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Border Patrol Checkpoints Shut Down Highways In Maine And New Hampshire


      When a criminal is being sought, Law Enforcement will sometimes shut down portions of a road or highway and check out drivers and passengers. Checkpoints can also be set up to prevent smuggling, and at times like New Years Eve to stop drunk drivers. In the case of this story, these highways are being shut down to try and 'get' people who were not born in the United States. This has caused some controversy. There are those who are concerned that nationwide crackdowns on immigrants, and increased Customs and Border Protection at bus and train stops, along with more and longer highway checkpoints, make it hard not to feel that people are living in a "show me your papers" country.


      Border Patrol agents in Maine shut down part of Interstate 95 on Wednesday to stop drivers and ask them where they were born.CreditBangor Daily News
      Such immigration checkpoints on highways have been used by the Border Patrol for years, often along popular smuggling and drug-trafficking routes in the Southwest. But their frequency has increased under President Trump, federal officials have said. The one in Maine was set up several days after agents conducted a three-day checkpoint on a New Hampshire highway, at least the second checkpoint in that state so far this year.
      Inspections have also extended to bus and train stops, where federal agents in Florida, Maine, New York and Washington State have recently asked riders about their immigration status.

      A nearly six-minute video of the Maine encounter offered a window into the reach and power of the Border Patrol at a time when its enforcement of the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” policy has come under intense criticism. The reporters asked a Border Patrol agent why the checkpoint had been set up.

      Border Patrol agents have been given broad legal authority, which has expanded during the current administration, to conduct the stops and other operations, and to ask anyone about their immigration status.

      “It’s just a random checkpoint. It’s within 100 miles of the border,” the agent said. “We just occasionally set them up to see what we can catch.”

      The agent added that the officers look for signs that include how people answer their questions and if they speak with an accent. He argued the stops were fair and free of potential bias because every person who passed through the checkpoint was asked the same question.

      Border Patrol officers have long come under criticism for why they decide to stop some people and not others. They have been accused of making subjective and arbitrary judgments. Customs and Border Protection instructs agents not to consider a person’s race or ethnicity.

      Agents are also barred from considering a person’s language, an issue that surfaced in an encounter in Montana last month. A Border Patrol agent overheard a woman speaking Spanish to a friend inside a convenience store in Havre, a small town about 30 miles south of Canada. He stopped the women and asked for their proof of citizenship, later telling them that their Spanish had raised suspicions. The friends were United States citizens.

      But drivers who encounter the checkpoints have long complained abThe A.C.L.U.’s offices in New Hampshire and Maine have challenged the Border Patrol’s immigration checks on highways and at bus stops. The group filed a lawsuit in New Hampshire last year after a checkpoint in Woodstock resulted in the arrest of several people on drug charges. Last month, a judge agreed and ruled in favor of the A.C.L.U., saying that the stops violated both state and federal constitutions.

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      Washington, D.C. - The Psychopath Capital Of America


          Most of us knew that many politicians and others involved with politicians were sociopaths/psychopaths, with some being more so than others. We watched Trump prove it, as his Republican Congress enabled him while he expressed his disorder on TV, twitter, rallies and speeches; and along the way, many in Congress proved their own psychopathology.

          Excerpts from the following article are interesting, because evidently a study backs up what we've known all along.

          The result of the study: " The District of Columbia measured to be far more psychopathic than any individual state in the country."

          What this means to me, is that we the voters/constituents, must be ever vigilant in weeding out phonies - those high on the psychopath scale - so that we vote into government those with fewer detrimental characteristics of the sociopath/psychopath,and work to remove those who prove to be high on the scale of the psychopath - such as Trump.

          A new study ranks each state, plus D.C., by their psychopathic tendencies. The race for first? It isn’t even close.


          June 23, 2018.

          To psychologists, a “psychopath” isn’t necessarily a Norman Bates or Patrick Bateman lurking with an ax in the shadows; it’s a person with a particular collection of antisocial traits, including a powerful sense of spite and an inability to consider the welfare of others.

          Ryan Murphy, an economist at Southern Methodist University, recently published a working paper in which he ranked each of the states by the predominance of—there’s no nice way to put it—psychopaths. The winner? Washington in a walk. In fact, the capital scored higher on Murphy’s scale than the next two runners-up combined.

          “I had previously written on politicians and psychopathy, but I had no expectation D.C. would stand out as much as it does,” Murphy wrote in an email.

