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The Heart Of A Lion


      Sometimes this world sucks so bad you just want to stop the world spinning and jump off........Watching the world obliterate itself...when I say the world I mean us....The 'smarter' animals.

      But sometimes seeing the pain of one whose world isn't on a battlefield or due to some cataclysmic event.....Sometimes that pain and that hurt and all that comes with being the victim of bullying. Singled out for being different, looking different even thinking differently than the norm.

      Then I saw this and whilst it is hard to watch a boy question the dark hearted around him and ask.......why?

      His questions, his need to know the answers as to why they feel the need to single him out and what could they get from it.

      But he shows a heart that given his circumstances is what this world needs.....A boy who is suffering physical and mental abuse from his peers and under a barrage of daily put downs was brave enough to speak out and speak up for the millions out there suffering similar or worse.

      I know as a child I would have seen Keaton speaking up as a sign of hope...Yes I like many have been on the receiving end of bullying during childhood and know it is a dark place, my bullies moved on to others and as a child the sweet relief of not feeling sick every day at the mere thought of another day of not if it happens but when.

      Keaton Jones when asking why him still had the courage to speak up for others, he spoke for a billion souls whose days are darkened by a bully's presence. Through his pain he tells others......

      ''It'll be Ok one day''

      He's right.

      His bravery in highlighting the silent suffering of many pushed us all closer to that day. His courage to tell others has reached millions around the world and he has shone a light on something not seen enough....the aftermath of being bullied.

      Those bullies did not do themselves any favours and those laughs from their acts of abuse unleashed the heart of a lion......the heart of Keaton Jones.

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      An Open Letter To The Good People Of Alabama - Watch Roy Moore's Hands


          Greetings from another Ruby Red State just a bit north of you and a tad west, where the grass grows tall and oil is to be found. Where the buffalo roam and the antelopes play and women receive more respect than a "there, there" pat on the derriere - or anywhere else that an ill-behaved Alabama Senatorial candidate might want his fingers to do the walking. Even in South Dakota, we know that Roy Moore is a bad man.

          A few months ago, on these very pages, the story of the Governor and his plaything evolved from an Alabama State House scandal into a National Joke.


          At the time I observed that the Governor, House Speaker and the Chief Justice of the State of Alabama were taking turns meandering through the court system with such regularity that revolving doors were insufficient to the task of quick entry. I even thought of submitting the suggestion that Alabama Crest of Arms should be modified in a fairly simplistic, but meaningful manner.

          My recommendation? The ribbon text edited to read "Here We Arrest" which would be a far more accurate description of what needs to happen in Montgomery. Or anywhere else in the State where Roy Moore is conducting himself in his typically poorly behaved and less than law abiding manner. Which would appear to be just about everywhere.

          (What many people fail to realize is that Moore is not defending their "Christian values", he is dictating to the citizenry what they are. And that he is not so encumbered. Coveting, anyone?)

          At the time of my original article I had observed that no Senator was currently under investigation, indictment or had been suspended from their specific office, and thanks to the twice-disgraced Roy Moore (you have to hand it to the man, it takes true arrogance to defy the USA Supreme Court twice. It could easily be argued that Roy just was not up to the job of Chief Justice and pulled the stunt for the second time because of how well it had worked before. One has to wonder if Moore filed for unemployment...) the role of criminally charged Alabama Senator might be weeks within being cast.

          It is because of the distinct and exceptionally distressing possibility that one of the greatest victimizers of Alabamans of the modern era will be provided a chance to take a seat in the Senate - though it will be likely one in front of an ethics committee that would be hard-pressed to find any legitimate reason to allow him the opportunity to provide the same level of disservice to America's citizens that the woefully inadequate Roy Moore has conducted on behalf of his electorate.

          Roy Moore? Seriously? You mean to tell us that there is absolutely no one else in the Republican Party in Alabama that is a better candidate than someone who prefers his women too young to offer consent? A man incapable of filing the simplest of forms to prove that he was not actually trying to evade the IRS or defraud the charitable organization that he formed in order to pay himself? A man who believes that America was greater as a slave nation than it is now?

