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      New Discussion Section - LGBTQ

      2 years ago

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      I clearly remember the day of the SCOTUS decision to legalize gay marriage. It was not long ago at all - June 26, 2015 - a 5-4 decision. One singular vote by a Supreme Court Justice.

      Consider that singular vote as we face the Trump agenda. Reflect on the juvenile campaign of 2016, the un-investigated tsunami of Fake News spread across billions and billions of views by Facebook, and the undeniable material influence of foreign state sponsored actors on both of the above tragedies.

      Only a majority of one enabled these civil rights for millions within our communities.

      The Supreme Court decision is true progress for our nation. This decision was proceeded by countless actions within the LGBTQ community to stand up and be heard. Finally, the legal and moral equality deserved is the law of the land.

      Whenever I meet someone who opposes the decision, I ask two simple questions for discussion:

      1.) Have you ever met and spent time with a gay or lesbian couple or have you ever had a real face to face conversation with a transgender?

      The answer is almost always no. So silly and sad, our prejudices and fears based in nothing more than ignorance.

      2.) When in our human history has it ever been bad to pursue and grant additional civil rights to citizens?

      I can think of no such case. Sadly in this backwards yearning day and age, I have seen comments posted on Yabberz, to the effect that some of these decisions were bad and in fact citizens need less rights not more. Somehow in this twisted logic a reduction in rights is justified as creating more Freedom and Liberty. The arguments are sometimes rooted in religion, and sometimes rooted in pure evil. They are wrong, but they are also a stark reminder that the fight must continue.

      It is with great pride that I introduce the new LGBTQ section for discussion. A section dedicated to all that the LGBTQ community and its supporters do to promote progress, understanding, creativity, and energy -- brightening our world.

      I'd love to meet the owners of these beautiful homes and welcome them to join Yabberz:

          Mike Horton
          one year ago

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          There is the SCOTUS that interpret America's Laws and they have expanded that power to interpret God's laws and overrule God's laws. A few atheist said that they are opposed to praying in public schools, and the SCOTUS they'll put a stop to that century of praying in schools. AND if someone decide to pray in school you can be arrested. But I must add that 300,000 churches said nothing. Homosexuals said that they should have the right to marry the same sex, per the SCOTUS they are right. BUT, that marriage should NOT infringe on those that say that The God Laws say it is not valid. But I might add 300,000 churches said nothing. Male homosexuals says that if they think that are more female, that they can and should be allowed to use the female multiple stall lavatories and also have access to the female dressing rooms. And the SCOTUS said they have that right. And I might add that 300,000 churches said nothing.Homosexuals, says that a Christian baker must bake them a wedding cake with the same sex figurines on the cake. SCOTUS is pondering that claim. However NO same sex couple will not ask or demand a Muslim or other religious bakers to bake a cake. But I might add 300,000 churches said nothing. Homosexauls should not fear of being bodily harmed in America, but their human and civil rights should not nullify Christian Rights, and certain Christian social practices. And I might add that 300,000 churches said nothing.God is very clear about all sins throughout the Bible. And only the SCOTUS and Satan can change God's Laws here on Earth. And if you don't believe in the Holy God and His son Jesus Christ of the Bible, you better be right.

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              2 months ago

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              This is not a Christian nation and your bible does not supersede the Constitution of the US. Christian rights cannot supersede any one else’s rights and God’s laws are limited to his followers. No one has made an attempt to outlaw personal prayers at school and no one faces arrest for practicing their religion, nor should that ever happen. If a student wishes to pray on their own time, no one is stopping them, but no one else should be obligated to participate. If Christians actually have specific social practices, participate in activities that actually help others. By your count, there are 300,000 churches and the most powerful does very little of that without political or financial incentive.

              Male homosexuals don’t identify as females or demand to use women restrooms—learn the difference between the T from LGB. There really isn’t a demand of other religious bakers to service LGBTs because most religious businesses are Christian and dominate the demand for religious rights throughout North America.

              The Supreme Court can only affect laws in the United States, not the whole world, and if Satan can change God’s laws, your God is weak.

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