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O'Reilly's Pay-Off Mere Pocket Change Compared To What Murdoch Faces Now

So Bill O'Reilly was a nuisance that had to be silenced through a few judiciously placed dollars numbering in the millions. Ailes, too. And there are others, but the real threat is 100 times greater to the suddenly suffering Murdoch corporate purse.

The blowback in the States is just a bit of scandal in the grand scheme of things, and a constant state of existence for FOX News. It turns out to be a bit more than that though, for now the band of Murdoch and the Sex Predators are taking the center ring in England.

You see there is this little matter of a 14.6 Billion dollar deal that Uncle Rupert wants to close, and Sky is the limit. At this point in time, Murdoch holds 36% of Sky, but the government is not too keen on how he has been conducting business in the good old U S of A. It is not just that FOX had become a haven for sexual predators, as delightfully salacious as that is. No, it is the fact that News America Marketing has been utilizing predatory business practuces as a primary strategy in such an open manner that the Murdochs have had to shell out somewhere around a billion bucks in settlements the last couple of years.

The past twelve years has witnessed over 900 million in checks written to various competitors - certainly out of the goodness of Rupert's heart, for there has always been the Trump-like no admission of guilt, of course. 500 million for a major competitor called Valassis; an additional $125 million for Insignia, based in Minnesota, a paltry 29.6 million to Floorgraphics who stuck all those little ads on some of your favorite grocery store floors. The latest, $280 million, was incurred just a year ago to cut short a class-action lawsuit filed by News America's own clients, one of which is the soap manufacturer Dial and the ketchup giant H.J. Heinz.

Sorry, no, that man's fingers are just too big to be you-know-who under the case - maybe next time...

The English regulators reviewing the media giant Murdoch's efforts to acquire SKY have slammed him down before - remember the criminal investigation into corporate sponsored wire-tapping back in the early 2010s? No, not Hewlett-Packard...guess again...

So six years ago the Murdochs lost their first chance to acquire SKY, the largest media company in Europe because of a little scandal. As part of its role, Ofcom must ensure that holders of broadcast licences are 'fit and proper' - and some politicians and campaigners have questioned whether Murdoch and his family fit the bill since the phone-hacking scandal exploded in 2011.

Murdoch has held a unique position in Britain in years gone by, with former prime ministers such as Tony Blair and David Cameron lining up to secure the blessing of the media mogul and the backing of his newspapers. Critics say this has given him too much say over public and political life in Britain.

The phone-hacking scandal prompted Ofcom to investigate whether Sky was still a fit and proper broadcast licensee due to its links to James and Rupert Murdoch. James Murdoch was at the time a former CEO and chairman of Sky while Rupert Murdoch was linked due to his role at biggest shareholder News Corp. - The Daily Mail 25 APR 2017

And just a few days ago NPR reported yet another lawsuit filed against Murdoch's showpiece that is fighting to lose the Internet moniker "Faux News" it garnered over the last few years (Tucker Carlson, really?).

According to NPR’s David Folkenflik, Andrea Tantaros, former Fox News host and plaintiff in a sexual harassment lawsuit against the network and its former CEO Roger Ailes, has presented a new lawsuit against the network. The new lawsuit, according to Folkenflik, says the network arranged “to have her private communications spied on as part of a campaign of intimidation” that involved Twitter “sock puppet” accounts tweeting the contents of her private conversations after she reported sexual harassment incidents at Fox News

So here Murdoch stews a bit more as the regulators have decided to include in their investigations News America Advertising's highly suspect business actions, with the possible consequences of that research resulting in the decision that the Murdochs are not socially fit to own SKY, potentially forcing Rupert and the boys to divest the significant interest they already hold.

It has a poor week for Fox owner Murdoch, and there are damn few signs of it getting better anytime soon.

Geoffrey S Jade Barrett, Chairman, SANE60



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Luxury Planes, Concrete Pillows And A Bed Of Stone.


