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      The Fall Of The Right

      one year ago

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      Time is a terrible thing for some and with time those who for decades have been hogging the light of morality all for themselves. The true extremes of American Christian Fundamentalism have once again been exposed in the starkest light that is increasingly becoming the stuff of theocratic domination. The world thought it had dodged a massive bullet in the form of a Ted Cruz presidency but it appears that the Patriotic Puritans are holding all to standards they themselves are not held to.

      As Roy Moore continues his massive Eff You to the GOP and for their part the GOP act like the spineless beings they are doomed to be wedded to the absolute fringes of insanity that is Steve Bannon's doctrine of ignore the facts and embrace the emotion and anger of an America lost. Those lost ideals of a time where women knew their place and subservience is standard.

      That traitorous southern soul flickering into a life that defies modernity and is increasingly on the rise as the likes of Bannon feed their frustrations and set fires within one of the only two parties in US politics.

      As Bannon continues his guerilla warfare on the GOP he has one what most political minds do when they have no actual policies or a mindset that at it's core is equality, instead opting for divide and destroy using the simple minded who confused an increasingly equal and diverse society with a diminished sense of self.......all that bigotry, racism and hatred towards the lesser no longer allowed. This of course is a resentment that isn't alleviated but stoked and used to further diminish the pursuit of truth by the destruction of facts when those proven facts aren't part of the narrative.

      A narrative that lives off the 'Us v Them' with those in the southern states and those in the flyover states are easy prey as they are ripe for harvesting rich in that anger born out of those earlier mentioned moans of modern life.

      All eyes on Alabama...or as I like to think of it 'what America would be if the Confederacy won the Civil War' essentially the largest trailer park on earth. Of course we know the result was a confederate loss but Alabama like many southern deep red republican states are little time capsules that harbor America the lesser. Lesser thinkers and small minded opinions that need to be needed and relevant and that need and relevance is answered in the emboldening of the idea that all bad news is fake news.

      The funny thing is these people who claim to be the purest of pure Americans.....100 proof stars and stripes always seem to be aligned with those who wanted to tear the US apart piece by piece and state by state. Always lost upon these simple souls is the stark reality that states like Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana aren't exactly America's breadwinners.......literally.

      Those simple souls of the purest of puritan thinking of southern states lost in a haze of hatred and ignorance of their own making are always forgetting that when it comes to contributing to the US they contribute little or nothing. If the US was reliant on any southern state then the US would be truly screwed.

      Seriously.....would Alabama and the nonsense they are willing to let slide.....not just Moore but Alabama in general...is that the true reflection of who and what America is?

      Of course not.

      But that is what the majority of sane Americans need to grasp and understand and stand against. The Alabama mindset of 'we don't care for facts' is the huge rock of ignorance they will flounder upon. It is the cornerstone of Breitbart and Bannon and Fox and Hannity and the screaming Alt-Right who are adept at wrangling such moronic notions of 'survival' at all costs. All mentioned have sounded the dog whistles of war and those weak minded, white power types piped up because their delusions were going unheard.

      They started as the Tea Party and were fed a diatribe of lies and falsehoods thrown out like bargains at a saturday fish market. That market thriving more than anywhere in those southern states whose minds were already lost by the visuals of first inauguration the last President. Simple angry minds who were told not to trust a media......a media that delivered a black man in the White House.

      Now those who have ridden that wave of bile and repressed supremacy in the form of the GOP now realise they are in the fight of their lives, their own party sold out to fundamentalist extremism of the worst kind and wedding themselves to the worst of extremists waiting for the word....the word to go out and make as much noise as possible to rile up those other extremes waiting under a rotted burnt out cross.

      The right unleashed the beast within and won't be tamed anytime soon except by a realisation that they are a doomed mindset that will die off when the facts come a knocking that America is being lied to by 45, Bannon, Fox and Breitbart and all those who don't like progress.

      The fall of the extreme right isn't a question of if......it is more than ever a question of when.

      Facts will do that.

          Kevin Mc Daid
          one year ago

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          I believe evangelicals, especially white evangelicals, have done more damage to the church movement than any atheist has done. Their hypocrisy is astounding.

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