watching, and antiques - including sculptures, paintings and misc. everyday items from the past; and I enjoy my family, my man, walks along the river, and my little fur ball - Abby.

      To learn more about Opie go to: https://www.yabberz.com/opie

      I am active, politically and physically. I lean left socially, especially where civil rights and human rights are concerned. However, fiscal responsibility and frugality appeal to me as well. Fighting for those who remain voiceless or under-represented in our society is a call to action for me. I am a proud Feminist who believes in the power of women to help lead our country, and I fight for equality when it is not afforded to women.

      I am a wife and a mother, who believes strongly in education to create a secure future for our children. I love the American spirit of independence, but also believe strongly in helping those who cannot support themselves, especially the elderly, children and those who are disabled.

      Give me a good discussion, whether I agree or not, and I will listen to your views and share ideas. My philosophy is that to learn something new, one must first listen.

      To learn more about KarateG go to: https://www.yabberz.com/karateg

      Congratulation Ladies to the Pundit Circle.


          Melissa Nguyen Horton
          one year ago

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          Yes, make someone a pundit who was casually accusing at least one person(me) of of stalking her. I reported this to you, but you obviously didn't bother to do anything about it. In spite of the fact that in the thread she started accusing me of "stalking her", I was replying to another post, before she had even posted on the same thread, and did not mention her in any way. She however, after accusing me of stalking, proceeds to reply to four of my posts, none of which mentioned, or were directed, towards her. I guess the best way to distract attention away from your own actions is to accuse the other person of what you yourself are guilty of. If I felt someone was stalking me I would block them right away, she didn't bother to block me until I warned her that I would be reporting her for making baseless accusations against me.

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