          Moore also faced criticism for comments he made in September (2016) at a campaign rally. According to the Los Angeles Times, when asked by a black member of the audience when he thought the last time America was great, Moore answered, "I think it was great at the time when families were united — even though we had slavery — they cared for one another. Our families were strong, our country had a direction."

          Another Moore classic comes from an interview he provided back in 2011 conducted by the Aroostook Watchmen - two guys from Maine who think everything from 9-11 to the Boston Marathon Bombing is fake.

          "Yeah, it had very serious problems with its approval by the states," Moore replied. "The danger in the 14th Amendment, which was to restrict, it has been a restriction on the states using the first Ten Amendments by and through the 14th Amendment. To restrict the states from doing something that the federal government was restricted from doing and allowing the federal government to do something which the first Ten Amendments prevented them from doing. If you understand the incorporation doctrine used by the courts and what it meant. You'd understand what I'm talking about."

          (The amendment addresses citizenship rights and equal protection of the laws and was proposed in response to issues related to former slaves. Yes, the suspended Chief Justice believes that slaves did not deserve citizenship protection - unless it was provided by the State. In Alabama. Right).

          There is just so much, much more that is wrong with Roy Moore that time and space prevents more than the briefest of epistles explaining why even David Duke compares favorably to the utterly incompetent GOP Senatorial candidate. Which is why every single one of my personal friends from Alabama - judges, engineers, doctors, professors, teachers, and business people, all - are not just disgusted by Moore, but know that he cares not one whit for anyone other than himself.

          Roy Moore will harm America when given the chance. With that fact firmly entrenched in mind:

          GS Jade Barrett, SANE60 Chairman

          #indivisible #resist

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          The Season Is Less Than Delightful, The Trump Administration Is Frightful


              So here we are, in the fading days of 2017 with a terrible year behind us, and the potential of nuclear holocaust upon us just in time for the holiday season. (Cue Weird Al)

              Of course not everyone of the Treacherous Trump family of supporters has received everything they desire, for there are still ethnic, non-white minorities residing in America.

              But give it time, for Despotic Donald's puppeteers are just warming up. They are still gathering their forces, especially those in Alabama who prefer Statutory Rapists to those who prosecute people responsible for murdering children at prayer (Doug Jones, the Democratic Senate candidate in Alabama, made his name as a U.S. attorney in the late 1990s when he successfully prosecuted two members of the Ku Klux Klan for the notorious 1963 bombing of a Birmingham church that killed four black girls. The two men were convicted in cases that drew national attention; Bobby Frank Cherry died in prison 2004; Thomas Blanton remains incarcerated on a life sentence. - Washington Post, 22 November 2017).

              For those still waiting for their X'mas Stockings to be filled with the promised coal - that might take a lot longer than they were told. Not to worry, though, Trumpa Claus is still making his lists and checking them twice - when he remembers. Or he is not on the golf course. Or attempting to turn the Middle East into a giant glowing ember, filled with the victims of religious sectarian violence conducted by only the holiest of the followers of - insert name of deity here.

              Now the little people that the current White House Olifascists throw their scraps to - some of them even documented workers! - have good reason to be grateful, for their lot in life has improved dramatically. The money they are making employed in their home nation allows them to eat (And for the Olifascists to continue to make money off the misery of other people - especially those living in poverty right here in the USA).

              Which is what Orrin Hatch wants: Healthcare for children in America, but then again, perhaps not as much as he used to. As the Republican Billionaire Benefit Bill winds its merry way through the US Congress and Senate, Senator Hatch blamed the inability to fund CHIP (a program he personally has always supported) on freeloaders. "I have a rough time wanting to spend billions and billions and trillions of dollars to help people who won’t help themselves, won’t lift a finger and expect the federal government to do everything."