      Ah, just had to share this little morsel of American Jesus madness and a lesson in just how nasty some of these TV Predato......Preachers are. More importantly it once again shows that where there is faith there is fertile ground for flat out financial abuse of the old and infirm.....those who believe they need help from an almighty.

      An Almighty only accessible with donations made to painted old men who have very few of their original features intact as years of wealth and profit from the misery of others has allowed them to fall afoul of their own vanity and allow themselves indulgences in new teeth, new faces and a line in hip clothing.....it's almost as if they aren't happy with the bodies their God apparently gave them that they want to harken to their younger days.....I wonder, when these preacher types die and let's just say for arguments sake that heaven exists (It doesn't in my view).

      When these old guys with facelifts, false white teeth and a healthy head of hair despite their advanced years show up at those pearly gates.......surely they should be asked

      ''Were you not happy with the body and face and teeth that God gave you??''

      With the trapdoor to hell instantaneously opening below their Botox riven asses plunging into hell...(Like heaven, hell also does not exist....in my view).

      Imagine if you will a conversation between two such creatures who pray and prey on the most vulnerable. Let's just say that the conversation comes around to the purchase of a private plane......because of God....to preach all over. It isn't the first time that we in the world have witnessed the con of a congregation by its 'Pastor', we all know about Creflo Dollar and his multi million dollar private jet....because Jesus.

      It appears these dirty scummy scam merchants, who lie and who profit from the weakest in society and openly flaunt that with purchasing god damned f***ing jets to jet around the US to preach more lies, profit off more vulnerable people to get back on their private jet.....because....Jesus and God to another location. In nature it is the locust's domain and in society it is the domain of the parasitical pastors.

      Like the political word contortionism of the english language and the justification for such purchases of Jets For Jesus these two epic scumbags of the worst kind sit and do just that.

      Buckle Up!!!!

      Are these two old crinkly old conmen serious?

      First of all, if you get up in the middle of a flight and start talking to God you should get tazed regardless of chosen imaginary friend. To say that a plane is full of demons in a f***ing tube is another reason as to why you can't fly with the great unforgiven?

      No, it is a poor excuse for those who have truly taken the most vulnerable in society and squeezed every last dime up until their dying day in the faint hope of buying salvation with tithes, encouraged that these Diva Disciples are the middlemen between the believer and that which they have belief in....

      To these parasites I say go F*** yourself. The other conman in the piece claims that his schedule required him to purchase a private jet worth millions....Here's an idea....get someone who can work a f***ing diary and plan your trips a little better then you won't have to buy a plane....If God or Jesus had wanted these con men to fly to all these places......don't you think giving these greedy old snake oil salesmen the miracle of wings would not only have helped with that busy schedule but you could fly for free....

      The true face of evil in the US is the one that can show rampant greed, decadence and riches all wrapped up in small but many donations that are ill gotten from those who are victims of charlatans and liars. The God they espouse and sell is a god that is past giving a flying f*** about the needs of the many instead making sure that his dirty disciples don't need to fly coach as Jesus wouldn't be seen dead in coach or come back from the dead in coach.

      Or to put it another way......two men of a God justify their spending and their greed..........

      But this is absolutely fine.

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      Writers Guild Strike Authorization


          Writers Guild Strike Authorization

          By Ray Cunneff

          April 25, 2017

          "A strike is to labor relations what a war is to politics, a complete breakdown of the system and everybody loses".

          In my 20-plus years as an active member of the Writers Guild of America, I went through three strikes, each one more crippling than the last. For me personally, the 1988 strike was the toughest, lasting nearly seven months.

          I was co-chair of the '88 strike committee (along with Mike Hoey), dealing primarily with the logistics of putting 2,000-plus writers, some of them elderly, on a picket line outside the movie or television studios in the heat of summer.

          We joked about PTSD, "post-traumatic strike disorder", freaking out at the smell of warm Gatorade, but the strike was no joke. It took a terrible financial and emotional toll on everyone involved.

          On the day the strike was called, I lost $150,000 in pending business, projects that were no longer in play once the strike was finally over.

