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      There is a concept called "command responsibility", it's an international legal doctrine, developed to cope with the scale of the crimes that happened during World War II.

      The responsibility of commanders includes two concepts of criminal responsibility.

      First, the commander can be held directly responsible for ordering his subordinates to carry out unlawful acts. In this context, subordinates who invoke the defence of superior orders may avoid liability depending on whether, in the circumstances, they should have obeyed or disobeyed the order of superiors.

      This is to be distinguished from the second concept, called command or superior responsibility, where the commander may be held liable for a subordinate’s unlawful conduct. This concept of command responsibility is a form of indirect responsibility and is based on the commander’s failure to act.


      We need to hold command responsible.

      Videos from a Southwest Key shelter for migrant children show staffers dragging and pushing children, incidents that occurred shortly before the federal government suspended the shelter's operations early this fall.

      The Arizona Republic obtained the videos from the Arizona Department of Health Services under state public-records law.

      Southwest Key had reported the mid-September incidents, which involved three children and numerous staffers at the Youngtown shelter, to state authorities, as well as local law-enforcement and federal officials, but declined to publicly provide details at the time.

      Southwest Key ultimately closed the shelter, called Hacienda Del Sol, in late October. That came in the wake of negotiations with state health authorities over potential revocation of all 13 licenses that Southwest Key holds in Arizona, because of the company's lapses in background checks for staff.

      From: https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/immi...

      A case regarding the alleged abuse of migrant children in a Southwest Key shelter will be referred to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office for review and to determine whether criminal charges will be filed, according to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

      The news comes after the Arizona Republic obtained surveillance videos through an open records request that show staffers pushing and dragging migrant children in a shelter operated by Southwest Key, the nation's largest provider of migrant children shelters.New York Times reports Southwest Key subject of probe, but shelter provider says no contact with feds
      According to the newspaper, the incidents took place at the Hacienda Del Sol shelter in Youngtown, Arizona, in mid-September and involved three children and numerous staffers.
      The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office initially told CNN it investigated the allegations but determined the actions did not rise to the level of criminal charges.
      But the office changed its mind and said in an updated statement released Sunday: "Based upon the evidence gathered during this thorough investigation, MCSO executive command has made the decision to submit the case to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office for its review and determination of criminal charges."

      The case will be submitted on Monday, the sheriff's office said.

      From: https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/30/us/arizona-migrant-...

          Zackary Kershaw
          3 months ago

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          Looks like at least in AZ there is action being taken to stop this abuse of migrant children.

          Two of the culprits were fired, and that "shelter" has been closed. I hope criminal charges are filed too.


          From CNN: The videos are shocking and disturbing. They show migrant children being pushed and dragged by staffers in a shelter. The Arizona Republic first reported on the surveillance videos, which show a male staffer dragging a young child into a room and pushing him against the wall. Another video shows a female staff member pulling a child through a room.

          The incidents reportedly occurred back in September at the Hacienda Del Sol shelter in Youngtown, Arizona. Two staffers were fired and several others were disciplined, a source tells CNN. The shelter, operated by Southwest Key, has since been closed. The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office will refer the case to the county attorney's office for review and the possible filing of criminal charges.

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              nelson humphreys
              3 months ago

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              Valid point....just part of a video does not always show everything in its proper context, what occurred before the camera started.

              However nonetheless worth the inquiry.

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