              Like some of the lobbyists and PACs that are always helping themselves: Sen. Orrin Hatch, a former LDS bishop who does not drink, has taken money from wine, beer and liquor groups - and tobacco pays him well, too. Even the gaming establishments of Vegas are fans of Hatch. I guess that old Mormon upbringing just did not stick.

              One has to wonder if Utah Senator Hatch is truly in the company he seeks: People who support the preying on of women by men in power; White Nationalists; all those who make their living by generating the vehicles of self-destruction and let us not forget: the farthest right religious Zealots that believe LDS members are heretics.

              Perhaps the good Senator believes in the Easter Bunny, too.

              GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

              #resist #indivisible

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              Message From A Black Man


                  During the civil rights movement Malcolm X was a radical black man. He was a "Black Muslim". A member of the Nation of Islam. The Malcolm of the pre-Civil Rights Act period was much like Minister Farrakhan is today. While MLK promoted non-violent resistance, Malcolm promoted racial equality by any means necessary.

                  Republicans today like to promote the notion that it was the Democratic Party that has always supported slavery, racial discrimination and the KKK, and that the Republican Party is the party of Lincoln, who led the fight to abolish slavery. Well, Republicans of today are PARTIALLY right.

                  Where they are wrong is the use of the word, "always". During my sixty-five years on planet Earth, I have learned that very few things are "always" true.

                  After signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, President Lyndon Johnson predicted that the Democratic Party would lose the south for a generation. Before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 the political south was solidly Democrat and white. But the Civil Rights Act of 1964 became law 101 years after the Emancipation Proclamation and 98 years after the first civil rights act, the Civil Rights Act of 1866.

                  History tells us that the United States of America was built on two primary principles, religion and racism. The first English colonists came to the new world seeking the freedom to practice religion in a manner that was not controlled by the government. Freedom of religion was why the Constitution established a wall of separation between the church and the state. Ironically, some people today, seek to tear that wall down, while seeking to erect a physical wall to keep some people out of this country.

                  The other principle upon which the United States of America was founded is not mentioned in the Constitution. In fact the Constitution promotes the complete opposite of the other principle upon which the United States was founded. Malcolm X is remembered for saying in one speech that black people didn't land on Pymouth Rock, but the rock was landed on us.

                  In the speech below, Malcolm explains the difference between the politics of the majority of white people in the USA in the 1960s. Please don't get me wrong. A small minority of white people have promoted and indeed died to bring about racial equality throughout the history of this country. So I am not saying that all white people were racists, even in 1776. However, we cannot deny that the majority of white people in the USA have always been racists. There is that word, "always" again.

                  Today, over 95% of black people identify as political liberals or progressives. In reality, black people, like every other ethnicity are composed of liberals and conservatives, but also like most minorities, black people are almost entirely political liberals. The majority of white people on the other hand, identify as conservatives. Other than a desire to preserve or conserve white privilege, I am not quite sure what the political term, "conservative" means, but they call it "small government conservative", I suppose in contrast to "big government conservative".

                  In the speech below, Malcolm X explains his perception of the difference between white liberals and white conservatives in the 1960s. Malcolm is not in politics today, and he is not an activist. So when you listen to Malcolm's speeches, consider them in the context of life in the 1960s from the perspective of a black person. Also understand that as a "black Muslim" Malcolm X believed that all white people were devils, but before he was assassinated in 1968, as a Muslim, Malcolm had broken away from the Nation of Islam, and he believed that all humans are the same. Although Malcolm was probably right about white liberals in the 1960s. I think white liberals have evolved from where they were in the sixties to where today they seek equality for all people.

                  The relevance of this speech is the current structure of the Republican Party and the unwillingness of black people to fully participate in the democratic process in spite of the struggle our ancestors endured to allow us the right to do so.

                  I recently heard a pollster say that if 28% of blacks show up to vote in the special elections in Alabama on Tuesday, December 12, 2017, there is a good chance the Democrat, Doug Jones will win that senate seat. Since Doug Jones prosecuted a KKK member who bombed a church in Birmingham fifty years or so ago, one would think that is enough to persuade 100% of blacks to show up to vote on Tuesday. No one should have to entice black people to vote in this special election, or in any election for that matter, given the price that has been paid to allow us the right to vote.

