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      NPR reports that an impasse in the border negotiations is a Democrat demand to reduce the number of detention beds, to which Trump responds - "that is crazy."

      The point of the reduction would be to force Trump to prioritize who gets detained, thereby it's believed leading to violent criminals becoming the focus for detention. the remaining families etc would not be split, and the horror stories of children in detention would be eliminated.

      That is a fair point, and by itself appears to be a reasonable solution.

      However, that solution does NOT address the Repub concern that a huge number of people not detained just disappear into the States and don't show for their hearings. That also is a fair point, and should be addressed with potential solutions.

      Seems to me that solution for BOTH sides is simple - reduce beds or even eliminate detention completely for anyone not accused of a violent crime, but issue ankle bracelets to everybody else.

      Win - win. Completely solves the Dem issue about unreasonable detentions; and completely solves the Repub issue about people disappearing.

      Any Repub who would reject that and demand detention might be getting a kickback from the prison industry. And any Dem who would be so outraged at a bracelet as to reject the elimination of the detention horrors has to be someone who has lost perspective.



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