          In my case, I was branded a "militant writer" and, although I wouldn't realize it for a few years, it marked the beginning of the end of my professional writing career.

          In the final analysis, we did make some gains, in minimum compensation and residuals, but overall suffered losses in the bigger marketplace of what at the time were called "videocassette royalties".

          Was it worth it? I suppose so. But as the possibility of yet another strike approaches, I would strongly recommend, for the producers, the writers and the audience, that a negotiated settlement can be reached.


          Can you spot me? (I can't either)

          TV Writers Just Authorized A Strike

          That Would Blackout Late Night

          The WGA writers’ strike just took a big step toward reality.

          April 25, 2017

          Over nine years after the last writers’ strike shut down production of dozens of popular TV shows for 100 days, another protest looms over Hollywood.

          After a week of open polls, members of the Writers Guild of America have voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike, should a new contract agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers not be reached before the current one expires May 1.

          Of the 6,310 people who cast a vote, 96.3 percent voted yes.

          “We thank you for your resolve and your faith in us as your representatives. We are determined to achieve a fair contract,” the negotiating committee said in a statement.

          The strike would begin May 2, causing an immediate late-night blackout. Depending how long it lasts, programming for the 2017-2018 season could be delayed along with future movie releases, while the impact on scripted summer shows currently in production would be felt sooner.

          Although WGA members have authorized a strike, it’s only an option, for now: There is still a small amount of time for their representatives to reach a new agreement with AMPTP, the organization representing producers and studios ― their employers. Once talks between the parties resume after a weeklong break on April 25, the WGA will be able to leverage the threat of a work stoppage in negotiations as it represents 12,000 writers in the entertainment industry who produce content for theaters, traditional networks and online services. The Huffington Post is unionized under the auspices of the WGA-East.

          The dispute stems from demands by TV writers who, despite living in the “golden age” of television currently enjoyed by viewers, haven’t reaped the benefits themselves.

          While there are more shows, and more quality shows, available to viewers than ever before ― in 2016, we could flip between more than 450 original scripted series, if you ask FX ― studios are ordering fewer episodes. Instead of two dozen episodes per season, a series on Netflix or HBO, for example, may only contain one dozen or fewer. And since writers are paid per episode, working on a season’s worth results in less pay. Added to the equation are common “exclusivity provisions” that prohibit writers from working on more than one series at a time.

          Writers have been fighting to ease that exclusivity requirement, for a bump in pay, and for larger contributions to the union’s health plan by employers ― reportedly the biggest sticking point between the two sides.

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          Twice The Money Half The Crowds - So Where Did All The Money Go?


              Rebecca Ballhaus Wall Street Journal

              Updated April 19, 2017 11:12 a.m. ET

              After a campaign in which Donald Trump touted his success among small-dollar donors, his inauguration as president was bankrolled by dozens of billionaires and corporations, a new campaign-finance report shows.

              Mr. Trump raised more than $106 million for his inauguration festivities, doubling what former President Barack Obama raised for each of his two inaugurations—$53 million in 2009 and $44 million four years later.

              Roughly half of the funds Mr. Trump raised came from about three dozen wealthy donors and corporations, which each gave $1 million or more. They include billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson, who gave $5 million; hedge-fund executive Robert Mercer, who gave $1 million; Marlene Ricketts, a member of the family that owns the Chicago Cubs, who gave $1 million; and Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, who gave $1 million.

              Hedge-fund billionaire Paul Singer gave $1 million to the inauguration fund in December, after criticizing Mr. Trump frequently during the campaign. Mr. Singer, a Republican megadonor, had backed Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign and didn’t support Mr. Trump after he won the nomination. Mr. Trump said at a news conference in February that Mr. Singer had visited him at the White House, saying, “He’s given us his total support and it’s all about unification.

              Ken Griffin, another hedge-fund billionaire and Republican megadonor who resisted giving to Mr. Trump’s campaign, gave $100,000 to the inaugural fund in December.