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                      It only takes one tree to make a thousand matches.....it only takes one match to burn a thousand trees...

                      Kelly Jones.

                      American Foreign Policy 2017 -

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                      For The Sake Of Humanity.


                          America.........Go to any part of the planet and you can guarantee that somehow or somewhere hanging in the ethers of conversation is a less than positive opinion on America's footprint on that location.

                          The world outside the US is a world that for too many is a concept beyond the tiny minded thinking of an uneducated percentage of people who don't want to know how complicated the history of that world is because that world only existed after the US was born.

                          Right now the most dangerous entity on earth is the US.

                          I don't fear Iran or Daesh or North Korea nor do I allow myself to be duped into being scared of that which does not warrant fear. That's an American thing in that scaring the shit out of an American is like shooting fish in a barrell, those irrational fears are willingly accepted by that percentage of the US population that are ignorant to their core and gullibility seemingly in the DNA.

                          American ignorance rampant particularly within the conservative right is going to get innocent Americans killed, but as we know 'life' is subjective within those life loving conservatives when the lives lost are outside of a womb. Funny how a nation of supposed life protectors are quite happy to spend trillions on killing and taking life all in the name of self preservation.

                          We've all seen what happens when America is actually attacked....we've all seen the footage yet never anyone seems to have an ability to explain what is a proportional response......

                          But there is always a justification for wars and faux sorrow on tap when it's a school or a village that gets totally obliterated by ordinance of US origin.

                          Take Yemen, the poorest of countries that right now is facing the might of Saudi airpower......courtesy of western warmongers......again allow me to remind you that the ideology of the bogeymen in black known as Daesh was born and bred in Saudi Arabia.....again let me remind you that the vast majority of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi nationals............again let me remind you not one bomb fell on Saudi territory.....the perks of a paying customer.

                          'We're fighting against the threat of sharia law' they cry.


                          I mean seriously??

                          Once again the ignorance of a nation on full display in the form of that ignorant percentage of morons. These same morons who are under the impression that the GOP and conservatism is the way forward. These same morons hate those from the LGBT community and liken them to the practice of beastility.......these same morons fear those who are different and those who live outside the uneducated mindset of the religious fundamentalism that is in itself akin to the dark ages mindset of Daesh.

                          Like the decision yesterday to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem......a nod to the fundamentalist extremists of the Christian right who moved one step closer to their biblical prophecies. What shouldn't be forgotten is that Daesh too have their prophecies and they too carve a bloody path to the disputed lands of Israel.

                          Those christian extremists will tell you that the land belongs to the Israelis and that yesterdays decision merely reflected that fact.

                          An ancient claim to the land.........

                          But not like the ancient claims to land in the US...........I mean if we want to talk about ancient claims to land then I am sure the conversations surrounding the land grabs by the US government from the native peoples of America is very different......when in fact it is the height of hypocrisy and just one more step in the ethnic cleansing that has been carried out over the centuries of US history.

                          Be under no illusions the US is driving itself off a cliff and American Fundamentalism has its foot planted firmly on the gas. The US is the most dangerous religious fundamentalist society in waiting........unlike Daesh or Iran.....American fundamentalism and ignorance of the world has the potential to wipe humankind out...........all in the name of American Christian Extremism.

                          This coming year for the sake of humanity reclaim your country from those whose minds are lost in theocratic ignorance, American fundamentalism and the worst of hypocrisy vote the extremists and those who support that extremism out.......

                          It's your childrens lives at stake.

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                          Tony Schwartz Trump Worse Than Weinstein


                              Tony Schwartz:

                              Trump "Worse" Than Weinstein

                              Trump and Weinstein, Accused Sexual Predators

                              By Ray Cunneff

                              December 6, 2017

                              Tony Schwartz, Trump's ghostwriter for "The Art of the Deal", knows Trump about as well as anyone. After reading a New York Times article on Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein, whose abrupt fall from grace was triggered by multiple accusations of sexual misconduct, Schwartz felt compelled to take to Twitter to proclaim that Trump is far "worse".

