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If Trump Were A British Leader He Would Have Been DUMPED By Now


      Britain’s May to resign after failures on Brexit
      Theresa May’s resignation comes after she failed three times to get lawmakers to pass the Brexit withdrawal deal she negotiated with the European Union. She'll step down as party leader by June 7. Conservatives will then choose a new leader, who will become the next prime minister.

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      Trump Tariff Lies To Farmers And Consumers


          Trump Tariff Lies

          To Farmers And Consumers

          “The truth is that Americans’ are paying for the cost of these tariffs.”

          “Basically, Trump is saying, rather than having our farmers sell soybeans to China, let’s borrow from China to pay farmers to not sell soybeans to China. That is effectively what is happening here because we are transferring from the U.S. Treasury.”

          - Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell

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          Megalomaniac Meltdown​ Trump Takes America Hostage


              Megalomaniac Meltdown

              Trump Takes America Hostage

              In Epic Temper Tantrum

              The White House/YouTube screen capture

              By Ray Cunneff

              May 22, 2019

              At any other time in America's history, what we saw today in President Donald Trump's Rose Garden tantrum, a self-pitying hissy fit with a dark subtext of petty vindictiveness, would have been considered historic.

              But it seems in the Age of Trump we're making history nearly every day. "Unprecedented" has become the operative word for our times, but Trump's live-television meltdown today strongly hints that we ain't seen nothin' yet.

              We've understood for some time that Trump recognizes no limits on his authority and his unfettered exercise of presidential power. We know he has a showman's instinct for theatrics, the propagandist's skills at false narrative, the marketing analyst's tools for pandering, and the con man's rapacious lust for wealth. He is also batshit crazy.

              So what happens next? Just about anything is possible from here. If he's willing to torpedo bipartisan talks on a much-needed infrastructure plan, to essentially take the nation's business hostage in what amounts to an extortion scheme arising from consciousness of guilt, in order to shut down all inquiries into his conduct, then what's ahead is even more frightening uncharted territory.

              It's not just the infrastructure deal that's being blown up by Trump, it's Mitch McConnell's bipartisan two-year budget agreement, that he was hoping to conclude only yesterday, that is now in jeopardy. And even the vote on the new trade deal with Canada and Mexico, one that Trump was anxious to declare a win, is now at risk.

              Trump would have us believe that his walkout of the infrastructure meeting was a spontaneous response to news reports that Speaker Nancy Pelosi had said the night before that he was "engaged in a coverup". But it became almost immediately apparent that this was a bit of carefully choreographed 'reality-TV' drama meant to justify draconian measures taken out of naked self-interest.

              As some of you know, I've been working on a book about the rise of Trump, but it's a story without an ending. Yet even while defying all the rules of storytelling, the beginning and middle are so compelling and revealing that they might actually help shape the end.

              We need to better understand how we got here if we are to navigate where we are going. It's only when you take a step back from the daily, sometimes hourly, avalanche of assaults on our sensibilities and examine the wandering stars that came into a bizarre alignment that made Donald Trump possible that can we begin to undo the damage already inflicted on our representative democracy.

              It's not hyperbole to say that everything's on the line. It's also not an overstatement to say that, however "unprecedented" this moment may seem, our most perilous times are very likely still to come.



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              Trump Has A Rose Garden Tantrum


                  Trump Walks Out Of Meeting With Top Democrats, Blames Impeachment Talk


                  I doubt anyone is the least bit surprised at Trump’s latest temper tantrum that took place after he walked out of a meeting with Democrats that was supposed to be about America’s crumbing infrastructure.

                  After only five minutes of said meeting, Trump again held the USA hostage because he wants to get out from under being exposed as an (alleged) fraud, criminal and traitor.

                  No infrastructure help for our country unless we bow down to the wanna-be dictator.

                  Negotiations over a bipartisan infrastructure package meant to overhaul the nation’s crumbling roads, bridges and waterways collapsed suddenly on Wednesday after President Donald Trump walked out of a previously scheduled meeting with top congressional Democrats at the White House.

                  Democrats waited about 15 minutes for Trump. Once he arrived, he spoke for about three minutes before leaving the room. In a press conference at the White House Rose Garden just afterward, Trump said he would not deal with Democrats on infrastructure matters until they ceased investigations of his administration following special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

                  The president then accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), one of the participants in the meeting, of being inconsiderate for saying earlier Wednesday that Trump “is engaged in a cover-up.”

                  In the press conference, Trump stood behind a sign reading “no collusion, no obstruction” and argued he’s “the most transparent president in history.”

                  . . . . . .

                  According to a source familiar with the meeting, Trump walked into the room, did not shake anyone’s hand or sit in his seat, and said talks over infrastructure, trade and farm assistance would have to wait until congressional investigations are done. He then walked out without acknowledging anyone in the room.

                  Read the entire article here:



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                  Just For Fun: The Next Chapters Of Game Of Thrones


                      I have a group of friends who are real fans of GOT and of that genre of historio-fantasy. I dabble. We had breakfast this morning at a local diner after our morning chores were done and here is the group consensus

                      1) Bran Stark, the new High King, is both young man and old man at the same time. His access to all of history will make his leadership both wisdom filled and practical. He is likely to have a long, long, life as have all of the three-eyed ravens. He will put into place structures that allow for the selection of the next High King or Queen well before his death such that the new monarch will have a breaking-in period as heir designate and for fairer government of all the people.

