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      Imagine a nation that at its very core is a slaughter of innocents in the pursuit of a dream, a place that once had a balance of life that complimented and protected all. You don't really have to imagine very hard. Just go find an American flag and for every star and every stripe is representative of that story. The story itself doesn't mention the above genocide nor will it openly admit to the utter brutality of each stripe and each star.

      Of course tell that to anyone brought up on Westerns or John Wayne's multiple roles in multiple movies were the enemy were the savage native and the only thing to stand against such 'savagery' was the white pioneer. Those brought up on such movies would hear none of the above or deny the genocide of the native tribes.

      What is sad is those same people who would deny the charges of this genocide would have no issue in denying the genocide of the Jews during the late 1930's and during the second world war. the genocide within is something that for them is more nuanced, not as simple and straight forward as an evil ideology trying to wipe out an entire people.

      The denial of one is a denial of both. There are no differences nor are there any areas that can be argued or indeed defended. Sure there will be those who want to try and argue a difference and those arguments would never ever be able to get around the simple fact that both one in the same.

      The difference if any is one was more efficient than the other, one remained and most of those who were deemed as lesser and savage were almost destroyed.

      In the modern era any conversation of native issues and the wrongs still visited upon the first people is one that is comes from those who today benefit from the blood shed on their behalf.

      As Elizabeth Warren finally launched her candidacy it has come through the storied pages of an erroneous claim of her own connection to the first people of the continent. Something that has been seized upon by those who too have benefited from the genocide in their name. She was wrong to do so and that may well be the rock upon which her presidential hopes perish.

      Being the complete lug nut he is, the least of all presidents has not been backward in, well being backward as he wheeled out the usual silly name calling to such an extent that the mere fact the only name of the first people he could come up with was one that was brought to life by a cuddly Disney cartoon of the same name.

      It wouldn't surprise me or many others if that is how the least of all presidents has learned the entirety of American history by watching cartoons and westerns and would only explain the ease of which silly slurs and ignorance become the norm.

      Sadly that only mirrors the true nature of America's atonement or serious lack of for their very own genocide and ethnic cleansing. Sure there will be those who would walk over broken glass to take to task any denials of the Holocaust, many of those same people would turn their back on an admission the very same act carried out in the name of American progress.

      Then again you have the least of all presidents making light of 4,000 American natives being starved to death as they were moved in the name of greed. Betrayed by the indomitable forces of the European America who's own greed knew no bounds and those bounds included the butchery of the first people.

      Or the ease of which the massacre of some 300 hundred human beings at Wounded Knee can be wheeled out as a slant against another is only evidence of subjectivity of who gets massacred, who benefits and who gets written into history as the once was......

      Would it be fine for someone to use the one of the all too many acts of sheer barbarity carried out in the name of the Reich, the story of what happened to the people of Oradour-sur-Glane when those most driven by the madness of one rolled into the French village in 1942?

      A small French village that was wiped out by Nazi SS troops. By the time those most fervent Nazi ideologues left the village of Oradour-sur-Glane all inhabitants had been systematically wiped out. 642 men women and children were herded into the church, gassed and mowed down where they gasped their last.

      To this very day the ruins of that village stand as a testament to the brutality of ideology and those who are not important to that ideology.

      There is no difference between what occurred at Wounded Knee or the Trail Of Tears than those same atrocities that took place on the streets of Oradour-sur-Glane or the ghettos and slums in Poland, Germany, the former Czechoslovakia.

      But for some reason for those attached to the least of all presidents have no issue in using the genocide in their name being invoked as some kind of sick joke born of greed, racism and a subjective mind on what constitutes ethnic cleansing.

      From Wounded Knee to Oradour-sur-Glane.....

      Genocide is just that, Genocide. Making light of mass murder in the name of ideology is the domain of the worst of humanity.

          Kevin Mc Daid
          2 months ago

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          You'll get no argument from me, tRump's a flaming idiot.

          As an aside, I'm currently enthralled with Netflix's Black Earth Rising, a story built around the genocide that occurred in Rwanda in 1994. Stellar film, so far.


          25 years ago.

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