              The fund also took $1 million from Alexander Shustorovich, a Russian-American businessman whose business dealings and relationships with top Russian officials and state-owned companies—dealings that prompted the U.S. to refuse to allow him to be part of a uranium deal two decades ago, on national-security grounds—led the Republican National Committee to return a $250,000 check from him in 2000.

              At least six owners of National Football League teams each gave $1 million, including Houston Texans owner Bob McNair and Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder.

              Peter Thiel, the billionaire co-founder of PayPal Holdings Inc. who has advised Mr. Trump, gave $100,000 in January.

              Among the major corporations that donated to the committee werePfizer Inc., Boeing Co. , AT&T Inc. and Qualcomm Inc., which each gave $1 million. Corporate donations have come under scrutiny as Mr. Trump has often singled out companies for praise or criticism in recent months. Boeing’s donation, for instance, came about a month after Mr. Trump took to Twitter in December to criticize Boeing’s price tag for its new 747 Air Force One as “out of control.”

              A Boeing spokesman had previously said the donation was made before Mr. Trump’s tweet. The spokesman on Wednesday said the company had committed to the donation before the tweet.

              The concentration of donations of $1 million or more threaten to undercut the message Mr. Trump delivered during the inauguration that he wasn’t beholden to special interests or wealthy donors. Mr. Trump’s inaugural committee elected not to ban corporate funding, as Mr. Obama did in 2009.

              In some instances, corporate donations came shortly after Mr. Trump tapped executives who worked at those companies to serve in his administration.

              Exxon Mobil Corp. donated $500,000 to the fund on Dec. 19, less than a week after Mr. Trump officially tapped then-Exxon chief executive Rex Tillerson to serve as secretary of state. In 2013, the company gave half that amount to Mr. Obama’s inauguration fund.

              Dow Chemical Co. , which didn’t donate to Mr. Obama in 2013, gave $1 million to the inaugural fund about two weeks after Mr. Trump tapped the company’s CEO, Andrew Liveris, to head a manufacturing council.

              The donations from major companies follow a campaign in which corporations were wary of linking themselves to the Republican candidate. At least four corporations that declined to support, or reduced their donations to, the Republican convention in July subsequently gave to Mr. Trump’s inauguration.

              Donors who gave $500,000 or more to the inaugural fund were invited to a “candlelight dinner” during inauguration weekend with Mr. Trump and his wife, Melania, and Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen. They could also attend a separate “intimate dinner” with the Pences and lunch alongside “select cabinet appointees.”

              Thomas Barrack, chairman of the inaugural committee and a longtime friend of Mr. Trump’s, said in a statement that the haul offered Americans “a chance to experience the incredible moment in our democracy where we witness the peaceful transition of power.”

              The committee will now decide to which charities it will send the funds it has left over after the inauguration, and it will disclose that information “when the organization’s books are fully closed,” according to a statement. Inaugural committees aren’t required to report their spending to the Federal Election Commission or to disclose how much money they have left over after the January event.

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              From The USA Congress With Less Love For Russia Than Previously Expressed


                  On this week's "Look Who's Talking Now - US House Of Representatives Edition" we have Rep Mike Conaway leading the panel as Devin Nunes discovered he better be leaving the room before the door hits him on the ass. Ethics watchdogs are already nipping at his tender hindquarters and the investigators are turning over rocks that the Chairman would just as soon not seen lifted.

                  This week's guests? Behind the closed doors we have the FBI Director James Comey in the mystery role - is he for or agin Trump and the Russians, inquiring minds want to know! Also paying a visit hidden from public view will be Admiral Mike Rogers - now that will be interesting, but we will have to wait for the patriots - I mean "leakers" - to tell us what happened.

                  In the Circus Maximus we will be delighted to see former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan and the woman we all have been waiting for, the former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates testifying sometime after May second.

