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      The Most Dangerous Game

      2 weeks ago

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      "The Most Dangerous Game"

      Since Day 1, Trump's trademark has been interference in the affairs of the States. Sometimes he influences elections directly with threats and defamation, as in Georgia - something that's illegal for any American to do, except of course Donald Trump. Sometimes he obstructs justice - as he has repeatedly done in New York. Moreover, he favors some states over others and gives unfair advantage.

      Constantly, he uses the power of his office to influence opinion about issues that are not within his prerogative. That's a lot of leverage, unmatched; and it is subversive.

      What was the key issue at the end of the 18th. Century? The authority and autonomy of the States. In 1860? The right of the States to plot their own course, if not the destination. (Lee, and Richmond, had already agreed to end slavery.) In 1969? I was there, and I heard nothing about segregation from the ultra-right, they didn't dare even then, or Equal Rights; they only argued States Rights and the States' right to decide fundamental issues for themselves. Everyone agrees that having the States as independent experiments in democracy is vital. It is definitive. The evolution of Democracy depends upon it. Law keeps the balance between state autonomy and individual rights; or it once did. But, no more.

      One Nation, Under Trump. One Government, by Oligarchs. Justice for None.

      Americans calling themselves Southerners have sold their own beliefs to support their addiction to hatred. The main principle that they died for in the Civil War they have turned against. Being a "willing slave" is so much easier.

      People of the South! I appeal to you. Please do not make our government into a one branch government, a one-dimensional government - ALL FEDERAL!

      (The pic started as, "Free to edit and share," from a site that I pay to use their search engine.)


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