          When Murphy matched up the “constellation of disinhibition, boldness and meanness” that marks psychopathy with a previously existing map of the states’ predominant personality traits, he found that dense, coastal areas scored highest by far—with Washington dominant among them. “The District of Columbia is measured to be far more psychopathic than any individual state in the country,” Murphy writes in the paper. The runner-up, Connecticut, registered only 1.89 on Murphy’s scale, compared with the overwhelming 3.48 clocked by the District.

          This, Murphy hypothesizes, is because psychopaths are attracted to the kinds of jobs Washington offers—jobs that reward raw ambition, a relentless single-mindedness and, let’s admit it, the willingness to step over a few bodies along the way. “Psychopaths have an awfully grandiose way of thinking about themselves, and D.C. has numerous means of seeking and attaining power,” he wrote in an email. The television critics who dismissed Netflix’s “House of Cards” as cartoonish and unrealistic—surely nobody could be that villainous— may have a few apologies to make. “The presence of psychopaths in the District of Columbia is consistent with the conjecture … that psychopaths are likely to be effective in the political sphere,” Murphy writes in the paper.

          Politicians as a class, however, may be another story. In a previous paper, impishly titled “Kissing Babies to Prove You Are Not a Psychopath”—which explored the motivations behind our collective need to witness our leaders displaying empathy—Murphy foreshadowed his findings here, writing that in a system designed to reward the power-hungry, voters are given the unenviable but important responsibility of weeding out the phonies.


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          Are We All Bigots


              The term “bigot” has been thrown around on this site loosely these days without those individuals recognizing their own bigotry. I do not agree that bigotry is solely associated with “hate”, but I do understand why some assign bigotry to hate. America’s entire history from it’s inception was born out of some form of bigotry, hate, and racism. Some of the people have embraced America’s past openly, while others have done so subtly.

              In life we must find people and causes that will eradicate systemic racism in this country that leads to the bigotry, hate, and racism that affects the minds, hearts, and souls of those individuals that practices White Supremacy (Racism) overtly and covertly. I have been on the end of a campaign of bigotry, hate, and racism. However, I have come to learn throughout my experiences of this things that “If you have not critics you likely have no success.”

              It is not my responsibility to change any individuals thought patterns because that is who they are and how they were brought up. It is my responsibility to share with them the truth whether they choose to believe it or not. I challenge those individuals to read Morgan Freeman’s article below and search for the truth within. I also challenge those individuals that see me as anti-anything to answer the following question.

              How will calling me a bigot, anti-Semitic, and anti-Jewish eradicate White Supremacy (Racism), mass incarceration, police brutality of Black people, murders of Black people by cops, gerrymandering, voter suppression, socio-economic disparity, the Black and White wealth gap, and your lack effort to solving these American problems?

              “I have no mercy or compassion in me for a society that will crush people, and then penalize them for not being able to stand up under the weight.” Malcolm X

              Black people in America and globally are the most marginalized and hated people in the known universe. The country we live in does not even accept us and that is seen by some of the people in it and the way they vote.
              SteveLC had it right, Black people need to become economically and politically self-sufficient through the process of using our over $1 trillion purchasing power to obtain property and businesses to build our wealth.

              “Are we all bigots?”

              This is a question raised by actor Morgan Freeman in Wednesday night’s premiere episode on a new season of the Science Channel’s “Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman.”

              Freeman, who serves as the host and executive producer of the show, takes on the role of race and presents scientific data to better understand how implicit bias affects the daily decisions we make.

              “If you think you see everyone as equal, you’re kidding yourself. We all have biases, and no matter how open-minded we think we are, stereotypes color our judgment of others, and can lead us badly astray,” Freeman says in the opening sequence of the episode.

              “When did hate become hard-wired into our brains? Are we all born to discriminate against our fellow humans?”

              Freeman addresses these questions, and many others, by featuring the thoughts and opinions of scientists who are working to unlock those subconscious links within all of us that determine our decision-making processes. Scientific research — such as that conducted by the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity — may eventually help to better understand the role implicit bias plays in the judgements we form.

              “If you ask that question — are we all bigots? — it’s amazing the number of answers you’ll get in the negative,” Freeman told The Huffington Post. “I would stand up and say very quickly, ‘I am not bigoted,’ but then you see the show and realize, ‘Wait a minute, yes I am.’

              “We hope that will be one of the most provocative shows that we’ve done. I’m almost certain that it’s going to spark a dialogue.”