                  Now Nunes had told everybody:

                  but a few of his fellow Congressmen were a bit perturbed when they found out how fiscally connected to Russia Nunes might be - you could say vulnerable, for his net wealth is listed at 51K and 50 of that is invested in his wine export business. Though to be fair, Snopes rated his connection to the Russians as "Unproven". What is known is that the possibly tainted Congressman made a few hasty and perhaps rash decisions:

                  Tensions with Nunes spiked after a press conference last week in which he revealed he went around the committee to obtain evidence that court-approved spying on foreign targets had scooped up "incidental" surveillance involving people associated with Trump. There's also an ongoing feud over a decision by Nunes to cancel a series of hearings on the issue. - NBC News 29 March 2017

                  I hear that the ushers are recommending fans come early, for they are expecting a full house to witness all the entertainment - and keep this chart handy! (thanks czook )

                  Geoffrey S Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60 24 April 2017

                  #Sane60 #resist #Pretendisent

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                  Time For The Right To Stick It To Science


                      Ok, the right need to hit back and hit back hard after millions across the world marched on Earth Day to stand for mother earth and tell her children who are intent on killing her and her diverse and rich biodiversity that has evolved over millions of years.

                      Those who are simply not into the whole scientific research and factual based evidence derived from that scientific endeavour over centuries need to take a big stand against this whole Sciency mumbo jumbo and show the world that the human species does not need nor does it want scientists who clearly know too much and have an agenda driven by the need to know these things.

                      So I have been figuring out a plan to give to our brothers and sisters from the right who don't know their atoms from their elbows and those who are hopeful that humanity regresses back to coal mines and drilling the bejaysus out of the earth. These good folks simple minded though they may be believe that Energy Independence is the only way to secure the nation and not have a dependency on foreign energy sources.

                      Not a terrible idea at all but seemingly lost on these Anti-Science types who think that the Keystone XL pipeline is the job creating energy source that could go quite a way to securing that sense of security.........of course those same minds don't realise that the fuel created from the tar sands of Canada piped through the spine of the US will be for others use and will not go any way in bringing that Energy Independence.

                      Despite the scientific data, years of research and scientific progress everywhere from how we consume our information to how we now power the computers and tv's that give us that information......

                      There isn't a developed nation that ignores this progress and as I had commented last week that Friday saw the first day since the Victorian times that the UK was powered for one day without the need to use any coal....not a rock. Nations whose own geography and climate are primed to harness all forms of renewable energies with a gradual phasing back of those more harmful fuel options ripped from the ground.

                      Then again most nations have seen the data and the years of research and have decided to do something about it....even the Chinese have seen that their own nation was choking in the major cities and continue to work to lower their own emissions........

                      Not the US though.

                      Unfortunately for the US they have a whole load of old minds who see the simple answer as the best answer and denying the science is much easier than letting go of the once was in the form of Coal Mining jobs. But those miners were promised jobs by the science denying President who himself has literally no understanding of the science involved and the dangers posed.

                      Like most debates where there is no debate to be had the Right and their band of Science Schils will take the one part of scientific data and cling to it like a rottweiler. Yet these same schils will be seen as the reason that many if not all who deny the science will continue their path of unenlightenment.

                      The Right need to show their teeth and have a demonstration of their own to show that all this science is nothing but a bunch of elitists who think they're just dumb and don't know any better.....well the right will show them.....

                      So you righties will need to contact each other through your emails or Facebook using your laptops, tablets, Smartphones etc. This can be done using the Internet

                      Next you will need to arrange travel to the place where your Anti Science demo will happen. Some may need to either drive or take a bus or train or indeed fly to that destination.

                      You will need signs, you can use your spellcheck on your computers to make sure all messages on signs are written or printed correctly either by writing in a large Marker Pen or wherever you get your signs printed using Large Computerised Printers available in many locations.

                      During your demo you will require loud speaker systems to speak to the crowd as to why all this science is wrong.

                      Most importantly.......This must be a stand against Science.......so you will have to do all of the above by refusing to use anything that has been manufactured or invented by...or as a result of scientific progress.

                      Now you go stick it to science.....

