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      Re-Elected, Madam Precinct Chair

      5 days ago

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      Today, I was re-elected Precinct Chair for my own full two-year term as Precinct Chair, WCDP Precinct 10-02. It was a good meeting, we welcomed a few new hands, and several old hands...grateful to see all those who showed up ready and committed to turning Wendell, Wake County, and North Carolina blue!

      We today also elected the first African-American to hold a position as an Officer in our Precinct, I was very pleased that she stepped up.

      We selected Delegates to the County Convention and CD-2 Convention.

      This year we will be concentrating on further building our Precinct with volunteers, and the leaders of our future, and recruiting good candidates to run in the Municipal elections - last time, 2017, we had no Democrats on the ballot! I refuse to accept this, by the numbers, my Precinct is 43 percent D, 28.3 percent R and 28.3 percent UNA/Indep. and 0.4 percent other minor Parties.

      But it does not look that way from the ground level, when we have no Democrats even running in our Municipal elections, as was the case in 2017. We got work to do...and I am grateful to be chosen by my fellow Precinct members to lead in this effort.

      I congratulate all of my fellows who were also elected officers, one was a returning member, like myself, and two new faces.

          Angela Bridgman
          3 days ago

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          Good on you, Angela.

          I used the excuse too many times that my family moved around too much to be vested in being a representative from any district I registered in - but that's not true. If you are registered to vote - you are vested.

          I look forward to hearing more from you about process. It matters that the people witness energized positive people standing up and taking the time to be present on behalf of the people. Exciting times.

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