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      Guam: Waiting For The Holocaust

      12 months ago

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      North Korea has threaten to nuke Guam, a United States Island territory 4, 000 miles west of Hawaii. It is home to 163,ooo people, most American citizens by birth, and two massive American military bases which take up about a quarter of the island.

      Right now it is one scary place to be. A missile launched from North Korea would take about 14 minutes to get to Guam according to the linked article from the Atlantic written by Lenika Cruz.

      What would it be like to have 14 minutes to wait for death? Maybe there would be enough time to find those you love, rock the baby, cry for the lost future of your children, pray for salvation, or just scream in rage. No point in locking any doors, washing any dishes ,or straightening anything up, because when the holocaust is over over, nothing will be left.

      Atlantic Article,"Many on island are staying calm, continuing to keep an eye out for alerts and guidance from Guam leadership in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Not everyone is comforted, though. “Where are our bunkers? Where are our fallout shelters? What do we do? Is there a possibility to protect ourselves in any way?” island resident Leon Guerrero told me. “I don’t know the answer to a single one of those questions, and that is a problem. That is scary.”



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