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                      Trump's Attack On Worker's Wages And Protections


                          Trump's Attack On Worker's Wages and Protections

                          By Ray Cunneff

                          April 24, 2017

                          On Saturday, Earth Day, I posted a list of actions taken by the Trump administration in the (nearly) first 100 days to undermine science in general and clean air and water in particular, all to the benefit of the fossil fuel industry at the expense of clean, renewable energy.

                          But we have also seen a flurry of activity, some high-profile, some subtle, from legislation and executive orders, as well as actions taken (or not taken) by the administration, that shift power away from working Americans and towards corporations and the one percent.

                          The Economic Policy Institute maintains a Worker Rights and Wages Policy Watch, which is continuously updated with information on the steps taken that affect workers. Here's the list so far...

                          1. Protecting Wall Street profits that siphon billions of dollars from retirement savers. At President Trump’s behest, the Department of Labor has delayed a rule requiring that financial professionals recommend retirement investment products that serve their clients’ best interests. The “fiduciary rule” aims to stop the losses savers incur when steered into products that earn advisers commissions and fees. The rule was supposed to go into effect April 10. For every seven days that the rule is delayed, retirement savers lose $431 million over the next 30 years. The 60-day delay will cost workers saving for retirement $3.7 billion over 30 years.
                          2. Letting employers hide fatal injuries that happen on their watch. The Senate approved a resolution making it harder to hold employers accountable when they subject workers to dangerous conditions. The March 22 resolution blocks a rule requiring that employers keep accurate logs of workplace injuries and illnesses for five years. This time frame captures not just individual injuries but track records of unsafe conditions. President Trump said he would sign the resolution. If he does, employers can fail to maintain—or falsify—their injury and illness logs, making them less likely to suffer the consequences when workers are injured or killed. Blocking this rule also means that employers, OSHA, and workers cannot use what they learn from past mistakes to prevent future tragedies. If the rule is overturned, more workers will be injured, and responsible employers will be penalized.
                          3. Allowing potentially billions of taxpayer dollars to go to private contractors who violate health and safety protections or fail to pay workers. The federal government pays contractors hundreds of billions of dollars every year to do everything from manufacturing military aircraft to serving food in our national parks. The Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces rule required that companies vying for these lucrative contracts disclose previous workplace violations, and that those violations be considered when awarding federal contracts. The rule was needed, as major federal contractors were found to be regularly engaging in illegal practices that harm workers financially and endanger their health and safety. On March 27, President Trump killed this rule by signing a congressional resolution blocking it. This will hurt workers and contractors who play by the rules, while benefitting only those contractors with records of cutting corners.
                          4. Undermining important regulations that protect workers and consumers. On January 30, President Trump issued an executive order mandating that for every new regulation issued, at least two prior regulations be identified for elimination. This “2-for-1” executive order requires federal agencies to assess whether a regulation is worthwhile based solely on costs—regardless of the benefits of the regulation. For example, an EPA regulation issued in 2015 that prevents dumping toxic pollutants into streams and wetlands could certainly represent a higher cost to companies that will need to take additional steps to properly dispose of their waste. But the obvious benefits—keeping toxic waste out of our major water resources—far outweighs the costs to businesses. (The Trump administration has already ordered the EPA to rescind or revise this rule.) This emphasis on costs threatens regulations that protect workers, consumers, and the environment.
                          5. Allowing employers to penalize employees who don’t want to reveal their private medical information. In March, the Republican chairwoman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce introduced a bill that would allow employers to penalize employees who opt not to share private genetic or medical information with their bosses. North Carolina Rep. Virginia Foxx’s pleasantly named Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act (H.R. 1313) claims to promote innovative employee wellness programs and a healthy workforce. But it actually takes aim at the Equal Opportunity Commission’s efforts to ensure that “employers can only obtain or request protected genetic and medical information when the employee voluntarily provides it.” The bill would allow penalties of up to thousands of dollars a year for employees who choose not to share this information through employee wellness programs, clearly coercing them into divulging. Nearly 70 consumer, health, and medical advocacy organizations signed a recent letter opposing this invasive bill.