              The unrest that has unfolded in Baltimore, Maryland over the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, who was fatally injured after an arrest, has reignited concerns around policing and black lives. It has also fueled discussions on the role of race in the criminal justice system — however, Freeman and his team are digging deeper to expose the role of race in our own lives.

              “We’re very sad about recent events that make this [show] so timely,” said Bernadette McDaid, vice president of production for Science Channel.

              “What we’re hoping is that, by highlighting this inclination toward subconscious bias, from the topics very much being discussed in the public forum, it’ll draw attention to the fact that we are able to overcome that quick-fire bias, so there’s a very hopeful message in the show.”


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              SATIRE ALERT How Low Can You Go?


                  SATIRE ALERT

                  How Low Can You Go?

                  MINNEAPOLIS (The Borowitz Report)—A group of scholars who have been monitoring the descent of the bar over the past few decades have concluded that the bar can no longer be lowered, the scholars announced on Friday.

                  The academics, led by Professor Davis Logsdon, of the University of Minnesota, published their conclusion after their research definitively found that the bar had finally dropped to its lowest possible position.

                  “For those who thought the bar still had room to be lowered, our findings resoundingly contradict that assumption,” Logsdon said. “The bar is now essentially flush with the ground.”

                  Logsdon acknowledged that he and his fellow scholars have come under fire in the past for claiming that the bar could not be further lowered, specifically when they issued a paper to that effect after the selection of the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee in 2008.

                  “We got that one wrong,” he said. “Clearly, the bar still had a way to go.”

                  Now that the issue of whether the bar can be further lowered has been settled, Logsdon and his colleagues plan to examine the question of whether there is anything left to scrape at the bottom of the barrel. “Our findings are preliminary, but it appears that the answer is no,” he said.

                  Andy Borowitz is the New York Times best-selling author of “The 50 Funniest American Writers,” and a comedian who has written for The New Yorker since 1998. He writes the Borowitz Report, a satirical column on the news, for newyorker.com

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                  Trump's America: The New Political Correctness


                      Trump's America:

                      The New Political Correctness

                      Politically Incorrect

                      Politically Correct

                      By Ray Cunneff

                      June 22, 2018

                      As many of you know, it was a regular feature of mine on Fridays to post a "Cartoon Roundup" of political cartoons I would select from a regular feature at POLITICO.

                      Several weeks ago, I commented that I was unable to do that on a regular basis anymore because, not only were there far fewer to choose from, I had recognized a significant shift to the right, particularly many more favorable to Trump and the Trumpist agenda.

                      I would usually post eight-to-ten cartoons that I thought were both relevant and well-executed from an average pool of about sixteen or so. (Sometimes an otherwise brilliant cartoon was poorly drawn and had IMO to be rejected.) But the pool has been steadily shrinking in recent months while a greater percentage seem to reflect Trumpist values, particularly regarding immigration.

                      Last week, award-winning, 25-year veteran political cartoonist Rob Rogers was fired by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for cartoons (top) judged to be anti-Trump - although Rogers was widely recognized as being equally critical on all sides of the political spectrum.

                      Snopes.com was asked to fact-check the question "Was Rogers fired for anti-Trump cartoons?" and the answer came back "Mostly True".


                      Rob Rogers was fired by his newspaper after creating a cartoon which featured President Donald Trump snatching a child immigrant.


                      WHAT'S TRUE:

                      Rob Rogers was fired by the 'Pittsburgh Post-Gazette' after the newspaper rejected a number of cartoons critical of Donald Trump's presidential policies.

                      WHAT'S FALSE:

                      Rogers' firing wasn't based on one single cartoon.


                      In June 2018, longtime Pittsburgh Post-Gazette cartoonist Rob Rogers was fired after a number of his drawings were rejected by the paper. Shortly after the news broke, a tweet purportedly showing the cartoon that proved to be the final straw in Rogers’ relationship with the paper went viral:

                      The cartoon was created by Rob Rogers shortly before he lost his position at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, but his firing was not based solely on this image but one of several anti-Trump cartoons that was rejected by the paper shortly before he was let go.

                      Rogers’ cartoons have regularly appeared in the newspaper since he was first hired in 1993. In 2018, however, he noticed that more of his cartoons were being killed after a new editorial director joined the paper.

                      For the past week, there’s been a feature noticeably absent from the editorial pages of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette — the political cartoons of award-winning cartoonist Rob Rogers.

