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      Trump's VP claims that a vote against Trump's emergency declaration is a vote against border security.

      In reality, a vote for the emergency declaration is a vote against the Constitution. If Mr. Khan has an extra copy of the Constitution, maybe he would be kind enough to lend it to Mike Pence, since Trump won't allow Pence to read the copy Mr. Khan gave to him.

      Let's not be fooled by 12 out of 53 republican senators breaking ranks on a very few issues with the party of Putin. The GOP and its supporters are traitors who have zero respect for the U.S. Constitution, and they demonstrate that FACT everyday.


      Donald Trump wearing a suit and tie: Mr. Trump made it clear he will fight back against the bipartisan challenge to his authority.

      And on Thursday afternoon, 12 Republican senators abandoned the president to pass legislation, already adopted by the House, that would block Mr. Trump from declaring a national emergency to build his border wall — an act of defiance that he has vowed to overturn with the first veto of his presidency.

      “We’re saying today, ‘No, we do not acquiesce to this,’” Senator Lisa Murkowski, Republican of Alaska, said after voting to block the emergency declaration. “We do not agree that the president should be able to come in and go against the express intention of the Congress when it comes to these appropriated funds” for his border wall.

      The trio of votes vividly demonstrated a newfound willingness to stand up to the president among some of Mr.

      Trump’s Republican allies on Capitol Hill. And they underscored a deep frustration in Congress about the president’s supposed scorn for a coequal branch of government.

      “We have an issue that has been litigated and adjudicated through Congress. I mean, what was more litigated than this very question? We had a government shutdown for crying out loud,” said Senator Patrick J. Toomey, Republican of Pennsylvania, referring to funding for the border wall, which Mr. Trump is trying to secure with an emergency declaration that would circumvent Congress. “It’s about respecting the principles of the Constitution,” said Senator Senator Patrick J. Toomey, Republican of Pennsylvania, who voted to support the resolution that rejected the emergency declaration.

      “It’s about separation of powers,” Mr. Toomey said. “It’s about respecting the principles of the Constitution.”

      For some Republicans, particularly those who have typically voted in lock step with the president, the votes marked a moment of soul-searching during a harried week before recess, when most lawmakers were looking forward to getting out of town. The Yemen vote was an exceedingly rare invocation of the 1973 War Powers Act, passed in the wake of the Vietnam War to restrain the president’s authority to use military force.

      “We don’t often have great votes about great questions around here about separation of powers,” said Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, adding, “I don’t think you can overstate how important it is that for the first time in the history of the country, the full Congress voted to tell the president that we can’t be in a war.”

      Mr. Trump made it clear he will fight the bipartisan challenges to his authority.

      “He feels good,” said Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, a close ally of Mr. Trump who talked to the president shortly after the vote. “He said, ‘My veto will be sustained?’ I said, ‘Yeah, overwhelmingly.’ He feels like his commitment to build the wall is moving forward.”

      But the rare coalition of Democrats and Republicans could bolster legal challenges to the emergency declaration that could tie up wall funding indefinitely. And the mere act of defying Mr. Trump foreshadows potential new difficulty for the president as he seeks to push his agenda through a Democratic-controlled House and a less pliant Republican-controlled Senate.

          2 months ago

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          Trump has a commitment to build a wall? First of all it's a fence and second of all it is not a commitment like Graham thinks but rather an obsession. Trump is grasping at straws and is so desperate to build this fence because he has nothing to show for two years in office. No healthcare plan, no economic plan (that works), and no immigration plan so this is Trump's last gasp at having something he can brag about as an achievement.

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              2 months ago

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              Those who side with the POS in the WH need to be reminded first, who they work for and second they took a oath to defend the constitution not the POS in the WH.

              Nothing but partisan assholes who think funding a g*ddamn wall most people are against is more important than following the oath everyone of them took.


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