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      3 months ago

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      MSNBC, Rachael Maddow, talked about the Russian hacked emails that were given to Wikileaks and shared with Roger Stone.There is no evidence of this besides its endless repetition. What blows my mind is how they're going to go through this entire song and dance and never talk to Julian Assange. That boy may never be heard from again, and nobody cares, not even peeps from the radical fringe.

      I'm peeping: "This is a travesty of a sham, and the joke's on us, and the poor bozo in the Embassy in London."

      Why would Assange conspire with the Russians and Stone? He said he never talked to the Russians or Stone, said he didn't get the emails from a government source. Seth Rich had access to the Podesta emails, unlike the Russians. He worked there. He's dead. Wikileaks posted a reward for info on his murder. Assange's politics don't line up with Stone's or the Russians. Why doesn't the Mueller probe talk to the source of the information, Julian Assange?

      I expect the Mueller probe to end on notes of innuendo, suggestions of collusion, further demonizing the Russians. I don't see a President Pence, another scary thought. Maybe Pelosi'll declare herself President like the guy in Venezuela, Guaido, it's working for him.


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