                          6. Gutting the strength of labor organizing by forcing unions to represent and protect non-dues-paying workers. In February, Reps. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) and Steve King (R-Iowa) introduced a bill to bar unions from requiring the workers they represent to pay the equivalent of union dues. The bill would establish a federal “right-to-work” law, which is a deceptive name for legislation that forces unions to drain their resources representing non-dues-paying workers. The law would not make life better for hard-working Americans. “Right to work” laws are already on the books in 27 states and the results are clear: lower wages and less bargaining power for working people. Wages are 3.1 percent lower in so-called “right-to-work” states, for union and nonunion workers alike, even after accounting for differences in cost of living, demographics, and workforce characteristics. Rather than further degrading the power of working-class Americans to bargain for decent wages and benefits, Congress and the president should be addressing wage stagnation and inequality.
                          7. Cutting pay for construction workers on federally funded infrastructure projects. On January 30, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) and Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) introduced the Davis-Bacon Repeal Act. The Davis-Bacon act requires that construction workers engaged in federally funded construction projects be paid no less than the local prevailing wage. Careful research has shown that the act protects both the living standards of construction workers and the competitiveness of local construction firms bidding against transient contractors who might win federal contracts by using less-skilled workers. Repealing Davis-Bacon would save taxpayers money purely by taking a chunk of construction workers’ wages. It would not actually make projects to build roads and schools and other public goods more efficient.
                          8. Putting the brakes on overtime pay for the middle class. The administration has made no move to support a 2016 rule that would extend overtime pay protections to millions of workers. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, most salaried workers making less than a given annual salary are automatically entitled to overtime pay if they work more than 40 hours per week. The threshold aims to protect low- and moderate-earning salaried workers from being required to work excessive hours without compensation. Over the years, the threshold has been eroded by inflation, and the current threshold of $23,660 is below the poverty line for a family of four. In 2016, the Department of Labor raised the threshold to $47,476. While this rule is on hold under a court order, the administration has made its priorities clear. President Trump’s first nominee for Secretary of Labor, Andrew Puzder, opposed the rule. And after Puzder withdrew from consideration for the post, in his confirmation hearing the new nominee, Alexander Acosta, declined to assert support for the rule or even the department’s authority to raise the threshold. Raising the overtime salary threshold would directly benefit a broad range of working people, including 4.2 million parents and 7.3 million children.
                          9. Slashing the budget for the Department of Labor, hindering its ability to enforce wage theft and worker safety laws or provide job training programs. The “skinny budget” released by the White House on March 16 includes a 21 percent cut to the Department of Labor’s budget. Indifference or worse about the plight of U.S. workers is the message sent by cutting a fifth of the budget of the key agency that protects workers from being killed or injured on the job, safeguards workers’ pay and benefits, and provides displaced workers with job training and unemployment benefits.
                          10. Declining to raise the minimum wage and lift pay for low-wage workers. As of January 1, 29 states and the District of Columbia have a minimum wage that is higher than the federal minimum wage. In 2017 alone, minimum wage increases in 19 states will provide over $4.2 billion in additional wages to nearly 4.3 million affected workers in 2017 and will make a real, although modest, difference in the lives of workers and their families. But the federal minimum wage of $7.25 has not been raised since 2009 and is worth 25 percent less than its peak value in 1968. This decline in purchasing power means low-wage workers have to work longer hours just to achieve the standard of living that was considered the bare minimum almost half a century ago. On the campaign trail, President Trump spoke favorably of raising the federal minimum wage. It’s time to see bold action on this sentiment that could lift pay for the bottom quarter or more of the workforce.

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                          PTSD: Trump A HUGE Underachiever In His 1st 100 Days! HUGE, HUGE, HUGE!!!!


                              While it is hard to pin down with absolutely accuracy the question of efficacy in the first 100 days.....there are standards. As a professor, a writer, a consultant, and an activist I have been a student of presidential success and failure for 40 plus years. What follows is my assessment of how Trump fares when compared with his contemporary successors. Hint: Not Good. Bigly!