                      Rogers, who has drawn cartoons for the Post-Gazette since 1993, has seen six cartoons killed in a row by Keith Burris, who took over as the newspaper’s editorial director in March when the paper’s editorial board merged with its sister newspaper, the Toledo Blade. The cartoons included criticism of President Trump and of the NFL’s decision to prohibit players from protesting racial injustice during the national anthem.

                      Several of the drawings the paper rejected were critical of the president and his policies, but others dealt with issues not specifically tied to the president. For instance, Rogers’ cartoon mocking Roseanne Barr and her “Ambien” excuse for making racist remarks was also rejected. Rogers posted that cartoon, as well as many of his other spiked drawings, to his Twitter page:

                      Sad to report this update: Today, after 25 years as the editorial cartoonist

                      for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, I was fired.

                      For more:

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                      Oregon DOT Worker Call For Immigrants To Be Shot


                          This is one of those supporters of Five Deferment Don’s border policies that could ignite a fire storm leading to the murder of innocent people.

                          “There’s nothing like a zero tolerance immigration policy to bring all the racist social media posts out into the light it seems. A worker for Oregon Driver & Motor Vehicle Services, a division of the state’s Department of Transportation, is the latest to be dragged under the microscope of scrutiny after a Facebook comment she made, suggesting shooting immigrants at the border.“


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                          Chaos, Anxiety, Confusion And Crisis. What Do We Do Now?

                              KENA BETANCUR / Getty Images

                              Since the beginning of 2017, up to the present mid 2018, we here in America have experienced non stop chaos and confusion with a few crises thrown in. Understandably, this arouses anxiety and feelings of uncertainty in many of our country's people. With Trump in the Oval Office, we never know what is going to hit us next! Even folks who believe that Trump seems to be an "uninterrupted emergency" have had moments of high anxiety wondering what will happen from hour to hour.

                              Trump bans Muslims, says that he'll destroy No. Korea, then holds hands with their Dictator Kim Jong un. He battles our allies and makes nice with those we're suspicious of. He supports white nationalism while making it difficult for American farmers to sell their produce due to his idea of fair trade. He calls legitimate news "fake" while twittering obvious falsities. His rhetoric is often about how he is above the law, and most recently he even says he can pardon himself!


                              Russia Fake News Illustrated by Cristiana Couceiro.

                              Trump's alliance with Putin's Russia, and the proof that Russia interfered with our 2016 elections, is unprecedented, while Trump says - "no collusion," but it is truly frightening to wonder if Trump is just winging it, in a bevy of non stop lies, contradictions and twitter rants, and it is scarier yet if there is a plan straight from Putin!

                              So how did we get to this place where we seem to be balancing on the edge of a very steep cliff? There are many thoughts about that, including those that believe that the election of Barack Obama led to today's chaotic and often frightening state of government; but historians and sociologists trace it back through 40 years of a depressed economy for the working class, while the ruling class and Corporate CEOs saw their compensations skyrocket into billions.

                              So now, the Oligarchs seem to own the country, and with Citizens United ( when corporations became people) they can go a long way toward buying its leaders. In Trump world, a crisis is invented, then deflected, then obscured! (Pulling out of the Iran deal is a good example, as is inviting crisis at the G-7.) And he finally might have hit a wall with his dictator led inhumane separation of children and families in the thousands. He reversed that plan, but without any plan for puttiing thousands of kids back with their parents.

                              So what do we do now? How do we get off the path our beloved country seems to be speeding along on?We are doing much of it, but we might want to intensify our efforts of writing and phoning our reps, and petitioning and marching and attending town hall meetings, rallying and protesting.



                              Several recent articles incorporated the following ideas for booting out the Trump Administration, which are included in the following:

                              Look to elections in cities and states. Vote in them. Vote in the mid-terms. Encourage others to vote.

                              Democrats can tone down the divisiveness with each other. We can band together to get rid of the dictator and his support of the Oligarchs, and argue against each other after we dump Trump.

                              Support Mueller's investigation. Talk to others about how successful he has been so far! Write about it, gossip about it, embrace it! Use vivid language.

                              Discuss and help to implement a labor movement that truly embodies the hopes and dreams of a diverse electorate every chance you get.

                              Support the use of the courts from the ACLU to the law suits led by such as Michael Avenatti who is representing whistle blowers.

                              Organize and participate in a moral resistance, and while doing so, above all, do not give in to despair!

                              We can unabashedly support the Democratic candidates and each other. We really can.

                              If we fail, many believe that we are destined to have another war like revolution. I sincerely hope not, so I am betting that we will succeed.


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