                      2) The various political and economic entities that make up the world of GOT (with the addition of, perhaps, new lands found by Arya Stark) will be welded into a union of sorts with the beginnings of a rulers Parliament. Paradoxically, Bran is brought to leadership by Daenerys Targaryen by her death and it is he who will "Break the Wheel" of cyclical war for power.

                      Sansa Stark will found a line of monarchs in the North at Winterfell and will eventually become an ally of the King Beyond the Wall, Jon Stark (Targaryen), whose lands, now freed of the curse of the Night King, will come to resemble Winterfell with its four seasons. The Wildlings will hold onto their name but prosper. BTW...since the far North is where Dire Wolves come from and since packs of them are believed to remain there...the Dire Wolf's association with House Stark will continue. Oh, and there will likely be dragons too....read on.

                      3) Drogon, the last of the three dragons, has returned "home" to Essos (Drogon was spotted flying East), the place of origins of the Targaryen line in Old Valyria and of their dragons. Five thousand years ago, men of the Valyrian Freehold learned how to master and ride dragons as beasts of war, and used them to forge an empire that stretched across most of the continent of Essos, dominating almost half of the Known World. Four hundred years before the War of the Five Kings, the entire Valyrian empire and almost all of its dragons were destroyed in a single day, during a cataclysmic volcanic eruption known as the Doom of Valyria. One Valyrian noble family, the Targaryens, survived the Doom on the distant island outpost of Dragonstone in the Narrow Sea - along with the last surviving Valyrian dragons.

                      But Drogon is the last of their kind, right? A common misconception is that Daenerys' dragons are all males. That is not true. Dragons do not have a fixed gender. They can change to male or female as needed and have both the sperm and eggs necessary to reproduce, normally 20 years after their birth.

                      4) And seeing as Jon Stark, likely the new King Beyond the Wall, is the only one left alive who can theoretically tame dragons—being of Targaryen blood—he could maybe find himself back in command of the most powerful creature in the known world, and/or his progeny (sons and daughters) could.

                      5) Grey Worm and the Unsullied sailed for the Isle of Naath. It's located in the continent of Sothoryos - the third continent in the Game of Thrones' lore - which is south of Essos and southeast of Westeros. It's where Missandei is from and where she wanted to go back to after Daenerys took back the Seven Kingdoms. While Missandei is no longer alive, Grey Worm still kept his promise to go there, and he took the Unsullied with him. Lacking the means to reproduce since they have been castrated this may mean that they will cease to exist. Another possibility is that they will become a Spartan-Like Society and welcome recruits and even adopt children from the many lands where war has left many options. Hopefully they will not turn to kidnapping as that is another form of slavery.

                      THERE YA GO......ANY OTHER THRONERS OUT THERE? If so, what think ye?

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                      BREAKING Federal Judge Upholds House Subpoena For Trump Financial Records



                          Federal Judge Upholds House Subpoena

                          For Trump Financial Records

                          Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images

                          The ruling from Judge Amit Mehta (left) represents a flashpoint in the

                          multiple disputes between the White House and Congress.

                          By Ray Cunneff

                          May 20, 2019

                          In a direct challenge to the Trump regime's stonewalling tactics in an attempt to prevent witnesses and documents from being turned over to congressional oversight, U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta ruled late Monday that President Donald Trump must abide by a congressional subpoena for the president’s financial records.

                          Judge Mehta said that Trump’s attorneys “have not raised a ‘serious legal question going to the merits”.

                          The ruling that Trump's longtime accounting firm, Mazars LLP, specifically must turn over years of the president's financial records to the House Oversight Committee is considered a major setback to Trump's obstructionism, the first time a federal court has become involved in the standoff between the president and Democratic lawmakers.

                          Judge Mehta refused to put his ruling on hold pending Trump's expected appeal and stipulated seven days to comply with the subpoena.

                          Trump's attorneys had argued the subpoena was unconstitutional, that Congress has no basis for investigating Trump’s financial disclosures since it had no specific legislative purpose, contending that it’s a “law enforcement issue”.

                          During a round of questioning with Trump’s lead attorney William Consovoy last week, Judge Mehta asked, "Does Congress have to do that? Do they have to identify a bill in advance? The Supreme Court has said the opposite”.

                          “Courts have grappled for more than a century with the question of the scope of Congress’s investigative power. The binding principle that emerges from these judicial decisions is that courts must presume Congress is acting in furtherance of its constitutional responsibility to legislate and must defer to congressional judgments about what Congress needs to carry out that purpose. To be sure, there are limits on Congress’s investigative authority. But those limits do not substantially constrain Congress. So long as Congress investigates on a subject matter on which ‘legislation could be had,’ Congress acts as contemplated by Article I of the Constitution,” Mehta wrote in his opinion.

                          The major takeaway from this decision, one that will likely be applied to other congressional requests, is that Congress is well within its rights to investigate potential illegal behavior by a president — even without opening a formal impeachment inquiry.


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                          John Oliver On Death Investigations


                              John Oliver on Death Investigations

                              "While medical examiners are required to be doctors, coroners are not usually medically trained at all. In fact, in Georgia, out of 154 coroners only one is a physician, while others include grocers, farmers, handymen and hairdressers."

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