                              Here are the Categories I use in assessing the effectiveness/success of a Presidential Administration....

                              1) Organization of the Executive Branch

                              2) Filling the thousands of positions opened in a change of admin

                              3) Have a clear policy agenda backed by position papers and concrete proposals

                              4) Clarity of message to the everyday citizen beginning with the Inaugural Address

                              5) Handling crisis

                              6) Mastery of the interaction of Defense and Diplomacy

                              7) Working with Congress

                              8) Clear signs that the President and his people are rooted in the Constitution...

                              AND then....

                              9) Executive Orders that are actually applicable immediately and enforceable

                              10) Signed legislative bills.

                              TRUMP COMPARED

                              TO THE OTHER MODERN PRESIDENTS

                              IN ALL of these ....... Obama is far ahead of Trump (and so were Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman, and FDR). I am less familiar with those who come before. From Hoover back it is hard to address many of these points.

                              Who is missing from my contemporary list? Carter....whose first 100 days is comparable in many ways to Trump's. And it did not get better.

                              Some others have their own ideas....here are a few.......

                              First step in creating your reality: Discredit those who say otherwise

                              One quick look at the cabinet tells the tale.

                              Remember the nuclear holocaust images from The Terminator?

                              Which President had to make way for The Donald?

                              * Until Mr. Trump has earned the title, I will refrain from referring to his as President Trump, or The President, or Mr. President. While I respect the office, my complete lack of respect for him overshadows that historic sentiment. I am open to being surprised. I am also going to bring the same level of energy and purpose to my critique of him that opponents of President Barack H. Obama did during his 8 years as our President.

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                              Pundit Post

                              A Vocabularly Lesson For Those Who Do Not Know The Meaning Of Certain Words


                                  Eight months or so ago I offered this article below, and with a new influx of Troll Trump Worshippers finding their way here to be a nuisance to those of us working for change, I am resubmitting it for all of your consideration.

                                  When you meet one of our newbie trolls-in-infancy, be kind to them by not sparing the rod of your wit - I certainly enjoy watching the evil little beings thrashed soundly.

                                  This is not a site for the ugly, for the haters and gloaters, but for those of us making a concerted effort to prevent the America we have from becoming a joyless, hard place, unsafe for anyone who is something other than a wealthy, white male and their chattel.

                                  So here it is again, thank you for your understanding.

                                  Geoffrey S Jade Barrett, Chairman #SANE60 22 April 2017

                                  Original text below:

                                  Now I know that all you 3rd grade Troll-lites need a few lessons to graduate to Troll-teens, and with the help of many of my fellow adult posters here on Yabberz, we have decided to close ranks and see if we can help the underdeveloped achieve a basic understanding of how your elders debate (I know that is a hard concept for many of you, so we are going to the film and with any luck at all you will begin to understand why so many people have a good laugh at your expense).

                                  Having had to witness on countless threads what the troll-lites think passes for Discussion I have decided that I will take it upon myself to provide them this little lesson on Vocabulary and Word Usage in English- free of charge, since we know that many of you foreign wannabes cannot afford the exchange rate.

                                  Now see which word fits adult conversation the best:



                                  • : a statement or series of statements for or against something
                                  • : a discussion in which people express different opinions about something
                                  • : an angry disagreement



                                  the action or process of talking about something, typically in order to reach a decision or to exchange ideas.

                                  • a conversation or debate about a certain topic.
                                    plural noun: discussions
                                    "discussions about environmental improvement programs"
                                  • a detailed treatment of a particular topic in speech or writing.


                                  a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward.


                                  argue about (a subject), especially in a formal manner.

                                  There will be a series of surprise quizzes and observations made by the more educated of the commentators here and the results of their evaluations will be utilized to place you in the right category:

                                  Adults, Troll, Troll-teen or Troll-lite.

                                  Remember you might even get your own meme.

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