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      Donald Trump Mocked By Burger King

      Michael Strahan Invites Clemson For Lobster

      A mountain of "hamberders" with nothing in sight to drink?

      George Conway, the husband of White House media adviser Kellyanne Conway, tweeted Wednesday that Donald Trump has become a “laughingstock” who no one can take seriously after the president was mocked even by Burger King for his Clemson fast food debacle, even mis-spelling "hamburgers".

      Think of how much of a laughingstock a president has to become
      to have *Burger King* make fun of him. Sad.
      due to a large order placed yesterday, we're all out of
      hamburders. just serving hamburgers today.

      See point 1–a historian’s apt observation. A president can’t function
      if he isn’t taken seriously. And this one isn’t, and shouldn’t be.

      One bewildered Clemson player, upon seeing the president proudly display "your favorite" foods, was caught on a hot mic saying, "I thought this was a joke".



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