                              "Today’s NYT story on Harvey Weinstein is one of the most disturbing articles I’ve ever read about dozens of human beings being complicit with & enabling a monster,” Schwartz tweeted. “Trump is worse, and much more will emerge. We are living in a deeply deeply sick American culture.”

                              In a second tweet, Schwartz added:

                              "Journalists are behaving heroically. So grateful for the depth, specificity, richness and power of so many stories about the transgressions of Trump, his administration and the epidemic of prominent men sexually assaulting women. Thank God for the first amendment.”


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                              For Some, Today Is Their Last On Earth


                                  It's difficult sometimes to see the light through the mire of almost hourly noises coming from the GOP, conservatives and of course their defacto leader and truly repugnant human being Trump. Minds being bombarded daily by another tear and another rip in the greatest lie ever told......The US is the greatest nation on earth.........it is not.

                                  Sure, the US has been at the forefront of history and all those great achievements of industrial wonder and scientific endeavour have been achieved despite the great flaws that have always been hidden behind a synthetic patriotism that belies reality and formed from ignorance. America cannot claim to be the arbiter of peace nor at present can the government of the US be trusted by anyone outside the US and we are more than aware of the battles within.

                                  Coming today your president will once again show that being a psycho without a clue or more likely a care as to what will happen in the coming days. His Israel decision on the embassy will cause bloodshed, human beings will die and Trump's base of synthetic patriots will laud him loud and proud. He will make his speech and then the killing will begin. More hatred will be seeded and the chances of a peaceful Middle East will decay wilt and die.

                                  The Middle East for beginners and frighteningly for the world how too many Americans see the US role in the Middle East...

                                  This latest move one very stark reason as to why America can no longer claim to be an arbiter of peace. This is the US once again picking a side and enabling that side to continue its very own version of inhuman camps in Gaza.

                                  Because that is what it is whether that hurts the messiah complexes of those who bellow their support for Israel and the Israeli people in the face of a truly evil enemy in the form of Hezbollah, Al Qaeda and those pesky Iranians.

                                  Let's put all that together.......

                                  The Trump regime will embolden their allie in Israel and flipping the bird to Iran by moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

                                  Iran who are propping up Bashar Al Assad in Syria with the help of Putin's Military apparatus. Iran and Russia both willing and friendly partners.

                                  The same Iran that fund Hezbollah who themselves are a massive part of the lack of progress on peace in the middle east and use their own people as collateral damage when Israeli bombs fall on Gaza one of the most overpopulated stretches of land on earth.

                                  But no.

                                  All this is lost on an American mind deluded with simplistic soundbites that deliberately mislead on issues of the greatest of complexities and an already bloodied history and one that ignores the mistakes made by the US. Then again better to pick a side than actually challenge all sides as any true peace negotiator would attest.

                                  Timeline of US Policy & Intervention in the Middle East

                                  (Click on link provided for clearer image)


                                  No one on earth apart from Trump, the GOP and Conservatives in America believe that what Trump will announce is a good idea. Any and all bloodshed from this announcement will drip from the stubby little fingers of a madman. There are people who are walking and talking as I write this who will not see the sun rise tomorrow because of this decision.

                                  Of course Trump has never been serious about understanding the Middle East and that was made very clear when sending Jared Kushner to the region as the negotiator. Israel like the US isn't above corruption and with the amount of weaponry and money flooding in from those who are wedded to the idea that 'as long as Israel is happy' when in fact they too should be pressured to act like a party that yearns peace rather than rely on an American sugar daddy.

                                  All those dollars have too corrupted Israeli politicians and policy makers.......so at least they are learning the American way. But Kushner as a broker for peace is akin to getting Roy Moore around to babysit the kids for an evening.

                                  Are those the actions of a great nation?

                                  Or are they the actions of a nation who has lost any and all credibility on a world stage?

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