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      Nike Jailhouse Garb? Just Do It!

      6 months ago

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      [Sporting Criminals?]

      According to the County Sheriff in Union County Arkansas he started dressing detainees in Nike apparel for mugshots before it was known that Nike was releasing a commercial featuring Colin Kaepernick as part of it's national fall campaign. He said he did so because some of the clothing the arrested wore was not suitable for a mugshot and the Nike shirts were readily available.

      What am I talking about? Look at the picture below. Upon first look one would surely be forgiven for thinking this must be a protest aimed at Nike and it's support of athletes who support BLM. I know I did.

      DC ~ [Facebook Quote] "Nike Jailhouse Garb? I wonder what happens when a lawyer representing one of the arrested says to the jailer/sheriff 'my client refuses to wear brand apparel without compensation'"?

      Full story here----> Nike Mugshots


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